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 Superhero League of Hoboken Walkthrough

Superhero League of Hoboken Walkthrough

Manx’s Superhero League of Hoboken Walkthrough, v. 1.1

1. Basic Knowledge
2. Items
3. Walkthrough
4. Hero List
5. Armaments List
6. Legal stuff

1. Basic Knowledge-

The future sucks.

The polar ice caps have melted, radioactivity is everywhere, and there’s no
place to get a good gyro. From this godforsaken landscape have arisen horrible
mutations with heinous superhuman powers that menace what remains of the human
race. But fortunately, they have also produced many superheroes, men and women
of great character and power who use their gifts to fight off the evils of the
wastelands. They have banded together to guide mankind through these dark times
and make sure heroes can always get a date on Saturday night. They stand as a
shining example to all people.

But not your team, because they’re the Superhero League of Hoboken, who had
their reputation run into the ground by their previous leader right before he
quit. But with hard work, determination, and this walkthrough, you might just
be able to guide your ragtag band of misfit superheroes back to greatness.

General advice

You get experience for winning random fights, but you also get experience for
clearing out sectors of undesirable elements (which usually happens after 5-8
fights in that area). If there are enemy encampments in a sector, they’ll still
be there after you clear it out of random bad guys, though.

You can usually afford to sell off your crummy old weapons that are too weak to
be useful anymore for some quick cash, but hang onto all your old armor. Since
any hero can use any weapon and armor, a fully-equipped hero has ten pieces of
armor, and few join the team with more than one or two articles of armor of
their own, it’s good to share around stuff your other team members may have no
need of anymore. It all adds up.

Don’t buy isotopes that give you Really Good at Treading Water. Between the
isotope you have in the storage closet at the beginning of the game and Treader
Man’s power, you’ll be fine until you’re able to buy an item that will make it
so you don’t need anyone who’s good at treading water.

Radiation Immunization Locations-
Sometimes while exploring you’ll encounter someone who promises to make you
immune to radiation for a small consideration. These offers are real and worth
taking up, but each is only good for one hero. Below are the places I’ve found
where you can have this done:
4C, 12,7
3D, 15,12
2D, 3,10
1B, 2,10
Philadelphia, 2,9
Philadelphia sewers, 4,5
Poughkeepsie, 9,9
New York uptown, 14, 11
New York uptown sewers, 12,9
Atlantic City, 6,8

2. Misc. Items-
Food: Along the way you’ll be able to buy or get from enemies vegetable, beef
and fish items. Eating vegetables gives a character more HP, fish improves
Brains, and beef is good for more Brawn.
Isotopes: Drinking isotopes makes the drinker develop secondary super powers,
or improve ones they have already, depending on the color of the isotope. Blue
increases treading water, black increase put animals to sleep, yellow increases
raise foe’s cholesterol, an effective attack against most organic, non-plant
enemies, green increases causes root rot, and red increases induce rust.
Power Pills: You need these to give your party enough energy to walk around
hilly terrain, one per hero in your group. They only last for a little while
(if you stop to rest they’ll wear off), but unless you make a point to waste
them you should be able to get enough from fights and pawnbrokers.

3. Walkthrough-

First Mission

You begin in the main room of Superhero League of Hoboken Headquarters. Go
upstairs and turn on Matilda to get your first set of missions. Let’s see,
chili peppers are threatening the water table, a religious cult’s computer is
broken, a flock of rabid sheep is threatening a nearby village, there’s a
deadly limburger bomb threat, and Dr. Entropy has created a machine that will
reverse all sign arrows. Sounds like a job for the Superhero League of Hoboken!
Go back down, and go forward to enter the lunchroom. This is where you go to
add or remove superheroes from your away team. Each time the league gets a
promotion you’ll be allowed to have another hero in your away team, up to nine.
But right now you can only have three others, so make them Iron Tummy, Robomop,
and Mademoiselle Pepperoni. Once you’ve done that, open the storage cabinet and
take everything out of it except the oil-eating microbes. Never found a use for
them, except for a little bit of quick cash.

Go one space north of the headquarters and you’ll fight two Terrible Twos and a
Lawyer. The Lawyer is a bit tougher than the Twos, but this is still a pretty
easy fight. You could go to 14,11 and take the ferry to get to the other side
of the water, but you can actually walk to the northeast and go around it.
You’ll have to make some diagonal movements, but you’re never exactly rolling
in dough in this game, so why throw it away when you don’t have to? Then again
you might want to wait until you have some better equipment and possibly
another hero in your party, as there’s an encampment of four Suggesters that
way and they can be tough this early.

Go to 2C after going around the water, however you do it, and go to coordinates
6,8 to find the Newark inner city area. Enter it. Go to coordinates 10,2 and
enter the building where the evil chili peppers are hidden. Use Iron Tummy’s
super power to get rid of them, and pick up the rag on the floor. You don’t
need Iron Tummy anymore, so I recommend giving his space in the group to
Tropical Oil Man, whose power will help out a lot in combat and works on more
enemies than Captain Excitement’s power does.

Go to 2D, and go to coordinates 8,8. Go to the pawnbroker’s tent and buy the
cheese-eating microbes and can of sheep spray. Go to 12,8 in sector 2C (it’s
just southwest of the entrance to headquarters, so you can stop to replenish
supplies and rest on the way) to enter the Jersey City market. Open the trunk
of the car and pour the cheese-eating microbes on the bomb inside. Use the rag
on the transmission fluid. Then go to 7,11 and enter East Orange. Use the sheep
spray on the flock of sheep to get rid of them, and then use the rag on the
sheep drool. Go to 2D, 7,10 and enter the church. Smash the flower pot, but
resist the urge to take the magnet yet or you’ll be kicked out of the church
before you have everything you need. Instead, take the plant off the floor and
use the rag on the pile of dirt underneath. Now take the magnet.

Go to 4,12 and enter the building. Use the rag on the far wall. All the grunge
you’ve put on it will melt through the wall and enable you to enter Dr.
Entropy’s hideout, so go through the door. When Dr. Entropy finishes his evil
monologue, use Robomop’s power to clean the trash off the floor, revealing the
power cord of Entropy’s machine. Unplug it. Entropy will get away. Before you
leave, take the horn off the phonograph and the 100-watt light bulb next to it.
Go back to headquarters, where the league will receive a promotion.

Second Mission

Go upstairs and get your next list of tasks. Seems contact has been lost with
the Superhero League of Scranton, the Piscataway Warlord is becoming dangerous,
the only man who knows the formula for silly putty is on his deathbed, Dr.
Entropy is working on a superior species of pigeon, and you need guacamole for
the League party. Go to the lunchroom and add Treader Man to your team. Open
the storage cabinet and take the gray tube pass. Go downstairs to the museum,
and look at the statue of Frank Sinatra. Open the compartment in the back and
take the tape inside. Leave the building.

Go to sector 1C, coordinates 4,5 and enter the factory (Incidentally, watch out
for coordinates 10,4-12,4 until you get a lot tougher, there’s an encampment of
Steroid Men there). Take the frosted panel off the wall and the 98 watt light
bulb. Put your 100 watt light bulb into the socket. Take the avocado and
guacamole that appear, then leave.

Go back to sector 2C and enter the Newark inner city. Go to 9,10 and enter the
subway. Take the plastic tubing and enter the gray train. Take the ray from the
floor and go up to reach the surface. You are now in Scranton, so go over to
6,5 and enter the local Superhero League’s headquarters. Use the bowdlerizing
ray on the issues of Playboy (Mademoiselle Pepperoni has to be in your group).
The hot spot is in the middle of the crate. Go to 11,8, enter the subway and
take the gray train back to Newark, then leave the inner city.

Go to 7,6 and enter the control tower. Open the locker and take the pappy
outfit. You can try to go upstairs, but Dr. Entropy’s henchman, Collector, will
keep you from getting up there for now. Instead, leave the control tower and go
to sector 2D, coordinates 13,6. Enter the shaman’s tent. Put on the pappy
outfit and talk to the old man, selecting, “What’s the matter? Don’t you
recognize yer own pappy?” Take off the pappy outfit and talk to the old man
again, selecting, “Um, didn’t your pappy mention I might be by to chat with
you?” Take the plastic egg off the floor.

Go to sector 1B, 13,9. This is the Piscataway Warlord’s mansion. Enter his room
by going north. Take the bust of Pat Buchanan off the shelf above the door and
put the magnet there instead. Wait until you’re escorted out of the room. Take
the paperweight off the floor. Go to 12,7 and buy the wire cutters and 50y
transmitter from the pawnbroker. Open the transmitter and put the Sinatra tape
inside, then close it.

Go back to 2C, 7,6 and enter the control tower. Try to go upstairs, and give
Collector the plastic egg, the lump of coal, the paperweight, and the avocado
and he’ll leave. Go upstairs and come face to face with Dr. Entropy. Turn on
the transmitter to defeat his nefarious scheme, but he’ll get away again. Go
back to base to receive another team promotion.

Third Mission

Wait once and Oxide Man will show up and join the team. Go to the lunchroom and
add him to your party, then go upstairs and get your new set of objectives. A
historical relic is missing, the priests of the Piscataway church are corrupt,
Mineola is threatened by radiation, a cat is trapped under the liberty bell and
Dr. Entropy is breeding rats with race horses. Oh no! Go down, open the storage
cabinet and take the museum key, then leave.

Go to sector 2D, 9,9 and enter the Patterson Warlord’s mansion. Take the
plastic case on the table, the fur coat, and the coat rack it was on. Go to
sector 1C, 9,12 and enter the Washington museum. Put the coat rack on the
unfaded spot, and while you’re here take the wig, false teeth and uniform.
You’ll pick up a turnstile token on the way out.

Go to 5,8 and enter Bernardsville, then pick up the construction site placard
(it’s on the right side of the screen). Then go to 1B, 11,7 and enter the
Piscataway temple. Enter the sanctuary by going left and hide under the altar.
Wait until you see the priest step on a knot underneath the altar, then look at
the knot and pull up the loose board you find. Use the wire cutters on the wire
you find, and then wait until all the noise dies down, then get out and leave
the church. You’ll get another turnstile token.

Go to 2C and enter the control tower. Go upstairs and ride the helicopter to
3C. Go to 3D (north) and take the ferry at 14,2 then go to 6,9 and enter the
market. Enter the pawnbroker’s and buy the lead long johns, purple tube pass
and orienteering guide, which lets you enter forest terrain. Before you leave
go to the shaman and give him the plastic case to get a tube of nitrous oxide
and a cash reward. Leave and go back to 9,5 to take the ferry, then go to 4C,
1,9 and enter Mineola. The long johns will automatically be handed out and
you’ll have completed another task (and gotten another token).

For your next objective you need a red tube pass, and unfortunately the only
way to get it is as a dropped item after you win a fight. If you already have
one, great, skip to the next paragraph. If you don’t, you’ll want to go back to
any sectors you haven’t cleared out yet and fight bad guys until you do. It’s
annoying, but it’s the only way.

Go to Newark and enter the subway at 9,10. Go downstairs and take the red
train, then go up twice and you’re in Philadelphia. Go to 10,6 to the Liberty
Bell. Put your plastic tubing on your tube of nitro and then put the plastic
tubing through the crack in the bell and shake the tube of nitro. Then raise
the bell. If you don’t have enough brawn to do it, that’s okay, head over to
14,8 to find a health club. You’ll have to fight a couple of baddies to get to
it but it can give you a temporary brawn boost. So however you do it, once the
bell is raised you’ll sit through a comedy act. Then pick up the whistle, go to
5,8 and enter the subway, go down twice to take the red train back to Newark
and then leave Newark.

Go to the control tower and ride the helicopter again. Go to 13,7 and enter
Belmont Park (using your turnstile tokens on the way). After Dr. Entropy’s
speech, put the construction site placard on the steel framework behind him.
This will scare the horses away. He’ll get away again, but before you leave
take the green tube pass off the ground. Take the helicopter back to 2C and
return to base. You’ll get another promotion.

Fourth mission

Go upstairs and get your next set of tasks. Hmm, seems the Superhero League of
Flushing has a bit of a mouse problem, the Yale/Princeton feud is about to turn
bloody, there’s a historical artifact in the Philadelphia sewers, a strange
gang holed up in Times Square might cause trouble if their New Years
festivities fail, and Dr. Entropy has brought George Steinbrenner back to life!
Truly, these are the times when we need superheroes the most. You have a choice
here; you can put Princess Glovebox in your party, but you don’t need her power
for a while and she’s not that tough, or you can put a tougher hero into the
new spot in your team.

Go to the control tower and ride the helicopter. Go to 7,10 and enter the
headquarters of the Superhero League of Flushing. Blow the whistle and the
tiger will kill all the giant mice. Take the giant mouse corpse, and take the
ecru bedistor underneath it. Leave and take the helicopter back, then go to 2B
(you’ll have to go south into 1A and around some water in the southeast part of
1B). Go to 2,5 and take the ferry, then go to 8, 10 and enter the market. Buy
the orange tube pass and the rubber dinghy from the pawnbroker. Now you can go
across all watery areas. Go to 4D, 8,4 and get a bird call to deliver to an
area near Princeton. Go to 3C, then enter the New York downtown area at 1,10.

Go to 7,3 and enter the Empire State Building, then go downstairs and take the
green train. Go to 8,3 and overhear some of the Yale clan planning to meet
elsewhere. Go to 2,9 and enter the museum. Go right and take the termite
hatchery and washer. Go back and put the washer on the right spot then get on
the left spot. Wait until you overhear their plans to attack Princeton. Go
outside and back to 9,7 to enter the subway. Take the green train and leave the
Empire State Building then the downtown area. Go to sector 1A, 1,9 to enter the
Princeton library. Talk to the coach and select, “Coach! We’ve got some
important information about that!” Take the maroon bedistor and leave. While
you’re here, go to 1,10 and enter the market, and buy the termite eggs from the
pawnbroker. Also while you’re here, go to 2,4 to drop off the bird call and get
an experience bonus.

Go to 3D and go to 3,2 to enter Yankee Stadium. You can’t stop Dr. Entropy yet,
so just pour your aluminum-eating microbes on the box and take the ball inside.
Now go to 3C and enter the New York downtown area at 1,10. Go to 3,9 to enter
Times Square. Give the ball to Dick Clark, and pick up the ochre bedistor.
Leave the downtown area.

Go to Newark and enter the subway. Take the red train to Philadelphia. You can
do this next thing before or after dealing with the situation in the sewers,
but during this mission you need to go to 6,5 to Ben Franklin’s house and
defeat the enemies there to save King Midas, who’ll become a new hero you can
use when you get back to base. Go to 7,1 and enter the sewers. In the bottom
right corner, you’ll face three enemy encampments one after another if you walk
forward, the first with one lava lamprey, then two, then four, although you’ll
be able to stop and rest between them. If you have any heroes who have put
animals to sleep, make liberal use of it. After defeating them all you receive
the artifact and a mauve bedistor. Leave the sewers.

Go to 3D, 5,10 and enter the subway. Take the purple train. You’ll end up in
Poughkeepsie. Go to 12,2 and break into the office building to get a computer
printout and a metal rod. Go back to the subway and take the purple train back.
Go to 3C, 1,11 and enter the downtown area. Go to 15,5 and enter a room with
suspended animation tubes. Put the metal rod in the 4th hole in bottom of the
4th tube, which is actually the third from the left. Take the frozen body
inside and go to 3D, 3,2 and enter the stadium. Open the booth and put the
frozen body inside, then close it and put the four bedistors in the proper
sockets. Then push the blue button and open the booth. George will no longer
pose a threat to humanity, and you’ll have captured Dr. Entropy (until the next
mission starts anyway). Return to base to get another promotion.

Fifth mission

Go upstairs and get your new set of tasks. Hmm, seems the Poughkeepsie warlord
has declared war on Afghanistan, the Huntington warlord is hoarding a video
tape from before the collapse of society, the shaman of Freehold has raised his
prices and destabilized the entire local economy, two tribes in New York are
involved in a turf war, and Dr. Entropy has nearly created a tree that will
drop its leaves AFTER the yard has been raked. The fiend! Go to the lunchroom
and add King Midas. Okay, the truth is you can do everything you need him to do
before you even leave the base. Have him use his power on two useless objects
(the loose board, the bust of Buchanan, the uprooted plant, the pappy outfit).
You’ll get a car muffler and a scarf and that’s all you need him for. You can
put him in your group or you can add another hero who might be more help in
battle if you like, like Iron Tummy or Caped Cod if you have him.

Whatever your choice, go to 3D, 5,10 and enter the subway. Take the purple
train to Poughkeepsie. Go to 16,7 and enter the Warlord’s mansion. Put on the
wig, teeth and uniform you got from the Washington museum and go north. Talk to
the Warlord and tell him what a bad idea it would be to invade Afghanistan. As
you leave you’ll get a casino chip. Take the purple train back.

Go to 4D, 12,6 to enter the Warlord of Huntington’s mansion. Look at the wobbly
table in the back and take the video tape you now see. Go to 1A, 1,9 and give
the video tape to the Princeton librarian. You get another casino chip and
you’ve completed another task.

Go to 2A, 2,4 and enter Freehold. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING until after you complete
this task. Go to the shaman’s tent and say, “Don’t you realize the importance
of affordable health care?” He’ll protest that the hardware dealer’s prices are
too high. Go talk to the hardware vendor and say, “We heard from the shaman
that you’re charging way too much…,” and he’ll complain that the guy who runs
the hostel charges too much. Go and talk to the hostel owner and say, “The
hardware merchant claims that you’ve recently…” and after some beating around
the bush he’ll complain that the brothel charges too much. Go there and talk to
the madam, say, “Why are your rates so high,…” and she’ll direct you back to
the shaman. Talk to him again and say, “Your high prices…” He’ll agree to lower
the prices if the brothel has an Ecuadorian woman. Go back to the brothel and
ask the madam about that. She has an Ecuadorian, but she’s leaving the area
soon because she gets too cold. Give your scarf and fur coat to the madam and
she’ll give you a rate sheet. Give it to the owner of the hostel, who’ll also
give you a rate sheet. Give it to the hardware vendor, who will give you yet
another rate sheet. Give it to the shaman. You’ll get another casino chip. Buy
stuff now if you want.

Go to 3C, 1,10 and enter the New York area. Enter the Empire State Building
(7,3), go downstairs and take the green train to New Haven. Go to 7,12 (you’ll
need to use some power pills) and enter the wise man’s cave. Take the sheet
music and practice it to be transported to Carnegie Hall. Sit at the grand
piano and play it to make a sand bag fall. Open it and take the two totems
inside, then get up (the “upstairs” arrow) and enter the beam of light to be
transported back to the cave. Take the green train back to New York. Go to 5,12
and enter Radio City Music Hall. Give the Rah Kett totem to the leader, then
leave. Go to 16,9 and enter the UN building. Given the Yu Wen totem to the
leader, and you’ll get another chip and have completed another task.

Go to Newark and take the red train, then go upstairs and take the orange
train. Go upstairs to enter Atlantic City. Go to 4,4 and enter Trump Casino.
Put your four casino chips in the slot machine’s slot and a door will be
revealed. Enter it (go upstairs) to encounter Dr. Entropy again. After his
speech, open the termite hatchery and put the termite eggs in it, then close
the hatchery. Turn it on, then open it. Dr. Entropy’s tree will be destroyed
and you’ll turn him over to the police (not that he’ll be held for long…).
Leave, take the orange train back, then go downstairs and take the red train,
then leave Newark and go back to base for another promotion.

Sixth mission

Go upstairs and get your new tasks. Seems there’s a problem with maps at the
hostel in Staten Island, a cult in Harrisburg is embarking on a plan to end the
world, there are alligators in the New York Sewers, a miracle has gotten out of
hand at a Scranton church, and Dr. Entropy is working on a machine that will
emit an insidious gas. Got your work cut out for you. Go downstairs and witness
the arrival of the Mighty Magnitude, then go to the lunchroom and add him to
your party.

Go to 2B, 8,10 and enter the village. Go to the hostel and have Princess
Glovebox use her power to clean up the mess. Take the can of Bud that is
revealed, and before you leave buy the silver tube pass from the pawnbroker.

Go to Newark and take the red train to Philadelphia. Enter the sewers at 7,1
and go to the subway station at 7,7. Take the gum on the ground, then go
downstairs and take the silver train. Go upstairs, and when you take a step in
any direction, you will run into an encampment of twenty enemies. This is a
very long, very tough fight, so make use of your character’s powers at every
opportunity. There’s five McMutants, five Espevangelists, four Mickey Monsters,
three Cruise Mistletoes, two Armageddon Armadillos and an Unrepeatable Bug
(which I highly recommend you finish off before it gets to the front of the
group. Put animals to sleep works pretty well on it). After you win you’ll get
a paper clip. Go to 9,4 and enter the village, then enter the hostel and take
the master tube pass from the lost and found on the desk. Go to 15, 2 and enter
Three Mile Island.

Open the box in front and put the paper clip on the electrodes, then pull the
orange lever. Something will blow and a hole will appear on the console, so put
the gum over it and pull the lever again. The cultists will leave. Take the
uranium pellet from the melted console on the other side of the room and leave
too. Go back to the subway and take the silver train back. Go upstairs twice,
and leave the sewers. Go to the subway and take the orange train to Atlantic
City. Go to 15,9 and investigate the excavation. You’ll get a bunch of National
Enquirers. Go back and take the orange train, then go down and take the red
train. Go upstairs and take the gray train to Scranton. Go to 4,11 and enter
the village. Put the National Enquirers in the basket in front of you, then
wait until they’re all gone. You’ll automatically pick up some mushroom soup.
Another task down.

Go to 3C, 1,11. Go to 12,7 and enter the sewers. The enemies down here are very
tough, so you may want to clean them all out before you go alligator hunting.
Be prepared to make several trips back to base before you’re done here in any
case. Alligators are located at 5,10; 8,3; 9,5; 13,3; and 14,10. No matter
which order you tackle them in, you’ll face one at the first one, two at the
second one, three at the third one, and so on. After beating them all one hero
will pick up some gator guano. Leave the sewers and go to 2C.

Enter the Statue of Liberty, it’s just south of the headquarters entrance. Once
inside, try to go upstairs and a huge Boba Fett robot will get in your way. If
you talk to him you might get the idea that he’s thirsty. Open the can of Bud
and stick the horn from the gramophone in it. Stick the uranium pellet,
mushroom soup, and alligator guano into the can, then give it to the robot and
he’ll short out and get out of your way. Climb the stairs and Dr. Entropy jumps
out the window. Go back to base to receive your congratulations.

Final Mission

There’s just one task this time: Dr. Entropy is holed up in the Empire State
Building and is planning his most diabolical scheme ever! Now is really the
time to make your team as combat-prepped as possible. The toughest, longest
fights in the game are coming up so get rid of your guys who aren’t much help
during a fight. This means heroes like Princess Glovebox, Treader Man, King
Midas, and Mademoiselle Pepperoni unless you’ve given them some high-rated
secondary powers--Toastbuster’s power lets you disarm dangerous pizzas, so
knowing whether they’re dangerous or not doesn’t really matter anymore.
Toastbuster and Zaniac are extremely powerful in battle so make room for them.
And whatever you do, make sure Mighty Magnitude is in your team before you
leave, because you finally need his superpower. By this point my party
consisted of Robomop, Toastbuster, Mighty Magnitude, Treader Man, Caped Cod,
Tropical Oil Man, Oxide Man and Zaniac, and altogether I didn’t have that hard
a time with the fights for the rest of the game unless I was up against like
six Unrepeatable Bugs at once.

I’ll take a second to say that in this mission, it’s likely that some or all of
the members of your party may pass a million experience points if you’ve been
doing at all well. Whenever this happens, the hero who’s passed a million
points gets an award called a Mil Marker that protects him from the first hit
he takes in every battle.

Go to the Newark inner city and take the gray train. Go upstairs, to
coordinates 15,9, to a crashed banana truck. Have Mighty Magnitude use his
Superpower of Ten three times and then pick up the smaller load of bananas. Go
back to the subway, then go downstairs and take the gold train. Go upstairs to
the Buffalo-Niagra area. Here are the toughest fights in the game, as indicated
by the Dangermeter exploding. Good thing you did like I said and put together a
really tough party, right? Go to 4,9 and enter the market. Buy “l’isotope
blanc” from the pawnbroker and use it on any hero to develop a power called
Beaver Jaw. The function of this power should be obvious. The “isotope
d’argent” gives Power to Confuse at 95% and is also a good buy. Go to 12,1, the
rest stop, and use Beaver Jaw on the tree by the river. You can also buy food
from the vending machine if you want to. After the tree falls have Mighty
Magnitude use the Superpower of Ten, which will enlarge the tree and dam the

Go to 3,11 and approach the observation platform. You’ll get a barrel. Cross
the dry riverbed, onto the island to the west. The tree will wash away. Go west
to the highway and the two armies will ask for your help in getting off the
island, which you’ll supply with your dinghy. After they leave you’ll get a
plowshare and pruning hook. Go to 7,6 and enter the farm. Give the barrel,
plowshare and pruning hook to farmer Ben to get his elevator key. Go back to
the subway and take the gold train back to Scranton, then take the gray train
back to Newark. Go to 3C, 1,10 and enter the New York downtown area. Once you
get one space away from the Empire State Building in any direction you’ll be
attacked by three waves of enemies, giving you no time to rest in between
battles, although Mil Markers are reset between each wave. Thank you, Legend,
for small favors. The first wave consists of Terrible Two, Supermom, Chicken
from Hell, McMutant, Junk Bond Amoeba, Espevangelist, Linebacker, Bag Lady, Lab
Rat from Hell, Aerobot, Cruise Mistletoe, Armageddon Armadillo, Samurai Welder
and Unrepeatable Bug. The second wave consists of Alligator from Hell, Monster
Tree, Lava Lamprey, All Mine Mine, King Salmon, Mickey Monster, Mega Processor,
One-Armed Bandit, Ant from Hell, Albino Wino, Glowing Beaneater, Tupper, and
Transistor Jowl. The third and thankfully final wave consists of Screaming
Meemie, Lawyer, Bureau-crat, Marketoon, Suggestor, Cy Young Cyborg, Dandelion
from Hell, Thrasher Thresher, Albino Rhino, Cy Young Cyclops, Steroid Man, Cy
Young Cyclotron, Albino Dino, and Ragweed. Once you defeat all the guards,
enter the building.

Push the elevator call button and enter the elevator. Because of your key you
can reach the top floor where Dr. Entropy is hiding. He shows you his evil
device, a movie projector that makes whatever movie it shows come to life, and
King Kong appears outside the window and grabs the doc. Have the Mighty
Magnitude use the Superpower of Ten three times to restore the load of bananas
to its original size to distract Kong. Now you can turn off the projector,
which isn’t good news for Dr. Entropy. That fall couldn’t have been pleasant,
and about fifteen tons of bananas falling on him from the top of the Empire
State Building…ouch.

Congratulations! You used my walkthrough to beat the game!

4. Hero List-

The Crimson Tape is you, mighty leader of the team who has the nifty power to
make organizational charts. Pretty well-balanced between brains and brawn.
Worth considering for some secondary super powers. Whether or not to include
him in your party is a moot point. He looks like this at the start:
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 14
Brain 30
Tough 5
HP 21
Primary superpower: Create organizational charts
Equipment: Two by four, Ace bandage

The Iron Tummy. He’s a pretty tough guy, and will be one of the stronger heroes
in your party if you keep him around, but since his power is only useful once
early in the game I usually replace him right after that. In the beginning, his
stats look like this:
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 26
Brain 6
Tough 5
HP 28
Primary superpower: Eat spicy food without distress
Equipment: Rusty nail, pea shooter, aerobic shoes

Robomop. He’s pretty tough and his primary power is to clean almost any mess.
This comes in handy for a couple puzzles and when you encounter a grimy pizza
box, so he can clean it off so Mademoiselle Pepperoni can see inside it. Worth
keeping around.Stats start like this:
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 25
Brain 4
Tough 8
HP 33
Primary superpower: Clean almost any mess
Equipment: Pointy stick, rubber gloves

Mademoiselle Pepperoni. She has x-ray vision that only works on pizza boxes,
but since enemies sometimes leave extra goodies behind in them after fights,
and sometimes they’re booby trapped, this is a good reason to keep her in your
team. Unfortunately, she’s one of the weakest characters in the game, which
makes her a good candidate to take up the last space in your party and possibly
develop some secondary super powers to make her more useful. I usually don’t,
though, and give her space to Toastbuster for the final mission. Starting stats
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 9
Brain 25
Tough 4
HP 18
Primary superpower: See inside pizza boxes
Equipment: Mace, Gore-tex hot pants, padded belt, oven mitts

Tropical Oil Man. His primary power is to increase his enemies’ cholesterol,
which is a really effective attack. Too bad he’s a physical wimp. Still,
nothing the right armor and beef intake can’t help. I generally put him into
the group (in the back) to wreak havoc on my enemies after I don’t need Iron
Tummy anymore. At the beginning he looks like:
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 3
Brain 11
Tough 1
HP 13
Primary superpower: Increase foe’s cholesterol
Equipment: Spitball shooter, sunglasses

Captain Excitement. He looks like the Flash and is so boring he can put animals
to sleep. Unfortunately he’s a weakling, and his powers don’t work on as many
enemies as Tropical Oil Man’s. I tend to leave him out of my group. Starting
Superhero tenth class
Brawn 2
Brain 13
Tough 3
HP 14
Primary superpower: Put animals to sleep
Equipment: Paddleball set, Nerf earmuffs

Treader Man. You’ll need to have him in your group to take advantage of his
mobility until you get the rubber dinghy. You’ll probably just keep him in
there afterward anyway because of all the experience he’ll have built up. Joins
after you complete the first mission. Starting stats:
Superhero ninth class
Brawn 24
Brain 16
Tough 4
HP 35
Primary superpower: Really good at treading water
Equipment: Pitchfork, sawed-off shotgun, plastic goggles, rubber cape

Oxide Man. He isn’t all that tough, but his primary power is to induce rust,
which comes in awfully handy when you’re fighting robots. I keep him in my
group for the rest of the game after getting him. He joins after you complete
the second mission. His stat card looks like this at the beginning:
Superhero eighth class
Brawn 4
Brain 20
Tough 2
HP 27
Primary superpower: Induce rust
Equipment: Arsenic-tipped deer antlers, Saturday night special, steel-lined
boots, iron jockstrap

Princess Glovebox. She’s sort of tough and her primary power is to refold maps,
which unfortunately is only useful once. I keep her until I have a tougher hero
or two I can replace her with. She joins after the fourth mission. Looks like
this when you get her:
Superhero seventh class
Brawn 15
Brain 33
Tough 2
HP 42
Primary superpower: Refold road maps
Equipment: Neutron sword, diamond chastity belt, suede stealth sandals

King Midas. Has the primary power to turn any object into a muffler. He’s not
very tough but his power is necessary to solve one puzzle, so I usually just
put him there until I don’t need him anymore. He joins after you save him at
Ben Franklin’s house in the fourth mission. Looks like this when you get him:
Superhero seventh class
Brawn 15
Brain 28
Tough 4
HP 49
Primary superpower: The Midas Touch (turn anything into a muffler)
Equipment: Deflector crown, scepter-style flamethrower

Mighty Magnitude. He’s a pretty tough hero, and his primary power is to
increase or decrease anything’s size by a factor of ten, which is essential for
solving some key puzzles, so put him in your team right away and keep him
there. He also comes with the power to cause root rot, which is nice, and I
always max him out with a verdant isotope. Mighty Magnitude joins at the
beginning of the sixth mission. He starts looking like this:
Superhero fourth class
Brawn 45
Brain 90
Tough 8
HP 121
Primary superpower: Superpower of Ten
Secondary superpowers: Cause Root Rot 33%
Equipment: High-powered laser, moby chainsaw, deflector horn rims, pocket

Toastbuster. His primary power is to vanquish baked goods, which means he can
disarm booby trapped pizza boxes, but he’s also the toughest and strongest hero
in the game and an all-around great choice for your party. He joins with Zaniac
for the final mission. Starting stats:
Superhero first class
Brawn 225
Brain 40
Tough 40
HP 567
Primary superpower: Vanquish baked goods
Equipment: Smart bomb launcher, smart gloves, asbestos apron

Zaniac. Zaniac is a total wimp, but he has a devastating power--Power to
Confuse--which will wipe out just about any non-plant enemy that he uses it on.
As a rather cheap shot, though, he comes with a full array of low-rated and
useless secondary powers, so you can’t use isotopes on him. I take him along
but put him in the last space in the group and load him up with armor. He joins
with Toastbuster for the final mission. Looks like this when you get him:
Superhero first class
Brawn 25
Brain 266
Tough 4
HP 45
Primary superpower: Power to Confuse
Secondary superpowers: Refold road maps 6%, see inside pizza boxes 2%, eat
spicy food without distress 5%, clean almost any mess 1%
Equipment: Sharpened toothpick, deflector undies, reflective visor

Caped Cod. He’ll be really strong after gaining a few levels and is well worth
considering for a spot in your party even if you don’t need his primary power
by the time you get him. You rescue Caped Cod and he joins after winning a
random fight. Starting statistics are:
Superhero sixth class
Brawn 29
Brain 29
Tough 9
HP 99
Primary superpower: Really good at treading water
Equipment: Gizzard exploder, slinky of death, Teflon Galoshes

5. Armaments List

Close range weapons-
Arsenic-tipped deer antlers (15)
Billy club (4)
Brass knuckles (16)
Broken bottle (5)
Buffalo whip (9)
Cat-o-9-tails (6)
Cattle prod (10)
Fireplace poker (3)
Ginsu knife (12)
Large chainsaw (35)
Letter opener (3)
Mace (6)
Medium chainsaw (30)
Meat hook (14)
Mini chainsaw (18)
Moby chainsaw (40)
Modified jet engine (75)
Modified joy buzzer (13)
Neutron Sword (20)
Pitchfork (8)
Pointy stick (2)
Rusty nail (3)
Sharpened toothpick (1)
Small chainsaw (25)
Swiss army knife (9)
Tainted hypodermic needle (45)
Tire iron (7)
Trained Doberman (50)
Two-by-four (2)
Weedwacker (10)

Shooting weapons-
Arthritis inflammator (15)
BB gun (6)
Bowel disruptor (20)
Dart gun (5)
Discombobulator (35)
Extra-large rubber band (3)
Fire extinguisher (7)
Gizzard exploder (40)
High power laser (50)
Hip-mounted catapult (25)
La Missile du Mounties (90)
Low power laser (16)
Medium power laser (30)
Paddleball set (3)
Pea shooter (2)
Pitching machine (5)
Plastic boomerang (4)
Saturday night special (11)
Sawed off shotgun (12)
Silly string (8)
Sling shot (4)
Slinky of death (30)
Smart bomb launcher (75)
Spitball shooter (2)
Trained hornets (60)
Vinegar rocket (4)

Head armor-
Asbestos yarlmurka (3)
Concrete mortarboard (20)
Deflector helmet (35)
Football helmet (10)
Motorcycle helmet (7)
Neutron fez (26)
Padded skullcap (5)

Ear armor-
Concrete earmuffs (18)
Cotton balls (1)
Deflector earrings (22)
Force field earrings (14)
Nerf earmuffs (2)
Rubber earmuffs (4)
Steel earmuffs (11)
Tortoise-shell headphones (16)

Eye armor-
Deflector horn rims (8)
Groucho glasses (42)
Impervo contact lens (6)
Plastic Goggles (3)
Reflective visor (10)
Shatterproof monocle (2)
Sunglasses (1)

Hand armor-
Asbestos mitts (4)
Iron thimble (1)
Lead-lined gloves (6)
Oven mitts (2)
Rubber gloves (1)
Smart gloves (40)
Steel-lined gloves (9)
Titanium gloves (32)

Chest armor-
Asbestos apron (13)
Bulletproof vest (12)
Concrete cardigan (27)
High-powered force field (25)
Kevlar vest (28. To get this item, have King Midas use his power on eight
useless items)
Lavaproof vest (17)
Low powered force field (10)
Pocket missile defense (30)
Pocket protector (6)
Vomitproof vest (3)

Shoulder armor-
Concrete shoulder pads (18)
Lead-lined cape (15)
Nerf shoulder pads (2)
Rubber cape (5)
Rubber shoulder pads (4)
Steel epaulets (7)
Steel shoulder pads (11)
Studded shoulder strap (5)

Waist armor-
Asbestos fanny pack (5)
Bulletproof sash (8)
Copper cummerbund (13)
Glare-inducing belt (8)
Low-powered repulsion belt (15)
Padded belt (1)
Steel belt (3)
Teflon belt (12)

Groin armor-
Bulletproof briefs (14)
Diamond chastity belt (20)
Deflector undies (33)
Gore-Tex hot pants (2)
Iron jockstrap (9)
Padded jockstrap (5)
Teflon jock strap (24)
Titanium cutoffs (30)

Knee armor-
Ace bandage (1)
Bio-reactor knee splints (34)
Concrete knee pads (18)
Nerf knee pads (2)
Rubber knee pads (4)
Smart Knee Pads (20)
Steel knee pads (11)

Foot armor-
Aerobic shoes (3)
Lead-lined boots (6)
Rocket shoes (8)
Smart boots (13)
Steel galoshes (7)
Steel-lined boots (9)
Suede stealth sandals (17)
Teflon galoshes (12)

6. Legal Stuff-

Superhero League of Hoboken is copyright 1994 Legend Entertainment.
This walkthrough is copyright The Manx 2005, and may not be distributed in part
or in whole without the express permission of the author. Any requests to host
this guide, corrections, monetary gifts, marriage proposals, etc., can be
directed to

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