Sweet Valentine Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sweet Valentine

Sweet Valentine


Easy Ending:
Go left, then up the ladder. Look under the bed and note the yellow
key. Now you can move the bed. Look behind it to get the yellow key.
Get bunny tile (1) at the foot of the bed. Now go left twice and find
the bunny tile (2) on the spinning arrow next to the real bunny in 
the basket. Now go down the ladder and left. Open the top right 
cabinet with the yellow key. Take a towel. Move the guitar and get 
a pink screw. Go right again and unhook the ladder. Take the ladder.
Turn to the TV and use the ladder to go up. (Click the TV with the 
ladder.) Now go up the ladder and take bunny tile (3). 
Move the bunny balloons. Take the pink key. Go down the ladder and 
put in all the bunny tiles into the box. Take the nippers in the 
box. Close the box by clicking on the lid and get an order of numbers.
Click on the bunny and click the flowers in that order. Open the 
zipper for a black key. Take back the ladder. Go left twice and put 
the ladder back. Now go to the cabinets and use the pink key on the 
middle-right cabinet to get an IPod. Click on IPod, then “ABOUT ITEM.”
Go to menu, then videos. See the picture change to pink bunny, blue 
flower, red heart, then green arrow. Go back up the ladder and move 
left twice. Put the blanket over the real bunny. Now go to the closet
and use the black key on both doors. Get the wrapping paper in the 
trash can and the stepladder in the left part. Go back to the box of
chocolates and use the nippers to cut open the box with the ribbon. 
Take the ribbon and put both the wrapping paper and the ribbon on 
the box of chocolates. Go back to the closet and turn left. Put 
down the stepladder near the window. Cut the lock with the nippers
and open the window. Go down the ladder for EASY EXIT. 
However, if you want to keep going… 

Normal Ending:
Get the screwdriver in the pot with yellow roses. Go back up and 
inside. The bunny (wearing a blanket) left behind a blue key. Take
that! Take the stepstool back. Now go back to the six square 
cabinets and use the blue key on the middle-left cabinet. Take 
the pink circle with two prongs. What is it? The world may never 
know… Go to the ladder, unhook it, and go back to the cabinets. 
Use the ladder near the cabinets and look on top of them. Use the
screwdriver and unscrew the blue screw and the L-bracket (stopper.)
Take the ladder back. Use the ladder and go back up to the bed. 
Turn to the window. Use the L-bracket (stopper) in ABOUT ITEM and
then put the pink circle with two prongs on it. Attach the pink 
screw and tighten it with the screwdriver. Click one of the bunny
outlines on the wall above the empty bunny basket and use the thing
you just created in the hole. Put in the blue screw and tighten in 
the handle with the screwdriver. Turn the handle and you should 
hear a sound. Turn right to go to the closet. Go down the blue 
ladder. Now go right and take the suitcase. 
If you wish, go out this door for NORMAL EXIT. 

True Ending:
If you want to keep going, however, use the stepladder on the door 
and go up. Take the white key on the bunny. Now go all the way back
to those six square shelves and input the things you saw on the IPod,
pink bunny, blue flower, red heart, and green arrow. The box opens. 
Take the wrench. Take the ladder and click on the lower right of it.
Use the wrench on the screw to get the connection cable. Go back up,
into the closet, and go up the blue ladder. Now look behind the bunny
speaker and connect the cable with the stand. Now put down the Ipod 
in docking station and click music on IPod screen. Hear “3 2 1 0.” 
To the right of the door, switch the number tiles so they look like
“3 2 1 0.” Hear a high beep if you put it in correctly. Open the door,
step in the hot air balloon, and you’ve won!

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