Survival Project - Acquiring Elements Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Survival Project - Acquiring Elements

Survival Project - Acquiring Elements 

[Version 1.01]
by eternalparadox
[Table of Contents]
<1> - Introduction
<2> - Contact/Legal Info
<3> - Updates
<4> - How Do I Get Elements?
<5> - Methods for Element Gathering
    - Chests
    - Forest Quest 4
    - Flame Quest 4
    - The Level 5 Quests
       - Balrog
       - Dark Fairy
       - Red Dragon and "Efreeting"
    - Swapping
<6> - Ending Credits

<1> Introduction
Every time I play Survival Project, I notice many players that wish they had 
enough elements, officially White Cards, to upgrade their cards.  Having been
in their position before, I decided to create this guide to put together all 
the tricks and secrets I know to making elements.  

Obviously, I don't know everything, so if you have any tricks of your own that
you'd like to share, please tell me!

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this guide!

<2> Contact/Legal Info
I can be reached at, though I cannot guarantee that I will 
answer your e-mails in a timely fashion.  Please title your questions with 
"Survival Project," or I will most likely delete it as spam.  

I make no absolute claims about the correctness of the information herein.  All
trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ was created by me, eternalparadox, and is ONLY for use on:

unless otherwise expressly permitted by me.

<3> Updates

1.00: Finished the guide.

1.01: Updated Contact/Legal Info.

<4> How Do I Get Elements?
Elements, or White Cards, are given to players at various times.  The most 
common method is to kill a monster or player in battle, which sometimes gives
you elements.  The stronger they are, or if one player is premium, the better
the chances of receiving elements are.  Opening chests can also give you 
elements; chests are found in every quest from level 2 and up, except in the 
Flame Quests, where they appear in levels 4 and 5.

Another method of gaining elements is winning Battles or mini-games under the 
Enjoy! section.  Only the winning team may receive elements.

Also, Survival Project gives you free elements once a day.  Selecting a main
character (done in Channel selection screen) will improve your chances of 
receiving whatever element that character is.  Higher channels increase the
maximum number of elements received this way.

Finally, in Battles or in Community, elements can sometimes be found floating
around the stage.  They only last for a small period of time, and will 
disappear after the time expires, or after being attacked.

All methods except the free elements give a random amount of elements ranging
from 1 to 4.

<5> Methods for Element Gathering
Below are all the methods I have gathered from my experience in Survival
Project.  Many require high level cards, so unfortunately, the newer players 
will most likely rely on the Chests method, free elements, and luck.

~~~  Chests ~~~
The easiest method by far is to kill only chests in any level 2 or 3 quest
(except Flame Quests) to try and acquire elements.  It is, however, the most 
tedious and least effective method as well.  Killing chests generally does not 
require any cards, just scrolls and the right character, so it's the first 
option available once you're in Channel 2.

To kill chests effectively, you should use either Shamoo or Hawk, as their 
long-range attacks are powerful and fairly quick.  Note that Hawk, being a land
character, slides much less after running or being hit; however, either works
just fine.  Pack one Triple Shot and two Protections (the bubble scroll).  
When you see a chest, activate Triple Shot and attack it from the back, as it
does more damage.  If enemies are bothering you, activate a Protection scroll.
If there are two chests fairly close together, this method can get you two 
chests per run.

Of course, chests sometimes give you code instead, so this method often gets
on people's nerves.  Just keep trying until you get stronger cards!

~~~  Forest Quest 4 ~~~
This method often requires a fairly high-level staff and boots, but depending 
on the size of your group and their willingness to let you kill the Cyclops, 
you might not need the staff card.  There are a couple ways of going about it,
but the general idea is the same: kill the Cyclops.  Doing this often gets you 
some elements, and since it's easier than doing any fifth level quest, it's a 
popular method.

Without a large group, you'll need a decent set of boots to make it past the
enemies and to the Cyclops, as you probably won't want to waste time trying to
beat the stage.  Shamoo is by far the most popular character for this task, as 
her fireballs are strong and her MP bar is incredibly long.  First, pick up
a Triple Shot and two Protections.  When you get to the Cyclops' lair, fly to a
corner, use your Triple Shot and start firing.  Once they get close enough to 
attack, activate a Protection and keep throwing.  Don't forget to use another
Protection once the first one dies.  With a high-level staff, you should be 
able to kill at least one Cyclops.  If you're in a group, ask a dead person to
stand over you, giving you Critical hits as long as they're on you.

Another method requires only a good set of boots.  The scrolls are your choice,
but the character MUST be Hazel.  Once in the boss area, fly around the
campfire and use your long-range attack.  Due to the nature of the bats, you
won't need to face the Cyclops in order to hit them.  Also, since MP and BP 
heal quickly, you'll be able to heal up without losing all your progress on 
their life.  Note that without good boots, this is impossible, as the Cyclops
will catch up to you.

~~~ <5> Flame Quest 4 ~~~
This particular method has no specific strategy, except that the boss monsters,
the Efreets, are a good source of elements when defeated.  Flame Quest 5 has
these monsters in bountiful numbers, but if you can't find or create it yet,
Flame Quest 4 can suffice.  Efreets pack both short and long-range attacks, and
the lava on the side can be a nuisance.  There are some chests in the boss 
area, but they're best ignored.

~~~ <6> The Level 5 Quests ~~~
The fifth level quests all feature a tough boss monster that ALWAYS, yes, 
ALWAYS, gives you four elements if you deliver the finishing blow.  With the 
exception of the Flame Quest, that is the main idea behind these element-making
strategies.  To get to the boss monster, you must destroy all other monsters,
except in Flame Quest 5, where you need only destroy all the Efreets.  Below 
are descriptions of some techniques to beating these bosses.

*****  Balrog *****
The trick to defeating Balrog is knowing how he moves around.  Balrog picks a
target and teleports ABOVE his target.  If the target keeps moving, he 
disappears, so to make him stay, the target must stand still enough to allow 
him to attack.  The most popular method of beating him is to gather the group
(or yourself) in the top-right corner, where the "archers," players using 
either Shamoo, Cream, Hazel, or Aurelli, use Triple Shot scrolls to deal max
damage quickly.  Some melee players keep the Skeleton hordes at bay while 
Balrog is assaulted by the archers.

If you are an archer, pack one or two Triple Shots and fill the remaining spots
with Protections.  Watch out for the spikes that pop up along the top row.

If you are a melee fighter, I suggest using three Protections to effectively 
protect the archers.

Another method involves high-level earth or water magic and a speedy character
to use it.  That person runs around casting magic, which kills the regenerating
skeletons, giving the character more HP, MP, and BP.  Occasionally, the magic
hits Balrog, and the process continues until Balrog is dead.

*****  Dark Fairy *****
The Dark Fairy has two attacks, both long-range, and flies around the boss area
at a rapid pace.  Her first attack releases spikes in a full circle, while her
second releases three energy balls from her back, which act like homing 
missiles.  There are some orcs in the area to begin with, and after the Dark
Fairy loses enough life, two Cyclops will appear.  

I don't know of any specific strategy for defeating the Dark Fairy, but I have
seen people try the Triple Shot and Protection method.  Discover your own way
of defeating her.  ;)

*****  Red Dragon and "Efreeting" *****
"Efreeting," as it is often referred to, is simply the process of killing 
Efreets in order to acquire elements.  In Flame Quest 5, there are plenty of
Efreets to go around, so it's a popular place for high-level people.  

The Red Dragon, on the other hand, is a rare kill, and for good reason.  Before
he even lands, the Dragon sends down a rain of three flames that don't hit you
if you aren't moving.  After some of those, he lands, causing multiple lines
of flame to spread from the landing spot.  This time is the only time to attack
him, so don't miss it!  Once the Red Dragon takes enough damage, enemies start
appearing.  First come the Hell Hounds, then Cereberus, and finally, a large
group of Efreets.  That's right, the Red Dragon and Efreets, all together on
one tiny area.  Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Generally, people like to go in one at a time, as multiple players together 
cause problems, since the Red Dragon sends down the triple flames for EACH 
character.  As soon as he lands, people defend from the extending fire and turn
to shoot the Dragon before he flies away.  This often continues until the 
Efreets appear, at which time the entire party should enter the room and try to
finish the job.  Obviously, it gets crazier once everyone's in the room, but
no matter how high-level your cards are, solo-ing the Red Dragon completely is
nearly impossible.  I only know of one or two players that have ever done this
(legally, that is).  

Another methods is to use Protections in order to avoid damage from the Red 
Dragon's landing and to launch a counterattack.  Obviously, it doesn't work 
quite as well as the above method.  

Good luck beating the Red Dragon!

~~~  Swapping ~~~
This last method is the most effective and simple, but requires you to be able
to access Channel 5 or to have a Master Card to use it effectively.  Swapping
is simply allowing one player to win one game, and then the other player the 
next.  As of now, I don't know if swapping is technically legal or not, but 
I've seen rooms with that title and posts on Survival Project's offical forum
about it without apparent punishment.  Just don't try making two accounts to do
this, alright?

Although swapping works with any Battle, it works best in Fight Club, where
unseating the current champion gives you a good shot at making elements.  In 
most other modes, it takes too much time to win, and the chances are fairly 
low.  Survival or Auto Team Survival are runner-ups in swapping effectiveness,
but they don't give elements quite as often.  Simply have the challenger unseat
the champion, and both players should come away with quite the element stock.
And please, don't blame me if it turns out to be illegal and you end up banned,
muted, or suspended; it's not my fault!  T.T

<6> Ending Credits
Thanks to E-Games for creating Survival Project!

Also thanks to the players on the Survival Project forum for discussing many of
these tricks and techniques for making elements!

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