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 Star Command Deluxe Guide

Star Command Deluxe Guide

			   Star Command Deluxe Guide
				  By Lord Zero			
				   Version 1.4

1.- File History.
2.1.- Intro.
2.2.- Review of the game.
3.- About this File.
4.- Game Overview.
5.- The Races.
5.1.- Terrans.
5.1.1.- Ships.
5.1.2.- Droids.
5.1.3.- Stations.
5.2.- Computrons.
5.2.1.- Ships.
5.2.2.- Droids.
5.2.3.- Stations.
5.3.- Nomads.
5.3.1.- Ships.
5.3.2.- Droids.
5.3.3.- Stations.
5.4.- Triumvirate.
5.4.1.- Ships.
5.4.2.- Droids.
5.4.3.- Stations
6.- Key Commands.
7.- Credits.
8.- Legal stuff.


1.-File History.

-0.1 Start of the File.

-1.0 First released version. Everything expected was up.

-1.1 Added special abilities of each ship.
Added the Mothership to the list (Duh).
Added the key commands.
Added something I noticed but seems to be an "undocumented feature".
Expanded the review since it seems to me to be a bit shallow.
Fixed serious mistakes with the Computron Comdroid and the Triumvirate 

-1.2 Fixed a massive levels mistake.

-1.3 Copyright changed. (08/24/2001, 21:08)

-1.4 Changed my email (10/29/2002, 17:05)


2.1.- Intro.

Star Command Deluxe was a RTS game released back in 1998 by Metropolis 
Digital. It was an update of Star Command Rebellion (Or Revolution?).

The game went more or less unknown by most people, but there were a handful of
us who grabbed the Demo and played it to death (Read section 3 for an 
important note), and I have to say, while it's a bit limited on the variety
side, this was a good effort to get out of the "Mine gold-ore, build ogres
or tanks, rush the hell out of the enemy" normal strategy for most RTS games.

Trust me, this game isn't better than Warcraft II or Starcraft, even Red 
Alert, but it's very different and fun. Yes, probably a new "ME TOO" 
production, but indeed a good one.


2.2.- Review of the Game.

So you want to know about this game? I've read FAQs to know about a game, 

Graphics: 8/10
Each race has bright designs for each ship, and it's easy to regconize them
apart, which is good, unlike Red Alert's infantry units (argh). There's a
little problem which is that the Terrans, Computrons and Nomads structures
are very similar. It's not as bad as it sounds, actually, but it's the only
marked flaw you may find.

Sound Effects: 7/10.
Good. Each race has different voice actors, the Computrons sound very...
computer like, the Terrans voice is almost soothing, the Nomad sound like a
war civilization, and the Triumvirates are cool.
However, even with each race having many speeches, sometimes they sound
too humourous, especially the Terrans and the Triumvirates.
The gun effects are satisfactory, as the rest of the sounds. Gets 7 because
there is a lot of variety, which is something I appreciate very much.

Music: 10/10
I love it! Very much Star Wars-style. Great. At first most of them would sound
the same, but after awhile is a change from most RTS out there (Still, "Hell
March" from Red Alert and the whole Warcraft II music are my favorites)

Gameplay: 8/10

Well, this isn't Starcraft, and is maybe a bit short on the variety side,
but everywhere else is good. You will like it. Trust me.
All races are equal, each one having dominance on a side of the strategic
side, but are weak on the other end. The Nomads, as example, simply 
erradicate anything with a massive strike, but, with intelligent manouvering,
and correct use of droids, they are easy targets.
The pace on multiplayer games is fast, and it's important to have different
strategies at hand, because a human opponent is probably going to take
the same advantages that you could take.
The AI is a little flawed, and it's heavily marked on three difficulty levels.
Level 1 is too easy, but 2 and 3 can get impossibles, and you need to
be really fast to survive. Something I would wish was to have an FFA against
three computer players, but seeing that even in Starcraft that wasn't
present from the beggining, we couldn't even think about it anyway.

Overall: 8/10.


3.- About this File.

I'm sure this guide works with Star Command Revolution(or Rebellion?) as 

This guide was based on the Demo Version of the game. It's a long history,
since I haven't been able to play this game since 1999, because the CD got
scratched or something, and this game wasn't able to run. Days ago, I 
managed to install it, and have been played since non-stop.

I haven't played the full version, but from what I have heard and seen, 
it's basically the same thing, with more maps, cinematics and those 
kinds of things.

I decided to make this guide because I couldn't find ANY info about this 
game on the net. (Except the little reviews for SC Rebellion- or Revolution?-)

Take this guide as a Multiplayer guide, as it is, basically. It's based on
my experiences when I played it on the net, as we held apocalyptic battles,
and I believe this game can be as fun as Starcraft, but much more simpler.

Anyway, onto the guide.


4.- Game Overview.

Star Comman Deluxe (SCD) played a bit differently from most RTS. Instead
of Gold, Ore or anything like it, you collect four types of catalysts (One 
for each race) and one main resource, Solinite.

This one is the most important, and looks like gray wrenchs. The other kinds
are related to the color of each race (Triumvirate=Green, Terrans= Blue,
Computrons=Purple, Nomads=Red).

Each race has a distinct advantage and one small weakness, as one big 
defensive advantage over another race. This doesn't means that the Terrans,
who have the defensive advantage over the Computrons because of the Tech 
Fixer, can easily beat a Computron fleet. Indeed, they have the upper hand,
but not the advantage.

You can chose to start with one race, but you will get to build each race
technology as soon as your current race is on the top of its tech tree, and
so when you finish the next one. After awhile you will be able to build every
tech and unit, which is sometimes the key of victory. In my personal
strategies, I am very picky when using other races, as I ussually play with
the Triumvirates. When the situation calls, however, it is your choice.

Each ship has four systems:

-Shield: This one show how much damage can take a ship or station before it
goes down. This is the most critical stat, but not the most important. The
Computrons have the upper hand with it, as they are the only race which can
repair it.

-Engine: This one shows the current power of the ship's engines, or shows
the defensive power of the stations (I think). When it's lowered, the
ships starts failing with their engines, and will start being more sloopy, 
and to fly a lot slower. This is the most important stat in the long game,
as crippled engines can simply be too annoying to stand it.

-Tech: This one is not damage-related, it's the only one which does not 
affect the ship (This only seems to affect Ships) until it's totally
down. This calculates the damage that the unit can take before it loses
any special properties. As far as I know, the only units affected are the
Nomad Bomb Droids (Do not explode), the Nomad Ships (Their rate of fire
is crippled) and the Cloaker (I think, they lose their cloak ability).

-Control: This shows how loyal is an unit or attack stations (Does not
affect non-combat stations) to its current owner. When it's totally down,
the unit becomes a members of the enemy's forces which were attacking it.
This is a very nasty stat to manage, but it's rarely exploited.

Carefully monitoring these stats is important. These are fixed at lv.1,
but every ship or droid levels up when in combat, or being trained at the
Academy(Or its equivalent on any race)(Only to lv.4), and as far as I
know, is only until lv.7. You can shoot Targets to level up, also.

Level up makes your units have better stats. The Triumvirate's Omni-Repair  
can also improve your stats.

They only way you have to collect resources is the Mothership. The Mothership
has max stats, and all stations have to be built near her. Guard her well,
as she's the only one you will have.

You can control two kinds of attack units: Ships and Droids. Ships are 
usually better, but are more expensive, and the Droids are smaller, and
with some ability, they can dodge enemy fire, and are a good element for
some situations- it's important to know them as well as the ships.

Usually, the ships have different system levels reflecting their strenghts:
as example, the Nomads have the biggest engine system.


5.- The Races.

Notes on Abilities: When the ability is between these things "()" is because
is not shown in the status window. The Level when the unit learns the new
ability (If any) is between these other things "[]".
"Inmune" Means that the droid automatically avoids getting targeted by the
ship or station (Whatever it's inmune to). Stray Bullets can hit it, but, 
that's pretty hard.
"Double Shot" and "Triple Shot" actually means that the ship gains the
ability to hit twice or thrice as hard as before. Natch. (That's why a
single Triumvirate Devastator is able to outclass any ship in the game
in one on one combat. The next ship able to do it is the Computron
I'll let you guess what does "Quad Shot" do. (However, the Roc 4 is not
as nearly as powerful as a Penetrator)

5.0.- Mothership: The mothership is the most important ship in the game.
She will collect resources, and without her, you can't build any station.
Luckily, she's quite resistant.

5.1.- Terrans.

The Terrans are, indeed, the weakest fleet in the game. However, they 
compensate this weakness with many abilities, and they are the only race to
damage control systems, allowing you to steal ships from your enemies. Also,
they have some of the most reliable ships in the game.

5.1.1.- Ships.

a)Explorer: This is the basic scout ship for the Terrans. It's one of the
fastest ships in the game, and in higher levels becomes a good Mothership
chaser. Can target packed Solinite.
Abilities: *Target Solinite, Guided, [Level 7] Double Shot, (Shield 

b)Tech Fixer: This is the repair ship for the Terrans. It's usually best
combined with the Nomad attack units, as they are very vulnerable to tech
damage, which is the stat this unit regains. 
Abilities: *Tech Repair.

c)Switcher: This extremely fast (and ugly) ship is able to switch locations
with friendly ships or stations, as long as they have the same size, namely
any ship or droid expect the Carriers, or attack stations including the
Omni-Fighter but excluding the Foldspacer.
It's usually just better to buy Rocs 4 or Infiltrators to break thru the
enemy base than to use these, as I never saw anyone using them too much.
I have been using them lately, but only for desperate attacks.
NOTE FROM VERSION 1.1: So there. There's an important use for these: Use
them to throw surprise strikes with stations, specially Nomad Mass-Drivers 
and Omni-Fighters. It's not very effective most of the time, but, hey,
my work is too find an use for it ^_^.
Abilities: *Swap Locations with friendly ship or station.

d)Nuker: This ship shots a powerful blast which totally obliterates enemy
structures, and has splash damage. Against enemy ships or droids does decent
damage, but the blast it's very slow, and the Nuker is slow as hell. Still,
it has good shield stats, which makes it a resistant unit- just don't
send it into any heated battle, specially is any Triumvirate unit is near.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Radial Blast, Stations.

e)ROC 4: This ship is one of the best of the game. At the final level, it
fires four (!) simultaneous guided rockets which deals a good ammount of
shield damage to the infortunate enemy. However, it's weak, and until you
actually shoot the four rockets, this unit is most likely to be outclassed
by Spreadfires or Devastators.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Guided, [Level 5]Double Shot, [Level 6]Triple
Shot, [Level 7] Quad Shot.

f)Infiltrator: The core of the Technology of the Terrans, this unit deals
heavy control damage to enemy units. A group of these units can give you
free units with ease. The problem is: The blast is SLOOOOOW, they are even
slower, and usually, the newly adquired unit is destroyed in the middle of
the mayhem. A good use for the Switcher or the Teleportal.
Abilities: *Control Damage.

g)Infiltrator Carrier: As any other carrier, this unit carries three little
hunters which chase down enemy units showering with Control damage. This
unit can be used with success into converting enemy stations, and it's a
good defensive resort. It's more expensive than any other ship, but it's
worth it, if you know how to use it.
Abilities: *Fighters, Control Damage.

5.1.2.- Droids.

a)M-160: This droid is simple, cheap and fast, and has good range. Good for
harder maps where resources are scarce. As a General Rule, the Droids are
not as reliable as the Ships, but since SCD is a game which focuses so much
into resource management, a good commander can use a legion of droids to
dominate anyone- The M-160 it's quite possible the best stand-alone droid.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Guided, (Long Range).

b)Special Ops: This unit sounds better than it is. It does a hell of a lot
of damage to other droids, but it is next to useless when facing any other
unit. By any means, the Computron's EMP launcher is by far better, but this 
is the perfect enemy against masses of Triumvirates Evasers.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Long Range, Droids.
NOTE: Actually, there's a bug that tends to show that from level 2 until
level 5 that the Special Ops doesn't has any Long Range. That's wrong, 
of course.

5.1.3.- Stations.

a)Terran Base: This is the first structure you can build. Here you can build
any ship, and it lowers recharge time for your Mothership.

b)Academy: The academy trains any unit next to it. The mothership, when
attached to it, it learns more and more Terran tech, and combat units can
upgrade until lv.4. This is an important structure, so keep it out of

c)Target: This structure can be shot by friendly units, and this increases
level. This shouldn't be used unless you have a couple of Computron's 
Shield DOCs, and using the Triumvirate's Omni-Repair is a huge advantage
with it, so you can have your units to level 7 without having to get them
to real combat.

d)Droid HQ: This station trains Droids.

e)StatCon: This station is the dock for the Controller, the special ability
of the Terrans.

f)Controler: This is an special missile, which travels to the selected
location and deals huge Control Damage to the unit caught in the area
of effect. This is very hard to connect, as most people tend to move their
units around when they hear the distinctive sound. However, if you see
your enemy clustering their units in their base, this is a good surprise
attack- happened to me once ^_^, but lucky me, the conection was too 
messed up, and the game ended ^_^.
Now, it would be probably the point of the joke "All your base are belong
to us" -_^.

g)Missile Base: This station shoots long range missiles. It's powerful,
and can take out enemy attack stations without any scratch.

Bassically, the Terrans are made for quick and decisive attack, since the
have the weakest units in the game, and their droids SUCK to the highest 
hell you may think of. The Infiltrators and the ROCs 4 are the best units
out of their ranks. Controling enemy units is a quite useful way to sewn
confusion on the enemy files, however, and combined with a couple of
good Computrons Penetrators, this army can bring hell.

5.2.- Computrons.

The Computrons have some of the most feared units in the game, and their
main power is the Shield DOC, which makes its units last one helluva lot
of time. This is one of the most popular races.

5.2.1.- Ships.

a)XPLR: The XPLR is the fastest unit in the game, but it's so weak that
it's rarely used. Myself don't use scout units, as their only real use
is to open packed Solinite.
Abilities: *Target Solinite, Guided, [level 7]Double Shot, (Shield 

b)Shield DOC: The most important unit in the Computron Fleet. This unit
repairs shield damage, and since the best units in the game mostly deal
Shield damage (as is, actually, the stat which determines if your units
are alive or dead), its power is huge. For this only unit I use the
Computron's tech.
Abilities: *Shield Repair.

c)Reflex Weapon: This destructive ship shots one shot for EVERY unit
in range. This makes it a very annoying ship to face, especially when
you are at defense, but its power is not as huge as some may think, as
it only deals little damage. A fleet of Reflex Weapons can easily destroy
a equal number of enemy ships- as long as they have no splash damage.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Multi Shot Reflex.

d)Tech Disruptor: Important weapon against the Nomads. This unit deals
a lot of tech damage, and it makes the whole Nomad Armada sitting ducks,
and so, if you are facing nomad, this should be an important part of your
Abilities: *Tech Damage, [Level 7]Double Shot.

e)EMP Launcher: This weapon is designed to eat droids for lunch. It not
only has Splash Damage, damages droid's shields heavily, but also deals
tech damage- Nomad Bomb Droid are useless. However, the best Droid is
unnaffected by this ship, the Triumvirate Evaser.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Radial Blast, (Tech damage)Droids

f)Penetrator (Hmmm...): This is the main battleship of the Computrons.
At higher levels, this units are unstopable, as they shot twice, and
deal heavy piercing damage. A powerful weapon.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, [Level 3]Shield Piercer, [Level 7] Double

g)Disruptor Carrier: I don't like this Carrier. It's defensive uses
are inexistent, and to attack, the Tech Damage isn't a plus. IMHO, the
worst Carrier of the game.
Abilities: *Fighters, Tech Damage.

5.2.2.- Droids.

a)Comdroid: This droid deals tech damage at lv.4. This cheap and quick
Droid is a good defensive unit for desperate times.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Guided, [Level 4]Tech Damage.

b)Scrabler: This droid is can't be targeted by any station. This is
ugly, when you leave your base with six Mass-Drivers, and this little
brat enters and destroys your whole base ^_^, however, this unit is
very weak, and it's easily destroyed.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Station Inmune.

5.2.3.- Stations:

a)Computron Base: This is the first structure you can build. Here you can build
any ship, and it lowers recharge time for your Mothership.

b)Programming: The academy trains any unit next to it. The mothership, when
attached to it, it learns more and more Computron tech, and combat units can
upgrade until lv.4. This is an important structure, so keep it out of

c)Teleportal: This station transport any friendly unit to the location of
the portal. Useful when you don't want to lose a certain unit and can bring
it back home with it.

d)Droid Factory: This station builds droids.

e)Foldspacer: This station shots a powerful splash charge with heavily
damages enemy shields. This unit is BIG and it's very vulnerable, but
its powers are beyond limits.

f)Foldspace: This ability transports the Foldspacer to any location
previously explored. Be careful where you send it, as it may be caught in
a dangerous area. However, using this unit is an effective part of the
Computron strategy, as it can provide powerful extra firepower to your
armadas, usually changing the tide of the battle. Useless against the

g)Techpost: This station fires tech damage discharges which looks
really cool, but unfortunately, it's nearly useless even against the
Nomads, since it's too slow to defened with efficience a huge enemy
force. I usually go for Tech Disruptors and Disruptor Carriers for
defense, instead of using this one.

The Computrons relies mainly on its Shield DOC and its Reflex Weapon
for powerful and quick strikes against the enemy, messing it up-
completely. However, the Computrons are quite weak against the 
Triumvirates and the Terrans, the first ones simply overwhelm them with
their engine damage, and the second can repair tech damage, and are
nearly unaffected by it. Still, a powerful tech tree made this one a

5.3.- Nomads.

The Nomads have the most destructive ships in the game, as they have
the ultra-advanced Mass Driver technology (Basically, a simple rapid
fire weapon systems). Another popular race, just for simpleness sake.

5.3.1.- Ships.

a)Scout: The scout is a simple guided ship, which can crack open
packed solinite. Useless as any other scout ship in the game.
Abilities: *Target Solinite, Guided, [Level 7])Double Shot,(Shield 

b)Engine Repair: This one saves games! Repairing engines is almost
the same that winning a game against a Triumvirate fleet. It is
extemely dangerous to have crippled engines, and this one is a very
important ship to have.
Abilities: *Engine Repair.

c)Droid Launcher: An interesting unit. The Droid Launcher is sort
of a vehicle for Droid. Simply right-click on a droid, and it will
be on the Launcher. The use of this is that the Droid will still 
fire, but it will be defended by the stats of the ship- and this
ship has VERY good stats, and it's very fast. However, it's hard to
manouver it to get the droid shooting, and it's not actually as 
useful, its only use it's to send Bomb Droid right in the middle
of the enemy base, with right-clicking on the desired location,
as long as it's withing range.
Abilities: *Right click on target friendly droid (Right click
again on target location to send)

d)Spreadfire: A powerful ship. This unloads a massive rapid-fire
burst which seriously damages any ship in the game. The Shield DOC
is not able to counter this ship effectively, which makes it your
best asset against the Computrons. However, it's very unnacurate,
and it's usually the breakfast of a group of Triumvirate Evasers.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Rapid Fire.

e)Rifleman: An slightly different version of the above. This shoots
the same bullets as the Spread fire, but it only shoots about one
bullet per .75 seconds. However, it has nearly twice the range of the
Spreadfire. I don't really use them, but, anyway, I hardly use the 
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Rapid Fire, Long Range.

f)Point Laser: This unit counters enemy fire with its laser. At low
levels it will hardly counter a couple of shots, but at final levels
its almost impossible to get around a couple of these ones without 
some serious manouvering. It is, however, useless against the 
Omni-Fighter, and has a hard time blocking Mass-Driverss, but it's
an important ship for the Nomads.
Abilities: *Enemy Projectiles, Enemy Fighters.

g)NOM Carrier: This carrier has three little ships armed with 
Mass-Drivers, and this really spreads destruction around. However,
seems to be the weakest Carrier in close quarters, and Droids can
simply walk around it without problems.
Powerful in Carrier Vs Carrier situations.
Abilities: *Fighters, Shield Damage.

5.3.2.- Droids.

a)Battlemech: Useless, as the Bomb Droid. Actually, both Terrans
and Nomads can live without their Droids, except when the dreaded 
Triumvirates come with their evil Evasers ^_^. In battle, this
is the strongest Droid, however.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Guided.

b)Bomb Droid: Yes, it's nearly useless. Nearly. In fact, the Bomb 
Droid has unlimited uses, but myself and many of the opponents I have
faced can't seem to get them work. Anyway, the Bomb Droid fire a 
single shield damage shot, which is not very destructive, but not very
weak either, and if it has any tech when it's destroyed, it explodes
dealing shield damage around it. Personally, I won't recomend them unless
you make a BIG, and I mean very BIG legion of these, and a corresponding
legion of Launchers. Then rain them into enemy bases.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Self destruct.

5.3.3.- Stations.

a)Nomad Base: This is the first structure you can build. Here you can build
any ship, and it lowers recharge time for your Mothership.

b)Battle School.: The academy trains any unit next to it. The mothership, when
attached to it, it learns more and more Nomad tech, and combat units can
upgrade until lv.4. This is an important structure, so keep it out of

c)Bomb: This structure is one of the good points of this race. It explodes.
Yes, its only use is to explode. But it deals an incredible ammount of
shield damage. Combined with the Terran Switcher, it is known for causing
massive destruction upon unsuspecting enemy stations. However, it takes
up all your production, so be careful.

d)Droid Builder: This station builds droids (duh).

e)Torpedo Base: This station allows you to send torpedos.

f)Torpedos: The torpedos are some serious thing to face. Unless you are
Nomad and have a couple of Point Lasers around, this thing is really
annoying, as it can bring down stations and stranded Motherships. Once
I used them to bomb down a guy who was training their Triumvirates Evasers
on the Eduplex. Somebody said "Someone torpedoed his droids!". I smiled,
as his main force was nothing more than ashes, and especially smiled
because the guy would probably kick my sorry ass with them... These are
the times were you would consider it to use.
Probably, this would be now the point of jokes like "Someone set him up the 
bomb!" ^_^.

g)Mass-Driver: Mass-Driver = Carrier for desert. The Mass Driver is simply
put, the terror for Carrier and Foldspacer commanders. It's very weak 
against Droids, but against Stations and Carriers rules.

The Nomads are not a very strategic race: You go and make a massive force
made of Carriers and Spreadfires, and tell your enemies to kiss their
butts good-bye. The Nomads are the best in close quarters, and in the
early game, but later become obsolete and vulnerable, as the Triumvirates
and the Terrans get enough levels to get the ships to their point, and
the Computrons get enough catalyst to build a massive Reflex Weapon

5.4.- Triumvirates.

The main strength of the Tri is that they damage Engines. This is a very
big asset. Their other best point is also their weak point, and it's that
their units complement each other very well, but don't work very good
alone. My personal favorite race.

a)Tri Scout: The same as the other scouts. To open packed Solinite and
initial scouting.
Abilities: *Target Solinite, Guided, [Level 7] Double Shot, (Shield 

b)Remaster: This unit repairs control systems. This is an important counter
to Infiltrators and Infiltrartor Carriers, and if your enemy is relying
with this strategy, and couple of these units can seriously damage their
plans. The Control stat is usually very big, that's why it's so hard to
create a Controling-oriented strategy.
Abilities: *Control Repair.

c)Harraser: The unit with the longest range in the game. It does good
shield damage, and with its huge reach can be used in groups to bring
down several attack stations without taking damage. If Droids come around,
namely BattleMechs or, even worse, Evasers, get out of there.
Has the best shields out of the Tri-fleet.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Long Range, [Level 7] Engine Damage.

d)Cloaker: This is, as far as I know, the ship with the highest number of
abilities in the game. At first levels, it doesn't apears in the enemy's
minimap. This can be used with ease for very surprising strikes, usually
followed by a ridiculous number of defensive stations apearing on the
enemy's base = a waste of money for the enemy. And a good laugh for you. 
Second, at about lv.7, it starts dealing Engine Damage. And at lv.5, it 
has piercing shield damage.
And has a pretty good range. And looks damn cool. The Readme.txt file
that comes with the game says that it sacrifices weapon power, but, trust
me, it doesn't gets much better than this. The single most powerful, and
strategic-wise, better ship in the game- at least in my humble opinion.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Inviso Map, [Level 5]Shield Piercer, [Level 
7: (Engine Damage)]

e)Obliterator: The Obliterator deals good engine damage, and fire twice
at higher levels. Destruction Galore: Send about 6 Obliterators backed
with a couple of Carriers to inmobilize enemy units, then surprise them
with Cloakers or destroy them with Devastators. Remember what I told you
avout complementing each other? This is the power of the Triumvirates.
Abilities: *Engine Damage, [Level 4]Double Shot, [Level 7] Triple Shot.

f)Devastator: A truly devastating ship. This weapons shots up to three
powerful splash shield damaging discharges. This really spells DOOM
in capitals for enemy clusters, and, while competent in single
battles, really shines in big-scaled battles.
There's a point I don't understand  about this ship and it's that 
the blast it's supposed to affect nearly friendly units into
improving their control stats. However, it just doesn't seems to work
with me.
Abilities: *Plasma Graft, Shield Damage, [Level 4] Double Shot, 
[Level 7]Triple Shot.

g)Obliterati Carrier: And to finish the brilliant Triumvirate fleet,
the best carrier, only second to the Nomads NOM Carrier. This shots
Engine Damage hunters. Combined with Omni-Fighters and Harrassers,
can quickly bring a populated base down to its knees, ready to be
finished with any fighter ship. However, it does dismal shield damage,
and so, needs either Harrassers or Obliterators for close support.
Abilities: *Fighters, Engine Damage.


a)Oculoid: A simple Droid. It carries two good points: Engine Damage
at high levels, and bigger sight than any other Droid. I don't use
them, the Evasers are too good to use any other Droid.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Guided, [Level 4] Engine Damage, (Long

b)Evasers: So, you wanna know about the Evasers I have been talking
about so much? It's simple: It's inmune to ships.
That is. This screw ups so much that we used a rule that usually 
followed "FFA", "No inmune Droids". This was to keep Scramblers and
Evasers out of the game, but if someone used Scramblers nobody
complained, but Evasers were off-limits. The best Droid in the game.
It's WEAK, however.
Abilities: *Shield Damage, Ship Inmune.

5.4.3.- Stations.

a)Trium Base:This is the first structure you can build. Here you can build
any ship, and it lowers recharge time for your Mothership.

b)Eduplex: The academy trains any unit next to it. The mothership, when
attached to it, it learns more and more Triumvirate tech, and combat units can
upgrade until lv.4. This is an important structure, so keep it out of

c)Omni-Fighter: This is an stationary Carrier, more or less. It has very
long range, and, in combination with the Switcher, can be used to support
massive strikes.

d)Droidium: This station builds Droids.

e)Repair Matrix: This station allows you to use the Omni-Repair.

f)Omni-Repair: This ability upgrades all systems of any units touched
by the splash effect. It's a very useful thing, but you won't have the
time to used it as well as you would wish. If the enemy gives you a break,
and you have the resources to spare, use it on your most important
units. Works wonders with ROC 4, Nukers, Cloakers and Penetrators.

g)Obliteroid: This station fires three engine Damage discharges. Everything
metioned above about it applies here.

Even if I didn't tell you, you would easily know that this is my favorite
race ^_^. Yes, it's a powerful race, but the co-dependance of every ship
makes it hard to get along, and its the least destructive race of the
bunch. With good combinations, this race can overcome everyone with time.
But probably you won't have the time you would need to.


6.- Key Commands.

Space Bar               Centers main view screen on currently selected unit
Enter                   Centers main view screen on Mothership
ALT                     Display total number of resources and active players
ALT+(1-4)               Instruct all your units to not attack a player
CTRL+(left click)       Destroy target friendly station
Arrow Keys              Scroll main view screen
F1-F4                   Load saved unit selections
F5                      Toggle game speed
F9                      Toggle sound effects
SHIFT+(select on ship)  Add/subtract a unit from a group select
SHIFT+(move order)      Friendly units will wait for each other rather 
                        than passing
SHIFT+(target enemy)    Friendly units will charge in close to the 
                        target enemy
H                       Halt selected units
L                       Select last unit built
S                       Send mode


7.- Credits.

- Well, to MDI for this game. I don't know much about them, but with this game,
they deserve a hand.
- To Godsmack, the only band which sounded in my room for the past two days.
Pretty much a Metallica-Korn-Papa Roach combo, but a good one nonetheless.
- To CjayC for publishing this on his site.
- Me, dammit.
- And you! For taking the time for reading my rants about a good game who didn't
got the attention it deserved.


8.- Legal Stuff.

This file is owned by Lord Zero (

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2001-2002 By Lord Zero (

The last version can always be found in
                                           /  \
                        ______   ______    ||||         
                       <_____ \ <_____ \   ||||        ____
   __________________________\ \______\ \__||||______ / \  \
  /   Lord Zero (      / |||| / / /|   \ /\
 <      --------------------------------<  ||||/ / / |    < @
  \__________________________   ______   \_||||_/_/__|   / \/
                        _____/ / _____/ /  ||||       \_/__/     
                       <______/ <______/   ||||        

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