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 SOL - Dawn

SOL - Dawn

talk to the first person and find out that there is something wrong with sun tower
talk to the second person that tells you to talk to the mage in the east
talk to the kid to learn how to battle
talk to the mage and he asks for the blue mushroom
Go into the forest and walk around.
Left, left, down - there you will find the pupet. you will find a pupet. It will be a 
slow battle but keep wacking him. Do not let your health get below 20. Once you defeat
the pupet, you recieve the blue key. Also, there is a mushroom there, pick it up.

Walk back to the door and open it up with the key - ther you will see a girl who has 
been lost in the woods. She gives you a communication device to help you (but she is 
lost in the woods…?) There is another door for you to open.

At this point, I went back to the mage to talk to him. He gives you a potion. He then 
says to get a purple crystal. If you got hurt, go visit your bed to recover health

NOTE: You need to get the key again, if you go back to visit the mage…

Go back to the puppet and defeat him again. Go left, then up, up, right.
Here you see a puzzle. If you look closely, there are arrows that give you directions. 
Follow the directions and you receive the second key. Go back to where the woman is. 
Here you exit.

Go to the town and save

In the town, talk to the person by the docks. There you will find out that he needs 
canvas to make a sail

Go to the crystal mine
Talk to the girl and you find out that her husband is stuck in the mine. Kill all the 
monsters to save him. Keep going up and defeat all of the monsters. From this cave, 
you get a canvas from the husband. Also pick up a purple crystal from the cave. Once
you leave the cave, you obtain the deed of the husbands house because he is moving 
to Seiva.

Go back to Aravale. Talk to the sailor and he will give you a fishhook. He also says 
that he can travel across the seas. Go to the residential part of Aravale. Go into the
house and play the puzzle on the table. Align the red pieces on the top circle. Then 
what I did was aligned the bottom piece to the middle. I then rotated each around until
the puzzle unlocked. There I received a spirit that will increase the max magic by 50.

Leave the town and go back to the village. See the mage and get the elixir. He then 
says that you need the black coral and he will aid you further.

Go to Makani’s Perch
Go left left and there you will see a puzzle. Make all the corners form a square and 
then you will be able to get the key

Go up, then right, then down and click on the switch. It will lower the bridge. Go 
back ot the main crossroads and pick up the second key to the right. Then go back up
and you notice another one of those square puzzles again. Align the first two posts.
Go to the left of the main screen and then use your first key to align the last two 
posts. Go up then use your last key and go right

You then find King Cyclos. I used the magic attack to defeat him. There you will free 
Makani, the wind spirit. He says you need to free the other spirits to raise the sun 

Go to Aravale and talk to the sailor. Go to traders city.
Talk to everyone there and then go to sunken city
You need to know what the password is. The rock in Makani’s Perch is left up down up 
right. Input this as the password

Then go up, right, up and you see a puzzle for three levels. Make all the levels even 
and you receive a key. Go back to the main crossroads and go left. Go left and then you
see an area that requires platforms to be moved. Go to the water buckets and move the 
platforms so you can cross them. Go left and you will meet up with Oleantic Kingsguard.
Keep attacking him until he is dead. You find out that the person is the last of his 
kind not cursed. He tells you that their king is cursed and you need to save them! 
Leave that area and go up. You see a pipe game, connect the pipes to get the key. Go 
back to the middle area and go left again. Open up the door and you will find Oleantic
Berzerker. Defeat him as well.

Go back to the crossroads and go up. With both of the people defeated, you can now go 
through the door and you meet the Oleantic King. Defeat him by any means necessary. 
Make sure that you heal up before going through the door.

When you win, you find out that the king’s name is Apophis. He gives you a spell called
whilpool and tells you to go to the desert to the east.
Go to traders island. From here, you can go to Selva. Talk to the fisherman and trade 
your hook for a tigerfish.

Then go to the jungle and find out that there is a monster blocking the path up ahead. 
Keep going left and you find the monster. He tells you that people have stolen his 
charm at the bridge and won’t let you pass until you get it back. Leave the jungle and 
go to Sand River Bridge.

Talk to the people and get the charm. You can then go back and talk to the monster in 
the Selva Jungle. Talk to the monster and he will give you something to put back to the 
river. Go back to the river. Put back the bridge and go to the Antico Canyon

In the antico Canyon keep going left until you find a door. Align the tiles up into a 
square. A door opens, go into it. There you face Emperor Scorpion. Defeat him. You get 
a keyKeep going right and you exit the canyon. Go into Sable. You fight a ghost and 
then you find out that sable is infested with monsters. They then tell you to go right
and go into King’s Crypt

Talk to the person outside and he gives you his torch. Then talk to the person inside 
and he says he found a tablet which says duplicate the touches. Then go up. The next 
room has tourches let in the upper left and lower right areas of the room. Go left. The 
bridge then disappears. Cross the spikes and go up. Pick up the key. Go left. Go left 
and then go down

Use the key to open the locked door and then go left. In the door is Great Skull Dragon. 
Defeat him. Go down. Walk over the switch and go back to the rotate room. You are now 
able to go to the left. In this room, remember the location of the torches. Light the 
upper right and lower left torches. The door opens. This room also activates the cirrcular
room. Press the button and go back to the room. You are now able to go up. You fight the 
tomb Guardian. When you defeat him, you free the third spirit and release the town of 
attacks. There you will find the last spirit is deep within Vasuman’s throne

Go back to the Jungle and go left and then go up. A doorway appears there that wasn’t 
there before. Go and there was a monster up there. Defeat it and you will be able to 
get to Vasuman’s throne.

Go up, go left, do not touch the torches and go left, go up, here you find the Salamander.
Defeat him. It turns out that he is the last spirit. You receive eruption. You then fight 
Apophis and I found the first spell you had works best. Once you defeat him, you receive
an ending! ENJOY!

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