SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 10 Rooms Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 10 Rooms

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 10 Rooms


-Grab purple pawn on mantle
-grab washer lower right of screen
-click serving table to see coins
-click round tray on right hand side to see more coins add
-click painting above fire
-click painting next to window
-enter sum of coins "40"
-get key go thru door

Room 2:
-click pawn on sink
-open sink drawers
-get cup and notice letters
-click carpet unscramble letters and enter in to get key

Room 3:
-click blue pawn on desk
-click painting with the horses
-goto pool table
-5 ball top right
-1 ball bottom right
-2 ball bottom left
-get key

Room 4:
-get red pawn by dresser
-grab butter knife on tea tray
-click book at the foot of bed spill cup on the poem
-click box on nightstand
-put washer in first spot
-enter "w" in 2nd spot
-enter "l" in third (thats ann "el" not a one)
-get key

Room 5:
-get green pawn
-click yellow post it
-get razor blade on window sill
-click computer screen \user name
-password is iwlmlwjf
 (the first letter of each word on the post it)
-click enter
-text files
-notice the unicorn
-turn to door and enter "unicorn" to open it

Room 6:
-click picture on book shelf
-flip it around use razor blade on back
-get hair pin
-use on 3rd cabnet door get box
-enter pawns onto it
-notice the symbol on it is the symbol for virgo
-so the top left pawn is the purple (or violet)one then the blue 
 (or indigo)then red then green and at top right the orange one
-get key

Room 7:
-click picture next to chinese(?) symbol
-do puzzle
-when done it reads
-up up down left down down right up down up
-goto structure on wall
-2nd row 3rd from left click
-a door shows
-use butter knife
-in same spot click box
-enter code from puzzle on wall
-get key

Room 8:
-click by leg of piano get wooden ball
-click bird
-click music on key board
-note keys¬es and locations
-click music on piano (dgcfega)
-then ckick piano keys play tune
-click bird get key

Room 9:
-click note
-to left of note on counter in between the tiers click the wooden piece
-now goto door

Room 10:
-open drawer get wooden ball
-click box on floor
-click triangle on box put wooden piece in click triangle to close
-turn box click square
-click 2 little squares enter wooden balls click all 3 closed
-click top left circle and bottom right
-then click top and get key
-use on door and you be out like a fat kid in dodgeball

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