Sun City Chronicles 1 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sun City Chronicles 1

Sun City Chronicles 1

-Pick up the newspaper
-go left, talk to guy about photo
-touch poster
-talk to police woman
-go left twice
-pick up blue device (it's a recorder)
-go back to hallway
-enter chief's room (oppsite side)
-pick up camera
-talk to chief (a new place will show up on the map)
-go back to hallway
-WARNING: after talking to chief do NOT go back to this room 
 again, this will spoil your game!
-go right three times
-enter Northern lights
-pick up card with paw on it (a new place will show up on the map)
-go left, pick up white bottle from shelf
-go right twice
-enter Blackwood height
-get starling from cage (you will need it later)
-talk to nerd about everything
-go right, talk to shop owner about everything. it is important that
 you specifically talk about the hamster, if it doesn't work out during
 the first conversation, try another time
-go right, talk to blond man about everything, give him the white bottle
 (a new place will show up on the map), you will get an invitation to 
 the club
-go forward, left, forward
-enter City center
-talk to bar keeper about everything
-talk to customer about everything, to his question about meatballs 
 answer It will be ready in a second!
-go left, give invitation to woman
-talk to blond dude
-go left, go forward left side (enter rest room)
-take shovel, go back
-go forward, right side, talk to couple
-go left, talk to bouncer
-go right twice, talk to player, go back
-go left, talk to man guarding switches, go back, three times right
-talk to bar keeper, get drink, take apple (optional)
-exit, head back to Pet Shop, give bottle to clerk in last room, 
 take dog food
-head back to Police Headquarter, go left twice to kitchen and drag 
 dog food on kitchen, you will prepare meat balls
-head back to club, give meat balls to customer and listen to story 
 about arcade room
-exit, go to pet shop, talk to nerd in first room, ask about hamster
 (if he doesn't talk about the hamster, talk to shop owner again)
-exit, head back to Northern lights, go to body and pick up bottle 
 with pills
-exit, head back to Police headquarter, drop pills in coffee cup next
 to guy at desk
-take poster, head back to pet shop, trade poster for hamster
-try to take hamster, owner refuses. go to back room, take snapshot of
 drinking guy, give that to shop owner, take hamster
-exit, back to the club. go to arcade room and let the hamster do his
 job at the machine's cabling
-when player is gone, click dead machine and read
-exit tzhe club and go to City park, go left once, use shovel on rock,
 get key
-exit park, go to pet shop, last room, use key on cage, get cat.
-back to club, rinse cat in the sink in the rest room
-pick up clean cat, go back outside and use cat on man next to switches
-flip upper switch, go to bouncer on staff door, talk about party and 
 being looking tired
-back to dance floor, use your recording device on the muscular dude
-back to your office, use recorder on computer
-head to the club and use recorder on the bouncer
-enter staff room, pick up contact sheet, go right, click third book 
 from the right in top row, part of the story will be revealed
-at the police headquarter, use contact sheet on phone in first room 
 to lure the guy out of the club
-the girl on the dance floor will now be alone, show your police badge
 to her
-go to the park, once again left, talk to girl, two thugs will appear
-place starling on branch overhead, bang
-the end

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