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Each time you finish a room, you will have no reason to go back. Start with 
the room on the left, then the second from the left (padded room), then the 
church, then the portal, then the transport room. Otherwise, full instructions

1. Click on the circle on the left face of the cube, and then on the diamond 
   on the right face of the cube.
2. Enter the room on the left with the robot on the treadmill. Pick up the gas 
   can and the spark plug on the left. Pick up the gear and the wrench on the 
   right. Put the gear in the treadmill to the left of the other gears. Put the
   gas in the funnel on top of the red generator. Use the wrench to open the 
   panel on the generator and put the spark plug inside. Click the power button.
3. Pick up the lens that comes out of the treadmill and hold it over one of the 
   ceiling lights. Once it starts to glow red, put it in the robotís eye.
4. Enter the new room. Take the lit candle. Click on the stationary bird in the 
   left painting, and the birds that are flying. Take the book out of the desk. 
   Leave the room.
5. Enter the second room on the left, the padded room. Pick up the crumpled sheet 
   of paper on the ground. Note the 9:15 on the wall in roman numerals, so set the
   clock to this time. (drag the hands) Take the razor blade and use it to cut the
   loose tile away between the clock and the bed. Take the screwdriver and use it 
   to open the radio. Take the cross out of the radio. Hover your mouse over the 
   wall to the left of the clock to reveal lines. Hover over the end of the lines 
   to reveal the whole opening and a secret room appears. Enter it.
6. Make a continous path using the lights from the brain in the middle to the light 
   on the pedestal. The light should go from the middle to the bottom left, to the 
   top left, across to the top right, down to the middle right, up to the top middle,
   and down to the pedestal. The bottom right node is unused. Once the sequence is 
   complete, get the brain and leave the room.
8. Enter the room at the back, the portal. Open the box and put the brain in.
9. Enter the room on the right, the church. Put the candle on the empty candleholder
   on the bottom left. Once the cross on the baptismal glows, use the cross on it. 
   When the water in the baptismal glows, put the paper in it. Take the heart.
10. Enter the third room from the right with the train. Wait for the train to come 
    and the doors to open, then grab the cell phone on the floor inside the train. 
    Use the cell phone to call the number written inside the book (itís different 
    every time). Enter the secret passageway. Open the box and put the heart inside.

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