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 Submachine 5 - The Root

Submachine 5 - The Root

-=STAGE 1=-
* Click the wheel on the pipe.
* Continue to click on the wheels.
* After the title the pencil and paper on the floor. 
* This gives you access to notes.
* Go left. Open the hatch on the floor by clicking the levers at the sides,
  then the central mechanism. Go down and down.
* Go left. Click the button on the computer under the table. 
  Read the three panels on the computer screen.
* Go right twice. Click the button to open the door to the Portal. 
* Step inside.
* Go right and open the hatch. Go down twice, then right.
* Enter 5-5-2 on the Portal machine and click the button.
* Welcome to the Root! Click to the left of the machine and follow the
  route down to the Secret (1/5). Go back.
* Follow the metal walkway to the right until you see the crack in the wall. 
* Enter it and go right.
* There is a brown Lead Casing item here in the middle of the screen. 
  Pick it up. Continue right.
* In the room with the power box there is a fallen pillar with a plug 
  attached to it.
* Click the cover on the power box to remove it.
* Click the latches on each side of the plug (look carefully). 
* Click the plug twice to switch on the power.
* Go right and down.
* Go right three times, then take the ladder up.
* Open the grey box by clicking on it. (not sure what this does)
* Go left twice. Enter the room. Pick up the Wrench on the floor, 
  under the chair.
* Leave the room. Return to the floor below, to the room with a ladder 
  through the floor. Go down.
* Go right. Use the Wrench to remove the bolts on the grey panel.
* Take the Rusty Key. Go up two floors to the room with the empty boxes on 
  the wall. Enter.
* Use the key on the leftmost box. Take Cipher Plate 1.
* Go down to the floor below, to the room with the grey box with a button
  and wires coming from it.
* You need to understand how the transporter works. There are two Cipher 
  Plates and two slots on the transporter, Left and Right. 
* Putting Cipher Plate 1 in the Left slot and Cipher Plate 2 in the Right 
  slot will send you to room (1,2). So there are 7 possible destinations. 
* The Root area is (0,0). Got it? On we go!
* Put the Cipher Plate 1 in the slot on the RIGHT of the transporter, 
  then click the button.
* You've arrived in room (0,1). You can leave the Cipher Plate 1 in the box 
  for now. Go down and left.
* Pick up Cipher Plate 2 on the chair.
* Go right and down to the bottom.
* To find the 2nd secret: Take the ladder down to the bottom floor. If you go 
  to the right, you'll find the charger. You'll need this later. If you click 
  to the left of the ladder, however, you'll come to another room. Remove the 
  gray panel that's leaning on the wall, and use your wrench to unscrew the 
  orange panel. Secret 2 waits inside.
*Go back up the ladder to the transporter.

-=STAGE 2=-
* Go to room (2,0). (That's plate 2 in the left slot, nothing in the right slot.)
* Click the hatch to open it. Go down. Click the top button. The needle should 
  point to the right. Go back up.
* Go left and repeat. Pick up the Empty Coil inside the hatch.
* Go left again and repeat. Go left and take a look at the brick wall. Return 
  to the transporter. We'll return here later...
* Go to (0,1). Go to the charger. Put the Empty Coil on the raised platform on 
  the charger and click the handle on the wheel three times. Pick up the charged 
* Go to (0,0). Go right twice and put the coil into the slot.
* Go to (2,0). Go left twice. Click the button to open the box for Secret (3/5).
* Go to (0,0) and get the Coil. 
* Go to (1,0). Go down and right. Put the Coil in the slot.
* Go to (0,2). Go down and left. Green symbols are visible on the displays. 
* Go all the way to the left.
* Click the wheel. You should hear something being released. (If not, maybe the 
  coil has to be in (0,0). Haven't checked.)
* Go to (0,2). In the room all the way to the left (where the wheel on the pipe is), 
  click on the part of the floor behind and to the left of the pipe for Secret (4/5).
* Go to (2,0). Go all the way left past the brick wall.
* Take Wisdom Gem 2. Go left and up the stairs. On the chair is Secret (5/5).
* Go to (1,2). There are four rooms here, arranged in a circle around a fifth room.
* Click as follows: into the room, right. Click the light bulb by the door to take 
* Go through the door. Go into the central room.
* There are three holes in the wall at head height. Look inside them. You'll see a
  metal mechanism. It looks like a clock.
* You have to line up the "hand" with the ornate thing on the side/bottom/top of 
  the "clock face". You can do this by going through the rooms and clicking the 
  wheels. It's not that difficult...Go on...
* When everything lines up, you'll find a Metal Box in the central room. Take it.
* Go to (1,0). Go down and right twice. There's a tiled tub here. Click the 
  little brown label on the right to get a note.
* Click the top/inside of the tub. Drop the Metal Box into the tub and watch it 
  dissolve. Go back.
* Use the Wrench on the outflow pipe on the right of the tub.
* Take the Wisdom Gem 1 from the tub.
* Go to (2,1). Go right and up.
* There are two switches here, one on either side. To open the gate, make sure 
  both have a white light on the RIGHT.
* Follow the room onwards. Use the light bulb on the holder in the dark area.
* Go left twice. Check your notes for the symbols you saw earlier in (0,2). Click 
  the corresponding ones on the wall and then click the button underneath.
* The ladder should slide down. Go down.
* Use the Lead Casing on the top slab of rock.
* Remove the Lead Casing, then use it on the two other slabs.
* Go down and get Wisdom Gem 3.
* Return to the transporter (you need to change the switches to get past the door 
* Go to (0,0). Go back to the Portal machine.
* Go to 7-4-7. Go right twice. Open the door and go right.
* Place the three Wisdom Gems in the diamond slots on the wall.
* Click the handle on the control panel to the right.
* Congratulations, you win! (With all 5/5 Secrets!)

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