Star Trek - The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Star Trek - The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard

Star Trek - The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard

                                 Secrets  FAQ

                                 Version 1.00

Copyright KSS (Antoine Chaperon) - April 2009

This FAQ is provided to give precise indications to the location and triggering
of secrets in KHG solo campaign.

M01 : The Battle of Tong'Ve (0/0)

M02 : Assassins (3/3)

1. In the house where you find the sewer access switch, there is a wall with a
marking and the outline of a door; guess what's behind this door.

2. Over the main gate, where the gate switch is, go outside the window to a 
ledge; you can climb to the roof of the nearby house and drop through a hole,
but that's not the secret; instead follow the ledge to another house with a
second floor, and enter through a secret door to get a combat armor.

3. In the main building, go through the door at the top of the stairs and
climb over the crate to the left; a hidden corridor leads to the last secret
room, where you can eat a bowl of gagh (you can reach this room from the final
computer room too, if you exit through a window and follow the ledge).

M03 : Rure Penthe (3/3)

1. In the room with the stream and the collapsing floor, follow the stream
outside to a ledge with combat goggles.

2. In the same room, enter the stream, crouch and follow it to its source,
where you'll find dilithium cells and a bowl of gagh.

3. When you're swimming underwater, watch for a hole in the left wall not long
before the exit.

M04 : Rure Penthe (4/4)

1. Right at the start, after taking the elevator, you'll see an odd looking
wall to your left; blast it and make your way to the area above the pool.

semi-secret: in the big room not far after the entrance to the first secret,
go to the left of the window, blast some rock and crouch to get to a small
room with an armor.

2. When you come to the big tunnel with the first mining cart you can ride on,
follow it right to a lava pit; if you look down, you'll see stepping stones in
the lava; drop to one of them then jump to a secret room; from there you should
see a glowing climbable wall above the stepping stone in the far corner (you
can actually use this natural ladder to get down, though it's a little tricky).

3. After riding the first cart, walk back to the pit you crossed, jump to the
ledge on the right and destroy a weak wall.

4. After riding the first cart, in the control room where you activate the
second one is the outline of a door; shoot it to open a secret room.

M05 : The Prison (2/2)

1. In block 1, on the upper walkway, walk on the leftmost support that connects
the walkway to the cell block 2 wall; a secret door will open, leading to a
bowl of gagh and a sniper camera.

semi-secret: in cell block 4 lower level, a switch opens a cell back in cell
block 1; a hole in this cell's wall leads to a locked cell in block 4 and an
advanced combat armor.

2. In cell block 3, after riding up the elevator that leads to the guards area,
walk to the wall opposite the elevator; you'll enter a secret area holding

M06A : The Warden (7/7)

1. In the bar, between the two tables in the back, is a secret door that leads
to a combat dress.

2. When you're riding up the elevator across the bar, you can enter a hole in
the right wall, where you'll find a tricorder. 

3. From the last secret room, shoot the elevator to send it up and drop down
to a flask of bloodwine.

4. In the room with green tanks, the switch that unlocks the sickbay door
opens one of the tanks at the same time ; dive in to find a battle dress and
a ding-pagh.

5. In the hallway after the sickbay, climb behind the first column on the
left after the bend and you'll find a passage to a secret area above the
hallway (you can see the windows from the hallway if you look up).

6. At the next bend, after dealing with the grenadier, two guards will attack
you from a hidden room; a poorly hidden door leads from this room to a secret
area filled with ammo.

7. In the last room where you find the retinakey, there is a concealed door in
the same wall as the other door.

M06B : The Warden (1/1)

1. After the first bend, climb behind the first column on the right and go
through the false wall.

M07A : Qualor II (2/2)

1. After visiting the sewers, return to Harry's warehouse where you'll find an
open sewer hatch; underneath is a room with armor and bloodwine.

2. In the nightclub, step on all the purple circles, then approach the base of
the tallest column: a secret compartment holding a bowl of gagh will open.

M07B : Qualor II (5/5)

1. Crouch under the shuttle in the cargo bay to find 3 knives.

2. In the big cargo bay, follow the conveyor belt on the lower left from where
you arrive; get past the 2 sliding curtains then step on a lift to your left;
it leads to a secret place behind the viewing room where is a bowl of gagh.

3. Still in the cargo bay, go through the middle door to reach a ramp above
water; drop on a smoking pipe, then run and jump to the area above the small
waterfall for an advanced combat armor.

4. After going up the first elevator, you'll be on an open area facing one of
the cargo bay viewing rooms; climb on the 3 small red crates and take a
running jump to the narrow ledge facing the viewing room (nice jumping); at
the end of this ledge, jump up to a tricorder.

5. Before entering the second elevator, jump down to the roof of the second
cargo bay viewing room.

M08 : The Space Station (4/4)

1. After leaving landing bay 1 via the connecting tube, you come to the outer
hub; go to the right and check the inner wall at the bend for a sliding panel.

2. Just after the 1st secret, you enter a room and exit it to the inner hub;
to your right is another sliding panel.

3. When you've reached the power core, look down for a support beam with an
apparent panel and jump from beam to beam until you reach it.

4. After looting secret 3, exit it and look for a hidden panel opposite the
apparent one; enter the teleporter to reach a room (which you have probably
already seen if you've explored the station's exterior) with bloodwine.

M09A : Thress (2/2)

1. In the casino, there's a slightly concealed door near the table upstairs.

2. On the higher level, at the back of the blue room from where you open the
logistics room is a hidden door (it's located near the ammo packages). 

M09B : Thress (3/3)

1. In the central room, after flipping the switch, the alcove that holds a vacc
suit features a hidden door that leads outside.

2. The alcove opposite secret 1 has another secret door.

3. The back of the shuttle's teleporter is a sliding panel that conceals a
compartment with a stealth suit.

M10 : The Kor-Van (4/4)

1. In the torpedo room (where you get the passcard), use the console to load
the torpedo, then climb above the torpedo tube; press against the wall to open
a panel; in the secret compartment, use the console to launch the torpedo.

2. After secret 1, return to the first console and use it to send the platform
up; enter the torpedo tube where a compartment with bloodwine will open.

3. In the left power conduit room, behind the pillar that supports the platform
(between the 2 ramps) is a switch; it activates an elevator leading down to the
left engine. There you'll find ammo, an advanced combat armor and a teleporter
to the starting room.

4. In the command room (after taking the lift up and using the palmkey), climb
on the platform that you can see from the command chair: a panel there hides

M11 : Rendez-Vous (2/2)

On the docking bay level, exit the ship and look for a poorly concealed door
to your right (strangely, this secret doesn't register in the level's
account, though you get the "secret area" message) .

2. In the rightmost power room, shoot a pile of crates to reveal a switch; it
opens a secret compartment behind a power conduit, where you'll find a sith har

3. In the main power room, flip 3 semi hidden switches (actually you can flip
the same one 3 times); the power core will slide down to expose a flask of

M12 :  The Fek'Lhr (1/1)

1. After releasing the second clamp, walk on the top of the ship's hull towards
the aft; climb the red incline then up a vertical wall, and continue walking
towards the aft on the flat part of the hull, keeping to your left; a panel
will open, allowing access to a compartment with a bowl of gagh and plasma

M13 : Krax (4/4)

1. Not too far from the start, you'll come to two corridors; the lower one
leads to locked cells; take the upper one, and enter the room right after the
transporter room; a grate in the wall allows you to reach one of the cells and
retrieve an antigrav belt (note: the belt doesn't transfer to the next level,
so you'd better use it in the final fight).

2. Now return to the burning cargo bay, take the lift up and turn to the right:
the antigrav belt allows you to reach the red hatch in the ceiling; in the
room above the cargo bay are a sith har blaster and plasma cells (note that
you can also spare your antigrav belt and reach this secret from secret 4).

3. After cleaning the dark cargo room, don't take the lift up  and continue
ahead; you'll reach the second transporter room (which is the only way to go
back to the previous area), and the torpedo bay; go down and use the console
to load a torpedo, then use the console in the control room to launch it; go
back down to the torpedo bay and enter the now open torpedo tube to access a
room with lots of ammo and a bowl of gagh.

4. After riding the lift from the dark cargo room, enter the room just across
the lift and go to the left; a hidden panel in the wall leads to an airlock
with a vacc suit and magnetic boots (you can exit the ship then head to the aft
to reach secret 2, or head to the prow and reach the bridge).

M14 : Praxis (5/5)

1. Past the base main elevator is another canyon; a natural rock ladder there
leads to a spider infested cave, which provides a back access to the base.

2. In the room where you find the passcard, a switch is hidden in the dark
area left of the console; it opens a hatch to a room with ammo and an advanced
combat armor.

3. In the room where you open level 2 access, a concealed door to the left of
the switch leads to the platform above the big entrance room of this floor.

4. In the room where you deactivate the generator's energy field, a console
on the upper platform opens the service duct where you can find some ammo.

5. After deactivating the energy field, return to the generator room: it is now
safe to get down and access a room with a rocket launcher.

M15 : The Crew Complex (6/6)

1. Right at the start, where the tunnel bends to the left at a right angle,
blast the rock wall; you'll reach an opening that overlooks the compound's
entrance; however, don't walk on the ledge...

2. In the dark corner left of the compound's main entrance, you can blast
through another rock wall; you'll reach a pool of corrosive liquid; try to
move the crates (by firing at them) so as to be able to hop to the other side
where you'll find a flask of bloodwine.

3. Near the room of pain's exit, approach the panel to reveal a bowl of gagh.

4. On the second floor, after you cross the second walkway over the training
areas (the one that almost collapses after an earthquake), enter the first
room on your right; a panel in the left wall leads to a ledge with plasma ammo.

5. On the third floor, exit through the tavern's window, then follow the ledge
to a cave with an advanced combat armor (you can drop from there to secret 4).

6. When you reach the bridge, climb on one of the slanted supports, then go
through an illusionary wall to a cave with rockets and plasma cells.

M16 : The Reactor (1/1)

1. In the room where you get the digital palm imprint, climb on the power
conduit where the guard was, crouch under the separation then walk to the core
where you'll find the particle cannon and a battle dress.

M17 : The Warehouse (0/0)

After moving the crate, use it to reach a secret area with a ding pagh.

M18A : The Sisters (1/1)

1. In the room behind the level 2 access door, go left as you enter: a secret
door will open, behind which is a transporter to a disused room with a bowl of
gagh and a particle cannon.

M18B : The Sisters (1/1)

1. Just before the end of the level, in the room where you find the digital
palm imprint is a munitions closet; at the back of this closet is a secret
compartment with a bowl of gagh.

M18C : The Truth (0/0)

M19 : Vengeance (4/4)

1. In the northwest part of the base is a bunk room where many guards ambush
you; under the lone bunk near the console that turn on the lights is a small

2. There's a secret compartment with a flask of bloodwine under the western
garden; to trigger it, stand to the left of the bench, facing the door, and
look up and to your right at the tower (use combat goggles) : on the wall to
the left of the window is a switch that you can snipe (in my version it was
invisible, which added to the challenge...I was only able to find it by using
the Unreal Editor).

3. In the big worship hall, on the wall above the altar is the Honor Guard's
symbol; shoot the upper spike to open a secret panel behind the altar; you'll
find an advanced combat armor there.

4. After using the transporter in the fourth watchtower, you come to a room
with a big table; one of the ledges holds plasma cells; face the middle of the
rightmost slanted wall and run jump to it; you should catch a small invisible
ladder near the top and be able to reach the ledge (you can rocket jump too,
which is actually easier).

M20A : The Gauntlet (1/1)

1. Take the left path as you enter, and enter the first fire pit; on the side
opposite the entrance, walk on the beams then take a running jump to the
column; a hidden door opens to a room with ammo and a flask of bloodwine.

M20B : The Gauntlet (4/4)

1. In the library (northeastern building from the fountain plaza), inspect the
bookshelf to your right as you enter: a green book stands out; pushing it opens
a door (be quick for it is times) to a room hidden in the inner wall, where
you'll find a flask of bloodwine.

2. Still in the library, but upstairs, climb on the armchair to open a secret
door, and run through it to a room with ammo and armor.

3. In the hall of meditation to the southwest,  step into the sarcophagus after
pressing the button at its back, then step on the square platform behind the
sarcophagus; it will descend to a room with a bowl of gagh.

4. In the house near the northwestern tower, a secret door upstairs leads to a
corner room with advanced combat armor.

M20C : Blood Oath (0/0)

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