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 Star Control 2 & The Ur-Quan Masters

Star Control 2 & The Ur-Quan Masters



Written by:
Shadow Flash ( with help from
H4VoC (

 1. About
    - This FAQ
    - Authors
 2. History
 3. Walkthrough
    - Important Note!
    - In The Beginning
    - Mineral Raiding Sol
    - Forming Alliances (Part 1)
        - Melnorme
        - Pkunk
        - Spathi
        - Zoq-Fot-Pik & Arilou
    - Rainbow World Expidition
    - Forming Alliances (Part 2)
        - Shofixti
        - Orz
        - Slylandro
        - Yehat
    - Repairing The Ultron
    - Saving The Syreen
    - Brainwashed By The Dnarry
    - Two In One
    - The End Is Nigh
 4. Short Version of Walkthrough
 5. Alien Homeworld Coordinates
 6. Rainbow World Locations
 7. Quasi-Space Map
 8. Helpful Hints & Tricks
    - Ruby, Sapphire And Emerald World Locations
    - Most Valuable Elements
    - The Melnorme
    - A Lot Of Money Real Quick
    - No More Slylandro
    - No More Ilwrath or Thraddash
    - Get An Extra Mycon Eggcase Free
    - Best Ship To Use And How
 9. FAQ
10. E-Mail Rules
11. Acknowledgements & Credits
12. Disclaimer

*1. About*

------=] THIS FAQ [=------

This is actually a FAQ for The Ur-Quan Masters, a free open-source remake of
the original Star Control 2 game.

It is not a walkthough where we will teach you how to battle (although we do
give tips), how to explore a planet or how to use the menu and flagship.

------=] Authors [=------

We are both from South Africa and are currently students in our 2nd Year. Our
1st Language is Afrikaans and our 2nd is English. This is our 1st FAQ and we
hope that we have reached the amazing standard. ^_^

*2. History*

NB: For the latest version of this walkthrough please visit

Version 1.1b    Modified Disclaimer (Again!) I did not expect to be contacted
                by so many people. Super Thanks!  - Shadow Flash
                Updated small things in the following sections:
                    About, FAQ and E-mail rules

Version 1.1a    Modified Disclaimer; completed the status column of the current
                list of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds; added a few more
                ships to help you with battling.

Version 1.1     More information added and an easier layout applied.

Version 1.0.    First Issue. Basic walkthrough and misc. information. More or
                less complete & correct.

*3. Walkthrough*

------=] IMPORTANT NOTE! [=------

Though we try our best to ensure that this walkthrough is 100% correct and 100%
possible, mistakes do slip through. If, for example, you find yourself in a
position where you cannot fathom how we could possibly reach all of our
destinations with the supply of fuel we suggested, please e-mail us so that we
can look into the query and correct/explain any of them.


Before e-mailing us with any question please look at the FAQ-section first!
We wil not answer any questions if it is already explained in this FAQ.

Please remember to also look at the "E-mail Rules" section.

------=] IN THE BEGINNING [=------

You start with your ship hovering in the Sol System (Earth's Solar System).
If you want, you can rename your Flagship and yourself by pressing spacebar to
access the In-Game-Menu. From there you can change the necessary settings.

Start by flying to Earth (Planet III). Upon arrival near earth, you will be
confronted with an Ur-Quan vessel. After speaking to it, proceed to the
Starbase. Listen to what the Commander has to say. Answer accordingly and agree
to help the Starbase Commander. You will find the necessary minerals on Mercury
(Planet I). Go there and scan for minerals. The minerals you will have to get
are of the colour orange-red.

Remember:                                                                   |
Be careful! The elements on this planet are not that harsh, however on      |
other planets you could well be bombarded by deadly earthquakes, hotspots,  |
lightning and, on some planets, you could be attacked by alien life forms!  |

When you're done gathering the minerals, return to the Starbase. Just follow
the dialog until you get the order to go and eliminate the base on the Moon.
Go there and scan for everything. Don't worry about the biological life forms
on the planet. They can't harm you. Anyways, just go to the energy signal.
You can also get all the minerals while you are down there. Return to the

When you've docked, tell the commander that which you have discovered. Continue
the dialog until you are interrupted by an Ilwrath Avenger. Ask him where he
came from to find out where his Homeworld is. Well, this is it. Your first
battle. It's pretty easy actually. All you have to do is use your Earthling
Cruiser. Just make sure you stay far away from their ship while firing the
primary weapon/missiles and you'll be fine. After destroying it, just continue
the dialog until you are dismissed and can say goodbye to the Starbase
Commander. Offload your minerals and fill up your fueltank.

Note:   At the Starbase you can do the following:                           |
        - Offload minerals for money.                                       |
        - Get fuel.                                                         |
        - Add modules to your ship.                                         |
        - Get crew for your ships.                                          |
        - Purchase other fighting ships.                                    |
        - Get info on devices and history.                                  |

------=] MINERAL RAIDING SOL [=------

Now that you have completed the introduction, it's time to get started. The
first order of business to attend to is getting some money to fuel your mission.
You can do this by mining planets for minerals or destroying enemy ships.
Whichever method you choose is up to you. We prefer mining above fighting mostly
becuase we know of great planets that give very valuable minerals. These planets
are Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds. You will find a list at the bottom of
this FAQ under "Helpful Hints". Anyways, back to the walkthrough.

Start by mining Mars followed by Jupiter's 1st and 2nd Moons. Don't leave the
Solar System just yet! Continue on to mine the moons of Neptune and Saturn. Once
finished, return to the Starbase and offload your minerals for Resource Units
(RU) Before you can offload you will most likely be informed of a signal comming
from Uranus. :P

Leave the Starbase and head for Pluto. If you scan for energy, you will find a
Spathi Elueder. Send a Planet Lander down and start a conversation by ramming
into his ship. Keep on talking diplomatically until he acknowledges the fact
that he is alone and vulnerable on the planet. As a result, he will join your

Return to the Starbase and add the necessary crew as well as fuel. Make sure you
have 60 fuel units before going on. Use any leftover cash to add as many speed
and turning modules as you can. (Speed modules get preference above turning
modules) You should be able to buy enough to have 7 Speed Modules and 4 Turning
Modules. If you want, you can try and mine some of the other planets, but that
is not necessary unless you need more money to do the above mentioned.

------=] FORMING ALLIANCES (PART 1) [=------

You are now ready to head into Hyperspace. To manually go into Hyperspace just
fly to the edge of solar system. Alternatively you can activate the Starmap,
select a star, press enter followed by space to activate auto-pilot. This will
automatically take you to the star you choose (A line will be drawn to it on the
Starmap). If you press any directional buttons while in auto-pilot mode, you
will switch to manual control and will have to reinitialize it again.

Notes on Hyperspace:    - Enemy and Ally ships appear as black dots on the  |
                          screen.                                           |
                        - Hyperspace drains a lot of fuel, make sure you    |
                          have enough before warping away to a planet.      |
                        - The amount of fuel you will use is shown when     |
                          utilizing the Starmap.                            |
                        - Warning: Slylandro probes are extremely fast and  |
                          can pop up anywhere. Use an Earthling Cruiser for |
                          550 Credits or warp out. Later in the guide       |
                          you'll find a way to destroy them.                |

Most of the alliances aren't crucial to completing the game. In fact you need
only befriend the Pkunk, Orz and Melnorme which is super easy. Very big contrast
considering the other races. So scroll down to the those if you want to. Still,
we urge you to complete all of them for they hold many benefits and are
generally worth the time and risk.


The first alliance is the Melnorme. Warp into Hyperspace and fly to Beta Lyrae,
Planet V @ 189.5 : 104.1. Mine that planet and continue to the Alpha Centauri
solar system (155.9 : 099.3) Look around all the planets until you see a silver
ship orbiting a planet. Head for it and start the conversation. Since you can't
do anything without credits, say goodbye and mine planets III and VIII.
These planets are relatively hostile, but try your best to get all of the
minerals without losing your lander. It's worth the risk.


Go to Eta Giclas Planet IV @ 070.8 : 004.1 and mine it. If you meet Pkunk along
the way just converse and say bye as soon as possible. Leave and fly to
Gamma Kreuger (052.2 : 052.5). Land on Planet I and converse. They will
automatically give you the Clear Spindle (Only later will its use become clear.)
Introduce yourself and ask them for help in defeating the Ur-Quan. You should
get 4 Pkunk Furies. If not, just keep talking until you do. Once back in space
leave the solar system and head back home.

At the Starbase speak to the Commander (If he says something about a distress
signal, ignore it for now), offload your minerals, add another fueltank, refuel,
recrew and buy an additional lander. If you don't have enough money, sell some
of your Pkunk Fury ships.


Upon leaving the Starbase, head to Gamma Volantis, Planet I @ 104.8 : 191.9
You may find that the Ilwrath are here. If so dodge, them as well as you can.
Rather escape than battle them. Mine it and fly to Epsilon Volantis, Planet IV
@ 070.5 : 183.8.

Only if the Starbase Commander informed you of a signal, fly to Rigel
@ 210.4 : 208.3 and greet the Zog-Fot-Pik ship which should be orbiting a planet
somewhere. Agree to help them and leave.

Head for Gamma Vitalis, Planet V @ 308.3 : 367.4 and mine it. Also mine
Alpha Ceti, Planet II @ 287.5 : 447.9.

Go to the Spathi Homeworld, Epsilon Gruis @ 241.6 : 368.7 If you encounter any
Spathi along the way don't worry. Just say "Hi" and "Goodbye" and continue to
their planet. Upon your arrival at their solar system, you will see a Spathi
Elueder circling a blue planet. Instead of going to the planet, go to the purple
moon. There you will find the Spathi High Council. Give them the password
(Huffi-Muffi-Guffi) and start talking. Eventually you will have to go and
eliminate the "Ultimate Evil" from their home planet.

This is one of those simpler tasks. Just go and eliminate all the Bio-lifeforms
and come back. After telling them that you've eradicated the "Ultimate Evil"
from their planet, they'll ask you to leave. Do so and come back immediatly
after some more dialog back at their planet's moon, you'll start to realize that
an alliance might not be formed. Not to worry, they will soon join. Especially
when you tell them you have the monsters in suspended animation! :)

Note:   After a while they will close themselves up on there planet's       |
        surface.Which means that you will not be able to build their ships. |
        On the bright side, you'll get an Umgah-Caster in return on their   |
        moon.                                                               |

After forming the alliance fly to Gamma Gruis, Planet I @ 225.0 : 370.8 and mine
it. Fly back to the Starbase once you've finished.

Speak to the Commander and do the usual jazz. Make sure you have all your speed
and turning modules, 3 full fuel tanks, 2 full Crew Pods, 2 Planet Landers and 1
Storage Bay. If you have some cash left, buy and fill up another fuel tank.
Otherwise leave it.

Zoq-Fot-Pik & Arilou

This is going to be a very long trip so make sure to have everything you need.

If you haven't been to the Rigel System to meet the Zog-Fot-Pik, go there
now and agree to help them. Otherwise fly to Beta Normae, Planet III @
coordinates 141.6 : 531.5 and mine it.

Now go to the Quasi-Space Gate. It only appears between the 17th and 20th of
each month at coordinates 043.8 : 637.2. It should register as "Unknown" on
the Starmap if open. Even if you don't see it fly there in any case. If the
gate is not open wait for it in Hyperspace.

If you have to wait more than 10 days, you can go and mine Beta             |
Chandrasekhar, Planet II @ 037.5 : 671.6)                                   |

An Arilou ship may appear while you wait. Do the usual. Once the gate is open,
enter it.

When you go through the gateway you will enter a realm that has only 17 "places"
in the entire quadrant and, amazingly, enough you DO NOT even use fuel in

Just head to the biggest star you see. This is the Arilou home planet to tell
the truth. You can talk to them if you want, but actually you only need to ask
him what his people can offer you. They will say: a lot, but eventually they
will mention that they can give a Portal Spawner. An artificial way of creating
a gateway between Hyperspace and Quasi-Space. Follow their instructions and
proceed to 544.0 : 532 0 in Quasi-Space. After emerging back in Hyperspace, head
on to Alpha Pavonis VII @ 056.2 : 800.0.

Scan for energy and go to the Ur-Quan Dreadnaught. After investigating it, go
back to the Arilou homeworld using the gate again. (If you did everything
correctly you should come back just in time to go through the gate, if not go
mine the planet mentioned in the block above.) They will then create a Portal
Spawner for you. Leave the Arilou Homeworld and use the portal @ coordinates
502.0 : 460.0.

Fly to Alpha Tucanae, Planet I @ 400.0 : 543.7 while dodging all ships you
encounter. Again it's better to escape from fighting than engaging in fighting.
Converse with them and form an alliance.

When you're done talking, simply head outside into Hyperspace and activate the
Portal Spawner. Head to coordinates 506.0 : 474.0. This will take you close to
earth. You can always use it to get back home quickly. Back in Hyperspace head
back home.

Note:   Later in the game you will receive a distress call again. When you  |
        get it, go as soon as possible (don't take longer than 3 months     |
        before heading to their rescue - just to be safe!) Use your Spathi  |
        to destoy the Kohr-Ah. Refer to the "Best Ship TO Use And How"      |
        part later in the FAQ for more info.                                |
        Also: A great mining place is Beta Cephei @ 362.5 : 575.0 which is  |
        close to their space                                                |

Once back at the Starbase, speak to the Starbase Commander and offload your
minerals and resupply your ship with crew and fuel.


If you thought the Arilou and Zog-Fot-Pik part was long, think again! This is
an expidition that takes us right around the quadrant to visit Rainbow Worlds.
We are going to this to obtain credits for the Melnorme, obtain many minerals
for the Starbase, get a Hyperspace Caster and finally utilize the credits for
a special trick.

The expidition will be in point form and deviation is not recommended.
Avoid all encounters. If you do encounter a ship converse first and if a battle
is unavoidable leave asap.

If you have to mine a planet we will tell you, otherwise don't. If you run out
of fuel just wait for the Melnorme in Hyperspace (preferably not in an alien
race's territory) Sell your Rainbow World Data and Bio-Data to purchase fuel -
although that should preferably not happen. You need the credits for other

For the trip your ship must have the following:

 - 3 Full Crew Pods
 - 7 Full Fuel Tanks
 - 3 Storage Bays
 - 2 Planet Landers
 - 1 Ion-Bolt Gun
 - All the Speed and Turning Modules

If you don't have enough money, sell some/all of your Pkunk Furies. Do not sell
your Arilou ships, becuase you are going to need them later. If you still need
cash, rather reduce your fuel tanks to 6 and crew pods to only 2.

Start of expidition:

 - Head out of the solar system and activate the Portal Spawner.
 - Use the portal @ 544.0 : 532 0.
 - Mine Beta Chandrasekhar, Planet II @ 037.5 : 671.6 if you
   have not already.
 - Proceed to Beta Pegasi,Planet I @ 039.5 : 745.8 and scan it
 - Proceed to Epsilon Draconis, Planet 1 @ 283.6 : 785.7 and scan.
 - Mine Fomalhaut, Planet I @ 437.5 : 856.2
 - Go to Epsilon Lipi, Planet I @ 543.7 : 827.0 and mine it.
   (Note: Only get the orange-red minerals)
 - Proceed to Beta Leporis, Planet I @ 766.6 : 866.6 and mine it.
   (Only the orange-red minerals again & the big blue Bio-Lifeforms)
 - Fly to Gamma Aquarii, Planet I @ 853.4 : 879.7 and mine it.
   (As always, only orange-red minerals)
 - The next stop is Groombridge, Planet I @ 996.0 : 904.2. Just scan.
 - Proceed to Alpha Andromedae, Planet I @ 862.5 : 700.0 and scan.
 - Go to Arcturus Planet Ia @ 964.5 : 579.1 and scan for energy.
   Pick up the Burvixse Caster (No need for the Bio-Life forms)
 - Head for Gamma Reticuli, Planet I @ 741.6 : 508.3. Just scan.
 - Continue on to Gamma Kepler, Planet I @ 602.0 : 297.9.
   (You can try mining, but it's not advised. We didn't mine)
 - Go to Epsilon Scuti, Planet VII @ 533.8 : 035.5 and mine it.
 - Proceed to Zeta Scuti, Planets II and III @ 531.3 : 015.0
   and mine them.
 - Fly to Zeta Sextantis, Planet I @ 468.1 : 091.6 and mine it.
   (Only the orange-red!!)
 - Finally, fly back to earth. Don't use the Portal Spawner!

End of Expidition.

During the course of doing the expidition, the Spathi should have vanished  |
and the Pkunk most likely started moving towards the Yehat (You may not     |
have met them yet.) Do not worry. Just leave them be. You can, whenever     |
you want, visit the moon of the Spathi Homeworld and get yourself a Umgah   |
Caster.                                                                     |

Back at the Starbase, speak to the Commander and offload all your minerals.
Recrew your ship. DO NOT REFUEL. Instead sell all your fuel. That's right!
Sell it.

Go just outside the solar system. Use your Burvixse caster to call the Melnorme.
Sell all your Rainbow Planets and Bio-Data. Purchase all the Technology upgrades
and keep on buying "Useful info on alien races" until you learn something about
the Syreen and the destruction of their planet by the Mycon - then you stop.

Now for the little trick:

Buy the maximum amount of fuel you can carry @ 1 Credit per unit from them.
Leave and go back to the Starbase and sell this fuel @ 20RU per unit.
Repeat the process 2 more times for a total of 3 times.

After you've emptied everything for a 3rd time you should have A LOT of RU's
Now add and remove your modules so that your ship will only have the following:

 - 3 Hellbore Cannons (In front 3 slots)
 - 3 Full Crew Pods
 - 3 Full High Ef. Fuel Tanks
 - 1 Storage Bay
 - 3 Planet Landers
 - 2 Tracking Systems
 - 2 Shiva Furnaces
 - 2 Dynamos
 - All the Speed and Turning Modules

You should have some money left. If not, cut back on 1 Hellbore Cannon. That
should give you enough money for the rest. If not, don't worry. We will get
some money later again.

Go outside and call the Melnorme. For the last time fill up your tanks.

Note: From now on ALWAYS buy your fuel from the Melnorme. Simply call them  |
      in Hyperspace and fill up all your tanks.                             |

------=] FORMING ALLIANCES (PART 2) [=------


To befriend the Shofixti, you'll have to do quite a lot. First, head to
Delta Gorno  @ 290.8 : 026.9. Look around for a ship orbiting a planet.
When you see he's on an intercept course, don't panic. Converse with him.
He will think you're an Ur-Quan. Instead of trying to reason, insult him.
Each time he will attack you. Warp out using your flagship. Talk and insult
again. Repeat this until he realizes you're not Ur-Quan. Continue the dialog
some more until you hear the reason why he is in this system and can tell him
to stay here and protect the solar system.

Now head on to Admiral Zex. He's on Alpha Cerenkov, Planet I @ 422. 1 : 198.6.
Engage him in dialog. First tell him that you want the Shofixti Maidens and will
use force if necessary. Then, ask him what he is doing on the planet. Keep at it
until you can ask him whether or not you can get them if you go and capture the
"little critter" that he wants. Leave.

Go into Hyperspace and activate the Portal Spawner.Then use the portal @
coordinates 448.0 : 504.0 to get to the Lyncis constellation. When you're
through, go into Delta Lyncis, Planet I @ 570.4 : 979.5. There you'll get the
Vux beast. It’s the fastest and strongest lifefrom on the planet. You will have
to shoot quite a lot of times before he succumbs, so be careful. We suggest that
you also capture all the other Bio-life forms.

When you've finally manage to capture him, head to Theta Lyncis, Planet I
@ 612.5 : 960.4. and mine it. Afterwards, head back to Admiral Zex. To get
back, you can use the portal to Earth.

Remember: You can always refer to the Quasi-Space Map later in the          |
          walkthrough if you want to use an alternative route or are        |
          confused.                                                         |

Talk to him. Again it seems as if you went through all that for nothing.
But wait! When you give him the Vux escapes! And...Gulp! Bye-Bye
Admiral Zex! :-)

Now, go down to the planet and claim the Shofixti Maidens. Make sure to get
all the Bio-life forms and minerals.

Return to Tanaka at Delta Gorno. Converse with him and give him the Shofixti
Maidens so that he can err...perform his duty. ^_^

In about 3 months you can build their Shofixti Scouts. What’s more is that  |
your Crew-Cost will go down by 2. This means you only pay 1RU for crew!     |

Return back to the Starbase and do the usual.
(Remember to refuel using the Melnorme!!)


While we wait for the Shofixti's resurrection, we will befriend the Orz and
get rid of those nasty probes that pop up everywhere.

Note that this is a very *fun* part to write. We are going to be *happy campers*
by the end of this. Ahem...

When you reach the Orz's Homeworld of Gamma Vulpeculae, Planet I @ 371.3 : 253.7
you'll see a very big problem......

You may need to zoom in on the Starmap to see the Vulpeculae systems.       |
Do this by pressing the plus sign ( + ) on your keyboard while looking at   |
the Starmap.                                                                |

.....What the hell are they saying!? Fortunately one can deduce most of what
they say. Just go and form an alliance with them. It's very easy! BUT MAKE SURE
YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE ANDROSYNTH! If you do, you will never be able to form
an alliance. Also, if you can't form an alliance at once, just leave the planet
and come back to try again.

When you're done, go to Delta Vulpeculae, Planet IIc @ 372.1 : 261.9.  Once
you've arrived, the Orz will permit you to go and explore on the planet. Scan
for energy. On the surface get the Taloo Shield. That's basically it. The
only thing left to do, is to go back home.


Tired of those pesky probes? Even if you can annihilate them in one blow with
your ship as is, you still don't want them? Then follow these instructions
and say "Good Bye" and "Good Riddance":

Go to their homeworld on Beta Corvi, Planet IV @ 033.3 : 981.2.
(Use the Portal Spawner and Quasi-Space map to take a shortcut.)

Converse with them until you can talk about the probe's program. Keep talking
until you can't anymore. Leave and head outside into Hyperspace. Wait there for
a probe to attack you. Warp out or destroy it and head back to the Slylandro.
Talk to them about the probes again. Eventually you will have the option of
explaining to them the error of their programming.  When you have finished
explaining to them why their probe is destroying ships, ask for a mega self
destruct code.

Now, if you encounter a probe, converse with it and transmit this code to
destroy it and all the other probes. Head back home and speak to the Starbase
Commander. He will also transmit the code.


Hopefully, the Shofixti have returned by now. If not go into Hyperspace and wait
a month. Go back and try again. If unsuccessful go outside for another month.
Sooner or later the Shofixti should return.

When they have, buy one of their ships at the Starbase. Take this ship to any
Yehat Terminator (near Gamma Serpentis @ 492.3 : 029.4) in their space. If you
show them the Shofixti while you're conversing with them, they will
start a revolution.

Why do you want a revolution on your hands? The reason why you have to do it
we'll only tell later on in this walkthrough.

After starting the revolution, immediatly activate the Portal Spawner.

------=] REPAIRING THE ULTRON [=------

The Utwig and Supox are the two races the farthest from Earth. They are on the
other side of the quadrant! So, use the Portal @ 530.0 : 528.0 to get to Supox
Space. Head in the direction of Beta Librae @ 741.4 : 912.4 until you meet a
Supox while in Hyperspace. Simply converse until you can ask why the Utwig is
in such distress. They will then give you the broken Ultron to repair. To repair
it you will have to get the: Aqua Helix, Clear Spindle and Rosy Sphere. To get
those, visit these 3 races in whichever way and order you want:

1) Thraddash:   You will have to form an alliance with them. Now, this
                might come as a shock but to form an alliance,you will
                have to....destroy about 25 or more of their ships in
                Hyperspace. You will have to converse every time and
                tell them you are stronger than anyone and that you
                have weapons of great power etc. until they ask
                you to teach them. Then they will be part of the

                This means you can also build their ships! An easy way to
                destroy them is using the Earthling Cruiser. Just stay in
                one place and shoot. You can also use your flagship,
                which is actually better than the Cruiser if you have
                it modified to our specifications mentioned earlier.

                Sadly however, the alliance is soon to be broken. Go to
                Zeta Draconis, Planet I @ 277.6 : 867.3 and take the
                Aqua Helix.

                The Thraddash will no longer be friends with you, but you
                can still build their ships.

                                ----->  OR! <-----

                To get rid of the Ilwrath and Thraddash you will have to go
                to the Ilwrath's Home-System. You must not land on there
                planet. When you warp into their system use the Umgah or
                Burvixse Caster to trick them into thinking you're their
                gods Dogar and Kazon.

                Now you can play around with them. But in the end, tell
                them to "seek new prey". They will then destroy the
                Thraddash and themselves in the process.

                After they destroyed each other (Their cicrles will shrink
                to nothing) you can go and claim the Aqua Helix

2) Druuge:      Go to Zeta Persei, Planet I @ 946.9 : 280.6 This is a
                Trade World. You can get the Rosy Sphere using 3 methods:

                1)Give the Druuge a Mycon Eggcase
                 (One is on Gamma Brahe, Planet I @ 635.4 : 272.9)

                2)Give them a Burvixse Caster from Arcturus Ia
                  @ 964.5 : 579.1

                3)Give them 100 Crew
                 (Not advised - Crew-cost will skyrocket as result)

3) Pkunk:       You should have already visited them and obtained the Clear
                Spindle. If not, read the following:

                The Pkunk are the easiest race to make friends with. Even
                though they don't give you their ship designs and all, they
                do give you the Clear Spindle. To get it, you simply have to
                talk to them at their homeworld, Gamma Kreuger Planet I
                @ 052.2 : 052.5

Now take the repaired Ultron back to the Utwig.(Simply use the items to combine
them.) You can go to any ship or visit their Home World. Give them the repaired
Ultron. Now, not only will they be allies, but also the Supox! They both will
attack the Kohr-Ah giving you an extended deadline. Also, you may now get the
Utwig Bomb at Zeta Hyades, Planet VIb @ 850.0 : 937.2.

It will be guarded by Druuge Ships. Remove them forcefully. (An Earthling
Cruiser or 2 might help if you’re having trouble) Then go down to the surface
and get the Utwig Bomb.

------=] SAVING THE SYREEN [=------

Before going on, make sure your ship is fully equipped and full of fuel     |
and crew. If you ran out of credits to purchase fuel from the Melnorme,     |
fall back on the Starbase's fuel. If you are running low on RU's, don't     |
sell your ships! Rather look at "Helpful Hints & Tricks" later in the FAQ   |
for more Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds which we have not yet visited    |
in the walkthrough.                                                         |

The Syreen's old homeworld was destroyed. Their new homeworld is at Betelgeuse,
Planet I @ 412.5 : 377.0. Go there using the powers of the Portal Spawner and
you will see that they are in their own slave shield. Head for the Starbase.
You will find a very um...interesting lady. ^_^

Now talk to her and tell her about how the Mycon destroyed their Homeworld Syra.
You will have to get a Mycon Eggcase from their old homeworld @ Beta Copernicus,
Planet I @ 600.8 : 263.1 and find out about their homeworld's destruction at the
Melnorme. You should already have the information from the Melnorme so leave and
retrieve the Mycon Eggcase. Retrun to Talana and talk some more.

Following their instructions, go to Epsilon Camelopardalis,
Planet Ia @ 593.7 : 393.7. Scan for energy and go down to the surface. Then
return to the Syreen. Soon a very nice part will come. ^_^

Follow their instructions and head for the Mycon Homeworld Epsilon Scorpii,
Planet I @ 629.1 : 220.8. Tell the Mycon about the planet. Now leave the system
and go to Beta Brahe, Planet I @ 639.5 : 231.2 but wait just outside in
Hyperspace. When the bulk of the Mycon fleet is gone, (Check on your Starmap
every now and then when you are in hyperspace to see their progress.)
fight the remaining Mycon (using the Arilou ships you have) and get the Sun
Device from the surface. Now you can return to the Syreen ONLY if the Mycon was
battled. (The Mycon's area in Space will shrink dramatically if you wait.)

The reason:  If you decide to go immediately, the Mycon may not shrink
             and could mess things up.

When you reach the Syreen again talk and they will join the Alliance.


The Dnarry is none other than the Talking Pet the Ur-Quan use to communicate.
This talking pet however, has been restored to its ancient "form" making it
quite the mind controller. It has taken over the Umgah Homeworld of Beta
Orionis, Planet I @197.8 : 231.2. The heroic thing to do, of course, is to save
them. You will need the Taloo Shield if you want to take him on, but don't
worry, you should have it already if you've been following the walkthrough
(See Orz under "Forming Alliances")

When you reach the planet you must first talk to the Dnarry. Then he'll attack.
Destroy the 10 Umgah ships (Shofixti's exploding ships may help, otherwise check
later in the FAQ for tips on which "ships to use and how") and talk to the
Dnarry again. Make sure he joins your ship. The Umgah will be ever so grateful
after you leave. Immediately return to their planet (without leaving the solar
system into Hyperspace). They will give you 500 Bio-data if you ask for a reward
and fill your fleet with Umgah Ships. But Wait! Those sleazy jokers are going to
attack you. Just warp out and leave the system. You can always come back here
if you want to have some fun.

------=] TWO IN ONE [=------

The Starbase Commander said that the Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr were last on
Procyon II. Their homeworld is at coordinates 074.2 : 226.8. Now go to the
Slave Planet and use the Sun Device (See Syreen) to free them from their slave

(You can talk beforehand with the Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr if you use a Caster.)

When you use the Sun Device they will be released - forming a new Hybrid-race
called the Chmmr. Continue the dialog until you can ask for "modifications to
your ship". Agree to the terms and wait until your back at the Starbase.

Note:   You will have to have the Utwig Bomb (Look "Repairing the Ultron")  |
        to let the Chmmr make the necessary modifications to your ship.     |

------=] THE END IS NIGH [=------

When you’re back at the Starbase, the Commander will inform you of the
situation. What!? Unlimited RU's! Wow! This is great!

Now you'll have to prepare for the final battle by adding the few modules you
can. This is what we suggest you should add:

- 4 Crew Pods &
- 2 High Ef. Fuel Systems.
- For your fleet you must only buy Chmmr Avatars. Nothing else!

Now go outside your solar system and use the Portal Spawner. Use the portal
@ 520.0 : 540.0 to get close to the centre of Ur-Quan space.

When you're in Hyperspace, head for Delta Crateris @ 620.0 : 593.5. Whoa!
That is one major group of ships! Don't worry. You won't have to battle them.
Use the Dnarry right after you enter the system. He will then use his psychic
powers to confuse the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah, making them leave the system. Now
head for the 5th planet. There you will see a huge ship. It's the Precurser
Battle Platform: Sa-Matra.

We recommend you save your game now.

Attack the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah using your Chmmr Avatars. Don't worry about
losing to many ships. It is actually advised that you lose about six ships.
Remember the Yehat? How we told you to wait and see why you should have started
the revolution? Well, when you've beaten the guards you will receive Yehat
Terminators and Pkunk Furies!

Use the Pkunk Furies to destroy the shield generators while dodging the
fireballs and Whacking Bubbles. When you’re done, send in your last few ships
to destroy the remaining fire balls and bubbles. Now warp out and get your main
ship. Fly into the hole of the Sa-Matra's shield and watch the ending.

Congratulations! You've won The Ur-Quan Masters!

*4. Short Version of Walkthrough*

The short version is a point form summary of what is required to finish the

1)  Form an alliance with Pkunk for the Clear Spindle
2)  Form an alliance with the Orz for the Taloo Shield
3)  Form an alliance with Melnorme and get credits to buy info about Syreen
4)  Form an alliance with the Thraddash or destroy them to obtain the Aqua Helix
5)  Get the Rosy Sphere from the Druuge by selling crew, a mycon eggcase or
    a Burvixse Caster from Arcturus
6)  Get the Ultron from the Suppox
7)  Combine the Clear Spindle, Aqua Helix and Rosy sphere to fix the Ultron
8)  Take the Ultron to the Utwig
9)  Fight the Druuge on Zeta Hyades to obtain the Utwig Bomb
10) Obtain the Sun Device by helping the Syreen
11) Capture the Dnarry and save the Umgah
12) Free the Chenjesu and Mhrmmmhmr by using the Sun Device, ultimately
    creating a new hybrid race - the Chmmr
13) Destroy the Sa-Matra Battle Platform

*5. Alien Homeworld Coordinates*

Alien Race  Solar System         Coordinates        Home Planet
~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~
Arilou      Quasi - Space       613.4 : 590.0        Planet 1
Chenjesu    Procyon             074.2 : 226.8        Planet 2
Chmmr       Procyon             074.2 : 226.8        Planet 2
Druuge      Zeta Persei         946.9 : 280.6        Planet 1
Ilwrath     Alpha Tauri         022.9 : 366.6        Planet 1
Kohr-Ah     Delta Cretaris      620.0 : 593.5        Planet 5
Mrmmhm      Procyon             074.2 : 226.8        Planet 2
Mycon       Epsilon Scorpii     629.1 : 220.8        Planet 1
Orz         Gamma Vulpeculae    371.3 : 253.7        Planet 1
Pkunk       Gamma Krueger       052.2 : 052.5        Planet 1
Shofixti    Delta Gorno         290.8 : 026.9        Planet 1
Slylandro   Beta Corvi          033.3 : 981.2        Planet 4
Spathi      Epsilon Gruis       241.6 : 368.7        Planet 1
Supox       Beta Librae         741.4 : 912.4        Planet 1
Syreen      Betelguese          412.5 : 377.0        Planet 1
Thraddash   Delta Draconis      253.5 : 835.8        Planet 1
Umgah       Beta Orionis        197.8 : 596.8        Planet 1
Ur-Quan     Delta Cretaris      620.0 : 593.5        Planet 5
Utwig       Beta Aquarii        863.0 : 869.3        Planet 1
Vux         Beta Luyten         433.3 : 168.7        Planet 1
Yehat       Gamma Serpentis     492.3 : 029.4        Planet 1
Zoq-Fot-Pit Alpha Tucanae       400.0 : 543.7        Planet 1

Note:   Melnorme can be found in any solar system that has a gigantic star.
        An example is Alpha Centauri (155.9 : 099.3). They also appear when
        you run out of fuel.

*6. Rainbow Planet Locations*

Rainbow planets are special planets organized in an arrow stretching across
the quadrant. By scanning them you can obtain credits from the Melnorme to
purchase information and upgrades as well as fuel. All the rainbow planets
are the closest to their sun. We have orginized them in order, starting from
above the Arilou through to the Utwig and back down to the Yehat.

Solar System         Coordinates
~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Beta Pegasi         039.5 : 745.8
Epsilon Draconis    283.6 : 785.7
Epsilon Lipi        543.7 : 827.0
Beta Leporis        766.6 : 866.6
Gamma Aquarii       853.4 : 879.7
Groombridge         996.0 : 904.2
Alpha Andromedae    862.5 : 700.0
Gamma Reticuli      741.6 : 508.3
Gamma Kepler        602.0 : 297.9
Zeta Sextantis      468.1 : 091.6

*7. Quasi-Space Map*

1. Arilou Home Planet               613.4 : 590.0 QS
2. Druuge Space(Near Trade World)   488.0 : 538.0 QS  --->  973.5 : 315.3 HS
3. Middle of Ur-Quan & Kohr-Ah      520.0 : 540.0 QS  --->  584.9 : 621.3 HS
4. Arilou Space (HS)                544.0 : 532 0 QS  --->  036.8 : 633.2 HS
5. Supox Space                      530.0 : 528.0 QS  --->  775.2 : 890.6 HS
6. Near Slylandro Homeworld         520.0 : 514.0 QS  --->  014.3 : 938.5 HS
7. Gateway From HS to QS            500.0 : 500.0 QS  --->  043.8 : 637.2 HS
8. Near Earth                       506.0 : 474.0 QS  --->  190.9 : 092.6 HS
9. Between Vux,Yehat & Mycon        516.0 : 466.0 QS  --->  567.3 : 120.7 HS
10.Between Spathi & Zoq-Fot-Pit     502.0 : 460.0 QS  --->  318.3 : 490.6 HS
11.Between Thraddash & Ur - Quan    476.0 : 458.0 QS  --->  409.0 : 774.8 HS
12.Near Arcturus (Above Druuge)     468.0 : 464.0 QS  --->  919.7 : 606.9 HS
13.Ilwrath Space                    492.0 : 492.0 QS  --->  005.0 : 164.8 HS
14.Camelopardalis Constellation     476.0 : 496.0 QS  --->  611.1 : 414.3 HS
15.Underneath Druuge                458.0 : 492.0 QS  --->  860.7 : 015.1 HS
16.Lyncis Constellation             448.0 : 504.0 QS  --->  565.7 : 971.2 HS
17.Spathi Space                     466.0 : 514.0 QS  --->  230.1 : 398.8 HS


 -  The coordinates in the 1st column are the Quasi-Space (QS) coordinates
    and the 2nd column the Hyperspace (HS) coordinates.

 -  Before you have the Portal Spawner, you will need to enter QS via the
    HS-Gate. See no 7 ; Column 2.

*8. Helpful Hints*


These planets house the most valuable of all minerals.

To help you, we added an additional column that signifies either whether or not
it is a calm world (one which requires little or no upgrades for your lander) or
a hostile world (requires most if not all upgrades to your landers). In addition
to this we added a column to show whether or not it lies within an alien race's
border. If it does not we indicated roughly where it is.

Abbrevuations Used:

CT      = Close to
Ur-Q    = Ur-Quan
 /      = Between two alien borders.


Solar System         Coordinates     Planet          Status      Area
~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~
Beta Apodis         259.3 : 856.9   Planet II       Calm        Thraddash
Alpha Arae          933.9 : 084.3   Planet I        Calm        Below Druuge
Delta Aurigae       818.7 : 193.7   Planet VII      Calm        CT Druuge
Epsilon Cassiopeiae 399.4 : 518.5   Planet I        Calm        Zog Fot
Alpha Centauri      155.9 : 099.3   Planet III      Hostile     CT Earth
Alpha Centauri      155.9 : 099.3   Planet VIII     Hostile     CT Earth
Beta Cephei         362.5 : 575.0   Planet VI       Calm        Above Zogfot
Fomalhaut           437.5 : 856.2   Planet I        Calm        Thraddash/Ur-Q
Gamma Luyten        433.3 : 156.2   Planet II       Calm        Vux
Theta Lyncis        612.5 : 960.4   Planet I        Calm        Above Ur-Quan
Beta Lyrae          189.5 : 104.1   Planet V        Calm        CT Earth
Beta Scorpii        650.0 : 191.6   Planet V        Calm        Mycon
Zeta Scuti          531.3 : 015.0   Planet III      Calm        Yehat
Gamma Trianguli     806.2 : 031.8   Planet IV       Calm        Below Mycon
Gamma Vitalis       308.3 : 367.4   Planet V        Calm        Spathi


Solar System         Coordinates     Planet      Status      Area
~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~
Beta Chandrasekhar  037.5 : 671.6   Planet II    Calm       Arilou
Eta Giclas          070.8 : 004.1   Planet IV    Calm       Pkunk
Epsilon Scuti       533.8 : 035.5   Planet VII   Calm       Yehat
Zeta Scuti          531.3 : 015.0   Planet II    Calm       Yehat
Gamma Volantis      104.8 : 191.9   Planet I     Calm       Ilwrath
Epsilon Volantis    070.5 : 183.8   Planet IV    Calm       Ilwrath
Gamma Vulpeculae    371.3 : 253.8   Planet IV    Calm       Orz


Solar System         Coordinates     Planet      Status      Area
~~~~~~~~~~~~        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~
Alpha Ceti          287.5 : 447.9   Planet II    Calm       Spathi
Gamma Eridani       579.1 : 758.3   Planet I     Calm       Ur-Q/Kohr-Ah
Alpha Fornacis      537.5 : 787.5   Planet II    Calm       Ur-Q/Kohr-Ah
Alpha Fornacis      537.5 : 787.5   Planet V     Calm       Ur-Q/Kohr-Ah
Gamma Gruis         225.0 : 370.8   Planet I     Calm       Spathi
Beta Normae         141.6 : 531.5   Planet III   Calm       Umgah

**Found more worlds? Please E-mail to either of us with coordinates and
  the planet number.

------=] MOST VALUABLE ELEMENTS [=------

From Least To Most Valuable:

Color   Description     RUs
~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~
Cyan    Common          1
Red     Corrosive       2
Gray    Base Metal      3
Blue    Noble Gas       4
Green   Rare Earth      5
Gold    Precious        6
Orange  Radioactive     8
Purple  Exotic          25

------=] MELNORME [=------

When you have either the Umgah Caster or Burvixse Caster, you can call the
Melnorme in Hyperspace at any time! Just make sure that when you call them
you stay in that position. Eventually the Melnorme will appear as a black dot
moving towards your ship. You can, in exchange for Rainbow World locations and
biological data, obtain credits to purchase anything from fuel to information
to weapons for your flagship.

 - Rainbow World locations will give you 500 Credits each!

------=] A LOT OF MONEY REAL QUICK [=------

Unfortunately there are 2 requirements before this trick can work. First you
need a Burvixse or Umgah Caster and secondly you need a lot of credits for the

If you want quick cash at the beginning you will have to look at the
"Ruby, Sapphire And Emerald World Locations" part earlier in this walkthrough.

Anyways, when you have enough Bio-data or stocked up a lot of credits, go just
outside the Sol solar system. Use either of the Casters to call the Melnorme.
Buy the maximum amount of fuel you can carry @ 1Credit per unit from them.

Then, go back to the Starbase and sell this fuel @ 20RU per unit. If you repeat
this, you will make quite a lot of cash very quickly.

------=] NO MORE SLYLANDRO [=------

Go to their homeworld on Beta Corvi, Planet IV @ 033.3 : 981.2.
(Use the Portal Spawner and Quasi-Space map to take a shortcut.)

Converse with them until you can talk about the probe's program. Keep talking
until you can't anymore. Leave and head outside into Hyperspace. Wait there for
a probe to attack you. Warp out or destroy it and head back to the Slylandro.
Talk to them about the probes again. Eventually you will have the option of
explaining to them the error of their programming.  When you have finished
explaining to them why their probe is destroying ships, ask for a mega self
destruct code.

Now, if you encounter a probe, converse with it and transmit this code to
destroy it and all the other probes. Head back home and speak to the Starbase
commander. He will also transmit the code.


To get rid of the Ilwrath and Thraddash you will have to go to the Ilwrath's
Home-System. You must not land on there planet. When you warp into there
system use the Umgah or Burvixse Caster to trick them into thinking you're
their gods Dogar and Kazon.

Now you can play around with them. But in the end, tell them to "seek new prey".
They will then destroy the Thraddash and themselves in the process.


You can get an extra Mycon Eggcase on Gamma Brahe I (635.4 : 272.9) You sell
this to get the Rosy Sphere thereby circumventing the original method of selling
your crew.

------=] BEST SHIP TO USE AND HOW [=------

"Biggest isn't always best".

Whether you are fighting in Super Meleé or battling it out in the single player
campaign, choosing the wrong ship can be fatal. This is to help you select a
ship that is practically optimized for the job at hand.

Still, why create something like this when you can easily destroy anything using
the ships of the Chmmr, Kohr-Ah, Ur-Quan and Chenjesu?

First Reason:   In single player you don't have access to all of the ships.

Second Reason:  Utilizing the correct ship can save you time, crew and ships

Against Ship ----> Use Ship    ----> How
~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~          ~~~

Androsynth         ???????
Arilou             Pkunk            It's fast & can shoot in multiple directions
Chenjesu           ???????
Chmmr              Kohr-Ah/Utwig     Use Fire-Ring to take out orbiters
Druuge             Earth Cruiser     Stand still and fire 1st weapon.
Earth              Androsynth        Use 2nd weapon.
Ilwrath            Umgah
Kohr-Ah            Spathi            Dodge bullets while firing 2nd weapon.
Mhrmmmhmr          ???????
Mycon              Arilou/Pkunk
Orz                Syreen            Use 2nd to steal crew - no more marines
Pkunk              Slylandro
Shofixti           Almost Anything   Make sure to have more than 15 Crew
Slylandro          Earth Cruiser     Stand still, fire 1st weapon.
Spathi             Earth Cruiser     Stand still, fire 1st weapon. Defense=2nd
Supox              Slylandro         Fast enough to catch it.
Syreen             ???????
Thraddash          Earth Cruiser     Stand still, fire 1st weapon.
Umgah              Shofixti
Ur-Quan            Spathi/Kohr-Ah    Dodge bullets while firing 2nd weapon.
Utwig              Androsynth        Use 2nd weapon - Can breach shield.
Vux                Earth Cruiser
Yehat              Androsynth        Use 2nd weapon - Can breach shield.
Zog-Fot-Pik        Anything

Note: The ships indicated for use is our personal deduction.

*9. FAQ*

Q: I've heard rumors about a cloaking device somewhere in Ur-Quan Space.
   Is it true? If so, where is it?
A: There is no cloaking device. It does not exist.

Q: Are the Rainbow Planets just for credits and/or show?
A: Yes and no. In Star Control 2 and the Ur-Quan Masters, it is. However
   it does have some or other connection with Star Control 3.

Q: When is the deadline for completing the game and what happens if I run
   out of time?
A: You have until February the 17th 2159 to complete the game. If you don't
   the Kohr-Ah will destroy the Ur-Quan and continue on to annihilate all
   other life in the quadrant - starting with the Zog-Fot-Pik and moving onto
   the Druuge followed my the Mycon, Vux, Yehat etc.

   You can delay the deadline by befriending the Thraddash and ordering
   them to attack the Kohr-Ah, Also by repairing the Ultron so that the
   Utwig and Supox start fighting as well.

Q: Why does the Melnorme's bridge turn purple?
A: No one knows, becuase it's impossible to get all those credits. There
   are many ideas, but the one that is most likely true is that his bridge
   turns purple to set a "calm and relaxing mood" to help you trade.

Q: I follow all your instructions, but I still run out of fuel. How do
   you guys do it? Are you cheating somehow?
A: We are certainly not cheating! That we can guarantee! If you keep running
   out of fuel, here are some possible reasons.

    - You have unwanted encounters and are forced to warp out. Ultimately
      sucking 5 fuel units everytime.

    - You don't travel in a straight line.

    - You landed too many times on a planet. Everytime your lander goes
      down to the surface it uses fuel. The fuel usage depends on the
      planet that you're orbiting. While selecting a spot to land, look
      beneath your flagship to see how much fuel will be used.

    - You accidently used the portal spawner or used it to much. Each
      time you use the Portal Spawner, 10 fuel units are consumed.

    - We didn't specify whether or not you should use the Portal Spawner
      or not. You decided to do the latter and wasted fuel.

      If you still experience fuel problems, please contact us so that we
      can look into the problem. Just remember to look at the "E-mail Rules"

Q: Can I use my Flagship in Super Meleé?
A: As far as we know you can't. You may try and ask the creaters of the UQM.

Q: Where can I find the latest version of your walkthrough?
A: Always on

Q: I heard something about a new Star Control. What's the deal?
A: The original creators of Star Control 1 & 2 finally decided to make
   another game. However they need your help to sign a petition. When they
   get 1 million supporters they will most likely make the game. See
   Wikipedia’s Star Control article for more details and a link.
      Update: Here is the link: 

Q: Why did you guys decide to write a walkthrough for a game that is
   already pretty old?
A: For the fun of it! We wanted to see if we could pull it off and what
   better way to try than on one of our most favourite games of all time?
   Also, we worked hard on getting the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald worlds
   which most (if none) guides don't supply.

Q: What will your next FAQ/Walkthrough be?
A: I'm planning on writing one for Star Control III as well. Hopefully, I will
   have it finished by the of end April. After that, if they make a new Star
   Control game, then I will also write one for it. Other games will also get
   some in the future - must just decide which. =)

*10. E-Mail Rules *

When you e-mail us for whatever reason, you MUST adhere to these rules
and conditions:

- "Star Control 2 FAQ" MUST be the subject.

- When submitting info on a planet, include the coordinates and planet

- Please make sure to give as much info as possible on your problem.
  E.g. Fuel and crew status, weapon, ships that you have etc.

- It has not been answered already in this FAQ.

- Comments and suggestions are welcome.

- No SPAM - but that's obvious ^_^

*11. Acknowledgements & Credits*

- We would like to thank the creators of the original game Fred Ford &
  Paul Reiche III. They made an awesome game!

- Naturally we can't forget about the people who worked on UQM. Thanx!

- John. W. Szczepaniak. We used his FAQ for help in finding great mining places

- Shiver. We got the idea for a layout from his FAQ on Star Control 2

- for info regarding the petition for a new Star Control Game

- GameFAQs for hosting the file

- Shadow_Flash   (Typer/Continuity Checker/Research/Player)
  H4VoC          (Player/Research)

Note: If we in some way forgot to credit you, please e-mail us a.s.a.p.
      so that we can make the correction.

*12. Disclaimer *

We hereby declare that this walkthrough is freely distributable under
the conditions that:

 - It will not be altered from its original release content and format
   in any way without prior approval by both of us.
 - It will not be used to make a profit in any way.
 - You give credit to us if you decide to use it in your walkthrough.
 - We reserve the right to ask for the immediate removal of this walkthrough,
   from any website, program or any other web-hosting place, at any time.
 - It will not be hosted on any other sites/programs other than:

All rights are reserved by their respective owners.

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