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                                  for the PC

                         Complete Guide & Walkthrough

                                  by Lunion

                                 version 1.41

                              starts 2006 Jul 03
                            finished 2006 Jul 08
                         last update 2009 Aug 15

Copyright 2006-2009 Lunion

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

If you have any interest in this FAQ please feel free to send me an e-mail at
the email address stated in the beginning of the FAQ. And that's the only way
to contact me.

If you want to post this FAQ somewhere, or you want to use it other than for
your personal, private use, you will need my permission to do so. Please
contact me at the e-mail address stated above.

Any contribution to the FAQ will be credited and none of your e-mail address
will be stated unless requested. Please feel free to correct any mistake and
add anything missing from the FAQ. Please note that I might modify your e-mail
with my own expression. And please state the title of the game as your subject.

These websites have received my permission to post this FAQ. You will also find
the most updated version in:
If you see this FAQ posted on any other sites, please inform me. This means
copyright violation and I'm willing to take legal action for it.

                              Table of Contents

   1. Introduction..............................................lun1
       1.1  The Purpose of This FAQ.............................lun11
       1.2  Overview of The FAQ.................................lun12
       1.3  Hardware Specification..............................lun13

   2. Game Introduction.........................................lun2
       2.1  Equipment...........................................lun21
       2.2  Shops...............................................lun22
       2.3  Breakable Items.....................................lun23
       2.4  Valuables...........................................lun24
       2.5  Money...............................................lun25
       2.6  Upgrading Weapons and Armors........................lun26
       2.7  Battles.............................................lun27
       2.8  Combo System........................................lun28
       2.9  Skill and Spirit Strikes............................lun29
       2.10 Status Ailments.....................................lun210    
       2.11 AI..................................................lun211
       2.12 General Battle Strategy.............................lun212

   3. Walkthrough.............................................. lun3
       3.1  Late Again, Tal?!...................................lun31
       3.2  Aklorian Scums......................................lun32
       3.3  Vanilla Skies.......................................lun33
       3.4  Twin Towers.........................................lun34
       3.5  Gathering of Warriors...............................lun35
       3.6  Heaven or Hell......................................lun36
       3.7  A Long Walk Home....................................lun37
       3.8  Steel Adversary.....................................lun38
       3.9  System of a Down....................................lun39
       3.10 All Around The World................................lun310
       3.11 Coast to Coast......................................lun311
       3.12 Those Who Walk The Valley of Death..................lun312
       3.13 Dungeon Siege.......................................lun313
       3.14 Heart of Gold.......................................lun314
       3.15 Sudeki..............................................lun315

   4. FAQ.......................................................lunfaq

   5. End Credits...............................................lunthx

>>[Note]: lunxxx is for the purpose of easy and simple navigation using the
          find function in your notepad (by pressing ctrl + F). For example,
          just press ctrl + F, input lunthx, and press enter, will make you
          jump directly to the [end credits] section. In case you're wondering
          lun stand for my name [Lunion].

1. Introduction                                                         lun1
Hello everyone, and welcome! To my FAQ for the PC version of Sudeki. The name's
Lunion and I will guide you through the game. Please take note that this guide
is intended for the PC version of Sudeki, so some incompatibility may exist if
you use this guide for the XBOX version of the game (although none expected).
Anyway, enjoy the FAQ ^-^/
1.1 The Purpose of This FAQ                                             lun11
To guide you from the start to the finish. Giving you battle strategies and
general tips. Pointing the locations of secret items. To give you as much
information of the game as humanly possible. In short, to enable you to play
the game with the least fuss possible.
1.2 Overview of The FAQ                                                 lun12
The FAQ is written in 79 character standard format (for best viewing). The FAQ
will be straight and simple. Not any overly unnecessary detail, but point right 
to what you want (and need) to know. I'll cover every part of the game, step by
step, from the start to the finish. If there is any misspell or grammar error,
please forgive me. You know, English is my second language. I will however,
explain the game in the simplest and understandable manner possible.
1.3 Hardware Specification                                              lun13
Because this is a PC game, some hardware trouble may arise from your PC.
I play Sudeki using the following specification:

-AMD Athlon 64 3500+
-2 GB of DDR RAM (VGEN PC 3200)
-NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra (Pixelview)
-DFI Lan Party NF4 SLI Motherboard
-ASUS DVD-ROM Quite Track 16x Max
-Onboard Soundcard
-Logitech Keyboard & Mouse Internet Desktop Edition

If the above list doesn't mean anything to you, well that's all right. I only
list my hardware specification for technical references should you have
hardware trouble when playing the game.

2. Game Introduction                                                    lun2
Originally made for XBOX, this game is intended to "fill" the void of RPG games
in the console. They finally port it to PC where there's also a void of
(especially Japanese style) RPG games. A successful port although not a
successful game itself, Sudeki is a welcomed addition to the library of PC
games. Regardless of what you think about the game, you're reading my FAQ, so
you're more likely to play it (or playing it). This is the very purpose of my
FAQ, to help you play this game as quick and painless as possible.

Note that, this PC version of Sudeki have been heavily altered (or should we
say, improved?). Minor and major improvement (especially around the control
part) make this game much better than its XBOX counterpart.

Please read the section below thoroughly, as there are very useful informations
that I'm not going to repeat later. 
2.1 Equipment                                                           lun21
Your equipment consists of weapons and armors (only). Unlike any other RPG, you
won't be able to buy this equipment in shops. You can find weapons lying all
over the world in chests, while armors will be given to you automatically as
you progress through the story. In short, you don't need to worry about buying
weapons and armors.
2.2 Shops                                                               lun22
You can only buy healing items (and some weapon) in shops. Most of them consist
of HP and SP healing items, as well as some status remedying items. You can
also sell valuables you find along your journey to earn some money.

Unique in Sudeki, prices will differ for every shops. Every shops has a taste
for special valuables and therefore, selling some valuables may earn more money
in certain shops. Be sure to pay attention to what a merchant want (by talking
to them). And always remember that traveling merchants always offer more than
those in towns and cities.
2.3 Breakable Items                                                     lun23
As you travel through the world of Sudeki, you will find a lot of breakable
items. It's an item that you will get an option to [break] them when you come
near, such as jars and barrels. They are plenty in existence and you can find
all sorts of things inside, such as healing potions to valuable items. But not
all breakable are rewarding, as you will often find they hold nothing at all.

Anyway, it's still a good idea to bash open any breakable items you come across
to, as if you break a bunch of them, you will get items and valuables so much
that you don't need to do any shopping at all! This is actually just the case
for me. I break everything whenever I had the chance to, and till the end of
the game, I never even once had to shop for things!

This is very important, so pay attention! I won't tell you everytime to break
jars and stuff, but everytime you come across them, just bash them open! You
won't regret it, that's for sure.
2.4 Valuables                                                           lun24
Along your journey you will find a lot of valuable items. These items serve no
other purpose than to be sold to earn some money, or to collect in a certain
amounts in order to complete a sub quest. Each subquest will require specific
kind of valuables, and a certain amount of them.

Below is a list of all available valuables and the category that they fall in:
-Woluf Pelt              type : Fur
-Reptufallo Hide     
-Kargal Fur          
-Bearal Fur     
-Dilodactyl Hide         type : Scale
-Scribe Skin    
-Hydrogenate Scale     
-Wyrdlord Gem            type : Gem
-Crab Crystal        
-Eden Coral
-Cyantine Eye
-Illumina Opal
-Aquaticlaw Shell        type : Others
-Glue-Spider Duct
-Gnat Stinger
-Arconite Skull
-Marble Shard
-Spirit Orb
-Huge Gold Bar

It's a good idea to conserve valuable items, selling them to the right kind of
merchant ONLY when you need some money, because you never know what kind of
valuables are needed to complete a certain subquest, and you will be sorry
if you sold those valuables. We never needed too much money in this game
2.5 Money                                                               lun25
There're only 2 ways to earn money (fluorins):
1. Bash breakable items and you will find a little amount of fluorins sometimes
2. Sell any valuable items

The later will be your primary way of earning money.

Unlike any other RPG, in Sudeki, battles will earn you no money. Monster will
sometimes drop valuable items instead. This is quite realistic since I can't
understand why monsters carry money in the first place. Anyway, the general
idea here is to collect those valuables, and sell them to merchants.

And, yes. As stated above you can't sell armors and weapons (as you can't buy
them in the first place).
2.6 Upgrading Weapons and Armors                                        lun26
Thank God you can upgrade your weapons and armors. There are special blacksmith
stores in cities and towns all over Sudeki (and only, there are no traveling
blacksmith!). Blacksmith stores will sell the same kind of things all over
Sudeki, so there's no point in messing around them as all of them have nothing
different to offer.

Your weapons and armors come with a (or some) slots, which we can place various
"Runes" in them. There are a lot of runes, and every one of them has different
powers. At the start of the game, you will find a small number of runes, and
you will get various runes as you progress through the story. You can engrave
these runes in a blacksmith store for a price. This is the idea of "buying"
weapons and armors in Sudeki.

This is a list of runes, from the most useful ones to the less useful ones.

-combat boost
-anti evil
-anti venom
-anti hex
-combat fortify
-combat regen
-damage shield

Weapon: (round/square runes)
-jagged edge / razor edge
-vampire fang / bat fang
-soul seeker / heart seeker
-essence gnaw / spirit bite
-essence burn / mana spark

Pay attention! Runes' effects are explained in the game. You can engrave
multiple same runes for weapons. It's your choice, but you should follow this
list if you want maximum effects for your equipments.

>>[edges vs fangs runes]
  While it seems like a convenient ability to absorb your enemies life, the
  fang runes will lose it usefulness towards the end of the game, as we will
  be getting a huge number of healing items. The other drawback is your party
  members have to attack, making it more risky for melee fighters. Besides, the
  amount of HP restored is not that big, forcing you to use healing items in
  the end.
2.7 Battles                                                             lun27
The battles in Sudeki are set in real time (not turn based) system. You can
control one of the 4 characters. Note that, sometimes you will have to control
a certain set of characters, or only one character at all (as in boss battle).

Battle is as simple as ever, thanks to the perfect control in PC version (the
XBOX version is a nightmare). Fighters are divided into 2, the melee and ranged
fighters. Melee fighters will have a 3rd person camera, and ranged fighters
will have a 1st person camera (cool stuff). Every move are controlled by
mouse and keyboard buttons (setable). For ranged fighters, the type of weapon
you use will determine the type of attack you use in battle.

It is most notable that it is far easier to control a ranged fighter in
normal battles.
2.8 Combo System                                                        lun28
For melee fighters, you fight with various combo that you can unleash by timing
it right. This is a list of various combos, and the button that activate them.
(1) means mouse button 1, and (2) means mouse button 2.

List is from the most useful (and often used) ones:
(names are taken straight from the manual)

-(2)(2)(1)* Juggling Move 2
 The most powerful of combo. It can fit for quick counter attack, and can be
 devastating if you press (1) repeatedly. You will use this combo most of the
 time cause this is simply the most damaging combo.

-(2)(2)(2) Full Circle Attack
 Very useful if you're surrounded by enemies. This will (most likely) hit
 multiple enemies at the same time because of it awesome circling range. It
 will knock enemies back and give them adequate damage at the same time.

-(2)(1)(1) Spinning Stun Attack
 Maybe the least damaging of all combos. The only reason to use this is to stun
 enemies, so you can chain another more damaging combo on them. Note that some
 enemies can't be stunt.

>>[Note] These 3 combos are enough to get you through the game. The others are
         just for fun.

-(2)(1)(1) Charging Attack
 Very useful if you need to "charge" an enemy, canceling enemies move as well
 as pushing them far behind while also giving them reasonable damage. Not as
 useful as the (2)(2)(1) combo though.

-(1)(2)(1) Spinning Air Attack
 Considered the second most damaging combo, this give the most amount of damage
 in one (final) strike although less than the combined damage of Juggling Move
 2. This is very useful in the beginning of the game, as enemies are few and
 slow. The only drawback of this combo is it takes a long time to execute and
 enemies will most likely hit you first (canceling your combo).

-(1)(1)(1) Stabbing Attack
 Just like its name. Useful for giving quick damage to enemies (for a counter
 attack, for example).

-(2)(1)(2) Slow Spin Attack
 The third most damaging attack. It's faster than Spinning Air Attack combo,
 although still very slow, especially in the heat of battle. Extremely useful
 for Buki.

-(1)(1)(2)* Juggling Move 1
 It's not as strong as Juggling Move 2, and it has no real use in battle. It's
 not as slow as Spinning Air Attack, but it also give less damage. It's a
 mediocre attack. Why would you want to use it if you can use Juggling Move 2? 

* These are "Juggling Moves". You can repeat the final move in the sequence up
  to three times by pressing the last button repeatedly.

>>[Note] Additional actions not mentioned in the game. You can block attacks
         using [spacebar]. Only melee fighters can block attack. While
         blocking you can press any of the movement buttons to dodge (left,
         right, or back).

This combo system will be explained in the beginning of the game (by some kind
of in-game tutorial). 
2.9 Skill and Spirit Strikes                                            lun29
Skill Strikes are powerful attacks that you can use anytime in battle. These
attacks are powerful, but they cost SP (Skill Points) to use them. Each skill
strikes has different power and range, such as poisoning enemies or boosting
your own attack. Needless to say, skill strikes are very useful in battle. It
can turn the tide of battle into your own favor. You learn them by spending
advancement point when you level up.

Spirit Strikes are far more powerful than skill strikes, and can easily
obliterate enemies in a matter of seconds. You get them as you progress through
the story. You need Special SSP (Spirit Strikes Point) to use them. You can
earn SSP by killing enemies. They will fill up slowly, so it's best to use them
in hard battles, or in boss battles.

This is a list of the most useful skill for each character, and you should
learn them as soon as you can:

Tal    > Iron Warrior      = cast protect on allies
Ailish > Shadow Nexus      = revives allies
Buki   > none
Elco   > Nano Enchancement = cast boost on allies
       > Tesla Shield      = reverse bad status effects
2.10 Status Ailments                                                    lun210
There are various status ailments which can greatly help, or totally ruin you
in the heat of battles. As usual the list is from the most useful ones (or
the most devastating ones for bad status effects).

Good Status Effects:

-Boost : Red Heart Icon
 Doubles your power. Totally Useful.

-Haste : Golden Arrows going up
 Doubles your speed.

-Protect : Blue Shield
 Doubles your defense.

-Regen : Green Teardrop
 Recovers your HP overtime.

Bad Status Effects:

-Poison : A Bottle with X mark on it
 Very deadly. Quickly drains your HP (as this is a real time RPG), canceling
 your combo everytime the poison hits.

-Weaken : Broken Orange Heart
 Halves your power.

-Curse : Broken Green Shield
 Halves your defense.

-Slow : Purple Arrows going down
 Halves your speed.

A Black-and-White bad status effect icon means you're immune to that bad status
effect. You gain immunity by using panacea items or by using a certain skill.

You can cure these status effects using a corresponding panacea items or using
Aegis drinks (only).

You can reverse bad status effect using Elco's Tesla Shield Skill (only).
2.11 AI                                                                 lun211
So what happen to those characters in your party that you don't control? They
behave according to the set AI. In XBOX version, the AI is very very stupid
that it is only a matter of time before your party members fall. Thank God,
they ranked it considerably in the PC version.

This is a list of available AI, as usual from the best ones. To set an AI,
press the Q button, select the character, and select the AI.

-Defend (D)
 The best AI. Party members will attack enemies, especially the ones attacking
 your vital member (the one you control). And best of all, they will defend
 themselves when they are attacked by enemies. Thank God.

-Retreat (R)
 Party members will avoid battle at any cost. They never attack enemies. They
 will just run around avoiding enemies attack. This is pretty good if you meet
 a tough enemy and want to strike them alone (usually when you control a ranged

-Attack (A)
 Party members will attack no matter what. Abandoning defend and stuff. This
 is the same crap AI they use in the XBOX version. They can't even block
 attack! It's only a matter of time before they are obliterated.
2.12 General Battle Strategy                                            lun212
You'll see later in my guide that I relied heavily on ranged fighters and SP
absorbing tactics. What's that? You'll see for yourself. I also relied heavily
on Status-Supporting Skills, [Nano-Enchancement] in particular, casting them
on almost every battle. This is a super effective strategy that will dispatch
enemies as quick and painless as possible.

There're many battle strategies and you're welcome to try them for yourself.
But if you happen to follow my strategy, I assure you, you'll have a smooth

Well, I think that's it for the introduction. Now to the walkthrough itself.

3. Walkthrough                                                          lun3
Since Sudeki is a pretty straight and linear game, that's just the way my
walkthrough will be. Be sure to read the game introduction first, since there
are some important things that I'm not going to repeat later. I won't give you
unnecessary detail, but I will point out important things for you (including
battle strategy and special item locations). Most of the time you can follow
a linear path, without much fork in it, so don't worry about getting lost in
this game. And, of course. I will be as spoiler-free as possible. Well, onto
the walkthrough!

>>[Note]* There are no chapters in this game, but I divide it into several
          sections (each with a catchy title of my own) for easy reading.

*Later in the guide, a ">>" signify quick notes.
3.1 Late Again, Tal?!                                                    lun31
After a gorgeous FMV introducing the characters of the game, you will be
controlling Tal, our main protagonist in the game. This is the basic training
system, which will explain how to attack and stuff, as well as using combo.
Just give it a try, and try to make yourself comfortable with the control.

After you finish your training, look around the menu (default button M) to
familiarize yourself with the menu. Oh, and the map in the menu is quite
useless, you won't use it. Trust me. The mini map, however, is quite useful
(in the top left corner).

     >> I advice you to change the menu button to E.

Start by walking straight and open the chest in front of you. Talk to everyone
if you want (I won't tell this again, I will only tell you to talk to important
persons). Now go to the palace entrance. Right in front of it there is a big
locked gate. Left of it there's another chest. Right next to it, there's a
stairway leading to Tal's room. Go up. Open the chest there (I won't say this
again, everytime you see a chest, just open it). Go to the Southeast corner of
the room and check the cabinet, you will find a [Battle Manual].

Go out. Get to Kamo's Store (in the corner, the one with the Duck sign on it).
There's a chest near (open it!). Go in the store. Talk to Kamo and get a map.

     >> Never sell valuables to Kamo. He is one stingy duck.

Get out. Talk to one of the 3 kids playing outside. This is a game of hide &
seek. The kids will hide on random locations in the city. It's never the same
location for every game. Just wander around the city, and you will find them
eventually. The last kid you found will give you a [Red Door Key]. Just hold
to it for now.

     >> You may want to save your game now. It's near the inn. Next time, I'm
        sure you know when and where to save, so I'm not going to tell you

You're done here. Get out to the only openable gate. In here, take the stairway
up. Right at the top, push that button. Now, quickly go down to the door that
just opened. You will find a [Wolf Totem] inside.

Continue past the gate. And past another gate. Follow the tunnel all the way to
another gate.
3.2 Aklorian Scums                                                      lun32
Just follow the road, and you will run into some enemies.

>>[Quick Battle Tips]
  Just use the combo (2)(2)(1) to give maximum damage to enemies (and be sure
  to press the last (1) several time). If enemies surround you, press R button
  to knock them back. Press 1,2,3,4 to quick use items. [spacebar] to block.
  Other than that, good luck! ^-^/

After battle, follow the white arrow on your mini map. Open the gate.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Oh, poor guys. Anyway, use the combo (2)(2)(2) first until you have fewer
  enemies. Block ranged fire. It's a good idea to attack the ranged fighter
  first. If an enemy is shielding, try the (2)(1)(1) combo to stun them, and
  finish them off with (2)(2)(1).

Although in 3D, the path in Sudeki is very linear. So continue this rather
linear path, until you come across a standing soldier. Continue to a tree
surrounded by benches. In the left wall, there is a Kariston Altar, where you
can offer [Wolf Totems] in exchange for some powerful items. So offer one.
Hold to the orb.

     >> Only Tal can offer [Wolf Totem].

Continue. Every character has special power. Tal can push and pull blocks. So
pull the first block twice, and push the other block. Just a little way after
that, there is a some sort of well, take note of it's location. Continue.

Well, I trust you can handle battles on your own now. After the battle you will
most likely level up. To level up, you go to the menu, choose the advancement
option, select the character you're leveling up (Tal) and spend advancement(s)
point to the available slots. I suggest HP for now. Continue to the next save

>>[Battle Tips]
  Use (2)(2)(1) to quickly dispatch the beast. If it is standing still and
  shaking, it's about to blow up. Get away from it! As for his other attack,
  you can easily avoid it.

Now continue till you reach the next battle at Brightwater Beach. After the
battle, be sure to open the chest. Inside is Mojo, Tal's most damaging weapon
(yes, most damaging weapon) until you get his ultimate weapon. So equip it
right away. Continue to the next save point. You got a boss battle coming up!
>>[Boss] The Aklorian Siege Ogre
  Shield : 500 HP
  Ogre   : 500 HP

  Quite intimidating. You have to destroy his shield first before you can
  damage him. Just avoid his attack (easily), and don't stay near him when he
  unleash a green breath (even at his back), just stay away. When he's done,
  quickly attack him with Juggling Move 2 combo. And stay away. Repeat till the
  shield broke.

  When his shield broke, he will attack recklessly with his club. Just stay put
  and let him  come to you. When he is going to attack, just move behind him,
  and use the Juggling Move 2 combo. Very easy. He also has a green breath
  attack, this time from his... rear. Very easy to avoid. You will win in no
3.3 Vanilla Skies                                                       lun33
After the battle, and after what happen, continue the rest of the path to 
Brightwater village. Notice that you have received Tal's second set of armor
and a Spirit Strike (which can only be used by Tal). Along the way, you may
meet Jurgen, a merchant specialize in Furs. You can sell Fur items (like Bearal
Fur, reptufallo hide, woluf pelt) for a higher price than usual. But save the
Woluf Pelt cause you're going to need it later.

Just right after you past the gate to Brightwater, go left to enter the Shadani
encampment. Keep going to the corner and you will find a chest hidden behind
a camp. Go down to Brightwater.

Brightwater, in my opinion, is the nicest town in Sudeki. Anyway, go straight
to Densi's house, the blue house in the middle. After that, go to the
Lighthouse, talk to the Lighthouse keeper, Jim. Walk back to town, you will
meet Ailish. (The lighthouse is in the back of the village. Just walk around).

After the chatter, you will control Ailish. Now press Q, and switch both Ailish
and Tal's AI to D (defend). This will greatly help in battle. Ailish also have
special abilities to dispel magic barrier, allowing her to see whatever is
sealed behind. As a matter of fact, I'm going to put this theory into work.

     >> It is much easier and more comfortable to control a ranged fighter in
        battle. Ailish can attack from distance while we can leave the dirty
        part to Tal. Be sure to set Royal Scepter as Ailish weapon, as it is
        her best weapon for now (and for quite some time).

Enter the lighthouse, there's a chest there. Talk again to Jim to enable a
sidequest. Now go down the lighthouse and keep going to the back of the village
where you can see piles of rocks and some mining stuff. Near there, there is a
bench of sorts. You will see a flurry of yellow twinkling objects there. This
signify that there is something magically shield in there. As Ailish go near,
and switch to 1st view (hold F or press V). If you're in the right distance,
you will see the [dispel] command. Use it, and open the chest.

Use the 2 orb of vigor on Ailish right away (press Q and select Orb of Vigor).
Now walk back to the town center, you will find Remi, a little girl with a red
robe. Talk to her to enable another sidequest. You will also find Sasan Miko,
a woman in red robe. Talk to her to enable yet another sidequest. Check the
nearby fountain for some fluorins.

More Sidequest, talk to:
1. Kilk
2. Merther
3. Kweeg
4. Teebor
You can find these peoples fishing in the wharf area.

Now go to the church (right in the back of the inn) and make some donations.
Now you can check the water plate at the back of the church to recover your HP.
You can talk to Sherry and Sunder-rah for yet another sidequest. Well, that's
a lot of them.

The last thing you want to do is upgrading your weapon (especially Tal). If you
have the money, upgrade it right away with 2 edged runes. You can also engrave
it with bat fang runes, albeit more expensive. The plus and minus of fang &
edge runes can be found in section 2.6 of this FAQ.

For Ailish, just upgrade the royal scepter. The Xuric's shockstaff, although
promising, will just be a hindrance in your journey (as for it short range and
long reload time).

     >> Ailish will be the main healer in your party.

All right, now as for the sidequest, you can find all this items in Brightwater
Beach. You have to fight a bunch of enemies first, and you will find these
sidequest items in breakable boxes afterwards. Let's go there now. Follow the
road that leads outside of Brightwater until you meet your first monsters. Oh,
and you will find one more Orb. Use that on Ailish.

You may need to repeat the above battle a few times to get all those subquest
items. After you get them all, bring them to their respective owner in
exchange for some nifty items.

     >> If you give a Brightwater Pearl to Sunder-Rah, he will enable another
        sidequest. Give him what he wants and you will receive a key to
        Kirklin-Rah tent. There's an unreachable chest there that we will
        collect later.

When you're ready, let's go past the beach. Just after the beach, there will be
a sack with a soldier in it. Enter the house and dispel the chest there. You
will get an [Eagle Totem]. Offer it in a shrine nearby (near the save point
closest to the beach). You will get an orb. Give it to Tal.

     >> Only Ailish can offer [Eagle Totem]

Now, if you collect all the sidequest items, one of them should get you a [Wolf
Totem] in exchange. Hold on to it.

     >> You will most likely have some gems in your possession. Hold on to it.
        There will be a merchant who will buy these gems for a great price.

Go past the sack and continue all the way to the next savepoint. 

     >> After your first monster battle, go left, which is a graveyard. Go to
        the back of it and have Ailish dispel a chest. Use the orb on Tal.

Go past the bridge and follow the road. If you notice, there's a miller nearby.
Go to it.

There's a ladder and a chest on top. If you search around, there's another
chest nearby, between the trees.

Follow the main road again, you will come across the well I told you to
remember earlier. Know what to do? Good. You will get another [Eagle Totem].
Know what to do again? Yeah, do it. Use the orb on Ailish.

Continue. You will see Kariston Altar. Offer a totem. Use the orb on Tal.

     >> Sell those aquatic claws. They serve no other purpose.

Continue to Nolan Farm, and enter the farmhouse. There are 2 chests here. One
of them contains Hukin's Fate (Tal weapon). Although can poison enemies, this
weapon is fairly weak. Besides, not all enemies can be poisoned so you are
better off with Mojo. Now go out. There is another chest in the back. Continue
to Illumina Castle.
3.4 Twin Towers                                                         lun34
After you regain control of Tal, go straight away to the training grounds. It's
in the far opposite corner of Kamo's shop. That's done, go inside the palace.
Take a right turn and enter the first door you see.

When you control Ailish again, enter the courtroom again. The courtroom is like
a big clock. Assuming the door you just entered is 6 o'clock, at 5 o'clock talk
to the man in red robe to enable another sidequest. There are chests at 11 & 1
o'clock. Go out of the palace.

Go to the gate next to Kamo's shop (previously locked). At the end of the way,
check the right side of the bridge to find a hidden ladder. Go down. Use the
key on the red door. Enter, go up the stairway, you will find a chest. Use the
orb on Ailish. Go out. Walks the tunnel next to the door and climb the ladder.

This is Lusica's garden. There're many treasures in here, in chest and in
breakable items. The catch is, there are guards wondering around the garden,
and if they see you, they will throw you out. So walk the garden while avoiding
the guards. Don't worry, they're not that difficult to avoid. There're 4 chests
in the garden, one of them containing an orb. Use it on Tal.

That's done. Get out. if you have the money, have the blacksmith engrave 2
razor edged runes for your Royal Scepter. You're going to need it.

     >> You won't ever need to buy weapons in Kamo's store. It will soon be
        replaced by stronger weapons that you can obtain for free.

The last thing you need to do is to go to the training ground. There will be
a dispelable wall in there. Give the orb to Tal.

Okay, now go toward Brightwater village till you reach [Parham County]. There
will be a new road there which is previously blocked by a cart. Continue until
you meet a herd of sheeps. Talk to the herder to start a mini game. If you
wager 50 fluorins you will get a Brightwater Pearl, while 100 fluorins will
earn you an [Illumina Opal] a precious gem. The mini game itself is very easy.
You have to drive the 10 sheep to its place. You have 1 minute to do that.

     >> There's a cheat to this game. Before you begin the mini game, gather
        the sheeps near the herder. This will make your game much easier. 

Continue till you meet a fork in the road. Take the fork which lead you to a
save point, then go down. You will meet a trader sign, follow it and dispel a
wall. Inside is Mandrik a merchant specializes in gems that I told you about.

     >> Everytime you want to sell gems, come to Mandrik. He offers very good

Continue till you meet some monsters.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Kill the red wolf first. 

Continue and up the stairway. You will meet a sign. Follow it to the Mo Altar.
Remember this location because it's easy to miss. Now continue up the stairway
till you meet a fork. The left fork will lead you back to the savepoint so go
3.5 Gathering of Warriors                                               lun35
Catchy title, eh? In this chapter you will meet your remaining party members.
Well, anyway, after what happen, continue to Shadani-Mo village (pretty linear,
isn't it?).

Start by going right on the first fork and keep going through the gate. Enter
the house you see. There is a chest here. Now go back to the main entrance and
take the left fork, keep going straight to the house. This is the inn, there is
a treasure chest here. Go out, and go right into a big open space, which is a
council room. Go down the right stairway, and behind it you will find another

Go out of the council room, and go left. Right before the gate there's a house.
Enter it and talk to the person to receive a [Healing Ointment]. Go out.

     >> Outside the house, there's an incense burning. Check it and you will
        recover your SP.

Now go past the gate and enter the first house you see. There's a chest here.
Talk to the person inside to receive a [Hunting Spear]. Get out. Now enter the
farthest house. Go near the person inside and you should see a [check] option.
You will receive [Tale of Farex Lore]. Get out and talk to the woman outside
the house to enable another sidequest. She will give you 3 Luster Wine if you
give her what she wants.

Go back to the main entrance, take the right fork. This time go to the farther
gate (where there's no road leading to it). If you have the [Hunting Spear] the
guard will let you past. Follow the road till you meet everyone.

After what happen, use the orbs you found earlier on Tal. Go back to the
village's main entrance. Enter the second house you see (make sure you control
Tal). This is a storage tent. Inside, you will find pushable block and some
chests. Go on, solve the puzzles. It's not that hard. Now go to the temple's

     >> You may want to engrave some [Anti Venom] runes into your armor. There
        will be poisonous enemy inside. And if you have the money, go engrave
        some [Anti Evil] runes.

Go in and follow the path till your first battle. After the battle, have Ailish
dispel a magic block. After that have Tal push the blocks into their respective
colors. If you do right, the blocks will light up. Once all of them has been
lit, enter the door that have just opened.

Continue to the savepoint. Continue till you reach a fork. Keep going straight.
Enter the fountain to recover your HP. Have Ailish dispel the nearby wall.
Don't worry, we'll come back later to get that unreachable chests. Now continue
your path till the next battle. After that go up and dispel a wall.

Pick up the yellow incense and go throw it in the burner. Come back and get a
blue incense and throw it again. Go into the door that have just opened. Pick
up an [Eagle Totem] in the chest. Get out. Now throw blue and red incenses into
the burner. Enter the door.

You will control Buki. Change the AI of Elco and Buki to D (defend) right away.
Remember it's easier to control a ranged fighter (so I choose Elco) although
maybe you would like to try Buki's skill.

     >> Elco come equipped with [Ion Fluxinator]. This is his second best
        weapon before he gets his ultimate weapon (considering the power, the
        reload time, and the attack type). No other weapon you found later can
        rival this weapon capability. So equipped it right away and stick with
        it, cause this is going to be his best weapon for a (very) long time.

From where you are, go left till you meet a distinctive wall. Buki can climb
this type of wall, so let her climb it. There's a chest on top. You will get an
orb. Use it on Buki.

Now have Buki climb another distinctive wall. Pull the switch and enter the
door that just opened. Now keep going until you face your second battle.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Elco's Ion Fluxinator can pierce through enemies. In battle, try to find a
  perfect angle where you can hit multiple enemies at once. Just try to line
  'em up, and hit 'em hard!

After the battle, there will be a quick tutorial about Elco's ability. You
should be able to understand it. I just want to add that Elco can't fly
vertically (meaning he can't go up or down).

Well, finish the tutorial and go through the just opened door. Don't forget to
pick up an orb along the way. Give it to Elco. Go pass the save point and into
the next battle. Open the chest after the battle in the same room. You will
receive [Salizeh], Buki's weapon. Equip it right away. Go on.

Control Buki and have her climb the wall and cross over to the other side till
you reach a sealed gate. Now control Elco, and have him fly around the room,
till you end up in the same place as Buki.

     >> If you want, you can let Elco fall in the hole to break up some item.

You will notice there are 2 circles in front of the gate. Have Elco step on one
and Buki on the other.

     >> You must be full of items now. The trick is to use an item when you can
        have no more, repleneshing your energy and getting the same item at
        once. This is the way you "use" item in Sudeki.

You will control Tal, go open the door. After a rather hard battle, go to the
back of the room. Have Ailish dispel the 2 "pillars" and have Tal pull those
pillar into place (the square tiled floor in front of them). Enter the door.
Enter another door.

Go down the stairs. You will see a lot of pillars and some blue shining floors.
The idea here is to push those pillars into those floors. But there's a catch.
Every pillar have a blue stone. You must place the pillars so the blue stones
face the center of the room. Use Tal to move those pillars. Go on, figure it
out, it's not that hard.

You finished? Okay, great. Now enter the door that just opened. Be sure to save
cause you got a boss battle coming.
>>[Boss] Queen of Spider, Ghara
  Ghara : 6000 HP

  A very easy battle, if you know the trick. First, cast [Spirit Wind] on Buki.
  Now take a good look on your environment. You will see the round center and
  what appear to be a dark-brown path spreading in four directions, each with
  a green spotted wall at the end.

  Ghara will do a charging attack to hurt you. The idea here is to let her
  crash into those green spotted walls. So what to do? Well, easy. Just stand
  on one of those dark-brown path and wait for her to lift her body (meaning
  she is about to charge you). Once you see her lifting her body, get out of
  the way.

  Ghara will crash and stuck in those walls. Now's your chance to hit her.
  Approach her and use the (2)(2)(1) combo repeatedly. You can usually do 2
  full Juggling Move 2 before she free herself. After that, repeat until she
  is history.

  Beside the charge, Ghara also has a blasting attack, which will hit you if
  you stay too close too her, so keep your distance. She also has a purple
  spray attack, which will induct [slow] on you. Use a saphire panacea
  immediately if you get a slow status. She will shoot more spray as her life
  goes down. And none of Ghara's attack can be block. Good luck ^-^/
3.6 Heaven or Hell                                                      lun36
Get familiar with your surrounding. You will see a wall that Buki can climb on.
So make her climb. There's a chest there. Give the orb to Tal. Now try to find
a road leading out from that circular place. Follow the path till you meet a

     >> Right before the savepoint there is a bridge with flying skeletons.
        Don't let them hit you cause you will lose HP and SP.

Open the gate nearby. The enemy here is quite strong so watch out. Try to hit
them from a distance. After the battle, continue on.
Continue till you see a gate. Take a left (look carefully, there's a left path)
just before the gate. There's a chest. Use the orb on Buki. Go back and enter
the gate. Oh, and if you happen to find a ghost orb, the skeletons in the
bridge will give you HP and SP instead if you hit them.

     >> Do you know that you can use Elco's Tesla Shield to reverse bad status
        effects? Well, now you know.

I know, hard battle, eh? Well continue on till you see a wooden gate to the
left. Enter it. Go to the save point. Enter the door right next to it. Up the

After the small talk, you can enter the house again if you need to rest (I
believe you do). Go out.

Now, let's see. We have a save point, a free resting place, and a lot of strong
monsters which give a lot of Xp. What does that mean? It means that this is a
good training place (duh). Yeah, go on and build a few levels in this place,
resting and saving when needed. I build my party up to level 13 in this place.
You can find monsters past beyond the wooden gate. After the battle, go past
the wooden gate, and then get past it again. Enemies will respawn over and over

>>[Battle Tips]
  Since we have a free resting place, don't be afraid to use your skills! I
  believe you have important skills for everyone right now. Use Elco's Nano
  Enchancement at the beginning of battle to quickly (and easily) get rid of
  enemies. If he runs out of SP, use Tal's Iron Warrior (but don't use them
  together). Use Ailish's Witch Kiss if you're heavily wounded. And don't use
  any items.

Well, when you want to continue with the game, go past the big steel gate. Go
pass the bridge and into the door. Go through the hall and pass another bridge.
Enter the big gate.
>>[Boss] The Dread Lord Farex Lore
  Farex Lore : 10000 HP

  Farex Lore is the only boss in the game where you can fight together as a
  team. Of course, he is also the only boss in the game where you have to fight
  his minions.

  Start by casting [Nano-Enchancement] right away. There's no special strategy
  for Farex Lore. Just use Elco and his Ion gun to attack him and his minion
  from distance. If you want some challenge, you can try to fight Farex as Tal
  or Buki, just don't do it when his minions are still around. If you have any
  trouble at all (why?) just use Tal's Iron Warrior. Block his attack first,
  and give him a quick counter attack. Soon enough, I think we'll have to
  change the title above to "The Dead Meat Farex Lore". Heh.
Continue, don't forget to open a chest with [Debilitator] in it. Useless
weapon, stick with Ion Fluxinator. Have Buki climb to the other side. Once
there, try to find a path going right (from your point of view). You will see
a chest at the end. Use the orb for Tal. Continue through the main path.

After all that flashy stuff, go back to Hexam's place. No, no. Not Hexam's
place. Go back to where you first "landed" here (the Shadow Nexus). Along the
way, you will meet Pitt, right before the Shadow Nexus. Talk to him and you can
trade [Spirit Orbs] that you have gathered for some weapons. If you follow my
training advice you will most likely have 99 orbs now. So go trade 75 orbs and
get the last orb and trade it to Pitt.

     >> After you get the final weapon, Pitt will exchange your Spirit Orbs for
        fluorins, 50 fluorins each. It may be a little low, but since you have
        100 % chance of getting a Spirit Orb after battle, than this may be
        the fastest way to get filthy rich!

Anyway, all those weapons are crap, except for [Jakome], Buki's best weapon for
now. Now go toward the portals.
3.7 A Long Walk Home                                                    lun37
Well, I'll be.... We just got back and already the princess is acting all
snotty. Hm. Anyway, the first thing you want to do is to search for a man
named Reddish. Talk to him and he will give you [Talos' Letter].

After that, you will definitely want to upgrade your weapons, especially Buki's
and Elco's weapon. Engrave 2 razor edge runes to Elco's [Ion Fluxinator], and
1 jagged edge and 1 razor edge runes for Buki's [Jakome]. If you want, you can
engrave 2 razor edge runes to Ailish's [Batolith]. That should make it a lot
more powerful, earning it the right to become Ailish best weapon for now
(equip it right away).

     >> With a base power of 105, Elco's [Ion Fluxinator] is simply the most
        powerful weapon in your possession right now, instantly turning Elco
        into a killing machine!

Now go to the wharf, but don't go down the stairs. Instead, look for a man
named Caspin behind the boathouse. Talk to him. Go to the blacksmith. There's
a distinctive wall right next to it (leading down). Use Buki to climb it and
get the oars.

Now before you talk to Caspin again, go up to Shadani encampment. Talk to a
tiger man named Wazim. He will give you another sidequest (you must control
Buki when talking to him). Be sure to save some [Arconite Skulls]! After you
talk to him, enter Kirklin-Rah's tent. Use Buki to climb the wall and get the
[Cat Totem] there. You can offer them in Mo's Altar (remember that? It's on the
path to Shadani-Mo village). Now go talk to Caspin.

     >> If you finish Wazim's sidequest, he will give you the key to his tent.
        There's a chest and you can also rest there.

When you reach Illumina, go to the training ground. Use Tal to move the blocks
there. There's a chest inside. Use the orb on Ailish. Now go out and talk to
General Arlo standing there. He will give you a sidequest. Give him what he
want and he will give you the key to his room in Lusica's Garden (that's the
only locked room when you go there earlier). You'll get another orb.

     >> Just outside the training ground is Ailish's room, where there is a
        guard guarding a stairway. Only Ailish can enter, so go talk to him.
        You can find a [Skill Potion] in Ailish's room.

Switch to Ailish and go to the courtroom. Talk to the man in 11 o'clock. You'll
get a key. Now go out and switch to Elco. Go in and enter the door at 3 o'clock
(you just got the key). Go up and have Elco fly around. There'll be a chest
with an orb inside. Continue through the end of the balcony and get down the
stairs. Pull the switch. Now go out and switch to Ailish. Go in again and enter
the 9 o'clock door. Go up and up the ladder. Dispel a chest and a wall. The
chest contain another orb. The wall also contain another chest with another orb
in it.

Go down and out and switch to Tal. Go up to that floor. You will see a pushable
wall, so push it. Enter and inside, push the first block you see as far as you
can. You'll get another orb. Go down and out and switch to Buki. Go to where
Ailish is the last time. You'll see a distinctive wall. Climb it. You'll get
another orb. Now go down and out for the last time.

     >> You have to do the above before you talk to the scientist. Or you can
        do this much later in the game.

Now go to the palace and talk to a scientist standing in front of a vault-like
door (it's the only door in the inner wall). Say yes.

After the event, go straight away to the courtroom. Well... after another
event, go straight to Parham County and go to the savepoint nearby.

     >> You can offer the Cat and Eagle Totem now, but I prefer to do it later.

There will be a new open road there (follow your mini map). Go through and all
the way along Trasentia road till you meet the next savepoint. Have Ailish
dispel the nearest switch and press it. Next, control Buki and have her climb
down to press another switch. Don't go back up yet. Walk around and climb
another wall. When you get down, enter the nearest cave and open the chest to
find a [Cat Totem].

Go back to where Ailish is. Continue across the bridge. After the battle you
will receive Ailish final set of armor (yes, so early in the game). Because
this is the final set, don't hesitate to engrave some runes in it (as it won't
go anywhere like the previous armor, which is a waste of good money!).

     >> This is Rivet Point, where there is a Lebius Altar nearby. Take notes
        of its location.

When you see a giant airship, go down the stairs and talk to 1 of the robots.

After you regain control of Tal, save first. Switch to Elco. Now go back to
where you just start, you should find a ladder near a sign that says "Illumina
Countryside". Go down. Did you see a green switch out there? Fly there and
press it. Now quickly go to the door that just opened before it close. You will
get a [Dragon Totem]. You can offer it to Lebius Altar.

     >> From this point I'm not going to tell you which character should use an
        orb. Give the orb to the one you think will most need it. For example,
        Tal is a little low on the SP side, so we might as well give him an orb
        of might (SP +20). Keep in mind that Tal will later face the final boss
        alone, so you might want to build him up considerably. Anyway, it's
        your choice.

Continue to the airship where you last see Ailish and Buki.
3.8 Steel Adversary                                                     lun38
When you reach Transentia, walk straight and you will get another sidequest.
Well, before you climb the ladder, go right pass it. As usual, Tal will be able
to push and pull blocks. Go on, solve it. It's not that hard. You will get
another [Wolf Totem]. Now use Elco to climb up. Fly across and climb up, then
cross to the other side. Check the machine. Now go back to the platform you
just cross, and now fly opposite of the machine platform (to an area where you
can't see anything). There will be another platform with a chest on it. You
will get another [Dragon Totem].

     >> Talk to the repair man to get a Luster Wine later in the game.

This is the 2nd floor of Trasentia. Go to the lift (not the one you just come
from) and go past it. Take the left fork and follow it to a chest. Now go back
and take the right fork. This is the inn "Rusty Cog". Just outside you will
find a robot (standing still) with a heart choker. Talk to her (it?) to enable
another sidequest.

Now go to the 3rd floor. Just outside the lift there is a chest. Go and enter
the vault like door there. Talk to the receptionist there and agree to take a
test. Answer the randomly generated question correctly (very easy) and you will
get a prize depending on how well you score.

     >> You can cheat on the test by answering wrong and get an item. Than try
        taking the test again and this time get all the right answer, and you
        will receive another item!

Now go upstairs. After the event, you will end up in the 4th floor. We have
something to do before we enter the research center. Go and climb a nearby
ladder for a chest. Go to the house on the far side if you want to break some
things (vandalism!). When you're done, go to the 5th floor. Take the right fork
and go all the way down to find a chest. Go back and take the left fork. Enter
the house and talk to Milly to enable another sidequest. Go to the 2nd floor
and have a blacksmith engrave Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes for Ailish's
armor (remember what I told you about her, err.... her armor?). For Elco, add
2 razor edged runes to his [Photon Phaser] cause we're going to need it.

     >> If you want, you can engrave another Anti Hex rune to Ailish's armor,
        but I prefer to leave it now cause we'll get a better rune soon enough,
        and I don't think slow is much of a status.

Go to the 3rd floor. Well, I hope your Tal is strong enough cause we have
another hard fight coming! Take the left fork and climb a ladder behind some
sort of a driller vehicle. Talk to the bot with Tal to enable a boss fight.

     >> You can talk to that bot with Elco and Ailish for a rather funny
        remark. ^-^

>>[Secret Boss] Hunter Killer War Machine
  Hunter Killer : 10000 HP

  Basically this is just a super-charged Arconite Warrior. Start by casting
  Iron Warrior right away. He has a 3 combo attack, so avoid it and move
  quickly behind him. Strike him with a (1)(2)(1) combo, which really works

  Hunter's most powerful attack may be the Energy Ring (named it myself) which
  can cause 2000 damage (no matter what, I think), so make sure your HP (and
  your Max HP) is beyond 2000.

  Important : Try to lure him into the corner and fight him. The purpose is to
  avoid Energy Ring easily. When he is charging (you'll know right away), get
  as far as possible from him. If he's near a corner, then go right to the
  corner diagonally from him, and stay there until he release his attack.

  When hit, Energy Ring will cause 2000 damage and dispel any beneficial magic
  (such as protect) that you have. So stay out and keep attacking him from
  behind till he turns into scrap metal!
After the tough fight, be sure to check the chest to get the last [Wolf Totem].
Your job here is finish, go to the research center.

     >> You can get Tal's and Buki's ultimate weapon before entering Trasentia
        research center, but I prefer to do it later cause it's too much hassle
        for now. If you still insist on getting it, check section 3.10 "All
        Around The World".
3.9 System of a Down                                                    lun39
Enter and follow the road. After the event, prepare for a battle.

>>[Battle Tips]
  The best strategy is to hit the "controller", the small-round enemy that
  flies around. When it's dead, so will the others.

     >> Keep in mind that you have to collect a total of 21 Omnium to complete
        Milly's quest (very important).

Well, after the battle continue to the green door that just opened. After
another battle, have Ailish dispel a wall nearby. Now you will see switches
number 1 through 4. Pull switches number 1 and 3. You'll hear a sound. After
that, pull switches 1 and 3 again, and pull switch number 2 (so only the number
2 pulled down). The door will open. Open the chest for a [Master Keycard].
Have Ailish dispel another chest and open it for [Wizardwood Staff], Ailish's
second best weapon. Equip it right away.

     >> You will notice the [Wizardwood Staff] have the same attack pattern
        as Elco's [Ion Fluxinator]. Engrave 2 razor edged runes and you'll
        have a very deadly weapon. Wizardwood Staff can penetrate enemies.

Get out, get back to the big room and this time enter the red door. Follow the
path to another battle. After the battle, you will control Tal. Take the right
stairway of the vault-like door. Go through the door. Follow the path into a
big elevator. Use Buki to climb the squared wall and press the switch on the
other side. Go back and push the left switch twice on the elevator. You'll be
in level 3. Go through the door and all the way down.

     >> If you have any trouble in that battle, just use Tal's Iron Warrior.

After the battle, remember this place cause I will told you later to come here
again to get Heart's Heart (complete Heart's sidequest). Now go back up to
level 2. Follow the path.

After the event, you will receive Buki's final armor, so install an Anti Venom
and Anti Evil runes right away when you had the chance. Anyway, use Tal to pull
a block at the right corner of the entrance door, the one with the lightning
sign on it. This is "Battery Block". It supply power, and since you pull it, a
platform will come down. Use Buki to climb up. Go straight.

Now you must help Buki to cross by raising sequential platforms. The idea here
is to supply the platforms with these battery blocks, raising them one at a
time. Go on, do it. It's not that hard. After that's done, get back up to where
Elco and Ailish are.

After the event, take the left stairways of the vault-like door. Use Elco to
climb the ladder and cross the void. Climb another ladder. Now fly to the
switches in the lower platforms and pull 'em. After the event, go use the lift.
>>[Boss] The Krenn CPU
  Krenn : 15000 HP

  Start by casting [Nano-Enchacement], and re-cast it everytime it wears off.
  Krenn has a pitiful attack, which can be dodge rather easily. He also has an
  Eye Beam attack (once again named by me), which can give a large amount of
  damage to whomever unlucky enough to be hit. Just stay away from his eye line
  and you should be able to dodge it.

  You have to shoot him in the eye to damage him. After he takes some damage,
  he will make a ball of himself (funny to put it that way). When that happens,
  switch your gun to [Photon Phaser], dodge the self-exploding enemies (you can
  kill them with one shot) and try to find an energy pillar that gives Krenn
  electricity (restore his HP). Quickly shoot it in the point with your Photon
  Phaser till it's destroyed. After that, switch back to [Ion Fluxinator] and
  hit him like before. If you're quick enough, you can shoot 2 Ion beams before
  he makes a ball of himself again.
Now go up to where everyone is. After the happy chatter, there're 2 things you
still have to do before you say goodbye to this place. First, go back to mines
level 3 (the one I told you to remember earlier). Fight enemies there and when
you win you'll get a [Heart's Circuit]. Give it to Heart later to get a [Dragon
Totem]. Second, you have to get those 21 chunks of Omnium to give to miss Milly
later. So get it. After all is well and all is done, get out.

     >> You may want to get out first to re-supply and upgrade your weapons and
3.10 All Around The World                                               lun310
When you get outside, the first thing you want to do is to engrave one razor
edged rune and one spirit bite rune, each to both Ailish's [Wizardwood Staff]
and Elco's [Ion Fluxinator]. Yes, although a bit weaker than the original, both
weapons can now absorb SP from enemies (considering the amount of damage those
weapons do, they will receive a huge number of SP). You will need this setting
on later journeys.

     >> This Spirit Bite setting will re-fill your SP so quickly that you don't
        have to be stingy to use skill. Ailish can heal whenever she wants, and
        Elco can cast [Nano-Enchancement] whenever he wants, almost in every
        battle, allowing you to quickly dispatch enemies and giving you so much
        damage that your SP bar will fill back in no time at all!

If you have the money right now (which I figure you don't), go engraves some
Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes to Buki's armor. Don't forget to collect that
bounty from miss Milly, which is a key. Now use Buki and climb a wall right
outside miss Milly house. On the top, there's a power plant. Enter it with the
key. Inside you will find the last [Eagle Totem].

Now, talk to Hayton who's standing right outside the research center. After
telling a thing or 2, he will go to the portal site. Don't follow him cause we
are going on a great journey. A journey that will take us all around the world!
(shouldn't that be said at the beginning of the game?) Well, anyway, what we're
really going to do is collecting the ultimate weapons for every characters. And
we have to travel all around the world for that! (hence the title)

     >> You can do this easily much later in the game, when the portals are
        active and you can travel anywhere you like. But these ultimate weapons
        will really help in the upcoming journey. Trust me, the juice is worth
        the squish.

Travel back to Illumina castle (what?!). Hey, don't get mad at me. You do want
these ultimate weapons, right? So go to Illumina countryside. You will find a
working portal and a savepoint nearby. Near that savepoint, there's a house
that you can push with Tal. Push it, then climb the wall with Buki. You'll find
an orb on top. Now go toward Illumina castle a little and you will see Kariston
Altar. Offer every [Wolf Totem] that you have and you'll get Tal's ultimate
weapon, [Runic Blade]. Equip it right away. Allright! The first of the ultimate
weapons, way to go!

Now travel to Brightwater village on foot. You will see Olivitess Altar. Offer
all the [Eagle Totem] you have for yet another ultimate weapon, [Nightshadow].
Allright! That's two more to go! You don't have to equip it right away. Now
continue to Brightwater. Get to the lighthouse. Warp to Temple of Mo.

Go upstairs and enter the second door you see. Keep going and go down whenever
you can. You will reach the fountain room. Use Elco to reach the chest in the
left of the fountain, you'll get the last [Dragon Totem]. Use Buki to climb the
right side wall. On top is [Melakorka], Buki's weapon. Pull the switch there.
Go to the just opened door and you will find another orb. You're finish here.
Warp back to Illumina Countryside.

Travel to Shadani-Mo village on foot till you see the first savepoint. Go down
and go to Mandrik's store. Sell everything you want except for Shadowstones and
Arconite Skulls.

Well, you should be filthy rich now. Continue your journey till you meet Mo
Altar. Offer what you have. Continue again till you meet a fork in the road.
Take the left road and continue. You will see a bridge, but don't cross it.
Instead there's a sand waterfall there. Approach it and you'll see a wall Buki
can climb on. So make her climb. You'll get another [Cat Totem]. Continue to
Shadani-Mo village.

Well... ck ck ck. The village haven't change I see. Anyway, go in. You can play
a mini game with the boy, Lamper. If you win he will give you various prizes.
Go to the house with an incense burner outside. Enter and talk to the person
inside, and she will give you [Balum's Staff]. Go out and go through the
nearby gate. Enter the second house you see. Talk and you will get another
sidequest. Go out and enter the farthest house.

Talk to Malik and he will give another sidequest (important). Now go towards
the temple. You will meet Campos. Talk to him to enable another sidequest. If
you give him what he want, he will give you a weapon for Tal in the end.
Now go outside the village and go left right after the gate. Keep going and you
will see a dispel-able wall. Use Ailish. After that, use Buki to enter. Be sure
to prepare her cause she's going to have a tough fight.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Cast Spirit Wind at the beginning and re-cast it everytime it wears off. Cast
  Asilas the Wolf if you've learned it. If you're heavily surrounded, use Storm
  Kicks. Don't worry to use a lot of Skill healing items cause this is really a
  tough fight. And conserve your spirit strikes for the last, toughest battle.
  Use guerilla hit-and-run tactics. (2)(1)(2) combo often works well for this.
  And remember, heal every status effect ASAP. If you have learned it, you can
  keep using Path of The Warrior skill.

     >> Due to a glitch on the PC version, after every battle, you can open the
        chest but you can't quit, forcing you to go on the next trial. You can
        go out and ignore the chest, so you can save, but when you go back, the
        chest will be gone. Tough luck...

You will get the last [Cat Totem] for your efforts. I tell ya, Buki's last
totem is the hardest one to get of all totems. Now go to Mo Altar and show him
what you got. Allright! Another ultimate weapon, [Staeysekin]! Equip it right
away. Only one left!

It's time to finish this and collect that final weapon. Go to Lebius Altar in
Rivet Point. Offer whatever totems you have left in your possession and claim
that helluva piece of a weapon. Ooooh-kay! That final weapon, [Plasma Launcher]
is in your hand. Now nothing can best you.

That's all for our trip around the world. Now let's go to the blacksmith in
Transentia to upgrade your ultimate weapons. Make sure everyone equip their
own ultimate weapons.

For Tal, engrave 1 jagged edged rune and 2 soul seeker runes. For Buki,
engrave 2 jagged edged runes and 1 soul seeker runes. For Elco and Ailish,
engrave 2 jagged edged runes and 1 spirit bite rune. Allright. It's set.
Everything's done now. Let's get back to the main story.

>>[Special Section] Best vs Ultimate Weapons
This section is taken straight from my "Ultimate Weapons FAQ" for Sudeki (also
posted on GameFAQs). This section will help you decide which weapon to use for
the rest of the game. For more information, you can check out my Ultimate
Weapons FAQ.

The best and ultimate weapons for Tal and Buki is, of course, their own
ultimate weapons [Staeysekin] and [Runic Blade]. For Ailish and Elco, this is
a different story.

For most people, Ailish's and Elco's ultimate weapons are only their second
best weapons. The best weapons for them are [Wizardwood Staff], Ailish's
weapon which you can get earlier at Transentia's Research Center (almost at the
same time as you get her ultimate weapon) and [Ion Fluxinator], Elco's initial
equipment (Elco has it from the start).

The main reason for this is their attack patterns. [Wizardwood Staff] and [Ion 
Fluxinator] both have the same attack pattern: a lightning beam attack that can
pierce multiple enemies, executed at the speed of light. Which is considered to
be the best attack pattern in the game.

For your information, the attack pattern of their ultimate weapons can be
described as: a rapid fire of energy bolt, blasting any enemies that is
unfortunate enough to be in their line of fire. 

This is their weapons in comparison, stating both strengths and weaknesses:

[Wizardwood Staff & Ion Fluxinator]     vs     [Nightshadow & Plasma Launcher]
+ pierce through multiple enemies               - hit the first enemy
+ hard to block                                 - easy to block
+ very strong critical attack                   - very weak critical attack
+ at the speed of light                         - has a traveling time
- has a reload time                             + almost no reload time
- one blast attack                              + rapid firing attack

* Because it's executed in the speed of light, [Wizardwood Staff & Ion
  Fluxinator]'s projectile are very hard to block, while you'll find most of
  the time, enemies will be blocking [Nightshadow & Plasma Launcher]'s

* Critical attack : It's because the base damage of those weapons aren't equal.
  For example, Elco's [Ion Fluxinator] gives 680 damage to an enemy, and his
  [Plasma Launcher] gives (rapid) 80 damage everytime it hits an enemy. When he
  inflicts a critical hit, it will look like this:

  [Ion Fluxinator] : 680.........1360 (critical)..........680...........680....
  [Plasma Launcher]:

  So you see, [Ion Fluxinator] has a total advantage in critical strike because
  of its high base power.

For that reason above, people continue to look upon [Ion Fluxinator &
Wizardwood Staff] as Elco's and Ailish's best weapon. It should be clear that
you're better off using these weapon in normal battles when there's a lot of

Of course, for Boss Battles (which only happen one for Ailish and none at all
for Elco after they get their ultimate weapons) there's no reason not to use
their ultimate weapons. There's only one enemy, and bosses never block either.

The best runes setting for [Wizardwood Staff & Ion Fluxinator]:
1. razor edged
2. spirit bite

     >> Don't forget to upgrade Buki's armor if you haven't done so.
3.11 Coast to Coast                                                     lun311
When you're ready, go see Hayton in the portal sites (4th floor). Talk to him
and say yes. Take note, you can't come back here for some time, so make sure
you do anything you want to do.

After the event, you'll reach Shadow Nexus. Why don't you go to Hexam's house
first and go give that staff you receive earlier? Go on, we're not in a hurry.
You'll receive a special orb for your trouble.

     >> Making fun of your enemies? Why not use [Nano-Enchancement] and truly
        humiliate them everytime?

Go back to Shadow Nexus and enter Crystal Reef's portal. When you arrived,
check around the lighthouse for a chest. Go down. don't cross the bridge yet.
There's another chest in the woods behind those house. Now cross the bridge.
Go behind the first house you see. There's a chest behind that small sack. Use
Buki to climb up another wall. Heh. You'll get Buki's weapon. What a joke.

     >> As you have known, ignore all weapons that you found after this. 

Go to the next house. Use Ailish to climb up and dispel a chest there. You'll
get an orb. Now go down and go towards the back of the village. Have Ailish
dispel a bridge there. There's another useless weapon for Ailish in the chest
in that wood. Now go to the church and talk to the man standing in front of it.
After that, go to the graveyard behind the church and have Ailish dispel
another chest. You'll get another orb. Check the grave for some money.

Now leave the town center and go upstairs to Mewsley Mansion. Enter the house
and talk to Samuel Mewsley to get another quest. Go back down and talk to the
priest. Now go to the wharf area and talk to the only man there. Go check the
boathouse using Tal. Push the blocks around (it's not that hard) and you
should find what you're looking for. Give it to the priest. Enter the church.
Talk to the kid. Go up and talk to Samuel Mewsley again. Use the elevator.

After the event, you'll be inside the siren's lair. Keep going on until you
lose both Tal and Elco. Boys.... Anyway, after the long battle (ain't you glad
to have those ultimate weapons?) climb up the stairway. Stand before the
statue. Tell you a secret. I hate this dungeon very much.

Oh, well. Go to the door that just opened (with the yellow flag). Go to the
blue flag door. Keep going till you battle some enemies. After the battle, use
Ailish to dispel something. Use the platform, than use Ailish to dispel
something again. Take the platform. Use Buki to climb and press the switch.
Take that new platform to a chest. You'll get a [Shell Key]. Go to the room
before you take the blue flag door.

Once there, go up the stairs. Take a straight at the first fork. There's a
chest there. Go back up and continue the stairs. Have Ailish dispel a bridge
and use the [Shell Key] there. Go through and press the switch. A tune will be
played with the notes A,F,G,D,E. Now go left and there's a bunch of circles
there. You must step on those circles according to the order of the notes. If
it's too hard for you, put it this way. The order of the notes make a "star"
starting from the note A (the farthest circle). When that's done, make for the
right side of the cave. Collect a [Mermaid's Pearl] there. Go out and back to
the stairs room. Take a right and collect the chest there. Now go take a left
and enter that green flag door there. You'll see a save point. Go in.

In this room, you have to pull switches in correct sequence to make bridges.
Important: You have to follow my orders explicitly, otherwise you'll lose your
way (as this is the second hardest puzzle in the game). Anyway, start by making
Buki climb the far wall. Push the green button. Pull the switch next to it.
Push the green button again. Now switch to Ailish. Cross the bridge that just
formed and make her pull the first switch you see (it's under Buki). Switch to
Buki. Press the green button again. Switch to Ailish. Cross the new formed
bridge (take the right fork) and loot the chest. You'll get an orb. Go back one
bridge and pull the switch you see (not the one under Buki). Now take the fork
to the left. You'll see a big shell with two circles next to it. Stand on one
of those circles. Switch to Buki and press the green button again. There'll be
a new formed bridge on the left side this time. Go there, climb down, and cross
the bridge. Stand on the other circle.

Okay. Once you collect the pearl, make your way to the mermaid statue (at the
beginning of the dungeon, remember?). Stand on the circle and use the pearls.
Go through the door that just opened. Keep going till you see a savepoint. Be
sure to save. You got a boss battle coming. Go down.
>>[Boss] The Siren
  Nassaria : 9000 HP

  Unlike the dungeon, many people considered this to be the funnest boss battle
  in the game. Anyway, make sure you equip [Nightshadow], it'll help a lot.
  Let's start by casting Gaze of the Wind (if you have it) and re-cast it
  everytime it wears off.

  Here's the idea. The battle arena will look like a round center and 4 concave
  on each diagonal corner. The siren will dive around and, should she decide
  to show up, she's going to tell you first by showing her tail. The trick is,
  she will show up from the concave LEFT of her tail. Never from the right.
  If she do show up, shoot her.

  As for the siren attack, it's highly avoidable. She will strike with her
  thunder spear, either a swing attack, or a jabbing attack. You can dodge
  easily by staying near the concave diagonally from her body. She also has a
  tail attack which is easy to dodge as well. Just move around.

  When you give her adequate damage, she'll start charging you. Just stay out
  of her body line and you should be able to dodge it. She will lift her body
  before she charges so you know when to move. Happy shooting! ^-^/
When you're finish. Go cross the newly formed path.
3.12 Those Who Walk The Valley of Death                                 lun312
After the event, you'll receive Tal's final armor. I wonder what the hell is
wrong with the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if memory serves me right,
Elco hasn't even receive his second armor! Hah. Anyway, enter the door and go
all the way through the linear path. Don't forget to check your mini map in the
maze area. You'll meet 2 chests along the way (of no importance). You'll end
up in Singing Siren's Chamber. There's a chest there containing Tal's weapon.

Go pull the block to make exit. Go all the way down the stairs. Go through the
purple flag door till you reach Crystal Reef. Use the elevator and talk to
Samuel Mewsley twice. Let's go down to the warehouse. Collect the 2 orbs there.
Now go engrave some Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes for Tal's armor. Go talk to
the man in the wharf area to enable another sidequest. Last, you can recover
your health by talkin' to the priest in the church.

Okay, when you're ready go past the village gate. Keep going. You may meet a
merchant on the way. Don't sell anything. Sell gems to Mandrik instead. Keep
going till you meet a fork. Take the right fork. When you meet a bridge, cross
it and pick the chest. Cross the bridge again. Continue the original path. You
will see another fork. Pick the left fork. Go, and just after the sign there's
a ladder going down. Make Elco go down.

As you can see, you can fly around here. There're 3 chests here, one of them
containing Elco's weapon. When you finish gathering them, go back up. Continue
your way. Go to the sign that says "Cyantine Citadel" and follow the track. You
will reach a savepoint. Continue till you reach the next savepoint.

Go past the gate. Have Tal moves the blocks to allow access to another room.
Have Elco re-fuel, and go climb a ladder to the right of the gate ASAP. You can
fly to the chest, or you can fly around to a platform where there's another
ladder. So climb up, and pull the switch. Go down and through that big gate.
Go find another gate and enter it. Keep going.

After you regain control of Tal, switch everyone AI to D (defend) immediately.
Now this is the tricky part of the game. Because this is not your somewhat
powerful party, the battles ahead will be quite hard. And without Elco's and
Ailish's powerful weapons, this' just get worse. Worst of all, you totally lose
control of Elco's [Nano-Enchancement] making you much much weaker than you
really are. Anyway, have some runes engrave into your new party's weapons. Just
make sure you engrave an Essence Gnaw to Alexine's weapon cause we're going to 
need it.

     >> I really advise against it, but if you have a lot of money, and I mean
        a LOT of it, go engrave some Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes to your new
        party's armors.

Anyway, when you're ready, go outside to Ruined Courtyard. Just outside the
gate, you'll see something you can dispel. So go dispel it. Have Nico climb
that wall. You'll get another orb. Continue till you meet a battle.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Although rather weak, we can still fight effectively. It's much easier for
  you to control Alexine. Make sure you have an Essence Gnaw engraved to her
  weapon. Cast Gaze of the Wind at the beginning of every battle, and re-cast
  it if it wears off. Keep attacking enemies to refill your SP bar. Repeat this
  cycle and you'll have no trouble at all. Occasionally, you can cast Celestial
  Circle to help you beat enemies. If you still have trouble, try casting Iron
  Warrior. Good luck.

Pass the gate and keep going till you see a working portal. Continue from here
till you meet a fork. Go to the sign that says "Aklorian Stronghold". Go past
it and you will met Olivitess Altar. There's 2 chests here, look around. After
that, continue past the sign till you meet a fork in the road. Go past the blue
flags and keep going. You'll see a chest. Now go back and take the remaining
fork. Keep going till you see a savepoint and a working portal.

     >> You can use the portal to rest and re-supply.

Well, if you have nothing better to do, cross the bridge. Go enter the gate.

     >> Before you enter this dungeon, make sure you save your game. Do NOT
        overwrite/delete that saved file. This is due to the bug that sometimes
        occurs in the game. This bug will make your game crash when you beat
        the boss of this dungeon. If that happens, load your game from this
        saved file and play the game again from here. 
3.13 Dungeon Siege                                                      lun313
For your information, this is the last dungeon. Thank God. Anyway, go up the
stairs just right of the entrance. After the battle, have Ailish, err....
Alexine to dispel an object. Have Tal push that 2 blocks into the wall in front
of them. They will fit in. After they're in place, have Nico climb the wall
from the side. Run all the way and pull that switch on the far side. Go down.
Enter the gate that just opened. Now have Tal move around those blocks (it's
not that hard) to make way for Nico.

Climb up, pull the switch, and go down all the way to the door that just
opened. After the small talk, pull the switch there and go down to the big gate
that just opened.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Kill the enemies anyway you like, just don't let any of them ring the bell
  cause it will spawn more enemies.

After the battle, enter the just opened gate. Go to the only opened door (the
left one). You'll meet Carlos. Loot the chest in the room. You can recover your
HP by checking the fountain in the back garden (the other door from the room).
So go there. Then go through another door. A rather amusing scene. After that,
go open the little gate.

Okay, now listen to me. This is the number one puzzle in this game (meaning
it's the hardest puzzle in the game). You'll have to follow my orders very
carefully. First pull the right block so you can access the stairs. Go up and
down, and pull the switch. Go back to the entrance. Push the block you just
pull back to it's original place. Now pull the block leftmost of the entrance
so you can go behind it. Go behind it and pull the last block you see (so it
will reveal a ladder behind it). Circle around and go up that ladder. Go down
the other side, and push a block that is pushable. Pull the other block you
see. Go climb up the ladder and down the other side.

From where you stand, try to push all the blocks you see so they press to the
corners. Hint: push the 2 blocks behind to a corner. Push one to a side corner.
Push another one to the corner of a wall that has the entrance on it. Play with
the other 2 blocks so that when you finished, you'll have 4 BLOCKS ON THE BACK

Now push the block next to the ladder straight to the entrance. You will see an
opening and the block that you push earlier. Go pull that block as far as you
can. Now go climb the ladder to the back of the room. Circle around and you
should end up behind the block you just pull. Push it so it press a corner.
Push another block to the corner right next to the entrance. Push the block
right in front of the entrance as far as you can. Now go and push that middle
block as far as you can.

If you do it right. The middle area will be clean of blocks and all the blocks
will press to the corner (except that one last block that you just push, it
will press another block). All the ladders also should be clear from blocks
(except one nearest to the entrance). Now go and pull the final block in the
back of the room (the one that blocks your way to a ladder). Once done, go
climb up the middle ladder to the back of the room. Go down, and you will see
that you're free to climb up another ladder. So do so. Pull the block on top.

You'll regain control of Tal. Go back to Carlos' room. Go through the other
door. When you're outdoor, go enter the door right in front of you. Go through
another door. After the battle, go through another door.

>>[Battle Tips]
  Your first priority is to destroy the 6 Blue Tubes around you. Enemies will
  keep re-spawning if you don't destroy it first. Use Gaze of The Wind right
  away and use Path of The Warrior if you want. Destroy those blue tubes right

After the battle, try to open the little gate. Another hard puzzle. This game
have a funny way of saying thanks. Why do they keep the hard puzzles for near
the end of the game? Well, anyway, it's not that hard, so solve it yourself.
Just kidding, I will help you solve it. The idea here is to help Nico cross
the platforms by supplying the right kind of platform to cross.

This puzzle is not as hard as the previous one, but there's some pointer to
solve it. First, if you pay attention, you can walk under the green platform.
Now look at those blue platforms. They come in all shape. There is a H platform
on 1 o'clock, there is an L platform next to it, and finally there is a Z
platform at 9 o'clock. I'm gonna call these platforms by that names.

Start by pulling a blue block platform (3 o'clock) to the center. Go around the
green platform and push that block toward the entrance as far as you can. Pull
the Z platform and place it so Nico can go across. Pull another block platform
(12 o'clock) to the center. Go under the green platforms and push that block
to the center. Once there, push that block to 3 o'clock as far as you can.
Last, go under the green platform and push that block to 5 o'clock (so it press
to a corner).

You'll have platform Z,H, and L free to move. Start by moving platform L to 11
o'clock. Move the H platform so Nico can cross. Pull the Z platform so Nico can
cross again. Move Z platform back to it's original place. Place the L platform
in position (2 o'clock). Last, move H platform to 1 o'clock. It's done.

     >> After this, make sure you save your game when you have the chance. A
        fatal bug sometimes crash this game after you beat the boss of this
        dungeon. Make sure you do not overwrite the saved file from the start
        of the dungeon, which I told you to save earlier. If your game should
        ever crash, try loading this game from before the BOSS. If that doesn't
        help, try loading this game from before the DUNGEON.

Now go out and go to the main gate. Oh, save first. You'll see that the blocks
are lifted now and allow access to the other side. So have Alexine climb the
ladder on the left side of the gate, and continue to the top. She will find
a wall that she can dispel. So dispel it.
>>[Boss] Secret Weapon
  Behemoth : 20000 HP

  This fight with Behemoth can be totally hard or ridiculously easy, depends
  on whose guide you're using. If you happen to use mine, well.... Behemoth
  better says his prayers!

  Start by casting Iron Warrior, and re-cast it everytime it wears off.
  Behemoth relies heavily on perfect timing of attack execution, so if you know
  his timing you can beat him easily. Behemoth also have a barrier shield,
  which can be disabled after we destroy the 2 eyes generator on the wall. Many
  people say that this Boss battle is truly "an action RPG Boss Battle". Here's

  If you haven't notice, there's 4 barrier around Behemoth. We can use it to
  protect ourselves. While we are behind that barrier, Behemoth attacks will be
  like, totally useless! You have to follow my orders explicitly.

  You'll start behind one of those barrier. Behemoth will launch a 5 energy
  bolts. You're safe. After that, go approach that blue eye on the wall near
  you. One strike will be enough to close it. Go straight away behind another
  barrier. Behemoth will launch that 5 energy bolts attack, this time twice.
  Stay where you're until he finished doing it. Now strike the other eye.

  Behemoth barrier will be render useless. Don't panic. Go inside Behemoth's
  cage. Wait for him to strike you (he will lift his axe) and quickly go
  behind him. His axe will stuck. Quickly, give him a (1)(2)(1) combo. He will
  get up. He will strike you again. Avoid, and give him another (1)(2)(1) combo
  from behind.

  After you finish your combo, get behind a barrier right away. Behemoth will
  get up (don't wait for him to do that). He will charge and unleash a super
  powerful Nova attack. Of course, it's useless to you. The eyes will open
  again. Okay, that's the tactic.

  To sum it up, here it is. Behemoth will launch 2 energy bolts attack. Strike
  an eye. He will launch another 2 energy bolts attack. Strike another eye. Go
  to his cage. Wait for him to attack. His axe stuck. Give him a combo. He will
  attack again. His axe stuck. Give him another combo. Go away. Repeat this
  until he's dead.
3.14 Heart of Gold                                                      lun314
Heh. So, how was it? Wasn't it wonderful? What? No, no. I'm not asking about
Behemoth. I'm asking about my strategy. Well, you can thank me by seeking my
other FAQs.

Anyway, go back to Cyantine. Use Devil's Belch portal to speed it up. Go to
the castle right away. You'll end up having to choose for something. Either
way you choose won't affect the story.

After the event, you'll be controlling Elco (I miss your [Nano-Enchancement]).
Go straight away to the portal and take the Illumina Countryside portal. Keep
going to Illumina Castle.

After the major plot spoiler, you'll control Elco again. Now make sure you do
whatever you want here cause you won't be going back to Illumina Castle. When
you're ready, go to Lusica's Garden. Remember the way? Go through the gate near
Kamo's store, go down a ladder at the end. Look for Tilly in the garden.

After the event, you'll have to escort Tilly to Brighwater village. I'm sure
you know your way, so go on. Take her there. Along the way, you'll get 2 very
important items. Elco's final armor and a Combat Boost Scroll. Engraves this
Combat Boost Scroll to everyone's armor immediately.

After you reach Brightwater, you may want to engrave Elco's armor with Anti
Evil, Anti Venom, and Combat Boost Scroll (be sure to engrave this setting to
everyone). Go to the lighthouse and warp to Devil's Belch Canyon. Go back to
Cyantine Citadel and meet everyone.

What?! No Alexine? Well, too bad. I kinda like her better than Ailish. Anyway,
after you meet them all, upgrade everyone's armor. You can go finish the game
straight, or you can go do a bit exploring. Read the next section if you want
to finish it early.

If you decide to stick on, then warp to Crystal Reef. Go into the Siren's Lair.
Go to the big shell room (Singing Siren Chamber). Go climb the stairs to the
statue. Go to the savepoint. Look for an opening in the wall (the one Elco and
Tal use to escape earlier, bet you forget already). Enter and continue, all the
way through The Maze and to the Depths of the Grotto. After your first battle
in the Depths of the Grotto, search around. You'll find a wall that can be
dispelled by Ailish. Dispel it and you'll find 2 chests. One has an orb in it.
For your sake, give that to Tal. Now go out to Crystal Reef. Have Ailish enter
the warehouse in Crystal Reef. Dispel a door inside and open the chest. Go back
to Cyantine Citadel.
3.15 Sudeki                                                             lun315
Well, we almost reach the end of our journey. All that's left is to beat the
final boss. Make sure you have do anything you want, tidy up every subquest,
and stocking on items. For the last preparation, please put a Hex Proof rune
to Tal's armor, so that he has 3 Anti runes in his armor and therefore become
immune to every bad status effects. You can level up Tal a bit if you want. I
beat the final boss at Level 25. When you're ready, go talk to Caprine.
>>[Final Boss] Tal vs Talos
  Talos : 30000 HP

  Finally, here we are! All that journey and hardships that we've endured is
  going to pay off! By the way, did you know that head you see earlier is Queen
  Lusica's? Ailish's mother? Well, hell. If I may comment, they all merge for
  naught, cause only Tal get to fight the final boss. Enough chatter. Let's
  finish this!

  Okay, start by casting Iron Warrior and re-cast it everytime it wears off.
  You may notice that you have learn every skill although maybe you haven't
  learn some of them. That's good. Don't be afraid to use every healing items
  in your possession. Don't be stingy with your skills. And be sure to hit him

  Talos primary attack will be a 3 combo attack. It's hard to dodge, so don't.
  Instead, use this like, totally useful feature named "blocking". Yes, press
  [spacebar] to block his 3 combo attack. Right after he finish his 3rd move
  give him a (2)(2)(1) counter attack right away. Be sure to push (1) a few
  times. Repeat.

  After he lose some HP, he will use this skill similar to Buki's Path of the
  Warrior. In short, he become faster than you are. You can dodge his attack
  easily by blocking, and then rolling to any ways (press movement button
  while blocking). He will use this attack a few times, each adding one more
  strike as he loses his HP.

  After he lose some more HP, Talos will summon 2 copy of himself. These clones
  are not as strong as him. You can avoid them altogether by moving around till
  the clones disappear. Or you can take on the offensive by casting Blade Dance
  skill and approach them. Either way will work fine.

  After he lose some more HP, Talos will summon a giant skeleton, which will
  grant him every (EVERY) good status effects. The skeleton will also fly
  around and strikes you, causing every bad status effects (which we're immune
  to) and dispelling your good status effects if he hits you. Make sure you
  re-cast Iron Warrior if this happen. Now, you can strike Talos as usual if
  you dare (this is very dangerous, as he is in Boost and Haste mode), although
  I advise against it. My advice is, let him be till his good status effects
  wear off. Sure, he will regain some of his HP, but we'll take that back fast
  enough. If you still insist on attacking, just use a skill strike. That's a
  lot safer.

  After he lose a lot of HP (on the verge of death), he will use a skill that
  completely, totally reduces your HP to 1. Use any healing items left in your
  possesion right away. After that, keep attacking him as before. Don't let him
  get the best of you. Come on people!! He's on the brink of death!!
It's done. Our time together has come to an end. If I may say, it's really a
pleasure to guide you through the whole game. Well, what can I say? It's time
to say goodbye (hiks...hiks...). Please don't forget me.

Anyway, it's a total crap ending, don't you think? Well, at least you get a
sentimental ending from me. Heh.

If you like this guide, please check out the other FAQs made by me. My name is
Lunion, and if time allows, I'll see ya again! Bye ^-^/

                    ----------end of walkthrough----------

4. FAQ                                                                  lunfaq
Here are some popular questions I received from time to time. ^-^

Q: Is there any other way to beat Talos?
A: A lot of them. What I give you in the guide is the methodical (and hopefully
   the best) way of beating Talos. One very popular strategy is to fight
   brutally with everything you got. Let's say you're level 20-something, all
   you have to do is equip Tal with the best weapon and armor possible, stock
   yourself with powerful healing items, and when you fight Talos, just keep
   attacking him or repeatedly use any spirit/skill strikes. Use your healing
   items when needed. Repeat.

Q: If I miss one or two totems, can I get it later in the game?
A: Almost all of them. There is one wolf totem that you must get before you
   got thrown off of Illumina.

Q: What about orbs?
A: Same. There're some orbs that you can only get in Illumina Castle.

Q: Does the option I choose from Elco's event in Cyantine Citadel affect the
   rest of the game?
A: No. Not as far as I know, anyway.

Q: Where is Shadani encampment, again?
A: At Brightwater village. Not in Shadani-Mo.

5. End Credits                                                          lunthx
If there is any mistake about crediting you, please inform me at the email
address stated in the beginning of the FAQ.

-[insert your information here] for posting this FAQ
-Kaichern tee for inspiring me to start writing FAQ
-Climax for making the game
-Rudvich for being a good and supporting friend
-Lunion for making this FAQ

Thanks for all my friends and families that help me and support me all the way
from start to finish.

Ultimately I thanks everyone that contribute FAQS to help other people in need.

                                 See ya! ^-^/

() () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () (

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