Stormwinds 1.5 campaign 1 guide Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Stormwinds 1.5 campaign 1 guide

Stormwinds 1.5 campaign 1 guide

There are about 6 enemies in campaign 1.
Here are there Bios:

* Miniature helicopters: These are the mini greenish copters that
really do no damage.I personally only think they COULD be buffs 
for enemies.During a battle,DO NOT waste ammo on these!Focus on 
damage dealing enemies.Destroy them on free time.

* Orange helicopters: These enemies actually deal damage. The best
turret to use is the sniper.It will kill it in 1 hit.

* Mini blimps: These guys will come from the bottom.THERE WEAK SPOT
IS THE top of the blimp!You will deal more damage here.They basically
shoot bombs at your turrets.

Overhead Flyers: These guys are at the top.I suggest using dual machine

Big blimbs: When you see these guys at around wave 6 or 7,you will 
think it is the boss but no.THE WEAK SPOT is the RED ballon between
the gray ones. MIssle guided turret recommended!These guys also have 
a small weakspot on the gray baloons on the sides.

Cannon flyer:THese guys come around wave 9 or 10.They look like 
mosquitoes with a cannon.They shoot enormous cannon shots BUT their
ammo can be destroyed.

Wave 1:    The first cnnon you should buy is the dual machine gun.
           It was very good.
Wave 2-3:  Save up money and get the sniper as your next turret. Snipers
           can do a lot of damage.Spend upgrade points on less reload 
           time for the sniper.
Wave 4-6:  Keep killing and earning till you can buy a Missle Guiding 
           Turret(forgot the real name).This turret is especiallly useful
           against Big blimps.
Wave 7-10: This is where it gets ugly.During this time,save up for a time 
           freeze cannon.You will need this a lot on wave 10.During wave 
           10 near the end,about 12 cannon flyers.If you die,it is ok. Try
           again and sometimes you will get an easier wave.

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