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 Syndicate - American Revolt

Syndicate - American Revolt

by Russell Webb

              M  E  M  O  R  A  N  D  U  M

                Additional Mission Briefings

        To:     North American Syndicate Operatives
                South American Syndicate Operatives

        From:   Tactical Intelligence Division

        Report code: YMP-203C
        Report classification: SENSITIVE

Our intelligence reports that the American resistance to our
organization is better-armed and more deadly that we had initially
thought.  All company operatives are urged to take all necessary
precautions when dealing with the opposition in the American Revolt.

The Tactical Intelligence Division has unearthed some additional
information on each of the probable scenarios you operatives will
encounter.  Please avail yourself of this information.  A difficulty
ranking is given for each scenario, followed by tactical information
and a suggested weapons loadout.

Scenarios are organized in roughly west-to-east and north-to-south
order, approximately the order that you may encounter the missions.

ALASKA: "Defend the Fortress"
 Easy.  Take a single agent, number 4, armed with gauss guns and
 miniguns.  Immediately go into panic mode and head due east to the
 edge of the building balcony.  Quickly destroy the approaching
 military APC with laser fire or a gauss gun, then immediately dispatch
 the four approaching enemy agents before they get within minigun range
 of the advisor.  Turn back into the courtyard of the building and
 clean up the four remaining agents, then blow up the fire truck
 outside to clear a passage for the advisor into the complex.  If you
 still haven´t had enough carnage for the day then note the two packs
 of unarmed agents to the northeast and southeast.
 Loadout: one agent with two miniguns, 2 gauss guns, and a laser or
 additional gauss.

 Moderate.  The more difficult part of this mission is surviving the
 initial stream of minigun-equipped agents.  Try to find a easily-
 defended position to bottle up the flow of enemy agents; one good spot
 is directly east of the drop point, on one of the fenced ledges that
 extend between the city sectors.  Exercise caution when approaching
 guard buildings, as the concentrated laser fire from guard squads can
 be devastating.
 Loadout: 3 or 4 agents with 2 or 3 miniguns, with optional long-range
 weapons (lasers or gauss).

 Moderate.  Just halt the executive by jumping into the ambulance and
 stopping it in front of his car with one of your agents.  Use lasers
 or gauss guns to quickly nail the military APC through the car gates
 at the drop-off point, then station one or two agents on either side
 of the gate to pick off at long range the police car full of agents
 and the two or three squads that advance toward the executive´s car.
 All that´s left is a gauss guard and a stationary pack of agents at
 the executive´s destination.  Clean them up and lead the executive
 straight through the corpses.  Chasing after the exec´s car instead
 of leading a car in front of him makes this quite a bit more
 Loadout: miniguns are good, but longer-range weapons like gauss gun
 or lasers make it easier to nail the enemy agents before they get near
 the executive.

GREENLAND: "Heal the World"
 Easy.  Ramp up an agent´s adrenaline, then chase and shoot the outgoing
 car with just a brief round of minigun fire.  The frightened civilian
 will stop and run off.  Kill him, then take an agent on a sniping trip
 around the perimeter fence of the compound, picking off wandering
 guards or platform gauss guards with miniguns.  Blow up the black APC
 to the south, then take the car in to grab the ambulance before exiting
 back to the north.
 Loadout: one or more agents with at least 2 miniguns; a additional
 gauss gun makes the mission a bit simpler.

NEWFOUNDLAND: "Hostile Takeover"
 Moderate.  Several agents with miniguns can easily knock out the
 initial wave of agents; a good position is slightly south of the door
 that is near the west of the entry point.  The gauss guards are pretty
 thick in the region of the executive; approach the target defensively
 and try to draw the guards towards the edges of buildings where you
 can hit them from outside with gauss guns.  I´ve seen a rogue enemy
 agent or guard run for the executive and kill him before you could get
 there but haven´t been able to repeat this; possibly it was just a
 trigger-happy gauss guard firing at an agent.
 Loadout: one or more agents with persuadertron, 2 miniguns, one or
 more gauss guns.

YUKON: "Police Protection"
 Difficult.  This is one of the trickier North America missions. Several
 squads of agents head straight for the C.I.U., so removing them even
 during the heated skirmish with other gauss-toting agents is still the
 top priority.  Call an air strike on the southwestern platform island to
 wipe out the six or more agents there if you´ve run out of other ammo
 or just want to see some fireworks, as it´s the final destination of
 the C.I.U.  Good initial defense positions include just northwest of
 the drop point at the corner of the building, or due west across the
 plaza, hugging another building corner.  These points provide a good
 line of fire towards the agents that head for the C.I.U.
 Loadout: four agents with at least three lasers and a minigun each.
 An air con and scanner are of definite use.

 Difficult.  The onslaught of agents is severe, but it might help to
 rapidly swap between lasers (to knock out APCs) and miniguns (to set
 off gauss guns or time bombs in the inventories of onrushing squads).
 If you can make it to the fenced compound to the south after knocking
 out a few initial agent squads, it´s a simple matter to wait and gang
 up on agents as they come around the corner.  The target is guarded
 heavily in the far northwest corner, but a careful approach with
 miniguns or lasers, or a simple air strike will assassinate him after
 opposing syndicate agents are gone.
 Loadout: 1-3 lasers, 1-3 miniguns.  A scanner and air com are helpful.

ROCKIES: "The Driver"
 Difficult.  Destroy the agent waves with miniguns, then send an agent
 in with carefully-aimed minigun or lasers to pick off the guards
 surrounding the fire truck blocking the road.  The operative will wait
 safely in the car if the fire truck is intact, so try to keep it in
 one piece and then send in agents to clear out the pockets of guards
 and police to the west and southwest.  Air bombing is the easiest way
 to get rid of the buildings full of gauss-equipped guards, but a
 defensive approach by a single agent can also take them out.  Be sure
 to draw out the four guards inside the complex to the southwest by
 hitting them with initial gunfire, then darting outside and destroying
 them as they come out of the door.
 Loadout: 2 or more miniguns, lasers or gauss guns as desired.

MIDWEST: "Meat Grinder"
 Moderately easy.  After the initial assault of agents, just be careful
 to keep your guns out of sight due to the strong police presence.  If
 your agents can survive the initial wave with good defensive maneuvers
 and cover behind the buildings around the drop point, one or two agents
 might be sufficient.
 Loadout: lasers might help knock out the gauss agents, but otherwise
 the opposition is poorly equipped with uzis, shotguns, miniguns, and
 a few lasers; cost-effective miniguns should suffice.

NEW ENGLAND: "Science Project"
 Difficult.  Pack lasers and destroy the northern APC and its agents as
 soon as possible, then run back south to the building side to gain
 cover from approaching agents.  As soon as things quiet down you could
 make a run for the ramped building top to the north and pick off agents
 and guards as they come near.  When most aggressive agents are gone you
 could go on a persuadathon or just pick off the guards one by one.  The
 target is in a building in the far northwestern corner, flanked by six
 or so aggressive guards.
 Loadout: lasers, miniguns, scanner.

COLORADO: "There Goes The Cavalry"
 Difficult.  Your initial position is difficult to defend while you´re
 busy dodging air strikes; equip miniguns or lasers and run west until
 the air clears, then head back exactly to the drop point where you can
 hit agents running up the ramp or corner to the south.  Clean up the
 western area with air strikes if you can afford it, otherwise just
 approach the laser and gauss guards defensively.  You need to destroy
 all of the cars to complete the mission, but guard corpses are full of
 lasers and heavy weaponry.  The real trick is surviving the first 30
 Loadout: 4 agents with 2 miniguns, 1 or 2 lasers, scanner, air raid

 Moderately easy.  Take care to get to the informant quickly, as the row
 of agents lining the far west perimeter of the complex rush to attack
 him after a minute or two.  Haste or a well-placed air attack after
 the initial wave of agents will knock these western agents out quickly.
 Loadout: miniguns alone are almost suitable for this mission, but a
 few lasers can knock out the main concentration of agents in the
 informant´s complex before they can aim their gauss guns.  A scanner
 might help spot the gauss guards in the small buildings to the north.

MEXICO: "Police Story"
 Easy.  The police target is initially in the northeast corner of the
 map, in the western car of a pair next to a stretch of road.  It
 doesn´t start moving until a minute or so into the mission.  The
 easy way to finish this is to immediately bomb this car. Sustained
 minigun and laser fire can get you past the agents, but the heavy
 concentration of guards to the north of the drop point is fairly
 deadly without a air strike there as well.  For a real challenge, try
 to manage the assassination without air bombing.  An approach to the
 road is difficult without having the time to isolate the guards.
 Loadout: air raid com, or as many miniguns as you can carry.

 Surprisingly easy (if you keep agent 3 on a sharp lookout).  Make
 sure to deploy agent 3 with many miniguns, and ramp all agents to
 panic mode immediately.  Then immediately air strike against the agents
 concentrated on the eastern platforms of the complex.  Have agent 3
 keep steady minigun fire against the agents rounding the corner to
 his/her southeast.  Agent 2 can provide backup support, preferably
 with several lasers.  The mission can be finished quickly if a good
 air strike is made initially with agents 2 and 3 being successful
 with their defense of the single walkway corner southeast of agent 3.
 Make sure to knock out military guards quickly to avoid air strikes.
 Most military guards round the same corner that agent 3 guards.
 Loadout: agent 3 with several miniguns, agent 2 with several lasers,
 agents 1 and 4 (if used) with miniguns or lasers in case the opposition
 slips through the initial defenses.

COLUMBIA: "Madman Returns"
 Moderately easy.  Don´t waste your agents going after the car to the
 east of the drop point--it´s unlikely they´ll make it.  You can still
 abduct the police car circling the compound, or just walk up to each
 gate and an agent truck might move through to intercept you.  If you
 have enough money but mangle the mission by blowing up all of the
 cars, just use air strikes against the agents in the northern compound.
 Most of the agents are clearly visible amongst the barrel storage in
 the northwest sector.  The most difficult portion of this mission is
 just staying alive near the beginning, so try not to charge into the
 middle of several enemy squads.
 Loadout: 2-3 miniguns, lasers or gauss as desired, scanner and air raid

PERU: "All Quiet"
 Easy.  Bring along between one to four agents and crank adrenaline to
 maximum with persuadertrons active.  Simply persuade every roaming
 agent, policeman, and guard, then assault or air strike the exit point
 guards and agent-infested subway.
 Loadout: miniguns, gauss guns, whatever.  You can persuade enough such
 ludicrous amounts of heavy firepower that it doesn´t really matter.

 Moderate.  If you like dodging air strikes, then this is the mission for
 you.  Just keep your agents pumped to max IPA with miniguns in hand.
 Immediately move toward the eastern fence away from the gauss guards
 that are to the west of the drop point.  Keep agents pinned with
 minigun fire.  Enough of them carry time bombs or other explosives
 that only a minigun is necessary to clean up entire squads at a time.
 Loadout: four agents with a minigun or two each.  A scanner would be
 helpful to find up any remaining agents that aren´t involved in the
 initial waves.

BRAZIL: "Louder Than Words"
 Moderately easy.  Brute force will wipe out the aggressive agents
 around the drop point: miniguns and a laser or two should be more
 than sufficient.  Use air strikes against the western line of agents
 and the guards in the western sector to insure a trouble-free exit
 in the pod car near the drop point.
 Loadout: miniguns, air con.

PARAGUAY: "Guardian Angels"
 Difficult.  Immediately ramp your agents into panic mode, then send
 one agent to the northeast, chasing the executive into a building at
 the corner of the map.  Quickly move back into group mode and move
 your squad to safe territory to the northeast out of the air strike
 area, then use miniguns and lasers to clean up the remaining agents.
 If you have the time to manage it, several pre-emptive air strikes
 on the agents to the south and far west can help protect the executive.
 Loadout: lasers, miniguns, air raid cons, and a scanner.

ARGENTINA: "Refusable Offers"
 Difficult.  The assassination is quick and simple if you can clear the
 area of agents.  The gauss squadrons coming at you from two or three
 sides don´t want to give you that breathing room, unfortunately.  Try
 to keep the enemy pinned down before they get a chance to nail you with
 gauss fire.  Many of the squadron members are weakly armed with long
 range r shotguns, but multiple gauss units make this mission into a
 real headache.  Once you manage to give an early retirement to the
 opposition you can get a long-range fix on the primary target and bomb
 the walls out from around him or play with his guards using the
 neighboring buildings as cover.
 Loadout: miniguns are good at setting off explosives in enemy
 inventories as they fall, but you might need an agent covering with
 laser or gauss fire if you can´t hit the enemy fast enough.  A full
 squadron for this one.

URUGUAY: "Medicine Man"
 Difficult.  This might be the trickiest South American mission.  Try
 to use building corners as cover for the initial assaults.  Very fast
 reaction time and long-range scanning is necessary to knock out the
 southeastern squad of gauss agents.  One tactic is to move immediately
 to the north of the drop point next to the building fence; keep setting
 off explosions amongst the advancing agents as they turn the building
 corner.  After the first two squads, immediately shift to lasers or
 gauss guns and target the gauss agents advancing from the southeast,
 just beyond scanning range.  The remaining agents can be cleaned up
 with the same defensive maneuvers around building corners and tight
 bursts of minigun fire.  Precision air raids can knock out most of
 the 53 (!) laser-equipped guards that infest the doctor´s complex,
 and persuadertron charges can overtake the remaining laser guards.
 Loadout: four agents with 2 miniguns, scanner, air raid con,
 persuadertron, and lasers or gauss guns.  Gauss guns and lasers
 abound on dead agents, so only buy enough to get past the initial
 agent waves and save your hard-earned cash for air raids.

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