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-Zoom into desk, Look around the right side and get WADDED-UP PAPER.
-Open up paper and note what is written and the pattern of the torn
-View top of desk and look at each of the three books, they all 
 contain clues.
-Tear in the red book, also color of swatch.
-The hibernating frog being awakened by rain.
-The cube diagrams.
-Zoom out and go look at coffee table by couch. 
-Pick up: KITTY PICTURE stuck to bottom and GRAY ORB.
-Note Picture frame.
-Zoom out to view of pot plant. 
-Look under couch, get CRAYON. 
-Look under couch cushions, get REACHING ROD, and WHITE ORB.
-Look beside right of couch, get WHITE BOX and 2nd GREEN ORB.
-Look at drawers in corner of room, get 2nd WHITE ORB. 
-Open drawer and get GLASS.
-Open red book, use crayon on it, note the flower and color.
-Open bottom desk drawer, press squares like diagram according 
 to its orientation if it were to match up to the tear in the red book.
-Use Key on green drawer of desk. Get SCREW DRIVER.
-Look over behind the potted plant and use screwdriver on vent. 
-Go to drawers, use pale key, get the paper with the rabbit on it.
-Look carefully at picture, it is not a rabbit. It is a duck. 
-Note color.
-Go to desk, bring up cube, select an orb and use to punch holes in 
 top and bottom as indicated in green book. Place under desk to reveal
 butterfly, Note color.
-Look at blue wall and click in open space of wall to find panel. 
-Enter in the appropriate symbol in the color slots. 
-The code does change from game to game.
-Use silver key on yellow door to open up bathroom.
-Use the sink to fill glass with WATER. 
-Look at glass and add clump of dirt. 
-Rinse it out in sink to get FROG.
-Look on shelves to back of restrooms.
-Gget SCALES PIECE, 2nd GRAY ORB, and LAST GREEN ORB (in plant). 
-Next to them, pick up a SHEET OF TOILET PAPER.
-Wet the toilet paper in sink.
-Go to potted plant in main room. 
-Use damp paper on smudge, note the number.
-Go back to bathroom, use code on box. 
-Get the PINK ORB and the BLUE KEY.
-Go to desk, use blue key on blue drawer. 
-Note the picture the device in the drawers is a scale, it is broken. 
-Remember the positions and colors of the orbs in the picture, this is
 the formula to find out the value of the gold orb.
-Look at diagram of plant.
-Look at hanging plant, use reacher rod on it and click around to revel
 2nd PINK ORB.
-Go to drawers, open top drawer, put piece in missing space and flip over
 the device, affix the piece you have to it with the screws.
-Set it upright.
-You can use the scales to determine which orbs are heavier, and therefore
 are a higher value then each other. 
-After experimenting you should find that:
 PINK = 1, WHITE =2, GREEN =3, GRAY = 5
-And therefore according to the photo you have, Gold = 9
-Go to the Tulip picture on the green wall. 
-Use the frog on it as indicated to do in the book to reveal a secret panel.
-Use the orbs, knowing their values, to complete the equations.
-If you do it right it should read:
-Press the gray button when you are done. 
-The panel will retract. 
-Step back, there is something on the ceiling now. 
-Use the reaching rod to pull on it and bring down a ladder.

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