Steel Room Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Steel Room Escape

Steel Room Escape

-go to the bed, blue key under bed duvet, yellow key under bed, 
 red key about window frame.
-open table drawers with red and yellow keys, get a crowbar and a 
 train timetable. the other paper wrote "would you be able to get out
 of the room...." something like that, which is nothing special. open
 the unlocked table drawer to take another paper.
-blue key for the file cabinet - take a paper with binary code on the 
 top shelf.
-behind the timetable there's a clock points to 3pm.
-check the poster of train with 22000 on it. the upper left corner 
 there's a light grey square. clicking it reveals colors for different
 grade of trains:

 Red: Super Express
 Orange: Express
 Green: Fast
 Black: Normal

-check the timetable:
 red with square is super express
 red is express
 green is fast
 black is normal

-what is the sequence of train from 3pm to 4pm?
-that will be the code for the color panel. 
-key in the code, press enter and then open the panel. 
-take the air-con remote
-check the ceiling, use remote on the air-con and a paper drop from the frame. 
-go to the file cabinet and take it on the floor.
-it tells you that the pc code would be the age of the train.
-check the picture with the train drinking with the stick man. 
-at the description it says the train was born in ??53? which is 1978. 
-this will be the code for the pc.
-key in the code and you can now open the door besides the color panel
-to turn on the door, zoom in the pad on the right and click on the left 
 circle under the red characters.
-go inside and take the red box and key at the shelf
-open the middle table drawer with the key, take the screwdriver
-open the plate at the bottom of the wall btw brown door and file cabinet, 
 take the COFFEE matches.
-use the matches on the paper with binary code, it reveals a row of 10 
 squares with one of them colored.
-convert the binary code into decimal (you can use the window 'calc' program
 to do so, or by any other means). the code is different every time.
-remember the paper found at the unlocked table drawer? it tells you how to
 check the table found at the lower shelf of the file cabinet.
-check the table.
-if you binary code is 7055, the '0' means it's the 1st compartment of the train.
 '55' means it is the 55th train ever made.
-the colored square indicates which compartment it correspond to. so, if the 
 binary code is 7055 and the colored square is the 4th one, then the code 
 will be 7455.
-key in the code to the red box, open it with crowbar and take the key 
 with stickman.
-go out of the brown door to have NORMAL END.

-go back to the door besides color panel, go inside, turn around, close the 
 door when you facing the big box with an orange logo on.
-there will be an arrow on the glass on the door. turn around and you will 
 see the arrow pointing to the corner.
-turn on the light, dig the corner with crowbar and take the thick book
 'Train Timetable of Japan (for the whole country)'
-there's a paper found at the top of the book, take it out
-check the back of the paper and you will see a route
-open the door and you will be at the destination.

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