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 Strategy 3 - BC Kings

Strategy 3 - BC Kings

BC Kings, V1.0.0
Mascot Entertainment, copyright 2008

Walkthrough written by Caurador
Lasted updated 31 Oct 10


BC Kings (BCK) is Mascot's second RTS (Real Time Strategy) game, or at least
the second one that is still available. It was preceded by
"The Dark Legions" (TDL).

Like most RTS games, BCK centers around gathering resources (there are four
kinds), putting up buildings, and researching technology. The main focus is to
train an army used in conquering your enemy. 

The Missions contain an interesting variety of extras, including submaps, hero
upgrades (purchased with money called Shell Coins), and two special units that
you can acquire on two different maps. Some Missions have quests that you can
complete to earn Shell Coins, while some coins can be found scattered in the
Mission maps. There are also some rather surprising twists in the Mission

BCK is superior to Mascot's other RTS (TDL) in many ways, and is an excellent
alternative to higher priced mainstream RTS titles.

This guide is written with the expectation that you have played other RTS
games. While I do mention concepts that are applicable to any RTS, the main
focus is on BCK.

Table of Contents

BCK1     Game Information
BCK2     Definitions and Basic Concepts
BCK3     Mission Walkthrough
BCK4     Ugha Shop
BCK5     Human Building Details
BCK6     Human Unit Details
BCK7     Human Technology/Research Details
BCK8     Codes
BCK9     SPOILER Units

I have divided these main sections into subsections, and the subsection
contents can be found at the start of each section. Some are further
subdivided, and the contents are at the start of the subsection.

BCK1     Game Information

BCK1.1     Game Modes
BCK1.2     Unit Information
BCK1.3     Difficulty Settings

BCK has a manual you can access from the main menu. It has a variety of basic
information, and some specific info.

|BCK1.1     Game Modes

The game has three different modes. 

Solo Campaign

This is the primary mode, and the entire walkthrough is centered on it. You'll
be fighting the evil Mutants in 12 Missions, each of which has at least one of
your Heroes (5 Missions have just Giesnik, 2 have just Mradin, and 5 have

BCK doesn't have any tutorial maps, but instead displays tutorial screens when
you first encounter something new.

Multiplayer Game

2-4 players can connect via a LAN and play any of a small number of maps.

Random Game

You can select from a large variety of options including how many players are
on the map (up to 7 computer controlled players), as well what race they play
(you can play the Mutants here).

In Random Games, each player starts with a Camp, 5 Workers (or Serfs, for
Mutant players), resources determined by the Resource Level, and harvestable
resources determined by the number of players you select. You win these games
by completely eliminating all of your opponents. You can select "Reveal Map"
here to watch just how quickly and efficiently the computer can do all kinds of

|BCK1.2     Unit Information

Details Pane

The unit details are well labeled, but one merits special mention. Defense has
three values separated by slashes, and all are percentages of damage reduction.
The first value is resistance to melee attack. The second is resistance to
ranged attack. The third is resistance to Catapult attacks.

Action Pane

The small pane next to the details pane contains actions that the selected
unit(s) can perform. If you mix different types of units, you get the military
action set, even if they are all non-military units.


There are three stances you can assign to military units. 

"Aggressive" is like an attack dog off the leash. They'll attack any enemy unit
or building in their sight, and will pursue fleeing units until death. Then
they stay wherever they end up, and look for another enemy.

"Defensive" means they'll attack any enemy unit of building in their sight, and
will pursue fleeing units for a limited distance. If the unit reaches its range
limit, it will turn around and go back to its starting point. If the target is
killed it may go back, or it may stay where it is.

"Stand Ground" means the unit will do nothing you don't specify. If you use
this on a unit that's engaging an enemy, it will continue with the stance it
was in until the conditions of the stance are fulfilled.

Unit Training Information

When you mouse over a unit, you will see three icons. The one that looks like a
person represents HP. The club icon is the Attack, and the axe icon is the

|BCK1.3     Difficulty Settings

There are three difficulty settings on the Mission maps and Random Games. This
setting affects a number of different things, such as:

1) How long it will be before your enemy first rushes
2) How often follow-up rushes happen 
3) How many units (and what kinds) your enemy has available for base defense
   and rush attacks
4) Whether you can train Dimorphodon on Mission 10

What this ends up meaning is that while "Normal" difficulty is challenging,
"Hard" can be quite hard, and "Easy" might be a little too easy.

BCK2     Definitions and Basic Concepts

BCK2.1     Terms
BCK2.2     Useful Information
BCK2.3     Mascot-specific Information
BCK2.4     BCK-specific Information

|BCK2.1     Terms

Resource notation - I use the first letter of the resource immediately
following the amount, so "100W 200S 30B 50F" means 100 units of Wood, 200 units
of Stone, 30 units of Bone, and 50 units of Food.

H2H - Hand to hand. This covers all melee (non-ranged) soldiers.

Flinger - This refers to Stone Throwers, Axe Throwers, and Archers

Foot - This refers to all soldiers trained at a Barrack.

Rider - This refers to Dino Riders, Scuto Riders, and Mammuth Riders

Flier - This refers to Dimorphodon and Larve collectively.

Decoy - The practice of using 1-5 units to move through an enemy base and cause
most of the enemy troops to follow them. Not all of the enemy will chase the
decoys until their death, and it works better if one or more troops attack
something while in the base. I don't use this tactic, but you can.

BAK - This is an acronym for "Bait and Kill", an essential tactic on some maps.
The idea is to send a single unit set to "Stand" to lure a small number of
enemy troops away from their current position. When they are far enough away
that the other troops won't assist, you turn around and kill them. Using an
ambush party to assist is often recommended.

Ping - This is the same concept as BAK, but you use a ranged unit instead.
Attack an enemy unit or structure, and lead the pursuing troops into the

Basic Trio - Also called a trio, it's the standard set of foot soldier
training. It consists of one H2H unit, and two flingers (usually the most
advanced types your Barrack will train).

Combat Group- 12 Basic Trios (36 total). When training troops that will be
loaded on Rafts, since two Rafts will fit 32 units, I use 10 H2H and 22

|BCK2.2     Useful Information

There are some surprises waiting in the solo campaign. I will try to avoid
spoiling those in most of the guide, except for the sections I specify have
spoilers. I also may write about them in the Mission they happen on.

Save the game very often. I suggest having one save at the very beginning of
the map (I label it "Start"), one just before the end (which I creatively call
"End"), and at least three (which I label numerically) to alternate between in
the level. The autosave can be helpful, but if you suddenly realized you did a
bad thing a while ago, having multiple saves in the level can rescue you from
replaying the whole thing.

Guard Towers and Pod Posts cannot attack units that are too close to them. You
can exploit this by sending H2H soldiers or riders to attack towers. Just make
sure there are no defenders waiting to sally forth and engage them.

It costs resources to repair buildings and ships. It does not require resources
for units to be healed by a Shaman.

Use Your Workers Well

Generally, you want to get your Workers chopping wood right away. You also want
to train a large number (20-30 on most maps) to gather resources. If you don't
have resources, you can't build or train anything new. It's much better to
start with a large number of Workers than too few. You can always kill them
yourself, or send them off to reveal parts of the map you don't want to send
troops to reveal.

Keep Workers busy harvesting resources rather than walking around. If Workers
are walking to a drop-off point for more than 2 seconds, build a Harvest Camp
closer to the harvesting. You can always tear it down for a half refund, and
throwing away 30W per Harvest Camp could net you hundreds of extra resources in
the same amount of time.

When playing as Mutants if you build a Storage right in front of an acid mine,
you can place two Serfs between the mine and the Storage to have it mine Acid
very quickly, and likely won't run into shortages. You may need to individually
place the Serfs, as the computer doesn't evaluate efficiency. Simply clicking
on the mine could cause the Serfs to take an unnecessarily long walk. You can
do the same thing at each point you can build a Storage next to the mine.

You Have to Spend Time

It takes time to build things, train troops, and perform research.

The buildings that take the most time are the Camp/Keep/Fortress, but even the
simplest ones aren't exactly quick.

Units typically take 9, 11, or 14 seconds to train, but Catapults, Mammuth
Riders and Warships take 28 seconds. Shamans take 23 seconds.

Research almost always takes 18, 27, or 36 seconds. Only Keep/Fortress (54)
and Healing Scroll (40) take longer, while only the Level 1 harvesting tech
takes less (9).

Mystery Can Be Good

I reveal a great deal about how the AI works in practice. Reading this guide
before you complete the Campaign Mode might rob you of the joy of finding these
things out for yourself. While I still enjoy the game enough to write an FAQ
for it, I know some people prefer to figure those things out for themselves. If
you are such a person, you should consider saving the rest of this section and
BCK3 until you've completed the game; or until you get to a Mission you just
can't beat. BCK4-BCK9 shouldn't spoil your journey of discovery, since most of
that is statistics on units, buildings, and technology.

Is That Spelled Right?

There are a number of misspellings in the game. Most of those I attribute to
being the European spelling, and I've corrected those for my guide. Others
appear to be an intentional choice, probably for flavor or to make searches
easier; I've left those intact.

|BCK2.3     Mascot-specific Information

There are two things I mentioned in my TDL walkthrough, and while they are
still true with BCK, they have a minimal impact. Therefore, I've decided to
note a few things without repeating all of it here. Anyone who wants all the
details will have to look for them in my TDL walkthrough.

The Mind Trick

I have confirmed this still works in BCK, but I didn't find it useful at all
this time. The maps are superior in design, and there are fewer Walls, which
are the most useful building for this trick. If you really want to use the
trick, Mission 6 and Mission 8 seem like the only ones where it could
realistically be applied.

Too Many Decisions

As I said, the maps for BCK are superior in design to those of TDL, and the
intrusion seems to be minimal. This time it seems to affect the computer more
than you, but still affects Workers/Serfs most of all. However, the worst
drawback I've really noticed is that Workers become idle if a resource they've
depleted isn't available somewhere close by. Even then, it's not too hard to
find them with the "Idle Worker" icon in the upper left of the screen.

Whose House?

If you don't have sufficient Houses, the game tells you that your people are
starving. In this means your units become extremely easy to kill. However, each
Mission needs scripting for that to happen. There are two Missions where you
don't have any houses, but you're not penalized for that. It's generally not a
viable strategy to go after enemy Houses, in part because sometimes you simply
can't get to all of them (at least until you've beaten that enemy).

|BCK2.4     BCK-specific Information

The file has almost everything of interest as far as the files go.
Plenty of things like graphics files are part of it too, but you can load it in
a text editor and view any readable text (mostly the scripting) yourself.

Within each difficulty setting the scripts have 5 military levels. Each
military level has specified values for things such as how many units the enemy
is allowed, and what percentage of resources and Workers/Serfs are devoted to
what. Essentially, this means that your enemy gets tougher as play on the map
continues, until it reaches Military Level 5.

On at least one of the Mission maps, the designer added scripting to change the
specified values for the military level based on some circumstance; on Mission
10 after a special unit joins you, the enemy forces that rush attack are

Frozen Worlds

Some of the Missions have more than one map. On the active map (the one you can
currently see and move around on) time proceeds normally, but all activity is
suspended on every other map. You can use this to your advantage in certain
Missions to train an army in what is effectively no time. You can also use it
to increase your stockpiles of resources while your enemy on another map is

Workers cannot build anything on some submaps. I'm uncertain if this is
something that can be specified in the scripting, but the only time I've seen
it is on submaps where there never were resources to harvest to begin with.

Visual Locks

Two Missions have this new feature, which is a simple combination lock with
pictures instead of numbers. There are 3 sets of 7 pictures, and you're
supposed to find the combination to open it. The combination changes each time
you start the Mission it's in, so the old combination doesn't help you. In
general it is much easier to locate the combination than to crack it by
methodically changing the pictures. Still, there are only 343 combinations,
so you can do it quickly enough if you insist.

Racial Differences

BCK has at least 3 races, and possibly more; the scripts show there should be 4
races. Some of them just don't get along very well.

There will be times when you defeat an enemy without finishing the map. If that
enemy is of the same race as you, then you can convert any Workers/Serfs and
buildings that remain. If that enemy is of the opposite race, then you simply
can't convert anything.

If you use the brainwash code (or the code to create a Worker/Serf of the
appropriate race), then you'll be able to convert units and buildings left by
the defeated enemy. Workers/Serfs from your opposite race can't build anything,
and can only drop off resources at a Harvest Camp/Storage of their race.
Houses/Nests from your opposite race don't increase your maximum population.

The 4th resource is Food/Acid. Workers can't harvest Acid, and Serfs can't
harvest Food. While you can't see the opposing 4th resource, you still have it.
However, using the unlock codes (8.1.5 and 8.1.6) will allow you to build and
train things from the opposing race. There is no unlock code for tech, so
you'll have to use the max-tech code to get any opposing race tech.

Shamans and Harpies can only heal units of their own race, not any other. Note
that the special unit from Mission 10 counts as Human, even though it really
isn't. Since there are some units that neither Shamans nor Harpies can heal, we
know there are at least 3 races. 

BCK3     Mission Walkthrough

BCK3.1     Mission 1  - The Dead Forest
BCK3.2     Mission 2  - Fortified Camp
BCK3.3     Mission 3  - Open Seas
BCK3.4     Mission 4  - Sea Trap
BCK3.5     Mission 5  - The B-Day
BCK3.6     Mission 6  - Behind Enemy Lines
BCK3.7     Mission 7  - The Cold Mountains
BCK3.8     Mission 8  - The Reunion
BCK3.9     Mission 9  - Mutants' Lair
BCK3.10    Mission 10 - The Siege
BCK3.11    Mission 11 - The New Hope *SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION*
BCK3.12    Mission 12 - Face Off *SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION*

There are some special qualifiers you should be aware of for this section.

1) There are three difficulty levels available, but for the purposes of this
guide I've chosen to use "Normal".
2) There are so many options for Upgrades, that which ones you have can affect
which strategies are viable and which ones are not. Therefore up to Mission 8 I
will specify which Upgrades I buy and when.
3) While I normally do not use mounted units because they are so large, they
are fast and powerful. If you wish to use them, feel free, but be aware their
limited mobility may cause problems.

I will list any quests available on the level, followed by how many Shell Coins
it gives in parenthesis. I will also list the total Shell Coins, and
subtracting the number of quest coins from that total will tell you how many
are scattered around on the ground.

|BCK3.1     Mission 1 - The Dead Forest

BCK3.1.1 - Before the Bridge is Repaired
BCK3.1.2 - After the Bridge is Repaired

Population Limit: 100
Main Map:         Dead Forest
Submap:           Treasure Island
Quest:            Find the Explorers (2)
Shell Coins:      4

BCK3.1.1 - Before the Bridge is Repaired

You begin the level with Mradin, 2 Stone Throwers, and 5 Warriors. You're under
attack by 3 Rangers, and Mradin and one Warrior are away from the combat.
Select them and get them involved. Move left along the path, and you'll
encounter 1 more Ranger before you find your first Shell Coin. Now that you
have one, go to the Ugha Shop and buy Hero Health Regeneration (Level 1). From
this point, you should use Mradin as the main unit. Assign him to a group of
his own, then assign the foot to another group. Set Mradin to "Stand", and the
foot to "Defensive". Your main strategy for exploring this map is to use Mradin
to reveal and BAK enemies. Use the foot to provide some extra punch so Mradin
doesn't spend as long a time healing up.

Continue exploring this path until it opens up, where you'll find more enemies.
Once they're dead, head NW where you'll find more enemies before you link up
with Giesnik. There is a small Healing Potion near him.

-----Meeting Giesnik

Giesnik gives you two things: reinforcements and a quest. You get 3 Dino
Riders, 4 Warriors, 1 Stone Thrower, and 3 Workers. Add the foot and riders to
group 2, and set them "Defensive". I give the Workers their own group (I use
group 9), but you don't have to.

Immediately send the Workers to left, and go around the ridge until you find a
bone pile. Have them build a Harvest Camp and start harvesting that while you
explore the rest of the map. There's one more small Healing Potion around.

Explore the area right of the bridge, BAK'ing enemies until you clear them out.
You'll also find one of the Explorers in this section. Head back to the area
your first path let out into, and head SW. Follow around the bottom edge, and
you'll find another Explorer with two Rangers nearby. The third explorer is NW
of the green circle marker on the minimap. When you complete this quest, you'll
get 2 Shell Coins. It's not enough for the second Upgrade you should get, so
leave them unspent for now.

When you find the Exit to the submap, don't go in yet. Continue exploring, and
wait for your Workers to deplete the bone pile.

-----Submap: Treasure Island

This submap is all about harvesting resources to build 3 units. I don't list
them in the Unit Details section, as this is the only time you'll even be
allowed to produce them. There may be a few wild dinos near the Exit, but once
those are dealt with you should use pinging to deal with the other dinos in the

During the time you spend on this map, you'll get extra Workers (up to a total
of 10). Once the whole submap is cleared out, have your Workers go west until
you get the message to build a Harvest Camp. Build one near at the corner of a
stone pile, and another near the trees.

You can spend all the time you want here UNTIL you send all three required
units to the main map. Take advantage of the situation by harvesting wood and
stone until you have a stockpile of at least 4000 wood and 1000 stone. I
recommend 8000W so you can focus all your Workers on gathering food without
running out of wood. There is a small Healing Potion as well as a Shell Coin on
this submap.

Once you've sent the three required units through the Exit, the bridge is
repaired. You'll get Giesnik and two Workers, but you lose the submap. Make
sure to tear down all the Harvest Camps you have built here before then.

BCK3.1.2 - After the Bridge is Repaired

Finally you are able to build houses. Build 13 houses BEFORE you cross over the
bridge. After you cross over, you've only got a limited time to finish the
level (33 minutes on "Normal"), and you want your Workers focused on gathering
food, not building houses. Once you've built the houses, make a special
savegame you can put in an archived folder so you won't have to do this again
if you replay the level. I labeled mine "Mission 1 Ready - Normal".

Cross the bridge and kill the single enemy on the other side. Continue up until
you find the piles of resources. A little NE of that there is a large group of
bushes you can build a Camp next to. Build the Camp, and send all but two
Workers to start harvesting food. Those two should build two Barracks. Start
training Basic Trios, and send those Workers to gather food.

The path to the left of the resource piles leads to a bridge. There shouldn't
be much opposition coming from there, but you should station some troops there.
The path going NW from your Camp will lead to another bridge, and that will be
the main path enemy rushes take. Those are the only two points for the enemy to
cross, but leave a few troops near your Camp so they can defend against
unexpected incursions. To the NW of those bushes, there is a clearing with a
large Healing Potion.

Once you have two combat groups, queue up basic trios at your Barracks (it will
hold 31 unit requests) so your loses will be replaced. Save the game and take
both combat groups over the NW bridge. You'll encounter two Dino Riders and a
Guard Tower. Take out the riders, and move your groups NW past the tower.
There's a gate you'll need to destroy before you can get into the compound.
Some troops will come over, but focus on the gate first.

Once the gate is destroyed, rush your troops in. Ignore the attacking forces,
and focus exclusively on finding and destroying the two Barracks here. Once
that's done, the Boneheads are defeated, and you can send anyone to the NW
corner of the map to find the Mission Exit and complete the level.

|BCK3.2     Mission 2 - Fortified Camp

BCK3.2.1 - Seek A Safe Haven
BCK3.2.2 - After the Boneheads Are Defeated

Population Limit: 150
Main Map:         Deep Forest
Submaps:          Swamp, Secret Passage
Quest:            Protect the Garden (2)
Shell Coins:      2

BCK3.2.1 - Seek A Safe Haven

On this level, you're going to use the submap to make things easier on
yourself. Group EVERYBODY together and set them to "Stand". Follow the path to
the north of your Camp. It will turn and branch, just keep going in a NW
direction until you come to a land bridge (but don't cross it). It may not look
like a bridge at first, but it is. Have Mradin follow the north bank until you
run into enemies, then run away until they leave you alone. Now save the game.

Next, take EVERYBODY back to that area, and have them rush through, past the
Guard Tower, headed towards the west side of the map. You should find the Exit
to the Swamp submap without much trouble. You absolutely need Mradin, Giesnik,
and one Worker to survive. It's okay if everybody else is killed, but without a
Worker you can't use this strategy. You may need a few reloads (especially the
first time) before you manage it.

On the Swamp submap, build a Camp and start harvesting wood. Train Workers
until you have 20, and build Harvest Camps when needed. The submap is divided
into five pieces of land connected by bridges. The one you start in as well as
the only other one you can reach from it, are relatively safe. There are a few
dinos you'll need to kill, but you won't have to be concerned about enemies
unless you go beyond them.

On the second piece of land you'll see a cutscene about a dinosaur nest. You
don't have the Objective for that because we came straight here instead of
exploring the main map. This is the place where you'll harvest food. Not only
is food available from the bushes, but you can also get it from the fish along
the land bridge.

Also, the Harvest Camp has tech available, but you need Keep research. Build a
Bonesmith, research Toolwork (labeled "Workshop"), and upgrade the Camp.

One thing to be slightly concerned with is housing. You'll want to make sure
most of your Workers are chopping trees, with the main focus being to clear
land to put down Houses. The Keep takes up a lot of space, so once you've
trained the Workers you need don't be afraid of tearing it down. You can put
two houses down in the space one Keep takes, with a net population increase
of 4.

-----Build an Army

You'll want to harvest all of the food here (7200 units total), and I suggest
harvesting both piles of stone south of the Exit (5000 units total). As far as
bone, if you position the Harvest Camp between three bone piles, you should be
able to dedicate 3 Workers to bone and just forget about them. There are plenty
of trees to chop, so you will have no problem getting over 10,000 units of

Once you've harvested all of the food, build a Barrack. Make sure you research
the Mace and Throwing Axe before you begin training. Any troops you train
before that do NOT get those weapons. After the stone is gone and you have
increased the population limit to 150, consider building a 2nd Barrack. You
should have no problems fielding 3 whole combat groups.

When you're ready, save the game and send them through the Exit to completely
overwhelm the Boneheads. Focus on the production buildings, as they lose when
all of those are gone.

BCK3.2.2 - After the Boneheads Are Defeated

Your new task is to get the Dino Egg Objective by sending anyone to the green
circle on the minimap. Then take all your forces back to the Swamp.You will
need to find 6 dino eggs to complete your objective. You can find three of them
in the SW corner, two in the NW corner, and one in the SE corner. The NW corner
is the most heavily defended, and one of the eggs is slightly hidden behind the
only Guard Tower on this submap.

Once you've eliminated all opposition are ready to take the last egg, have your
Workers tear down everything here but the Houses. The Houses will still apply
to your population limit, but you won't be able to access anything on this map
so you don't need to leave anything else standing.

The Secret Passage is just north of the Bonehead's former village. Complete
that quest now. Once you have, buy the Hero Heals Units in His Aura upgrade.
You'll have an extra Shell Coin, which I spent on Hero Armor.

If you thought you'd be able to train Knights or Archers on this level, sorry.
The scripting mistakenly shows these, but they're removed after you get all the
Dino Eggs. Build a Dino Nest and Workshop, then train a Catapult and send it
destroy the rocks blocking your path.

You really want to have closer to 3 combat groups than 2, but you might not
need a full 3 to overwhelm the Mutants. Once they're defeated, make sure you've
completed the quest before you get near the Mission Exit.

There are 2 small Healing Potions on this map, as well as a large Healing
Potion in the Secret Passage, but you shouldn't have any need of them. Also,
you can't take them onto the next Mission.

Mradin and Giesnik decide to split up. The game's script has Giesnik's Mission
(Open Seas) as number 3, which I've preserved for consistency. However, I
strongly advise you to finish Mission 7 (The Cold Mountains) before Mission 3
because it's not very hard and gives you 5 Shell Coins.

|BCK3.3     Mission 3 - Open Seas

Once again, I suggest you get the 5 Shell Coins in Mission 7 before you do the
next four missions.

BCK3.3.1 - Finding a Raft
BCK3.3.2 - Dealing with the Enforcer Threat

Population Limit: 150
Main Map:         Peninsula
Submaps:          Abandoned Island, Hideout
Quest:            Find the Mechanic's Wife (1)
Shell Coins:      1

BCK3.3.1 - Finding a Raft

Start by training another 18 Workers, and have most of them concentrate on
wood. Send 3 to harvest bone, 3 for stone, and 6-8 for food. The path north of
the base goes to a crossroads. To the NW there is a pass, and to the north
there is a wooded clearing. Your enemy will primarily come by these two routes,
but may also rush from the SW of your base. There is a good place to put Houses
down on the shoreline against the eastern edge of map.

You will want to build a Barrack and research the Throwing Axe. Start turning
out Axe Throwers, and have two Workers build a pair of Guard Towers at the pass
and one in the clearing I mentioned. Keep 5-10 flingers near the south of your
base to guard against attack from there.

Once you have those towers up and defended by at least 10 flingers each, then
build two towers beyond the ridge SW of your base, and put 5 flingers near each
of them. You should be researching available tech (such as Rag Armor) during
this time, and your Workers should provide you with plenty of resources. Keep
building Houses along the north shore until you max out your population limit.

-----Destroy the Mutants

Once you're secure, train trios until you have a full combat group, then train
12 Heavy Warriors. You can use the flingers stationed in the north to make a
second combat group. When you're ready, save the game and attack the Mutants.
You will need to destroy both their production buildings and combat units to
defeat them.

Towards the western end of the north shore you'll find a pile of wrecked wood
that your Workers can turn into a raft.

BCK3.3.2 - Dealing with the Enforcer Threat

The game won't let you try to sneak past the Enforcers, so you'll have to do
this the hard way.

Now that you have a raft, send it WNW to get two more sitting in the middle of
the sea. Now you can load a full combat group and proceed to explore the
waters. When you come to a large island (there are 3), save the game and
explore it. Destroy the enemies you find. On the center island you find a
broken machine, and you get a new Objective to repair it. You'll need to go to
the Abandoned Island submap to do that, but you might as well finish all three
islands before then.

-----Submap: Abandoned Island

This isn't a complex map, but it is a little large. Take your combat group west
and talk to the Mechanic. You'll get and Objective and a Quest from him. You
have to find his tools to get him to work for you, but you can also find his
wife for 1 Shell Coin. I then bought Hero Health Regeneration (Level 3).

He opens the door for you, and you should send your group straight over the
bridge in front of you. There are a number of enemies here, and there's a
Recruitter a little WSW of this bridge. You'll find two of the tools you need
in this area, while the third is SW of this center land. Across the western
bridge is the Hideout submap, where you'll find the Mechanic's wife.

There is a large and a small Healing Potion in the dino pen (partly revealed on
the minimap in the north), as well as a small Healing Potion on the western
side of the island.

Take the Mechanic to the center island and have him repair the device. Now you
can use each one (as long as a unit you control is in range) to destroy the
Enforcers. The devices act like buildings, so click on them to access their
action menu.

Once that's done, sail towards the north island. There's a surprise cutscene
that helps explain why you start with so few troops on the next Mission.

|BCK3.4     Mission 4 - Sea Trap

BCK3.4.1 - Collecting Resources
BCK3.4.2 - Finesse the Scripting
BCK3.4.3 - Killing the Sea Worm
BCK3.4.4 - Thirsting for Blood

Population Limit: 150
Quest:            Escort the Castaway (3+1)
Shell Coins:      4

You start the level with Giesnik, 2 Warriors, a Dino Rider, 4 Workers, and 1
severely damaged Raft. You can build Houses and Harvest Camps freely, but the
moment you finish building almost anything else, the rush attack clock starts.
About 5 minutes later, a troop-laden Transport begins the journey to the island
you built on. Still, you can use this to your advantage.

BCK3.4.1 - Collecting Resources

Have your Workers repair the Raft while Giesnik explores the island and
collects resource piles. Once that's done, build 4 Houses out of the way, and
4 Harvest Camps near resources. One goes by a bone mine, one between two stone
mines near each other, and two near food and trees.

While they're harvesting, load your troops on the Raft and head out. You're
seeking a pair of islands south of the Sea Worm (the red marker on the
minimap). One of them has a tourist you can get 4 Shell Coins from.

When you find him, take the tourist around to the yellow markers. The closest
one and the NW one are safe, but the third has enemies. Also, there is another
enemy island around the center of the map, and the main enemy island between it
and the SW corner. Be cautious and save often, because if you attract an
Enforcer, it will pursue and destroy the Raft.

Start with the closest island (which has a large Healing Potion), then sail
back to your island before heading to the NW marker. Leave the tourist there,
set your troops on "Defensive", and sail to the last yellow marker. Un-garrison
a little east of it, and engage the troops. When your foothold is clear, bring
over the tourist, and you'll get 3 Shell Coins. Then he asks you to take him
home. Do that to get 1 more Shell Coin, then head back to your island.

BCK3.4.2 - Finesse the Scripting

You'll need 2000W 1300S 1450B 900F for this part. Save the game first, because
if you do this quickly (in under 5 minutes), you can avoid a rush attack.

In the center of your island, almost build a Camp. By "almost" I mean build it
to something like 98%, and then halt. Next, build a Bonesmith near the Camp so
both buildings will be completed at a roughly similar time.

Select the Bonesmith while it is building so you can research Toolwork the
instant it becomes available. Then go to the Camp and queue 5 Workers. Send
your Workers back to harvesting.

Just before the 5th Worker is finished, Toolwork will be done. Click on the
Keep Upgrade when it become available. When it's finished, queue another 5
Workers, then research the Stone Tools and Satchel in the Harvest Camps. Tear
down the Bonesmith. Once the final Worker is finished, tear down the Keep. Now
you can harvest resources quickly and comfortably.

BCK3.4.3 - Killing the Sea Worm

This last part is fairly simple, but you'll need 5900W 590S 1070B 100F to pull
it off. Save the game, and it wouldn't hurt to make an archive save so you
don't have to go through all this again.

In the NW area of the island build a Bonesmith, and then build 3 Docks on the
shore. At the first one that's finished, research Ballista. At the second,
research Steam Wheel. Once the Ballista is done, you'll want to turn out 9
Warships. It might not be optimum to build 3 at each dock (maybe it should be
4-2-3), but it shouldn't matter.

Divide the Warships into 3 groups. Send one to the west of the red marker, one
to the north, and one to the south. The Sea Worm does move around, so if a
group gets caught, just have all the Warships attack directly.

BCK3.4.4 - Thirsting for Blood

It's not at all necessary to engage the Mutants, but if you really want to do
it, you'll have to skip "Killing the Sea Worm" until they're dead. The details
take too much space, but essentially you will need to explore the map and clear
the center island and the volcano island of enemies.

You'll want to deplete the resources from both of those islands, as well as the
Castaway island. You will also want to deplete at least 2 of the stone mines on
your island. Use the volcano island for housing, and the center island for your

When the center island is clear of enemies and you all have the resources you
need, almost build a Bonesmith and 2 Barracks there. Save the game.

Finish the buildings, starting with a Barrack. Research the Throwing Axe, Mace,
Rag Armor, and Wooden Shield. Build a bunch of Guard Towers on the south and
west side of the center island, and support them with flingers. Build a Dock
too, and then Rafts and Warships.

You'll want 4 combat groups to start the assault, and probably another 2 to
finish it.

-----Assaulting the Mutants

Send a spare Raft south to explore the waters and BAK any Enforcers near the
Mutant island. Then move the troop-laden Rafts to a little east of the NE
corner of the Mutant island, and send them in.

The only way to defeat this enemy is to destroy all their units and production
buildings, which is quite a slaughter.

|BCK3.5     Mission 5 - The B-Day

BCK3.5.1 - Preparing to Storm the Beach
BCK3.5.2 - Eliminating the Mutant Threat

Population Limit: 200
Shell Coins:      1

On this map you start with 30000W, 5000S, 20000B, 25000F, and a number of
structures including 2 Docks. Your land is along most of the southern edge of
the map, while the Mutant's land stretches along the whole northern edge. Their
land is cut off by a thin strip of land just south of them. The only way past
it is a small inlet at the center.

There are three islands here, the one near the inlet has a large Healing
Potion, as does the eastern one. The western island has a Shell Coin. You may
have noticed I haven't spent any Shell Coins from the last Mission. That's
because you're saving up for the Crossbow, which you will want to buy for
Mission 8. If you don't buy anything else until you get the Crossbow, you'll
have just enough Shell Coins.

You're limited in your options on this map, and you all the tech available has
been researched already. You can't build Harvest Camps, but you can build
Camps. With all the resources you have, you won't need to gather any, so just
keep 5 Workers to build and repair.

BCK3.5.1 - Preparing to Storm the Beach

Start by building a Camp in a clear area of the SW part of your land, and train
an extra Worker. Put Giesnik on a Raft and head to the western edge. Go north
until you run into the island or the strip of land. Have him get the Shell
Coin. If you want to collect the Healing Potions as well, go ahead, but you
shouldn't need them.

Build at least 2 more Rafts (I suggest 4), and build two Barracks. East of the
bone pile there is an excellent place to pack in Houses until you reach your
limit of 200 units. Train trios until you get two groups of 32 units (what will
fit on a pair of Rafts). When you have your foot trained, assign them to hotkey
groups, set them to "Defensive", and load them on the Rafts. If you've got 6
Rafts, then train another 32 and do the same. Send your Rafts to the opening
while you build another Raft and load your 5 Workers on it.

You could simply rush the beaches and take your losses, but my technique has
you build unit producers on enemy land, so you'll need finesse. Take your first
pair of troop Rafts and follow the north shoreline of the western strip of
land. You will want to manually guide the Rafts short distances at a time, as
the Pod Posts will fire on them if you wander too far from the shore. Do this
until you come to the western map edge.

Guide the second (and if you have them, third) set of Rafts the same way. When
they're lined up, save the game. Send the Rafts in a pair at a time, and when
your troops are on the beach, gather them towards the western edge.

You'll face a number of enemies, and around 6 Pod Posts before I consider the
area sufficiently secure to bring in the Workers.

BCK3.5.2 - Eliminating the Mutant Threat

The Mutants won't rush you, so all you have to do is eliminate their existing
units and structures. Start by building a Camp on the western edge so you can
replace Workers if you somehow lose them all. Next, build 2 Barracks, a Dino
Nest, and a Workshop. Use the Barracks to crank out trios when needed, and
train 6 Catapults. You should set those to "Stand" and direct them yourself.
Keep in mind Catapults will heal within Giesnik's Aura.

You'll want three full combat groups and two groups of Catapults (3 each).
Queue up some trios to replace the losses you'll take, and start moving west.
You'll mostly keep one group of Catapults on the north side and one on the
south side, each supported by a combat group. You'll want to advance them
alternating one step at a time so they take out threats most efficiently. 

The third combat group you should use for rushing out and killing Tossers, who
are the biggest threat to your Catapults. Bring Giesnik in to heal them if the
Catapults get too damaged.

Once you reach the sharp climb, that's the last of the Pod Posts. You can use
your foot exclusively from this point on.

|BCK3.6     Mission 6 - Behind Enemy Lines

BCK3.6.1 - Signal for Reinforcements
BCK3.6.2 - Kill the Mutants

Population Limit: 0 (No Penalties)
Main Map:         Enemy Gates
Submap:           Passage Under
Quest:            Find the Caveman's Pet (1)
Shell Coins:      1

You start with no Workers, but even when you get some you won't be able to
build _anything_, so the resource piles you find lying around are all you have
to work with. You really want to avoid losing any units during this Mission.
This level has the only Mercenary Camps in the game, and one of them gives you
access to the Dimorphodon for the first time (and the only time, unless you're
playing on "Easy").

The Mercenary Camps are your production buildings for the level. There are
three, and each has Workers available for purchase, but the rest of the units
are somewhat different. The units are trained instantly, but you have a limit
of 1 or 2 before you have to wait a while to buy more from that Mercenary Camp.
Since the strategy you use will depend on what units you have, think carefully
before departing from the ones I list. You may find the strategy I lay out
isn't useful if you have different units than I do.

Mercenary Camp 1 has: Archer, Scuto Rider, Mammuth Rider, Dimorphodon
Mreccamp 2 has: Warrior, Stone Thrower, Knight, Dino Rider, Shaman
Mercenary Camp 3 has: Knight, Archer, Scuto Rider, Spearman, Catapult

BCK3.6.1 - Signal for Reinforcements

The first Mercenary Camp is down the path west of the path the resource piles
lead you down. Follow those piles, and you'll find the Explorer who gives you
your first Objective. The second is found next to a lake, down the east path
from the beach. The third is found a bit away from the SE corner of the map.

Follow the east path now (picking up resource piles) to Mercenary Camp 2. On
the way, get your Spearmen to ride Mammuths you find. These Mammuth Riders
should be your front line of defense, as they're powerful and have
exceptionally high HP. At Mercenary Camp 2 you want to buy 3 Shamans. Next, go
back to the beach and take the path to Mercenary Camp 1. Follow it until you
free the Workers, then you should buy 3 Dimorphodons. Not only are they
incredibly good scouts, they have a high range and are an excellent alternative
to Catapults. 3 flyers will cost you 50 more food than 2 Catapults, but it's a
good tradeoff.

Spend some time exploring the map with your flyers. I suggest having 1 reveal,
while 2 start taking out enemy towers. You won't be able to pull levers or pick
up resources piles with them, and they can't go into the "Passage Under"
submap. Some units will follow your scouting flyer all over the map, so
frequently take it back to your main group where the Shamans can heal it, and
your other troops can take out any pursuit.

-----Light the Fires

Clear the path to the NW marker and send a Worker to light it. Move your "base"
back to the beach, then push east and do the same with the SE marker. Leave a
Worker at each Mercenary Camp so you can access it quickly if you want to. You
should have found all the resource piles by this time, and you'll want to buy
more troops. I suggest 3 Knights and 10 Archers.

By the time you finishing spending your resources, you should have explored
most of the map outside the Mutant compound, and started making a serious dent
in the number of towers. The AI will not rebuild destroyed towers, but will
sometimes repair damaged ones. If you can't scare off the Serfs, leave that
tower alone and move on to quicker kills. The AI will build new towers after
you begin your attack on their base, so beware.

You'll have to be careful scouting inside the compound, and pull your flyers
back when flingers start attacking. Keep them healed up at the Shamans, and you
can take out every Pod Post and destroy some gates you'll need to in order get
into the compound later.

Once all the towers are down, it's time to take your group into the submap
entrance in the west (the only one you can get to before your enter the Mutant

-----Submap: Passage Under

This is a pretty simple map. There are a few resource piles here, as well as 2
small Healing Potions and 2 large Healing Potions. There's another large
Healing Potion on the main map you can access from the Exit in the NW corner. A
little north of where you enter there's a closed door. Nearby there's a Exit
that leads to 3 levers that have to be held down to open it. Send 3 Workers up
there to hold them.

Explore until you find the Quest (southern center of the map), then go through
the door. You'll find the little dino in a room branching off from the main
passage to another Exit. That Exit leads you to just outside the final signal
beacon. Send a Worker up to light it.

BCK3.6.2 - Kill the Mutants

Once you have the reinforcements, you're charged with devastating the Mutant
camp. Since you've already destroyed the towers, it shouldn't be that big a
problem. Advance carefully, keep your units healed up, and use the 3 flyers to
chase down any Serfs that sneak past you. You will have to destroy all of their
existing production buildings to win, which will almost certainly involve a
rushing slaughter with the last few buildings.

|BCK3.7     Mission 7 - The Cold Mountains

BCK3.7.1 - Prepare for the Onslaught
BCK3.7.2 - Surviving the Onslaught

Population Limit: 100
Main Map:         Cold Mountains
Submap:           Underground Passage
Quest:            Recapture Food (3), Find the Necklace (2)
Shell Coins:      5

This map is largely populated only by dinosaurs. Watch out for the big ones,
they pack a hefty punch and have a lot of HP. You don't start out with any
Workers, and when you get them you won't be able to build Houses.

BCK3.7.1 - Prepare for the Onslaught

Take every one to the village. Keep Mradin out until you've set up the rest of
your troops. There are a pair of paths leading north and south from the
village. The riders and Catapult should stay at the north side, initially only
in the NW path. Your remaining troops should be positioned between the two
paths going SE and SW. Now send Mradin to meet the Chief.

The Chief will give you a new Objective, 8 Workers, and a Quest. You will also
get a resource pack of 350W 150S 200B every 60 seconds. He unlocks the
Underground Passage so you can recover some stolen food. The Workers can't
build on that submap, so leave them and take just Mradin and the Archers. There
are a few enemies here, but not many until you come near the Mutant enclosure.
Use Mradin to BAK guards into an Archer ambush. When you get to the walls and
gate, save the game. Station your Archers just north of the pit, then use
Mradin to BAK the Larve Rider it into an ambush. It will only go a certain
distance before turning around, but the Archers will keep making it turn back.
Your victory should be swift.

Once you've gotten most of the food, you're awarded three Shell Coins. I bought
Hero Health Regeneration (Level 2). You will need to get all of the piles of
food, as this is your only source of food on the level (maximum 3900F).

BCK3.7.2 - Surviving the Onslaught

When you get back to the main map, have the Workers build a Bonesmith and a
Barrack, while Mradin comes back to stand by the Chief. Research the Throwing
Axe, and set the rally point next to the Chief. Once you've got the axe, start
training 10 Axe Throwers (no H2H this time), and build a pair of Guard Towers
on the side of the SE and SW paths. When you've got all 10 flingers, put 5
between each pair of towers, and train 10 more. Build one tower between the NE
and NW paths, and when the new flingers are trained send 5 to each path.
There's tech in the Bonesmith you'll want to buy, especially the Rag Armor and
Wooden Shield. I got Sharpen Axe too.

You'll want to move Mradin around to heal units that are hurt, but try not to
pull too many away from their posts. However, when the Tossers start arriving
(that has two meanings to me), don't be afraid to send all the Axe Throwers
nearby out to destroy it. Just make sure to pull them back so they get some
more support from the towers.

The goal will be to eventually have a pair of towers at each path, defended by
10 flingers each. If you can do that, keep the towers repaired, and take out
Tossers, you should have no problems.

-----Submap: Underground Passage

Once the Mutant threat is ended, the Chief will let you leave, but also tells
you he lost his necklace. Since you'll get 2 Shell Coins out of it, go get it
for him. There is a second Exit to the Underground Passage in the SE corner.
You'll have to explore that to find the lever that drains the lake. Then you
can get the necklace and return it. After that, head to the first Exit to
finish the level.

|BCK3.8     Mission 8 - The Reunion

BCK3.8.1 - Defeat the Surface Mutants
BCK3.8.2 - Open the Door to More Mutants

Population Limit: 200
Main Map:         Mutant Gates
Submaps:          Realm of Fire, Realm of Forest, Passage, Realm of Water
Quest:            Extinguish the Fire (2)
Shell Coins:      5

Provided you've saved some Shell Coins, you should have enough to buy the
Crossbow, which you need to pull this off. I haven't tried the level without
this trick, so I'm uncertain how much of a threat the first Mutants might be
later in the game. Make sure you change Mradin's weapon after you buy the
Crossbow (and each time you load the game) or it will still be the Bone Knife.

BCK3.8.1 - Defeat the Surface Mutants

Take all your troops north until you cross a bridge. You may find 1 or 2
Mammuths for the Spearmen to ride. If not, don't worry about it. Group Mradin
by himself, the Shamans together, and everyone else in a third group. Have
Mradin probe supported by the Shamans. Mradin should be able to take care of
almost anything if you stay back from the towers you're not assaulting. You'll
want to save often, as it's easy to overextend yourself.

Once you get a rush from the enemy, bring up your other troops and provide some
more targets. Focus them on production buildings rather than troops or towers.
Once you eliminate all the production buildings, this enemy is defeated.

Now you can take all the time you want to build up your forces. You can safely
explore the land you start on, and the land of the Mutants you just killed.
However, be cautious about exploring the third land.

The timing and sequence of what you do for a while is unimportant. You will
have a lot of new tech to research, and plenty of resources if you have 20-30
Workers harvesting. During that time you will want to build a Holly Place and
train 3 more Shamans (so you have a total of 5), then use Mradin to scout
around backed up by the Shamans. You should still save often, and you won't be
able to handle the west wall in the northern base. You will, however, want to
destroy towers and gates as you come across them. Occasionally one (or a few)
enemies will come out to meet you, but you should be able to handle them.

When everything is going well and you're in the midst of finding and destroying
towers, start training combat groups. You'll want 4 when you begin the assault,
with three groups of 4 Shamans to assist them.

-----Assault the Red Mutants

You've discovered Red has two bases; the main one in the north, and a prison
where Giesnik is being held. Bring 2 combat groups and 2 groups of Shamans to
the east side of the prison. When you're ready, save the game and send them in.
There are a couple of towers you couldn't get to, but overall this should be
very easy (I only lost 13 in the whole engagement).

Next, position one combat group outside each of the former gates in the north
and south wall of the main base. Put the Shamans nearby, then save the game.
Now send them all in to decimate the enemy.

It may seem like I had you train too many troops, but you were doing that
during the time you were exploring and destroying towers. Now get the key and
release Giesnik.

BCK3.8.2- Open the Door to More Mutants

Ah, more destruction to come. After the cutscene, save the game and go into the
Fire Exit (on the left). Follow the bottom edge east until you find the
Refugee. He tells you that he needs to "distinguish" the fire. However, I've
labeled the quest with the correct word.

-----Submap: Realm of Water

You'll need to bring in some Workers to build a Dock here. While you're
waiting, there's a Shell Coin and a small Healing Potion to be had in the NW
portion of this island. Also, the well you need is VERY well hidden, and I
couldn't find it until I looked through the scripting. It's at the crossroads
just east of the Exit (you can see it when you're at the Exit).

Build 4 Rafts and 4 Warships. Load troops on the Rafts, then head east with the
Warships to clear a path through the Enforcers. Un-garrison the troops and
begin destroying the Mutants here. Send the Rafts back for any troops you left
behind. It's not necessary to eliminate all of the Mutants, just the ones
blocking you from the bridge. If you want to leave the rest alone, then fine.

Past the bridge there is a path that winds to the west, and at the end is a
Shell Coin. There is a third Shell Coin on a small island along the south edge
of the map. Make sure to get it before you pick up the Orb, or it will be lost
to you.

The green marker has two Docks for you, along with 3 free Warships and a Raft.
Build another pair of Warships from each Dock, then send them in two groups to
the red marker. Once the Orb Defender is dead, send a Hero over to pick up the
Orb (after double-checking that you've got all 3 Shell Coins on the ground).

-----Submap: Realm of Forest

This is a very small and simple map. In the center is the Orb Defender,
scattered throughout the rest are wild dinos. The only other thing is a small
submap with some Mutants and a large Healing Potion. Only flingers will be able
to hit the Orb Defender, and don't bother with Shamans. The Orb Defenders will
kill an Archer in two attacks no matter how many Shamans are healing him.

-----Submap: Realm of Fire

Send whichever Hero has the bucket of water to the Refugee to complete the
Quest and get 2 Shell Coins. Then select a small group and click on the center
of the map. Monitor their progress, and have them engage enemies they come
across. When the group finds the Orb Defender in the center, back them off.
Bring all your remaining troops nearby, then have them all attack the Orb
Defender. Only flingers will be able to hit it, but keep your Heroes back. It's
got the equivalent of a Heated Shot Catapult attack.

In the unlikely event that you don't have enough flingers to finish it off, go
back to the main map and train at least 36 more.

Once you finish the last Realm, you win the level.

|BCK3.9     Mission 9 - Mutants' Lair

BCK3.9.1 - Explore and Secure the Area
BCK3.9.2 - Eliminate the Mutant Threat

Population Limit: 200
Main Map:         Mutants' Lair
Submap:           Lair Level 2
Quest:            Free the Prisoners (3)
Shell Coins:      5

BCK3.9.1 - Explore and Secure the Area

Get your two Workers to build a few extra Houses and a Harvest Camp, then get
to work on the bone piles here. Group everyone else and start exploring. Almost
immediately, you get the Quest for this level. Simply free the prisoners as you
come across them. Explore the caverns except the SE exit from the room that
you're told would make a good camp. Down that way is a Mutant camp, and you
want to gather your troops together for it.

When you're ready, use Mradin to scout down the SE path, and keep Giesnik near
to back him up. When you trigger the 3 Larve Riders, retreat and shoot with
Mradin. If you're careful, you might be able to lead them up through the main
room as long as no other troops attack them. When that's been taken care of,
bring everyone down the passage and storm the enemy base. Priority should go to
dangerous enemies first, then production buildings. Mradin is better than
anyone else at killing Serfs when they're standing still, so use him for that.

Once they're all dead, there are just a few more to north; at least until after
the drawbridge. There's a lever for it at the end of a long hallway (you
probably found it in your search), but don't drop it yet. With the drawbridge
up, then enemy can't get to you, so you have all the time you want to build up.

-----Build Your Army

Now that it's safe, have your Workers build a Keep and you'll find out about
the Processing Mill. Since there's no wood or food down here (aside from the
resource piles), build a Mill now. Then train around 20 Workers, and send them
to harvest the stone and bone you can get to. You will almost certainly want 3
or 4 Mills, but until you have extra resources just build one.

Once again, the specific order you do things won't matter for a while.
Research, build, and train. You'll want 2 combat groups, and a handful of
Shamans wouldn't hurt.

BCK3.9.2 - Eliminate the Mutant Threat

When you're ready, have a unit pull the lever I mentioned, then go north. When
you encounter resistance, push both groups in fast, and mostly to the left.
When you've decimated this enemy, bring a Hero in to free another prisoner (you
can see "x of 21" on the quest screen). Now split your forces in two. One Hero,
combat group, and half the Shamans go through the Exit you've already found in
the SW. The other half continue west, where you'll need two units to hold both
levers. DO NOT enter the room with the red marker on the minimap. That's where
the Larvae Pod is, and you want the 5 Shells Coins in this Mission.

You'll need to cooperate to complete the submap, but it's not difficult. When
you've freed all the prisoners you'll get 3 Shell Coins. After you find the two
on the ground, send some troops to kill the Larve Pod and win the level.

|BCK3.10    Mission 10 - The Siege

This is without question the level I like the least.

BCK3.10.1 - Survive the Onslaught
BCK3.10.2 - Finding the Yeti
BCK3.10.3 - Freeing the Yeti

Population Limit: 256
Main Map:         Main Camp
Submap:           Yeti's Territory, Hideout
Quest:            Find the Key (2), Find the Chieftain (1)
Shell Coins:      3

You are charged with protecting 3 stone statues scattered around the village.
Well, not only will the enemy attack those statues (and often simultaneously),
it will also attack the village; so you have seven points that need to be well
defended, and three of those will quickly need to be _extremely_ well defended.

In "Normal", the enemy will attack the first time about 6 minutes into the
mission (it takes them about a minute to reach the statues if unimpeded), then
every 3-4 minutes after that. The military level rises with each attack, so
that within 18 of the 33 minutes you must last, you are facing the toughest
troops and the largest number of them. On top of that, since the AI for your
troops expects you to take a personal hand in the defense of the statues, which
simultaneous attacks makes impossible. The level is made more difficult by the
fact that there are numerous dinos and animals all around, and your Workers in
the north WILL be attacked several times.

You can find the Mutant Holes near the NW, SW, and SE corners. However, if you
try to build anything near the holes, unless there is a Mutant near enough, a
defense force will immediately spring up. This will happen every single time,
and seems to have no effect on the number or kind of troops that will rush
attack. Additionally, there is scripting that has Harpies cast devastating
magic on any Guard Towers near the statues.

BCK3.10.1 - Survive the Onslaught

I have tried many different strategies in many different ways, and there are
only two options I've found that work. The first way (which I detail below) is
to sacrifice a statue (I suggest the SE one), and focus on protecting the other
two. This doesn't completely stop the enemy forces from that hole, but it seems
to greatly diminish them. It also seems to decrease the Mutant forces spawning
from the other holes.

The second way is by building Guard Towers between the statues and Mutant
Holes. In the NW there is a branch on the road leading from the hole. Build two
towers there, and another in the clearing just to the SW, near the skeleton. In
the SW you'll need to build towers on the road west of a ridge. In the SE you
should build at least 3 towers between the trees and the ruins. Another should
guard each of the 3 bridges as time and materials allow (the south bridge
should be first).

-----The Sacrificial Way (Part 1)

The enemy first rushes at about 7 minutes, then about every 3-4 minutes after.
You've got some time to build up, but don't waste any of it. There's simple too
much happening too quickly for me to be very detailed, so most of this is an
overview of what you should be doing. You start with 19 Workers, which should
be enough for harvesting, but you'll want a few more for building.

First, go to the Bonesmith and upgrade your armor. Build a Harvest Camp near
the food so those workers aren't walking so far. Next go to the Workers in the
north and fix the inefficiency here. Also upgrade the Harvest Camp tech. You'll
also want to research tech until you can train Saber Knights and Archers. Set
the troops around the base to "Defensive, and set the Defender Units (which are
really buildings) to defend an area. They won't reach to the statues, so use
them to defend your base entrances.

Next, take the Dino Riders from the north statue, and send them to the
east-most of the northern Workers. You'll use them to kill the dinos and
animals there. You'll want to research Revengance and Whip. Set the rally point
of each Barrack to one of the statues you're keeping, and start turning out
trios. Keep an eye on the amount of your resources, and build Houses to
accommodate the population you need. You may want to build a Mill, but keep in
mind they're rather slow about conversion. Also don't neglect research that
helps your troops fight.

-----The Sacrificial Way (Part 2)

Once you've survived the second rush, build a Holly Place and train some
Shamans. Also buy the Healing Scroll. Start sending Shamans alternately to the
remaining statues, until you have at least 2 at each, and 1 or 2 more in your
base. You should keep trios queued up in the Barracks, as you'll need most of
what you'll be able to produce. Additionally, keep an eye on the troops
defending the statues. Since they come out "Aggressive", you need to set them
"Defensive", and pull them back to the statues.

You will have to defend your base, and the majority of the attacking forces
will be from the NW, with a number passing by the SE and SW statues to come to
your base. Make sure you are prepared to defend it.

Once you get to the 20 minute mark, you will have seen the biggest groups that
are going to rush you. After 33 minutes, you get a message about the Mutant
Holes. When the timer is just about to end, send all the Workers and Giesnik to
the NE corner. The Exit to the Yeti's Territory is about to become available,
and you should take advantage.

BCK3.10.2 - Finding the Yeti

Once the Exit is available, send all the Workers through with Giesnik, and go
to the submap. There is a large area to the left of the Exit that is great for
harvesting wood. However, some dinos roam this land, so start your Workers on
the trees next to the Exit while you clear the area out with Giesnik. Since you
have so many Workers, you'll want to spread them out so they don't get in each
other's way.

While they're busy chopping wood, explore the rest of the submap until you find
the strange structure. You can't go into the Bonehead compound yet (and
fortunately they can't get out), so go complete the Find the Key quest.

You'll want to build most of the buildings available to you here, so you can
research all available tech. You'll definitely want a pair of Barracks to turn
out troops. Since the maximum population is shared across maps, but the current
population isn't, you have a lot of room to use. However, when you save the
Yeti, all of your troops are forced out of this map. If you train too many, bad
things could happen on the main map. 

-----Assaulting the Boneheads

Train 6 full combat groups, and when you're ready send them, Giesnik, and a few
Workers to the NE area. Have Giesnik and the Workers go to the structure and
repair it. Save the game before Giesnik climbs in.

Once the doors are open, bring in the groups. It may seem like keeping them
together is a bad idea, but the Archers are _far_ more effective that way. It's
also more effective to have all the groups walk into the middle of some
buildings rather than attack from a distance. Still, if you drop below half
strength and you don't seem to be about done, have the Workers build a Barrack
outside the walls and train trios from there.

Once you've defeated them, DO NOT free the Yeti. You almost certainly have too
many units, and having the submap closed off may cause problems. Instead,
gather your remaining troops around some Shamans so they can heal while you
create new combat groups from what is left. You should be able to create at
least two full groups (probably 3), likely with a group or two of Archers left
over. Send all these back to the Exit area, and bring Giesnik up to the Yeti.
When your troops are in place, save the game.

BCK3.10.3 - Freeing the Yeti

Send the Workers and what troops you can back through the Exit. Have the troops
head over to the NW red marker, and have the Workers follow. Kill off the
Mutants around there, then gather everyone near the hole. Have the Workers
build 8 towers around it, but beware that Mutants will instantly spawn.

Once the towers are up and fully staffed, take half the troops to the SW red
marker. Do the same thing there.

For the SE red marker, use the troops you originally had on this map, and have
the Workers to build 8 towers there too.

Now go back to the Yeti map and bring through the extra Archers. Send them to
the middle of the east side of the map, where they'll uncover the Hideout
submap. Send all of them in there. Go back to the Yeti map and send any
remaining troops to the main map. If you can't fit them all, send some to the
Hideout, starting with the Workers.

You will need 2 available population on the main map: one for you and one for
the Yeti. Ensure you have that available, and that the only unit on the Yeti's
Territory submap is Giesnik (the population count should be "1"). 

Now go back to the main map and wait for a rush attack. All three Mutant Holes
should spawn attackers at the same time. Once this happens, go back to the Yeti
map, and save the game.

-----Plugging the Mutant Holes

Once you free the Yeti, you'll be booted out of the submap, and the scripting
makes twice as many Mutants spawn from the holes. Send the Yeti directly to the
NW marker, and send Giesnik to the Hideout to get the Chief for 1 Shell Coin.

Now all you have to do is get the Yeti to roll the boulder at each hole. Once
he does, the Mutant threat is halted, and you win the level.

|BCK3.11    Mission 11 - The New Hope *SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION*

Population Limit: 0 (No Penalties)
Main Map:         Hell
Submaps:          Hell's Basement, Hell Upper Level, Shortcut to Heaven
Quest:            Collect the Zombie Limbs (2)
Shell Coins:      2

This is really just a dungeon crawl. You're a zombie version of Mradin with the
Rod of Haste. If you haven't done it already, use your Shell Coins to buy
upgrades. Attack Speed is probably the most helpful of what's left. If you're
not using something to go beyond the normal 33 Shell Coins (see section BCK8),
then you'll want to focus on the Hero Armor. The Rod of Haste is 2-handed so
Mradin doesn't get any armor bonuses, but Giesnik will. Hero HP brings up the
rear. If you do have more than the normal 33 Shell Coins, then just get

I'm going to use a grid system to specify general locations on each map. Grid 1
begins in the top left corner, Grid 3 is in the top right corner, and so on
until Grid 9 in the lower right corner. It's simply too tedious to use BAK or
ping here so just be careful with Mradin, and if you get below 200 HP run back
to your reinforcements and heal up.

-----Find the Map Pieces

Head to Grid 4 to get some troops, and the Quest. Next, head over to Grid 6
where you'll find two Exits to the Basement. Clear out the top one before you
move onto the bottom one. Take the newly discovered Exit to Hell where you'll
find a chest and a lever to lower the drawbridge. Pulling the lever will
generate more enemies, but I think it's required to get to everything you need.

Now head to the Upper Level Exit in Grid 6. The lever to the chest room is well
hidden. If you have trouble, search just a tiny bit east of the green marker.
Retrieve the Zombie Hand at the yellow marker, open the chest, and head through
the new Exit to Hell.

Collect the last chest and the Zombie Leg before exploring a secret Exit to the
Basement. Continue until you find the Lock Sign, and note what you see. Now
head back to the Upper Level, where you can open the door marked by the red
circle. Go to Heaven and get the Orb of Light.

Go to the Stumpy Zombie to complete your quest, then look for the green marker
to get the key you need. Open the door (now marked by another green circle),
and go through to complete the level.

Reinforcements may be found on:
Hell - Grid 4 (6), Grid 6 (8)
Basement - Grid 2 (6)

Small Healing Potions are at:
Hell - Grid 7 (2)
Basement - Grid 1 (2)
Upper Level - Grid 4

A large Healing Potion is in Grid 9 of Hell, while the zombie limbs (yellow
markers) are near small Healing Potions on Hell and Upper Level.

|BCK3.12    Mission 12 - Face Off *SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION*

After the previous Missions, this one is very easy (even on Hard). This section
does have spoilers, so you may want avoid the second and third parts until
you've seen the twist (you'll know it when you see it).

BCK3.12.1 - Destroy the Mutant Tentacles
BCK3.12.2 - Escape the Prison
BCK3.12.3 - Destroy the Mutant Leader

Population Limit: 240
Main Map:         Cracks
Submaps:          Prison, The Museum, Control Room, Research Lab

BCK3.12.1 - Destroy the Mutant Tentacles

Start by training to total of 30 Workers and build the Houses needed for them.
Get them harvesting while Mradin and Giesnik go exploring and killing Mutants.
DO NOT cross the bridges until it's time for the assault.

The only other buildings you really need to build are a Bonesmith and a
Barrack. I suggest 3 Barracks, and a Workshop so you can research Ballistics.
When you've got the resources, begin training 3 combat groups filled entirely
by Archers (no H2H this time). You can train up to 6 if you want, but you
shouldn't need more than 3.

Line them up in front of the bridges and save the game. When you're ready,
send them all to the green marker on the mini-map.

BCK3.12.2 - Escape the Prison

After you destroy all three Tentacles, you're beamed up onto an alien
spaceship. This is rather like Mission 11, but there are more enemies (and
deadlier ones too). Since this is so simple after Hell, I'm not going to detail
what you should do. However, you will want to fully explore every map, and trip
every switch you find (called Consoles). Make good use of the reinforcements
you find, as this time they do heal near Mradin.

Generally, you should complete this map (Prison) first, the Research Lab
second, then the Museum. Look out for semi-circle machines indicated on the
minmap by red dots. These are healing machines which work like a Shaman, except
they're not mobile and they heal units MUCH faster.

BCK3.12.3 - Destroy the Mutant Leader

Now that you've defeated the gods and stolen their ship, use it to transport
all your troops over to the Mutant Leader. The ship cannot be hurt, so you
might as well just drop everyone right at the leader's feet.

BCK4     Ugha Shop

BCK4.1     Upgrades
BCK4.2     Weapons

The Ugha Shop, accessible from the In Game Menu during Missions, offers a
variety of upgrades you can buy for your player profile. The Weapons are only
usable by Mradin, but the Upgrades apply to all the Heroes you have on the
Mission. There are only 33 Shell Coins available in the Missions, so be careful
what you purchase.

Unfortunately, the player profile is protected so you're not able to directly
edit it. However, there are other options.

|BCK4.1     Upgrades

You must buy Level 1 before you can buy Level 2, and you must buy Level 2
before you can buy Level 3. All bonuses given are cumulative. Be aware that the
HP regeneration provided by these upgrades is limited to a percentage of the
maximum health by the difficulty level. On "Easy" it's 100%, "Normal" is 75%,
and "Hard" is 50%. Healing by Shamans will always restore HP to 100%.

Hero Armor
Description: Adds defense to your Heroes. This is disabled for Mradin if he's
using a 2-handed weapon.
Level 1 (+5/+10/+0)
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Level 2 (+10/+5/+0)
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Level 3 (+20/+30/+0)
Cost:     3 Shell Coins

Hero Hitpoints
Description: Increases the HP of your Heroes. This is the second most useless
upgrade. I recommend you avoid this Upgrade until you've gotten the Crossbow,
Heals Other Units, and Level 3 in Armor, Regeneration, and Attack Speed.
Level 1 (+25 HP)
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Level 2 (+50 HP)
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Level 3 (+100 HP)
Cost:     3 Shell Coins

Hero Attack Speed
Description: Your Heroes strike more quickly with their weapon.
Level 1 (+5% normal attack speed)
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Level 2 (+10% normal attack speed)
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Level 3 (+20% normal attack speed)
Cost:     3 Shell Coins

Hero Health Regeneration
Description: Your Heroes will heal themselves. Level 1 should be the first
Upgrade you buy in the Ugha Shop.
Level 1 (+1HP per second)
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Level 2 (+2HP per second)
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Level 3 (+4HP per second)
Cost:     4 Shell Coins

Priest Magic Regeneration
Description: Shamans within aura range of a Hero will recover their faith more
quickly. However, Shamans recover about 2 Faith per second, so even with
Level 3 that's only a extra 1 Faith every 2 seconds. This is the most useless
upgrade because the magic isn't powerful enough to warrant spending any of your
limited Shell Coins on this Upgrade.
Level 1 (+3% Faith Recovery)
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Level 2 (+5% Faith Recovery)
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Level 3 (+10% Faith Recovery)
Cost:     3 Shell Coins

Hero Heals Units in His Aura
Description: Your units within aura range of a Hero will recover 1HP per
second. This should be the second Upgrade you buy in the Ugha Shop.
Cost:4 Shell Coins

|BCK4.2     Weapons

These weapons are only usable by Mradin, and he can only use a special weapon
for the last 2 Missions he's in. Since there are only 5 Missions Mradin will be
able to use any of these, I suggest waiting until you're ready to buy the
Crossbow and skip the others unless you use something to get more than the
normal 33 Shell Coins.

Mradin's default weapon will be the Bone Knife until you complete a Mission
with another weapon selected. After that, the default will be that weapon.

The Ugha Shop descriptions have a degree of attack arc listed, though I can't
find the figures anywhere else. They also list an attack range, but the melee
weapons all show a range of 1 on Mradin's unit details.

Bone Knife
Description: Mradin starts the game with this weapon.
Cost:     Free
Attack:   15
Arc:      Unknown, probably 90 degrees

Stone Axe
Cost:     1 Shell Coin
Attack:   15+2
Arc:      90 degrees

Mega Mace
Cost:     2 Shell Coins
Attack:   15
Arc:      90 degrees

Cost:     3 Shell Coins
Attack:   20+5
Arc:      90 degrees

Hammer of War (2-Handed Weapon)
Cost:     4 Shell Coins
Attack:   30
Arc:      45 degrees

Punisher (2-Handed Weapon)
Cost:     5 Shell Coins
Attack:   30+5
Arc:      45 degrees

Crossbow (2-Handed Weapon)
Description: This is the only ranged weapon Mradin can buy. It is also the only
weapon you should bother to get here (unless you have more than the normal 33
Shell Coins). Don't let the attack value fool you, that's the damage per hit.
You actually get 4 hits in the same time it takes other weapons to hit once, so
the true value is more like 80.
Cost:     6 Shell Coins
Attack:   20
Range:    12 (The Ugha Shop shows 30)
Arc:      90 degrees

Rod of Haste (2-Handed Weapon)
Description: You cannot purchase this, but it becomes the only weapon Mradin
can use after a particular thing happens. This is rather like the Crossbow, in
that it strikes about 4 times faster than other weapons.
Cost:     None
Attack:   15
Range:    12
Arc:      Unknown, probably 90 degrees

BCK5     Human Building Details

BCK5.1     Buildings Without Requirements
BCK5.2     Buildings That Require Technology
BCK5.3     Buildings That Require A Bonesmith and Technology

The game lists all unfulfilled requirements for the buildings. I have listed
all the requirements I have been able to discover, but not those required to
get to the requirements the game lists. For example, the Fortified Wall
requires a Workshop, Keep research, Construction, and Fortified Wall research.

I have listed the time to build (in seconds) using only one Worker WITHOUT
Stonework (except for the Fortress, which requires it). Each Worker will do an
equal portion, so if you have 3 building, it will take 1/3 the time. 2 or 3 is
usually the optimum number of Workers to build something, especially Houses.

Mutant buildings have the same statistics, so I have put the Mutant Name in {}
after them. Most of the differences are the names, appearances, descriptions,
and using Acid instead of Food. A few also have a different cost, which I've
also placed in {}.

|BCK5.1     Buildings Without Requirements

Camp {Pit}
Description: This is where you train Workers. It also increases your maximum
population by 10.
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            120
Cost:            400W
HP:              1200

House {Nest}
Description: Houses increases your maximum population by 7. 
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            24
Cost:            100W
HP:              400

Harvest camp {Storage}
Description: A drop-off point for harvested resources. Build these near
resources you will harvest so your Workers don't waste time walking a long
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            17
Cost:            60W
HP:              300

Barrack {Recruitter}
Description: You train most of your foot soldiers here. Each Barrack has its
own production cue and rally point.
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            71
Cost:            300W 180S 150B
HP:              800

Bonesmith {Alchemy}
Description: You can research weapons and armor here. You must have at least
one Bonesmith to build siege machines, advanced units, and three buildings.
Required when upgrading the Camp and Keep.
First Available: Mission 2
Time:            60
Cost:            300W 200S 100B
HP:              600

Dino Nest {Incubator}
Description: You can train your mounted dinosaur units here. You need a Dino
Nest to train Catapults and Mammuth Riders.
First Available: Mission 2 (Must find the Dino Eggs first)
Time:            79
Cost:            200W 250S 100B
HP:              900

Wall {Defense}
Description: A wall that your enemies ignore, except to go around. Used only to
narrow the path an enemy can take, though it's possible to completely block out
large units like rider and Catapults. I have never seen the computer attack a
Wall directly.
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            11
Cost:            20W {10W 10B}
HP:              300

Tusk Trap {Jaw Trap}
Description: If the Missions have traps placed anywhere, they do nothing. Traps
will kill any enemy foot soldier and rider that walks over them, but enemy
siege units (the Catapult and Mammuth Rider) will destroy the trap without
being hurt. Each trap will work only once, so this is generally not something
to use.
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            11
Cost:            50W {50B}
HP:              10

|BCK5.2     Buildings That Require Technology

Keep {Hive}
Description: Replaces the Camp. It allows more advanced technologies to be
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            143
Cost:            800W 200S
HP:              1900

Fortress {Citadel}
Description: Replaces the Keep. It allows the most advanced technologies to be
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            150 (Stonework bonus included)
Cost:            1200W 400S 100B
HP:              2600

Holly Place {Sacrifice Pit}
Description: You can train Shamans in a Holly Place, and you can also research
Magic Technology.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            89
Cost:            100W 300S 200B
HP:              700

Processing Mill {Goods Producer}
Description: These can be used to transform one type of resource into another
type at the rate of 4 units per second.
First Available: Mission 9
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            71
Cost:            300W 200S
HP:              500

Gate {Portal}
Description: A line of protection normally used with Walls. It provides an area
that friendly troops can pass freely, but enemy units are blocked unless it's
been opened by a friendly unit.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            47
Cost:            50W 250S {50W 250B}
HP:              1200

Fortified Wall {Strong Defense}
Description: An improved Wall that has higher HP, and uses stone instead of
wood. Replaces the Wall.
First Available: Mission 3
Requirements:    Fortified Wall research
Time:            11
Cost:            30S {30B}
HP:              800

|BCK5.3     Buildings That Require A Bonesmith and Technology

Workshop {Cocoon Ranch}
Description: You can train and upgrade siege weapons here (and the Spearman).
First Available: Mission 2 (Must find the Dino Eggs first)
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Toolwork
Time:            89
Cost:            400W 250S 200B
HP:              800

Dock {Sea Pod}
Description: Ships can be built and upgraded at a Dock. You must have a
Bonesmith to build Warships.
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Toolwork
Time:            79
Cost:            500W 100S
HP:              800

Guard Tower {Pod Post}
Description: A tower from which the Tower Guards inside can attack. They use
the stats of Axe Throwers.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Throwing Axe
Time:            71
Cost:            100W 200S
HP:              800
Tower Guards  {Protectors}
Description: These do not increase your population. You can train 4 additional
guards per tower.
Cost:            50W 5S 20B 40F
Time:            9

BCK6     Human Unit Details

BCK6.1     Camp/Keep/Fortress Units
BCK6.2     Barrack Units
BCK6.3     Dino Nest units
BCK6.1     Workshop units
BCK6.5     Dock units
BCK6.6     Holly Place Units

The game lists all unfulfilled requirements for the units. I have listed all
the requirements I have been able to discover, but not those required to get to
the requirements the game lists. For example, the Mace requires Keep research.

I have listed the base attack and defense values for units that have any. If
there isn't a listing, the base value is zero. I have listed the time to train
in seconds. Having multiple buildings of the same type will not reduce the
time, but you can train multiple units simultaneously.

Mutant units have the same statistics, so I have put the Mutant Name in {}
after them. Most of the differences are the names, appearances, descriptions,
using Acid instead of Food, and having Hate instead of Faith. A few also have a
different cost, which I've also placed in {}.

|BCK6.1     Camp/Keep/Fortress Units

Worker {Serf}
Alternate names: Builder, Demolisher, Fixer, Wood Cutter, Fodder, Miner
Description: Workers are the backbone of your operation. They are the only
units that can harvest or build buildings, and the only units that can repair
buildings and ships.
First Available: 1
Time:            7
Cost:            40F
HP:              60
Range:           1
Sight Range:     9

|BCK6.2     Barrack Units

Warrior (Level 1) {Lizzard}
Description: The basic H2H unit. You should only use these until a better
option comes along.
First Available: Mission 1
Time:            9
Cost:            60W 50F
HP:              110
Attack:          8
Range:           1
Sight Range:     10
Heavy warrior (Level 2) {Lizzard King}
Description: Replaces the Warrior. Once you can train Knights, these shouldn't
be used any more.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Mace
Time:            9
Cost:            60W 50F
HP:              110
Attack:          9
Range:           1
Sight Range:     10

Knight (Level 1) {Smasher}
Description: An advanced H2H unit.
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Heavy Mace
Time:            14
Cost:            80W 30B 60F {80W 5S 25B 60A}
HP:              150
Attack:          15
Range:           1
Sight Range:     11
Saber Knight (Level 2) {Heavy Smasher}
Description: Replaces the Knight. This will be your standard H2H once you can
train them.
First Available: Mission 6
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Mega-Mace
Time:            14
Cost:            80W 30B 60F {80W 5S 25B 60A}
HP:              150
Attack:          16
Range:           1
Sight Range:     11

Stone Thrower (Level 1) {Ranger}
Description: The basic ranged unit. You should only use these until a better
option comes along.
First Available: Mission 1
Requirements:    Mission 
Cost:            40W 10B 30F {40W 10B 40A}
HP:              90
Attack:          6
Range:           11
Sight Range:     14
Axe Thrower (Level 2) {Long Ranger}
Description: Replaces the Stone Thrower. Once you can train Archers, these
shouldn't be used any more.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Throwing Axe
Time:            11
Cost:            40W 10B 30F {40W 10B 40A}
HP:              90
Attack:          7
Range:           11
Sight Range:     14

Archer {Splinter Man}
Description: An advanced ranged unit. This will be your standard flinger once
you can train them.
First Available: Mission 6
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Double Piercing
Time:            15
Cost:            60W 20B 50F {50W 30B 50A}
HP:              120
Attack:          8
Range:           13
Sight Range:     16

|BCK6.3     Dino Nest units

Dino Rider {Gator}
Description: The basic mounted unit. They are extremely fast, but huge. They
have trouble moving in spaces foot soldiers pass through easily, and their high
speed can have them in the thick of overwhelming enemy forces before you
realize it. I don't use them myself, but if you like them go ahead.
First Available: Mission 2
Time:            14
Cost:            30W 10B 70F
HP:              200
Attack:          12
Range:           1
Sight Range:     12

Scuto Rider {Raptor}
Description: An advanced mounted unit. This one has a bigger punch that the
Dino Rider, but is used the same way.
First Available: Mission 6
Requirements:    Bonesmith
Time:            18
Cost:            50W 20B 90F {40W 30B 90A}
HP:              200
Attack:          18
Range:           1
Sight Range:     14

Dimorphodon {Larve}
Description: A flying unit which can attack both ground and air targets. You
only get this for Mission 6 on "Normal" and "Hard". "Easy" also gets it for
Mission 10, but I didn't find it helpful there.
First Available: Mission 6
Time:            14
Cost:            150F
HP:              250
Attack:          10
Range:           15
Sight Range:     18

|BCK6.1     Workshop units

Spearman {Marclier}
Description: A melee unit whose greatest value is in mounting Mammuths to
become a Mammuth Rider.
First Available: Mission 6
Time:            11
Cost:            70W 50F {60W 60B 50A}
HP:              100
Attack:          7
Defense:         0/39/0
Range:           1
Sight Range:     10

Mammuth Rider {Larve Rider}
Description: A melee siege unit that's very big, very slow, and very tough.
These are best used as a front line defense.
First Available: Mission 6
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Dino Nest, Fortress research
Time:            28
Cost:            30W 40B 400F {70B 400A}
HP:              600
Attack:          60/40
Range:           1
Sight Range:     12

Catapult {Tosser}
Description: A ranged siege unit. It's very slow and can't shoot at anything
too close to itself. The two greatest strengths are the range and the amount of
damage (especially with Heated Shot).
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Dino Nest
Time:            28
Cost:            80W 20S 20B 200F {80W 20S 30B 200A}
HP:              300
Attack:          60/40
Range:           15
Sight Range:     18

|BCK6.5     Dock units

Raft {Transporter}
Description: Used to carry units across water, and also for scouting water.
First Available: Mission 3 (but you can't build them until Mission 4)
Requirements:    Bonesmith
Time:            14
Cost:            250W
HP:              300
Sight Range:     14

Warship {Enforcer}
Description: Your only combat ships. They are fairly slow, so you should rarely
send them into unexplored waters.
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Ballista
Time:            28
Cost:            400W 10S 80B
HP:              400
Attack:          30
Range:           16
Sight Range:     19

|BCK6.6     Holly Place Units

Shaman {Harpy}
Description: Their primary use is to heal your living units, but you can
research spells to make them offensive weapons. They can't heal themselves, but
they can heal other Shamans. They have 66 Faith when first trained.
First Available: Mission 6
Time:            23
Cost:            20W 20B 80F
HP:              80
Range:           13
Sight Range:     16
Maximum Faith:   300

BCK7     Human Technology/Research Details

BCK7.1     Weapons Technology Research
BCK7.2     Camp/Keep/Fortress Research
BCK7.3     Harvest Camp Research
BCK7.4     Barrack Research
BCK7.5     Bonesmith Research
BCK7.6     Workshop Research
BCK7.7     Dock Research
BCK7.8     Holly Place Research

The game lists all unfulfilled requirements for a tech technology. I have
listed all the requirements I have been able to discover, but not those
required to get to the requirements the game lists. A number of technologies
have a research path of two levels, and some have more. You must research
Level 1 before you can research Level 2, and you must research Level 2 before
you can research Level 3.

I have listed the time to research in seconds. Having multiple buildings of the
same type will not reduce the time, but you can research multiple technologies

Mutant Technologies have the same statistics, so I have put the Mutant Name in
{} after them. The only differences are the names, icons, descriptions, and
using Acid instead of Food.

|BCK7.1     Weapons Technology Research

Some of the weapons tech tree moves between buildings, so I'm listing those two
trees here.

Mace (Level 1) {Nails}
Description: Allows training of Heavy warriors.
Building used:   Barracks
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research, Bonesmith
Time:            18
Cost:            100W 100S 50B 100F
Heavy Mace (Level 2) {Claws}
Description: Allows training of Knights. Adds +1 damage to your non-siege melee
Building used:   Bonesmith
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Mace
Time:            32
Cost:            200W 50S 100B 50F
Two Handed Fighting (Level 3) {Spike Hammer}
Description: Adds +1 damage to your non-siege melee soldiers.
Building used:   Bonesmith
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Heavy Mace
Time:            36
Cost:            300F
Mega-Mace (Level 4) {Smash Hammer}
Description: Allows training of Saber Knights.
Building used:   Barracks
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research, Two handed fighting
Time:            36
Cost:            200W 100S 100B 200F

Throwing Axe (Level 1) {Throwing Knife}
Description: Allows training of Axe Throwers.
Building used:   Barracks
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research, Bonesmith
Time:            18
Cost:            100W 100S 100F
Sharpen Axe (Level 2) {Sharpen Knife}
Description: Adds +1 damage to your flingers.
Building used:   Bonesmith
First Available: Mission 7
Requirements:    Throwing Axe
Time:            27
Cost:            100W 200B 50F
Double Piercing (Level 3) {Splinter Tentacle}
Description: Allows training of Archers. Adds +1 damage to your flingers.
Building used:   Bonesmith
First Available: Mission 8
Time:            36
Cost:           100W 200B 200F
Flame Arrow (Level 4) {Acid Splinter}
Description: Adds +1 damage to your Archers only.
Building used:   Barracks
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research, Double Piercing
Time:            27
Cost:            200W 100S 200F

|Camp/Keep/Fortress Research

Keep {Hive}
First Available:       Mission 2
Upgrade Requirements:  Bonesmith, Toolwork
Time:                  54
Upgrade Cost:          1000W 500S 1000B 500F

Fortress {Citadel}
First Available:      Mission 8
Upgrade Requirements: Bonesmith, Workshop, Stonework
Time:                 54
Upgrade Cost:         1500W 1500S 1500B 800F

Stonework {Planning}
Description: Increases your Workers' build speed by 20%.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep
Time:            36
Cost:            100W 100S 100F

Construction {Tusks}
Description: Your buildings gain a 30% defense against siege weapons.
First Available: Mission 3
Requirements:    Keep
Time:            27
Cost:            100W 200S 100B 100F

Fortified Wall {Strong Defense}
Description: Increase the HP of your military buildings, Walls +500 and Guard
Towers +200. Also allows construction of Fortified Walls, which replaces the
First Available: Mission 3
Requirements:    Keep, Workshop, Construction
Time:            22
Cost:            100W 200S 150F

Self Defense {Fear}
Description: Gives your Workers a defense of 15/15/0.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Keep, Workshop
Time:            22
Cost:            100W 100B 150F

Emancipation {Riot}
Description: Allows your Workers to attack.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress, Workshop
Time:            27
Cost:            100W 100B 200F

|Harvest Camp Research

These upgrades require an existing Keep or Fortress, just having the research
is not enough.

Stone Tools (Level 1) {Speed Harvesting}
Description: Workers will harvest resources +30% faster than normal.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep
Time:            9
Cost:            50W 100S 50B
Bone Tools (Level 2) {Jaw Saw}
Description: Workers will harvest resources +20% faster than normal.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress
Time:            18
Cost:            50W 100S 100B

Satchel (Level 1) {Strong Arm}
Description: Increases Worker carrying capacity to 12 units of resources.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep
Time:            9
Cost:            50W 100B
Barrow (Level 2) {Piggy Back}
Description: Increases Worker carrying capacity to 17 units of resources.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress
Time:            18
Cost:            50W 50S 100B

|Barrack Research

Revengeance {Blood Thirst}
Description: Your military units will attack +30% faster.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            32
Cost:            300F

Whip {Corruption}
Description: Your military units will be trained +30% faster.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            36
Cost:            500F

|Bonesmith Research

Rag Armor (Level 1) {Horny Skin West}
Description: Armor for combat units, +0/10/0.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            18
Cost:            100W 100B 150F
Dinoskin Armor(Level 2)  {Surface Mutation}
Description: Armor for combat units, +0/25/0.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            27
Cost:            150W 100B 250F

Wooden Shield (Level 1) {Spikes}
Description: Armor for combat units, +5/0/0.
First Available: Mission 2
Requirements:    Keep research
Time:            18
Cost:            100W 100B 150F
Fortified Shield (Level 2) {Exoskeleton}
Description: Armor for combat units, +25/0/0.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            27
Cost:            150W 100B 250F

Toolwork {Cocoon}
Description: With this technology you can build a Workshop, where you can train
and improve siege weapons.
First Available: Mission 2
Time:            36
Cost:            200W 500S 200B

Sling-shot (Level 1) {Sighted Spike}
Description: Grants +1 to sight and attack distance to your flingers.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Throwing Axe
Time:            27
Cost:            100W 100S 100B 50F
Reinforced Bow (Level 2) {Aerodynamics}
Description: Grants +1 to sight and attack distance to your flingers.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research, Flame Arrow
Time:            31
Cost:            100W 50B 100F

|Workshop Research

Heated Shot {Acid Bomb}
Description: Adds +30 damage to your Catapults.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Fortress research
Time:            36
Cost:            200W 300S 100B

Heavy Machinery {Stamina}
Description: Armor for your Catapults, +25/40/0.
First Available: Mission 8
Time:            27
Cost:            300W 100B

Mechanics {Swing Arm}
Description: Grants +2 to sight and attack distance to your Catapults.
First Available: Mission 3
Time:            27
Cost:            200W 100S 50B

Ballistics {Precision Targetting}
Description: Allows your ranged units to hit moving targets.
First Available: Mission 8
Time:            22
Cost:            600F

|Dock Research

Steam Wheel {Propulsion}
Description: Your ships will move +10% faster.
First Available: Mission 4
Time:            27
Cost:            200W 50B 100F

Shielding {Ribs}
Description: Armor for your ships, +30/30/10.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Keep research
Time:            36
Cost:            300W 50F

Ballista {Ballista}
Description: Allows Warships to be built.
First Available: Mission 4
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Keep research
Time:            27
Cost:            300W 200B

Sighted Ballista {Sighted Ballista}
Description: Provides +3 to sight and attack distance for your Warships.
First Available: Mission 8
Requirements:    Bonesmith, Keep research, Ballista
Time:            36
Cost:            200W 100B

|Holly Place Research

All Magic Technology is first available in Mission 8, when you can build a
Holly Place.

Aura {Fortune Telling}
Description: Armor for your Shamans, +15/15/0.
Requirements:   Fortress research
Time:           22
Cost:           200F

Healing scroll {Flesh Eater}
Description: Shamans will heal injured units +30% faster than normal.
Requirements:   Fortress research
Time:           40
Cost:           500F

Meteor Strike {Twister}
Description: Each unit and building in the tiny radius will be greatly damaged.
Time:           36
Research Cost:  500S 100F
Casting Cost:   150

Fire Storm {Acid Rain}
Description: Each unit and building in the small radius will be somewhat
Time:           36
Research Cost:  100S 500F
Casting Cost:   150

Thunder strike {Gas Bomb}
Description: Enemy units in the _tiny_ radius will be somewhat damaged.
Time:           36
Research Cost:  600F
Casting Cost:   100

Cure {Curse}
Description: Heals your injured human units and damages the enemy Mutants.
Ineffective against buildings and enemy humans. Extremely small radius.
Time:           36
Research Cost:  500F
Casting Cost:   50

BCK8     Codes

BCK8.1     Standard Codes
BCK8.2     Give Me Codes
BCK8.3     Advanced Codes
BCK8.4     Time Modifiers
BCK8.5     Toggle Codes
BCK8.6     TPS Codes
BCK8.7     Miscellaneous Codes

All codes are entered in the Console, which you bring up by holding
[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[T], then pressing [DEL]. The program adds an invisible space at
the start of line, which you must delete for any of the codes to work.
Capitalization doesn't matter, but correct spacing does.

The Console keeps a record of the entered text that you can cycle through with
the up and down arrow keys.

It's possible that one or more of these codes do something I didn't list, which
means I didn't notice it.

|BCK8.1     Standard Codes

There codes should be safe and easy for anyone to use. I recommend completing a
Mission normally before using any of these codes, except the map reveal.

Description: I use this on every map, as I hate the fog of war. This code
disables the fog, but also reveals the entire map.

Description: This code grants you all Technology that can be researched on the

Description: This code grants all Technology that can be researched on the map,
but does that for ALL players. Helpful if you want to cheat "fairly".

Description: This code grants you the maximum Technology allowed on the map,
beyond what you get from 8.1.2 and 8.1.3 above.

Description: Unlocks all buildings, but doesn't remove requirements.

Description: Unlocks all units, but doesn't remove requirements.

Description: This code brainwashes the selected unit so it becomes part of your
current team. This code can be a whole lot of fun, especially when combined
with the reveal and killing codes. See the subsection on Racial Differences for
some more details.

8.1.8) #MOVETO
Description: This moves the selected unit(s) to the center of the map screen.

|BCK8.2     Give Me Codes

The code for healing potions can be used freely, but the code to add a
specified resource should be used sparingly. I generally suggest saving the
others until you've completed Campaign Mode.

Description: Adds a Healing Potion to the selected Hero's inventory, based on
the difficulty and the Mission. #WOOD [amount] #STONE [amount] #BONE [amount] #FOOD [amount] #ACID [amount]
Description: Adds the specified amount of the resource.

8.2.3) #GIMME [unitname]
Description: Places the specified unit at the center of the map screen. See the
subsection on Racial Differences for some more details.



Description: This code gives you 100,000 units of each resource.

Description: This code grants you 100 Shell Coins. I recommend you wait until
you've at least gathered all the available Shell Coins before you use this.
Saving it for your second time through Campaign Mode is even better.

|BCK8.3     Advanced Codes

These codes require some caution before (and maybe during) use. I generally
suggest these not be used at all until after you've completed Campaign Mode.

8.3.1) #MAGIC [magic_name]
Description: Causes the selected unit to cast the specified spell at the center
of the map screen. Any unit will do, not just Shamans or Harpies, and this code
does not use Faith/Hate points. Not all of the spells are available via this


8.3.2) #WEAPON [weapon_id]
Description: Changes the selected Hero's default weapon to the specified one.
The code works even if you have not bought the weapon you're changing to. There
is a 3rd Hero that actually replaces Mradin in Missions 11 and 12. He has only
5 weapons, and the last 4 have an effective range of 1 (despite the range
listed). Using an invalid weapon_id will make the game crash.

Mradin's [weapon_id] Values: 0 - Bone Knife, 1 - Stone Axe, 2 - Mega Mace,
3 - Blade, 4 - Hammer of War, 5 - Punisher, 6 - Crossbow, 7 - Rifle

Giesnik [weapon_id] Values: 0 - Bare Hands (Attack of 0), 1 - Spike Hammer

8.3.3) KILL'EM ALL
Description: "Kill'em" is one word. This code deals 200 melee damage (minus
defenses) to the selected unit(s), or destroys the selected building. Be
careful, as it will do those things to your units and buildings also. Since you
can only select one enemy unit at a time, it's troublesome to kill enemy troops
with it. This is best saved for buildings (especially high HP ones), or
Workers/Serfs (if you have the map revealed). Then again, using the team
control code will let you select up to 25 "friendly" units at a time. Be aware
that the game will crash if you don't have at least one unit on the map.

Description: This code only works on Mission maps. It sets all Objectives to
"Complete", which means you instantly win the Mission. This works oddly on
Mission 8, where you cannot use it until you cross a bridge, and must use it a
second time if you haven't already done a specific thing.

8.3.5) I'M YOU [player_id]
Description: Allows you to control any team still in the game. The default is
zero (what you start every game with), and each other team has a number too.
Existing scripting will still be used, but otherwise you can control the units
and buildings normally.

8.3.6) KICK ASS
Description: This code only helps if you're currently controlling a computer
player's team. It changes the current team's rush attack target to the selected
building. This will only affect the troops the AI selects for a rush attack,
not anything else.

Description: This code depletes the currently selected resource (it works on
every resource). Nobody gets anything, it just disappears. #AIENABLE #AIDISABLE
Description: These turn parts of the AI on or off. It seems to just affect
things that require active decisions such as building, training, researching,
rush attacks, and certain game actions.

|BCK8.4     Time Modifiers

You will need to be careful about using the three codes below, as the time
reductions they provide last for the entire session AND will apply to all
players (including the computer). Unlike the other codes, you will have to
completely close the program before the time reductions will stop applying.

Description: This code reduces the time to train/build units and research
everything to almost nothing.

Description: This code reduces building time to almost nothing. It also reduces
the time it takes to repair buildings and units to almost nothing.

Description: This code will disable the fog of war, reveal the map, give you
100,000 units of each resource, and grant you all the Technology that can be
researched on the map. It also reduces the time to build, train, research, and
repair everything to almost nothing. 

|BCK8.5     Toggle Codes

These code generally aren't that helpful to a player, but I've included them
for those who happen to find them interesting. They will remain active until
turned off, or until the program is closed. All of the toggle codes from TDL
are still listed in BCKings.exe, but these are the only two that still work.

8.5.1) #SHOW TIMER
Description: Displays the time spent on the map in the upper right corner.

8.5.2) #SHOW FPS
Description: Displays the frames per second in the lower right corner.

|BCK8.6     TPS Codes

There is at least one version that allows (or maybe requires) TPS, which stands
for third person shooter. I've included those codes here for completeness, but
they will only work on a version that allows TPS.

Description: Enables TPS mode. Use F1, F2, and F3 to switch between views.

8.6.2) #AMMO
Description: Adds ammo. Only useful in the TPS hack'n'slash version.

|BCK8.7     Miscellaneous Codes

These can be interesting to play with, but in general aren't useful to a
player. There are some other codes, but those either do nothing, or appear to
be only for debugging purposes.

Description: Allows you to change the Red and Blue saturation. You must press
[Esc] to exit the editor.

Description: Allows you to change to the next music track listed for the map.

8.7.3) #HINT [hint_id]
Description: Displays the specified hint. I won't list them here, but if you
want to find them search the .MED file looking for ".hint" entries. #NORMALCOLOR #REDUCEDCOLOR #RETROCOLOR #C64COLOR
Description: These change the color palette for the game, and I've placed them
in order of best appearance. I don't recommend using 7.4.3 or 7.4.4.

8.7.5) #UNITID [value_id]
Description: Unknown usage.
[value_id] Values: Unknown.

BCK9     SPOILER Units

BCK9.1     Special Units
BCK9.2     The Real Spoiler Units (Avoid these until you've played Mission 12)
BCK9.3     Wild Units
BCK9.4     Cheat Unit

Not all of these are actual spoilers, but seeing even the names in BCK9.2
before you play Mission 12 will ruin part of the surprise. I acquired the
statics for most of these units by using the brainwash code. These units almost
always have scripting they will continue to follow after brainwashing, but
fortunately they usually don't attack your other troops.

|BCK9.1     Special Units

Description: Only used to fix one building.
Encountered: Mission 3
HP:          180
Attack:      0
Range:       1
Sight Range: 5

Description: A big, bad stomping machine. While it is an effective combat unit,
its real purpose it to roll 3 boulders to complete the mission. While rolling
the boulders, it has a defense of 100/100/100 (for about 2 seconds).
Encountered: Mission 10
HP:          900
Attack:      60
Range:       1
Sight Range: 12

|BCK9.2    The Real Spoiler Units (Avoid these until you've played Mission 12)

Water Orb Defender (Sea Worm)
Description: This is the same creature using two different names.
Encountered: Mission 8 (Mission 4)
HP:          2,000
Attack:      80
Range:       13
Sight Range: 15

Forest Orb Defender
Description: There are actually two of these, and they shoot three spikes at a
time, so the real damage is about 116hp per attack for each creature. They are
confined to their pit.
Encountered: Mission 8
HP:          6,000
Attack:      40
Range:       13
Sight Range: 15

Fire Orb Defender
Description: A big demonic-looking thing that will do its best to kill you, but
thankfully is confined to what looks like a volcano.
Encountered: Mission 8
HP:          8,000
Attack:      90
Range:       13
Sight Range: 15

Undead Warrior
Description: The basic H2H opponent in Hell.
Encountered: Mission 11
HP:          100
Attack:      10
Defense:     0/70/0
Range:       1
Sight Range: 12

Undead Thrower
Description: The basic ranged opponent in Hell.
Encountered: Mission 11
HP:          100
Attack:      8
Defense:     0/70/0
Range:       10
Sight Range: 12

Description: The other ranged opponent in Hell.
Encountered: Mission 11
HP:          150
Attack:      12
Range:       12
Sight Range: 14

Zombie Warrior
Description: Your H2H reinforcements in Hell.
Encountered: Mission 11
HP:          150
Attack:      10
Range:       1
Sight Range: 12

Zombie Thrower
Description: Your ranged reinforcements in Hell. Stumpy Zombie has these
Encountered: Mission 11
HP:          120
Attack:      8
Range:       10
Sight Range: 12 

Description: A gun-toting alien.
Encountered: Mission 12 (God's Saucer)
HP:          200
Attack:      10
Range:       10
Sight Range: 12

Description: This alien tries to kill you with blasts of mental energy.
Encountered: Mission 12 (God's Saucer)
HP:          300
Attack:      15
Range:       10
Sight Range: 12

Description: A fast moving robot with arms. It has an electric attack.
Encountered: Mission 12 (God's Saucer)
HP:          150
Attack:      10
Defense:     0/50/0
Range:       4
Sight Range: 12

Description: A slower robot that has a beam attack.
Encountered: Mission 12 (God's Saucer)
HP:          120
Attack:      12
Defense:     0/50/0
Range:       8
Sight Range: 12

God's Saucer
Description: You get to pilot this once you've reached the Control Room. It is
only used to beam up units, then beam them down. Preferably in range of
The Head.
Encountered: Mission 12
HP:          6,000
Attack:      0
Defense:     100/100/100
Range:       1
Sight Range: 16

Description: This has a mouth that spews out balls of flesh that then turn into
Mutant units. If you brainwash one, the units it spews out are still Mutants
(but you control them).
Encountered: Mission 12
HP:          4,000
Attack:      0
Range:       14
Sight Range: 16

The Head
Description: The final Mutant threat. It is confined to the mountaintop.
Encountered: Mission 12
HP:          12,000
Attack:      180
Range:       14
Sight Range: 16

|BCK9.3     Wild Units

Wild Dinosaur (Small)
Description: A fast dino that walks on two legs.
First Encountered: Mission 2
HP:                120
Attack:            8
Range:             1
Sight Range:       5

Wild Dinosaur (Large)
Description: A slow dino that walks on four legs.
First Encountered: Mission 7
HP:                300
Attack:            15
Range:             1
Sight Range:       6

Description: A large cat, presumably a tiger.
First Encountered: Mission 2
HP:                100
Attack:            9
Range:             1
Sight Range:       5

Description: The creature your Spearmen mount. They can be killed by Workers to
leave a corpse, and you can harvest a little food (then a little bone). That is
a terrible waste of a Mammuth.
First Encountered: Mission 6
HP:                600
Attack:            20
Range:             1
Sight Range:       5

|BCK9.4     Cheat Unit

There is only one cheat unit this time; despite (or maybe because of) the range
listed, it is a melee unit.

Description: This appears to be the programmer.
HP:              100,000
Attack:          80
Defense:         100/100/100
Range:           18
Sight Range:     16


Once you've read through this guide and played the game a bit, you should see
there are some tricks you'll need to learn to effectively play the game. Even
so, once you've learned all those tricks the AI still can't be called simple
(especially on "Hard").

A prehistoric theme is a bold (possibly unique) choice for an RTS, but with the
variety of extras this is an excellent game. It has consumed hundreds of hours
of my time, and will likely consume hundreds more. If I could only make
singleplayer maps of my own, it might consume thousands of hours.

-----End of File-----

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CheatBook-DataBase 2019 is a freeware cheats code tracker that makes hints, Tricks, Tips and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, XBox, Playstation 1 and 2, Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Sega, Nintendo 64, DVD, Wii U, Game Boy Advance, iPhone, Game Boy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location. If you´re an avid gamer and want a few extra weapons or lives to survive until the next level, this freeware cheat database can come to the rescue. Covering more than 25.800 Games, this database represents all genres and focuses on recent releases. All Cheats inside from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.  - Release date january 6, 2019. Download CheatBook-DataBase 2019
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