Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - Scoundrel Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - Scoundrel

Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic - Scoundrel
         / ____/   _                   |¯|  |¯|
        | |___   _| |_   __ _  _ __    | |/\| |  __ _  _ __ ____
         \___ \ |_   _| / _' || '_/    | /  \ | / _' || '_// __/
        _____| |  | |  | (_| || |      \  /\  /| (_| || |  \__ \
       /______/   |_|   \__,_||_|       \/  \/  \__,_||_|  /___/

             _   __                      _
            | | / /                     | |
            | |/ /          O    ____   | |__    _|¯|_   ____
            |   |   |¯'¯¯\ |¯|  / _  \  |  _ \  |_   _| / __/
            | |\ \  | || | | | | (_)  | | | | |   | |   \__ \
            |_| \_\ |_||_| |_|  \_   /  |_| |_|   |_|   /___/
                                  / /__
                                  \___ \
                             __       \ \
                             \ \       | |
                              \ \_____/ /


                      T H E   O L D   R E P U B L I C

                    Scoundrel Solo Guide by Sword Laker

Last Updated at 12:03 AM 2/17/2008
Game Information
Title     : Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Publisher : Lucas Arts
Developer : BioWare Corp
Genre     : Role-Playing Game
Universe  : Star Wars - Old Republic Era
Release   : September 2003
Platform  : XBox, PC
Guide     : Playing as a Scoundrel
Started   : June 8, 2006
Version   : 1.72d (Final)
Author    : Sword Laker
E-mail    :

 Table of Content

  01. Introduction                  [itr]
  02. Why a Scoundrel               [wsc]
  03. Multiclass                    [mtc]
   03a. Which class to choose       [wcc]
   03b. Time to switch              [tts]
  04. Making up your Scoundrel      [mys]
   04a. Attributes                  [atb]
   04b. Feats                       [fts]
   04c. Force Powers                [fpw]
   04d. Skills                      [skl]
  05. Lightsaber                    [lsb]
  06. Equipments                    [eqp]
   06a. Weapon                      [wpn]
   06b. Armor                       [amr]
   06c. Gloves, Belts and others    [gbi]
  07. Playing Solo                  [slo]
   07a. Solo and Party              [sap]
   07b. Solo Scoundrel              [ssc]
   07c. Several things about solo   [tas]
   07d. Ultimate Scoundrel          [usc]
  08. Frenquently Asked Question    [faq]
  09. Contact and Feedback          [caf]
  10. Version History & Credits     [vnc]

    So let's get start ;)

 /         01. Introduction [itr]          /

    So welcome to my first FAQ. Just for the first time I write down something
so special like this to help others who got into troubles like me for the first
time with this game. Just a little experiences that I think should be shared.

    This ultra-nice made-by-BioWare game set in the universe of Star Wars four
thousands years before the Rise of the Empire (the title that was once chosen
for Episode 3) in a time when the war between the Sith and the Jedi had just
about to begun. After the victory with Exar Kun, a fallen Jedi, the Old Republic
was soon drawn into another conflict. The attacks of Maldalorians to the
Republic, for the sake of honor and glory with battles would be remembered,
was answered by two great Jedi Knights with many other were rallied to their
noble cause: Revan and Malak. With the flawless tactics of Revan and unmatched
fury of headstrong Malak, victories over victories were brought the Republic
and the entire galaxy. As Maldalorian Wars ended, Revan and Malak and the the
fleets under their control disappeared into the unexplored space. Several years
later, Revan and Malak returned as the head of the Sith massive invasion armada.
Revan became the Dark Lord of the  Sith as Darth Revan as Malak assumed the role
of the Dark Lord's apprentice, Darth Malak. Fortunately for the Republic and the
Jedi, a slim hope shined within their desperate effort: Bastila Shan, a young
Jedi, who has mastered the art of Battle Meditation, which can turn the tide of
the battlefield. The young Shan's Battle Meditation had been a key in many
victories of the Jedi in the war against the their fallen brethrens Revan and
Malak. One of them was a important success in neutralizing Darth Revan on his
own flagship. However, Malak seized the chance to become the Dark Lord as he
continued his Master's incomplete work: conquer the galaxy. And you, a recruit
under Bastila Shan's command in the Republic ship Endar Spire, which is under
attack by a Sith battle fleet, need to find someway to escape and survive the
attack for a greater goal: stop Malak and the Sith in their never-end conquest
(and continue their incomplete work once again?). And here ... your adventure
begins. Sorry so much for straying too far from the main subject.

    So this guide's going to help you in the way to make a *correct* scoundrel
in the video game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR for short,
okay?), avoid stupid things you may do while being a scoundrel. And above all
else, how to play solo with a scoundrel with the right stuff.

    The first time writing a FAQ, maybe it's not so nice and I hope to hear
from you. All corrections, criticisms and suggestions are fully welcomed to my

    And perhaps like you have thought, I'm a Star Wars fan.

    Finally, English is not my native language. Don't be suprised if I make any
stupid grammatical mistake. Sorry if this annoy you. These corrections are also
always welcomed.

    Final Note: this guide contains some *minor* spoilers. I don't think it can
spoil your fun. However, still read it at your own risk. You have been warned
and don't blame me for anything, okay?

    AND THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION! Read section 09 for more infos. Seems no one
read this anymore.

 /         02. Why a Scoundrel [wsc]       /

    So here's a big question for many people. Why a Scoundrel? Why not a scout?
Why not a soldier? Are scoundrels more powerful?

    A stealth, guile and persuasive rogue, scoundrel is. Scoundrel rarely
confront foes directly. They strike quickly and swiftly from shadow (or
somewhere you can't see). For anyone who have looked into Neverwinter Nights
this is exactly your Rogue in another universe.

    So let's talk about the gameplay. How does Scoundrel affect your gameplay.
First of all, combat is never a advantage of any scoundrel (if you want pure
combat, go to the soldier). Scoundrel gets the most skill points, much like
Rogues. However, skill in KotOR is not something so as vital as it is in NwN.
Some people can play with mostly no skill point (Actually, I did once. A soldier
with intelligence of 8). But having some extra skill points in your character is
never a bad thing since you can do a lot more with them. Persuade is highly
recommended. You'll get it as a class skill when you become a Jedi. However, the
sooner the better. About stealth, this is the only way for you to get Stealth as
a class skill. Sneak Attack with high Stealth skill is fairly awesome if used
correctly. Scoundrel's Luck is also one of the main reason for me to choose
Scoundrel, which make your Defense higher than any other class. Weak points of
Scoundrels include low based attack bonus Will and Fortitude saving throws. But
compared to strong points, they worth it.

    So here's the summary.

_Many skill points to play with
_Has Scoundrel's Luck to boost Defense up
_Has Sneak Attack
_The only class has Stealth as a class skill
_Stealth matches the solo style so well

_Low vitality takes you to hell sooner
_Low Fortitude and Will saves
_Not so high base attack bonus
_Few feats

    Extra: The origin of the word *Scoundrel* comes from the Star Wars original
trilogy itself. Both Han Solo and Lando Calrissian were called *scoudrels* by
Leia and Han, respectively. They share many similarities with this class, thus
WotC (Wizards of the Coast, the owner of D20) chose this name for Star Wars RPG.
And now, we see Scoundrel here, as a non-Jedi class of KotOR.

 /           03. Multiclass [mtc]          /

    In certain time of the game, you will lose Scoundrel and take a new Jedi
class. They *forced* us so we have no way to avoid it (unless you somehow make
it to level 20 before going to Dantooine, I don't know what will happen then).

 /    03a. Which class to choose [wcc]     /

    Sorry for previous versions. Sorry for all Sentinel fans. I'll make this
correctly right now.

    So well, you have another set of three choice. Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel
and Jedi Consular. We have a table to make this easier.

Class               |   Jedi Guardian   |   Jedi Sentinel   |   Jedi Consular  |
Vitality point      |        10         |         8         |         6        |
per level           |                   |                   |                  |
Force point         |         6         |         6         |         8        |
per level           |                   |                   |                  |
Skill point         |   (Int Mod +2)/2  |   (Int Mod +4)/2  |  (Int Mod +2)/2  |
per level           |                   |                   |                  |
             | Fort |        High       |        High       |       High       |
Saving Throw | Ref  |        High       |        High       |       Low        |
             | Will |        Low        |        Low        |       High       |
                    | -High base attack | -Force Immunities | -One extra Force |
                    | bonus             | (Level 1,6,12)    | powers at level  |
Special             | -Force Jump       |                   | 1,5,9,13         |
                    | (Level 1,6,12)    |                   | -Force Focus     |
                    |                   |                   | (Level 1,6,12)   |

    As we can see, Jedi Guardian is the most suitable for combat situation due
to high vitality, high base attack bonus and the nice Force Jump. Low Will save
won't cause many troubles. Low skill progression is okay too since you won't
need too many. Not a bad choice.

    Consular with many Force points and a few extra Force powers truly isn't
worse. Force Focus increases roll in both defense and offense, which is fairly
powerful. A few extra Force powers in a few every levels are not bad either. The
only trouble is the low vitality of both Consular and Soundrel. Another not bad

    The table is clear, the advantage of Sentinel is the *higher* skill
progression, which Scoundrels' is good enough. You don't need too many skill
points. Force Imminunities is good but can match neither Force Jump or Force
Focus. The balance between the average vitality and the Force point is the
main reason for many people to choose this class. Take this if you have some
special reasons. With me it's the worst and not recommended for solo play.

    So you have three options and two of them are not bad. Just choose and take

 /        03b. Time to switch [tts]        /

    Normally, if you don't do anything unusual, you will get eight levels for
non-Jedi class and twelve for Jedi class. I have never made it to the ninth
level of non-Jedi. However, an easier thing: you can slow down your level
progress. For what? Jedi got something unique to themselves: Force powers.
More Jedi class, more Force points and Force powers. But remember, slowing down
your level will make you weaker to your enemies. So don't slow it down too much
just to be a semi-pure Jedi.

    For Guardian, I don't see any real benefit in delaying your level. Just
leave it be. Make it 8/12. Delay if you want to trade some skill points for
a few Force points.

    For Consular, make it 7/13. Why? Consular gets 2x force at level 13,
which will give you one extra force power at your final level. Since
Scoundrel and Consular have the same vitality progress, you might consider
make it as slow as you can. What we truly need most from scoundrel is
Scoundrel's Luck and Sneak Attack. But don't do it too badly like 2/18 or
4/16 or you'll suffer, at that moment and later.

 /    04. Making up your Scoundrel [mys]   /

    Okay, important things of this FAQ are here. You made it through. :)

 /          04a. Attributes [atb]          /

    This is the life of a character. Maybe they are not so terribly powerful,
but it can make a nice character or break one down. There are 6 attributes.

 STR  Strength: Increase your damage with melee weapons and add its modifier to
your To Hit.
 DEX  Dexterity : Add its modifier to your Defense, Reflex, To Hit with ranged
weapons. AND IMPORTANT. Also add its modifier to your To Hit with Lightsabers
(they're not so heavy so you don't need to wield them with strength). This is
the most important stat of a Scoundrel since they affect many class skills.
 CON  Constitution : Increase your vitality points and add its modifier to
your Fortitude.
 WIS  Wisdom : Add its modifier to your Will and increase your Force point.
 CHA  Charisma : Affect some Force powers and skills. Nothing more.

    Attributes affect skills with modifiers. As you can see above, Dexterity
seems to be the most important thing so care more about it. You can see your To
Hit at Equip Menu, your Saving Throws, Vitality, Force and some other things.

Modifier = (Attribute - 10)/2 -> Round down
Extra Vitality point with Constitution = CON modifier * current level
Extra Force point with Wisdom = WIS modifier * current level

    You start with all attributes are 8 and 30 more points to increase them. Any
point beyond 14 costs 2 points. Any points above 16 cost 3. And go on. Since you
can add your points more later as you level up and cost only one point so at
character creation, spread your points and don't focus on one. You need all of
them. Don't be so stupid that make it strength of 18 and 10 for all the others.

    Here is a possible for Scoundrel/Guardian. No need to extra skill points but
boost your Force for a little.

STR  14  +2
DEX  14  +2
CON  14  +2
INT  10  +0
WIS  14  +2
CHA  12  +1

    Scoundrel/Guardian gots lack of Force point so sink your points into Wisdom.
If you don't like Force and want a pure combatant, put them in Strength and
Constitution, that should be alright.

    For Scoundrel/Consular, who doesn't care much about melee damage can
be dealt. Slightly differ.

STR  10  +0
DEX  14  +2
CON  14  +2
INT  12  +1
WIS  14  +2
CHA  14  +2

    For guys doesn't want to be hit by anything. Doesn't care much about melee
damage. Rely on blasters and force powers. In progress, further increase

    However things sometime doesn't go the way you thought it will so adjust
them on your self a bit. My style doesn't fit everyone. Just remember:

_You shouldn't push anything beyond 14 since you can raise them later.
_You shouldn't let Dexterity below 14 for the sake of Defense.
_You shouldn't let Wisdom below 14 since Force is a really nice thing.
_Charisma sometime can be unnecessary but Hardcore players want to role play a
_Scoundrel has a lot of skill points and they are mostly unnecessary to finish
this game so you don't need raise your Intelligence too high.

 /            04b. Feats [fts]             /

    Feats are also part of the power that make up your character. Soldier gets
the most feats in the game (even more than Jedi Guardian, which make Canderous
Ordo and Carth Onasi pretty powerful). You are a scoundrel, that mean you
doesn't get many feats. So choose carefully.

    Feats only Scoundrel gets and get for free.

_Scoundrel's Luck (Improved, Master) : Gained for free at level 1, 6 and 9.
Increase your Defense by 2, 4 and 6.

_Sneak Attack (Too many numbers): Gained for free and upgraded as you level up
throughout the game. You deal extra damage againsts target cannot defend
themselves properly (You are in stealth mode, they are stunned, paralyzed, etc).

    You must choose one of these two following. Get them as soon as you can as
you are on Taris. For more suggestions, visit the "Lightsaber" section below.

_Two-weapon Fighting (Improved, Master): Reduce penalty for using off-hand
weapon. Must have if you use double-bladed Saber or Dual wield.

_Duelling (Improved, Master): +1 (+2, +3) to your Defense and To Hit when
wielding only a one-handed weapon.

    A couple of good feats.

_Critical Strike (Improved, Master): Increase your critical rate and times of
damage multiplied. Melee weapon only.

    An extremely nice for stealth action Jedi. Sneak up to foe with stealth
skill, find somewhere he's alone and STRIKE! With right stuff you have up to 50%
critical rate and x4 damage with master! Your foe will be dead! Or at least
badly wounded with Sneak Attack. Using Improved version is also enough, but if
you like, Master it for the best result. Note: be careful not to overuse this
feat since some enemies are immune critical hit.

    Recommended feats.

_Jedi Defense (Advanced, Master): Allow blaster shot deflection. An opposing
roll is made against the blaster shot and if the roll is higher than the attack,
the shot is deflected. If the roll is 10 points (or more) higher then the shot
will be deflected back at the attacker. Advanced and Master levels grant +3 and
+6 to this roll.

_Implants Level 1 (2, 3): Allow you to equip implant level 1,2 and 3. Good if
you're rich enough to buy some good ones.

_Weapon Focus: Lightsaber: +1 attack bonus with Lightsaber.

_Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber: +2 to damage with Lightsaber. Only Jedi
Guardian can get this feat.

    Well... just think about that. Jedi Defense is what I often try to get
- very nice. Implants are not necessary but shouldn't be ignored if you have
some spare. Lightsaber Focus and Lightsaber Specialization is also what you
should get all the time. And also take a look at these two:

_Flurry (Improved, Master): Give you extra attack but -3, -2 and -1 to all
attack and your Defense in that round. Melee weapon only.

_Power Attack (Improved, Master): Increase your damage by 5, 8 and 10 and -3 to
that attack roll. Melee weapon only.

    Avoid Blaster-related feat since this is not your kind of weapon. Also
avoid Skill-related feat because you are a scoundrel, the class with the most
skill points. No need to waste a feat in anyway above.

 /         04c. Force Powers [fpw]         /

    The Force is that half of the power of a Jedi. A necessary thing of course.
For anyone who doesn't care about the Force, just do once.

    Force powers you should *always* get. One defensive and one offensive. Both
are universal and you don't get alignment penalty with them. Very nice and
necessary for both the Dark and the Light Side. As for me, they are *must have*

_Burst of Speed, Knight Speed, Master Speed: Additional zero, one and two
attacks per round and boost your defense by 2, 4 and 6. These powers will be
refered as "Force Speed".

_Force Push, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave: For damaging your enemies. Force Wave
is area effect and handy when you're are over-crowded especially handy for a
solo Scoundrel.

    For Light Sider.

_Force Cure, Force Heal: Simple. Restore lost vitality. Affected by Wisdom.
Force Heal neutralizes poison. This is the most frequently used power.

_Stun Droid, Disable Droid, Destroy Droid: Stun and damage droids. Helpful
against droids, a kind of enemy that you will encounter many of them
throughout the game.

_Force Aura, Force Shield, Force Armor: Boost Defense and all saves by 2, 4 and
6. Affect user only.

    Also should look into Force Stun, Force Stasis, Stasis Field for more Light
Side offensive arsenals. Here is for Dark Sider.
_Force Shock, Force Lightning, Force Storm: Damage enemies with electricity.
Force Lightning and Force Storm are area effect. I will commonly refer these
powers as "Force Lightning".

_Force Wound, Force Choke, Force Kill: Immobilize and damage target overtime.
These powers will be refered as "Force Grip".

_Drain Life, Death Field: Damage enemies and heal user. Death Field is area
effect. These powers will be refered as "Force Drain".

    Also something you should care about. This is universal.

_Affect Mind, Dominate Mind: Extra dialogue options. They are tagged as [Force
Persuade]. I will refer this as Mind Trick as its *official* name in the
universe of Star Wars.

    Light powers are defensive while Dark powers are offensive. For the full
talent exploitation, Consular should fall to the Dark Side while Guardian
should resist it and remain at the Light Side. Sorry if you think this sounds
so stupid.

    Special notes: Force Grip and Force Choke are different in the official Star
Wars universe. Force Choke only strangles target while Force Grip can both
strangle and immobilizing by levitating target in the air. Force Grip apparently
is an advanced level of Force Choke in the official universe. Sorry it's just a
bad habit of mine while playing the awesome Jedi Knight series for calling this
"Force Grip" in this game.

    Let's make it simple: Telekenesis + Force Choke = Force Grip

 /            04d. Skills [skl]            /

    Just what a scoundrel is supposed to do here. Focus on mentioned skills.
Others are wrothless.

_Persuade: Additional dialogue option. Very handy. SO NICE!

_Stealth: Required Stealth Field Generator. Be hidden from enemy and strike

_Demolition: Disable Mine and Set Mine. Also handy if you face too-tough

_Awareness: Perhaps only to detect mine, telling you places you shouldn't set
foot on.

_Security: Lock picking. Save you sometime. Can be ignored if you wish. Some
doors also can be bashed with lightsaber anyway.

_Treat Injury: Cross-class skill for scoundrel. Only need a few of these for
less tough beginning. Increase to rank of 4 or 5 perhaps is enough.

    Treat Injury should only stop at 4 or 5 for Scoundrel. Once become a Jedi,
you should focus completely focus Persuade. This is the best skill you can have.
Sink your spare points into Treat Injury. You can't go wrong with that. Other
skills are cross-class and also not worth your point.

    Note: if you use Mind Trick, Persuade can be ignored and you may take
something else you like.

 /           05. Lightsaber [lsb]          /

    Cut the chatter. Lightsaber is the elegant main weapon of a Jedi and the
symbol of Jedi Order. It's also what gather a bunch of people to theatre to
watch Star Wars, including me.

    You will eventually get a Lightsaber for yourself. Others can be found on
loot, dead enemies or other party members.

    You have three choices of style to wield your lightsaber.

    Single saber, classical style. Popular through games and movies. Use
Duelling feat.

    Double-bladed, Darth Maul style (episode I for non-Star Wars-fan readers).
Use Two-weapon Fighting feat.

    Dual wield, Anakin style. Use two separate sabers. Use Two-weapon Fighting
feat, too.

    It's almost the same for a game called Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
And I think no one use Single Saber. The advantages of Double-bladed and Dual
Wield are overwhelmed the single saber. But things isn't the same in a RPG game
in the same universe. Everything has its price.

    Let's start with the Dual wield, this is my favorite style. With this you
have two sabers in both hands and hack your enemy to dust. In aestheticism, I
think this is the best (IMHO of course). You can equipped up to four crystals
in your two lightsabers. That give you more powers. This style gives you the
best blaster deflection with one Jenruax crystal in each of your saber. At the
beginning, find a short Lightsaber first to reduce the penalty you get. When
your level are high as well as your To Hit are followed, you might consider
wielding two *long* Lightsabers to increase damage you deal. Note: off-hand
weapon only receives half Strength modifier. Appearance in movies: Anakin
fighting with Count Dooku in the hangar near the end of Episode II.

    Next with the Double-bladed, this seems to be the most favored style in
every place (I mean also Jedi Academy). For some strange reasons, this
appeared-only-once-in-life style has shocked the whole universe of Star Wars.
People said this is more powerful than Dual Wield. Ahem ... I'll say my own
opinions here. For general and theories, this is right. Yes it's so goddamn
right. First thing you may realize here is the damage. To remain your To Hit
unhurt, you need to wield a short Lightsaber in your off-hand, but things are
not the same for Double-bladed: your To Hit just isn't damaged by any means and
seems to be always higher than the Dual Wield's. And some fans of this say there
are not many powerful crystals in the game, you equipped one to this lightstaff
and you benefit in both hands. So right that is. Solari in this style with
greatly bite Dark Jedi to dust - Like Darth Bandon and Darth Malak. So you'll
have higher To Hit, bigger damage than Dual Wield and benefit in both hands.
You have pretty many reasons to choose this one instead of Dual Wield. As for me
I'll remain loyal to the Dual Wield since I'm quite a fan of bolt deflection
with Jedi Defense. Note: you can have one pretty early by taking from Bastila,
especially when you play solo and your companions don't need to ask you for a
weapon. Appearance in movies: used only by Darth Maul in Episode I and nowhere

    The last one is the most simple, the least investment and the safest.
Increase your Defense by 3 is nice. You'll stand longer against powerful
enemies. And also more, you benefit a +3 to your To Hit. This somehow make your
encounter against bosses little easier. This is a nice choice for anyone like
safety and high defense. And huge Star Wars movies fan also, as most of the Jedi
in the films use this one (Like DarthMuffin, if you do not know him, check out
his NwN Ranger FAQ, Single Saber Guide for both KotOR 1 and 2). Appearance in
movies: almost every scene involved lightsabers in the movies.

    First at the beginning, choose either feat: Two-Weapon Fighting or Duelling,
then upgrade it to the next level as soon as possible everytime you level up so
think a little careful about this, you have to decide from the beginning.

    If you still don't have any idea about what the heck I'm talking about, look
two sections below, section 06a.

 /          06. Equipments [eqp]           /

    Jedi and Scoundrel are powerful but you can do nothing with bare hands. Need
something more to put on yourself.

 /            06a. Weapon [wpn]            /

    Do what you see in the movies. Make this "Star Wars". Grab one or two
lightsabers as soon as you can.

    Somehow, it's so silly and strange. You even still want to use Vibroblades
with a whole bunch of blasters on your back. I have no the heck idea why in Star
Wars, melee weapons are always overpowered like that. This game is a typical and
you can see that in many others.

    All lightsaber has three slots of crystal. One is for color and two others
for extra power. With the right combinations, you can make a powerful swords
for purposes which are more than hack'n slash. A Lightsaber with only a color
crystal is also okay but you shouldn't leave two others unused. Here's some
nice combinations.

    Overpowered offense - Solari + Krayt Dragon Pearl: +6 attack bonus
                                                       +5 energy damage
                                                       +1d8 physical damage
                                                            vs Dark Side
                                                       (Light Side only)

    Alternative offense 1 - Krayt Dragon Pearl + Damind: +6 attack bonus
                                                         +2 energy damage

    Alternative offense 2 - Krayt Dragon Pearl + Upari: +6 attack bonus
                                                        +3d10 energy damage

    Alternative offense 3 - Krayt Dragon Pearl + Sapith: +5 attack bonus
                                                         +5 energy damage

    Alternative offense 4 - Upari + Sapith: +5 attack bonus
                                            +4d11 energy damage

    Defensive shield - Jenruax + Bondar: 25% stun for 6 secs with DC10
                                         +5 bolt deflection
                                         +2 energy damage

    Droidslayer - Firkann + Luxum: +4 attack bonus
                                   +3d12 Ion damage

    Okay, this one is for critical-lovers. Increase almost everything. Using
this is highly recommended to make Critical Strike more more powerful and
happen more frequently.

    Critical strike - Opila + Nextor: +1 attack bonus
                                      +3 energy damage
                                      Keen (x2 crictical range)
                                      +1d6 massive critical

    Here's what I often use (for Dual Wield style only). Greatly power-up bolt

    Main saber - Jenruax + Solari: +3 attack bonus
                                   +5 energy damage
                                   +1d8 physical damage vs Dark Side
                                   +5 bolt deflection
                                   (Light Side only)

    Off-hand saber - Jenruax + Krayt Dragon Pearl: +3 attack bonus
                                                   +4 energy damage
                                                   +5 bolt deflection

    Hmmm... Did I make any calculating mistake above?

    As you can see there, Jenruax is my favorite crystal due to bolt deflection
bonus. Solari is a special one that deal extra damage against the Dark Side and
restricted to the Light Side only. Sapith and Upari are very powerful crystals
but you can't get them until late of the game so Krayt Dragon Pearl, Solari,
Damind and Jenruax seems to be the only choice during the half-first of the

    Before going to the Unknown World and after getting the fifth Star Map,
you can buy two special color crystals by going to Yavin Station and kill some
Trasdoshans there. Then just buy it from Suvam. They're really expensive and
luxury, I admit. The special thing is that those two crystals can enhance or
alter the effect of other crystals of the Lightsaber they were equipped with.
Some can make incredible powerful effects. You may use them with combinations
above to become even more over-powered. For the detail of what these two
crystals do, visit this link:

    Here's my ultimate pair I used after leaving the Unknown World.

    Main saber - Sapith + Mantle of the Force + Solari: +7 attack bonus
                                                        +5d12 energy damage
                                                        +2d12 physical damage
                                                             vs Dark Side
                                                        (Light Side only)

 Off-hand saber - Sapith + Heart of the Guardian + Upari:+7 attack bonus
 (*Long* Lightsaber)                                     +6d10 energy damage

    After getting these two *ultimate swords*, all I have left is a few credits.

    Krayt Dragon Pearl is only on Tatooine. You get it after you help Komad to
kill that dragon. You can have another extra Krayt Dragon Pearl by killing
Komad and gain some Dark Side points.

    You can find Jenruax on some places in Manaan (I don't remember exactly) and
Shyrack Cave, Korriban (Kill the renegade Sith, I have done this only once due
to the Dark Side point I have to take).

    Solari is unique and can only be found in Korriban, tomb of Naga Sadow, the
corpse where you have to face two Terentateks at the same time.

    Upari can be found on Sith Master corpse, Unknown World, after you get into
the temple.

    Sapith can also be found in Unknown World, in the temple, in the rune
pillars. Be careful, there are some huge mines around.

    There's rumor about Darth Bandon's lightsaber. Some say it is obtained on
Manaan (then it must be your third Star Map). It is said to be making certain
crystals equipped in that lightsaber better or worse. Oh yes, it is a
Double-bladed Lightsaber.

    A brain-hurt section.

 /            06b. Armor [amr]             /

    This one is more simple and not so complicated as above. So breathe.

    Since you can't wear medium or heavy armor, your only choice will be light
armor. The best thing you can find on Taris is the Echani Fiber Armor, which
is upgradable. Don't waste a feat on armors.

 Echani Fiber Armor

  Type: Light Armor
  Defense Bonus: 5
  Max Dexterity Bonus: 5
    Armor Reinforcement: +2 Defense
    Mesh Underlay: Damage Resistance (20/- vs Fire)
                   Damage Resistance (20/- vs Cold)

    That should be okay for now. But soon after leaving Taris, you'll become a
Jedi and this armor will no longer be a nice idea. So let's say robe, robe and
robe .... QUADRILLIONS of times: ROBE!!

    Or should it be zillions of times? ;))

    Let's ask why. Why do you have to wear robe when armor (even light armor)
can give you a much better Defense bonus? Because some Force powers are armor
restricted as some of them are *vital* such as Force Speed. You are a Jedi,
don't leave your Force behind, that's half of your power and this reason is
even bigger for Consulars. And this is Star Wars, do something in a *Jedi-ish*
and *Star Wars* way.

    As soon as you accomplish the third task of the Jedi Trial, you will
*officially* become a Jedi and be given a robe. That robe is only temporary
since there are many better. There are three kinds of the robe: Jedi Robe,
Jedi Knight Robe and Jedi Master Robe. They give you +1/+2/+3 Defense bonus.
There are some unique robes that I will mention later. There are four colors
of the robe: brown, red, blue, black and there is no difference. Just wear
the color you like. Note that most black robes are Dark Jedi Robes. However, 
there is no restriction. Light Jedi can wear them with no problem.

    Jedi Robe: no need to find, you'll get it as soon as you become a Jedi.
There's only one of this kind in the whole game and it is brown (unless you
use cheat code).

    Jedi Knight Robe: several corpses. An easy one to get is a red one from
Juhani (If you turn her to the Light Side). Another blue one which is also easy
is on Nemo's corpse on Dantooine Ruins where you have to investigate with
Bastila. You'll get it even before you get the red one from Juhani. A Dark Jedi
Knight Robe can be get easily right in the footlocker beside you after joining
the Sith Academy on Korriban.

    Jedi Master Robe: Some of them can be obtained from corpses in the
underwater station on Manaan. There's a brown one but I'm not sure if there is
any blue or red master robe down there. And I don't remember how did I get red
and blue master robes. A Dark Jedi Master Robe can be retrieved by killing the
Dark Jedi Master in the Training Room of the Sith Embassy on Manaan. You have
to talk to a Selkath named Shaelas before infiltrating the Embassy. Agree to
help him then you'll be able to enter that Training Room. Killing that Dark
Jedi Master is also necessary to complete that side quest on the *Light path*.

    There are three unique robes you may find in the whole game.

 Qel-Droma's Robes

  Class: Jedi Robe
  Defense Bonus: 5
  Max Dexterity Bonus: 8
    +2 Wisdom
  Restricted to Light Side
  Feats required: Jedi Defense

 Star Forge Robes

  Class: Jedi Robe
  Defense Bonus: 5
  Max Dexterity Bonus: 8
    +5 Wisdom
    +2 All Saves
  Restricted to Light Side
  Restricted to Jedi Only

 Darth Revan's Robes

  Class: Jedi Robe
  Defense Bonus: 5
  Max Dexterity Bonus: 8
    +4 Strength
    Regeneration 1
  Restricted to Light Side
  Restricted to Jedi Only

    Qel-Droma's Robes should be the ultimate armor to be used before going to
the Star Forge (Can be found on Shyrack Cave, Korriban, after passing the bridge
where the Terentatek stand, turn left and go straight ahead, it should be on a
corpse somewhere nearby). For Dark Sider, since you have no choice, I guess you
will have to be pleased with the Dark Jedi Master Robe (or Jedi Master Robe). On
Star Forge, you can get another ultimate robe (Deck 2, room with computers,
choose customize Jedi Robe, use some computer spikes here) before reaching the
final place. What you get depends on what choice did you make before on Lehon
(aka Unknown World) temple roof. If you're Dark Side, you get Darth Revan's Robe
and you get Star Forge Robes for the Light Side. Those robes should be worn as
soon as you have them.

    Note: there's a mod somewhere on FileFront that gives you those two ultimate
robes at the beginning of the game as well as change their appearance. And more,
this is not recommended for new players. You have been warned.

 /    06c. Gloves, Belts, Implants [gbi]   /

    Beside robes and Lightsabers, your Scoundrel/Jedi also should have something
more to aid him/her. They're important and powerful too.

    Headgear. Here are some choice.

_Circlet of Saresh: +5 Wisdom
-> Great
_Demolitions Sensor: +8 Awareness, +4 Demolitions
-> Also good and useful
_Verpine Headband: +3 Will, +2 Awareness
-> Looks cool, and not so bad

    All of them are nice and useful. Stick your head with Verpine Headband or
Demolitions Sensor, keep both of them in your inventory. Circlet of Saresh is
your ultimate head gear, so stick to it as soon as you have it, if you're on
the Light Side. There are some others such as Tulak Hord's Mask could be
interesting for the Dark Side. Sith Mask (in Uthar's room, Sith Academy,
Korriban) may also interested you (but you look so stupid in that mask! Just
try it and see if you can stand it). Finally does anyone where the heck can I
find a headgear item called "Teta's Royal Band"? And what the heck does
"Stealth Nullifier" (did I write it correctly?) mean?

    Next, gloves. Or Gauntlets.

_Advanced Stabilizer Gloves: +3 Dexterity, +5 Bolt Deflection, 8500 credits
cost -> Luxury, but good and handy
_Dominator Gauntlets: +5 Strength -> Overpowered, don't remember exactly but
very expensive
_Marka Ragnos' Gauntlets: Bonus Lightsaber Focus and Lightsaber Specialization
feats -> Good, especially for Dark Consulars

    Advanced Stabilizer Gloves are available for sale in Yavin Station as soon
as you leave Dantooine so buy it as soon as possible. I'll tell you how to buy
them later (not so easily, but beneficially). Dominator is available for sale
from Mika Dorin on Korriban after leaving Leviathan. Take this and don't buy
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves if you like hard strikes. However you can't buy them
until pretty late of the game. Finally Marka Ragnos' Gauntlets (So notorious for
Jedi Academy players. I didn't think his tomb is such so ... dissapointed for me
after days venturing in that game. Anyway, you can find this in the Tomb of
Marka Ragnos, Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban) give you extra feats, so you
save some of your feats for something else useful, especially for
few-feats-owner Scoundrel/Consular.

    Using Advanced Stabilizer Gloves or Dominator Gauntlets might give you a
reason to let your attributes be odd numbers.


_Sound Dampening Stealth Unit: +2 Stealth, 200 credits cost -> Better than
Stealth Field Generator, handy at the begenning
_CNS Strength Enhancer: +2 Strength, +2 All Saves, can be bought in Dantooine
-> Helpful and can be bought quite early in the game


_Retinal Combat Implant: Immune to Critical, +1 Awareness, Level 2 -> So useful,
so handy, so cheap and not so high requirement
_Sith Regenerator: Regeneration 2 -> Save Force points for something else more
useful in combat instead of Force Heal or Force Drain constantly and also quite
_Advanced Alacrity Implant: +5 Dexterity -> Good but too far expensive

    Implants mostly will only be used with Guardian, who may has some feats
spare. You have to waste 3 feats for level 3 implant. Maybe something not for
you but if you wish, go on. Retinal Combat Implant seems to be the most
beneficial implant you may have. Can be obtain quite early and easily (can be
bought from the Clinic on Taris for only 750 credits, even dropped by some
enemies and left on some corpses) with critical immunity, this one help you
stand against powerful bosses much more easier - especially the final boss, a
crictial strike-lover.

    Energy Shields? Not those things I like but that's okay, might come in
handy in some tough situations. The only worthy thing here is the Brejik's Arm
Band that is worthy enough to be put on your arm. My recommendation: don't buy
too many more from shops since those you collect from corpses and enemies are
enough, unless you use too much. Oh, and there's also an unique Energy Shield
in this game, I almost forgot. That's Yusanis' Dueling Shield on the Thalia
May's corpse in Shyrack Cave, Korriban (You have to kill her for Dark Side
points and she has a Jenruax crystal also). Guess that's all.

 /         07. Playing Solo [slo]          /


 /        07a. Solo and Party [sap]        /

    First of all, what is solo play?

    KotOR (1 and maybe also 2) has two styles you can play. Party play and solo
play. So what are they and what's the difference? Party play means you adventure
not only on your own but your party members, with other playable NPCs you
encountered (Carth, Bastila, blah blah blah). This is the chosen for many
players for the first time. Solo play is different, you rely on no one but your
own. You take no party members with you all the time (unless you are forced to),
exploring everywhere and doing everything with your own skills.

    No doubt solo playing is much more challenge and difficult. No have no extra
firepower, no extra abilities, there's only you. With party members, if you die,
you have your other party members to clear everything. Then you get up, recover,
pack up everything and proceed what you were doing. But in solo, you die, you
have no choice but to reload. Party members not only help you in combat but many
other things. Such as slicing computers, picking locks, reparing broken droids.
Even some NPC party members affect your dialogs and help you finish quests
easier (Bastila can help you to "Force Persuade" to finish a quest quickly and
easily on Taris, as far as I know. If there is anything else, I haven't
discovered yet). That's a reason for you not to try playing solo for the time
you experience this game (And maybe also not only this game).

    NPC party members also give you some extra subquests so play party several
times if you wish to truly enjoy the game before taking some new challenges.

    This game, however, KotOR (1 and I'm not sure for 2), forces you to play in
both style throughout your adventure.

    Where you have to play solo.

_Endar Spire, after Trask leaves you.
_Duelling arena, Taris.
_Fighting against Juhani in the grove, Dantooine.
_Tomb of Naga Sadow, Korriban.
_Underwater station, Manaan.
_Leviathan, rescuing yourself (But not with your character).
_Fighting against final boss.

    Places you have to go with certain party members.

_Endar Spire, beginning (with Trask before he leaves you).
_Taris, Undercity sewers (with Mission).
_Also Taris, Davik Kang's Estate (with Canderous).
_Dantooine, Ruins (with Bastila).
_Kashyyyk, Lower Shadowland (with Jolee).
_Unknown World, Temple (with Jolee and maybe also Juhani).
_Leviathan, escaping (with Carth and Bastila).
_Star Forge, until you are close to the final boss (Dark Side only).

    Some tough encounters for solo players.

_Vulkar Lieutenants in Vulkar Base, Taris.
_Guardian Droid in Sith Base, also Taris.
_Davik Kang + Calo Nord, once again Taris.
_Calo Nord, various.
_Darth Bandon, also various.
_Terentatek in Shyrack Cave, Korriban.
_Two Terentateks in Naga Sadow's tomb, also Korriban.
_Dark Jedi Master in Sith Embassy, Manaan.
_The whole of Star Forge, especially with solo Scoundrel/Consular.

    That's all I can think of for now.

 /       07b. Solo Scoundrel [ssc]         /

    Like I said above, playing solo is hard and not for everyone. It could be
a nightmare and sometimes makes you sleep not so well. But that is *general
solo*. Solo with a scoundrel can be worse (or maybe the worst nightmare ever).
So think carefully before taking a scoundrel for solo playing. You might think
about playing with Soldier/Guardian solo first. You can look into solo role
play guide by HCTwinJava if you feel this guide is not for you. There are good
guidances about an effective solo way that you may find nice and useful for you.

    First about how that will be like to play a solo scoundrel. As I said
before, very hard (perhaps hardest in all kinds of solo, but I made it through
with a Scoundrel/Consular at last). The stealthy way of scoundrel seems to be
the most suitable since you won't have to be bothered turning on/off solo mode
button when activating/deactivating stealth field. Though scoundrel are not so
capable of combats, being stealthy with deadly sneak attack from behind give
you a feeling like an stealth-action game. Nice, huh?

    Being scoundrel on your own, you need all kind of firepower you can have,
all protections possible and remember to be patient, try to strike when enemy
is alone, you are some kind of stealthy spy after all.

    First let's start with what your scoundrel will be.

STR  14  +2
DEX  14  +2
CON  14  +2
INT  10  +0
WIS  14  +2
CHA  12  +1

    Strength, Dexterity and Constitution are vital so keep 'em high. Your
skill progression is high enough so don't be bothered raising your
Intelligence as your skills are not so important in this game. Also keep your
Wisdom high to raise your Force points. Two points left should be put in
Charisma for a little role play. For this build, raise your first extra point
in Dexterity to take a good use of Advanced Stabilizer Gloves and the rest
depend on what your Jedi class is (Constitution for Consular and Wisdom for
Guardian, which will slightly help covering the disadvantages of your class).

    Another possible.

STR  12  +2
DEX  14  +2
CON  14  +2
INT  10  +0
WIS  14  +2
CHA  14  +1

    This one is more favored by Consulars. However, this seems to be the most
suitable for solo purpose.

STR  14  +2
DEX  14  +2
CON  14  +2
INT  08  -1
WIS  14  +2
CHA  14  +2

    You have many, many skill points so high intelligence is unnecessary for
that reason, that's right. But quite offended for me due to too low
intelligence. Treat them exactly like the first build I given above.

    Never use something like this, whether you are scoundrel or not, playing
solo or party.

STR  18  +4
DEX  14  +2
CON  10  +0
INT  10  +0
WIS  10  +0
CHA  10  +0


STR  10  +0
DEX  10  +0
CON  10  +0
INT  10  +0
WIS  18  +4
CHA  14  +2

    Or something even worse.

STR  10  +0
DEX  10  +0
CON  18  +4
INT  10  +0
WIS  14  +2
CHA  10  +0

    Okay, so let's choose yours. Don't badly underestimated skills. They're
not bad all the time. You have to survive more than being charismatic during
solo play. Strength, dexterity, constitution and wisdom are used so much in
most situations, especially combat. For all of those reasons, let's take the
first build I have given you in this section.

    For people prefer role play, the second build is okay, it's not so bad.

    Next, is your Jedi class. We are talking about an effecient solo scoundrel
so let's take Jedi Guardian. Why? Since you're trying to survive under the
massive firepower from your enemies. Scoundrel has low vitality but Guardian
will keep them up. And for surviving purpose. You should focus more on combat.
But I didn't mean that leaving your Force unused and untouched at all. Just
use the build I gave and take the Guardian, things will be easier for you.
And switch your class at level 8 as it should be, okay?

    Lightsaber style. We're trying to defend while attacking so choose
correctly. Duelling give you +3 Defense but that's not worth the extra attack
each round you gain. So leave Duelling there and take the Two-weapon Fighting.
One more reason here, with this feat you are capable of both Dual Wield style
and Double-bladed style, there you can switch between these two whenever you
feel needed. Being the master of both style isn't bad, huh?

    Feats. Survive? Toughness? No don't waste it. Implants are better. Take
them if you have some spare. Also Advanced/Master Jedi Defense then you won't
have to care much about blaster-wielders from afar. Lightsaber Sepcialization
and Lightsaber Focus are also worth if you still have some left. Let's take a
look at the feat progression. You have ... 10 feats (included one at character

_Level 1 : Two-weapon Fighting
_Level 2 : Implant Level 1
_Level 5 : Improved Two-weapon Fighting
_Level 8 : Master Two-weapon Fighting
_Level 9 : Improved Critical Strike
_Level 11: Advanced Jedi Defense
_Level 14: Implant Level 2
_Level 15: Master Jedi Defense
_Level 17 & 20: Take two of these, any is okay:
    Master Critical Strike
    Implant Level 3
    Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
    Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber

    Next, the Force. Stay on the Light Side, for full exploitation of combat
abilities and weak penetrating force powers (powers should be use on themselves
instead). You'll gain +3 Strength for 100% Light Side alignment. Here's the
progression. You may change them a little if you want but max Force Heal and
Force Speed as soon as you can since they are so awesome.

_Level 9 : Force Cure + Burst of Speed
_Level 10: Knight Speed
_Level 11: Affect Mind
_Level 12: Force Heal
_Level 13: Force Stun
_Level 14: Dominate Mind
_Level 15: Master Speed
_Level 16: Force Stasis
_Level 17: Stasis Field
_Level 18: Force Aura
_Level 19: Force Shield
_Level 20: Force Armor

    Stop! Before getting any further, I should explain something here. That's
about Force Stun, Force Stasis and Stasis Field. You've got some very good
reason to use them. One: obvious for everyone, it's a Light Side power, to
avoid depleting your Force pool in combat. Two: you still need some offensive
power. Though dealing no damage, this is still good when you are overwhelmed
by enemies. Three: not everyone realize this out: you're a Scoundrel. Exploit
your fearsome Sneak Attack any case that's possible by using the stunning-like
stuff. So you got it? Let's proceed.

    Skills. Shouldn't be cared much about. Cross-class skill Treat Injury can
be quite painful since you have no other mean to heal yourself. Focus on
Persuade and Stealth. You are supposed to have a Stealth rank at least of 10
before being a Jedi. Then spend the rest of Jedi skill point on Persuade
because Force Cure and Force Heal should be enough for you.


_Body Armor: Qel-Droma Robes, no discussion.

_Headgear: Still the same as above. Verpine Headband is the coolest and can be
seen early. Demolitions Sensor can be found in the tomb of Ajunta Pall,
Korriban. However Circlet of Saresh is the best choice for you since you're
Light Side (can be found on the Terentatek of Kashyyk).

_Gloves: Brejik's Gloves. Then buy Advanced Stabilizer Gloves as soon as you
leave Dantooine. I'll tell you how in the next section.

_Belts: CNS Strength Enhancer seems good ... But you need something can give you
a stealth field. I used Sound Dampening Stealth Unit for the whole of the game.
This is not that stuff I care about.

_Energy Shields: Brejik's Armband, no doubt. And another appropriate shield on
your other arm (depend on what kind of damage you take). These might come in
handy and useful (especially at the early game). Use them correctly.

_Implant: Retinal Combat Implant. Can be bought early and cheaply on Taris with
750 credits. This should be use in the fight with any boss (especially final
boss). If you have Implant Level 3, Sith Regenerator is not a bad idea.
Advanced Alacrity Implant is also nice but can't be purchased (Yavin) until
quite late. However, Retinal Combat Implant is the best (IMHO) for one extra
feat and credit saving.

    Fianlly, your sabers, your crystals. See section 05 above. And one more
thing. Keep the set Firkann + Luxum combination in a Double-bladed Lightsaber
of yours. They'll come in handy in many cases if you don't have Stun Droid,
Disable Droid or Destroy Droid.

    Some important things above should be done all the time. Note that not
everything above could be applied mechanically. Change and adjust them to be
suitable with your style. Be smart and make what's mine yours.

 /  07c. Several things about solo [tas]   /

    Just a few things you should do in your solo adventure as a scoundrel.

_Set the game difficulty to "Difficult". It doesn't mean anything if it is
"Easy" or "Normal".

_Try to stay stealthy all the time. When you see your chance, strike hard (I
mean critical strike or any combat feat) and swiftly.

_Use grenades in combat. Some grenades have effects that go well with your
Scoundrel. Not elegant but useful.

_Using hit and run tactics if you see something is too tough. Also use Trap
Mines. Take advantage of your skills.

_Keep your To Hit and Defense as high as possible. Avoid doing stuff can pull
them down (but I don't mean playing Single Saber style, got it?).

_This is what you should do everytime you play this game. First of all buy a
Deck of Pazaak on Taris (cheaply!). Try to collect every mixed cards you come
across (spend credits but it is worth). After leaving Taris, win the guy
Sol'aa (in one of the three rooms to the north of the big tree in the Academy)
six matches for a few credits and some nice cards. Then as soon as you leave
Dantooine, go to Yavin and play with Suvam (make your deck filled with mixed
cards and play with maximum wager). Win him ten times (not so easy) you will
earn 7500 credits and get 25% discount from him. Then buy Advanced Stabilizer
Gloves from him with only 6800 credits (or anything else nice here). If you
save enough money, at the end of the game you will be able to buy both the
Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force. But hey, don't be bothered if
you can't do this right, just quit it. This play isn't easy.

_Make your Duel Career on Taris. For credits. Killing Bendak makes you gain some
Dark Side points but it is worth for his blaster.

_Threaten the Twi'lek shopkeeper when you buy T3-M4 (Taris). It also gives you
some Dark Side points but saves you a whole bunch of credits for something more

_You can persuade for more bounties every time you collect them on Taris.

_Killing the Terentatek in the Shyrack Cave (Korriban) on your own requires hit
and run tactic. Use Force Speed, turn on stealth field, sneak attack him, run
away, cut the tail, heal yourself do it over again. Might takes some times but
you actually can defeat it in direct combat you're powerful enough.

_Manaan has the most Jedi stuff (Jenruax crystals, robes, etc).

_Korriban is the hardest but gives you the most credits. Also there you can find
the valuable Qel-Droma's Robes and Solari crystal. Demolition Sensor can also be
found here.

_Kashyyk gives you the Circlet of Saresh and Tatooine gives you the Krayt Dragon

_You don't need to find the Star Map before going to another planet.

_When you gain enough experiences to level up. Just leave it. Leveling up
restore you vitality so keep it's better to level up when you are in trouble.
However, don't delay them too long.

_Concussion grenades can stun. Use the advantage of your Sneak Attack.

 /      07d. Ultimate Scoundrel [usc]      /

    This is the ultimate Scoundrel/Jedi who your character should be. Note: the
figure in the bracket is the based attribute without any bonuses.

Scoundrel 8
Jedi Guardian 12

Vitality                    208
Force point                 272 [192]
Defense                     28 [21]
Primary damage              6 - 27 (+2d6 Physical vs Dark Side)
Off-hand damage             9 - 27
Primary attack roll bonus   31
Off-hand attack roll bonus  27

Primary Weapon      Lightsaber
     (Krayt Dragon Pearl + Mantle of the Force + Solari)
Off-hand Weapon     Lightsaber
         (Upari + Heart of the Guardian + Sapith)
Body                Qel-Droma's Robes
Headgear            Circlet of Saresh
Belt                Sound Dampening Stealth Unit
Gloves              Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
Armband             Brejik's Armband

STR  17  +3   +3 with Light Side Mastery Bonus
    [14  +2]
DEX  17  +3   +3 with Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
    [14  +2]
CON  14  +2
INT  10  +0
WIS  26  +7   +5 with the Circlet of Saresh
              +2 with the Qel-Droma's Robes
    [19  +4]
CHA  12  +1

Force Powers
Force Heal
Dominate Mind
Master Speed
Stasis Field
Force Armor

     I used a different character for the first time playing solo. Not ultimate,
not the best suitable one but I think that's not very bad. Most parts are
largely the same and some are more detailed. Note: this character doesn't
receive any alignment mastery bonus.

Scoundrel 7
Jedi Consular 13

Vitality                    160
Force point                 274 [204]
Defense                     29 [22]
Primary damage              9 - 33 (+2d12 Physical vs Dark Side)
Off-hand damage             9 - 27
Primary attack roll bonus   24
Off-hand attack roll bonus  24

Primary Weapon      Lightsaber
     (Sapith + Mantle of the Force + Solari)
Off-hand Weapon     Lightsaber
     (Sapith + Heart of the Guardian + Upari)
Body                Star Forge Robes
Headgear            Circlet of Saresh
Belt                Eriadu Stealth Unit
Gloves              Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
Armband             Verpine Prototype Shield
                    Yasanis' Duelling Shield

STR  12  +1
DEX  18  +4   +3 with Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
    [15  +2]
CON  14  +2
INT  12  +1
WIS  26  +8   +5 with the Circlet of Saresh
              +5 with the Star Forge Robes
    [16  +3]
CHA  14  +2

Force Powers
Force Heal
Master Speed
Force Shield
Disable Droids
Force Kill
Force Wave
Death Field

Master Two-Weapon Fighting
Improved Critical Strike
Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
Master Jedi Defense
{Numerous other free feats}

     Note that it is possible to have both the Mantle of the Force and the
Heart of the Guardian at the same time. If you do as I said (I mean Pazaak with
Suvam), save your money for the whole game and sell some useless stuff you'll
get these two awesome artifacts without too many problems. Another note: due to
the ultra-low frame rate of my machine, I cannot do any Swoop. If you have a
better one, you might earn even more credits than I did. Beside, swoop are funny
and bears not-so-bad rewards. However, I expected Swoop to be better than that.
I thought it was some sort of Podracing we saw in Episode I. I have to confess
that I was dissapointed. Still, I guess it's enough for a mini game.

 /   08.Frequently Asked Questions [faq]   /

 Q: What should my alignment be? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
 A: Depends on a few things. First is yourself, what you like, your personal
ideas. Second is your class, as I said above, Consulars should exploit the
destructive and offensive Dark Side powers. The Light Side give you the most
defense, the cheap useful Force Heal, the peace for player's conscience but take
away from you many credits as well as quest rewards. Dark Side gives you great
fortune, some good offensive powers but you will mostly not use Force Heal
anymore. Mastery (100% alignment shift) Lightside gives you +3 Strength for
Guardian, +3 Constitution for Sentinel and +3 Charisma for Consular. Mastery
Dark Side gives you +1d8 damage for Guardian, +3 Dexterity for Sentinel and +40
Force points for Consular.

 Q: Persuade and Mind Trick, which should I use?
 A: Mind Trick take two of your Force powers, which is quite hurtful. However,
this one guarantee a better success rate. Persuade take about twenty skill
points at the end of the game, which will leave you none spare for anything
else. Since the amount of skill that the Scoundrel class gives you is quite
enough and you will use Force Heal (or an item with regeneration or Force Drain
for Dark Side) instead of Medpacs (which use Treat Injury skill), I believe
Persuade is the better choice. But maybe because something's wrong with my mind,
I always have both levels of Mind Trick and sink all of my skill points into
Persuade. Sounds dull, but some situations only either Persuade or Mind Trick
will work, ONLY ONE so I think it's better to have both of them. Note: use the
second level of Mind Trick, not first one, it's much worse. Also, some
characters are offended by Mind Trick, and with them, regular persuade seems to
be the only way.

 Q: I played a party scoundrel, which other party members should I use?
 A: Carth and Canderous are good shooter. HK47 is just average. Mission and T3
with talented skills are not so useful while you are not much worse at skills.
However, I believe a Jedi party is the best choice. Take Juhani, Jolee or

 Q: Should I use blasters instead of Lightsaber?
 A: Yes if you're expert enough and like some fun. If so I recommend you the
'True Scoundrel Guide' at GameFAQs. That guy played Scoundrel/Jedi Consular
with two blasters. The author of that guide is NukeBlast.

 Q: Can't I use Sniper feat?
 A: No, but not really. Actually, yes, you can if you play blasters. In that
case, this guide is not really for you. See above question.

 Q: Is there rocket launcher in this game?
 A: No.

 Q: Where can I find HK47?
 A: Dantooine, Anchorhead, Droid Shop.

 Q: Should I use armors instead of Jedi robes?
 A: No. Read above for why.

 Q: Can I use pure keyboard to play KoTOR?
 A: Nice question, that's my idea too. I like it but unfortunatly, the answer is
no. You can't unless you somehow scroll the action menu with keyboard.

 Q: Can I use joystick to play KoTOR?
 A: Once more, you can't scroll the action menu without a mouse.

 Q: Should I use mods? Can you show me some nice mods?
 A: Mods is definitely not recommended, especially for new players. However,
if used correctly (I repeat once more: new players do not touch these stuff)
mods are very nice and funny. My favourite mod is the Lightsaber Pack mod
( created by T7nowhere. My other favourite mod is the
Revan's Robes mod somewhere on FileFront. (Don't remember exactly, perhaps a
Google search will do)

 Q: Do you make mods? Can you show me some mod tools?
 A: No, I do not. I even do not know how. This website has a whole bunch of mod
tools as well as some mod tutorials.

 Q: What do you think of this game?
 A: Excellent, one of the best I've ever played. A recommended one and a
must-have game for Star Wars fan.

 Q: How old are you?
 A: As old as Mission Vao. At the time I started writing this.

 Q: What's your favorite character in KotOR?
 A: Revan
    Note: Actually, I like many. This game has great characters.

 Q: What's your idea about Revan?
 A: Okay, his\her robe and mask look nice. This *Darth* shares many
similarities to our Dark Lord in the original trilogy. And his\her gender is
an arguable problem. I prefer him\her to be female. However, Lucas Arts
*force* him/her to be male in canon.
    Note: Lucas Arts did the same thing to Jedi Academy, *official* Jaden Korr
is a male human.

 /      09. Contact and Feedback [caf]     /

    Okay, thanks for reading this out, my first FAQ. No doubt flawed things
will be found here and I'm glad to know what they are. All comments,
suggestions, cristism, questions and especially English grammatical corrections
are welcomed. If you want this guide to be on you website, just drop an e-mail

    And yes, the final version has come to you. But that mean I won't ever and
ever update this FAQ anymore. Unless someday I have free time, reading my own
FAQ and find some mistakes or just someone else who tell me about them, the last
updated date won't go any further. Not only mistakes but any nice ideas, minor
grammatical corrections or any questions, will have this FAQ updated, too.

    Life's been very tricky out there and I'm looking for a way out. If you can
sponsor me for studying aboard, or at least, do something little things about,
I would be greatly appreciate.

    No spam, no insult, no hate mail. Okay?

    Here's where you will send all these kinds of stuff to:


    A nice website to visit:

    A whole bunch of KotOR 1&2 Manga pictures by a Malaysian artist. I just
unintentionally came across it once and found this great website.

    For anyone who has never played or never finishes this game before: stay
away from mods, fan comics, fan arts, walkthroughs and a whole bunch of other
stuff that related to KotOR. Most of them contain spoilers. Finish the game at
least once before you plan anything about what I mention above, okay? (Sorry
that I have touched some KoTOR2 fan arts and fan comics when I didn't even play

    For Star Wars fans, staying away from the keyboard and the mouse and
boosting your dexterity (I mean YOURS, NOT YOUR CHARACTER'S) is a nice idea.
I mean this awesome website: Sadly, nothing about KotOR.

    This FAQ is allowed to posted on only these sites:

    However, always has got the lastest version. That's the place
to go if you intend to update this guide.

    I'm sorry if I call this document file 'FAQ' too many times when you can't
see many questions and answers here. My apology.

 /    10.Version History & Credits [vnc]   /

     Version History

  Version 1.0 (July 3, 2006)
_First release though actually everything was completed almost a
month ago but couldn't be posted due to some problems when signing
up at
_Posted on

  Version 1.05 (July 11, 2006)
_Permission given to NeoSeeker]
_Permission given to SuperCheats
_Change some infos throughout the guide

  Version 1.07 (July 21, 2006)
_Rewrite various parts
_Correct some grammatical errors
_The trailer of Mass Effect shocked me like a tornado
_Happy birthday to Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter in the movies

  Version 1.15 (August 11, 2006)
_Rewrite section 03a
_Change some infos in section 05
_Change some infos in section 06a

  Version 1.20 (August 12, 2006)
_Section 08 was added
_Various changes

  Version 1.25 (August 20, 2006)
_Correct many grammatical errors, WHY THERE ARE SUCH MANY???
_Star Wars 2007? Console? Perhaps that's Jedi Knight 4. I
won't be able to play it anyway, whatever it is. I don't own
any console system, and that's really bad. T_T

  Version 1.30 (August 28, 2006)
_Rewrite and correct various parts

  Version 1.60 (September 6, 2006)
_Minor corrections and changes
_Added section 07d
_A big version upgrade!

  Version 1.61 (September 14, 2006)
_Permission given to

  Version 1.70 (September 18, 2006)
_Major changes in section 07d

  Version 1.71 (October 21, 2006)
_Permission given to MyCheats, a part of 1UP
_Sorry Lucas, I didn't know canonical Jedi Exile was female.

  Version 1.72 (December 17, 2006)
_Fix a few grammatical errors
_In progress the second FAQ of mine

  Version 1.72b (April 16, 2007)
_Watched Original Trilogy a couple of weeks ago
_Updated something about the origin of Scoundrel
_The important test of mine is pretty near now
_Phew! A lot of re-edit. But not the content.

  Version 1.72c (Febuary 2, 2008)
_Re-edit a lot

  Version 1.72d (Febuary 17, 2008)
_Deleted a damn line checker

    My special thanks to

_Geogre Lucas: for creating Star Wars

_BioWare: for making this game and become one of the best RPG

_Lucas Arts: for publishing this and many other Star Wars games

_Anyone has read this, thank you so much

_Finally, me: for writing this FAQ

_An extra for anyone who think this guide is useful: All the
stupid things in my stupid machine. If it hadn't been them,
this would had been a guide for KotOR 2 instead.

_No thank for God for letting me existed (again).

 --==++ This FAQ is copyright 2007 Sword Laker ++==-- 

< - > End of file here, you can stop reading now < - >
           And may the Force be with you...

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