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 Steak Room Escape

Steak Room Escape

Why, itís deja vu all over again, according to the great Yogi Berra. Youíre peacefully
strolling down the street on a Saturday evening, and an open door beckons.

You walk inside and are instantly trapped inside a room with Navy blue linen wallpaper.
The door closes, and youíre quickly on your 106th adventure.

Find the combination to the door, and youíll escape with a good meal. Fail to find it, 
and youíll have to wait a week for opportunity number 107.

You see a plate with a button high on the wall, just out of reach. Yogi tells you that
youíll need to find a stick of some sort in order to press that button which will 
illuminate a clue that will lead to part of the missing combination.

On the floor, you see a book. Itís blank. You look at Yogi with a puzzled expression on
your face. Yogi says, ďof all your senses, your sense of smell is the most primal and
most important and often the most overlooked.Ē Sure enough, you smell the book and detect
a faint scent of lemon. Thereís invisible ink to reveal.

You turn to the right and see a lounging couch, the type often found in the parlors of 
19th Century British novels, often occupied by fair ladies with extremely delicate 

You see a picture frame high up on the wall. Looking closer, it appears to be a screen 
of sorts. Yogi says the buttons probably light up that screen in new and different ways.

To the right of the couch, you find a Steak Dinner. Itís a funny little dinner. Two 
slices of apple, a very thick steak with quite a bit of fat to trim. A green ball that
might be wasabi and a pair of Flintstones chewable vitamins. Oh, well, the meals in 
these words always leave a lot to the imagination.

Yogi whispers in your ear that you should search the couch thoroughly. You ask Yogi
why heís whispering and he mutters something about not trusting the cushions. Yogiís
quite a character. So you pixel-hunt the couch and find a Red Key behind the left 
side of the pillow on the left edge of the couch. Yogi grins and tells you the red
key is always the first key.

You look under the couch on the right side and find a Stick. 
The better to poke you with, my dear.

Turning to the right, you find an entertainment center and a set of drawers. 
Thereís a television screen on one shelf, but it doesnít do anything right now.
Yogi, giggling, says you had better find a remote, and maybe a battery as well.
Sometimes Yogi gets a little annoying. You shove a steak in his mouth. He burps.

Underneath the entertainment center on the left side, you pick up a Flashlight. 
You look behind the drawers on the right side for a minute, and find nothing.
Using the Red Key, you open a locked drawer. Inside you find a Screwdriver and 
a second Steak Dinner.

You move back to the left and look at the picture frame again. Shining the Flashlight
on the screen, you see the image of a panda bear.

Yogi pipes up immediately - there must be a tile puzzle somewhere in the room. A 
tile puzzle of a panda. You box Yogiís ears and give him a pair of Flintstones 

You turn twice to the right, and see a tall chest of drawers and a blue table.
Underneath the table, you find a third Steak Dinner.

Behind the chest on the left side, you see a little doll-like statue, some sort 
of childís toy. You lift it, and find a Blue Key. You canít do anything else with
the doll, so you just click it a bunch of times rapidly, making it jump up and 
down. Sometimes youíre too easily entertained.

On top of the table, you find a tile puzzle. Iíll spare you the details, but Yogi
was right about the panda picture and you found a Yellow Key inside. Yogi wouldnít
eat the apple slices you threw at him.

Going back to the left, you open the yellow drawer, where you find a fourth Steak 
Dinner and a Remote Control.

Then you open the blue drawer, where thereís a fifth Steak Dinner and a Battery. 
Thatís a whole lot of Flintstones Chewables. The battery doesnít go in the remote,

You focus on the television screen, use the Remote, and there you see a diagram. 
Thereís a circle with a blue arrow going a quarter of the way around clockwise, 
then a circle with a yellow arrow going half-way around clockwise, then a circle
with a red arrow going three quarters of the way around clockwise.

Yogi says your future involves rotating colored shapes to find numbers. I donít 
think you really needed a Yogi to tell you that, however.

You move to the left twice and use the Stick to poke the plate high up on the wall.
A panel lifts to reveal a grey screen.

You look closer at the screen. Thereís a big metal plate with four screws. You use
the Screwdriver to remove the plate. You reveal an 8◊3 panel of black and white 
mosaic tiles.

Thereís a small box at the bottom of the screen. You open it and see a rectangular
hole. That looks like a good spot for the Battery. All of a sudden the mosaic tiles
turn different colors.

Yogiís quick to remind to remind you of the television image with colored arrows. 
You ask him if the notebook with the invisible ink would help with this project, 
and he laughs at you and starts eating all the steaks.

Looking at the mosaic image, you see that you can divide the screen into four 
sets of 2◊3 images. And then mentally, you rotate the colored squares as directed
by the television image.

The black squares remain stationary. The first number is easy, just rotate the 
blue square once clockwise, and turn the yellow square 180 degrees. The darker 
pieces of the colored squares join the black to form the number 5.

You do the same with the other three images, and form a 9, then a 6, then a 3. 
Tracing these images on paper helps.

You go to the door, enter 5963, the door lock clicks and youíre able to leave 
the room. But what about poor Yogi Berra? After eating 10 vitamins and a 
considerable amount of wasabi, heís ready to play baseball again. But with all
that in his system, no way heís passing a steroid test. 

Those Flintstones Chewables contain more Human Growth Hormone than a Barry 
Bonds protein shake.

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