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 Star Trek Starfleet Academy Guide

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Guide

                       STAR TREK STARFLEET ACADEMY (PC)
                             Designed By: Interplay
                            Published By: Interplay
                         Genre: Space Flight Simulation
                          Release Date (US): 08/31/97

                              I) TABLE OF CONTENTS

I)   Table Of Contents
II)  Copyright Information
III) Contact Information
IV)   Mission Guide
    {01} Target Practice
    {02} Routine Deployment
    {03} Uninvited Guests
    {04} Hide and Seek
    {05} Nothing Ventured
    {06} Into the Abyss
    {07} The Barrier
    {08} Divide and Conquer
    {09} Cry from the Dark
    {10} Escalation
    {11} Revenge
    {12} Carry a Big Stick
    {13} Diplomatic Immunity
    {14} Kobayashi Maru
    {15} Balance of Terror
    {16} The Best Laid Plans
    {17} The Sun God
    {18} End Game
    {19} Smuggler's Den
    {20} Common Ground
    {21} The Ultimate Klingon
    {00} A World of Their Own

                           II) COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
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                            III) CONTACT INFORMATION
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      to include this information will result in a deletion of the e-mail.

I will not address any gameplay questions at this e-mail address. I will only
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DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT THE USE OF THIS FILE. At this time, this file is a
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                               IV) MISSION GUIDE

                      Mission One: Target Practice {01}
Ship: Choice (Oberth, Miranda, or Constitution)
     This is the only mission in the game where you will get to chose your
     ship. According to the briefing, stronger ships will make this mission
     harder. I find that to be false. Because of this, I use the Constitution
     Class Heavy Cruiser.

Orders: Several minefields are drifting toward star systems with Federation
        worlds. These mines must be stopped before they enter those systems.
        You are to destroy all mines and capture one Mine Controller to bring
        to Starfleet Command for study.

This mission, like most of them, start off at Starbase. You are going to want
to set your Phasers and Torpedos to at least 110% power. Also, set your damage
control to 100% on Shields, Phasers, Torpedos, Hull, and Life Support. Then,
set phasers to "disabling" mode. Finally, begin your mission by warping to the
first star system.

When you get here, target the first mine and destroy it. Keep destroying mines
until the Mine Controller shows up. Target it's impulse engines and disable
the ship. Finish destroying the mines. When you are finished here, you will be
able to warp to the second star system.

This system is the same as the first, except with more mines. Again, destroy
all mines until the Mine Controller shows up. Again, disable it before you
finish destroying all mines. This time, get within 2000 units of the Mine
Controller and activate your tractor beams. Warp to Starbase to finish your

Once at starbase, hail the base and select the Mission Accomplished selection.

                     Mission Two: Routine Deployment {02}
Ship: Oberth Class

Orders: Warp to the Huron System and replace a malfunctioning prove monitoring
        the artifacts of an ancient and extince culture. You are also to
        protect the srtifacts at any cost.

Again, you will be starting off at Starbase. Use this time to get your ship
ready for combat. Go to Engineering and set the shield, life support, phaser,
torpedo, and hull repair rates to 100%. Leave everything else. Then, increase
your phaser power to 110% to 115% percent and raise your torpedo power to 105%
to 110%. Make sure that you have some power left over for the impulse engines.

Next, warp to the Huron System and target Artifact 2. Do not launch the probe
at Artifact 1 no matter what you do. A ship will enter the system - a stolen
Federation freighter. It will tractor an artifact and go to the Onyx system.
Follow it there to recover the artifact.

In the Onyx system, lock scanners onto the artifact, get within 2000 Units,
and then hail starbase and inform them of the recover of the item. Do not
follow their orders, as they are faulty. Instead, keep the object in your
tractor beams and follow the Freighter Kyzag. Use disabling phasers on the
ship's impulse engines to disable it. Keep firing with phasers only until
Captain Marcai hails you. Respond and choose the third option. Then, warp to
the Huron system.

Once you arrive, make sure your shields are up. Get within 2000 units of
Artifact 2. Slow to a full stop and then release the tractor beam. As soon as
the beam is off, warp to Starbase. Hail the base and select the Mission
Accomplished selection.

With the completion of this mission, you have completed your orientation
missions. From here on out, the missions will be hard.

                     Mission Three: Uninvited Guests {03}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Protect the Epsilon system from a Klingon/Romulan Combined Fleet.

This mission isn't that hard, but it's harder than it looks. Before you
depart Starbase, set your weapons systems and damage control systems for
combat. Your repair rates should be 100% on shields, life support, phasers,
torpedos, and hull. Set your tractor beam repair rates to a maximum of 10%,
but a 0% is recommended (it's not needed on this mission). You should also
increase phaser power to 110% (minimum) and torpedos to 105% (minimum).

Before you can leave Starbase, you will get a distress call from the Freighter
Auriga. Your navigator will automatically set a course to the freighter.

When you arrive to recsue the freighter, there will already be one Klingon
Bird of Prey attacking the freighter. It will change course to attack you.
Soon after it changes course, a second Bird of Prey will decloak. Destroy
both quickly. If you defeat them quickly, you can go right to the Epsilon

When you get the distress call from the Drake, you will again have to face two
Klingon Bird of Prey starships. Defeat them quickly. Before you leave the
system, repair all damage. Then, warp to Epsilon. When you arrive, a Klingon
D7 will beam Governor Ryan off of the planet. Attack the D7 until it's shields
go down, then beam the governor aboard. Defeat any other enemy ships, then
warp back to base.

                        Mission Four: Hide and Seek {04}
Ship: Constitution (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Find a cloaked Romulan starship and prevent it from reaching the
        Neutral Zone. You have the USS Rutherford and the USS Alexandria to
        assist you in your mission.

At the start of this mission, prepare your ship for combat. Set damage control
to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull. Set the tractor
beam repair rate to a maximum of 5% (0% will work, as you don't need it for
this mission). Then, increase phaser power to at least 110%. Warp to Pascal.

When you arrive, Sturek will tell you how to find the Romulan ship. You will
follow his directions. After you detect a disturbance, warp to it after Corin
tells you that the course has been plotted. You will enter a new system. Turn
right and face the planet, as that is where the Romulan will decloak. Get as
close as you can and open fire with all weapons as soon as possible. Help the
Rutherford and Alexandria only after the Romulan escapes or you destroy him.

Defeat the two Klingon D7s as quickly as possible, then return to Starbase.

No matter what the outcome is, as long as your ship survives, you win the
mission. I'm still trying to figure that one out. This mission also concludes
the Klingon Invasion Series (consisting of Mission Three and Mission Four).

                      Mission Five: Nothing Ventured {05}
Ship: Miranda Class (USS Tempest)

Orders: Patrol the Churchill, Allendon, Montgomery, and Mountjoy systems to
        discover who the pirates are.
             This is the first in a series of three missions that deal with
             the Venturi.

Before you leave Starbase, set up your ship for combat. Have 100% damage
control on the shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull. Also set
the tractor beam repair rate to 0% because you won't need it here. Set your
phaser power to 110%. Once this is done, warp to the first system. Before you
can engage, you will probably get a distress signal from the freighter
Motherlode. Your navigator will automatically plot a course to the Motherlode.

The first thing to do when you arrive to save the Motherlode is to hail her.
The captain will explain the problem. Then, hail the Pinter's Folly and tell
the captain what the Motherlode said. Next, increase power to the sensors and
hail the Motherlode. After you finish talking to the captain, scan the
Motherlode then hail the Pinter's Folly. The ships will continue on their
way. Before you leave the system, scan the planet that is in front of you to
confirm your arrival. After you scan the planet, proceed to the next as your
navigator automatically plots the courses.

At some point (probably after you confirm your approach on the third planet),
you will get a distress signal from a frieghter in the Laurier System, off
your patrol route. Respond to it. You'll chase off the unknown ship, but you
will have to follow it to the Walpole System. Hail the ship. No matter what
response you choose, you will have to battle two ships. Destroy both. Then,
finish up your patrol run by visiting any systems left. After you finish
your patrol, you will need to return to Starbase and select "Mission

You have now learned who the enemy is. In your next missions, you will be
seeing more of the Venturi.

                        Mission Six: Into the Abyss {06}
Ship: Miranda Class (USS Tempest)

Orders: Disable the transponders used by the Venturi to navigate in the Abyss

Start this mission like most other ones - increase your repair rates and
weapon power. Repair rates should be 100% on shields, life support, phasers,
torpedo, and hull. When you increase power, first increase power to the sensor
system and then put everything else into phasers, leaving enough power to use
impulse engines. Unlike many missions, do not keep your weapons on automatic
targeting. Use the manual aim - you will get more hits this way. When you are
set, warp to the Abyss Nebula.

The first set of transponders are the Alpha Transponders. Use only phasers to
destroy them, as you will need torpedos later in the mission. As you proceed
to destory the transponders, a Venturi ship will attack you. Use phasers until
it surrenders, then opt for it's crew to beam to your ship. Once the captain
surrenders, ignore the ship and do not fire on it again. Once all of the
transponders are destroyed, go to all stop until all damage is repaired and
then warp to the Beta Transponders.

Again, you will need to destroy all of the transponders. No tricks here. You
will encounter a Venturi starship. It will not surrender, but you will learn
about Prelate Alshoff. You will learn about him in the next mission, so focus
on the task at hand. Again, save the torpedos. You will need them for the
Gamma Transponders.

The Gamma Transponders are tricky. You will need to destroy not only the
transponders, but face a Venturi Medium Cruiser, a Venturi Light Cruiser, and
a Venturi Base. Destory the Medium and Light Cruiser. Then, stop and repair
all damage before facing the base. Move in and attack until Corin says that
the base looks damaged. Then, hail the base and accept it's surrender. Also!
If the Light Cruiser does not approach you, forcing the base to give up will
also make the Light Cruiser give up. The Medium Cruiser will almost always
(95% of the time) attack.

After the base surrenders, destroy the remaining transponders and then report
back to Starbase. Hail the base and select "Mission Accomplished".

                        Mission Seven: The Barrier {07}
Ship: Miranda Class (USS Tempest)

Orders: Escort the USS LaGrange to Omega 12-300.

At the start of this mission, the Starbase and the LaGrange will come under
attack. There's nothing you can do to save the LaGrange. You can either stay
and help the Starbase (not needed, and you will risk heavy damage) or get out
of there at full reveerse impulse. If you decide to help the base, start with
the Medium Cruiser, since it's the most powerful.

After the initial attack, your orders will change. Now, you will have to
proceed to Omega 12-300 to scout Venturi forces and report back to base.
Before you leave the starbase, set your damage control rates to 100% on
shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull and set the rates to 0% on
tractor beams (you won't need them in this mission). Increase your phaser
power to 115% and leave your torpedo power the same. Put most of the other
power into your shields, but leave enough so you can go to at least 50%
impulse power. Also, make sure all systems are at 100% before you go to
Omega 12-300.

When you arrive at Omega 12-300, quickly scan the base. Alshoff will
force a transmission on your viewer. No matter what you say, you will
enter into combat with 2 Venturi light cruisers. Scan them before they
attack you. Destory them, then go to full stop and repair damage before
you attack Alshoff. Alshoff is in the first Medium Cruiser that you lock onto.
Destory Alshoff and you'll be able to go to warp. No other ships will attack
you, so you can repair your warp drive and go to Green Alert to free up power
for the warp drive.

Warp to starbase and select "Mission Accomplished". With the completion of
this mission, you have finished the Venturi Series. You will be seeing more
of the Venturi, but not as organized as in these three simulations.

                     Mission Eight: Divide and Conquer {08}
Ship: Miranda Class (USS Tempest)

Orders: Observe a science experiement conducted by the unmanned Oberth Class
        vessel USS Hawking.

When this mission begins, activate red alert and get set-up for combat. For
repair rates, set 100% to shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull.
Make sure that you have some repair power to the tractor beams, because you'll
need them later in the mission. Also, set the phasers to 110% power. After all
adjustments are made, go back to Condition Green and go to the Hawking.

Get close to the USS Hawking and you will be sent to a cutscene showing the
experiment. During the experiment, a Klingong Bird of Prey will decloak and
open fire. The weapons discharge causes a your ship to be cloned. The clone
will warp away, leaving you to deal with a Klingon Bird of Prey. Destory the
Klingon ship and you will go into a cutscene. You will have to follow the
clone and disable it.

Warp to the Dante system and disable the other Tempest by using disabling
phasers and a few (2 or 3) torpedos on the impulse engines. Once the other
Tempest is drifting, tractor it back to the Alpha Herculae system and get
close to the Hawking again. You will be merged back into one ship. Return to
starbase to finish the mission.

You do not have to return the other Tempest in any special condition (ie:
with both warp nacelles intact). As long as you don't blow the clone ship up,
you will be able to complete the mission.

                      Mission Nine: Cry from the Dark {09}
Ship: Miranda Class (USS Tempest)

Orders: Determine the source of the distress signals and attempt to resolve
        any problems that might arise.

As soon as this mission begins, go to Red Alert and set your ship up for
combat. Set repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos,
and hull. Set tractor beams to 0% as you won't be needing it on this mission.
Increase phaser power to 110%. Then, go to Yellow Alert and warp to the Heeya
System, near Gorn space.

When you arrive in the Heeya System, A Gorn Harvester called the Sweet Song
is harvesting the Mimics. Hail the Gorn ship. When you get the choice, ask
Sturek about the intelligence level of the Mimics. When you return to talking
to the Gorn captain, be diplomatic but be firm (don't let him complete his
mission, but don't threaten to blow him out of space right away). The Sweet
Song will leave the system.

After the Gorn ship leaves, Sturek will suggest that you relocate the Mimics.
Don't do that. You should have M'Giia tell Starbase about the situation and
stay in the system.

After a few moments, a Gorn Military ship will enter the system. Hail him.
Again, you must be firm and diplomatic. Work out a deal with him to protect
the Mimics from the harvesters. After you finish working out the deal, the
Sweet Song and another harvester will enter the system. Destroy the Sweet Song
and then the other ship. Return to Starbase after you either destroy both Gorn
ships (don't open fire on the Long Flame) or get orders to return sooner.

Good job. You have completed the series of missions that take place in a
Miranda class vessel. The next missions will be in either Constitution or
Excelsior class ships.

                         Mission Ten: Escalation {10}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Battle the Klingon Ber'taa Class Heavy Cruiser Prototype 3 times and
        destroy or disable it each time. Your mission ends when your ship has
        been destroyed.

This mission will begin with a battle. You will not have time to get your ship
ready for combat, so you should know battle strategies and be ready. You might
be able to get your ship combat ready if you are quick enough. If you can,
set shields, phasers, life support, torpedos, and hull to 100% repair rates
and tractor beams to 0% repair rates. You will need to reset the repair rates
at the start of each battle. If you have time, put more power to the phasers
and torpedos. 

The Ber'taa Class Heavy Cruiser has 6 foreward disruptors and 4 foreward 
torpedo launchers, as well as 2 aft disruptors. Because of this, you will
want to stay to it's side or back. Do not let the Ber'taa face you or the
battle will end rather quickly. Using hit-and-run is also a good idea. And
don't forget: you don't have to destroy the Ber'taa, only disable it.

As a special "bonus", you will have some assistance for the first two battles.
During the first battle, there will be two Miranda Class starships. For the
second battle, there will be one Miranda Class starship. For the third battle,
you will be all alone with the Ber'taa.

Other guides that I have read say that if you defeat the Ber'taa all three
times, you will be able to face three Klingon Bird of Preys. I have never beat
the Ber'taa the third time, so I can't say if this is true or not.

Good luck. You will need it. And: you have 3 chances to beat the Ber'taa. If
you lose your ship, you will be given the chance to try again or give up. My
advice is to never, ever give up. Keep trying.

                          Mission Eleven: Revenge {11}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Investigate why Starfleet has lost contact with the Ageis System.
        This mission is based on the events of Stardate 8130.4 (STII:TWoK).

The first thing that you should do is get your ship fully ready for combat.
Set shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull to 100% and set
tractor beams to 0%. Again, increase power to the phaser and torpedo systems.

When that is done, warp to Egeus and scan the prison colony. You will find
that the colony has been destroyed and that there are no survivors. No need
to stay in orbit of the colony, so check out the science station.

As you approach the science station, the USS Oberon will approach you. Target
it and fire using disabling phasers. It also helps to target the warp drive
system. Do not destroy the Oberon. As you are firing, get close. At some
point, you will be hailed by the Oberon. Say that your transporter system
is damaged to buy time. When you get the chance, use the command codes to make
the Oberon lower her shields. Then, transport the warden of the prison colony
abord and hammer the Oberon with every phaser and torpedo that you have.

If you are too slow, the Oberon might warp to a nearby nebula. If that
happens, you must disable or destroy it. Be sure to save the Warden if you
have not already. Sometimes, the Oberon will self-destruct before you can
destroy it. It doesn't matter, as long as the Oberon is destroyed and the
Warden is saved.

Please note that there are other ways to finish this mission and win, but
the transporter method is the easiest to pull off.

Good job. You have completed half of this game. There are still 11 more
missions left, though.

                      Mission Twelve: Carry a Big Stick {12}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Proceed to Klingon Space Station K28 and accept an apology from
        Governor Kumas.

There are two ways to complete this mission. One involves going into combat
against a Ber'taa Heavy Cruiser and the other involves running away. I prefer
to run rather than face the Ber'taa, so you do not need to get your ship ready
for combat. Instead, just warp to Deznah at Condition Green. Entering the
system with the Space Station at Yellow or Red Alert will almost always put
you into combat.

When you arrive at Deznah, the Ber'taa will approach you. The ship will scan
you multiple times and then hail you. It does not matter which response you
chose, as they will result in the same sequence of events.

After the Ber'taa finishes scanning and hailing you, you will receive a
message from Governor Kumas. He will order the Ber'taa to attack you. Go to
Yellow Alert, then go to your Navigation Menu and plot a course back to
Starbase. The apology was a trick all along.

If you chose to go into battle, you will want to get your ship ready for
combat before you leave Starbase. Follow the same directions as above, but
instead of returning to Starbase, hail the Romulan ship and ask for help. No
matter which choice you make, the Romulan ship will help you. Use hit and run
attacks to destroy the Ber'taa and then warp back to Starbase.

                  Mission Thirteen: Diplomatic Immunity {13}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Patrol the Cerebus, the Charybdis, and the Damocles systems.

As soon as this mission starts off, you will need to get your ship set up for
combat. First, set repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers,
torpedos, and hull. Then, increase phaser power to 115%. When you are done,
warp to the first system.

Shortly after you arrive, you will detect weapons fire. Warp there to see that
three armed freighters are attacking another freighter. Destroy the three
attacking freighters then hail the original freighter. The captain will
request permission to go to the starbase for repair and you will automatically
allow him to go. When you are told that the course has been laid in, warp to
the next system.

Upon your arrival, a Vulcan vessel named "Sunrider" will enter the system and
tell you about a frighter being harassed by two Klingon Bird of Preys. You
need to go see what's going on.

When you arrive at the location of the freighter, hail it and the Bird of
Prey. The freighter is being commanded by Kumas and you will learn that the
Bird of Prey is being commanded by Duk'ret. An interesting twist. Apparently,
Kumas was helped out by one of his friends on the High Council, and he's
gotten himself into a little trouble, and you need to bail him out. As you
fight off the two original Bird of Preys, two more will enter the system with
some freighters and a D7. The two additional Bird of Preys are on your side,
but the D7 and freighters are not. The crew of Kumas' freighter will be
beamed away and everyone against you will warp away.

Sturek will be able to track the ships. Follow them and the Bird of Preys will
follow you. When you enter the system, you will find one D7, two Bird of
Preys, two freighters, and a base where Kumas and the crew of the freighter
are being held. You will have to destroy the D7, the Bird of Preys, and the
freighters. After those are taken care of, set your phasers to disabling and
disable the weapons (disruptors and torpedos) on the base. Then, take out the
shields and get within transporter range of the base. Beam the hostages aboard
and then warp to Starbase. Mission complete.

                     Mission Fourteen: Kobayashi Maru {14}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Routine resupply mission.

In the cutscene before this mission, you will have the chance to cheat. The
"correct" course of action is to reprogram the simulator to make the Klingons
respect and fear you. At this time, I will only be covering what happens if
you decide to reprogram the simulator to cheat and make the Klingons respect
you. At a later date, I will add instructions for the other options, including
not cheating at all.

NOTE: I will soon be starting work on a Cutscene FAQ. After that goes up,
I'll begin working on the other possibilities for the Kobayashi Maru
simulation, but that's going to be a few months off. Don't expect an update to
this section before Summer 2005. But, you never know.

After you pick up the supplies, you will get a distress call from the
Kobayashi Maru, a civilian transport in the Klingon Neutral Zone.
Against the wishes of your crew, go into the neutral zone and go to
Yellow Alert. As soon as the Klingon ships arrive, hail them. They will
leave the area, leaving you to rescue the Maru.

Mission accomplished. You are the second cadet to beat the Kobayashi Maru
"No-Win" Mission.

                    Mission Fifteen: Balance of Terror {15}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Agincourt)

Orders: Investigate why several Federation outposts on the Romulan Neutral
        Zone have not been heard from. This mission is based on the events
        of Stardate 1709.2, when a Romulan vessel crossed the border and
        destroyed Federatopn Outposts (ST:TOS - Balance of Terror).

As soon as this mission begins, get your ship ready for combat. Increase
repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull.
Decrease tractor beam repair rates to 0%. Also, increase phaser power to 110%.
As soon as you are done, warp to the first outpost.

When you arrive, you will find that the outpost has been destroyed. Scan it
for survivors, but there won't be any. Warp to the second outpost and do the
same thing. After you scan the second outpost, you will get a distress signal
from the freighter Hazardi. Warp to assist the freighter.

The freighter is being attacked by a lone Klingon Bird of Prey. Even though
the enemy should be easy to defeat, minimize damage because you will be going
into battle against another enemy shortly. After you rescue the freighter, you
will get a distress signal from another Federation outpost and you will also
see a cutscene with the base being attacked by a Romulan ship. After the
cutscene, warp to the base and prepare to engage the Romulans.

When you battle the Romulans, you should not destroy them. I read sources that
say that if you destroy the Romulans you will fail the mission. This did not
happen to me, though. Instead, lock on to their cloaking device and destroy
it. Then, target warp and impulse engines as well as weapons. When many of
their systems are red on the damage indicator, turn to disabling phasers and
keep firing. As they gain damage, try to hail them. Try to make the Romulan
commander surrender. He won't, but he will blow his ship up.

If you are too slow, he might jettison debris into space. Some of this debris
might contain an explosive that can cripple your ship. Be careful if Sturek
tells you about a small amount of debris. You might want to target tge debris
with your phasers and destroy it from a safe distance or just avoid the

                   Mission Sixteen: The Best Laid Plans {16}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Ranger)

Orders: Assist the Romulans in recovering an artifact. This mission is also
        part of a three mission series (Missions 16, 17, and 18).

Just like in almost every mission, you should set your ship up for combat. Set
your repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and
hull and 0% on tractor beams. Don't forget to set phasers to 110% power. When
you are done, go to Condition Green and warp to the Piachi system. There, you
will meet the Romulan Ambassador, Admiral Tenek.

Once in the Piachi system, you will be hailed by the leader of the Piachi
colony. After you get done talking with her, Admiral Tenek's ship will
decloak. Hail the ship right away. After you finish talking to Admiral Tenek,
three freighters will enter the system. Hail them and try to convince them
that if they interfere, they will have the fleet after them. You can avoid a
battle for now, but you will face them soon. If you do engage them now, you
will still win the mission, but you won't have to face them later.

When you finish at the Piachi colony, warp to Greenly's ship. Get within
10000 units and then hail him. He might hail you first. Convince him that you
are not going to arrest him and work your way to asking about the artifact.
He'll tell you who stole it. If you have not battles the frighters, you will
have to now. Act quickly and don't let Admiral Tenek's ship be destroyed.

After you destroyed all three freighters, repair all damage and then warp to
the Regis system. Once there, the Raven (commanded by Margaret Horn) will get
away, but you will battle a Romulan Bird of Prey and a Klingon D7, one at a 
time. After you defeat the Bird of Prey and D7, return to Starbase.

For some odd reason (I have not yet figured it out), my game does not always
make me face the D7. Sometimes, it never decloaks and I get to return to
Starbase after facing the Bird of Prey.

                      Mission Seventeen: The Sun God {17}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Ranger)

Orders: Assist the Thaxius colony as their sun gets ready to go nova.

Get your ship ready for combat by changing repair rates and power settings.
Increase phaser power to 110% and max out (100%) repair rates on shields,
life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull. You can also reduce the repair
rates on the tractor beams to 0%. Then, go to Yellow Alert and warp to the
Thaxium system.

When you arrive, hail the colony and speak to Thomas Horn (father of the
infamous Margaret Horn). After you talk to him, warp to the sun and approach
the asteroids. Scan one and wait until Sturek tells you there is a creature
near the sun. When he says this, go into full reverse engines. As soon as
Corin says that a course is laid in, warp back to the colony. If he doesn't
say this, go to the Navigation Menu and plot a course to "Thaxius".

When you arrive at the colony again, go to Red Alert because you will soon go
into battle with a Romulan ship. First, hail the planet and talk to Horn and
then wait for the Romulan to arrive. When he arrives, hail him. No matter
which choice you make, you will enter into battle. Destroy the Romulan ship
and you will get a communication from the Raven. It's too late to catch up to
them, and you still have to save the colony. Thomas Horn will hail you and
tell you that the scientists know how to stun the sun creature. When Brady
lets you know that the phasers are retuned, warp back to the sun and approach
the creature. Fire your phasers until you hit the creature (one hit will stun
it). The creature will fire an EMP wave that will knock out all systems, but
you will have to engage a Klingon Bird of Prey. 

Switch phasers and torpedos to manual targeting and find the Klingon ship. 
Fire a few phaser shots. When you hit the ship, you will be told that the 
phasers are not having an effect. Start using torpedos until Brady tells you
that the phasers are set properly. Destroy the Bird of Prey and then warp to

You will return to the Thaxius system in the next mission.

                        Mission Eighteen: End Game {18}
Ship: Excelsior Class (USS Paris)

Orders: Return the Romulan Artifact and discover the truth about Margaret 

Once again, you must set your ship up for combat. Raise phaser power to 110%
and increase repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos,
and hull. Do not decrease tractor beam repair rates because you'll need that
system in this mission.

Next, hail Admiral Tenek and let you know you will help her. Second, hail
Duk'ret and tell him that you are honored to see him again and let him know
that you are willing to give the traitors to the Klingon Empire for trial and
punishment. He should join you on your mission. After you have the help of the
Klingon and Romulan ships, warp to the Thaxius system, where there are
problems once again.

As soon as you arrive in the Thaxius system, two rebel ships will warp in. One
is a Klingon D7 and the other is a Romulan Battleship. Have Tenek and Duk'ret
go after them when you go after the Raven, which is near the sun. Warp to the

When you arrive, go to Red Alert and battle the Romulan Heavy Cruiser. Do not
waste time or you have a greater chance of failing the mission. Once it's out
of the way, hail Horn (note that she might hail you first). Do not let her
destroy the Sun Creature. Instead, have Brady beam her aboard. Then, tractor
her ship away from the sun to lure the Sun Creature away. Once it's far enough
away, Sturek will let you know. It should be about 10K to 15K units. Go to
all stop and release the tractor beams. Warp to starbase to finish the

You have complete this series of missions and are approaching graduation. You
still have 3 missions before you graduate, though.

                     Mission Nineteen: Smuggler's Den {19}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Ranger)

Orders: Go to the Lambda Trianguli and escort the smuggler Marcai to Starbase.

Get your ship ready for combat by increasing phaser power to 110% and repair
rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull. Then,
warp to the Lambda Trianguli system.

When you arrive, go to Red Alert and approach Marcai's ship. A Romulan Bird of
Prey will decloak. Hail the ship. No matter which option you chose, you will
have to battle the Romulan ship. Destroy him and then hail Mercai. Warp with
him out of the system. You do not have time to repair any damage before you
proceed with your mission.

Mercai will request a layover in the Draconis System. You automatically agree.
There will be two Venturi ships waiting, so go to Red Alert and destroy them.
Then, catch up to Mercai's ship and tractor him to Starbase. If Mercai tries
to flee, use disabling phasers on his impulse engines.

                      Mission Twenty: Common Ground {20}
Ship: Excelsior Class (USS Paris)

Orders: Assist the Federation ambassador to the Astareans with any problems
        that might come up.

Get your ship set up for combat. Increase power to the phasers (110%) and
repair rates (100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull and
0% on tractor beams). Then, warp to Astarea III. Hail the planet and speak to
the ambassador. He will tell you that the Romulan, Gorn, and Klingon ships
are late and have not been heard from. He asks you to find out what happened.

The first system that you will come to is empty, so proceed to the second.

In the Divan System, you will encounter the freighter Mother's Pride being
attacked by a Venturi ship. Defeat the Venturi ship and hail the Mother's
Pride, then proceed to the Well of Discord at Green Alert.

When you arrive at the Well of Discord, you will find the missing ships, as
well as a Venturi ship. Hail the Venturi ship and find out the problem. The
Venturi ship was infected with a parasite. After communication ends, scan the
Venturi ship and then go at it on Red Alert. Ignore the other ships. After
you destroy the Venturi ship, you will learn the other ships were being
controlled by the parasite as well. They will become free after the Venturi
ship is destroyed. Escort them back to the conference and you will complete
the mission.

                 Mission Twenty-One: The Ultimate Klingon {21}
Ship: Excelsior Class (USS Paris)

Orders: Stop the Klingon fleet that has crossed into Federation space. Star
        Trek fans will recognize some elements of this mission from the
        Star Trek (TOS) episode named "The Ultimate Computer".

Before you leave Starbase, set up your ship for combat. Have 100% damage
control on the shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull. Also set
the tractor beam repair rate to 0% because you won't need it here. Set your
phaser power to 110%. When you finish, warp to the Danube system.

After you arrive in the Danube system, target the black box and use impulse to
get into tractor range. Tractor it and read it. Also, scan the frighter. When
you are doing this, you will get distress signals. Send the Rutherford and
Alexandria to the Chancellor and Proxman. You can go to the Omega Altair when
you finish with the debris.

At Omega Altair, you will battle a Klingon Bird of Prey. Scan it once at
medium range and again at close range to learn that it was getting signals
from the Delta Lyra system.

If you want to, you can help the Rutherford and Alexandria, but it's not
necessary. Use the navigation menu to plot a course to the Delta Lyra system
if you don't want to help the other two ships. If you do, pick a system and
use the navagation menu to go there instead.

In the Delta Lyra system, you will encounter a Klingon D7. Hail it to discover
it's a computer-run ship that's based on the Federation M5 Unit. Tell the
unit that it is a achievement and praise it. Then, tell it that if it's
successful, Klingons will never need to die in space again. The unit will
blow itself up, along with every other Klingon ship in the sector. Return
to Starbase to complete the mission.

Good job. You have completed all 21 simulator missions. If you have done well
enough, both in and out of the simulators, you will be given the chance to fly
one more mission.

                 Mission Twenty-Two: A World of Their Own {00}
Ship: Constitution Class (USS Enterprise)

Orders: Meet with the USS Truong and attempt to communicate with the Meclanti.

You start this mission in deep space. The first thing you should do is change
repair rates to 100% on shields, life support, phasers, torpedos, and hull.
You do not need to change weapons power for this mission.

At the start of thie mission, M'Giia informs you that the USS Truong is late
for the meeting. Ask Sturek what the Truong's most recent stop was and have
Corin plot a course there. You will be going to Javik VI next.

At Javik VI, lock onto the debris and scan it. The Truong was destroyed. You
arrived too late to help either the colony or the crew of the Trung. But there
is still hope. Sturek says that he can track the Meclanti ship. Have Corin
follow the energy trail until just before the Klingon Neutral Zone. 

When Sturek tells you that the Meclanti are in the Neutral Zone and/or in
Klingon Space, do not follow. Instead, you will soon get a distress signal
from a Klingon medical research station in the Kurat System. Tell Commander
Vor that you would like to assist him. Then, ask him why a Klingon station is
asking for Federation help. Finally, ask him to give you permission to cross
into Klingon Space. After you end communication with him, have M'Giia hail
Starfleet and send a copy of the communication with Vor. Next, go to Red Alert
and enter Klingon space.

As soon as you enter the Kurat system, target the planet and fire after the
Meclanti fire. When the Meclanti fire their phasers, you must fire your
phasers and when the Meclanti fire their torpedos, you must fire your
torpedos. Never fire first. When the Meclanti face you, you must face them.
Always mimic the Meclanti. Sturek should tell you what they are doing.

After you open communication, chose the following choices:
"Suspend communications for a minute...."
"Start communications again. Meclanti..."
"Yes! One Meclanti. One Enterprise. One Planet."
"Meclanti shoots. Enterprise shoots. Meclanti flies. Enterprise flies."
"Enterprise. Meclanti. Meclanti. Enterprise."
"Yes, Enterprise is Meclanti but Meclanti is not Enterprise.",
"Right! Meclanti not random and Enterprise not random."
"Interesting. Yes, Meclanti. Stars are random."
"The planet Kurat 1 is not random!"
"Meclanti not damage random planet."
"Meclanti stop wounding planet Kurat 1."
"You want energy?", "Robin. Can we give the Meclanti some energy"
"Do it. Meclanti, Enterprise energy is Meclanti energy."
"Good. Meclanti, we can give you a home planet."

After you finish talking to the Meclanti, three Klingon ships enter the
system. There are two Bird of Preys and one D7. Hail the Klingons. Tell them
that you are here with permissions from Commander Vor. Then, chose the option
that lets him know you have an option to get the Meclanti out of Klingon
Space. Have M'Giia transmet all data on the Meclanti. The Bird of Preys will
leave, but the D7 will stay. Vor will hail you. Talk to him and he'll tell you
that the D7 has a fusion disruptor on it's warp nacelle. Stop the Klingon with
out getting the Meclanti involved. Destroy the D7 before it can reach the sun.

Congratulations! You have not only graduated at the top of your class at
Starfleet Academy, you have also made first contact with the Meclanti,
saved a Klingon hospital, and kept the Meclanti out of the tensions between
the Klingon Empire on the Federation.

                               ===End of FAQ===

                             (c) Thomas Owens 2004
          See section II (Copyright Information) for more information.

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