StoneAge Sam Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 StoneAge Sam

StoneAge Sam

Apple Level:
1. Move Butterflies.
   Baby bird will fall out nest, mom bird will pick up baby bird and put 
   it back into the nest.
2. Pick up feathers left by Baby bird
   Mom bird will pick Sam up and put him in the nest.
3. Pick up stick –left side of nest
4. Use stick on rock.
   Rock will fall down, making Sam a bridge.
5. Once the crocodiles are up, jump on their backs to get to the other side.
   (When you can see their backs)
6. Pick up rock.
7. Throw the rock at the bear.
8. Click on the tree 

Shelter level:
1. Pick up rock- by butterflies
2. Pick up vine
   Sam has now made a grappling hook
3. Use grappling hook on the 1st tree
   Sam will climb up tree.
4. Click on 2nd tree
5. Click on 3rd tree
6. Pick up Flint
7. Light wood- looks like a nest
   Bear will come and chase Sam into the cave
8. Light 2nd wood pile
   The fire will go out and Sam will run further into the cave
9. Light 3rd (BIG) pile of wood.
    Bear won’t be scared
10. Move the rock at the top right of cave.
    The wind will blow and make the fire bigger, bear will catch alight and try to 
    run away but dies at the entrance of cave. 

Hunting level:
1. Pick up rock
2. Pick up stick
3. Get the sinew from the dead deer.
   Sam has now made arrows
4. Pick up stick- left side of waterfall
5. Use stick on the waterfall’s rocks
   Sam has made a little stream. Deer will go to drink from the pool of water at the 
   bottom of the stream.
6. Use arrow on deer.
   Deer will die.
7. Click on deer to cook it.
   Wolves will be attracted by the smell and come to Sam.
8. Click on deer to give the wolves a piece of the cooked deer.
   The wolves will become your friend and ward off the saber tooth tiger. 

Lady Level:
1. Light wood
2. Click on the dead deer inside the cave.
   Sam will put the deer onto the fire, the smell from the cooking deer will attract 
   the lady.
3. Click on the flower at the top of the hill.
4. Put the flower into the cylinder (vase) on top of the 1st stone table.
5. Pick up the chalk- next to the fire on the left side.
6. Use chalk on the stone wall inside the cave.
   Sam will have done some beautiful art on the wall.
7. Click on lady to get your reward for all your hard work.

Mammoth level:
1. Pick up sticks
2. Pick up curved stick
3. Get the sinew- from dead deer.
   Sam will have made a bow. (Spelling)
4. Get the feathers from the nest.
   Sam made arrows.
5. Pick up leaves
6. Walk to the top of the little hill next to the mammoth.
7. Shoot the mammoth.
8. Before the mammoth returns click on the pit to put the leaves onto the pit, then 
   quickly click on the ground on the other side of the pit to jump over it so the 
   mammoth does not squash you. 

Stolen Family level:
1. Get the stone
2. Throw stone at rabbit.
   The 2 guys will go down to the rabbit. Sam will move across.
3. Click on the fire to get a piece of it.
4. Light the arrows with the piece of fire.
5. Click on the rock at the top of the hill.
   The rock will fall down and release the saber tooth tiger, which will eat 4 guys.
6. Click on the beehive-in the tree
   The beehive will fall down onto the guys making them run into the pond with the crocs.
7. Get Sam’s wolf buddy out of the cage
   The wolf bit the guy with the fire. The (HUGE) pot will fall onto the guy and crush him.
8. Get the piece of fire from the crushed guy.
9. Put the piece of fire onto the wooden fort.
   The wooden fort will ignite, which will make the guy inside of it catch alight, he 
   will run to the pond with the crocs and get eaten up. 


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