Sydney Affair Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Sydney Affair

Sydney Affair


 First of all take a photo of Mr. Sydney's right pocket to
 find a key. Take a photo of his briefcase and press f7.
 Take down all the information shown, and press f7 again to
 see a black and white photo of a couple kissing. Next, take
 a photo of his jacket to find his wallet and write down the
 information, given. Press RETURN to access the second
 location and take photos of the vase, the floor, the
 curtains and the window frame. Your efforts are rewarderd
 with a fingerprint, a camel cigarette butt and a 7 x 64
 calibre cartridge. Now load the next section.


 NB: Write down all statements First, get a statement from a
 Witness - no name and address is needed. Next, get a
 satement from Maitre Decole and then one from Mrs. Sydney
 (her address is given in the wallet). Hubert Decole comes
 after that, and then you have to get another one from Mrs.
 Sydney. Get an autopsy on Mr. Sydney and a ballistic on the
 spent cartridge - take down the information, on both. Get a
 statement from the Caretaker of St. James Square and then
 ask for another one from him, to get an, address at Blatin
 In Mr. Sydney's briefcase is the name R Renard. Type Mr.
 Renard and Blatin Street to get a statement from a private
 detective. Another statement is required from Mrs. Sydney.
 Mr. Sydney had two children, Sylvie and Ludovic. Get
 statements from each and Sylvie says she recognises the man
 in the photo. Ask Mrs. Sydney for another statement and she
 gives you the address of her cousin, Tino Di Nallo. Get two
 statements from the housekeeper, Peggy Gachet - her address
 is the same as the Sydneys'.
 The next statement is from Tino Di Nallo - and he admits to
 having an affair with Mrs. Sydney. Get another statement
 from Ludovic to find that he Knows Tino very well, then ask
 Tino for a statement to find out about his national
 service. Ask Ludovic for another statement, to find out
 about a 'Segeant'. Go back to Tino and get another
 statement, then go to messages and type CRRJ LYON to find
 out who the sergeant is (just type 'sergeant' after typing
 your destination). Type CIAJ CLERMONT and Patrick Languille
 to find his criminal record. Next type STCHELY and Patrick
 Languille again and get a statement from him (for his
 address just type ST-CHELY). Get a statement from Tino, and
 get another statement from the Witness to discover that he
 positively identifies the man running from the scene of the
 crime as Patrick. Press 'comparison' and type PATRICK
 LANGUILLE. Take down all the information given and press
 space for more. Get another statement from Patrick, use
 'comparison' and type TINO D'NALLO. Get another statement
 from Patrick and do another comparison on him.
 Perform a ballistic on the hole in the wail, do another
 comparison on Tino and get a statement from him. Get
 another statement from Tina to get a short confession from
 him admitting that he's responsible for Sydney's death, and
 press space a couple of times to get the full confession.
 Get a statement from Patrick for a confession from him, and
 press space a couple of times for a full confession.
 Finally, arrest Patrick Languille for the murder of Mr Syd-
 ney, then sit back in your comfy chair (no, not the comfy
 chair – CB), put your feet up, smile smugly to yourself and
 make a cuppa.


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