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 Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell

 This is the FINAL VERSION – I NO LONGER accept any contributions of ANY kind.

            **    ***     *       ***   *   *   *****   * * *   **
          *      *   *   *        *    * * *     *     *__     *  *
            *   * **    *        *    *   *     *     *       * *
         **    *       * * *   ***   *   *     *     * * *   *   *
                   *    * * *   *      *   \stealth\______
                *      *__     *      *     ―――――――\action\_________
               *      *       *      *              ――――――\redefined\
                 *   * * *   * * *  * * *                  ――――――――――

                                PC Version Unpatched
                          Written by black hole sun (bhs)
                                 Guide Version Final

Whee! Splinter Cell, the game so many Xbox fanboys have been worshipping for
months now, has arrived on our Almighty PC's. Since there aren't any guides for
the PC version, and since none of the Xbox guides are up to snuff with what the
game deserves, it's time for me to intervene and put together a guide that will
hold your little hand through the cloudy and uncertain world of 2004. Continue
reading for the complete walkthrough of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell!

READ THIS FIRST! This is very important information regarding contact guidelines
and cities in Illinois.


* Hopefully, UbiSoft will allow us saps with the PC version to download the new
levels. If or when that happens, and if it is free, expect a walkthrough from
me. ONLY, however, if the levels are free. No way am I willing to shell out ten
bucks for a ten-minute level.

* This guide is for the ***PC*** version of Splinter Cell, NOT its console
counterparts. As such, there WILL be differences between the versions, such as
added levels in the PS2 and GCN versions (damn them!). So, if you are an owner
of any other form of the game but the PC version, I would advise you to look at
the appropriately listed FAQ.

* In accordance with my recent tradition of adding useless opinions to some of
my FAQs, "Chicago" is the best movie of the year. That's right, much better than
"The Two Towers" or "Gangs of New York." Go see it you deformed llamas!
Seriously, it was a great movie. Thirteen-some Academy Awards can't all be

                                  Revision History

v. FINAL | May 24 2003 | It has been a LONG time since I've updated. My inbox
accumulated a LOT of email that needed to be added to this file, so it is now
shall never touch this file again. *sniffle*

v. 3.0 | April 19 2003 | This should be the final update. I've added many reader
contributions, and have gone through the entire guide for clarity-checking.

v. 2.0 | March 29 2003 | Lot's of clutter deleted. I have given this guide a
facelift, which includes a better-looking format and reader submitted hints. If
you bothered to notice, I also added some neat little cover art. It isn't the
best, but it's the best I can do! By the way, if you have PS2, go buy Xenosaga.
I don't care if you don't like RPG's, just go get it. It is what I am playing
right now and it is far superior to the other console RPGs such as the crappy
FFX or subpar Breath of Fire. One more thing, I've added a funny quote near the
bottom of the guide. Believe it or not, I received it in a chainmail.


                                 Table of Contents
Notice there are search tags attached to each section. Press CTRL + F to bring
up Windows' "Find" box, then type in the search tag number for the section you
wish to visit. With or without brackets, it does not matter.

Chapter One: Introductions and Tutorials
      Intro                                                       [I.1]
      Sam's Move's                                                [I.2]
      True Life: I'm Sneaky                                       [I.3]
      Tools o' the Trade                                          [I.4]
Chapter Two: The Walkthrough
      T'Bilis Police Precinct                                     [W.1]
      Georgian Embassy                                            [W.2]
      Azerbaijan Oil Rig                                          [W.3]
      CIA Headquarters                                            [W.4]
      Kalinatek Building                                          [W.5]
      Chinese Embassy                                             [W.6]
      Muek Tso Boe Meats                                          [W.7]
      Return to the Chinese Embassy                               [W.8]
      Georgian Presidential Palace                                [W.9]
Chapter Three: Outro
      Contact Guidelines / Info                                   [O.1]
      Credits                                                     [O.2]
      Legal                                                       [O.3]


                   Chapter One: Introductions and Tutorials


In this chapter, we will go over the basics; first, we'll get the intro out of
the way, then we'll move onto the Sam's Move's, and then Stealth Basics, and
lastly we'll review the equipment Sam will be dealing with, in that order. I
suppose you don't have to read this (or if you do, I guess you don't have to
comprehend) but I did take the time to write all this, so, yeah.
       ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
      ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                [I.1]               Introduction

       ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
      ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

I refuse to begin this introduction comparing and contrasting Splinter Cell to
Metal Gear. No, I'm not going to fall for the clichι. I'm simply going to say
that, after playing both, Splinter Cell is better (...). Splinter Cell is one of
the best games of the year, no doubt, and will most certainly be a candidate for
the GOTY position. Since I'm getting lazy in regards to introductions, that is
all the praise I'm going to give.

Anywho, Splinter Cell has turned out to be one helluva game and has "redefined"
stealth action as we know it. And this in no small debt to its incredible shadow

The guide version is currently...3.00. There probably will not be any more
updates to this file. However, I might stop by with occasional grammar fixes.


      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                     [I.2]           Sam's Moves
      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

Our friend Sam could not be without an arsenal of moves greater than 007. This
section will cover them all, if the instruction book was of no use to you (...)
                          +~Environmental Interaction~+
_________________           ―――――――――――――――――――――――――
\ zip lines/bars \
Sam can grab hold of horizontally hanging bars and stretched pieces of rope. All
you have to do is jump in their direction [SHIFT]. To bring Sam's feet up, press
the Crouch button [default C]. You may shoot while hanging by pressing E
\ door peek revealed! \
In the console versions, Sam can 'door peek' but it seems you can't do this
on PC. Well I found that if Sam is in front of a door & you press the
Backwards & Interaction key at the same time, he can perform this action. If
you think this is worth putting in your FAQ, please feel free.

[this was contributed by SwitchBlade]
\ rappelling \
Unlike most people, Sam is an expert in the school of rappelling. To rappel a
steep wall or other solid surface, you must have something to attach a cable to,
typically a perpendicular smoke pipe. Move down a wall using the default
controls. You can jump, as to break glass, by pressing [SHIFT]. You may also
shoot in this position by pressing E [default].
\ wall jump \
No longer is this move limited to Mario and company. Run up to a wall and press
[SHIFT] and Sam will jump off the current wall to a heightened state either to
the left or right.
\ split jump \
This is somewhat difficult to execute. While at the top of a Wall Jump, press
and HOLD the shift button and Sam will stretch out his legs and perform the
acrobatic feat.
\ shimmy \
I am sure either MGS2 or ICO brought this into video-game-land, and I THINK it
was ICO, whichever came out first. Or maybe it was by some PlayStation game.
Mike Glass writes:

I was reading your Splinter Cell FAQ and I've got a correction -- or something.
I might be wrong but shimmying was introduced into video gaming with I think
Tomb Raider 2.  Or maybe Tomb Raider.  Or maybe the third one.  Any of those
games is really really old.

Anyway, shimmying is hanging from a ledge and moving right or left. Whenever you
jump onto something higher than Sam's head, such as a large crate, he will hang
onto its edge until you tell him to get on top of it (press UP). To shimmy while
in this position move the default controls.
\ quiet landing \
Landing quietly from a fall is essential if you do not want nearby enemies to
hear. All you have to do is press and hold 'C' (crouch by default) while
\ roll \
While running or jogging, press and HOLD 'C.'
\ reload weapon \
While your weapon is out, press 'R' by default. This makes no noise and will not
alert nearby enemies.
\ changing rate of fire \
You can only do this with your SC-20K. This allows you to set it to automatic
fire instead of single shot. Press Z by default to do this.
\ zoom \
With your SC-20K equipped, move the mouse wheel. Move it up and down to zoom in
or out, respectively. Don't even ask about it if you don't have a mouse wheel; I
don't know what to tell ya.
\ hold breath \
While in Sniper Mode, holding Sam's breath steadies his aim for a few seconds.
Hold the right mouse button to do this.
\ toggle night vision \
Self explanatory. Night vision goggles allow you to-- *GASP* --see in the dark.
Press the number "2" to activate.
\ toggle thermal goggles \
Heat-sensitive goggles. It works by detecting infrared radiation emitted by most
living people. It can also detect land-mines, which is its most useful function.
Press "3" to activate.
\ attack with equipped weapon \
Press E to bring the weapon out. Shoot it with Primary or Secondary Fire (left
or right click, respectively).
\ throw grenade/bottle/soda can \
Pick it up and press E, and you will be shown a directional arc. The higher you
look, the farther you will throw it.
Terry Norseworthy writes:

One thing I noticed was that you use bottles for a diversion but not a knock-
out weapon. I found them great for those times when you just could not get out
of the shadows to apply an elbow. A well placed head shot from a bottle at
close range (5 to 6 green circles) works as well as an air foil or shocker. CIA
and first Chinese embassy they were invaluable. Found myself always looking for
spare bottles to carry.

\ elbow attack \
When you're close to an enemy, press Primary Fire to conk them over the head
with Sam's elbow. Usually knocks them out, if you're behind the enemy; if you
are in front of the him, it will take two of these attacks, and by then you'd
probably be dead. The moral of the story? When attempting to knock someone out,
make sure you are behind them.
\ drop attack \
When you get above an enemy, drop down on him (yes 'him,' there are no female
enemies in this game) and Sam will knock them out on contact.
\ grabbing \
To grab an NPC, sneak up behind him and press the spacebar. You can only grab an
NPC form behind (duh) and you must be QUIET while doing this. Anything above a
slow walk or on some surfaces a slow crouch will result in the NPC hearing and
turning towards you, spoiling your chance. However, you must be at a pace
slightly faster than that of the NPC otherwise you'll never catch up to him. Try
crouching and going a swift pace until you near him, then get slow as you make
to grab him. While holding an NPC, you can knock him out or interrogate him
(space bar, if applicable), or drag him to a retinal scanner and force him to
use it (this only works for enemies with the 'Colonel' rank; any other NPC won't
bypass the scanner). You can NOT, however, shoot him in the head, to the
disappointment of hundreds of sadists.

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                       [I.3]  True Life: I'm Sneaky

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

Splinter Cell is all about stealth. To play any other way defeats the game's
purpose. So, it's time to arm you with knowledge that'll save you from getting
shot in the arse.
                                 Fast is Bad
Yes, that's right. Running is bad for you. Forget what your gym teacher says!
When you run, you generate a lot of noise. If an enemy here's you, you will hear
a low tone from a piano, letting you know of your error. Basically, running will
get you nowhere, fast! If you hope to get anywhere without being caught, you
need to take it slow by crouching down or walking while upright. To overtake an
enemy requires stealth; pounding up stairs or crunching the gravel beneath you
is not the way to take care of it. In fact, crouching and going top speed is
quieter than a swift jog upright.

                               Surface Tension
It is always good to know what you're walking on. As you should know, different
surfaces produce different sounds. When walking on gravel, one should be
conscious of the commotion it makes. Likewise, one should know when walking on
wood, which produces a loud thumping sound if you move too quickly. These noises
and others will alert enemies if you're not careful.

                                  Shadow Man
Shadows in this game are more photorealistic than any before it. Thus, you
should take advantage of them! Always should Sam be in the shadows; in this line
of work there are only three kinds of people: hostages, informants, and corpses.
Avoiding the latter will require you to stick to the darkness as much as
possible, avoiding the gaze of wary guards and civilians.

                            The Visibility Meter
You might read one of these when checking the whether. In Splinter Cell you will
be using one to measure your visibility to hostile forces. The farther right the
dial is at, the more visible you are. The farther left the dial is at, the more
well-hidden you are. If it is all the way left you're, 'a ghost's shadow.' All
the way right, and you're as visible as a blazing inferno.

                               Hiding Bodies
What would you do if you were on patrol and you saw a dead comrade? You would
probably sound an alarm. That's just what they will do in this game as well. If
you kill someone or knock someone out, you had better make sure that you hide
the body in an obscure and suitable place. Preferably, in the shadows or behind
a door in a vacant room. If a guard on patrol encounters an unconscious comrade,
that guard will wake him up (which happens to be the only way an unconscious
guard can be revived); if he finds a dead comrade he'll either a) sound and
alarm or b) search the area thoroughly.

                              Annoying Dimwit
Many times you will encounter a stationary guard who is in your way, plain and
simple, whom you cannot get around. Like in No One Lives Forever 2, you can
interact with objects and use them to cause distractions. For example, in
T'Bilis you find a pair of hostiles standing around, and there is no path around
them. What do you do? You grab a bottle and throw it somewhere. One guard goes
to inspect; while he's doing this you approach the other and grab him. Thus you
get by! There are other ways to make distractions as well, such as running for a
brief period or shooting your gun, or using something in your inventory. Make
the best of what you have.

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                        [I.4]  Tools o' the Trade

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

Sam has a lot of equipment. This section will show you what he's got (oh shut up
you perverts).

                         SC-20K and its Supplements
The SC-20k (pronounced "Ess see twenty thousand") is an extremely useful assault
rifle. Lethal force is imminent when using its main functions, such as fire and
zoom. It can be modified to shoot automatically or one bullet at a time. It
comes with a range of assortments that are tremendously helpful for Sam in the
field. These include the Ring Airfoild Projectile, Sticky Camera, Sticky
Shocker, Smoke Grenade, and, perhaps the best, the Diversion Camera.
Gnaar Mok writes:

I just wanted to suggest that it might be interesting to add that the
weapon the SC-20K is based on is called the FN F2000, designed and
manufactured by FN (Fabrique Nationale, Herstal Belgium), also known for the
P90, FAL, and Minimi (used by the US Armed Forces as the M249 SAW).

                          Ring Airfoil Projectile
This circular weapon is designed to incapacitate rather than kill. When someone
is struck by this anywhere other than the head, they will become temporarily
dazed, letting Sam walkup and knock them out. If this hits the head, the target
will be KO'd immediately.

                               Sticky Camera
Used mainly for advanced scouting, Sam can shoot this anywhere and where it will
and it will stick to. When it lands, Sam get 'inside' the camera and look around
from the view of the camera. The sticky camera also has Night Vision or Thermal
Vision. It isn't very useful; I used it only twice on my two trips through the

Shane Withers writes:

I read that you said you only used sticky cameras twice. I used them
many times, but not for viewing. It's a bit tricky, but if you aim them
correctly it works just like the ring airfoil, knocking your target out.
Even better, you can simply go pick up the camera and use it again.
Essentially, you can have unlimited airfoil rings. Heh.

                              Sticky Shocker
Basically a ranged stun gun, only a bit more powerful. It will instantly knock
someone unconscious.

                               Smoke Grenade
Inconveniently, this must be fired with Sam's SC-20K rather than thrown. This is
inconvenient because the gun shoots it very fast; it is very difficult to use
this on enemies that aren't 50 feet away because it'll just roll to somewhere in
which you have no need for it to be. It releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) in large
amounts, which takes the place of oxygen in the blood stream; when this blood
reaches the brain it incapacitates the person for lack of oxygen.

                              Diversion Camera
This is the most valuable and prized possession of all Sam's arsenal. It
functions like the sticky camera, except it can "whistle" to nearby enemies,
causing them to inspect the disturbance. When they get near the camera, you can
release some CO2 gas that knocks them out within a few seconds of inhalation.
Use this whenever someone is in your way.

                                 SC Pistol
"SC Pistol"... *S*plinter *C*ell Pistol, perhaps? This is the basic tool of
assassins and operatives in the field. Although it is weak and inaccurate,
it is useful for disabling lights and for close-ranged combat. Because of its
recoil, you should only use this as one bullet at a time.
T-Dog writes:
A bit of info about the SC Pistol. It's actually a FN Five Seven pistol made
by the same company who made the FN F2000, Fabrique Nationale. You can tell
because it has a 20 round clip, same as the FN Five Seven, uses a 5.7 caliber
round, made for penetrating armor easily, which is the same as the FN Five
Seven.(Also where it gets it's name.)
                                 Lock Pick
Another handy-dandy tool for spys, the lock pick functions to...unlock doors.
Bet you didn't know that! Approach a locked door and take out your lock pick.
Press "Fire" to use it and bring up a picture of the doors lock mechanism. You
must release as many pins as the lock requires. To do this, press W, S, A or D
until you see a pin moving; when this happens, repeatedly press that button
until you open the pin. Some locks are stronger than others, so the amount of
pins required to unlock a door varies. The Training Mission will better go over
this for you.

                              Laser Microphone
This little honey picks up vibrations off certain surfaces and converts them to
audible sounds. Equip it and press "E" to take it out and point it in any
direction. When the square turns red, keep it there until the conversation ends.
If only Bond had one of these...

                                Camera Jammer
The camera jammer emits electromagnetic waves at a camera (more specifically,
microwaves), which stalls the cameras motion and blocks its vision. Point this
at a camera and press "fire" to have it jam the camera. Note that you must hold
the jammer in position for it to continue to jam a camera, and when it runs out
of batteries you've got to wait for them to recharge.

                                Optic Cable
The optic cable is slid through the bottom of doors to peek through it and see
what's on the other side. Since guards tend to stay away from doors this tool is
not very useful.

                              Disposable Pick
Wouldn't you like to have one of these disposable picks! No brains required!
Just stick it in a lock and it'll melt the lock away!

                           Fragmentation Grenade
Also just "Frag Grenade" for short. Frag grenades deliver lethal explosions in a
limited blast radius, and will shatter and destroy almost everything in the


                            Chapter Two: The Walkthrough


Since this guide is very long, and since each level is comprised of a lot of
directional text, I will divide the levels into subsections. These subsections
will be titled according to the things you must do in the particular section.
For example, when you enter the police building at the first level I title it
'Police Precinct.' Use your own judgment and search out the header that best
describes the section of the level you are on and need help with.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                          [W.1] T'Bilis Police Precinct

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                              The Burning Building
Notice I am *not* covering the Training missions, as other authors choose to do
*cough* worthless filler *cough*. Anyway, you will begin Sam's first field
mission (in some time, as he says) on a small lawn. Splinter Cell promptly
displays its graphical prowess with some excellent shadowing and dynamic
lighting. Finish your gawking (you know you are!) and tread across the lawn to
the patio. Jump onto the ladder and take it to the roof, where you'll find a
trap door. Lift it, enter and speed through the narrow crawlspace. At the end is
a pipe; ascend with it to another section of the roof, and Lambert will radio.

It appears the CIA contact is inside the burning building across the street. Use
the clothesline to get there, and Grimsdottir will speak up giving you
instructions. Follow them, but not too fast, because where she tells you to go
will explode. She revises her directions; follow them until you reach a

When you reach a fiery pit that impedes your progress, simply use the pipe
running across the ceiling to get by. Continue from here until you reach the
mortally wounded CIA contact. Talk to him, completing the objective and adding
another, this of finding Blaustein's black box. Exit the building where
Grimsdottir tells you to (it really isn't that difficult ;) to a balcony
overlooking the street.

                             Blaustein's Apartment
For now there aren't guards you need worry about. So, jump over to the balcony
adjacent to the one you are on (make sure you are running when you attempt
this). You will then overhear a cell phone conversation between thug and his
contact, in a garden area just in front of Blaustein's apartment. When he is
finished speaking, he will walk into a dark corner. Do not take him out;
shortly, another terrorist will emerge from the apartment.n Hide near the left
hand window until that guard emerges; he will engage in conversation with the
thug in the corner. Open the windowsill and silently proceed through the ravaged
apartment to the bathroom, where a medical kit will be hanging. Take it and use
it if necessary, and then head into the lightless back room. There is a painting
there; slide it open to find a computer. Use it to complete your objective. The
code to the back door will be added to your notes section on your OPSAT.

                              Walking the Streets
Exit the apartment to another balcony. Use the clothesline on the left to reach
the next building's roof. Open the trap door there and get down the elevator
shaft using the metal cord. This will take you to a basement, and Lambert will
reconcile his order not to touch the street. Go forth through the door to the
street, where you will find some police officers interrogating a drunk. The
intoxicated civilian will pass out presently.

By 'The Prodigal Son':

I thought you might like to know that there is a way to get past the guards
interrogating the drunk without being heard or seen at all.  You do this by
crouching down and going to the stairwell to the right.  Then jump up and grab
the ledge behind them (guards).  then shimmy right until you get past the corner
(I made sure the guard on the balcony wasn't watching) and are facing the
bushes...then raise up...crouch and go slow through the bushes...voila!  I'm
having such a hard time in this game (quite frankly I suck...) but I thought
that you might be a little curious and would want to know.

^^That is a good strategy to follow, so I deleted my own. Enter the alleyway to
find a patrolling police officer. Wait until he goes to the opposite end of the
street before entering the alley. Midway through, hide in the dark doorway
bordering the street, and wait for the police officer to return. When he passes
you, run up the wooden ramp into a new area. While you're doing this, pay close
attention to the building south of the wooden ramp; there's a civilian that
likes to play peek-a-boo with the windows, and we don't need any extra

As you enter the courtyard, the first thing you should notice is the armed man
in the building ahead of you, looking out from one of the windows. When his back
is to you, run past the fountain to the dark corner; there you should find a
ventilation shaft (???) hidden behind some hedges and bushes. Enter it and
you'll arrive at a small vacant office. Use the computer and pick up the mission
critical data stick. Before you leave, grab the medkits and ammo.

Back at the courtyard, proceed through the newly opened gates (they're opened
for a reason, mind you; a guard making his rounds decided to come in from the
area prior to the gate and circle the fountain). You will find another
troublesome civilian walking the late night street. Let him pass; don't bother
grabbing him, for he won't be in your way for long. As he leaves (don't shoot
out the lights; it will just draw attention) trail him to the corner. The
following road is patrolled by a single officer. Lay low until he heads down the
street; when he does, run to the building on the left and find the dark spot;
this should conceal you upon the officers return. When the guard passes, proceed
on to the end of the street where another thug will pass by. This one you cannot
avoid; he will soon stand directly in your way. You need to cause a distraction,
and fast. Preferably, shoot out the streetlamp. As he is inspecting it, grab
him. Of course, you could just put a slug in his head, but that's not the way we
like to do things, is it?

Chris J writes:

...I had butterfingers when I first played this level and I often got spotted.
A far safer way that I used was to climb on top of the fencing (or whatever u
call it) that covers alley and sneak across it until u reach the edge. You'll
see the guard directly below you…..all u have to do is jump on top him and
you'll knock him out.....then pop a cap in his unconscious body :)

                                The Police Station
From here on you will find no more obstacles. You should find the police
station; of course, they aren't exactly holding a welcome wagon. Jump onto the
dumpster on the left, then on that wall-jump into the precinct. A loading point
will commence. If you have the data stick I instructed you to retrieve, then go
the door and use the code, which, if I remember correctly, is 5929. Inside you
will find a series of cells on either of the walls, and a cop patrolling away
from you. He will return; before he does, wall-jump onto a cell, then press and
hold SHIFT to do a split jump. Stay in this position until the cop returns; when
he walks under you, lower the boom on him.

Enter the office. The computer there has a data stick. Exit and go down the
narrow, whitewashed halls to the lab. Make sure you are crouching and going slow
as you proceed, for there is someone there to interrogate. Grab the overweight
lab-rat and do so; he'll squeal like a pig and confess that Madison and
Blaustein are in the morgue, adjacent to this lab. Careful; there's a camera in
the morgue, (strange, a camera in a morgue. Maybe they were expecting Blaustein
to rise from the dead :P) so shoot it out before examining the bodies. Lambert
will give you a new objective, which is to find the morgue video archives. The
computer that contains this information is on the upper floor.

Exit the morgue and head down the hall, up the stairs to find the waiting room.
Listen in on the amusing interaction between the corrupt cop and civilian. When
the civilian returns to his seat, sneak around the dark outskirts of the room to
the door, which is behind the bench that the civilian is on. More stairs; ascend
them to the offices. The grunts at their desks won't hear you if you're quiet.
Continue to the second door on the right, and then sneak up on the guard in the
small room. Knock him out and use the computer to complete your objective.

Before exiting, of particular note is a dead prisoner in an interrogation room
near here. This confirms Lambert's accusations of the cops being "as crooked a
Virginia fence." Make a silent exit, or loud one if you prefer, to the double
doors in the waiting room. A car will pull up; mission complete.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                               [W.2] Georgian Embassy

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                   The Parking Lot
After your radio conversation ends, rappel the side of the building and enter
the first window you see by jumping into it.

T-Dog writes:

On the Georgian Embassy part of your walkthrough, there is another way to go
about the beginning. Instead of repelling down, you can look off the roof, and
you'll see a balcony on the right of the rappelling pipe. Jump down there, then
on left of the door(Which cannot be opened), you'll see a pipe. Jump on the
railing, jump onto the pipe, slide down near the bottom, jump off, you should
automatically grab the railing of the balcony. Get up, go to the door, open the
door to trigger the guard to come into the room. Go back out on the balcany,
wait there until the guard has came from the bookshelf and sits down. Grab him,
drag him to the open window, and knock'em out.

Shortly after you enter the room, a patrolman will enter. Keep to the shadows
and wait for him to go among the bookshelfs; sneak by him then to the door. The
camera should not spot you. Open the door quickly and step into the hall (make
sure the guard in the hall is NOT looking in your direction before you emerge;
hide behind the door and peak around it to ascertain this critical information).
The door you need to enter is conveniently located in the midst of the darkest
section of the hall. Inside, and up the stairs, you'll find a medkit. On the
lower landings, you will find cameras: take them out with a bullet; don't worry
about the noise. At bottom, you will find the parking lot and a security camera.
Don't shoot it out. Instead, scan the roof and find a pipe; grab onto it and
start clamoring across the lot. Why are you doing this? Well, for some reason
ANY movement you make on the concrete will alert the guard on the upper floor
(...). Therefore, in order for you to get silently across the lot you must use
the pipe.

On the other side of the parking facility, another camera awaits. Stick to the
shadows on the left and round the corner; Gringko's driver is taking a piss in
the corner. Catch him with his zipper down and interrogate him. After, knock him

                               Want Some Spit With That?
Head back up the stairs to the dark hallway. There should only be one guard
there now, and he'll have his back to you. Need I say more? After he's taken
care of, enter the door on the right. Open the door and DON'T MOVE! Stand in the
doorway and look up to find a smartly placed camera. Knock it off and continue
to the outside balcony.

Use the drainpipe to shimmy over to the open window. You will land in a kitchen.
Wait a bit and a guard will come in; listen (and watch) their humorous
conversation. After, approach the cook nearest the door; put an elbow in him
then QUICKLY take out the other cook. They would have set off an alarm, a big
no-no, whose switch is right next to the door. Hide their bodies in the freezer;
leave the lights off (*NOT* the kitchen light, *just* the freezer light).
By Marcos Previtali aka Abrojo:

On the cooks you mentioned that you kill them, since you almost never kill
anyone, I just wanted to mention that you can go through the door without them
noticing it (since I tried to kill them at first and couldn't avoid the second
cook from triggering the alarm).

Chris Matei presents his alternate strategy:

On a cabinet fairly close to you, there are some bottles. Quietly grab a
bottle and toss it into the freezer room. The cooks will run and see what
caused the noise. As they go to check it out, crouch and move quickly across
the room. You might want to use the table as cover, just in case. I never
waited around to find out, but I assume the cooks will come back once they
investigate, so open the door fast, and get outta there!

Once you reach the cafeteria via any of the aforementioned strategies, swiftly
get behind the serving table on the right. This is because a guard will come in
and turn on the lights and the area behind the serving table is the only place
where you may remain concealed. As the troublesome sentinel leaves, slowly make
your way out the opened door. Wait for a guard to pass the doorway on his way
towards the right, then dash outside and to the space on the left, which is
completely dark. Hop up over the rail, and then silently drop to the next level.
Do the same here until you reach the bottom.

                                  The Retinal Scanner
From the bottom, grab the guy near the computer and hide his body. Use the
computer to trigger a radio from Lambert. A Colonel is on his way down to the
computer you're at; hide in the darkness until he arrives. Grab him from his
seat and drag him to the retinal scanner. Force him to use it, thus not only
opening the door but deactivating the laser grid in the courtyard. Spiffy. Shoot
out the camera and head through the doors.


Note that you may experience an alarm upon touching the door to the courtyard;
this is because you didn't hide a body well enough. It doesn't even matter if no
one in the whole level is conscious; the game runs an automatic sweep at this
point to determine how well you've hidden your victims, and if they are not in a
place where the visibility is near zero, the alarm will automatically sound. I'm
only writing this because I don't want to answer your email regarding it.

                                    The Courtyard
At this point, a cutscene will show some guys in an ascending elevator. Equip
the microphone, then press 'E' to activate it. Approach the elevator and point
the mic at the two men conversing inside the elevator. Get closer to them until
the square turns red. Hold it there until Lambert radios you informing of your
know how to do it; if it doesn't work for you, I'm sorry but I CAN'T help! ANY

                            Nikoladze's Private Office
After you finish tapping the talk, get hidden because four thugs will emerge
from the main building and start patrol. You don't need to take out any of them;
instead, get across the walkway to the lattice under some large bay windows.
Notice one of them is open. Climb the lattice into the open window. The game
will now load.

Regarding the guards that emerge from the main building after you tap the
conversation, Justin R Bailey writes:

I tried several ways to get past this part.  The most effective
technique for me was to immediately duck to the right of the elevator.
There isn't any cover, but just crouch about 3 feet to the right of the
doors, where its dark.  One guard walks out to the far end, and one will
walk right by you, look real gay and then walk away.  You are so much
closer to the elevator this way, and its faster.

After the autosave, cutscene will draw your attention to the elevator, which is
slowly descending to this level. Hide in the dark closet next to it and wait
until two military guards leave the elevator. When they pass your hiding spot,
run into the elevator they just left, thus avoiding confrontation.

Chris J writes:

I have one more strategy people may have fun trying.. There is a hallway light
immediately above you at the start of this area/scene. It is in front of the
elevator and hangs just low enough for Sam to climb on top of. So double jump
off the wall (the one below the window you entered through) and aim for the
light. Sam will grab and climb on top of it. Wait for both guards to turn their
back, hang from it, do a silent jump, and creep into the elevator.

Take the elevator up. When you get off, it will magically be daytime, evidenced
by the light shining through the windows (what the hell...? SOMEBODY screwed up
_big time_ over at UbiSoft). Take out the camera near the soda machine, and then
head to the door opposite the camera. You need a guard to open the glass door,
which you don't have the code for [and never will].


Jerry Sun writes:

After much experimenting, I found out that the code for the keypad is "59259".


By Christian Zuercher

There is a better way to get past the glass security doors.  Rather than waiting
for a guard and shooting him to get through (or if you tried this and the door
shut automatically), you can pick the lock on the door next to the elevator.  Go
in, stand on the table with the computer and lift yourself into the air duct in
the ceiling.  The air ducts take you past the security doors.

Once you breach the hallway, enter the first door on the left. Climb the prongs
to a trap door to the roof.

The only way to get into Nikoladze's office is by rappelling the side of the
building and smashing through his office glass. Unfortunately, a guard inhabits
the room, so you're going to have to be quick with this. You should probably put
a bullet in his head while you're outside, but if for some reason you don't want
to kill him things may get messy. On his body is a frag grenade, which will
prove to be invaluable for the upcoming events. Use Nikoladze's computer and
Lambert will radio in. After, you'll intercept communications between Grinko and
his grunts, about to blow open the door and turn Sam into Swiss cheese.

By Tom Lowe:

Congratulations on making a great walkthrough. Niceties over with: In
Nikoladze's office, you say that you need to kill the guards that go in to
attack you. There is a much more straightforward way to get through this: hang
from the window through which you entered. Just hang until the guards go. Well
that's my addition to the gaming world over and done with, goodbye.

There is no longer a need for stealth; only speed. Run out of the office and
down the stairs through the door on the left. You'll intercept communications
intended for the guards; you now know they are fast approaching. Get down the
stairs to a sub-roof. There is an elevator shaft in the corner; run to it and
jump onto the pipe attached to one of its walls. Slide down to the parking lot,
where an extraction team will be waiting.

KH writes:

Excellent walkthrough for Splinter Cell.  There is an alternate way of
descending the elevator shaft at the end of the Georgian Embassy mission.
Instead of sliding down the pipe, you can carefully walk off of the edge and
grab on.  Press down and you will grab onto the ledge below, completing the
same type of maneuver that Jet Li performs in "Cradle 2 the Grave".  Continue
until you reach the bottom of the shaft.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                            [W.3] Azerbaijan Oil Rig

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                     The Pipes
I dislike this level. One reason is because it's far too small and short for an
oil rig; the other is that stealth is not employed here at all, except for a few
short sections. But, my opinions aside, let's get to it. You'll start out about
a mile from the actual rig, on a complex of pipes extending across the water
(which unfortunately isn't pixel shaded...). After the briefing from Lambert,
climb up the ladder and follow the pipes until you are blocked by barbed wire.
Get around it by climbing onto the pipe stretching over it. The next barrier
will be a large block, and I'm uncertain as to what it does. No matter, simply
shimmy around the side of it.

A radio interception will reveal that a guard is "proceeding to blow the
bridge." You don't have to hurry, he will blow it up no matter what and it
doesn't matter what position you're in, because it only blows you when you are
not on it. Grab hold of the rope and slide across it, at which point you'll view
the explosion. It appears that blowing the bridge worked against the guard; upon
further exploration, you will discover a severed oil pipe that may be used for
infiltration. Thankfully, you won't have to crawl all the way through it,
because a loading point will intervene after a short crawl.

                        Trailing the Technician (stealth)
Climb up the ladder and open the trap door. If you haven't already noticed, it
isn't completely dark out yet, so you're still a bit visible. You cannot meet
the technician or his bodyguards yet, so be quiet as you execute the following
directions. Climb either of the ladders to a catwalk above. At a right angle on
one end of the catwalk, a pipe can be found expanding over the catwalk the
technician is walking on. Use that pipe, but don't drop from it until the
technician's entourage is well away from you. There should be a leftover guard
standing below; you can either drop on him or put a bullet in him; I'll leave
that up to you.

Quietly pursue the aforementioned personage. Midway in your tracking you will
learn of American air strikes being taken out on the rig, and ground forces
being deployed, although you will never actually see any. Up the flight of metal
stairs, proceed through the intersection at the left, killing the commando.
Round the two corners (watch out for stray mercenaries), and listen for a
conversation between the technician and his escorts. Don't get near them; stay
on the outside of where they are, because the WILL come back towards you. Wait
for them to pass, follow them to the now-locked door they passed into. Lambert
will revise his orders; you now need to get the technicians brief case using
"any force necessary."

                        Trailing the Technician (force)
Since the door is locked, go around. A fire will ignite, and the sprinklers
won't work; roll through the fire and grab onto the pipe on the ceiling that
heads into an office where the technician went. You will find one of his
bodyguards destroying his equipment. Quietly sneak by him to the room on the
right, which you'll have to pick to get through. Inside the anteroom, take
notice of the freak on the poster. Now that's one creepy German girl if I ever
saw one.

From Mike L Ching

Once Lambert gives the "Any force necessary" message, you don't need to follow
the technician too quickly. This is good since you can pick up three medkits
and some extra ammo on the way; One medkit is in the burning kitchen (where the
technnician and his entourage were supposed to go to but double back), just
remember to be crouched to avoid the flames. The next part, when you enter the
office where the bodyguards are trashing stuff (right after the cutscene), you
can actually sneak up beside the remaining guard and elbow his lights out (he's
too busy having fun wrecking stuff to notice you at first, but make it fast).
In this office you'll find two medkits on the left and a 5.7mm ammo box on the

Continue to follow your elusive prey. At one point you should be able to catch
up with him, who will be running back towards the boat he arrived here with
(only to discover it in a million pieces). Grab him and interrogate him about
'The Ark' or straight out shove some cordite into the guys head. Doesn't matter.
Pick up the briefcase and the mission will conclude.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                           [W.4] CIA Headquarters

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

It turns out that there is a mole within the CIA. Therefore, Lambert is sending
Sam in to give the agency an enema (hehe). You're not allowed to kill anybody,
which is understandable since nobody there is truly our enemy, except perhaps
the mole. Anyway, proceed to the other side of the street to the gated machine.
Climb over the fence where the barbed wire is missing and hop on top of the
generator. Hurry, you only have so much time before the generator restarts and
your way in is blocked off. Jump onto the flat step on which a light is
attached, then jump to the left hand vents. One the vents are openable. Slide it
open and proceed inside. If you miss the time limit, supposedly there is an
alternate way in.

By Sean Caughran

You mentioned that there was an alternate entrance to the CIA building, but that
you had not encountered it on your playthroughs.  To the right of the barbed
wire fenced in area that leads to the fan room there is a vertical pipe leading
up the wall to a small ledge with one of the ventilation fan covers removed.  If
you proceed through the open duct you will see a trapdoor, and will enter the
lobby of the building. This was actually how I got in the first time, as if you
proceed straight, rather than right, you will see it first.  It is approximately
even with the tail end of the van parked in front of the building.

Here are two distinct strategies regarding the aforementioned alternate-way-of-
entry, from Mike L Ching:

1. If you take the right side of the hall, there will be a door. Pick the lock,
then use the optic cable to spot inside. There's a camera on the wall and in
the opposite direction is the man in black (who you would normally find when
coming down the opposite set of stairs from the fan room). Sometimes there's
two men there, so be very wary. It's all about timing, so be quick about it,
then take out the man (or men) before entering the small office with the data
stick (and SC-20K gear). You can continue the same way from there. I personally
don't like using this route since I hate cameras, and without a pistol to take
them or the surrounding lights out, I'm not comfortable with them.

2. The other route I prefer, but I tend to whack more people this way. I sneak
up to the guard at the security desk (right before the metal detectors), then
slowly try to get behind him. This is a very slow process, since you can't
paste your back to the desk, and you have to make sure you move slowly and
close enough to it that the guard doesn't get wind of what you're doing. Move
slowly until you get behind him, then thwack him with an elbow. There's a door
leading to a room, and inside is another guard (remember to use the optic cable
first). Oserve his walking pattern, then enter and thwack him as well. Once
you're done with that, exit the door into the lobby (to your right), and you'll
be in the lobby behind the metal detectors. Go into the office room, pick up
the gear, and then head off in the direction of the elevator.

                                 The Elevator
Inside the building you will find a maintenance man walking back and forth. He
has no weapon; you can give him a good bruisin' that he'll be feeling in the
morning, or you can stick to the shadows and bypass him. I chose the latter over
the former, if you care to know. You will come across a camera as you progress
through the tunnel. It isn't hard to bypass, but it will take some speed and
timing. Once you reach the stairwell do not be quick to ascend it, because atop
a CIA operative should be, watching the stairs. Wait until his back is turned,
and know what to do.

Down the next set of stairs, you will find a man in a suit, an employee about to
talk to the front desk. Cut him off with a good smack in the back of the neck.
Afterward, enter the door the suit would have gone through (or maybe he did, but
this is depending on when you found him). You should arrive at a small office;
the computer contains a data stick, and out the door you will arrive in the
lobby near some metal detectors. Sneak through them to a large, spacious
anteroom. A man in the center is talking with someone on his cell phone. Once he
finishes talking, he'll walk to the elevator and disappear. Take out the guard
near the elevator; you should do this by grabbing the soda can on the bench near
him, and then throwing the can away from him for a distraction. Enter the
elevator and descend to the CIA's most active levels.

                             Retrieving the SC-20K
As you wander down the hall, an office boy should emerge from a room in front of
you. He will walk into another, adjacent room on the left. Enter the room he
originally emerged from to find a laptop; within its hard drive is the code to
the central server room (what a safe place to put it, LOL). Return to the hall
and view the sign; head to the way of "Security Section A," which is to the
left. There may be two people patrolling the halls; one is a guard and the other
a maintenance man, but don't worry; the halls are dark enough for them to pass
by not noticing you. The security office houses a guard talking to somebody
through glass. Listen in, and then take out that guard; he will be a pain in the
ass later if you don't take him out now.

Revisit the sign with various directions on it. This time take the route marked
"Server Room." Watch out for any patrolling CIA lackeys and proceed to find a
well-lit room, with a guard pacing about. Grab him and knock him out, because he
overlooks the server room and he will catch you when you enter it (or maybe
not...this is just a precaution). If there is a computer in here, use it, (I
can't remember exactly) and I believe the man had a satchel on him. Forgive my
forgetfulness, for I typed this up at 10:41 PM, if that's any excuse.  Enter the
room across. You SHOULD have the code for the door; check your notes (if you
don't have it, the code is 7687).

Quickly crouch down and move behind the cart on the left. Wait for a computer
programmer to approach you, then disappear in front of the cart. Silently make
your way to where he was standing, near some large servers. Stay there until he
approaches you; at that point, you can safely make a break for the door. Grab
the medkit, and then use the computer near the door to get the code for it (how

Inside, you will find a storage room with a bunch of shelfs. It is possible
here to execute a split jump, just so you know (I just realized this as I was
typing :P). Both men here are unarmed, but there is an alarm. It is best just to
stand in front of the alarm and knock off the guys who try to trip it. Up the
stairs next to the alarm you will find your SC-20K (I cannot believe that didn't
show up on my spellchecker).

                                  The Server Room
Leave the room to another dimly lit hall (I never realized how dark it was in
the CIA; you should all forgive them for 9/11: how can anyone work under such
conditions!). There is another CIA lackey chatting on his cell phone in the
lounge around the corner. Ignore him and slip by unnoticed.

Continue down the hall to find a bright entrance, which is the entrance to the
server room. There is, however, a problem: the entrance is THAT bright. There
are a pair of sentries patrolling the area and they will see you if you get too
close to it. The more problematic of the two is the one near the cubicles; the
other will stroll down the hall away from Fisher, while the one near the
cubicles will always have his eyes on you-know-where. There are two ways to deal
with him: we can use a Ring Airfoil Projectile, or we can sneak up behind and
grab him. I prefer the former; it's quieter, cleaner, and even if the ring
doesn't knock the guy out, it WILL put him in a daze for a few seconds, during
which you can put Sam's elbow in his face.

After you've taken care of the aforementioned guard, head into the server room.
Locked are both doors, but if you found the code, (2019) take the door on the
right. This will lead to a sub-division of the server room, which is dark and
vacant. Climb down the stairs slowly, for some bimbo will waltz in from the
opposite room like he owns the joint. Bop him over the head, and then sneak into
the server room itself to find a worker crouched and repairing something. I
presume you know how to handle this. After, use the supercomputer with the ten
zillion gigahertz to complete the objective.

                              Your Very First Turret
The mole is a guy named Tom Dougherty. We need to get to Dougherty's computer to
find concrete evidence before we apprehend the traitor. So, exit to the hall
before the server room. Sneak by the patrolling guard to a pair of metal
detectors, which happen to be placed in succession with one another, blocking
your progress, for you cannot pass through them without setting off an alarm.
However, notice the guard at his post; the window he looks out from looks just
big enough to climb through. Knock out the guard with a Ring Airfoil Projectile,
or use some sort of distraction.
akluis writes:
CIA building - at the metal detectors.  In the hallway on the way there
(between the bathrooms) are some cans. I find it quite easy to hide just
outside of the window, toss a can, reposition myself in the shadows on the
other side of the window, then punch the guard.  Alternatively, I have tossed
the can, crawled in the window and shut off the lights. The guard eventually
wanders in and you can punch him as he is about to turn on the lights to his
little office.

The foyer past the metal detectors is filled with locked doors and a pair of
cameras. The camera's are easy enough to get by, but remember to
move only when they are looking the other way. In addition, you're going to have
to get by them swiftly for a guard is fast approaching your position from the
stairs. The hallway you're to enter is vacant except for a copy room with some
ignorant and annoying office boy. Wait until his back is to you before advancing
further, for the fool will alert the guard in the foyer if he sees you.
akluis again:

Just past the metal detectors: Shoot the lights. You have just got the SC-20K
and 60 rounds of ammo, yet you aren't supposed to shoot anyone, so it's a great
time to practice the scope-hold breath trick and it is extremely easy to deal
with the incoming guard with the lights off.

Down the stairs across from the copy room is an armored camera and a locked
door. You have the code in your "Notes" section of your OPSAT; apparently,
either Grimsdottir or Lambert transmitted it to you without bothering to inform
you. Quickly punch in the code as the camera points in another direction.

AsherD writes:

In the CIA headquarters, when going towards the door at the bottom of the
stairs with the keypad and camera, I always go caught typing in the code.  So I
figured "What the hell, might as well shoot out the light."

Anyway, if you shoot out the single light, nobody will hear you and the camera
won't see you.  Just thought I'd let you know in case anybody's been whining
about it.

Through the door, you'll overhear a random CIA officer complaining to somebody
over his cell phone. Since he used so many fragments, I couldn't tell what the
hell he was talking about. Anyway, when he finishes, he'll approach the soda
machine; cut him off, if you know what I mean. Enter the adjacent firing range
to find LIVE turret. Fortunately, pointed in your direction it isn't. Hmm, I'm
starting to sound like Yoda. Grab the data stick from the computer to gain
valuable information regarding turrets, for reference in later missions. Pick
the lock on the door and proceed to the elevator; take it down to the final
section of the CIA Headquarters.

                              Evidence of Corruption
Enter the Media Room. It's very dark, like the rest of the building. Sneak
around behind the computer terminals to avoid the two guards. In the next room,
Tom Dougherty will leave his office; do not follow him. Instead, get inside his
office and use the computer there to complete the objective. Afterwards, leave
his office and break into the one next to it, office 509. The computers inside
contain data sticks. Leave to the main hallway. Notice there is a camera
overlooking a guard, who happens to be seated on a chair and doesn't look to be
moving any time soon. Attempting to sneak by these two wouldn't be the smartest
of ideas. Thus, enter the door on the left where a briefing is taking place.
It's a rather dark room, so you may easily sneak to the door. Outside, you'll
find Dougherty in the middle of the hall; shadow him to the door. Let him open
and close it. What's that? You do not have the code for the door. Well then, go
and get it in from the computer in the room next to the door.

From Mike L Ching:

I keep messing up trying to go through the briefing room, so I found an
alternate method. When trailing Tom Dougherty (I nickname him 'Doughboy" due to
his fat ass), I use the rifle to knock out the lights in the hall one by one,
using sniper mode. By the time you take out the third light, the guard will be
alerted. Pull back to the shadows (this is why I took out the lights
beforehand) and wait for him to approach. Use the Sticky Shocker or the Ring
Airfoil to knock him out, then drag him away. Snipe-shot the final light (the
one illuminating the camera area) will make it too dark for the camera to see
you, but will also alert Dougherty somewhat, so stay out of sight and observe
him. When he starts moving (and this is no real trouble since he walks so
slowly), follow him. First stay left (so that you don't cast a shadow from the
lights of the softdrink dispensers, then stick to the right side of the hallway
crouched to avoid the guards. In fact, I didn't need the door code, since I
simply followed Dougherty in quickly (i.e. before the door closes).

                                Bag him & Gag him
You should find Dougherty outside. Knock him over, and then shoot out the lights
here. Pick up Dougherty and walk him out to the roof, where a CIA officer is
patrolling. Put Tom down while you take care of the officer (unless you want to
try and get around him, which is quite a difficult thing to do because Dougherty
weighs a ton). Take Dougherty over to the door opposite of where you stand.
Lambert will radio in, giving you another objective. Lug the body through the
next door to a lower level, where some generators are making a whole bunch of
racket. There are two people here; one is maintenance and the other a CIA
patrolman. You have to take out both, if you want to get across the room heaving
the crooked bureaucrat on Sam's shoulder. Stand on top of any of the generators
and, when your victims get close enough, drop down and knock them out.

Drop Dougherty and leave him inside near the generators while you take care of
all the guards outside. Once you make it outside, you will discover another CIA
officer keeping watch. This one is a bit more difficult than the last, because
and it's raining; consequently, you make a lot more noise when walking. He will
pace back and forth, near the stair and away from it. Your best bet would be to
use your last Ring Airfoil Projectile (last that is, if you've been following
the walkthrough). This will momentarily stun him, so make the best of the
opportunity and hit him upside the head with Sam's fist.

Before we can advance any further with the body, we need to take out one more
guard, this one patrolling up and down the stairs and near a pair of dumpsters.
It is extremely difficult to trail this guy down the stairs; I recommend you hop
over the rail and drop into the dumpster when the guard is too far away to hear.
Make sure the dumpster you drop into is the one closest to the stairs; the other
is too well lit. Once you're on ground level, hide beneath the landing until the
officer comes back down, at which point he should be all too easy to take out.

The "CIA security dick" talking up your extraction team is just ahead. Listen to
their conversation if you want, then commence to disarming the official to
satisfy Lambert. Now, all you have left to do is head back up to Dougherty and
drag his body to the truck. Lay the body down near the truck's rear to initiate
the 'mission complete' sequence.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                           [W.5] Kalinatek Building

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                 Parking Complex
You start out in a parking complex adjacent to the Kalinatek building. You will
encounter five Russian mafiosos. Talk to the guy behind the gate, and then hide
behind the car in front of the white van. Two thugs will surface from the depths
of the building; stay behind the car because there are no shadows here to
conceal you. A guard will approach your hiding place; he will then turn his back
to you. That's your chance to grab him, so do so. The best course of action here
would be to alert your presence to the other mafioso, while holding hostage the
one in Sam's hands. Your human shield should discourage any violence, but you're
going to have to take the other out, so take out your pistol and start a
shooting (the human shield should deter most of the returning fire). Bop the guy
you're holding over the head once you're done with him (if he's still alive by

Grab the medical kit in the small office, and then proceed up the stairs. Four
members of the Russian Mafia await; two are standing behind the van, one in
front of the van who should be visible, and another patrolling off in the
distance. Quietly dispose of the one in front of the van. Pick up a bottle near
the tire, then throw it in any direction to get one of the two (currently
conversing) guards on the other side of the van to inspect. While one of them is
doing that, grab the other. The guard who's off chasing shadows should be easy
to take off now, or you can simply ignore him. There is an open window near the
van; get through it using the crates and jump onto the crate that is hanging
outside (this can be tricky; crouching while jumping is something Sam is not
accustomed to-this may take a few tries).

                          Glass Walls and Metal Detectors
Use the overhanging rope to get across the dreadfully deep gap. From the
scaffolding, jump onto the roof. You will find that you can rappel down the side
of the wall, thus breaking the fall.
T-Dog writes:

On the Kalinatek Buliding level, when you get to the repelling part, above the T
shaped glass walkway,
instead of shooting the glass, you can simply jump off the wall, and you're
momentum will break the glass
below you. This doesn't alert anyone, it puts you on the side where the
patrolling guard doesn't look, and
looks nifty.

Don't alert the two guards talking inside by attempting to shoot the glass (to
gain entry); you can't get into there yet anyway. Traverse the glass roofing to
the square room on the left, connecting the Kalinatek building to the parking
complex. Break the glass ceiling with a bullet to get on the inside. Once you
drop to the floor, run and hide behind a corner, because as you land a thug will
emerge from the Kalinatek building entrance. You cannot safely bypass this one;
he has a code you must have unless you want to set off an alarm. Knock him out
and get the satchel containing the data stick.

Mike L Ching:

I spent days trying to figure out how to get off the crane scaffolding (without
much luck, and Sam doing his impression of a flying pancake was beginning to
make me cry). I found another alternative, though. Climb the overhanging rope,
but don't go to the area where you zip-line. Climb, and then using your mouse,
try to make sure Sam is positioned above the glass ceiling of one building.
press jump to drop (and remember to press crouch before landing). Not only will
Sam NOT take any damage from the fall, the glass will not shatter here (impact-
resistant, maybe?). However, for the glass hallway, if you jump straight on top
of the glass it will break (thus, you don't really need to waste a bullet to
get in).

Enter the building from the glass doors. Avoid the metal detectors by going
through the room on the right, which is accessible only by using the code that
may be found on the guard outside. The next door will reveal a dark server room
with shattered glass all over the floor. So, crouch and move slowly towards the
ventilation shaft in the corner. Hop into it and move across the passage to the
other end. After intercepting a brief set of orders from some Russian scum, a
cutscene will show the brutes executing technicians. Hurry and turn off the
lights in here, because a guard is soon to enter. When he notices the lights
off, the first thing he'll do is make for the switch. Cut him off.

                                Disarming the Bomb
Get into the main hallway. Turn off the lights from the switch, then grab a soda
can from one of the various plundered offices. Watch out for the wall mine,
though (you should hear it beeping as you near it). Throw the can to attract
some attention. Grab the guard and do with him what you see fit, for there is
one more stationary sentry around the corner. When both are 'taken care of' get
on the elevator and take it down.

When you get out of the elevator shaft, you will hear the noise that indicates
that you're caught. But, you're actually not; the Russians are just destroying
some computer equipment in the next room. But they will come here after they're
done, so find a shadow and stick to it, since when they enter they'll also turn
on the lights. One of the terrorists will stand near the corner, the other in
front of a soda machine. Take out the one on the corner, or use him as a shield
as you kill the one near the soda machine.

Proceed down the hall to a room where a pair of technicians are cowering in a
corner. Look, but don't touch, because they aren't cowering in fear for no
reason: a pair of wall mines is in front of them. Return to the previous room
with the fire; hide in the shadows near the circular pillar, and wait for two
Russians to pass by. They will enter the hostage room and stand in front of the
doorway. How inconvenient! Take one of them hostage, shoot the other.
Alternatively, if you have a grenade or any other ranged device, use it.

From T-Dog

In the Opening the Fire Door part, in the last office in the hallway before the
infirmary, there is a techy who's
still alive. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to take him to the infirmary. You
can pick him up, place him
anywhere in the infirmary,(Best on the wall that's directly on your left when
you go in, so you can talk to him
and not get seen by the patroling guide) and he'll wake up. Talk to him again,
and he'll tell you Ivan is on the
fifth floor, then die. Useless, except that you get a little more playing time
out of the game, and the warm
feeling, knowing that you made his last minutes a bit better.

Once you're done taking care of the guards, SLOWLY approach the wall mines;
crouch and go as slow as possible. When you're within in reaching distance of
one of the bombs, enter the command "Disable Wall Mine" when the mines' light is
*GREEN*. If you press "Disable Wall Mine" while the mines' light is red, it will
explode. Disable the other mine in similar fashion. Talk to the frightened
hostages to learn that the Russians have planted a much larger bomb; they will
give you the code for the Archives room, which is where it is planted.

A timer will now start ticking, so run down the hall past the circular pillar.
It is a linear path from here, but you'll find quite a few Wall Mines; don't try
to disable each one; just run past them and ROLL to avoid the blast.  When you
reach the mission critical bomb, disable it. No trick to it.

                                 The Auditorium
Lambert and Grimsdottir now will give you a new objective, which is to turn on
the back-up power using the generator behind the auditorium. The auditorium is
right across from Archives. Sneak in there, and then disable the guy up in the
box seats. You MUST knock him out here because of what we're going to do. Hide
his body in the darkness near the Archives room. When you're finished, take the
leftmost stairs down to ground level (the rightmost has a guard on it). Crouch
and make your way behind the stage on the *right* side. No one will see you. In
this position, you're not on the correct side to use the stairs, but this
creates a unique advantage. Hang over the edge; a cutscene will commence,
indicating that you were spotted while heading to back stage area (this is
unavoidable). Climb back up, and the guys that are running up the stairs will
not see you.

From your position, stand upright, then RUN off the ledge and touch down near or
on the stairs. Either way; just make sure you make noise doing it. This should
alert the wary guard remaining inside the generator room to come and inspect.
Before he reaches your position, however, run inside and slide behind the
generator using the narrow space by the wall. You will become virtually
invisible, and the guard will pass by. Right when he passes, leave your narrow
hiding spot and dash quietly to the other side of the generator. Quickly flip
the switch (DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OFF THE DESK; doing so will alert the guards
when they return) and the guards will begin to return to their posts. Hide
behind the pillar blanketed in darkness. They should not see you if you press
Sam's back to the generator. When they're all back in their original positions,
you may exit the room safely. Pretty good strategy, is it not? This way you
allows you to avoid all conflict.

                             Opening the Fire Door
Return to the auditorium and run back up to the box seat where you [should have]
taken out the guard. There is now another one in his place; this one will walk
back and forth. You *must* knock this one out, for he has a code that is
required to advance the mission. Get it from his satchel, then use the code on
the door near the box seats.

Make your way up the stairs on the right to a lounge. Grab the can off the
table, and make your way across the catwalk to the dark corner. Make sure the
terrorists have their backs turned and aren't idly looking around while you do
his (they do that sometimes). Advance to the following dark corner. From here,
throw the can down the hall bordering the room with the two terrorists, and slap
Sam's back against the corner wall. One of the terrorists will inspect the
noise; first, he will look at the can's landing spot, and then he'll walk
towards you, examining the area he thinks is the source of the can. He SHOULD
walk right by the corner if you have Sam's back is pressed tightly against the
wall. When he passes, silently trot down the hall, and pride yourself on the
aversion of what could have been a nasty and un-stealth-like situation.

In the infirmary, you will find a pair of medkits hanging on the wall. Grab them
and wait for an outside sentry to come near. You should hear his footsteps. He
will walk to the doorstep of the infirmary, and then walk back, continuing his
repetitious patrol. As he walks away, grab him; I don't need to say what to do
with him, except to hide his body (preferably in the infirmary, since nobody
will enter there). As you continue to advance through the corridor, notice the
terrorist inside the glass room operating a laptop. That laptop controls the
fire door that currently impedes your progress. Take out the guard and use the

                               The Search for Ivan
Proceed through the opened fire door to a stairwell. Initially, the room behind
the door at the top of the landing will be dark; but a pair of guards will enter
and turn on the lights. Thus, as soon as you enter the room, break towards the
corner, right of the door, which will remain shadowy even with the lights on.
After the guards finish their talk, one of them will make for the "little boys
room" and the other will start his patrol. Wait and watch as the guard circles
the bar. He will stop inside of it and be still with his back turned against
you; that is your chance to either get past him, or (the safer method) take him
out. After your dealings with him, enter the men's restroom and find the other
guard taking a piss. Grab him, knock him out, then climb into the ventilation

You will find Ivan in the ladies restroom, where he attempted to hide (look
closely for a hidden metaphor regarding Ivan...). He was caught and is being
interrogated by a terrorist. Soon, the terrorist will give Ivan a classic
countdown to his death. What I did was, right when as the thug said "one" I put
a bullet in the back of his head. Nice and ironic, just the way I like it. Talk
to Ivan, and after a brief disagreement, he gives Sam the encryption key.
From T-Dog

When you find Ivan, if you kill him, or let the terrorist kill him, Lambert
rings and tells you the missions over,
but not without Sam saying a little funny remark.

                                   Dramatic Exit
Exit the restroom to the hall, which you'll find is vacant. Enter the lift and
ride it to the top floor. Lambert warned you that "you'll have to do some
cleaning" to get to extraction, and let me say he doesn't joke about that. The
floor is flooded with hostile Russians. Get off the elevator and blast the
lights around you. Some of the slime plaguing the building is at the other end
of the room, but they will neither see nor hear you destroying the lights.

Quietly sneak over to the left hand side of the room, after listening to the
sadistic conversation of the guards. Climb onto the plywood and jump over the
wall. Make sure you land silently, lest they hear you. Another way to handle the
situation is to get above the terrorists by climbing onto the stacked plywood,
and then you can throw a well-timed grenade into the middle of the circle the
terrorists form. You can do that IF you have a frag grenade (I got one in my
first time through the game, but not on my second time) but it is not necessary.

In Dramatic Exit, you can wipe all three guards at the begining out, with just a
few bullets. There are two
barrels next to the group, just shoot one of them a few times, and boom, no more

In the next section of the level, you'll find some stacked plywood and
scaffoldings. Shoot out the lights before going further, because a pair of
guards will patrol the vicinity once you set foot in the area. With the lights
out, you will be better able to hide when they appear. Although, when they do
arrive, one of them will utter, "What was that?" or something similar and return
to whence he came. It might be some kind of bug, since nothing happened, but I
am not sure. Well, that is one less guard to worry about! The other will return
as well after a short while, but cut him off; it is best to deal with hostiles
one at a time in one room at a time. Grab the ammo and supplies off the stack of
wood; proceed into the room where the guard thought he heard something. Grab him
from behind and knock him over the head.

The next area will be quite difficult; there will be a scripted firefight.
Meaning, it does not matter if you are behind a wall or in complete darkness,
the three thugs ahead will start shooting at you.
From T-Dog

I just found out how to stop the first scripted firefight in Dramatic Exit.

Run straight into the room where the gunfight is, then run and crouch behind the
small stack of concrete,
next to the portable toilet. Instead of signaling the two other guards like
normal, the russian will do the "What
was that" action, and walk over to you, and won't trigger his buddies! You can
either shoot him, or knock him
out from there. The two guards that usually come from the hallway act like
normal guards, except don't move
anywhere. Just take the ladder up, and go around like normal to the second
firefight. Unfortulently, I have
yet to find a way around the second one, but I'm trying!

This is very annoying, especially since this is supposed to be a game where you
don't have to kill anyone (although, in a later mission, you'll be _required_ to
kill someone anyway...). So, use cover and shoot back. Conclude the firefight
with a bang (haha), or with the silent whiz of a snipers bullet. Climb the
ladder to reach a room with a medkit, then continue to the next mandatory gun
fight. You should have many frag grenades by now; use some of them to clean out
the place. Once morbid silence overcomes the loud thumping of gunpowder, head up
to the left side of the room to the only door.

You can continue to follow the linear path until you come to the second to final
part of the level that will require strategy. This is where you find the trio of
guards talking about "hoarding cigarettes." In the room before the hall, grab
the ammunition off the stack of wood and DO NOT shoot out the light. Enter the
hall and make a right to another room with stacks of wood and a medkit hanging
near the doorway. Shoot out both lights in here, and then stick near the doorway
and wait for a guard to enter on his patrol. Of course, he'll be alerted, but in
here it is pitch black so grab him and knock him unconscious. Since another
Russian might enter the room, hide the body.

In the next room bordering the hallway, go to the doorway, where another Russian
has his back to you. Waste him and head into the dark, unfinished section of the
level. No construction is taking place, and it appears the Russians are
discouraging any such action with the pair of wall mines covertly placed around
the area. There is one patrolman here on other end of the room; when he nears
the wallmine, which is placed on a pillar near the doorway, snipe the wall mine.
This'll take care of the guard with a pleasant explosion.

In the next room, you'll find a box of ammo you cannot pick up. It is a bug, and
I think they fixed it on the patched version, but I'm not sure. Continue to the
last sector of the roof. Try not to make too much of a clamor as you head up the
stairs. At the landing, shoot out the lights near the pipes. This will attract
attention. Hide in the dark until the guard comes, and then take him out. Head
out onto the catwalk. There is sentry who will periodically near some barrels
next to his comrade. When both are together near the barrels, shoot the barrels
a few times and enjoy the light show :)

Climb down the ladder and a cutscene will show Sam's friend (ARGH I cannot
remember his name...Vincent? Louis? Bleh) mortally shot. Go on out up the
scaffoldings and slaughter the terrorists in revenge. Your helicopter waits on
the roof.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                [W.6] Chinese Embassy

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                 Walking the Streets
You will begin this level in a briefing with Lambert. Talk to the hotty facing
Sam (oh yes, we DEFINITLEY do not mind working with a woman, do we Sam?). Once
your ordeals with the woman are over, head into the alley and wall-jump over the
barrier. The first Chinese militant you will encounter is blocking your progress
with his back turned. You can grab any of the various bottles and throw them in
an inconspicuous area, or you can handle him my way by walking up to him and
hitting him with Sam's elbow. Drag the body into the shadows before you attempt
to get around the other Chinese guard, who is patrolling up and down the street.
He is a cinch to avoid; run along the right side of the street, behind the carts
and other such junk.

When you come to a shack with a burning barrel inside of it, climb up the ladder
in the corner. The slummy-ness of these houses and tenements is distinct for
this third-world country. Make your way to a series of scaffoldings; at the end
of which there is a rope, which stretches at a downward angle across the street.
Grab hold of it and glide to a landing near a window. It is bright there;
consider shooting out the light. The noise should not be heard in the street
below, but you never can know for sure.

Mike L Ching:

There is a much easier way to deal with the trio of guards near the
scaffoldings. Instead of jumping across to the rope, jump to the nearest tent
roof (which should be just below the last end of the scaffolding). Remember to
crouch and remain quiet. When the middle guard walks underneath, drop down to
conk him out. This is in the shadowy part of the area, so it'll be easy. Hide
the body if you have to (IMHO not needed since it's dark enough and the other
guards won't pass this way), then head over to deal with the far guard any way
you please. Since the middle guard is out cold, you don't need to worry too
much about your timing with the other guards.

Shimmy across the side of the landing to a ladder. Slide down to street level
and immediately hide behind the dumpster. A guard [probably] will come near your
place of concealment; I would recommend you to let him go, because he is not a
problem we need concern ourselves with as we aren't heading in that direction.
Pick up the bottle, which should be lying around somewhere near the dumpster; as
the guard moves away from the dumpster, dash behind the rear of the car in the
street. Although most of the area behind the car is well lit, the spot
_directly_ behind the exhaust pipe should mask Sam completely (albeit
illogically, since it is bright there). From here, you should catch view of a
guard patrolling the area *in front* of the vehicle. When he comes near you,
throw the bottle towards the dumpster. This will distract him long enough for
you to slip across the bright street.

                                   The Sewers
Scurry across the street, out of the sight of the complacent Chinese military.
At the T-intersection, a pair of the armed communists will walk down the street,
flanking the middle like a pair of parallel rays. Let them pass, and then you
can cross the street to a manhole with steam coming up from it. Shoot out the
light next to it so you won't draw attention when you enter. In the sewers you
will find some Chinese soldiers sloshing around in the dirty water. Trail them
down the dark tunnels, but never get too close to them because on occasion one
of them will turn and head back for a few paces as if to see if he is being
followed. On your way following them you may find ladders heading up to the
street, but their grates are all closed. You need to find one that's open.

The soldiers will eventually cease their wandering at a brightly lit right
angle. Here you are going to have to pull each one away individually and 'put
their lights out.' You could also draw one away with a diversion camera, and
then take out the rest with a smoke grenade. Once you devise a way to get by the
troublesome guards, you will find a ladder leading up to the street. Take it up
to find a small alley watched by a pair of guards. One has his back against the
sewer entrance. Another guard is further down the alley, but he is steadily
approaching on his never-ending patrol. Make haste and climb up the
scaffoldings. Ascend using them to a vacant building. Use the pipe inside to
get to the roof, where the CIA informant awaits.

                             Approaching the Embassy
On the roof with the CIA informant, go over to the smokestack and use it to
rappel the building's wall. The game will load. When you land, yet another back
alley will greet you. Continue from here to round the corner and find a guard
patrolling the pitch-blackness. Let him go by, ignorant of Sam's presence and
malicious intentions. Run across the street to the scaffoldings. Climb the
ladder to the landing of one scaffolding, then jump onto the ladder attached to
the brick wall to get in a vacant building. This may be difficult, getting from
the ladder to the wooden platform next to it. Nevertheless all you must do is,
at the top of the ladder, jump while holding D.

Make your way through the vacant building to its balcony where you will find a
guard. You really didn't think you'd get it that easy, did you? There are a few
bottles inside; grab one and smash it to lure the guard from his post. While he
is away, run to the balcony and jump onto the above rope. Use it to get across
the street without being seen.

At the end of the rope, you should drop down onto the awning of some kind of
shop. Climb down from it and run into the alleyway on the left side of the
street to get a radio from Lambert. A Chinese militant will patrol the catwalk
overlooking the alley; let him climb down the ladder at the catwalks end and let
him walk into you. I am assuming you're not afraid to use a gun...? You should
see the truck pass by. Stick to the inviting shadows on the right side of the
street until you come to where the road makes a 90 degree angle. You must cross;
if you have your night vision goggles on, turn them off to see the narrow shadow
running from one corner of the street to the other. Use that shadow to get
across unseen.

                   Inside the Compound Surrounding the Embassy
Enter the open gate and wait out behind the guardhouse for the conversation
between the guard and driver to end. Note that some people (such as myself)
might experience a mission failed sequence after the conversation ends; if this
happens, just knock out the guard in the office and the truck will enter the
compound. I don't know if it is a bug or not, and it probably won't happen to
you (it didn't with my brother), but if it does happen make sure you READ THIS
FIRST before emailing me.

If you have happened to knock out the guard in the tollbooth, you should have
received a datastick with some invaluable information. It seems there is a guard
dog patrolling the grounds with his master, and the dog will sniff out your
scent straight to your position if you go anywhere near it (which is quite a
problem since there is no way around it). According to the datastick however,
you can elude the troublesome mongrel's nose by jumping into water, which
happens to be directly past where the guard dog patrols. So, make sure you don't
alert the human (although, you *will* alert the dog no matter what), run past
the two, and jump into the water and get under the bridge. You should shoot out
the there light as well, since dogs also have eyes. Once the mutt loses the
scent, he will return to his patrol and you may resume your espionage.

Strut across the dark garden until you are given a glimpse (via cutscene) of
Feirong picking up the phone in his upstairs room. Take out your mic and press
E, like you did back at the Georgian Embassy. Listen in on the telephone
dialogue. It will end, because Nikoladze on the other end is worried that their
conversation might be overheard (now how could that happen? :). SO, he will pull
out in his stretch limousine and use the car phone (which is
Lambert warns that if you are seen the mission is over (is that guy ungrateful
or what? After all Sam has done for him, one slip up and Lambert acts like an
ass!). You needn't try too hard not to be seen. Just stick to the shadows and
when the limo stops, zoom in with your mic to the rear door of the limo. Once
you finish, conclude the mission by getting across the pavement (use some
diversion camera's to avert the eyes of the enemy) to the wall; there you will
discover a pipe going up and over. Climb it to meet back up with Cohen.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                            [W.7] Muek Tsoe Boe Meats

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                   The Minefield
You will start Muek Tsoe Boe Meats with the intentions of rescuing some American
POWs (if you can call this scuttle with Nikoladze an actual war). You will begin
on the surrounding premises of the slaughterhouse. Climb over the fence where
the barbed wire ends. When the guards in the yard are farthest away from you,
run behind the barrels and the machinery on the left. There is a wheel; turn it
to drain some drainage ditches, which you can use to get by the heavily
patrolled area. The guards will remark about this, but they will dismiss it as a
mechanical failure. Drop down into the ditch and crouch while running across. At
the end of the trough, climb out of it (but only while the guards are near the
fence opposite of you). Quickly head through the door.

Grab the medkit on the wall, get the datastick from the computer, and then head
outside to a mine field. This part is incredibly difficult. There are two guard
towers looking over the field, one guard on the ground patrolling, and to top it
all off there are a pair of bulletproof searchlights scanning for intruders. To
view the position of the mines, turn on Sam's thermal goggles. The mines will
pulsate into the visible light spectrum at every half second. Needless to say,
you need to find away around the mines and past the penetrating gaze of the
searchlights. This could turn really ugly.

The first thing you should do is snipe the guards on the watchtowers. Now, in
case of an alarm (which WILL happen, because while you have your thermal goggles
on you cannot make out light patterns, thus can't avoid the searchlights) no one
will be able to throw frag grenades at you. Well, not quite on that last part;
there is one guard, inside a watchtower, who comes out only on the event of an
alarm; but at least he is only one man instead of three. I really don't care if
you don't want to kill anyone; the only other possible thing you could do to
take care of the hostiles is use diversion cameras. But, not only is that
wasteful because we definitely need to use them later, it's pretty sissy.
Anyway, there is pretty much only one route you can possibly take to get across
the minefield; after a few deaths, you will discover just what route I'm writing
of. You need to get to the farthest point on the right. The door with the light
over it, which you would think would allow access to the factory, is not
openable, and it has a mine in front of it, so watch out.

                                The Radio Antenna
When you finally do get across the minefield, you should be near a dumpster with
a ventilation shaft above it. Climb onto the dumpster, then wall jump into the
shaft. Take it to the roof, which is in a way a mine field in itself; the
roofing is made of thin metal sheets, which if stepped on make an awfully loud
noise even if you go as slow as possible.

We need to find a way across the roof without actually touching the surface. To
do this (FIRST, before you follow these directions, wait until the lights flash
out) run across the beams to the large sign on the right. Then, when you wait
for the lights to turn out again, run to a beam disconnected from the others,
but semi-connected by the same material the roofing is made of. Crouch slowly
across it to an overhanging pipe. Make like a monkey and use it to cross the

Climb over the gate to reach the platform on which the antenna is. Turn the
lever on the antenna to disable the outgoing signal. After a comical cutscene,
dash across the roof (noise is no longer a problem since they already know
you're here) and perch just behind the door. It will open in a second or two;
let the mercenary run by. Enter before it closes (it is locked from the outside
and we don't want to waste time picking it), and then run downstairs to get a
datastick (watch out for the wall mine near the barrel). Run back up and go
through the next door. A thug should come running at you; drop him on his ass,
continue to a locker room.

                                 The Locker Room
Jump onto the pipe running over the locker room. Use it until you get over the
wall, then drop down on the guy below who is either taking a piss or washing his
hands (falling on him will cause Sam to knock him out). Get into a stall or in a
dark corner, because some random soldier will come into the locker room and
retrieve a few things. Drop him if you want but make sure to grab the medkit on
the bench. In the outside hall, go into the room on the left and grab the guy
seated at his desk. Interrogate him, and he'll tell you the prisoners are in the
basement. Send him to dream land, head back outside and drop into the shaft near
the floor.

                                The Meat Freezers
Follow the shaft to a ladder. Climb it to an area above the ceiling. Slowly
cross it to an opening where you view a trio of mercenaries that is talking
among themselves. If you have a frag grenade, use it on them. Since you probably
don't, use a smoke grenade. They should not react in time to run away. If all
else fails, a singe diversion camera should do knock out the whole lot. After
you dispose of them, drop down to ground level.

Enter the meat freezer. The fog will be very dense, so wear the thermal goggles.
Remember; although the fog is dense enough for Sam to NOT see through, your
enemies on the other hand have superman x-ray vision and can see you a mile away
just because 'you are so well lit' :|. Smart, UbiSoft, smart. There should be
two guards in the following room; one is patrolling, as is the other. You can
avoid them easily, but the turret in the room is not so easily avoided. When you
enter the room (if at all possible when the guard nearest you is on the other
end of his patrol), hug the left hand wall as you move. Eventually you will be
blocked by a refrigerator. Hop over it to a small area behind the turret. Use
its computer to deactivate it.
R. Sutton writes:

[This is to] get by the second turret gun with no injury or shots fired. Right
before the plastic, hanging partition that separates the rooms, look up while
the infrared goggles are turned off. Above the door and continuing into the
next room is a pipe. (These pipes are all through the level. They are the same
pipes the racks of meat are hung from) Use the wall next to the door to jump up
and grab the pipe, then press the crouch key to hug the pipe with your feet.
Crawl into the room past the gun and the cooler underneath you, then drop down
and go disable the turret gun. From here, be quiet, and disable the enemy
troops in that room as normal.

The succeeding steamy meat room will contain another turret. This one is a bit
tougher to get by, primarily because it is right next to the door and you have
no flares. RUN by it (if you go fast enough it will deal you minimal damage).

Laurens Coox writes:

In level 7, 'The Meat Freezers', somewhere at the end you say that it's hard to
get past the last turret (then you'd also have to deal with the guard standing
somewhere near the turret), but if you jump onto a table in the previous room,
you can hang onto a pipe under the ceiling and get past the turret without
being hit.

Use some diversion cameras to get by the local patrols. Eventually you should
arrive at the end of the meat storage rooms. This will be evident because there
will be nowhere else to go. Use the shaft under the floor to proceed with the

                                  The Stables
At the end of the shaft, you will arrive at a small room with a medkit in the
corner, bulletproof glass on the right, and some stairs on the left heading down
to a sewer. Grab the medkit and then shoot out the lights. This will attract a
guard in the sewers. When he ascends the stairs, hop over the rail near where
the medkit was positioned. Drop down quietly and proceed to a switch on the
wall. Use it to slide open a passage; go through it to a loading point.

At the end, you will find a series of stables. The first of which is patrolled
by a single terrorist. He will be easy prey because his back will be turned in
your direction almost the full time he's in the stable. Grab the flare near the
shelfs and head out into the hall. Midway through the hall will be a flare;
pick it up. In the next stable there will be a turret; recall from the CIA level
how turrets are to be dealt with; throw a flare near them and they'll go wild,
shooting at the chemical reaction the flare creates. Do this and slip by to the
next stable.

This stable will house several turrets, and two terrorists standing in the hall.
Creep to the right; behind the haystack will be another flare. Afterwards turn
around to find a little passage going along the wall. Mantle onto it and crouch
through the space; take the space to the other end, which will be a little area
behind the two turrets. Use their controlling computers and click "Disable IFF."
Get back into your crawlspace and make a noise by shoot your gun; this will
attract the unsuspecting guards within the range of the now-hostile turret. The
turret will take care of them both :)

                                  The Hostages
In the next hall, a pair of terrorists will walk in. Quickly hide in one of the
depressions in the wall. Listen to their talk for a bit, then take out a frag
grenade and throw it at them. If you do not have a frag grenade, use one of your
Diversion Camera's. Continue to the final stable, where the hostages are being
held. A pair of turrets is guarding the hostages' prisons; however, if you walk
straight between the deadly duo they shouldn't see you. Deactivate completely
the turret on the right, then for the other click to clear "Disable IFF" but do
not deactivate it. Now, enter the room that the deactivated turret is facing (it
really did not matter which one you deactivated, although the room on the right
has a Chinese ambassador that will reveal more plot information). Speak with the
inhabitants; shortly after, Gringko's men will be down here making a ruckus.

Return to the stable turrets and activate the one you recently disengaged. Make
sure you disable its IFF. Grab the medkit and hide anywhere you wish; the
turrets will *probably* take care of the terrorists (who will ignore Sam and run
to execute the hostages). However, just to be safe, stand near the turrets and
slaughter anything that passes. When you finish with the first wave, Gringko
himself will appear. He is easily defeated; he'll mainly spend his time ducking
for cover. Once you kill him, the mission will end.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                      [W.8]  Return to the Chinese Embassy

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                                 The Restaurant
It appears that Feirong is a splinter faction, and does not represent the will
of China. Good, good; going to war with a country that houses more than 1
billion people is not my idea of fun. Also, Sam is no longer "on the leash" here
in China; he is fully authorized to use lethal force, which is always a nice
option to have.

At the start of the level you'll find Cohen facing you (she's funny actually; if
you throw a bottle at her, she'll die [seriously!] and Lambert will get on Sam's
case).  Enter the restaurant through the back door. It will take you to its
kitchen. Grab a bottle and make some noise to lure the cook away from the
stoves, and then conk him out. Climb the ladder in the corner (be careful here,
because a pair of rouge militants are inside eating) to the attic. Lambert will
then radio Sam and tell him that we can no longer rely on gathered intel to
bypass coded doors. Good to know >|

                     Computers, and the Fun of Shooting Them
Cross the boards and head into the house across the street. Though in disrepair,
it still is watched by a sentry. Ignore him and head out onto the balcony where
a rope stretches across the street to the next building. Use it and get to a
small ledge on which Sam can shimmy. Shimmy him around the side of the building
(DO NOT FALL) until you reach an opening in the guise of a ventilation shaft.
Drop through the hole there into the main building.

After you hear out Grimsdottir, head into the room on the left. You will hear
the sound of an operating turret, but you will not encounter it for some time.
Slide in between the wall and proceed to a lower level where some guards are
blowing computers to bits. Grab the single stationary mercenary; the others
won't notice. Take care of him, then take out your SC-20K and let loose a rain
of bullets on the guards shooting the computers; if you don't, they will destroy
Feirong's computer, which equals a mission failed screen.
Pinky writes:

In chapter 8, the section named "computers, and the fun in shooting them", if
you throw a frag grenade from down the narrow stretch right before the soldiers
shooting the computers, the grenade will take out 2 of the 3 soldiers, and
cause the third to be on alert for sam. I found this very nice cuz I no longer
have time constraint for killing them.

The computer that is mission critical is behind the door near the glass wall.
Use it to transmit its data to Grimsdottir.

                                Getting Outside
In the following hall and in an adjoining room will be a pair of medkits. From
there continue to a stair. Head up until you can no longer ascend because the
stairwell is destroyed. There will be a guard standing in the doorway. Grab him,
drag him to the darkness of the landing, and then incapacitate him. The other, a
roving sentry in a messy office, will be a bit trickier. You could take the easy
way, and use a Diversion Camera, which is the way I'd recommend. There is camera
in there as well, so do be careful.

Upon entering the next hall you should be aware that there is a pair of guards
snoozing in the room bordering the hall. So, be quiet and head to the room at
the end of the hall. Wait there for some guards to start talking, whom will walk
down the hall. They will enter the key-pad locked room. Wait for them to leave,
and then turn on your thermal goggles and use the keypad; you should be able to
see trace heat signatures on the buttons. Press the buttons that have the least
amount of heat on them, preceding the ones with the most amount of heat on them
(those ones were pressed most recently).

Do NOT rush into the foyer once the door opens; a turret and accompanying guard
lies right outside, to the right of the opened door. Instead, stand in the
doorway and jump onto the shelf above with flowerpots on it. Quietly make your
way to the other side of the shelf, at which point you'll notice that part of
the hand rail above you is missing. Jump up there; don't touch the turret
controls, but quickly jump onto the metal pipe above. Scurry across it to the
middle of the room, and a colonel will emerge from a door ahead of you. Do not
move yet. When the colonel opens the door for the guard 'who forgot something,'
drop down and knock out the guard below you and near the turret. You MUST take
him out because, if you continue to move across the rail, he WILL see you and
alert the colonel and inspire a big ugly mess.  Once you take him out, you can
safely proceed across the pipe to the area behind the colonel.

When you get behind the colonel, you are going to have to drop down. As you are
falling, quickly press 'C' to quietly land, otherwise the colonel will turn
around. Grab him and shove his face into the retinal scanner. This will, of
course, open the door. Inside you'll find a communist at a computer. Slip by him
to the windowsill; slide it open and jump outside.

                                 Outer Yard
Shoot out the lights in surrounding area. When you draw near the doorway, you
will find a guard patrolling back and forth. There is another guard to the left,
with his trusty dog. When the guard in front of you turns his back, make
for the water on the right. Hug the wall and proceed through the yard to the
door on the other end.

Through the door you'll find an alley in the back of a warehouse. Shoot out the
Light; this will alert the guard, but will also make the area pitch black so
he'll never see you. Sneak by him and enter the warehouse.

                             Bombing the Trucks
There should be a medkit in the locker room. Go through the door to find a
series of shelfs—this place appears to be a toy factory. Get through the
shelfs, by either going under them, through them or around them to the colonel,
whom across the room is punching in a code. Turn your thermal goggles on
and repeat what he punched in.

In the next room, you will find the colonel again, annoyingly standing in front
of a doorway. Grab him and put his lights out. Enter the storage room and slowly
creep past the guard standing around. Turn on your night
vision goggles to get a glimpse of a patrolling guard—get around him to the back
right corner of the area. There will be a camera, so shoot it out. This will
alert the guards; one will inspect the disturbance, but he should not be a
problem so long as you keep your back to the shelfs and do not make a sound.
After the guards resume their patrols, climb onto a nearby crate; from there
climb on top of the shelf. Get across the catwalk (as you cross, the guards will
probably be alerted; however, they cannot get to the catwalk you're on).

A cutscene will show the truck drivers filling up for their long drive. Noise is
not a problem now; however, time is of the essence. Run as fast as Sam will go
to the other end of the catwalk. From there, take out a few frag grenades and
throw them near the trucks. That should cause a large explosion and will destroy
both trucks.
Pinky writes:

In chapter 8, if you ran out of frag grenades, you can run around the corner
and snipe their fuel tanks through the slit.

                  He's Going to Kill Himself! Bummer.
Do not stop and listen to the praise from Lambert, rare as it is; a cutscene
will show
a pair of militants heading your way. Quickly open the hatch near the fence and
climb down the ladder. Proceed to follow the guard ahead of you, while staying
near the right hand wall. You should eventually come to a depression in the wall
where you can hide when the guard you're tailing turns around (which he will).
When he leaves,
continue down the tunnel and another guard will approach from ahead of you;
however, he will be cut short because of a transmission from Feirong's office,
which warns that Feirong is trying to kill himself. Follow this guy; he has two
codes we need.

Follow the guard to an elevator. Head up when the elevator returns, to and
through a pair of coded doors. You'll find Feirong in the last room, with a
bottle in his hand. After a conversation, he'll stand up, drunk, and start
shooting at you like he did the other guards that came in and tried to save him.
Run around back of him (he's really stoned, since he won't react to your swift
actions) and grab him. If you interrogate him, he'll refuse to operate
his computer. Well, after you're done interrogating him, bring him to the
computer and he'll type what Grimsdottir needs anyway. After, he'll fall to his
death of alcohol poisoning (which is my assumption; he might have already been

Leave the corpse of Feirong and continue through the next door. You'll find that
a fire has started; proceed to a stairwell where you'll find a glass window that
can be slid open. Use it to get to extraction.

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

                       [W.9] Georgian Presidential Palace

,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./ ,./,./,./

This is, in our version, is the final level of Splinter Cell, so enjoy it. You
start out on a cliff fifty feet below the presidential palace. Don't look down.
Wall-jump up to the first ledge. Hang from the edge of that little shelf and
drop. You'll catch hold of a small hand-hold. Continue dropping from hand-hold
to hand-hold to the bottom.
Use the pipe; when you reach the top, jump WHILE HOLDING 'D' to grab the shelf.
the narrow hand holds to the next ledge; note that you'll again have to hold D
to reach the land. Next, you'll be required to make a giant leap. This sure is
testing Sam's endurance and acrobatic skills. Make the leap while running. The
next ledge is something you'll have to shimmy to get around. When you reach the
pipe climbing up to the courtyard, scale it to the top.

                               Those Damn Dogs!
Watch out while you're climbing the pipe; there is a dog on the surface above
and it will hear or smell you if it's close to you. When the dog is on the other
end of there you are, climb up to the courtyard. These dogs are extremely
annoying, especially so since the only water here to break their trail is in a
well-lit spot and too far away. However, we can exploit a funny AI glitch.
Although, it's not so much of a glitch as it is AI stupidity; you can snipe the
dogs, and the guards probably won't notice. Even if they do, they will at most
become alert and begin to inspect the area. Since the area is enveloped in
darkness, so this should be simple. Get across the courtyard to the hedges.
From Steve:

Climb up from the pipe when the nearest guard and dog are at the far right of
the ledge. Move to the left and drop down to overhang the cliff again (so the
pipe is to your right). Shimmy all the way over to the left as far as the tower
in the left corner and wait. When the guard and dog return, wait for them to
set off to the right again before climbing up. Crouch and move to the right
until you can just see the guard in the tower above (just his head). SNIPE HIM.
Then drop back down to hanging over the cliff. Again, wait until the guards and
dogs are away from the area. Climb back up when it's safe and SNIPE the nearest
dog before dropping back down. Basically, the guards and remaining dog will
come over and make all sorts of fuss, but they can't get you while you are
hanging over the edge, no matter how close they are. They may even shoot at
you. When you hear them give up (They will use their dodgy Georgian accents to
tell you) and then they will return to their patrol. Climb back up when it's
safe and SNIPE the second dog, and then overhang the ledge again while the
guards fuss.

At this point, you can make a decision. With the dogs out of the way you can
sneak across to the hedges (You may wanna take out a couple of light sfirst,
but don't bother with the spotlights, you can't shoot them). If you're
vindictive like me, you can repeat the process on two more of the guards by
sniping and hanging, then make for the bushes.

OK, it's not strictly speaking pure stealth, but it got me out of a tight spot,
and don't you just love those head-shots. Enjoy

In the hedges, continue to a guard with his back to you. Grab him and kill him,
because he has a necessary code to get inside the main gate. Use it and enter
the code. Watch out for the mercenary on the other side of the fence, though.
Right passed the main gate, head to the left to find a grate near a door, where
the framerate will noticeably drop for some reason. Open it up to infiltrate the

                             The Gallery and Foyer
The desk on the right will have a medkit lying on it. Grab it and continue into
the gallery. Turn on your night vision goggles to view the trip wires around
here. Approach the door on the other end—this will trigger an instance where a
trio of
guards will emerge from the door that was once blocked off by tripwires. Since
this room is rather dark, you shouldn't have much trouble getting by. I'd
recommend you hide near the tripwires right of the door, wait until the coast is
clear, and then hurry through the double doors.

Keep your night vision on; with it, you will uncover some tripwires on the first
three steps of the stairs. Run and jump over them. There are also three
tripwires blocking your exit from the stairs, but you can climb over the
handrail on the right to get by them.

Pinky writes:

Also, to bypass those three lasers at the bottom of the stairs (for those who
can't time jumps to save their life , like me) you can jump onto the table
thingie at the bottom of the step, jump again to hang on to ledge, and shimmy
past the 3 lasers.

The foyer is a hard room to get by because it is so crowded and linear. First,
immediately after you enter, hide in the corner on the right and crouch. Wait
for the patrolling guard on the *above* walkway to turn his back, and then run
into the hall under that walkway, which is rather dark and is patrolled by a
single sentry. Softly tread the carpet to the other end. Hide in the dark area
near the stairs and wait for the guard patrolling the hall to return and walk
away from you. That is your chance to head up and overtake the guard, and get
the code for the door.

                             Nikoladze's Computer
The hallway you'll enter is one similar to the gallery, except there are no
tripwires and the guard presence is much heavier. The most troublesome type of
guard here is the Georgian Special Forces, in black, who patrol the hallway.
Follow the Special Forces down the corridor. When the Special Forces turn and
head back towards you, keep in mind that one usually is a little behind the
other; this means you can zig-zag your way through the middle of them to not be
seen. Because, if you simply stay in the middle of the hall, you *will* be seen.

Ultimately, you will reach a break in the hallway that heads left to a small
branching corridor. There is a camera on the ceiling; get by it using the Camera
Jammer. The door will be locked, but it is not well lit so you do not have to
make haste while picking the lock. Inside, turn on your night vision goggles to
spot trip wires. These ones, however, pulsate. While they are off, dash through
the space. The next set of trip wires requires Sam to jump over them while they
are off. Do so.

A guard will enter the office from the adjoining room. After his cell phone
conversation ends, he'll make for the light switch, which is near the door next
to the desk. Cut him off. After, peruse the computer to discover the identity of
the 'Ark.'

                      Trailing Nikoladze into the Vault
Return to the hall with the Georgian Special Forces. This time follow the
passage to its end, a pair of double doors. Go through them to find another
camera perched on the ceiling; again, use the camera Jammer to bypass it. In the
following, open corridor you will find some of Nikoladze's men, sprawled out,
dead. It seems that Cristavi is betraying Nikoladze, although, I do not know the
reason. It might be because Cristavi is 'copasetic with the CIA' as Lambert
said he is, but then again he might have other reasons.

Anyway, you will find the elevator to the library (which in turn leads to the
vault) heavily guarded by three members of Cristavi's personal guard. Two are
patrolling and the other is stationary. Make your way around the elevator to the
stationary sentry. Take him out from behind; if the other two see something,
drag your hostage across the room and wait out their alert period. Debilitate
the guard in Sam's hands, and then wait for the right moment to deploy any
remaining Diversion Cameras you have. If you have none, you are going to have to
resort to some kind of violence, because it is very difficult to tackle one of
these Special Forces from behind when they are moving like they are. Once you
incapacitate both sentries, descend with the elevator.

                               Inside the Vault
In the library, the soldiers will become alert, and there is no way to hide from
them: they've been issued night-vision headsets! Violence is the ONLY way
out of this one. Whip out your SC-20K, set it to automatic fire and bombs away.
When the fight is over, take the passage near the stairs into the basement,
where the vault and Nikoladze await. Go up to Nikoladze and grab him. After
interrogation, shove his head into the retinal scanner. At this point, Sam
will be caught!

Six or seven of Cristavi's Special Forces will overtake the two of you. Sam will
automatically let go of Nikoladze and put his hands up. DO NOT MOVE. After the
Georgians take Nikoladze away, the guards will interrogate Sam. They will give
him the dreaded countdown to death, but at "1" the lights will go out because of
a little help from Lambert. Use the outage to your advantage and knock out the
sentry that was interrogating Sam. Hide behind the crates and barrels, and then
take out your SC-20K and kill the remaining forces.

                            Assassinating Nikoladze
This is it; the final section of the game on the final. Return to the library
once you have done some cleaning. Enter the newly opened doors to a courtyard,
where you should immediately head to the left and climb up the pipe. Drop from
the top of it to the handrail, which you may climb over. Kill the approaching
guard and pick the locked door, where you will be in position to snipe
Nikoladze. You will barely be able to see the top of his head. Take the ammo if
you need it, equip the SC-20K, zoom in, hold your breath, and fire away. One
well-shot bullet will go through the glass, into the skull of the terrorist

Immediately take to the shadows near the door, for a guard will come in and look
for the sniper (a.k.a. YOU). Ignore him and head through the door he opened.
You'll arrive at a dinning room; head down the stairs and hide in the fist
shadow you arrive at on the right hand wall near the dining table. Press your
back against the wall and wait for the mercenaries to pass by. When they do, run
to the area to the left of the door. Climb onto the object there, and then jump
to the balcony overlooking the dining room. Break for the door down the steps to
end the game. Enjoy the final cutscene, which hints at a sequel, or maybe some
yet-to-be-released levels!

Thus concludes my 11th FAQ. I hope you enjoyed it!


                               Section Three: Outro


Yes, it is time to say goodbye. But before we part, let us go over a few more
      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                        [O.1] Contact Guidelines / Info

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―


You MAY contact me under any of these pretences:


You MAY ••NOT•• contact me for ANY of the following reasons:

• ANYTHING to do with the laser mic
• Contributions
• Technical problems
• Spam
• Hatemail
• Chainmail
• Any sort of complaining or whining

If you choose to violate any of these guidelines, consider yourself blacklisted.
Meaning, if or when you email me anything legitimate, I won't reply.

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                                 [O.2]  Credits

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

All the contributors, ordered by the date they sent their contribution to me,
starting with the earliest:

Sean Caughran      - Alternate way into the CIA HQ

Christian Zuercher - For an easier way into the hall prior to Nikoladze's

The Prodigal Son   - An easier way around some guards in 'Walking the Streets'
                     at the Police Precinct.
Tom Lowe           - Easier way out of Nikoladze's office

Abrojo             - Alternate way to handle the two troublesome cooks

Gnaar Mok          - Weapons information, specifically the SC-20K. And for
                     liking Morrowind :) Morrowind PWNZ!

Akluis             - Several hints in the CIA level

Pinky              - Various tips and tricks

Chris Matei        - Another way to handle the cooks

Justin R Bailey    - Strategy for handling the guards that come out after you
                     tap the conversation between the two men in the elevator,
                     Georgian Embassy level.

AsherD             - Good way to get by a camera, CIA Level.

T-Dog             - Several additions to the Georgian Embassy, and others.

Terry Norseworthy  - Tip regarding bottles that can be used to knock out

SwitchBlade        - Submitted how to door peek.

Mike L Ching       - Various

Shane Withers      - Tip regarding the sticky camear

Laurens Coox       - Way of getting by the last turret in the Meat Freezers

Steve              - Alternate way of dealing with the dogs at the presidential

Chris J            - Various

Jerry Sun          - Code for the door in Georgian Embassy.

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

                                   [O.3]  Legal

      ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______    ______
     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―     ―   ―

This document and everything in it is Copyright 2003 Paul 'black hole sun'
Lauria. NO part of this file may be reproduced or transcribed under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web
site outside of GameFAQs. You may NOT copy my format and put it in your own
guide for this or any other game. This guide may not be distributed
electronically or physically outside of the GameFAQs' web site until further
notice, and it may not be distributed otherwise at all without advanced written
permission. Any person who infringes upon these rules violates various copyright
laws and shall be punished to the full extent of the law. Let me reiterate once
more: this document and every thing in it is for private use *_only_*. Complying
with these rules assures that my wild pack of rabid llamas will not come to your
home and spit on you.

                          "You know the world's gone mad when
                             the best rapper is a white guy,
                             the best golfer is a black guy,
                          the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese,
                              the Swiss hold America's Cup,
                         France is accusing the USA of arrogance,
                         and the Germans don't want to go to war!"

                    END OF FAQ, DOCUMENT AND FILE. See you next time!


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