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 Spy Fox - Operation Ozone Walkthrough

Spy Fox - Operation Ozone Walkthrough

Version 1.4 6/20/06

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 | APD   |

Spy Fox: Operation Ozone Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2006

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Walkthrough
  003a. Saving Plato
  003b. Getting the Chicle
  003c. Getting the APD
  003d. Getting Secret Donut XY
  003e. Getting Prickly Pear Pizza
  003f. Getting Beauty Clay
  003g. Getting Freshwater Pearl
  003h. Defeating Poodles
004. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game "Spy Fox: Operation
Ozone". You can contact me at,
but make the subject blank if you do. 


Spy Fox: A super spy who works for Spy Corps.

Spy Corps Chief: The Chief gives Spy Fox a mission: stop
Poodles Galore.  He also gives Spy Fox a tea bag.

Poodles Galore: A half-crazy poodle whose ruthlessness has
taken her to the top of the cosmetics world.  However, she
is now trying to destroy the ozone layer in order to corner
the sunscreen market, which is going too far because it
could result in killing everyone on the planet.

Plato Pushpin: The world's leading scientist in cosmetic
rocketry.  He built the spaceship/aerosol can that Poodles
is using to endanger the planet.  In his defense, he's not
evil; he just worked for Poodles because she gives her
employees free soda.

Monkey Penny: She seems to be Spy Fox's leader.  Spy Fox
can contact her on his watch whenever he wants, and she
calls him whenever there is information he needs to know,
such as the location of another secret agent.

Professor Quack: A scientist who creates all of Spy Fox's
spy gadgets.

Roger Boar: An undercover agent who is Spy Fox's informant.
He is usually hiding.

Sport: The attendant at the bowling alley.

Pia Zadonut: She wants to be an actress, and she works at
the pizza shop or the donut shop (depends on which shop is
open across from the bowling alley).

Buzz the Cop: Buzz loves to eat donuts, so it's a good
thing that the donut shop is having free donut day.
Unfortunately, whenever Spy Fox orders a donut, Buzz steals
it and eats it.

Cookie the Cookie Scout: An extremely loud girl who is
selling cookies in order to get a tricked-out bike.

Bea Bear: A bear who apparently has been in all the Spy Fox
games.  She sells honey.

Bobby Llama: He used to bake donuts, but now he spends his
time meditating in the desert.

Agent Pins: A secret agent who is hiding in the desert,
disguised as a cactus.

Henrietta Havalina: A somewhat forceful woman who doesn't
allow anyone into her ranch unless they're a beekeeper,
even though there are no bees in her ranch and she's
already let Bobby Llama (who is NOT a beekeeper) in.

Flotilla: Owner of the import shop at the lake.  She is
quite strange, and deals in code sometimes.

Trudy Fruit: Trudy is a beaver who is studying gum in the

Stanley Ellington Seagull: A British explorer who is on
safari in the jungle, but doesn't seem to like it very

Wet Eddie: A frog who will loan you his scuba suit,
provided you have a pair of flippers.

Herman the Fisherman: A fisherman who can't hear spy Fox
unless Spy Fox has a megaphone.


003a-Saving Plato

The game starts off somewhere in the Scottish Highlands,
where Spy Fox, cleverly disguised as a bagpipe player, gets
past a guard and infiltrates an enemy's base.  Specifically,
he's in a bathroom.

Now all Spy Fox has to do is find his informant.  Monkey
Penny said the informant would be hidden right in front of
his face.  Spy Fox says this while looking in a mirror, so
check behind the mirror to find the informant: Roger Boar.

Roger Boar gives you some lipstick, even though it's not
your shade (Spy Fox is an "autumn").  There's a hidden
message in it, and Spy Fox needs to get it to headquarters
right away.  Roger also gives you a rocket-powered origami
skateboard to help you escape.

Move the mouse to the lower-left part of the screen to see
Spy Fox's pockets.  In the left pocket is all his spy gear,
so open the left pocket and look at the origami skateboard.
Click the three color-coded pieces of paper in the correct
order to get the skateboard working, then click on the exit
to the bathroom.  A thrilling chase ensues, but Spy Fox
manages to escape the bad guys easily.

At headquarters, the chief is worried about a giant aerosol
can which is attempting to destroy the ozone.  Oh no!  Spy
Fox shows up and reads the hidden message in the lipstick
container: "Please help me, signed, Plato Pushpin".

Plato Pushpin, as the chief says, is the world's best
expert on cosmetic rocketry, so he'd know how to stop the
giant aerosol can.  Plato was last seen working for Poodles
Galore, so Spy Fox is going to go to her cosmetic factory
to find him.

The first order of business, though, is to rendezvous with
Monkey Penny and Dr. Quack, who could help Spy Fox out
quite a bit.  Chief gives you a tea bag which has the
number you have to play to get to them.  Chief then sends
Spy Fox to the cosmetic factory area.

Go into the bowling alley, and approach the jukebox.  Look
at the tea bag in Spy Fox's pocket, and he reads the number
of the song that needs to be played.  Put that number in,
and the large bowling pin nearby is revealed to be a
rocket, which Spy Fox rides in to reach MOCOM: Spy Corp's
Mobile Command Center.

Inside MOCOM, Monkey Penny briefs you on the situation:
they're pretty sure that Poodles Galore has kidnapped Plato
Pushpin, because she doesn't want anyone to learn how to
stop the giant aerosol can.  Dr. Quack interrupts to tell
you that he's stocked the spy vending machine with a
plethora of useful gadgets.

You can see the various gadgets in the spy vending machine
by clicking left and right on the green buttons.  You can
get a gadget from the machine by pressing the blue button.
The various gadgets you can find in the machine are:

The Spy Rust Buster: Spray anything that's metal with this,
and it will rust before your eyes.

The Spy Toaster: Normal toasters shoot pieces of bread up,
but this one will shoot you up twenty feet whenever you use

The Spy Ear: It looks like a normal cup, but it allows you
to hear conversations behind glass.

The Spy Bowling Ball: Roll the bowling ball at a bowling
pin, and the bowling ball will capture the bowling pin
inside of it.  Useful if there's a message attached to the
bowling pin.

The Duck Blind: Put it on to render yourself invisible to
all ducks.

The Pearl Detector: Used to find a pearl in a bed of

The Canned Laughter: Toss the can to fill the room with the
sound of laughter.

The Spy Mint: Bite into it to create a glow-in-the-dark
light that works at all times, even underwater.

The Sticky Stun Bun: Throw it at a crowd, and everyone
within ten feet of the bun will become dazed, confused, and
sticky for weeks.

The Grappling Granny: A grappling hook disguised as a doll.
It only works on things made of wood, though.

Take the spy bowling ball from the vending machine, then go
back to the bowling alley, and head to the lower-left to
reach the lanes of the bowling alley.  Poodles Galore is
bowling with her two gorillas, Ace and Champ.

Take a look at the bowling pin they're using.  It's the
third ugliest bowling pin that Spy Fox has ever seen.
Wait, that's not a bowling pin at all! It's Plato Pushpin!
Well, it's a good thing that Spy Fox has the spy bowling
ball, so he can save Plato.  The only problem is getting
permission from Poodles to bowl in her lane.

Talk to Poodles.  She thinks you're the fourth member of
her bowling team.  She reprimands you for not having a
proper bowling shirt.  As Spy Fox says, "There's
something fishy going on here, and it's not my deodorant."

Leave the lanes.  If you look at the pro-shop in the lobby
of the bowling alley, you'll notice that there's a free
bowling shirt promotion going on.  How convenient!  Ask
Sport for a shirt (make sure it matches the shirts that
Poodles and her gorillas are wearing).

Now all you need is a patch.  Go to the patch machine, then
take the shirt out of Spy Fox's pocket and put it in the
machine.  Type in the name of the fourth player on Poodles'
bowling team (it's on the list of players above Poodles'
head) and press start to get the patch on the shirt, then
go back to the lanes.

Put the shirt on by taking it out of Spy Fox's pocket and
putting it on him.  Spy Fox notes: "Now this shirt is a
fashion statement, and it's saying, 'Hey, look at me, I'm a

Talk to Poodles and she'll let you bowl (if you made a
mistake, don't worry; you can exchange the bowling shirt
for another one, and you can redo the patch as many times
as you like).  Spy Fox cleverly gets her to agree to let
him go first.

Use the spy bowling ball on Plato Pushpin to save him.
Poodles gets mad and orders her gorillas to grab Spy Fox.
Spy Fox gets away and takes Plato to the safety of MOCOM.

Plato tells you that he knows how to stop Poodles Galore
and her aerosol can, mainly because he used to work for her
before she decided to use him as a bowling pin.  All you
have to do is toss the congeal pill in the aerosol can to
stop it from working.

"Sounds like a bitter pill to swallow," Spy Fox notes.
Plato says that he needs four things before he can create
the pill.  Two of them are the chicle and the APD.  The
other two change depending on the game.  Instructions on
how to get these four items are given in the next six
sections (each section covers a different item).

003b-Getting the Chicle

In order to get the chicle, you need to get the Grappling
Granny, Spy Rust Buster, and Spy Toaster from the vending
machine in MOCOM.  Then enter Spy Fox's car (outside of the
bowling alley) and head to the jungle.

There's a lot of quicksand in the area.  Spy Fox notes that
he has to go over the quicksand, not through it.  Take out
the Grappling Granny and use it on the overhead branch to
get across the quicksand.  Then head to the ancient pyramid
to the left.

Unfortunately, the pyramid has been closed by some of
Poodles' goons.  Trudy Fruit tells you that in order to get
in, you must get set the hieroglyph code correctly and use
the ancient amulet of chicle pichu on the keyhole.  You get
a talk balloon about the amulet.

Use the talk balloon on Trudy to learn that the amulet is
probably in the import shop.  Interesting.

Go right, then climb up the rope ladder.  From here, you
can see the top of the pyramid, which has the hieroglyph
code on it.  Go back to the front of the temple and light
up all the spots on the wall that were drawn in on the top
of the pyramid.  That takes care of the hieroglyph code.

Now to find the ancient amulet.  Go to the lake, where
there is an import shop.  Talk to Flotilla, the shopkeeper,
about the amulet, and she tells you a code phrase, which
Spy Fox is unfamiliar with.

Go outside.  Monkey Penny calls you on your spy watch to
say that Agent Pins is in the desert with a useful gadget.
Go to the desert and talk to Agent Pins, who is disguised
as a cactus.  She gives you a compact that is used to
decode code phrases.  How handy!

Go back to the import shop at the lake and use the compact
on Flotilla.  Select the code that Flotilla gave you to
find the counter-code.  Then click on the arrow in the
upper left to back away from the compact, and Spy Fox gives
Flotilla the proper response.  In return, Flotilla gives
Spy Fox the amulet.  She tells him to make sure it doesn't
fall into the wrong hands, and Spy Fox says, "Don't worry,
I'll carry it in my right hand."

Go back to the jungle and put the amulet in the keyhole to
open up the temple.  Inside you find some buzzsaws in the
way.  Now, if this was a Prince of Persia game, you could
simply run past them, but here you have to use the rust
buster on the blades to get rid of them.  After all, those
blades may be sharp, but Spy Fox has the edge.

Go into the next room, where there is a whole bunch of
chicle.  But...the gate is shut!  The rope to open the gate
is far overhead, so use the spy toaster on Spy Fox.
Remember kids, don't try this at home!

The spy toaster works and shoots Spy Fox twenty feet up in
the air so he can open the gate.  This opens the chicle,
and a trap, but Spy Fox escapes with the chicle.  Way to
go, Spy Fox!

003c-Getting the APD

In order to get the APD, you need to first get the Sticky
Stun Bun and the Spy Ear from the Spy Vending Machine at

As soon as Spy Fox leaves the bowling alley, Monkey Penny
calls Spy Fox on his watch to tell him that Roger Boar is
hiding in Poodles' factory.  

In the street, use Plato's access card (which he gave to
Spy Fox along with the list of the four things he needs) on
the slot where key cards go to open the gate.  Then head
through the gate to enter Poodles' factory.  Spy Fox covers
the two objectives here, which are to find Roger Boar and
to "borrow" Poodles' rocket to get the APD.

You can go through the door on the left, or you can head
straight left across what appears to be a broken vertical
escalator without rails (you see these sometimes at
airports).  Head straight left to reach the wig room, where
Roger Boar is cleverly disguised underneath a fetching wig.

Spy Fox pretends to be surprised by Roger's disguise ("You
had me wigged out for a second there," he says).  Roger
says he can tell you pretty much anything about Poodles'
factory; he's seen all the hairy deals that have been going

Head back right.  Click on the glass to hear the guards
talk. can't hear what they say clearly, so use
the Spy Ear on the glass to make things more clear.  It
turns out the guards are talking about the combination to
the safe containing the rocket ship key.  Spy Fox writes
the combination down.

Head left through the doors.  Hey, the door on the left
leads to the rocket ship!  Go through it.  Dang...Spy Fox
is nabbed by the hair-scanning security system.  Head down
the carpet behind Spy Fox to find a wig-making machine.
Hey...maybe you could make a wig to fool the hair-scanning
security system!

Go back to Roger, and talk to him about the hair that's
needed to get past the hair scanner (use the talk balloon
in Spy Fox's middle pocket).  Roger tells you what kind of
hair you need.  Go back to the wig machine and make the
appropriate wig, then use the wig on Spy Fox to get through
the hair scanner.

Spy Fox ends up in the rocket ship room, but it's full of
guards!  Use the sticky stun bun to get rid of the guards.

The safe is to the right of the rocket.  Enter the code
that Spy Fox got from the guards (you can look at the paper
that Spy Fox wrote the combination on) to open the safe and
get the keys.

Once you have the keys, use them on the rocket ship to
blast off into outer space!  "I'm sure Poodles will be mad
that I borrowed her rocket, but it's her own fault for
being evil!" Spy Fox says.

Once you're in outer space, click on the APD number at the
bottom of the can to have Spy Fox write it down on a CD.
All right!  You have the APD!  You can hang around in outer
space if you want, but there's not much to do except go
into the aerosol can and hear Spy Fox's plans for dealing
with Poodles: "I'm going to put a stop to Poodles'
pernicious power play permanently...then I'm going out for
pancakes."  Sounds like a good plan to me, Spy Fox!

003-Getting Secret Donut XY

You need canned laughter and grappling granny (if you
haven't already used it in the jungle) to get the secret
donut XY.

Go to the Donut Shop on the street (across from the bowling
alley).  Pia, the waitress, would like to make you a secret
donut XY, but the old cook, Bobby Llama, left his job
without leaving instructions for making a secret donut XY. 

Spy Fox gets a balloon so he can talk to people about the
recipe for the secret donut XY.  Use it on Pia or Buzz (the
police officer) to learn that Bobby Llama is in the desert.

Go to the desert with the spy car.  Go left to find the
prickly pear ranch (where Bobby Llama stays), but Henrietta
Havalina refuses to let any non-beekeepers in.  She could
probably be fooled with a beekeeper hat.

Go right twice to find Bea Bear at the bee farm (apiary).
She has a beekeeper hat, so borrow her hat and use it to
get past Henrietta.  Bobby Llama is sitting on a cactus
(ow!).  Use the talk balloon on him to get the recipe for
the secret donut XY.

Go back to the donut shop and give the recipe to Pia.  She
can't read it, though, because it's in code.  Cracking the
code is simple: each blank spot has a picture under it.
The first letter in the name of the picture goes into the
blank.  For example, "A" goes into all the spots above the
pictures of an ant.

Or, you could simply copy the recipe like this:

1 tbs YEAST
1 1/2 cup MILK
1 tsp SALT
1/4 cup WATER
3/4 cup SUGAR
1 tbs OIL
Secret Ingredient: Tapioca

Pia has everything except the tapioca, which you can find
in the jungle.  So I guess it's off to the jungle to find
tapioca!  Go to the jungle, and use the grappling granny on
the tree branch overhead to get across the quicksand, then
climb up the rope ladder.

Stanley Ellington Seagull is up here.  Talk to him about
the tapioca.  He complains about how he has nothing to eat
except tapioca.  "I'd give the Queen's Royal Jewels for a
(donut)!" Stanley says.  "Well, that sounds like a very
interesting trade," Spy Fox says, "but how about some
tapioca for the donut instead?"

Stanley agrees, so it's back to the donut shop to buy the
donut that Stanley wants.  That shouldn't cost much, seeing
as it's free donut day.  The problem, though, is that Buzz
eats whatever donut you order.

Use the canned laughter on the door to get rid of Buzz, and
order the donut again.  This time you get the donut.  Go
back to the jungle and give it to Stanley, then go back to
the donut shop and give the tapioca to Pia.  For all your
running around, you get the secret donut XY.  All right!

003-Getting Prickly Pear Pizza

You don't need any spy gadgets to get the prickly pear

Go to the street, where there is a pizza parlor across from
the bowling alley.  Order a prickly pear pizza from Pia,
the girl who's working there.  Unfortunately, it seems the
shop was burglarized by someone wearing pink cloth (I bet
it's Poodles), and now they have no prickly pears.

Spy Fox gets a talk balloon about the prickly pears.  Use
it on Pia to learn that they grow in the desert.  That's
good.  Get in the Spy Car and drive to the desert, then go

You're at the prickly pear ranch, but Henrietta Havalina
won't let you in unless you're a beekeeper.  Spy Fox can't
get past her even with the old invisible beekeeper hat
trick, so it looks like we'll have to find a real
beekeeper hat.

Go right twice to find Bea Bear at the bee farm (apiary).
She has a beekeeper hat, so borrow her hat and use it to
get past Henrietta.  Now grab a prickly pear and leave.

Henrietta's X-ray machine catches you, and she confiscates
your prickly pear.  Darn...if only there was a way to get
past her...

Hey!  Those boards on the river are getting past her!  What
if you put a prickly pear on a board and let it float down
the river?  That could work, but where would the prickly
pear end up?  Go down the road to the lower/right to find

The boards all end up on a waterfall, so that's where the
pear would go.  Well, that's no good for Spy Fox, because
"Spies like me don't go chasing waterfalls."  Turn the
circular crank to divert the water into the reservoir

Go back to the prickly pear ranch and pick a prickly pear,
then put it one on of the boards that's stuck against the
shore.  Then go to the reservoir, where the prickly pear is

Grab the prickly pear, then go back to the pizza shop on
the street.  Give the pear to Pia and she makes you the
prickly pear pizza.  All right!  That's one step closer to
finishing to congeal pill!  It's too bad that (once you
give the pizza to Plato) he only wanted it because he was
hungry, not because he needed it to make the congeal pill.

003-Getting Beauty Clay

You need the spy mint and the grappling granny (if you
haven't already used it) to get the beauty clay.

The beauty clay is found in the bottom of the lake, so go
to the lake.  Wet Eddie (the frog) has a nice scuba suit,
perfect for diving under the lake and getting beauty cream,
but it's missing flippers because Eddie doesn't need any,
because frog feet are shaped like flippers.  Spy Fox will
have to get some flippers of his own before Eddie will loan
him the suit.

Wait...didn't you see a pair of flippers in the bowling
alley?  Sure you did...go back to the bowling alley to find
a pair of flippers where bowling shoes should be.  Sport,
the attendant, says you can have the flippers if you return
the bowling shoes.

Go to the jungle, where the bowling shoes are on the
quicksand but not sinking for some reason.  Use the
grappling granny on the overhead branch, and click on the
bowling shoes to grab them in mid-swing.  Then take the
shoes back to Sport.  Even though the shoes are covered in
filth and quicksand, Sport takes them and gives you the

Go back to the lake and show the flippers to Eddie.  He
gives you the scuba suit.  Then head out to the mining rig,
put on the scuba suit, and dive underwater.

Darn, the gate to the mining area is shut!  There are three
dials on the lock, each one pointing a particular way.  Try
to remember the way they point, then go up to the top of
Poodles' mining rig.

There's a guard walking around.  When he is offscreen,
sneak to the area on the left that has three dials which
look exactly like the dials on the underwater lock.  Move
the dials so they face the same direction as the dials
underwater to open the gate.

There is a chart here that shows where all the different
kinds of clay are.  Locate where the specific clay you're
looking for is (check your piece of paper if you forgot
what kind of clay you're looking for) and remember where it

Go back underwater and through the now-open gate.  The area
is too dark to see, so use the spy mint to shed some light
on the situation.  Grab the clay from the correct location
(check the chart again if you forget), and then you have
the beauty clay.  All right!

003-Getting Freshwater Pearl

You need the duck blind and the spy pearl detector, and
perhaps the grappling granny (if you haven't used it yet)
to get the freshwater pearl.

Go to the lake, where the freshwater pearl farm is.  The
farm is too far away to swim to, so you'll have to catch a
ride from the fisherman.

The fisherman can't hear you (he's too far away), although
he can talk to you easily enough (he has a megaphone).
Looks like Spy Fox needs a megaphone, too.

Go to the street, where Cookie is selling cookies.  She has
a megaphone that she uses to yell at potential customers.
She only needs to sell three boxes before she can get a
free bike, so Spy Fox makes a deal with her: he'll sell the
three boxes for her, and she'll give him the megaphone.

Cookie gives you three boxes of cookies.  Only certain
characters will buy certain cookies, so you need to find
the right people to sell the cookies to.  Here's all the
various kinds of cookies and who buys them:

Coconut Curry Crunch (the cookies in the red box) get 
bought by Trudy Fruit who is in the jungle.  If you haven't
already, use the grappling granny to get across the
quicksand and you can find her in front of the ancient

Dill Pickle Drops (the cookies in the purple box) get
bought by Flotilla, who is inside the import shop at the

Honey Baked Beet Biscuits (the cookies in the green box)
get bought by Bea Bear, who is at the desert (just go right
once to find her).

Luscious Lemon Listies (the cookies in the orange box) get
bought by Sport, the attendant at the bowling alley on the

Nutty Nut Chews (the cookies in the blue box) get bought by
Bobby Llama at the prickly pear ranch.  To find him, go to
the desert, go right and get a beekeeper hat from Bea, then
go left twice, put on the hat, and go left again to reach
the ranch where Bobby is.

Once you sell all three boxes, go back to Cookie and give
her the money.  She runs off, leaving you the megaphone.
"Gee, kids are so cute," Spy Fox says.  "Loud, but cute."
Take the megaphone, then go to the lake and use it on Spy
Fox to talk to the fisherman.

The fisherman is Herman, and he takes you to the pearl
farm.  Climb up the ladder to the upper level of the farm
where there is a large bed of oysters (pearls are found
inside oysters).

There's a duck guard who is protecting the area.  Use the
duck blind on Spy Fox, which should render him invisible to
the guard.  That takes care of that malicious mallard!
Then take out the spy pearl detector and use it on the pile
of pearls.

Move the pearl detector around the oysters (it beeps faster
when you get closer to the pearl).  When you find the
pearl, click on it, and Spy Fox gets the pearl.  All right!
Nothing else to do here except catch a ride back to shore
with Herman.

003d-Defeating Poodles

Once you've gotten all four ingredients, head to MOCOM and
give them all to Plato Pushpin, who goes through the
difficult process of creating the congeal pill (all he does
is throw the items in the pill and shake the pill so they
get well-mixed).

Dr. Quack interrupts to give you a swiss spy knife, which
has a toothpick and fork. "That'll come in handy if I'm
ever caught dining without utensils," Spy Fox notes.  It
also has a pair of chromium alloy, high tensile strength
safety scissors that can cut through sheer metal, but that
probably won't be as useful as the toothpick and fork.

Go to Poodles' rocket like you did while getting the APD
number, then head inside the aerosol can.  Take out the
congeal pill and throw it at the aerosol.  Spy Fox makes
the mistake of catching Poodles' attention, and she
retrieves the congeal pill before it stops her aerosol.

Poodles gloats and, even worse, makes fun of Spy Fox for
being a bad bowler (ow!).  She sends two of her goons on
Spy Fox, and even though he's an expert in
cock-a-doodle-fu, they tie him up in a steel net.

Poodles throws the congeal pill away, then goes back to her
dastardly plans.  Well, this is a fine mesh Spy Fox has
gotten himself into!  What can he use to get out of the
steel mesh?

Wait!  The swiss spy knife!  Try using it and Spy Fox will
try to break free with the good.  Spy Fox then
tries the good either.  That leaves 
chromium alloy, high tensile strength wire cutters.  Hey,
they work!  Spy Fox escapes the net!

Get the congeal pill out of the trash, then throw it into
the aerosol again.  This time, Poodles doesn't notice
until it's too late, and the aerosol is being stopped.
But wait...that means the whole aerosol can is going to
explode, with Spy Fox in it!  Oh no!

Poodles escapes through the exit.  "I can't let her get
away," Spy Fox says.  "A crazy criminal like her should be
behind bars getting the best rehabilitation my tax dollars
can buy."  This is your cue to follow her out the exit (if
you don't, the game ends with Spy Fox getting the pretty
big award of reasonable merit, which you can print out).

Poodles escapes to a moon base with Spy Fox in tow as the
aerosol can explodes.  Poodles sets a force field on her
moon base to prevent unwanted intruders.  Spy Fox then gets
a call on his watch.  "I hope it's not a telemarketer," Spy
Fox says as he accepts the call.

It's Monkey Penny, who is trapped outside the force field.
Spy Fox says he'll deactivate the shield as soon as he can.
But first he has to get through the door by pressing the
four buttons in the correct sequence.

Guards will float by and press the correct sequence (you
can tell what buttons they pushed by which lights go off).
Move up to the control pad and duplicate the sequence to
get inside, or as Spy Fox says, "I'm in there like

The force field is controlled by a fingernail scanning
device, but Spy Fox doesn't know what kind of fingernails
Poodles has.  Darn.  Go left and Spy Fox sees a surveillance
room.  He tries to enter, but is stopped by the security
system, a giant powder puff.

Go to the platform leading up to go up to where the powder
puff control switch is.  Try turning off the switch to see
that there's a transport trap in the way.  Go back to the
room where the powder puff control switch is.

Examine the TV screen-like thing near the transporter.
It's the control panel for the transporter, but it's
missing an electrical component.  Press the button (which
doesn't seem to do anything), then go down and right.

Hey, pressing the button did something after all!  It
opened Poodles' perfume cabinet.  Doesn't one of the
perfume bottles look like it'd fit perfectly into the
control panel for the transporter?  Of course it does!
Grab that perfume bottle, and then stick it in the control
panel for the transporter.

The transporter gets shut off, leaving you free to flip the
switch on the powder puff to OFF.  Then go back down and
go left past the powder puff freely.

You're in the surveillance room.  Press the two arrow
buttons to move through the cameras.  One of them has a
close-up of Poodles' hand.  Remember what her nails look
like, then go right twice to reach the room with the
fingernail scanner.

Fortunately, there's a fingernail painter in the left part
of the room.  Use it to paint your fingernails like
Poodles' and then stick your hand in the fingernail scanner
to undo the force field.

Monkey Penny and her team comes in to rescue Spy Fox and
arrest Poodles, and Spy Fox gets the really big award of
stupendous merit, which you can print out.  All right!  Way
to go Spy Fox!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2006.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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