Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars

Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars



  V 1.0 Completed 6/6/10

  Written and maintained by James Friel
  Copyright @2010 James Friel ( This FAQ is solely 
  intended for use on forum site, and may not be reproduced or
  duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
  the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
  make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

  2006 JoWooD Productions, Developed by Phenomic. Published by JoWooD. 


  I.   Revision History
  II.  Introduction
  III. Walkthrough
       1. Iron Fields
       2. Normiar
       3. Rushwater Downs
       4. Sevenkeeps part 1
       5. Westguard part 1
       6. Underhall
       7. Sevenkeeps part 2
       8. Dun Mora
       9. Westguard part 2
      10. Needle
      11. Iron Fields part 2
      12. Gate of Swords
      13. Uram Gor
      14. Fireforge
      15. The Magnet Stones
      16. The Crater
      17. The Tuscari Desert
      18. Dragh'lur
      19. Shal
      20. The Crystal Wastes
      21. The Song Glass
      22. The Crystal Forest
      23. The Steel Shore

  IV. Hints and Tips  
  V.  Last Words


  6/09/09 v1.0
  - FAQ started
  - Added Introduction
  - Added locations 1-23
  - Added Hints and Tips and Last words


 [NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted
 as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision, if it ever gets to that, will be the
 version 1.3]


  Ok first off we will give you some intro on installing the game. The game
Spellforce 2 is a little tricky to get to work, the company website has never
patched the game to have it install all needed drivers and programs to work
on many systems. I will tell you what to do and hopefully the game will work
the first time you try and play. if it doesn't, i'm sorry you will have to 
go to the company website and try and troubleshoot.

  1) Put in your disk 1. You will get a pop up menu that has a few functions.
Do NOT install the game yet. Instead click the 2nd option, install "MSDIRECTX"
. This will not mess up or overwrite any Directx files already on your 
computer, it only adds in needed things. 

  2) Install the game. After installing you will get a pop menu wanting you
to install 3 things.. Directx files, Xfire online, and a 3rd option. INSTALL
ALL 3 items. Again this will not overwrite more modern versions of DirectX or
anything else. Current DirectX versions do not include the older drivers that
these older DirectX files need to run the game.

  3) Do not run the game, you have 1 more thing to do. Click the X on the 
pop up start menu closing it. Now go to the website

   You want to install 64bit drivers (2nd option) TAGES. I believe this is
   needed to play on any Vista or Windows 7 computer. 

  4) Now, you have installed everything that should be needed. Right click on 
the Spellforce 2 icon and make sure you have "run as administrator" checked.
Now run the game. It should work fine, usually any problems have to do with
the TAGES 64bit drivers not being installed. 

  Now that installation is complete, we will get ready to play the game. This
is a Walkthrough, i will not go into detail on the details of the game, army
building or similar things. You can find those in the manual, or other FAQS, 
or on the website. We are going to be creating your main character as your
fighter/tank, and your other secondary characters as archer/mage support 




  You start off the game in the Iron Fields Tutorial. Its pretty basic so just
follow along. You can click the arrow on the text bar to go through the text
speech of the helper. 

  Kill the Wolf as it approaches. You will gain a level. Pick [COMBAT RANK 1].
Bor will now join your party. MAKE SURE that any member who joins you access
their skill/spell menu and click OFF automatic. You want to assign things
yourself. Some skills they automatically assign anyway, but you want to have
as much control as possible. TURN OFF AUTOMATIC.

  Continue and arrive at a gate, killing more wolves. Equip your new dagger
on your Main character and keep going, killing spiders now. You will come to
your house where LYA is dead. Rez her and summon her to your spot. After the
cutscene, open the treasure chest nearby, and equip items you want. Make sure
to have LYA equip the healing staff she will automatically heal your members
when they get injured. 

  Keep going, killing more spiders. After you kill the big spider you gain
a level. Pick [COMBAT RANK 2]. Kill the enemies behind the gate with magic
and you will come upon NIGHTSONG. Kill her attackers and you'll Rez her as a
party Guest. Keep moving, and you'll come to some ruins to fight some more
Shadowblades. Kill them and click the lever to light the column fire. As you
go east you will encounter Wulfger. Talk to him to get your first village.

  NOTE: I have found that when gathering supplies with village workers, it
works best to have a few extra workers at each area. You can only gather 
materials one at a time, but while one worker moves back to your storage 
building, extra ones can start gathering. 

  A) Send your starting workers gathering silver. As you get more silver, 
     create 6 more stone workers. Now create 2 workers and build a blacksmith.

  B) Create 5 soldiers. Take them on the south path and kill the spiders down
     there. As you do this, upgrade your smith to a workshop and create 5 
     archers. Take all 10 troops north to defeat the shadowblades/sorceress.

  C) Select 3 idle craftsmen and create a farm. Take your troops NW into the
     ruined town and clear out the town of enemy and towers. Go west to the 
     town gate and talk to Thora to open the gate. 

   Now head west through town towards the dragon area. On the left you will 
get a treasure chest with 2 level 17 items. Talk to the dragon for a cutscene.
Afterwards you will level up. Pick COMBAT Rank 3. Head towards the north gate
and after the cutscene there talk to Kolar, then enter the portal to Norimar.


   Head north and kill the skeleton. Continue north and kill the 3 undead in 
the alcove. Head back east and fight a larger undead force at the crossroads.
Make sure to use your skills for faster killing. Let yourself heal up after 
your battles.

   Go east killing undead in the next area who have ambushed some troops. As
you head west, you'll run into sentry Rottgar who will have you clear the 
nearby tower of undead. Do that, then return and talk to Rottgar again. Make 
sure to ask him about being left behind. 

   Clear out the remaining 3 towers of undead and light them. There is a large
undead force east in some ruins with an undead rider. Kill the undead first
then focus on the rider. (will lessen the damage they do on you). 

   After finishing off the towers continue north killing any wolves or undead
you run across. You'll find a "?" area which holds a diary. You'll level up 
about this point, pick [HEAVY COMBAT ARTS 1]. Lya now has a basic healing
spell (nice!). Go north to the wolf den and kill them. Then east past the big
horn (remember this place) and up towards town, killing any basic foes in the

  Talk to Solveig, you can choose either option 1 or 2. Then west to another
cutscene. After, have your horses ride straight to the horn and activate it.
At the same time take your party east and clear out any foes on the east
pathway. Go back to town and talk to Weapon Master Uland to finish Solveig's
quest. Pick the club [WILD VINE CLUB]. 

  Talk to Merchant Nuura and sell any unwanted items. Pick up a shield for 
your main character and 2 Orc bows for later. Talk to Merchant Hallmar and get
2 accuracy rings for later, and 2 Gold Seal Amulets for your characters. 

  Go to south end of town and talk to Magistra Hedwig and listen to her offer.
Report her to Baron Orthrandt and go arrest her. Win the fight and report back
to the Baron to get the [SEAL OF THE FALCONS]. Report that the pass is closed.

  Now follow Falkmar down the path south to activate your village. Build stone
and silver smelty's near the ore to start gathering. Build a blacksmith and
upgrade to Workshop. Start pumping out soldiers and archers for your force, 
and have a couple workers make a couple farms. Once you have about 30+ army
head north down the road. You'll fight 3 undead camps. Kill all foes, clear
out all buildings, get all treasure chests. Afterwards you'll encounter scouts
heading to the Vault of the Undead. Go NW and clear out the Vault and seal it.

  At the journeystone south, head east up the hill into the center area. Clean
it out of foes (bears, wolves, etc) and you'll find the 2 ward children Rolf
and Inga. They appear when you get close to them. You'll level up, this time
pick [LIGHT COMBAT 1] so your Hero can use a bow if he needs to. Go to the 
south Portal and enter into Rushwater Downs.


  As you start you want to escort your supply packtrain to town. Simply head
down the path and kill any foes that lie in wait. At the town gate you'll help
defeat some enemy forces attacking the town defenders. When they are dead,
DO NOT head into town yet. You want to explore the entire map. 

  Explore the map, kill any foes about and gather any treasure. Connach town
is to the southeast, and the enemy camp is to the northeast. The enemy camp is
closed for now, but you can still use your main character with a bow to take
out the enemy towers, some troops and a couple buildings. Take the time to do 
this makes the enemy battle so easy. 

  When ready keep your 3 support characters at the Northeast journey stone. 
Enter the town proper with your main character stopping at the merchants to 
sell off any unneeded items. Nothing is worth buying here. Continue and talk 
to the town leader. This will trigger a cutscene where the enemy camp is 

  Don't worry about building your town, you won't need it. Have your main 
character journey to the northeast stone. Now take your group to the east side
of the enemy camp where the stone/silver resources are. Start killing the 
workers. Soon some enemy troops will come out. Kill them all. You should be
able to clear the entire camp with no problem, you lessened the town earlier
remember. Go ahead and clear the camp and loot it. 

  You'll level up here. Pick [HEAVY COMBAT ARTS 2] for your main, and for Bors

  Return to Matricus to get the portal stone/book quest. Head to the north 
cemetery and clear out the undead to get these items. 

  You'll level up again. pick [MAGIC 1] for your main. Now go to town and talk
to Alwin, and ask about the Falcons. Then give him the letter you carry. Now
go to Connach town and talk to Berengar about the kneeling fellow then about
the Falcon armor. Talk to Letho Grey afterwards.

  Journey to the "Portal to Sevenkeeps" journeystone and kill the bears and 
Dr. Mauser. Professor Twiddle appears so talk to him. Go back to Berengar and
now you can go to the "portal to sevenkeeps" and enter, heading to Sevenkeeps.

  4) SEVENKEEPS Part 1

   Sevenkeeps is going to be 1 of the 2 main areas you will be in a while. It
is a large city area with many quests and things to do. First off, you want to
explore the entire map there are many treasure chests about, a dozen or more
journey stones, some minor foes (wolves, hornets, spiders) and you will be 
doing many many quests and running about here, so you want to have everything
easier. Take your time, explore everywhere, kill everything, loot everything.
Do NOT enter the ramp up to the center area where your quest marker is, save
that for last. There are various "quest" items hi-lighted by some yellow gear
symbols. Make sure to pick all these items up, saves time later.

  [NOTE:] No not worry about the numerous merchants about, you will trade with
them later, you'll be leveling up some so no need to buy things that you'll 
quickly outgrow. 

  There are Bandits to the far southwest, and in the near southwest is a multi
spawning spider spawn area. Your characters should be strong enough to survive
this spot, just make sure to keep Lya safe in the back, her area spells do 
wonders. Once you explore the map you can head to the center area and trigger
a cutscene with King Ulf. Westguard home is given to you (this is the other
main area you will be in much of the game). 

  Talk to Moonsong, then General Einar, then Falkmar, then Bailiff Utrecht. 
Journey to the University and talk to Master Askan, Professor Undergant (ask
for the Reinforced Falcon Scout armor). You will level up then talk to 
Professor Twiddle.  Pick [HEAVY COMBAT ARTS 3] for your main character.

  Journey to the Dwarves Quarter for a cutscene. Talk to Jared. Journey to the
Priests Guild. Talk to High Priest Alastar, then Priestess Sephis for her 
quest, then Priest Galius for his quest. You should already have all the items
for Galius since you explored the map earlier. Talk to him again to complete
his herb quest. Talk to Alastar.

  Journey to Sacred Ground and kill the undead spawning there. Return to 
Priestess Sephis to complete her quest. Talk to her again for the Observation
quest. Talk to Alastar again. 

  [NOTE:] The Observation quest is done at night. You will go to the 8 houses
with magic circles in front of them. As you approach the occupant will come
out. Write down their names and if they are masked and wearing cult gear they
are guilty, if not they are innocent. There are 4 men and 4 women, 2 of each
are guilty. Do this, and go back to Priestess Sephis. SAVE FIRST. Sometimes
the quest doesn't quite register right and you might be 1 off. You can just
try combos to get the correct answers. Then talk to Alastar for your reward.
Do this quest the first night you get, to get it out of the way.

  Journey to Traders Guild and talk to Laudinia, then Jorge, then Odger. 

  Journey to Crafters Quarter and talk to Guild Master Cardogan, then Thoya
and finally Firin. 

  Journey to Dwarves Quarter and defeat the stone golems and return to report
to Thoya. Talk to Cardogan again and receive your vial. Head to the Traders
Guild again and talk to Jorge, who will give you keys to his chest. Open his
chest with the 2=red, 8=yellow, 4=blue, 9=green. Talk to Laudinia for reward.

  Journey to Spiders lair and defeat the spiders there for the 4 web quest 
items. Journey back to the Traders Guild and talk to Odger, then Laudinia. Now
before we continue with the main storyline, we will take a detour into your
new home of Westguard.

  5) WESTGUARD Part 1

   [NOTE:]  You will be coming to Westguard many times, to advance your town 
and to perform some quests. A major thing to remember is that each time you
visit your town, your resources are set back to 0. Buildings stay, but all
resources are nullified. What does this mean? It means that you only want to
collect resources you absolutely need and save the rest for later. I'll tell
you as you go. Stone is about unlimited you can collect that all you want but
the other resources are finite. 

  As you enter Westguard, go talk to Bailiff Ulrecht then to Builder Warrad.
You want to head out and clear the demons from the 2 outlying farms areas and
around your town. As you kill the demons on the farms, workers will be freed
so have them repair the farm houses first, then gather on the east side of
town near the resources. 

  1) Have 5 workers build a stonemason near the stone and start collecting.
     You want to start upgrading your town. No foes are attacking, so take 
     your time. Build an alchemy near the Lenya but don't collect. Build the
     blacksmith and upgrade, castle, order stronghold, and fountain of life. 
     You won't need farms. Build a smelty and mine the silver nearby. 

  Once you have your alchemist, blacksmith and fountain of life talk to the
Bailiff again who will want you to build towers. LOOK AT THE 3 SPOTS that he
wants towers at.. very important, foes will spawn near them later. Start 
building towers near those spots, put a good 7-9 towers grouped up at each
spot. Start pumping out Paladins from your buildings. Only gather enough Lenya
to max out your Paladins. 

  Now take your party and your Paladins and clear the map of foes. A large
group of spiders are in the Southeast corner. As you clear the west side of
the map, you'll see 3 barricaded spots, 2 with some foes behind. You want to
also lay down towers near these spots, pack them in. Once your workers finish
with the silver spot, finish maxxing out your Paladins and towers until your
silver is used up. Remember you lose it all when you leave, might as well use

  Head to the Northeast of the map, there are some wolves and an altar there.
Kill the wolves, and near the altar the portal stone "Spear Heights" will
activate. journey there and talk to the Cult Leader. Kill him and his summoned

  Go back to the Bailiff and then talk to Warrad who will start making a well.
You should have the 1000 stones needed for it already. Sell all your unwanted
items to the merchants in the town. Now leave and head back to Sevenkeeps.

  In Sevenkeeps, time to buy any needed items. The following merchants have
some nice items you can upgrade to if you need it. Afterwards, head to the 
Dwarven Quarter, talk to Windhammer, activate the Underhall portal and enter
it. Head in to Underhall.

  Militia area: Curbrand: get 2 Rider Helms for your archers
  Mage area: Janneke: has a adept hood for Lya that is nice 12/244/336
  Traders:  Ansgar: Get a Crow Totem staff (105 healing) for Lya
                    Pick up a 8% melee ring for your main character
            Finn: sells decent necklace 8/252/252 if anyone needs one


  Entering, you should level up. Your main pick [MAGIC 2], Bor pick [LIGHT
COMBAT ARTS 2], Lya pick [WORLD MAGIC 2], and Jared [LIGHT COMBAT ARTS 1]. 
You now can use Jared as an archer, give him a bow. 

  Search about the first area, there are 3 treasure chests about. When ready
enter the glowing portal into area 2. Talk to Windhammer's Ghost and pick up
a couple extra troops. Head through the area and clear out any undead about, 
making sure when fighting Mine Ghosts to lure them away from their crystals.
There are 2 switches you need to activate to open the gate.

  You will come upon Lela stuck in a cage. After talking to her, head back to
the first entrance area and search for the "Kitty" to the west. Lead it back
to the sleeping monster and talk to the Kitty. When the monster runs off, take
its keys and free Lela. Now continue through the dungeon.

  Fight through more undead till the end, and find the [HEART OF NIETHALF] in
a treasure chest. Rendezvous back with Windhammer's ghost and talk to him. Now
head south to fight Iuan and 4 skeletal guards. Take on the guards, let 
Windhammer's ghost fight Iuan. After all are dead, go east, kill a few more
undead and enter the glowing portal. 

  You'll be entering the last area, the largest. You will also be soon doing
more village/army building. After arriving revive the 2 giant statues. Clear 
the southern area of foes and towers. Far to the southeast are 2 more giants
you can activate. Heading northeast you'll reach a small outpost under attack.
Kill all enemies and talk to Sergeant Ardan. You'll get more troops and more
important some workers.

  You'll level up again. Pick [HEAVY WEAPONS 1] for your main, and Jared takes

  Continue northeast clearing foes until you reach a resource area. Have your
workers start collecting resources and building. Station your Troops at the
entrance for any foes heading your way. Build a couple towers at the entrance
but no more, not many foes will come. Get farms to increase troop count, and
start pumping out archers and dwarven defenders. 

  Once you have a decent sized army ready, take them and continue northwest
clearing foes. You'll arrive at a defensive area with 5 towers, destroy 
everything. This crossroad area will be your second staging area. Have workers
start building about 7+ towers while your troops secure the crossroads. Some
foes will be moving down through this area. Once all towers are upgraded keep
a small force here for defense, and with your main troops head northeast 
towards the friendly town. Arriving there you will get help and more troops. 

  Now, time to assault the center area. Your troops are plenty enough to take
it down. Attack with your main force, clearing out the enemy and buildings. 
Now on the west side are 2 paths, one leads to the ice queen and the other to
another enemy stronghold, a strong one. Have workers start building towers
and a couple troop producing buildings behind them. Also a Altar of Life. 

  Now its time to assault the last base. Take your troops and head down the 
south west path into the base. Keep your main characters in the back, there
are many foes here and your first force will be killed. Try and use your 4
main characters to take down flying foes or towers. Once your force is reduced
head back to your towers and start producing a second army. Defend until its
ready. Now take your second army and clear out the base, it is weakened enough
from your first try. 

  Once the base is destroyed, take all troops and assault the Ice Queen. Have
your main characters and any archers hit the Queen while the rest distract the
Ice foes. Once everything is dead you can exit back to SevenKeeps.

  7) SEVENKEEPS Part 2

  Ok its back to Sevenkeeps again, going to do more quests and run about a
while. Go to the University and talk to Professor Twiddle. Have him make a
Twiddleinium bow.

  You'll Level up. Take [HEAVY ARMOR 1] for your main, Bor [LIGHT COMBAT ARTS

  Journey to the Northeast journeystone and go down to Drakkar Mentor, the top
white dot on your map below the journeystone. Play Drakkar tiles with his 3
assistants. Always go color first then suit for easier wins. You will get a
quest to play various people in town. Ignore it, you'll need 10 tiles before
you can do this. Do it later.


  Asnger at the Traders Guild has a nice University robe for Lya if you want.

  Go to Kings Palace and talk to General Einar, then to Silent Glade and talk
to Idara. Go to the now open Northern Gate and clear out the north area of
the map. Talk to Hagard. Now to do some quests.

  Crafters guild: Talk to Flann then Guild Master Cardogan
  Militia Garrison: Talk to General Redmond about a few soldiers. Then talk
      go General Irion and Lieutenant Falida.
  Traders Guild. Talk to Laudinia
  Mages Guild. Talk to Alyre, then Zacharias to get his mushroom quest. You 
      should already have them, talk to Zacharias again, then Alyre. Talk to
      Alba and Talienne.
  Priests Guild: Talk to Akastar then talk to the Jester.

  Time to clear the map again. Journey to Southern Gate. Head east clearing 
the map. Once you reach the Altar of Life, Journey back to Southern Gate and 
start clearing west. There is a white grass/rock patch in the Southern area
where you can dig for the Harp just right of a little bridge. Clear the west
and north areas. Don't forget the bandit chest in the southwest. Thief Siobhan
will show up, ignore her. 

   Militia Garrison: Talk to Irion then Redmond, then Falida then Redmond. 
       Talk to both of them again to get new quests.
   Crafters Guild: Thoya then Cardogan, then Firin then Cardogan
   Traders Guild: Jorge then Laudinia, then talk to Odger.
   Mages Guild: Alba then Alyre, Talienne then Alyre, and Talienne then Alyre
   Priests Guild: Galius on the west side, then Alaster.

  Journey to Sacred Ground and go east to the thief Lemuel and talk to him.
You get the pickpocket quest. Head to town and just walk around near wandering
town people especially to pick pockets. You will be done when you get your 5
purses. Make sure to pick Drakkar Mentor you'll get a [PURPLE DRAGON TILE]. 
Once done go back to Lemuel and you'll have to steal 3 chests. Just go to the
Traders Guild and steal the 3 "?" chests and kill any nightguards who get in
the way. Report back to Lemuel and ask for the papers.

  Go to Militia Lieutenant Falida. Now head to the Northern Gate and head up
towards Hagard. you'll clear out some cutthroats, ogres, etc. Ignore Hagard 
and talk to the Hermit on the west side of the Tower. Get the banner and 
return it to General Irion at the Militia. Talk to Redmond for your reward.

  Go back to Hagards Fortress and talk to him for a cutscene. Return to the
Militia and talk to Redmond, and go to the Mages Guild and talk to Alyre. Send
those 10 troops up to Hagards Fortress. Head up and meet them there.

  You'll Level up. Pick [MAGIC 3] for your Main and for Jared [LIGHT COMBAT
ARTS 3]. 

  Fight your way up to Yla for a cutscene. When you arrive at the grove talk
to Yla again then activate the Portal stone. Enter it to head to Dun Mora.

  8)  DUN MORA

  First off lets explore and clear the map. Grab all the loot. Your basically
on an island with the enemy demon camp to the northwest. You can't get there.

  Once you have cleared the island talk to Queen Sansha. Shae will Join your
party as your 5th character. You'll want to put to rest the 5 ghosts. As you
finish a ghost troops will be released from their hold. 

  1) Wild Ghost.. kill it
  2) Furious Ghost.. options 1,1,1
  3) Lonely Ghost.. bury her body at her house
  4) Greedy Ghost.. refuse her life and kill her
  5) Frightened Ghost..take her message to the Queen and return.

  Once the ghosts are finished the first battle will start. Equip a bow on 
your Main character (all foes are flying) and take your party and new army
to the north of the town square (at the portal stone). Kill all the flying
demon army. You'll level up afterwards. Pick [HEAVY WEAPONS 2]. Talk to the
Queen to start the countdown to the second battle.

  The second battle will start when your timer ends. Until then some misc foes
will spawn from some caves about and attack. Start pumping out workers to 
gather resources. Have your main party go west there is a small cave west of
the stone mining. Set up camp there. Have the rest of your army divide and 
put half on each side of the southern stone camp. Spawn will come on both 
sides. When able you want to start building towers and buildings. Put a couple
towers on each side of the stone area to support your army. You want to build
about 4 towers at the north side of the square (where the first battle was)
because ground troops will attack there. Keep building and upgrading until 
about 30 seconds left on the countdown. Try and pump out archers from your 
own town center.

  At 30 seconds till countdown, you want to move your army to the site of the
first battle at the north portal stone in town. Keep your main party near the
center stone gathering area, a flying force will attack it (have a bow on your
Main character still). Fight until all foes are dead. 

  Now its time to clear the 4 Demon gates. Take all your forces and head into
the demon area. Destroy all foes and destroy the 4 demon gates. Concentrate
on the ground forces with your main characters, you should have plenty of 
archers for the flying foes with your army. Once done, go talk to Io for a
cutscene then head back to SevenKeeps.

  You'll Level up. Pick [LIGHT COMBAT ARTS 2] for your Main. Bors get [RANGED
COMBAT 1], Jared [RANGED COMBAT 1] also, LYA [WORLD MAGIC 3] and Shae [WHITE

  Hit some Venders if you need to upgrade. Then head back into Westguard.

  Militia: Diadems of Wood guardians for archers, good Noble shortswords, 
           Dwarf shield for your Main, Magnificent Leather armor is nice
  Mages Guild:  pick up 2 greater healing wands. Signet arcanum cap, and 
           Greater order Robes are nice.
  Traders Guild: Asgnar: Lv15 Mark of war melee rings for your Main, Silver-
           feathers for your archers.

  9)  WESTGUARD Part 2

  Entering Westguard again you'll see that your well is built. Go talk to
Windhammer in town and grab the treasure chest. Talk to him again to forge
the [LIGHTFIST]. Talk to Ylia who will enchant your well for healing. Have 
your workers start collecting stone, lenya and silver.

  Talk to the Bailiff and start upgrading your town. You want to upgrade your
HQ and towers with Elf and Dwarf upgrades. Upgrade farms and build army to 
80, and build all building types that you can. Only mine enough Lenya and 
silver to max out your buildings, towers and army.  I personally had a even 
force of Paladins, Dwarven Defenders, and Druid healers. Send all of your army
to the Northwest area near the undead base. 

  Talk to the Bailiff to get your rewards. Talk to him again to start the 
Undead battle. Send your forces into the undead base and destroy it. You 
probably won't even need your Main characters . Talk to the Bailiff 
again. Your done for now, head back into SevenKeeps.

  Talk to Militia Redmond and head to the Northeast portal to search for 
Nightsong. Clear the enemies in the area and talk to Nightsong when you find
her. You'll level up. Click on the "?" Mindstone for a vision, then enter the
portal to the Needle. 

  Pick [HEAVY ARMOR 2] for your Main, Bor [HEAVY ARMOR 1], Lya [ELEMENTAL
MAGIC 1], Jared [HEAVY COMBAT ARTS 2], and Shae [COMBAT 1].

  10)  NEEDLE

  The Needle is going to be a large battle. Save your game when you come in. 
Now, just take time to run about the start of the map to see what your working
with. The map is divided into 3 sections. Your area, the center, and the 
Bulwark base. In your area are 2 other generals with their bases. The enemy
has 3 separate bases, plus the Bulwark. You need to destroy all 3 of their 
bases then assault the Bulwark. Not so easy. So we will proceed in 3 steps. 
Setting up your base/defenses, taking over the center area, then the assault
on the Bulwark.

  Start the Needle talking to the Generals. Get your workers gathering all
the materials near the start. There are 2 passes into the center area, you 
want to start defenses near the top pass. Both flying troops and ground troops
will come from that direction. Start building and upgrading your buildings.

  Send your main party to the north pass and clear any wandering patrols. Have
a couple workers start building towers on your side of the pass, you want at
least 5 towers. You also want a half dozen towers around your center base for
the troops that come from the south pass. Start fortifying your top pass 
towers with archers and defenders. Keep your Main party near your center base
to handle anything that comes at you not from the north pass. 

  You will soon get an option to talk to the Generals and direct their base
assaults. Start with having both of them attack the north enemy base. They 
can clear it on their own. Once they clear the north base have them clear the
south base, then the base at the base of the Bulwark. You'll be doing other

  Once your defenses are up to par and upgraded your job is to clear out the
center area. The other 2 Generals can handle the enemy bases. Keep a nice
defense force at the north pass, and send your main party with maybe a few
troops to take down the towers and misc buildings and foes in the center area.
You will capture the Griffin post. Build a half dozen Griffins and quickly
send then to the north part of the map, there are 2 enemy flying troop 
commanders there. Kill any archers and the commanders with your Griffin mages.
This will stop the flying attacks on your troops. Ground troops cannot hit
your Griffins, but axemen and archers can. Kill them first.

  You should level up at this time. Pick [HEAVY WEAPONS 3] for your Main 
character and Jared [RANGED COMBAT 2]

  Now its time to assault the Bulwark. This is a heavily defended maze of 
tiers with towers and catapults and troops. Direct the 2 Generals to assault
the Bulwark. You want to set up a base just outside the Bulwark entrance to 
mass produce Paladins and troops. Start building armies of paladins or other
troops and send them into the Bulwark focusing on taking down the numerous 
towers and catapults. Maybe create a Titan also. If the Titan gets 1/2 health
have him come back to safety to be healed. They cost too much to replace.

  Keep pumping troops into the Bulwark and between the 3 of your armies you 
will clear it out. On the northeast side there are about 5-6 mini-enemy camps
that you want to clear out. Just flood it with troops, Paladins worked fine
for me. When all the mini-camps are cleared a deadly force of Titans and 
some support troops will appear up the trail. You want to build a half dozen
upgraded towers just out of their range. once you have the towers up and your
army at max, send them all to hit the Titan'll need it. 

  When the Titans are dead, you will get a portal key off one of them. This
will trigger a cutscene and you will fight Sinistron Kaziz a very easy foe. 
Defeat him to open the Iron Field portal. When ready enter the Iron Fields.

  11) IRON FIELDS Part 2

  Your home has been invaded, taken over. Deadly Shadow troops infest the
area. Time for another big fight. The major pain here, shadow assassins do not
show themselves until they strike, and the ones that damage buildings really
hurt your towers. You want to get some Treants as soon as possible.

  Once you begin send your Griffins to the top right of the map. There are 3
fire gargoyles there you want to defeat so your workers there can start 
harvesting Lenya in safety. Bring the Griffins back once they do their job.

  Talk to Falkmar and Io. Have your initial workers build stonemason and start
mining stone. Create 6 more workers to head east and make a smelty and start
mining silver. Take all soldiers and your Main party to the roadway just north
of the silver area. A force of enemies will be coming down have your Griffins
go back to this location. This will be your main first defensive area. Once
the first force is defeated, send some troops to the left of your stone mining
area, some misc foes will often appear there.

  You'll level up. [HEAVY ARMOR 3] for your Main, Bors [RANGED COMBAT 2], 

  Get some towers up at the main roadway, about 4. They will take constant
damage from the hidden assassins just keep them up. Keep your main army at 
this point. Keep up your defenses while you build your base. Once you have a
decent force at the roadway, send your main party over the northwest path to 
the next resource area. There will probably be enemy workers here, take them
down and take down their buildings. Station yourself here to kill any workers
that head your way. Try and get some of your own workers here to gather the
resources, build a couple protective towers. Only build basic swordsmen and
archers, they only require silver and Lenya is scarce.

  Once you have your 1000 Lenya, head west and activate the Treant buildings.
Send your Treants to your base, and station half at the roadway and half west 
of your HQ. Once your troops are maxxed head over the bridge and start taking
down the enemy base. Once the bases are destroyed you can relax a bit, max out
your troops and buildings. 

  Move up to the northeast towards a huge rockslide. Defeat the enemy force 
there and your Treants will clear the rocks. Take your army and clear the west
areas, there are just stationary troops there no problem for your military. 
Clear everything then move up towards the castle area. Defeat the forces there
and move to the final area with the Giant Reaver. Defeat it to end the battle.
Afterwards you'll appear at the portal to the Gate of Swords. Talk to General
Einar to get some plate armor. DO NOT GO IN THE PORTAL YET. 

  Journey to Westguard. Sell any unwanted items to the merchants. Talk to Kara
then Builder Warrad. Mine the 1000 stones needed to start the wall. Journey
to another board and come back to Westguard, your wall will be done. Talk to 
the Bailiff for your rewards. Now head back to Iron Fields and enter the 
portal to Gate of Swords.


  Head West to the Orc camp and a cutscene with Chieftan Kor. Take the extra
troops and clear out the top are of foes. You don't need to collect resources.
Once the area is clear take your party to the north gate to enter.

  Go east and kill the bear and get the treasure chest. Totally explore the
map and kill all foes and get any treasure chests about. Once the map is clear
go the Iron Lords camp for a cutscene. Nightsong will leave your party. Talk
to her afterwards then go to the Freetrader camp in the center of the map.

  Talk to Letho Grey and ask to help him. You'll have to help his family.
    1) Myra Grey  - paint some pictures
    2) Nyano Grey - wants Brandy
    3) Dario Grey - pouch delevered
    4) Sarah Grey - magnetstone
  Talk to Lela then Zanza. Nead north to the Black Fang camp and talk to Undar
and Marca. Head to the Arena, where you have to fight a Beserker. Afterwards
you will rez Mordecay as your 6th and final party member. Your 3rd bowman.
Talk to the Battlemaster and start doing the Arena fights. You should be
strong enough to complete them all. Tor Halicos will appear once all rounds
are done, finish him and afterwards talk to him into joining you at Westguard.

  Talk to Undar and ask about his honor. Head to the northwest part of the map
and kill Lukash. Take his head back to Undar. Head to the Freetraders and
talk to Zanza then the messenger, then to Chieftan Kor at the Black Fang camp.

  Head west to the oracle which will have you searching for Lenya flowers. 
Find 4 Lenya flowers and defeat all foes in the way. You'll level up.

  Main character [PLATE ARMOR 1], Bors [HEAVY ARMOR 2], Lya [BLACK MAGIC 1],
Jared [HEAVY ARMOR 3], Shae [BLACK MAGIC 1], and Mordecay [MAGIC 1]. 

  Journey to Westguard, talk to Kara. Start collecting 2000 stone then talk
to Builder Warrad to construct your next wall. While waiting sell off any
items. Lizard caps on merchant Fatehion are pretty nice. Talk to Tor Halicos
then to Ylia to bless the monument and finally Windhammer to get another item
quest. Journey out to another map then back in and your wall will be up.

  Now an army is going to attack you. Save your game and talk to the Bailiff
twice. You will see 3 spots where the enemy army spawns, notice they are near
the 3 tower grouping spots you set up. The largest force will hit the south-
east tower area. Reload your game and separate your forces into 3 groups and
send them to those areas. Now talk to the Bailiff twice again to activate the
enemy army. You should wipe them out easily. Talk to the Bailiff when you are

  Journey back to the Gate of Swords and south of the Oracle head through the
gate to Uram Gor.

  13)  URAM GOR

  The first part of Uram Gor is a large maze-like area filled with spawning
undead and ghost enemy structures. You will want to run through the entire
area and clear it out of enemies and buildings. Will take a while. Concentrate
on the buildings first then the enemies to keep the enemy spawn down. On the
undead groups, kill the enemy mages first then their entire group will die 
with them.

  At the start run everyone north past the glowing floor glyphs and into the
glowing protective circle. Now start clearing the first areas. 

   1) On the north side is a Aonir statue. You want to find its 2 eyes in your
      searches on the north side.
   2) You will run across Orog and Tzang. Killing one will spawn a blue portal
      that will take you to the other one. Collect their heads for later.

  At the end of the first area you'll come across some sealed gates. Do not
enter the glowing circle yet. Look on your map, you'll see in the north area
2 big gates that are closed. Behind them are enemy bases. They will activate
once Kor, a worker, and your Main character enter the glowing circle.  We will
take the Northwest gate first. Send your backup party to the gate entrance and
keep Kor, your workers and your main near the glowing circle. 

  Enter the circle. The gates will open and the enemy camps start. Instantly 
send your workers up to the nw gate. Journey with your Main, summon Kor, and
head to join the rest of your party. Assault the base with your party. Clean
out the starting towers and the workers/buildings east by the stone resources.
When your workers arrive, have them build about 3 towers near the stone to 
back up your party. Quickly build a HQ near the stone and troop buildings and
upgrades. Keep your party near your HQ to defend it. Build about 4 towers near
the gate entrance to keep enemies from the other base back. 

  Once you start getting a troop army, have the army clear the base while your
party stays back to defend your HQ area. Once the base is clear, take your 
party and most of the forces to the entrance to the second base. Have some 
workers come down and put up 3-4 towers outside the entrance, along with a 
troop building. Assault the second base and destroy it. 

  Now move your forces towards the south gate entrance to the Valley of Ash
and destroy any fire elementals in the way. Have workers make 2 troop
buildings at the entrance while your army clears out the Valley of Ash. Build 
archers for this section. Once the towers are destroyed the gates will open
to the Stewards castle to the east. Enter and kill all foes and the portal to
Fireforge activates.

  You'll level up. [TOWER SHIELD 1] for your main, Jared [HEAVY ARMOR 1]

  Before going to Fireforge you'll do a few other things..

  1) Head to Westguard, collect 3000 stone and talk to Warrad and start your
     final castle wall. Merchant Tekla has a nice helm your Main might want.
  2) Journey to another map and back, and make sure all your army is at the
     southwest base entrance. Talk to the Bailiff twice and the beast army
     will activate. Talk to Tor Halicos. Invade and destroy the beast base.
  3) Journey to Sevenkeeps Traders guild, go west to the orange dot and talk
     to Trader Marcus and kill him. Go to the Silent glade and east to the
     orange dot picture spot. Go to Hagards Fortress and talk to the Hermit
     on the west side.
  4) Journey to Rushwater downs-Connach. Go northeast to the orange dot 
     painting spot. 
  5) Journey to the Needle-The Rampart. Go north to the orange dot paint spot.
  6) Journey to Gate of Swords-Freetrader camp. Talk to Dario, Letho, and
     Nyano Grey. Go east and talk to Undar to complete his quest, and to start
     another quest. 

  Now head back to Uram Gor and enter the portal to Fireforge.


   Head up the road into the Barbarian camp and talk to Vlad the Stranger.
This will be a main base at the start, you will need some defenses up the 
enemy is going to attack both entrances. Start your workers gathering 
resources. Put all the barbarian axemen at the west entrance and your party
at the east. Start building your base, put 3-4 towers at each entrance and
start pumping out troops. 

   You'll have some assaults on both sides of the base just keep the defenders
up. When an assault happens on the east side, once it is done take your party,
a few troops and 4-5 workers and head towards the east base. Just outside the
base have your workers build a troop building. Have your party assault and 
clear the base, use the troop building as backup if you need it. Once the base
is clear send all troops back to your staring base and move all troops to the
west entrance. Have your workers move into the east base and start gathering

   Max your troops again, and once an assault on your west side is over send
your army west to defeat the west base. You are good for now, max your army 
and take your party and explore the south area. Giants are on the west side
and on the east side are some wolves and a "?" rock. Take your entire army and
party and click on the rock. You will fight 3 very hard waves of spectral 
warriors. Once done, rebuild army and move them up to the center to the main

  At the top talk to Vlad the Stranger and he will open the gate. Flood the
interior with troops and clear it out. On the right side Professor Twiddle is
imprisoned in wolf form. Solve his puzzle to free him.. Continue clearing the 
entire area. On the left is a quest picture spot. You'll level up soon. Finish
and clear the top area.

   Main character [CHAINMAIL ARMOR 1], Bors and Jared [RANGED COMBAT 3], Lya
[ELEMENTAL MAGIC 3], Shae [WHITE MAGIC 3], and Mordecay [HEAVY ARMOR 3]. 

  Talk to the Forge Ghost. You will be teleported into the Forge area with a
huge force of fire elementals. Defeat them all and loot the chests. Click on
the well, then click on the south gate to open it. Talk to the ghost on the
way in. Now defeat all the fire elementals about the area to collect 4
Fragments of Heat. Click on the Forge and put in all 4 fragments to ignite the
flames. You have 3 levers....
   1) Click left lever until the flame shoots out white
   2) Click on the middle lever twice until the flames are green.
   3) Click on the right lever once, and all flames are yellow

   Talk to the ghost again then click on the forge to make the Shadow ring.
You should have all materials already, if not, you have to scout out the map
again to find it. After the cutscene your done with the map.

   Journey to the Gate of Swords-Freetrader camp. Talk to Professor Twiddle,
then go north and talk to Morca. Talk to the Shadow Warrior with your main
character only. Now talk to Zanza. 

   You'll have to search the center area for rock-like glowing memories on the
ground. You'll find spellbooks, swords, bows and goblets. Talking to the Lost
Souls you can turn them into mages, warriors, archers or healers by using the
memories. After you turn them all, head up to the Librarian.

   You'll level up. [DIVINE MAGIC 2] for your main, Bors [HEAVY ARMOR 3], Lya
and Shae [COMBAT 2], Jared [HEAVY ARMOR 2], and Mordecay [MAGIC 2]

   Stop by the Freetraders to sell unwanted items. They may have items that
you want.

      Unna: Shaikan tower shield, hunter armor
      Oddmund: Daurn plate armor, light robes

   Head south to the swamp ruins, you'll fight some spirit creatures getting
there. At the south side of the ruins is a hard spirit dragon battle. Kill
the lesser foes first then concentrate on the dragon. After it is dead the
portal to The Magnet Stones is open. Don't go in yet.

   Take a quick Journey to Westguard and talk to Tor Halicos, then come back
and enter the portal to The Magnet Stones.


   You'll arrive at the Magnet Stones in the middle of a battle. Help Ardar
save his troops then talk to him. Now you have to get your base ready for its
defense. The enemy troops will attack from the west side so station your party
there and start building your base, putting in some towers and troops as west
side backup. Between assaults you can send your party out to explore the east

  Once you have good defenses and a large army ready, wait until an assault 
then head west to clear out the first enemy camp area. Once it is destroyed
move north into the next large resource area and secure it on the north side. 
Have workers start gathering resources from this area, and build a nice
defense of towers on the north side to backup your troops. Just to the north
the enemy Miner skeletons walk to and fro. Head north to the stone resource
area and build a line of towers down. Spread your troops out to kill any Miner
skeletons and enemy attackers. No attacks will come from the east. 

  Now once your defenses in this area are up and running along with resources
and troops buildings, Send your army into the main base to the west and start
clearing buildings and enemies. You will probably have to make multiple runs
since the base is large. I had my main party with bows since there are many
flying creatures, my army worked on the buildings and foes, my main party took
down the flying creatures. The Skeletal captains in the protective circles are
hard to take down, so gank them. When the base is clear the portal will open, 
now its time to clear the east side.

  You'll level up soon. [TOWER SHIELD 2] for your Main.

  You'll run into Itzu on the east side, and on the north side is a "?" Mosaic
area. Gather your army here, this is a tough fight. Activate the Mosaic and 
you'll have multiple rounds of fighting summoned enemies. Once everything is
clear head west through the portal into The Crater.


   The Crater is separated into 3 main areas then the Crater itself. Start
clearing the north area which is infested with undead forces. At the northwest
of this area is Shar. 

   Now head down to the southern area where you have to destroy the demon 
gates and clear out the demon forces. The Crater entrance is here but don't go
here yet. You might run into the beast Grozira, you should be plenty strong
enough to take down this "invincible" beast. He's not that invincible.

   Now from the east enter the center area where the Raptors and their nests
are located. When you get to the nests clear out all the nests first then kill
the remaining Raptors and the Mad Wizard. There are numerous treasure chests
about which are opened by your skull and star coins. With the star coin chests
use the highest coins first ( 1 star coins can open a 3 star chest, but a 3
star coin cannot open a 1 star chest, get it?). If a chest has 5 locks, use a
3 and 2 star coin up first. Open as many as you can. Now head to the Crater.

   You'll have a cutscene and level up. You can pick your skills now or after
the boss battle. 

   [PLATE ARMOR 2] for your Main, Jared [LONGBOWS 1]

   With the Bone Guardian you can't damage him until his 4 protective towers
are down. Just stand near the towers when he does his area attack and the 
towers will be damaged along with you. Fight his summoned undead until all 4
of his defensive towers are down, then take down the Bone guardian Naugron. 
Use the Mindstone then go up to the mirror for another cutscene. 

   Journey to SevenKeeps and now you can play the Drakkar players. Some are
super easy some are harder, but you have enough tiles now. Play them all then
Drakkar Master Carla last. 

   Journey to Westguard and pick up 3 lv23 bounty bows from Fausto for later.

   Journey to Gate of Swords - Fighting grounds and talk to Undar. Talk to 
Sasha, Myra, and Letho Grey and fight the Lord of Fire and the Greys. You'll
want to pick up 2 Ivory Ice Fist wands from Irda for your 2 mages. Now talk
to Professor Twiddle who will make you a magnetic detector. Go explore every
inch of the north entrance area (where you first came into the map) and you'll
eventually uncover 10 geodes and the set of Dark Legion Armor. Talk to Morca 
and Professor Twiddle again. 

   Talk to the Shadow warrior then Nightsong (she will join your party again)
and finally the Iron Lord. You'll level up. Head to the Stone god and talk to
it. Something is strange. Pick options 2 to reveal Fink McWinter. Now head to
the portal with the Orcs and into The Tuscari Desert.

   Level up: [CHAIN MAIL 2], Bors/Jared/Mordecay [HEAVY CROSSBOW 1], Lya [ICE
MAGIC 1], and Shae [LIFE MAGIC 1]


   You'll arrive in a small battle. Help defeat the enemy and you'll start the
map. You'll arrive to the northwest, while your main base is south of you on
the west side. Ignore your party for now, get your base defenses up, you will
be constantly attacked by giant spiders. Get many towers at your entrances, 
along with max defenders at both. Upgrade your buildings. Your north entrance
will take the most beating, put 2/3 of your defenders there.

  When you have proper defenses, take your party down the path towards the 
base killing any foes in the way. Just before the base on the north side are
a couple Raptors and a treasure chest. Enter your base and keep building your
defenses. You'll need silver and Lenya soon, so when your defenses are good
enough to stalemate the spiders take your party east and explore a bit, there
are 2 silver spots just outside town, and a stone and lenya spot further east.

  Make sure to build some towers not only at your east/north entrances, but
a few throughout town. Later on Griffins will be attacking. Once your defenses
are pretty good you want to take your party and a few troops to the center
area where the Titan and enemy troops await. Clear this area and level up.

  Pick [DIVINE MAGIC 3] for your main, Bors and Mordecay [LONGBOW 1], Jared
[FASTBOW 1], Lya [FIRE MAGIC 1] and Shae [ICE MAGIC 1]

  The Iron Lord leaves your party, but he is still a vulnerability, his death
means you lose. So build 3-4 towers near him to protect him from any flying
Griffins. Have some workers starting gathering the lenya. Now talk to Sorak
who you can help stop the spider spawn. You can either sacrifice to the
spiders or fight the Spider Queen. The Spider Queen is quicker but i think 
you get more experience from the first option. Choose the first option and
follow Sorak around to the various areas protecting him. Eventually he will
finish his ritual and the spiders will stop spawning (but those already on the
map will stay until killed). 

  Now the enemy humans will launch their attack. Your base is fine to repel 
anything they will send, but you want to take the battle to them. Move your
party up to the enemy base main gates. Move up some workers to make some 
defensive tower lines, and finally once the spawn is blocked by your party
move your entire army up to the entrance gates. Have your workers build a 
couple troop buildings, then start your assault on the base with your forces. 
Once the base is finished talk to the Mercenary in the cage to get trap 
detection forces on the next board, then enter the portal to Dragh'Lur.

  18)  DRAGH'LUR

  This swamp board is actually pretty easy compared to other maps. Unlike
other maps, there are actually a few traps in this map. No big deal. There
are also some enemy Titans about, but they are level 16, and your party is 
much higher. You shouldn't have any problem with them.

  You start in the southern area of the swamp. Start your resource gathering
and have your party guard the north entrance of the base. Most of the enemy
will attack from the north so you'll want major defenses and most of your 
troops at the north entrance. Once in a while some will attack from the west
but that isn't that much. Just put a couple lone archers out in the fog-of-war
and you'll see the enemy ahead of time. You can just move some defenders of
the north entrance down. 

  Start building your base and upgrading. Between assaults you can send your 
main party west to explore. Take the trap finders with you. Due west is a
treasure chest near some silver ore. TRAPPED AREA! You can just send 1 person
into the area to trigger the trap or have a trap finder do it. The second
trapped area is a ford northeast of the stone supply. Another trap is the 
east ford near the center silver ore area. A 4th trap is just before the enemy
base entrance. 

  Explore the west areas and when your army is ready, you can send it up the
pathway north (after an assault) and start clearing any enemy bases out. You
can have your main party assault the center enemy base at the same time. You
should be plenty strong enough to clear the base with just your party.. if 
not just wait until the main army joins up with you.  You'll level up.

  Pick [SHIELD 3] for your Main, Bors [FAST BOW 1], Lya [EARTH MAGIC 1], Jared
[HEAVY ARMOR 3], Shae [EARTH MAGIC 1] and Mordecay [PLATE ARMOR 1].

  Now you are ready to assault the north enemy base. Just send in your army
and party and start clearing out the enemy forces/buildings. Send workers up
to set up a couple troop buildings to rebuild your forces. Keep moving up
and you'll come to a tier pathway lined with enemy towers you need to take
down. Clear them out, you'll probably need to rebuild your army once or twice
to do it. You'll come to the end and fight Toth Lar, defeat him and you'll
have a cutscene and instantly enter the portal directly to Shal.

  19)  SHAL

  In Shal, you are captured, jailed, and your party killed. Your Main has to
defeat a couple enemy troops and revive your other characters. Revive your 
party, pick up the couple treasure chests in the area, and now you can equip
any new items you want. When finished go talk to the Dragon. Make sure to 
pick up the [DRAGONSCALE] from the dragon when the cutscene is over.

  Now go to the jail gate, and Nightsong will arrive to open it and join your

  The Map of Shal is going to be tough, your forces will be under constant
attack from 2 enemy dark elf bases. Your goal is to capture the 15 resource
spawn points and hold them. There are no resources on the map, but having a
spawn point as yours will give you resources. Your base also has limited 
building ability, you cannot progress past a certain building level. The way
to beat this map? You'll have unlimited resources, so build unlimited towers.
Build towers as defenses, as backup, build towers everywhere.

  You'll start outside of the jail area. Head southwest and clear the couple
troops from resources flag. This will be your main base area. On the east side
are 2 entrances that enemy troops will come. You'll want mostly Necromancer
troops (the best troops in the game LOL) and maybe a couple Death Horsemen
as meat shields. The top east path will get the most assaults, so put 2/3 of
your troops there. Build a wall of towers and max out your troops.

  As your defenses are being set up on the east side, take your party to the 
north path and clear the second area, capturing the resource flag. Station
them on the north side to kill any enemy approaching. Have 4 workers behind
them constantly building towers, and keep upgrading your base until it is 
maxxed out. Once you have maxxed troops and your bases east side is well 
defended, its time to hit the first enemy base. Wait until an assault on your
east side is defeated, then send half your necromancers up to your party. 
Throw your party into the west enemy base and keep your necromancers just
behind it. Concentrate on your party destroying buildings, the necromancers
will easily keep control over the enemy troops with summoned skeletons. Once
the west enemy base is destroyed start building defensive towers on the east
pathways. Station your party and your backup necromancers with them. 

  Now its time to clear out the second enemy base to the east. Move through
the maze-like map and constantly clear and strengthen the resource flags and
enemy pathways with your party and necromancers. The main thing to do.... is
BUILD TOWERS EVERYWHERE. You have limited troops, but unlimited towers.

  When you are near the second enemy base its time for a full assault. Send
all of your necromancer army into the enemy base right behind your party. 
Again, have your party destroying buildings (you did remember you bought 3 
nice 40% building damage bows right?) while your necromancer group will easily
take care of all the enemy troops. Once the second enemy base is destroyed
the rest of the map is cake. You should level up..

  Pick [PLATE ARMOR 3] for your Main.

  Before capturing all the resource flags, make sure to clear and loot all of
the map, including releasing the 2 Titan monsters and killing them. To the
northeast is the merchant Zar'Sharach you can offload items you don't want. 
There are 2 puzzle chests here. To open them you need to have all levers 
facing west to open the first chest, and all levers facing east to open the
second one. When you are done, capture all of the resource flags then head to
the east portal for a cutscene with Nightsong. 

  Before entering, journey to Westguard and talk to Windhammer twice. Now go
back to Shal and enter the portal to The Crystal Wastes.


  This map is actually very easy with a nice little tactic move. When the map
starts, take your main party and run all the way up the map into the far north
enemy camp. Ignore all foes on the way. The main enemy camp has to build up
from scratch, so if you go straight there, you can start killing the workers
and minor troops before the camp gets big enough to worry you. Destroy the 
enemy camp! 

  Now you can clear the rest of the enemy camps at your leisure. Build up your
base to the south. You'll be on limited resources so save enough stone to 
set up some resource buildings further north. Make about 15 necromancers and
with them and your party start clearing the map. As you gather more resource
spots you can increase your army to the max limit. When the enemy camps are
cleared you'll level up.

   [CHAINMAIL 3] on your Main, and Jared [PLATE ARMOR 1]. 

  Now Journey to the Ice Rocks, summon your party and clear the elementals. 
Now Journey to the Fire Rocks, summon your party and clear the elementals. You
can now build and upgrade to make gargoyles. Destroy all of your regular army
troops (you don't need them anymore) and create about 8 frost and 8 fire 
gargoyles. Have them clear the northwest area of elementals. Use your party
to help out. You will activate the portals to Crystal Forest northwest, and
The Song Glass northeast. DO NOT go in Crystal Forest yet, instead head over
and enter the portal to The Song Glass.



   The Song Glass map is really just a [PERFECT CRYSTAL] collection area so 
you can make Malacay weapons. They do +30% damage vs Malacay. Go east from
where you start and hook up with Malkuth Shassar. A couple treasure chests are
in the area also. Talk to him to active some journeystone areas.

   Journey to the Professors Timetwister. Gather up a few treasure chests in
the area and talk to Professor Twiddle. There are 2 cages holding giant
Lizards, use the levers to free them and kill them.

   Journey to Prisoners Camp and clear out the orcs and crystal guardians in
the area. Make sure to get treasure chests and Perfect Crystals. Open the 
gate to release the frost gargoyles.

   Journey to Crystal Passage and clear the area. A guardian carries the
moonglass. Journey to Glittering Heights and clear the area. A guardian
carries the sunglass. Head back to talk to Professor Twiddle. you can now use
the Timetwister machine. Use the Moonglass and 4 Iridium Geodes to activate
the machine. 

   Now have your Frost Gargoyles gather the perfect crystals from the mountain
areas. Go back to Malkuth and make a Crystal Magicians Staff. He will activate
the journeystone to Main Clan Camp. Go to the Clan camp and destroy it. Return
to Malkuth and he will let you make crystal Malacay weapons. You should have
42 perfect crystals left. Make 3 recurved bows (fast bows) for your archers,
1 more magicians staff (ignore this if you are short), and 3 crystal knives
for your archers. Journey back to the Crystal Wastes and enter the portal to
The Crystal Forest.


  You'll start in a pretty safe area. Start gathering resources and station 
your party at the only southeast area. Build up a force of about 20-30 nice
necromancers. No need for towers yet, build only the buildings you need your
resources will be scarce for a bit. SAVE YOUR STONE you'll need it.

  When ready assault the base to the northeast. Now move west to the second
enemy base for a cutscene. An enemy force will appear at your location, so
defeat them. Gather your forces and start upgrading to build Shadow Assassins.
Make Ravages so you can take down the enemy base buildings easy. Assault the
second enemy base once some of their defenses are down. 

  The rest of the map is just isolated enemy forces and camps. A couple levers
near the second base can open the gate doors. Keep gathering resources and 
kill everything about. Once you are done clearing the southern area you will
find a magical music crystal. You need to gather some crystal shards. Build
up your gargoyles and make a dozen fire gargoyles and start clearing the
northern area. You will find the crystal shards defended by mage griffins.
Also in the area are treasure chests, ice elementals, and the boss defender.
Have your gargoyles kill them all. 

  Once you have all the crystals use them to activate the music crystal. The
order that mine activated it were 3,2,4,5,1. Now Journey to the top area and
head into the Laboratory in the center. After a cutscene read the book on the
nearby table and then head up to the Mosaic. 

  To solve the puzzle look at the revolving center, the order of the tiles you
need to do is on the center. The only question is which tile do you start at.
Start at the bottom right tile (has a Star in the center). Then go clockwise.
The tile order is SPIRAL, CUBOID (square), SNAKE, HEART, EYE, STAR, TRIANGLE,
and finally CROSS. When you are done a blue portal opens in the center. Enter
the portal to The Steel Shore.


  Ok you are on the final map, the lair of Malacay. You have with you a group
of Shadow Ravages which you will need to take down Malacay's deadly towers.
The towers can kill you in 1 shot, so you want to use the Ravages to take them
out. A good technique is if there are 2 towers together, try and time it so
you have 2 Ravages hit them at the same time. You might get lucky and not have
one of your Ravages die.

  Start off there are 2 towers north. Use 2 Ravages to try and take them down
at the same time. Defeat the gate guardian Malar and continue north into the
next area. 
  In the second area use a Ravage to explore the map, at Malacay he/she will
disappear and send a half dozen Malar heading to fight your party. Kill them
and pick a side to go up. Both sides lead to the end, either direction is 
fine. I just choose right. Head up and there is a tower waiting, and close to
the north is a second tower, have your Ravages take them down. 2 firestarter
Malar are at the next exit. Kill them and move on. 2 more towers await you
and at the top of the area you have 2 towers on the left and 2 on the right.
Destroy them and head up through the Malar defenders into the last hallway. 

  Stay at the bottom of the hallway and send your left over Ravages north. 
Use them to take down any Dragon Altars. When you take one down, a Party Ghost
will appear to attack you along with the Malar. Defend and kill the foes. Stay
on the outskirts of the main room and take out the Dragon Altars and their
summoned Party Ghosts.

  Once all the Altars are destroyed and the foes dead, you have to light the
pentagram braziers in a specific order. If you number the corners starting at
the top and going clockwise, top would be 1, top right is 2, bottom right is
3, etc. Light the braziers 5,3,1,4,2. This will activate a blue portal which
will take you to Malacay. 

  Head north and battle Malacay. Your archers should have their Crystal 
Malacay weapons. Malacay has a lot of hitpoints and defense, just keep
attacking him. Your 2 mages should ONLY be healing constantly. Let your other
5 characters attack him. He will teleport about the area just keep on him.
When he is dead, the game is finished. Not an outstanding ending.

  IV.  Hints and Tips

   This section is to give you some info on playing a decent game of 
Spellforce 2. You can play the game any way you wish of course, but some extra
info will help.

   Your main character will reach level 30, but all secondary characters will
only reach level 24. This means your main character will be vastly stronger
and able to survive attacks plus have more abilities. This is a great reason
to have your main character as a tank to draw attacks and lead the charge into
battles since they will have higher hps, defense, and the ability to use more
than the normal 3 top screen abilities. 

  You will have 5 extra party members for a total of 6 normal party members
not including guests. 2 members Lya and Shae are tailored to using magical 
spells, while the other 3 members Bor, Jared, and Mordecay are more suited to
physical needs (melee and/or archery).

  Since your other 5 party members are lower in level than your main, its good
to have them as support characters (archers/healers/mages) that MIGHT keep 
them out of harms way easier, even though many boards they will be easily 
attacked no matter what you do. I always have Lya and Shae as healers/casters
and Bor, Jared and Mordecay as archers with some magic backup ability. 

  Since your secondary characters only get 3 top skill slots, you will only 
have about 3 main skills that they use in combat. There isn't a pause function
that lets you choose skills during fighting, its real time, so you won't be
able to choose and pick your skills that your mages use much of the time 
during fighting since the action is quick paced. You will mainly use your 3
top skill abilities and your healing spells as backup. Most other spells are
not even used at all. 

  Flying creatures cannot be hit with melee combat, they can only be hit with
archery, or spells. Thus as backup characters its good to have archers/mages 
which can hit both flying and ground units. 

  Once your main character reaches level 25, you can just sell any level 25+ 
item that you find since your backup characters cannot reach level 25. You 
only need level 25+ items that your main character can use. 

  When it comes to armor, don't worry much about bonus hitpoints and magic
points. The most important things about armor are its armor bonus and the 
special abilities it grants. For characters with thousands of hitpoints and
magic points, the difference of a few hundred don't matter much. But having
armor with 50% life regen, or 60 armor rating vs 40 armor rating, a much 
bigger value.

  I never found ANY reason to have any characters take 2-handed weapons or
dual weapons. You don't get them until very late in the game, and by that 
point your 1-handed weapons and shields are plenty enough to survive and do 
well in melee combat. Having those characters as archers instead let you use
your archery the WHOLE game, plus they keep you out of harms way a bit. 


  Hopefully you got the game up and running and had a good time. I consider it
a fun game, a poor mans version of World of Warcraft campaign mode. Its a 
little bad that you don't have more control over some of your character 
development and that they don't reach level 30 and can enjoy maxxed abilities,
but still its not that bad. 

  Any questions feel free to email me, and feel free to use the FAQ on any
gaming site you might host or visit, just make sure to credit me with the FAQ.
If you want more of a challenge play the game on hard mode and make your main
character a magician. I've played the game a few different ways, but really 
there isn't that much character development that you can do numerous play-
throughs. My second time I had my main character as a mage and my backup party
as melee warriors to take the heat off my mage. 

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