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 Supreme Commander 2 Guide

Supreme Commander 2 Guide
        / ____|                                    
       | (___  _   _ _ __  _ __ ___ _ __ ___   ___ 
        \___ \| | | | '_ \| '__/ _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _ \
        ____) | |_| | |_) | | |  __/ | | | | |  __/
       |_____/ \__,_| .__/|_|  \___|_| |_| |_|\___|
                    | |                            
  _____                                          _             ___  
 / ____|                                        | |           |__ \ 
| |     ___  _ __ ___  _ __ ___   __ _ _ __   __| | ___ _ __     ) |
| |    / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__|   / / 
| |___| (_) | | | | | | | | | | | (_| | | | | (_| |  __/ |     / /_ 
 \_____\___/|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|    |____|
   ___                _     _   _    _      ___      _    _     
  / __|___ _ __  _ __| |___| |_(_)__| |_   / __|_  _(_)__| |___ 
 | (__/ _ \ '  \| '_ \ / -_)  _| (_-<  _| | (_ | || | / _` / -_)
  \___\___/_|_|_| .__/_\___|\__|_/__/\__|  \___|\_,_|_\__,_\___|

| Purpose                                                                      |
The purpose of this guide is to help you get the Completist achievement for
Supreme Commander 2. There is a lot of false information floating around the
web about this achievement, so I wanted to set the record straight.

The Completeist achievement is obtained by completing all of the hidden
mission objectives in the campaign. These are objectives that do not show up
in your objective list, but will show up in the checklist at the end of the
mission if you have completed them. 

| General Advice                                                               |
- Play the campaign on Easy mode when going for these achievements. If you
  really want a challenge, you don't have to do easy, but some of the 
  objectives are very challenging, so just to make your life easier, I would 
  highly suggest playing on easy.
- At the end of each mission, make sure the objective shows up as complete in
  the completed objectives checklist. If it didn't, you didn't do it right. You
  MUST complete the mission for the objective to count towards the achievement.
- The achievement will not show up until you save the game, so after you finish
  the last hidden objective, start the next mission and save the game to get
  the achievement.
- You can check to see which objectives you have completed by looking at your
  games.pref file. To locate this file, you can do a search, or go to your
  application data folder. On Vista, this folder is:
  On XP, this folder is:
	C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\
  The file to look for is:
	\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander 2\games.pref
  You can open this file with a text editor (e.g. notepad). The end of the file
  shows your progress in the campaign. Each mission will have a separate section
  which lists all of the completed objectives. It will look like this:

                       completedObjectives = {
                            'Sink or Swim',
                            'Research Technology',
                            'Ripped to Shreds'

  Just look at each section to see if you have completed the hidden objectives
  for that mission. If they are not listed, you have not completed them. (This
  file is also good for checking on the progress of many of the other 

| Hidden Objective Checklist                                                   |
This is a quick reference guide to the objectives.

<-- UEF Campaign -->
Mission	Objective		Description
------- ---------------------	------------------------------------------------
1	Survivor		Survive the initial wave of Cybran attackers 
				without losing any units.
2	Economic Opportunist	Build at least two Mass Extractors in enemy 
3	Master of the Seas	Build an Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft 
4	Brutal Conqueror	Defeat Coleman without the aid of the Fatboys.
5	Experimenter		Build at least four Experimental units.
6	None Shall Pass!	Prevent any enemy King Kriptors from crossing 
				the main fortress bridge.
6	Nuke King		Launch your first nuke.

<-- Illuminate Campaign -->
Mission	Objective		Description
------- ---------------------	------------------------------------------------
1	Blockhead		Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% 
2	Master Tactician	Complete the operation by constructing fewer 
				than 30 mobile units.
3	Agent Provocateur	Capture all of the Security Stations.
3	Not the Bees!		Take out the enemy air defenses.
3	Pro Anti-Air		Take out the prison's defensive structures.
4	Experimental Fanatic	Build at least eight Experimental units.
5	Supremest Commander	Acquire full veterency with your ACU.
6	A Czar is Born		Build your first Darkenoid.
6	Bot Lord		Complete the operation with an army made up 
				entirely of Assault Bots.
<-- Cybran Campaign -->
Mission	Objective		Description
------- ---------------------	------------------------------------------------
1	Survival Expert		Survive Gauge's onslaught after the download 
2	Great Escapist		Complete the operation without a unit being 
				captured by the enemy.
2	Master Thief		Capture a Rogue Engineer.
3	Cache and Carry		Collect all of the Technology Caches.
4	Sultan of Soul		Build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
5	Master of the Deep	Build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.
6	Master of Pawns		Win the operation without the aid of any 
6	Research Savant		Complete all available research.

| Strategy			                                               |
This section gives details on the objectives, and advice on how to get them.

<-- UEF Mission 1 -->
Survior - This one isn't too difficult. You have to survive the initial attack
	without losing a unit. The attackers will primarily be focused on 
	attacking buildings, and will ignore your units while doing so. I 
	usually have my engineers build two point defense turrets at the south
	end, and send all of my combat units to the north. You can also use
	your ACU to attack the units, because he isn't likely to die. Once all
	of the attackers are dead, you will get notification the the
	objective being complete.

	NOTE: This objective also has a corresponding achievement.

<-- UEF Mission 2 -->
Economic Opportunist - This one is easy. Once you complete the early part of
	the mission and gain control of the ground forces, the map will open
	up and you will see three enemy mass extractors in the NW part of the
	map. Just send some units in to take down the buildings, then send your
	ACU in to build at least two mass extractors over the wreckage. You
	will get the achievement as soon as the second extractor is built.

<-- UEF Mission 3 -->
Master of the Seas - Very easy: just build an Atlantis II Experimental 
	Aircraft Carrier.

<-- UEF Mission 4 -->
Brutal Conqueror - This one can be a bit tricky, but it isn't terribly hard.
	The key here is to immediately start cranking out gunships. You can 
	send your bombers to take out the two initial fatboys, but keep your 
	gunships handy until you get a sizable force built up, maybe 30 or 40, 
	and send them directly in to kill the enemy commander. Put all of your
	research in to offense and defense boosts for the gunships. You will 
	lose a lot of units in the attack, but it will end the mission very 

<-- UEF Mission 5 -->
Experimenter - Just set your experimental factory to crank out fatboys 
	continuously, and have them guard your base until you have four.

<-- UEF Mission 6 -->
None Shall Pass! - For this, you just need to take control of the middle
	landing section of the path to the fortress and put defensive
	structures and units there to keep the kriptors from passing while
	you build up your forces. The game suggests you research the unit
	cannon to be able to launch your units to the side areas, but I just
	researched experimental land units and went for a straight-up 
	assault. I believe that there are three Kriptors in the fortress,
	but if you ignore the sides and go straight in, you should be able to 
	kill them before they activate and move towards your base.

Nuke King - Just build a nuke and launch it. It doesn't necessarily have to
	actually be successful. The main pain here is that it takes a lot of
	research to get the nuke, then you have to build the nuke silo, then
	you have to build the nuke itself. I would suggest you concentrate on
	the None Shall Pass objective first, and once all of the Kriptors
	are down you can then take out enemy buildings while building a nuke.
	Just don't attack the main fortress until the nuke is complete so
	that your mission won't end prematurely.

<-- Illuminate Mission 1 -->
Blockhead - You probably got this on your first playthrough, but basically
	you need to protect the blockade. I normally park a bunch of long range
	and anti-air units on the cliffs, and put some assault units in the
	water in front of the blockade. Generally, the enemy ships will sink
	before getting anywhere close to the blockade. Also, remember to build
	up a sizable group of fighters in order to take out the experimental

<-- Illuminate Mission 2 -->
Master Tactician - For this, you need to construct less than 30 mobile units.
	I did the mission without building any units at all, just to be safe.
	The key is to build a lot of point defense. I start off building four
	point defense towers on the east and west sides of the base at the
	bottom of the ramps, then four point defense towers at the north side 
	of the base. Then you can use your initial force to slowly advance up 
	the bridge, building point defense towers as you go. Keep your ACU with
	your force to build the towers and repair damaged units. Your missile
	launchers can take care of the enemy buildings from a long distance
	away. You just have to be patient and cautious. I completely ignored
	the eastern and western enemy bases for this achievement.

<-- Illuminate Mission 3 -->
Agent Provocateur - This one can be very tricky to get because the objective
	states that you need to capture all of the security stations, but what
	it doesn't tell you is that you need to capture them pretty much at the
	same time. You start with one station already under your control. What
	you have to capture are the security stations on the northern and
	southern islands. As soon as you take down the shield on an island,
	some experimental gunships will attack (about four of them). You can
	count on losing any ground forces you send in, but that isn't too bad.
	Just take out all the enemy buildings then send in your fighters to
	kill the gunships. Once both islands are clear, send engineers to both
	islands at the same time. Once they are both parked near the security
	station, have them capture them both at the same time. One station
	will make the enemy air forces friendly, and the other will make some
	of the defense structures friendly. By capturing them both at once, 
	you can do some real damage to the enemy base.

Not the Bees! - You need to take out the enemy air defenses.
Pro Anti-Air - You need to take out the prison's defensive structures.
	Both of these are easy. Once you complete the Agent Provocateur
	objective, just send in your units to wipe out everything in the base.
	I find that a large air force is the easiest to use to accomplish this.
<-- Illuminate Mission 4 -->
Experimental Fanatic - This one is kind of a pain simply because your building
	area is very limited, and an experimental factory is large. Plus, it
	takes a while to build eight experimentals. I would suggest you wait 
	until Gauge clears out the central area, then take it over. Build 
	point defense to the east, and air defense to the north, then build
	the experimental gantry in the SW corner. Then just crank out eight
	Urchinows. You will need to protect them with fighters because the 
	enemy gunships will focus on them. Have the completed ones wait on the
	eastern walkway while you are building the rest. Once you have all 
	eight, you will get the objective, and you can use them to take out 
	both enemy bases.

<-- Illuminate Mission 5 -->
Supremest Commander - This objective is stated incorrectly in 99% of the guides.
	To get this, you need get your ACU to maximum veterency (rank 5). This
	isn't nearly as hard as it sounds. Just put all of your early research
	into ACU offensive and defensive upgrades, particularly the overcharge
	ability. Your ACU will probably gain one rank just from killing the
	air units that keep attacking. You can use the temple to teleport
	the ACU to the mesa to the west to take out all of the units there.
	Then, teleport him to the nearest two enemy platforms to take out
	the units there. The overcharge ability will make short work of the
	experimentals, and the other units go down easy as well. Once you clear
	out all three of these enemy areas, you should be rank 5. If not, just
	leave him there to take out enemy air patrols, or have him assist in
	the assault on the main base. If he gets badly damaged, either teleport
	him back to your base, or teleport an engineer over to heal him.

	NOTE: This objective is NOT related to the Supremest Commander

<-- Illuminate Mission 6 -->
NOTE: You cannot do both of these objectives in the same playthrough. You will
 need complete this mission twice to get both objectives. I would suggest doing
 the Bot Lord objective first, and save the game just before you win. After
 you win, you can load this game and build a darkenoid to complete the other 

A Czar is Born - Just build a darkenoid.

Bot Lord - This is one of the more challenging and most fun objectives. To
	get this, you can only build assault bots. You cannot build any other
	units at all, or any defensive structures - including factory addons.
	The key here is to research the assault bot's anti-air capabilities at
	the very start of the game so the assault bots you build will be able 
	to fend off the air attacks. Put all of your research into offensive
	and defensive upgrades for the assault bot, particularly the shield
	and health increase. Try to have about six factories going at once
	producing assault bots. Once you get about 40-50 bots, send them to
	attack the SE base. With any luck, you will be able to take out the
	enemy commander and have a new area filled with scrap and metal sites.
	The NW base is a little harder to kill. I sent two waves of about 50
	bots in. The first took out about half of the base, and the second
	took out the commander. The final base works the same way - just send
	in a huge swarm of bots. Also, don't tell your bots what to attack.
	Just keep them moving around the bases and they will wipe out the
	buildings on their own. The only thing you need to tell them to attack
	is the enemy ACU so that they will concentrate their fire on it to
	kill it.

	NOTE: This objective also has a corresponding achievement.

<-- Cybran Mission 1 -->
Survival Expert - This is easily the hardest objective. Expect to restart the
	mission several times until you get it right. In order to complete this
	objective, you must survive the three waves of experimental gunships 
	that attack your base after the download completes. In order to do this,
	you will need your base to be so thick with anti-air defense that you 
	can hardly move. My suggestion is to build about four point defense
	towers at each of the three approaches to the base, then spend 
	everything else on air defense. This means a lot of overlapping shields
	and tons of anti-air towers. Build nothing but anti-air units in your
	ground factory, and nothing but fighters in your air factory. A second
	air factory can help, but metal will be very short early on, and you
	will need it for towers and shields. I also highly recommend several
	extra engineers to patrol the base to repair buildings and collect
	scrap metal. The first wave will have one Soulripper, which should go
	down easily. The second wave has about three soulrippers, and will
	do some major damage to your base. once it is arrives, start moving 
	your ACU towards the SW area of your base. The third wave will have
	about four (I think) soulrippers, and will probably decimate most
	of your base before going down. Once the third wave is down, you should
	get the objective complete notification, and you can move your ACU
	down to the teleporter.

<-- Cybran Mission 2 -->
Great Escapist - This one is a pain. If the enemy engineers capture any unit
	of yours, including towers, you lose. The key here is to create a wall
	of point defense towers as quickly as possible. Also, put your ACU up
	front since he can't be captured. Only a few engineers attack at the
	beginning of the mission, so it is important to expand quickly early
	on. Build a line of point defense towers (about 8 or so) to kill off
	the waves of engineers, and keep your ACU in front of them. Also,
	make sure to build about four PD towers at the southern end of your
	base because engineers will attack from the south as well. Air units
	are particularly good at taking out the engineers since they can't
	be captured, but you have to be careful of all of the AA towers that
	are scattered around. A navy can also help take out the eastern side
	of the enemy base, but be sure that none of them gets captured
	along the way. When you get enough research, build a few Megaliths
	and use their long-range attacks to advance into the enemy base
	enough to get your ACU to the objective.

Master Thief - This one is fairly easy. Just send your ACU to capture the 
	enemy engineer that starts out by himself to the north of your base.

<-- Cybran Mission 3 -->
Cache and Carry - You just need to destroy all of the technology caches. There
	are several scattered about the outside mesas, and one at the SE end
	of the enemy base. Just send in a few bombers or gunships to take them
	out, and make sure you get the objective complete notification before
	you complete the mission.

<-- Cybran Mission 4 -->
Sultan of Soul - You need to build at least four Soul Ripper Experimentals.
	This one is only difficult because of the enormous expense of these
	gunships. Once you have all four, just sit back and watch them rip
	through everything the enemy has.

<-- Cybran Mission 5 -->
Master of the Deep - Very easy. Just build a Kraken Experimental Submarine.

<-- Cybran Mission 6 -->
Master of Pawns - For this, you need to win the mission without building
	any experimentals. This includes experimental buildings. I am not
	sure if researching experimentals counts, but just to be safe, don't
	research them. (This precludes Research Savant, but it's easy enough
	to get if you save your game before taking out the last tower, then
	load it again and do the research.) What I suggest is building up a 
	super-strong defensive position using your initial units, then building
	nothing but air units for attack. I built about four PD and AA towers at
	the right, left, and center areas of my base (past the mass extractors
	so they can be protected), and had overlapping shields protecting it 
	all. Then, I had four air factories cranking out air units continuously
	- three making gunships, and one making fighters. Once you get a force 
	of about 100 air units, you can easily complete the mission with it. The
	quick way is to have the air units take out all four towers, then attack
	Gauge directly. If you want to go for the Research Savant objective, 
	then use the air units to first take out the east and west enemy bases,
	which will make things a bit easier for your defenders. Then take out 
	three of the four shield towers and save. Complete the game, then load 
	it again to go for the Research Savant objective.

	NOTE: My usual strategy on this board was to capture the Megalith that
	attacks you at the start. Don't do this - it will fail the objective. 
	You can't capture any experimentals when doing this objective.

Research Savant - For this, you just need a ton of research. If you follow my
	suggestion above, you will be in a good position to turtle until you
	complete all the research. Build three proto-brain complexes, and keep
	the brains docked so they will produce the maximum research. Have all
	of your air units defend the central approach to your base. You should
	hit the 300 unit cap very quickly, and then it's just a waiting game
	to get enough points to research everything. Once the objective is
	complete, you can take out the fourth tower and then attack Gauge.

| Contact                                                                      |
If you find any mistakes or have any comments, e-mail me at the address below.
(Remove all of the underscores.)

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