Stalker - Call of Pripyat Guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Stalker - Call of Pripyat Guide

Stalker - Call of Pripyat Guide

This is a guide about Stalker: Call of Pripyat. Please don't steal it, or if 
you simply must at least give me credit. 

This is currently for version 1.6
Also, save often. Quicksave is F5, and it will be your best friend, 
especially at harder difficulties, where screwing up in an emission even 
once is a very quick death. 

To avoid confusion, the second map will be refered to as Jupiter, with 
Yanov being the safe house.

If you have any questions, my main email address is

Or you could ask on the forums. Either would work.
Table of Contents
1. Game mechanics
    1.1 Anomaly
    1.2 Damage types
    1.3 Achievements
    1.4 On Nimble
    1.5 Mutants
    1.6 Factions

2. Zaton
    2.1 Getting to Safety
    2.2 Chopper 1
    2.3 Chopper 2
    2.4 Chopper 3

3. Zaton misc missions
    3.1 Saving Petruha
    3.2 Helping Snag
    3.3 Helping Beard(dredge station)
    3.4 Joker and Barge
    3.5 Magpie
    3.6 Bloodsuckers
    3.7 Helping Owl(mercs)
    3.8 Helping Hatchet
    3.9 Cardan's tools
    3.10 Helping Sultan/Beard
    3.11 Helping Sultan/Beard again
    3.12 Helping Owl with Sciensts
    3.13 Snag's Jealousy
    3.14 Freeform Controller

4. Jupiter
    4.1 Getting your bearings
    4.2 Evacuation site: AA complex
    4.3 Chopper 4: Minefield
    4.4 Looking for the Road
    4.5 On the Road to Pripyat

5. Jupiter misc missions
    5.1 Nitro's tools
    5.2 Nitro's toys
    5.3 Hunting Bloodsuckers
    5.4 Hunting Unidentified mutants
    5.5 Hunting the Chimera
    5.6 Helping Uncle Yar
    5.7 Helping Vano
    5.8 Helping Mitay
    5.9 Securing the supply dump
    5.10 Helping Strider
    5.11 Oasis
    5.12 Helping Garry
    5.13 Helping the scientists
    5.14 Strelok's Stashes
    5.15 Freeform Jupiter documents

6. Pripyat
    6.1 Hospital
    6.2 Gauss Rifle
    6.3 Missing Recon Squad
    6.4 Book Store
    6.5 The Sentry
    6.6 The Lab
    6.7 The Kindergarten
    6.8 The Moving Signal
    6.9 The Finale

7. Pripyat misc missions
    7.1 Saving Zulu
    7.2 One Shot
1. Game Mechanics
This section will talk about all that misc stuff that doesn't belong 

1.1 Anomalies: Use the bolt to find any anomalies. They don't work very 
well on the gravity anomalies, as the edges of them gofarther than 
where they'll actually hurt you. Always save before going into an 
anomaly field.

      Gravity: These are those anomaly types that suck you in and blow 
you up. They are the most harmful when stepped in, as they actually 
suck you in. They are also the easiest to get around. They always 
appear on the screen as a pulsating blob. If you aren't being chased by 
something, get close enough to the anomaly to set it off, and back 
away quick enough to not get sucked in. There a void in the gravity 
sucking effect right after it goes off, so you have a nice amount of time 
to sprint straight through it. They usually emit radiation. These anomalies
 give rise to such artifacts likethe weight lifters: Night 
Star(+4 weight, +1 rad), Gravi(+8 weight, +2 rad), and 
Goldfish(+12 weight, +3 rad) and radiation eaters: Jellyfish(-2 rad) and 
Wrenched(-3 rad). Occasionally Stone Flowers(+3 psy, +1 rad) are here as 

       Locations with artifact spawns:
       Zaton: Dredge Station, Claw, Burnt Farmstead caves, Swamp
       Jupiter: Bitumen, Quarry

      Gas: These are those seen in places like the swamps. They emit 
toxicity, which hurts you and damages all of your gear. They can easily
be found by throwing bolts at them. Just walk around them if possible. 
They house such artifacts as the toxic defenses: StoneBlood(+3 chem, 
+1 rad) and Meat Chunk(+6 chem, +2 rad), the health restorers: 
Soul(+2 health, +1 rad), the Kolobok(+4 health, +2 rad), and the 
Firefly(+6 health, +3 rad), and the final rad eater: Bubble(-6 rad).

      Locations with artifact spawns: 
      Zaton: Swamps, Oakpine, Burnt Farmstead caves
      Jupiter: Quarry, Concrete Bath, Anomalous Grove, Plavni Anomaly
      Pripyat: Department Store basement, mutated vines south of the Prometheus

       Fire: These shoot up flames when you step on them. Rather painful. 
Very annoying. They emit heat damage, which damages yourgear. Use 
your bolts and you can avoid the actually shoots of flame. These hold 
the wound healers: Mama's Beads(+2 wound, +2 rad),Eye(+4 wound, 
+2 rad) and Flame(+6 wound, +3 rad), the fire guards: Crystal(+3 fire, 
+1 rad) and Fireball(+6 fire, +2 rad). Night Stars can occasionally be 
found here.

      Locations with anomalies: 
      Zaton: Boiler, Burnt Farmstead, Circus
      Jupiter: Bitumen, Ash Heap
      Pripyat: Volcano anomaly

       Electric: Bane of my existence. These shoot out insane bolts of 
electricity when you walk through them. Very, very painful. They usually 
emit radiation. Use your bolts here and walk very slow. These house 
electric guards: Sparkler(+3 elec, +1 rad) and Flash(+6 elec, + 2 rad), 
psy protection: Stone Flower(+3 psy, +1 rad) and Moonlight(+6 psy, 
+2 rad), and endurance recoverers: Battery(+2 end, +1 rad), 
Shell(+4 end, +2 rad), and Snowflake(+6 end, +3 rad).

       Locations with spawns:
       Zaton: Iron Forest, Scar
       Jupiter: Parking Lot, Jupitar warehouse, Concrete Plant
       Pripyat: Roof of Yubilieny, Old Service Center

       Psy: Hardly worth noting, as I'm fairly positive that the Scar anomaly 
is the only one in the game, and the only artifacts that ever spawn
 there spawn in the electric anomalies inside of it. It doesn't spawn 
anything itself, it's just more of an interesting sidenote.

       Location: The Scar anomaly in Zaton, doesn't spawn anything.
1.2 Damage types: Not really much to say here.
      Ballistic: Getting shot. Usually just causes straight damage, bleeding 
is rare. 

      Slash damage: Caused by most mutants, usually causes bleeding. 
Always heal bleeding as soon as you safely can, or it might get worse.

      Psy: This can be negated by pills or artifacts, just straight damage. 

      Chemical: This hurts you and damages your gear. Can be negated 
by pills or artifacts.

      Heat: Hurts you and damages gear. Can be negated by artifacts.

      Radiation: This can prevent you from naturally healing, sleeping, 
and if it gets bad enough it will hurt you. You can negate it with
 artifacts, pills, or you can heal it with vodka, anti-rad drugs, a medic, 
or scientific medkits.
1.3 Achievements: Unlike most games, achievements actually do stuff in 
this game.

Friend of Duty: Do everything you can to help Duty: Give them Morgan's 
PDA, give them Techenko's PDA, give them the job withthe scientists, 
tell Shulga about Magpie, and tell Shulga about Strider. With this, 
Nitro's prices drop and Hawaiian's prices rise.

Friend of Freedom: Do the opposite of the Friend of Duty stuff. With 
this, Nitro's prices rise and Hawaiian's prices rise.

Friend of Stalkers: Help Grouse and Gonta with the bloodsuckers and 
the Chimera, save Mitay, help Vano, help Beard, and get the Diplomat 
achievement. You could also tell Gonta about Magpie, but that blocks 
Friend of Duty/Freedom. The medic at Yanovdrops his prices a lot, 
and occasionally Stalker squads spawn nearby that are able to help 

Keeper of Secrets: Keep Strelok's stash notes and give them to him. His 
HP is increased in the finale.

Man of Balance: Sell Morgan's PDA to Owl, sell Tachenko's PDA to Owl, 
and tell Gonta about Magpie before anyone else. Nitro and Hawaiian 
lower their prices.

Wealthy Client: Get 100,000 in cash at least once. Hawaiian, Owl, 
and Beard get better inventories.

Artifact Hunter: Find one of every artifact. Artifacts spawn more often in 
random places, and Bandits will sometimes attack you.

Boss: Side with Sultan on the night raid and side with Sultan on the 
Compass issue. Bandits everywhere are friendly, Owl givesyou a discount, 
Beard buys artifacts higher, and Beard will give you a small amount of 
cash once a day.

One of Ours: Do the opposite of the Boss achievement. Owl lowers his 
prices and starts selling almost everything and Beard buys artifacts for 
much more.

Courier of Justice: Deal with Magpie, one way or the other. You'll get the 
basic armor for whatever faction you gave him to.

Detective: Help Grouse with the bloodsuckers, then find Tremor in the 
Crane area. You'll get free medical supplies once a day in your personal 

Diplomat: Help Vano and Mitay peacefully. This increases your 
reputation in all factions. 

Hi-tech expert: Give all the tools to Nitro. He'll give you a discount.

Weapon Systems Expert: Give all the tools to Cardan. He can allow a 
player with an exoskeleton to sprint.

Pioneer: Give Beard the anomalous wheel, Hermann the altered insular,
and Ozersky the radiated plant. You don't really get much out of this, 
but the scientists will supposedly start selling anabiotics.

Research Assistant: Do the researcher missions and max out your 
reputation with them. You can buy any medical stuff from Hermann now,
including Anabiotics and Novikov can now do some third tier upgrades.

Skilled Stalker: Explore all the anomaly fields in Zaton and Jupiter. 
You'll find more random artifacts, and rare artifacts will spawn a lot more.

Trafficker of Information: Sell 10 of the 16 documents in the game. Owl drops 
his prices, a lot.

Marked by the Zone: Survive 3 emissions by use of Anabiotics. Massive
bonus to Psy-resistance and you can survive an emission without 

Mutant Hunter: Destroy the bloodsucker lair in Zaton, kill the 
bloodsuckers in the swamps, kill the Burers in the tunnels, and kill 
the Chimera for Trapper. You'll get some random ammo once a day in 
your personal safe, Chimeras will start spawning, and stalkers will 
start hunting for mutants.

Leader: Recruit all 4 members of the squad. Everyone you command 
from then on will have extra health.

1.4 On Nimble: Nimble is on the top of the Skadovsk, and he makes 
custom orders. Some of the best gear in the game can easilybe gotten 
from him early on. There are no discounts from him. It's all or nothing. 
Always save before you talk to him to get yourorder, because you may 
get the wrong gun. I usually save, make the order, then go rest a day 
and see what he has for me, and reload if he brings the wrong weapon.

Steppe Eagle: custom Black Kite, .45
Alpine: custom Sig P220, .45
March: custom USP Compact, .45

Close Range:
Frasier: custom Viper, .45: disturbingly high damage.
Eliminator: rare revolving shotgun, regular ammo: best shotgun in the 
game, in my opinion. Very accurate when upgraded. Can be upgraded 
for auto-fire. In my opinion, best weapon in the game for killing mutants, 
or for in close work.
Caribiner: unique SPAS, regular ammo, holds 10 rounds stock instead 
of 8: it is the fastest shooting shotgun in the game, can be modded to 
be really accurate and hold 12 bullets.

Storm: custom Tunder, 5.45x39: less damage than the regular, can hold 
scope and silencer.
GP-37: semi-rare rifle, 5.56x45: has a built in scope, and can double as a 
sniper rifle when fully upgraded, can hold silencer when upgraded.
FN F2000: rare rifle, 5.56x45: built in scope, built in grenade launcher,
 shoots very fast. Not great as a sniper, but still a good rifle.

Tide: unique Vintorez, 9x39: In my opinion, the best weapon in the 
game for killing people. It has a built in scope, a built in silencer,can be 
modified to be the 3rd most accurate weapon in the game, a decent rate 
of fire, and extra weapon damage. It is accurate enough and fast enough 
to be used to score headshots in close range without using the scope. 
The only real downside is that the flatness is low, so you have to
compensate to hit heads sometimes.

Lynx: unique SVD, 7.62x54: can be upgraded to be the second best sniper 
weapon in the game. If you want to kill things from across the map, this 
is your best bet.
SVU2-A: unique SVU, 7.62x54: decently fast firing rifle, can be upgraded 
for really good accuracy and can be upgraded with a silencer.

Armored Suit: 2 pieces to this one.
CHN-3a: modded CS suit from the last game. Wearing it causes Novikov, 
with the scientists, to give you a discount. Really balancedarmor. Can 
be upgraded to be an extremely good hybrid between the SEVA and the 
Tactical Helmet: best helmet in the game, can be modded to always show
 the location of enemies on the mini map.

Exoskeleton: Saving the best for last. This armor is ridiculously strong 
against bullets and mutants. It won't save you from anomalies, but it will
 allow you to carry the weight needed for something that does. It can be 
modded to allow you to hold 90 weight, with 4 containers. The only 
downside is that you have to mod it to be able to sprint in it.
1.5 Mutants: They occasionally have some infighting, and it's always 
fun to watch. If you are lucky, you can sometimes watch dogscarry away 
dead mutants they recently killed.

      Blind dogs: really weak, and work in packs. Always watch your back 
around them. 

      Pseudodogs: Much stronger than blind dogs, and often lead packs of 
them. Harder to kill, and are bigger.

      Psy-dogs: look about the same as Pseudodogs, with similar HP and 
strength. However, they can screw with your mind and makeyou see 
copies of them that can actually hurt you. One shot kills the fake dogs, 
and they all disappear if the source is killed.

      Flesh: really weak. They're the big blocks that run around on 4 
funky looking legs. Only waste bullets on them if they charge you.
Usually they veer off at the last instant, but if led by a boar they 
might actually attack.

      Boar: usually come in pairs or leading packs of fleshes. They always 
charge right at you. They can take 2 or 3 shotgun blasts. Killthem before 
they can attack you.

      Bloodsuckers: Bane of stalkers everywhere. These go invisible as 
soon as they see a target, and generally stay that way untilthey are 5 
or so feet away. They can easily be heard, and if on water they leave a 
trail. If they hit you, they will make you bleed. Also,they have an attack 
where they grab you and immobolize you while they suck out blood.

      Hamsters: really weak individually, but come in backs. They're small,
 making them hard to hit with many weapons.

      Chimera: Annoying as all get out. If you do the mutant hunting 
missions, these will start spawning. In harder difficulties, they can 
kill in 3 hits or less. They jump around like snorks, with the HP of 7 or 
more boars.

      Snorks: Also really annoying. These are modified humans that run 
on all fours. Can take about 3 or more shotgun blasts unless you get 
lucky and hit the head. Will launch themselves at you.

      Pseudogiant: These take ungodly amounts of ammo to kill. If you 
ever find one outside of the main quest, just run away. They emit 
radiation, will take over 20 rounds of fully upgraded shotgun bullets, 
will crush you face with 1 or 2 swings of their malformed fists, and can 
smash at the ground for area of effect damage all around them. Avoid if 

      Controllers: Avoid direct eye contact. Keep something in between 
you and it while you get close. If you don't, it will rip into yourmind and 
do damage, also holstering your weapon.
      Burer: Try to avoid direct eye contact with these as well. They will 
throw things at you, and if they can see you they can steal your 
stamina and rip your gun from your hands, then throw it at you. If 
you start shooting them, they will make a shield to stop all damage. 
Most stalkers prefer to rush up with the knife and just gut them.This
 is probably the best response, as they take ungodly amounts of ammo 
to kill, unless you're using the gauss rifle.

      Poltergeist: 3 locations in game: Iron forest anomaly in Zaton, 
Kindergarten in Pripyat, and X8 lab in Pripyat. If you don't move it can't 
see you. They go down surprisingly fast, and all they can do is throw 
things at you. They will hit you with psy damage if you're moving.

      Fire Poltergeist: 1 or so locations in game: Circus anomaly. Can 
throw fire at you, and will hit you with a psy field if you're moving. 
Don't move, it can't see you. Also really easy to kill.

1.6 Factions: The Stalkers, Bandits, Freedom, Duty, and the Military 
can't be made hostile. A lot of money can be made by watchingfaction 
battles and policing any gear before the winning side gets to it.

      Stalkers: These are your common Loners. Rarely have any decent 
gear. Can be made friendly. They are hostile to the bandits, Monolith,
most mercenaries, and the zombies. Can be made friendly.

      Bandits: These are the bandits. They rarely have any good gear. 
Hostile to everyone they come across besides you(usually). Can be made 

      Freedom: These people want to save the zone and use it for study. 
Usually have pretty decent gear. Hostile to Duty, bandits, and the
zombies. Can be made friendly.

      Duty: These people want to destroy the zone. Usually have good 
gear. Hostile to Freedom, bandits, and the zombies. Can be made 

      Monolith: Fierce fanatics, want to "protect" the zone. They won't 
fight zombies. Hostile to everyone else, including you.

      Mercenaries: There is one group that can be made friendly. Everyone 
else is or will eventually become enemies.

      Zombies: Kill everything that is human besides Monolith. Rarely 
haveanything worth taking, besides the occasional Veles.


2. Zaton

2.1 Getting to safety 

After getting out of the intro cutscene, you're dropped way to the north in 
Zaton. Holster your weapon and walk straight for a bit. Youwill run into a 
small squad of stalkers. Talk to them about safety and helicopters. They 
will point you to Skadovsk and Noah. End the conversation and open up 
your PDA. It should point out Skadovsk. You can go there if you want, but 
this is a great chance to get a better detector. If you do mission 3.1 right 
now, you'll be good until you can get a veles detector later. 

That done, it is time to head on down to Skadovsk. You might run into 
some mutants on the way, and if you're feeling lazy, just sprint past 
them. You should be carrying little enough weight to make it almost 
all the way to safety. You'll be forced to holster you weapon when you 
get close enough to the ship, and any enemies who were trying to get 
at you will be stuck outside the holster zone.

Talk to Beard behind the counter at the bar, and sell him any artifacts if 
you got any at the Boiler. Go ahead and accept any missions except the 
ones from the man named Sultan. Don't even talk to him yet, unless 
you're playing easy. His mission is rather difficult on harder difficulties 
with the basic game starting loadout.
2.2 Chopper 1

Head on over to the Swamps. This one is easy. Just walk around and 
come at it from the land. There are two crates with ammo nextto the 
Helicopter, though one is glitched in that you can't use it. Examine 
the chopper and move on. 
2.3 Chopper 2

The next stop is Noah's barge.Be wary that he'll shoot at you as soon 
as you open the door, so open it from the side. He'll stop shooting after 
two shots. Talk to him and ask him to take you to where the chopper is. 
He'll take you to the burning village and a teleporting anomaly. Jump in 
and walk around the plateau until you get to the chopper. Watch out for 
the Snorks. Go into their cave if you want, but there's nothing in there 
but two dead military men. Examine the chopper, and head on to the last 
2.4 Chopper 3

There is a poltergeist and a large anomaly field next to this one. Be 
careful here. Kill the Poltergeist and examine this chopper. It will give 
you maps you can give to the guide, Pilot, for a large cost reduction in 
transportation. Do so, and ask him to take you to the next area, Jupiter.
3. Zaton Misc Missions

3.1 Saving Petruha: Boiler anomaly. There is be a small squad of 
stalkers on the far east side. One is working his way in, while his friend 
outside is encouraging him. An accident will be made, and you get to 
laugh at the horrible voice attacking. Talk to the guy outside, offer to 
help, and go up to his buddy. If you give him the first aid kit, he'll revive 
and give you his "bear" detector. As a sidenote, if you wait until you 
have a veles to do this mission, he'll give you a fireball artifact instead. 
However, they're now a static stalker squad, and will keep appearing 
until they die. So you can wait to run into him when he dies, and you
can get the artifact then. Or, if you feel like being a jerk, you can take
the first aid kit from his buddy, and shoot them both for the detector 
and the artifact, as well as the rest of their gear. Feel free to use the 
detector to try to get some artifacts out of the Boiler, while you are
 here. It's an easy way to start off well. Just save before you do, because
if you're not using bolts to tell where the anomalies are, you'll run into 
one and probably get killed.
3.2 Helping Snag: Skadovsk. There is a Stalker in the corner on the boat 
that asks you to find a metal box for him. Take him up on his offer. This 
will take you down to the gas station next to the Claw Anomaly. There 
are two ways down to the car. The easiest is to go to the gas station and, 
avoiding the mutants that always hover about it, jump down to the 
platforms in the fissure. There should be enough platforms to take you 
all the way down without taking fall damage, but even in master the 
damage isn't much if you fall all the way down. Grab the heavy
(12 pounds) box from car and start working your way out. You will 
run into several snorks on the way. You have a choice of what to do 
with the box. You can give it back to Snag, who will give you one item 
out of it, or you can give it to Cardan, who will crack the lock and give 
you everything for a fee of 500. Seeing as how there is an artifact, a 
modified helmet, a modded fora, another "bear" detector, and a modded 
AK in there, it's worth the 500 fee to break in. Your choice.
3.3 Helping Beard: Skadovsk. If you talk to him, Beard will offer you a job 
to get an artifact from the tug nearby. Take the job. You'llneed some rad 
protection in this mission. There's a jellyfish floating in the water here 
that will do. Go up to the front of the tug and go up the stairs. Jump to 
the platform and fall down. Go around the back and under the pipe. Go 
on from there until you get back to the front of the boat, where there is 
a mutated steering wheel. Head back on out and save it before you get 
all the way out. You'll run into a stalker who claims to have a sick 
friend. Tell him to screw off, then shoot him in the head. If you give 
it to him, you'll run into him selling it to Beard. If you tell him no, 
he and his buddies ambush you. Waxing him evens the odds a little. 
Kill his two friends and return for an easy cash and stash reward.
3.4 Joker and Barge: Skadovsk. Give Cardan two bottles of booze and 
listen to his sob story. Joker's bones are just south of the oakpine
anomaly. It has a PDA and an upgraded mask on it. Grab both, listen to it, 
and climb the tree to grab the Kolobok if you want. Barge's body is in the 
large caves under the Burning Town. Watch out for the gravities, the 
fire, and the toxic anomalies down there. Plenty of artifacts. Barge's body 
has some upgraded armor, a PDA, and the basic Stalker loadout. Grab 
the PDA and whatever else you want.Return the PDA's to Cardan for a 
discount later in the game.
3.5 Magpie: Skadovsk. Go up to the medic in front of Owl's shop and 
listen to the two talking to their friend. They'll ask you to look out for
a stalker named Magpie. He's hiding in Jupiter, under the name of Flint.
He's telling stories, usually of things you did. You can expose him by 
going to the Quarry in Jupiter and finding Splinter, a wounded Stalker 
that Flint left for dead. You can sell him out to Duty, Freedom, or the 
Stalker who assigned the quest. Each gets you a different set of armor, 
all of which suck.
3.6 Bloodsuckers: Skadovsk. Talk to Grouse in the common room, and 
he'll tell you about an some killings where the victims end up with no 
blood. They think it is bloodsuckers. Take his mission, and he'll give you 
a location. Go there, and there might be a bloodsucker. If so, wax it. If 
not, just wait a bit and he'll call you, telling you to come to the antenna 
complex. Head on over. There are 2 bloodsuckers active inside. He helps 
you kill them. Follow him through. When you get to the room with the 
bodies in the basement, run up to the area with the bars. The man 
through there has an artifact. Follow him through the rest of the way, 
until you drop into the pipe. Go the other way for an easy stash. Head 
back and listen to his report. When he's done talking, go talk to Beard, 
who will tell you to talk to Owl. Don't bother, that's why you're here. Go 
to the bridge next to the ranger station. There are a series of cars on 
it that have what you need. The first key is in the truck that's way to 
the back of the bridge. The second key is in a vehicle that has crashed
in the very front. It fell through the bridge. The safe is under it. The 
gas is on the transport truck, and there is another set of orders in 
that truck that you need to grab. Gas and documents in hand, head to 
the next objective, which is the antenna complex again. Position the 
gas and getready for a fight. 2 more bloodsuckers come out, unless you 
get lucky like I did once and they run the wrong way. Return to Beard
for an easy reward of a Veles, and sell the documents to Owl for 2000 
more. Now, go to dock cranes. There is a building at the cranes where 
the real killer has been operating. Tremor, the medic, explains himself, 
then offers himself. Take what you want and head back to Beard for your 
reward and a daily dose of free medical supplies.
3.7 Helping Owl with Mercs: Skadovsk. Ask Owl about jobs, and he'll tell 
you about some mercs who are mobilizing to the south in the waste 
processing plant. Head on down there. There are two ways to do this. If 
you like close range fighting and you have good armor, sneak around the 
back until you find the man holes. They lead directly into the base. Or if 
you can't find them, there is a ladder at the front of the building behind 
the merc building that leads to a tube up top that leads right to the 
documents you want. If you don't like fighting, you can use that tube to 
sneak in, grab the documents, and sprint back to the exit man hole, 
then run away. You'll miss out on 2 PDAs, but you can. Then there's the 
more direct way of using a sniper rifle to wax them all from across the
 bridge. Whatever you do, grab the laptop and hoof it back to base. Sell 
him the laptop and any PDAs you got.
3.8 Helping Hatchet and the Mercs: Substation. At the substation down 
to the south, there is a group of mercs who you can help. They are low on 
food. Give them six food items and you can get access to their base, 
which has the Fine Tools needed for T2 upgrades.
3.9 Finding tools for Cardan: Skadovsk. Ask him if he needs any help. 
He'll tell you he needs tools. The set of basic tools is in the Mill, in the 
building in the northeast of the complex. The place is crawling with 
zombies, but you might get lucky and have 2 or 3 squads help you clear 
it. It was just a chance thing, so don't count on the help. There is also a 
lot of bullets where the tools are, so bring a lot of space. The fine tools 
are at the substation with Hatchet. The Calibration tools are all the way 
in Pripyat, at the Old Service Center. They are guarded by a Burer.
3.10 Helping Sultan/Beard: Skadovsk. Talk to Sultan. He'll offer you a job 
shaking down some merchants. Agree to it. You have a choice. If you tell 
Beard, he'll give you a counter offer to betray Sultan. If you agree to this, 
the bandits will be ambushed in their ambush, and you can help kill 
them. If you help Sultan, you'll ambush a group of stalkers. On higher 
difficulties, it can be hard to keep Knuckles, your contact, alive. He has 
to live in order for you to get paid.
3.11 Helping Sultan/Beard again: Skadovsk. If you helped Sultan, talk to 
him again and he'll give you a job as protection. Go straight to the 
meeting spot; delaying means failure. Meet up with the bandits and go 
to the meeting. A group of Stalkers will ambush you and the Duty people 
you're meeting. Make sure to kill the Duty traders as fast as you can, as 
they are very dangerous. Also, Knuckles needs to survive here as well.
 If you help the Bandits here, you become friendly with them. If you 
helped Beard, talk to him again to get the offer as the Stalker 
ambushers. Spartacus needs to stay alive in this case. In both cases, 
take the trader's PDA. If you want the Balanced achievement, sell it to 
Owl. If you want some easy cash, sell it to Freedom or Duty in Yanov.
3.12 Helping Owl with Scientists: Skadovsk. Ask Owl if he needs help, 
after you deal with the Mercs. He'll tell you that he needs 3 veles 
detectors delivered to the scientists in Jupiter. Agree, find the 3 
detectors(you'll get something better soon), and give them to Novikov in 
the scientist bunker. Return to Owl, tell him they were delivered, wait 
a day or 3, go outside the base until you can take out your weapon and 
Owl will call you. Head on back. He'll tell you there's a problem, and 
Beard is the cause. Go talk to Beard, who will give you the new detector. 
You now have a choice to either help Beard or to help Sultan. Beard 
will tell you to talk to Owl, who will tell you to talk to Sultan. If you 
want to help Beard, tell Owl where to shove it and collect your 1500 
from him then and there. Then talk to Beard again about the 
Compass. He'll point you to Noah, who will give it to you for free. 
Walk far enough away from himso he resets, then go back and ask for 
another one. Do this only twice, or he will attack. Sell the artifact to 
Beard. If you want to help Sultan, listen to Owl, talk to Sultan, and sell 
it to him instead. Keep the spare.
3.12.1 If you helped Sultan, he'll give you another job. He'll tell you to take 
an order from Beard for an artifact. Do so, and you'll get the location of 
some other artifact hunters. Kill them, steal their detectors, and head 
on back to Sultan. You now get a daily small pay from Beard. As an 
interesting side note, it is possible to do this mission for Sultan, as well 
as helping him with the the merchants, and still end up friendly with the 
bandits and the Stalkers.
3.13 Snag's Jealousy: Skadovsk. If you order a weapon from Nimble, and 
have done Snag's other mission, walking past him while carrying that 
weapon will cause him to confront you. Tell him to screw off. Go ask 
Nimble what he was talking about, then go see Snag. He'll be gone. Talk 
to Beard, who will tell you where he went. Head on up to the docks, 
where you are accosted by a group of bandits who demand your gun. Tell 
them to go die, and they'll attack you. Kill them and grab the PDA from 
the leader. Sell it to Owl. Head on to Yanov, where you'll see Snag sitting 
there, looking guilty. Confront him and leave the base. Head back and 
check your safe. Talk to the medic, who will tell you to talk to Zulu, 
who will point you to the Substation. Head over there, kill the bandit, 
and save or kill Snag. Your stuff is in the sewers right next to the 
substation. Just jump down and grab it, along with Snag's stuff. Grab the 
PDA from the bandit while he's dead.
3.14 Freeform Controller: Cave east of Burning Town: This isn't listed as 
a quest, but it's an easy way to get some easy pills. There is a cave just 
east of the Burning Town that shows up on the map. There's a controller 
in it, guarding an empty body and some medical supplies. The cave is a 
good emission shelter.


4. Jupiter

4.1 Getting your bearings

Talk to the people in Yanov. They'll tell you some important things, and 
some unimportant things. When you're ready, move on.
4.2 Evacuation site at the AA complex

We'll start here, for no real reason. This place is swarming with zombies
and mutants. I suggest sniping the zombies where they can't see you, 
and getting in close for the mutants. If you look in the building you will
find a note with the code to the bunker under the base, which leads up 
to the stock room that you can see in the building.Take the note and feel 
free to explore the bunker. There is a load of hamsters and a Burer 
inside. Your reward is a crapload of junk, and an RPG launcher. Take what 
you want and move on.
4.3 Chopper 4

This is the one far to the south, west of the Jupiter factory complex. Do 
not walk straight across the open field to the chopper. That would be 
painful for all of 5 seconds. The signs that say mines do not lie. Follow the 
fence around to the chopper. Hug it as close as you can. Examine the 
chopper to get a black box. Then you get to watch the funniest unglitchy 
moment in the game. 
4.4 Looking for the road

Bring the black box to Nitro at Yanov. He'll take a few hours to decode it 
for 2000. With that information, talk to Pilot. He'll tell you where to look 
to find the information you need to get to Pripyat. 

Head on down to the Jupiter plant and into the administration building. 
Look for the proper document. While you're there, grab every other 
document you can find. If you grab the wrong one, mercs will spawn. 
Otherwise, the worst you'll have to deal with are blind dogs outside while 
walking around. There is another building you need to get into before 
you head to the factory. If you grabbed the right random document, it 
will point it out. Otherwise, head on to the only other enterable building 
besides the main factory and the two initial admin buildings. In that 
building there is another document that you need, and it will spawn 
a small cutscene when you grab it.

Now you're ready to head on to the main building. Enter and go down. 
There is no loot in here besides a stash or two, so don't bother looking 
for anything. Follow the path around until you get to a small control room 
and grab the documents. After the small cutscene keep going.

When you get to the next open area, there is a psy dog and a pseudodog 
here that want to try to eat you. Bust a cap and keep moving. Examine 
the helicopter, and keep moving. You enter a large room. Head up to the 
control room and grab the last set of documents.

Take all this information to Nitro, who will point you to Zulu. Go talk to 
Zulu, who will get you drunk and tell you how to make your squad. You'll 
take a drink after everything you say, but you won't pass out until you 
say what needs to be said. 

Your squad will consist of Zulu, Strider, Vano, and the military man in 
the Scientist Bunker. Vano and Strider have a misc quest associated 
with them, 5.7 and 5.10. The military man has an easy little mission. 
He'll have you talk to Ozersky, who will tell you to head to the anomalous
grove and pick flowers. Save before you enter. When you grab the plant, 
the place erupts with anomalies. There are a ton more. Carefully get out 
and give the flower to Ozersky. Talk to the soldier and head back to Zulu.

If you have the wealthy client achievement and you've supported one 
side or the other in the faction wars, Hawaiian at Yanov should have a 
SEVA suit for you. If you have the wealthy client and trafficer of 
information achievements, Owl should have a SEVA. If neither of them 
has one, you can order one from Nimble. Either way, you have to have a 
SEVA suit to get to the undergound area. However, as soon as you get 
inside, you can ditch the SEVA and put on something strong, provided it 
has 2 containers. Equip a meat chunk and a radiation eater and you're 

I suggest a shotgun and a sniper for the underground. 

When you have the SEVA and as much of the squad as you can get, 
return to Zulu and tell him you're ready. Do note that you will be 
unable to return to Yanov until you do the first mission in Pripyat.
4.5 On the way to Pripyat

You'll see a little cutscene where Nitro opens the door. Then you'll be in 
the underground. On my second run, Vano and Sokolov couldn't die, but I 
do not know if this was a glitch. Strider and Zulu have a high frequency 
of not living, especially in harder difficulties. For me, on master, they 
died as soon as I opened the door and ran into the first snorks.

You'll run into several hamsters, several snorks, several anomalies, 
several zombies, and a few squads of Monolith.

Just follow the path. Save after every encounter with enemies, as you 
never know if the next encounter might be the last for your men. Vano 
will lead you through the anomalies, so do try to keep him alive if 
possible. Strider is very useful when you run into the Monolith squads, 
so keep him alive or grab his rifle if he dies. Zulu has a unique machine 
gun, so if he dies grab it. Don't kill him for it straight up, because you can
get it later if he survives.

When you get to the large room, the power will be off. As soon as you climb 
the ladder and turn it on, a Monolith squad ambushes you. Kill them and 
loot the bodies if you like. The door will still be blocked, so head over to 
the control room. There are anomalies in front of it. Dodge around them 
and get up to the top. Save before you open the door, because as soon as 
you do Monolith snipers spawn. Strider does a good job of kill them, but if 
he's dead it falls on you. On harder difficulties, they'll kill you in 1 or 2 
shots, so get rid of them as soon as you can. That done, turn on the 
power, head back down, mop up the rest of the enemies, and continue on 
your merry way.

The door leads to more tunnels, where you'll start to see zombies. Sokolov 
is useless against them. More snorks spawn behind you when you get to 
the water area, so be careful as you'll have zombies in front and snorks 

Continue on and you'll soon find a ladder going up. Head on up and 
welcome to Pripyat.


5. Jupiter misc quests
5.1 Nitro's Tools: Yanov. When you first talk to him, Nitro will ask you 
bring him a set of tools like the ones you brought Cardan. The basic tools 
are in a train south of the Scientist bunker. You have to go to the bridge 
over the train and jump down on top of it. Walk all the way to the back of 
the train, save, and jump in. There's a moving electric anomaly on the 
train, but you can avoid it by moving to the side when it passes. The tools 
are at the far end from where you jumped in. You can get out by jumping 
out the window either where you find the tools or the window by the door 
at the very end. The Fine Tools are in the Jupiter factory warehouse, 
south of the concrete bath anomaly. If you've done the hunting questline, 
there will be a chimera or two right in front of the warehouse. Head to 
the side of the warehouse, enter it, and go up the stairs. It is full of 
electric anomalies, usually holding at least one artifact. Head all the 
way to the back of the warehouse, where there is a closed container. 
Open the doors and the tools are inside. The Calibration Tools are in 
the Pripyat department store. You have to fight a lot of Hamsters to get 
to them.
5.2 Nitro's Toys: Yanov. Nitro will also ask you to bring him a bunch of 
radio parts. This is a relatively straightforward mission. Go to the 
concrete plant, and use the ladders at the back of the tall building to 
get to the top. If you want a free Tactical Helmet, there is a stash on 
top of the water tower that has one, while you're up there. Jump down 
into the building when you're ready. Do be aware that there are quite a 
few random anomalies in the building, and the plants hanging down 
from the roof will hurt you. Search around the building for anything you 
can pick up. Your PDA will update when you find everything. Return to 
Nitro and he'll give you a discount on any future repairs.
5.3 Hunting Bloodsuckers: Yanov. Trapper is downstairs in Yanov. He'll 
offer you a job to deal with the bloodsuckers, if you tell him how you 
helped the hunters in Zaton kill the Chimera and how you destroyed the 
bloodsucker lair. There are 3 bloodsuckers in the swamp that you have 
to kill for an easy 3000. You can get up close and personal with them, 
which is made easier by being in a water area, meaning you can see 
the steps of the bloodsuckers when they're invisible. Or, if you're lazy, 
you can use the tall tower at the Concrete Plant to snipe them from 
afar. Kill them, either way, and collect your reward.
5.4 Hunting "Unidentified" mutants: Yanov. Trapper needs your help once 
again. This time you are due to kill some unknown mutants in some 
underground tunnels. Head on over to the location. The mutants are 
Burers, and there are two of them. They'll suck your endurance and rip 
your weapon from your hands, so be careful. Your best bet is to rush in and 
knife them to death. Kill them however you please. Return to Trapper for 
your reward.
5.5 Hunting the Chimera: Yanov. If you talk to Trapper about why he 
doesn't hunt anymore, he'll tell you a sob story about a Chimera. Rest a 
day or two and step outside of the base until he calls you. Head on back 
and he'll tell you where the Chimera is. Wait until night and head on 
down to the Ventilation Center. This is a hard fight on harder difficulties, 
so bring a good shotgun. If you get to 
the Center just as the game turns day into night, you can sprint to a ladder 
and try to fight the Chimera from a raised location where he can't get you. 
If you're a real man, save and just rush in with a shotgun and blast it back 
to hell. Your reward is a unique shotgun and the fact that Chimeras can 
now spawn as regular enemies.
5.6 Helping Uncle Yar: Yanov. If you talk to the Freedom man Uncle Yar 
in the base, he'll ask you to help with with something. Agree. He'll lead 
you to Kopachy Village, which is full of zombies. Walk slowly with him 
and don't antagonize the zombies. He'll lead you to a building's roof, 
where you see a group of mercs run in and start shooting it up. Yar will 
ask you to help kill the mercs. Snipe one in the head and let the zombies 
and Yar do the rest of the work. If you want to loot the bodies, snipe the 
zombies before going down; they get hostile to you now. Yar will help you 
some if you want to kill them. There is also a stash with a veles detector 
in the construction truck in front of the building. Talk to Yar again to 
end the mission.
5.7 Helping Vano: Yanov. Talk to Vano, and he'll say something about a 
debt. Tell him you'll take care of it. Head on over to the Checkpoint, where 
there are 14 or so bandits. If you kill them all, you can loot them. Their 
leader has a rare Eliminator shotgun. If you want to be peaceful, and the 
Diplomat achievement, go in and talk to the leader, Jack. Offer him the 
5000. He'll say something about interest. Tell him no to interest, tell 
him you could just shoot him, and he'll back off about interest. Return 
to Vano for a reward of having him if your party on the road to Pripyat.
5.8 Helping Mitay: Yanov. Two stalkers will be discussing a problem in 
the base. Talk to the one in Merc armor, and he'll tell you about his 
friend who was kidnapped. There are three choices. You could agree to 
negotiation, and they'll give you a goldfish to use. Take this up to the 
bandits. Talk to the one in front of the Container warehouse, tell him 
you're there for Mitay. He'll wave you through. Head on around the back 
and talk to the leader. You can pay him 15000 or give him the goldfish. 
Mitay is yours. However, another Bandit will accost you on the way out 
and demand some loot. He'll take anywere from 4000 to 5000. If you don't 
give him the cash, you'll have to fight.
If you agree that a forceful situation is needed, you can return to Zaton 
and hire Hatchet and his friends to storm the base and 
rescue Mitay.
If you agree that a forceful situation is needed, and offer to do the dirty 
work yourself, head on down to the Container place yourself and kill 
everything there that's stupid enough to shoot at you.
5.9 Securing the Supply Dump: Yanov. If you didn't sell the PDA of Morgan 
the Trader to Owl, you can sell it to Duty or Freedom. Whoever you sell it 
to will become friendly after this mission, if you succeed. Head on over to 
the supply dump as shown on your PDA, and make sure that whoever you 
supported wins the fight. The actual supply dump is underground, in a 
tunnel under one of the trailers. Take what you want and head on out.
5.10 Helping Strider: North of the Container complex. There is a large 
squad of neutral Monolith fighters hanging around right next to a little 
lake. Their leader, Strider wants a way for them to safely get to Yanov. 
If you did 5.9, agree to help him and talk to the leader of whatever faction 
you supported. They'll agree to send recruiters. Your reward is a larger 
factional boost to the faction you helped, and you can get Strider to join 
you on the Road to Pripyat.
5.11 Oasis: Scientist Bunker. Ozersky asks you to help with finding an 
urban legend among Stalkers. Agree. Head on down to the Ventilation 
Complex. West of it, down a small hill, is a little building. There are 6 
zombies just inside the building. There are hamsters all around inside 
of it. Take the tunnels inside the building, fighting your way up. You 
will eventually get to a room fullof columns, with a single exit. This is 
the puzzle of the Oasis, and the answer changes each game. Just walk 
under each row of columns until you get one in each row that is 
emitting electricity. Step under every one that is sparking to unlock 
Oasis. Save, take out your mutant weapon, and grab the artifact. A 
few pseudodogs rush you. Kill them and take the ladder out. You now 
have a choice. Personally, I kept the artifact. The mission doesn't end 
unless you give the artifact to Ozersky, but he only gives you 7000 for it.
If you keep it and use it, you never need to eat again, it heals you, it 
restored endurance, and it stops your bleeding. 
5.12 Helping Garry: Scientist Bunker. There is a stalker in the bunker 
that mentions being bored. Offer to help him. He'll ask for a Kobolok and 
a Meat Chunk. Sell them to him for 5000 and a few stash locations. He'll 
also later give you a Bubble artifact when you meet him in Pripyat.
5.13 Helping Scientists: Scientist Bunker. Talk to Hermann. He'll ask 
you to find a mystery artifact. Agree, go outside, and talk to Topol. He'll 
lead you to a tunnel. Inside are three zombies. Kill them and go to the 
left, where there's a tunnel that leads to where you want to go. Be careful 
in here, as there are a lot of lightning anomalies, and a moving anomaly 
that has a high chance of killing you. There is also a lot of ammo and 
the like in this place. Keep moving until you get to the end, where 
there is a mutated insular sitting there looking evil. Grab it and open 
the door to get out. There is a controller taking over the squad. Kill it 
quickly, before it has a chance to do anything to the squad. Talk to 
Topol and he'll tell you all to get out. Do so, talk to him again, and let 
him take you back. Talk to Hermann again for your reward.
5.13.1 Placing Scanners: Talk to Hermann about helping him again, and 
he'll mention something about placing scanners. Agree, and he'll send 
you to Novikov to get them. This is really straightforward: walk to the 
marked anomaly fields and place the scanners where they need to be. 
You'll get prompted to drop them, you don't have to do it from the 
inventory. Go back to the base when you plant all three of them. You 
can talk to Hermann whenever you want to see if there are anomalies 
there, or you can check your PDA by hovering over the anomolous area 
until something pops up.
5.13.2 Placing more Scanners and Taking Samples: You can do both of 
these at the same time, assuming you pick up the scanners before you 
ask about the Samples. Agree to help with both, then talk to Topol. Go to 
Fen first. He'll take you to the anomalous swamp. Kill the mutants there 
and place the scanner before more can rush you. Defend the Stalkers as 
they slowly take samples. There will be several waves of boars and 
fleshes. Occasionally another Stalker squad spawns right next to you, and 
they might help kill the mutants. When Topol and his group get finished, 
talk to him and take him to Kopachy, to the Ash Heap. Place the scanner 
in the middle before zombies can start spawning. That done, watch the 
village for any zombies coming at you. They'll spawn in the village and 
walk through the building or around the destroyed building to get to you. 
A sniper can make quick work of them. Talk to Topol again when he's 
done, and let him take you back. Talk to Hermann for a small reward. 
5.13.3 Testing the Hypothesis: Talk to Ozersky about his hypothesis 
about the mutants. He'll give you a scanner and point you to the Bitumen 
anomaly. Place the scanner in the center, and if you're rearing for a fight 
and don't mind your armor getting damaged by the fire, stick around. If 
you want to you watch something funny, run up one of the rivets that 
lead up to the cliff overlooking the anomaly. Several snorks will rush 
to the area, some coming from the cliffs where you're at, and will start 
wandering around the area. Some will get too close to the anomalies 
and either explode or get caught on fire. When you get tired of watching, 
head on down and mop up the survivors. Pick up the scanner when 
they're all dead and head on back. Give the scanner to Ozersky and he'll 
give you some easy scratch. While you're there, Topol and his boys should 
have some new duds, and they'll give you some meds for thanks.
5.13.4 Testing the new Scanners: Talk to Hermann about the anomaly 
scans, and he'll ask you to take a Svarog detector and search the cooling 
tower. If you got the detector from 3.12, this is easy. Otherwise, you'll 
have to buy one from Hermann. He might have one on him, or he might 
not. It's random. Get one and head over to the cooling tower. You know 
something's up as soon as you get there by the radio chatter you hear. 
Take out the scanner and up up the stairs to the platform. The spatial
anomaly will start to disrupt and it will spew several bodies and guns out. 
Take what guns you want and search the body of General Techenka. Sell 
the PDA to Freedom, Duty, or Owl. Tell Hermann what happened for 
some easy cash.
5.13.5 Finding documents: Talk to Hermann again, and he'll ask you to 
find some documents in the Jupiter Plant. Your PDA points right to them. 
Save and grab them. You'll run into 7 mercs on the way back out, who 
will try to kill you. Disuade them from that notion by forceful 
counterarguments and take the PDA of the leader. Head on back to the 
Bunker and show the documents and the PDA to Hermann.
5.13.6 Finding Protectors: Talk to Hermann again and offer to find him 
people to protect him. There are 4 choices: You can offer the job to Duty, 
Freedom, Hatchet the mercenary, or, if you sided with Beard and 
Spartacus survived in missions 3.10 and 3.11, Spartacus. The scientists 
most prefer Hatchet, but Duty and Freedom get factional boosts if you give 
the job to them.
5.14 Strelok's stashes: North of the Ash Heap. If you go through the Ash 
Heap anomaly, you can find a downed UAV. Search it for the blackbox. 
You have a few choices here. If you're reading this FAQ, you can sell the 
black box, unblocked, to Owl for some easy cash. If you're lazy, you can 
get Nitro to crack it. Doing this, however, means all the stashes inside 
it are instantly cleared. Nitro sends Senka to get all the stuff out of them, 
besides the notes. When you search all three of them, they're empty of 
everything but the notes. However, you can find Senka's corpse near the 
last one you search, and it will have everything on them. You could also 
get Novikov to crack the black box for you, which will give you the 
locations of all three of them. Either way, you can sell the unblocked 
black box to Owl for a reduced price. It doesn't matter in what order you 
search the stashes in. Their contents modify according to which order 
you do them. You will get the same things in each game, but the first 
container will always have what the first container had, and the third 
will always have Strelok's gun in it. If you keep the notes, Strelok will 
have extra HP in the finale. You could also sell them to Owl for a small 
amount of cash.
On top of the big cutter at the quarry. If you climb the tree next to the 
cutter, you can jump from it to the top. The stashis in a backpack on 
the floor inside the little control room.
Under the cement factory. If you come at the cement factory from the 
swamps, there is an area under it full of chemical anomalies.The stash 
is to the right, inside a little tunnel. You have to crouch to get inside.
In the Jupiter facility. There is a place outside the main building in 
the facility that has a bunch of chemical anomalies under it. I don't 
really know how to describe it other than that. The stash is inside a pipe 
head in the part of that area with the anomalies.
5.15 Freemform Jupiter notes: Jupiter Facility. All around the facility, 
there are random notes and folders contain information. You can sell 
these to Owl or Duty/Freedom. 


6. Pripyat: You get there at a rather volatile time. The military is getting 
weaker by the day and Monolith keeps attacking them. You'll be taken 
straight to their base, where the commander will task you with helping 
a squad with an "ambush." You won't be able to leave until you do this 
6.1 Hospital

Kovalsky will first tell you to take one of his squads and ambush a group
of Monolith soldiers. Talk to the squad leader and he'll take you to the
hospital. You set up for the ambush and take out the 3 Monolith soldiers.
Save before you search the bodies. Go down, search them, and pretend to
be surprised when you get ambushed. Your sniper is killed instantly, and 
a load of Monolith fighters jump you. There is a man up on the corner of 
the tall building to the left of where the Monolith fighters rush out, 
preaching the message of Monolith. When he gets done, he'll use his 
Gauss rifle to gun down the members of the squad. Take him out before 
he finishes preaching, or you might be his first target. 

Try to keep as much of the squad alive as you can. They'll be a great help 
in the finale. When all the Monolith are dead, go grab the mystery weapon 
from the dead preacher and return to base. Talk to Kovalsky and tell him 
about the weapon. When you get done talking, someone on the radio pipes 
up about seeing things. Kovalsky asks you to look for his men. We'll deal 
with the rifle first.
6.2 The Gauss Rifle

Talk to Garry, who will now be the guide between Pripyat and Jupiter. 
He'll give you a Bubble if you helped him in Jupiter. Ask him to take you 
back to Yanov. He should do so for free, but might charge if you didn't help 
him. Once there, get Pilot to take you back to Zaton.

Once there, show the weapon to Cardan. He'll pass out. Rest for a few 
hours and talk to him again. He'll give you a passcard to a bunker under 
the iron forest anomaly. Take it and go enter the bunker. There are a lot 
of zombies in there, some with RP-74's.

After you deal with all the zombies, save. Continue on down through the 
bunker, and you'll run into a pseudogiant. If you're fast, you can run away 
by climbing up the right ladder, or going up the stairs. Kill it if you want, 
but it takes around 30 shotgun shells point blank from a full upgraded 
Carabiner or Eliminator.

Your objective is the ventilation ducts. One of them has a hole in it that
 you can drop into that leads to where you need to be. Go through them 
and grab the documents. A small cutscene will ensue. 

Go out through the stairs. Return to Cardan and give him his card back. 
He'll also take a few hours to fix up the gun. Let him do so. He can now 
make home made batteries, though they aren't as good as the regular 
batteries. If you do this mission and the mission at 3.4, he's cured of 
alcoholism and will give you a large discount.

He'll give you another card to a lab X8. We'll put this mission on hold 
until after mission 7.2, as you can get some good gear from the lab after 
this mission.
6.3 The Missing Recon Squad

Easy as cake. Just go to where the squad was, and you'll get a small 
cutscene. Loot the bodies if you want.
6.4 The Book Store

Not so easy. Kolvalsky will tell you to go pick up the men he sent you, who 
will turn out to be Vano and Sokolov, if they survived. Take them to the 
bookstore. Kill everything that decides to shoot at you, which should be 
anything there that isn't your men.

Examine the pile of trash at the end and you'll get a cutscene. When 
you're ready, just leave. The surviving men will go to the base.

Head on back to the base. Garry should pull you aside and tell you about 
some Mercs. This opens 7.2.
6.5 The Sentry

Some time after you do 6.4, Kovalsky will call you when you leave the 
base and ask you to look for a missing sentry. Go the the spot marked 
and look around. You'll find the sentry, shooting at nothing. He'll die 
and a controller will step out. Kill it for a cutscene.
6.6 The Lab

This takes you to the Yubilieny Service Center. There are quite a few 
zombies and Monolith fighters in this building. Try to clear each floor as 
you go up, otherwise as soon as you get seen you will have a load of 
zombies coming at you from behind. You should find a dead body near 
the top floor, and it will have a PDA on it. Grab it to sell to Owl later. 
Move on and look for a generator. If you're lazy, like me, jump down the 
hole. The fall damage isn't all that much, and if you're lucky you'll land 
on one of the side grates, and you can use the ladders to get down.

Whatever you do, get to the elevator on the first floor and take it to the 

Personally, I bloody hate this place. There are 4 burers, a poltergeist, a 
few snorks, a few hamsters, and for a great ending, there's a controller 
there at the end if you find all the documents. There's even several 
bloody anomalies in this place.

There are a total of 6 documentsin this place. It's impossible to describe 
the locations in this place, as it's basically a maze, so explore. If you got 
the keycard from 7.2, the room it opens is to the right of the big door as 
soon as you get inside. 

If you decided to find them all, you'll get a mention of them in the game 
6.7 The Kindergarten

*After you finish this mission, you are in Pripyat until you beat the game*

When you return to Kovalsky again, he'll ask you to find another squad 
that went missing, and to investigate a signal. Do so, and you'll find 
(surprise) another dead military squad. Grab the explosives and you'll get 
a cutscene. Take them to the kindergarten and use them to blow up a 
door. Just walk up to the correct door and you'll be prompted to use them.

There is some loot in here, but nothing all that great. There is also a 
poltergeist in here that you need to kill. Continue on through to the end 
of the building. Destroy the garbage pile with a few grenades. You'll get 
another message to find the source of a sound you hear. 

Jump down the hole you made and open the fridge and out pops a medic. 
He'll take you back to base.
6.8 The Moving Signal

Easy as pie. When you get back to base, you'll talk to Kovalsky. You'll get 
interrupted and you'll have to follow a signal. Do so. It shows up clear as 
day on your mini map. After it starts to move, you'll realize it's 
underground, then you'll have to rush back to base.

When you get to the base, a cutscene happens where you meet Strelok. 
After the cutscene, give him his stash letters if you have them. This 
increases his health.
6.9 The Finale

Wait for the emission to end. When it does, you'll get another cutscene. 
After it, talk to Kovalsky and tell him to move out. You'll all go outside. If 
you have a sniper rifle, look to the left and start picking off the hiding 
zombies. You'll be fighting a running battle all the way to the top of the 
map, so kill everything you can as soon as you can. You'll be fighting 
zombies and snorks until you get to the last area. 

At one point, you'll get hit with some severe psy damage. If the medic 
is still alive, he'll start crying. Talk to him to calm him down, and he'll 
get up and keep fighting.

When you get to the end, you just have to survive and kill everything 
that isn't one of yours. Snipers pop up on roofs and they spawn to the 
left and right. The military that is holding the square has snipers who 
are really helpful, but they can't do everything. 

After a short while, a cutscene starts and you are given the option to leave 
or stay. If you stay, you'll have to kill everything else. You can leave the 
zone at any time by talking to Garry. 

When you do leave, you'll get the credits.


7. Pripyat misc missions

7.1 Saving Zulu: School. If Zulu survived the road to Pripyat, he'll be at 
the school, fighting snorks. If you keep him alive, he'll follow you to the 
military base and give you his gun. Then he'll sit in the base until you 
leave, whereupon he'll travel with Garry to Yanov. After you beat the 
game and go into free roam mode, if he survived there will be squads of 
Duty men wandering about in Pripyat.
7.2 One Shot: Laundromat. After 6.4, Garry will tell you about some Mercs
who he was guiding. Tell Kovalsky, who will send you out with a random 
military guy. Your job is to snipe at least one of the leaders down there. I 
suggest using a modded sniper rifle, if you have one, but the one you're 
given is suitable. Move out of the room you're left in, and look out the 
hallway window to the left of it. Soon, a squad of mercs will come out. A 
little bit later, a squad of scientists come out. Kill the leader of the 
scientists, and if possible the merc leader. If you shoot at the merc, an 
RPG round will come shooting at the room you were in. Head down and 
loot the bodies, taking the red pass card from the scientist.

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