Tales of the Odd - Brain Hotel Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tales of the Odd - Brain Hotel

Tales of the Odd - Brain Hotel

Welcome to the Brain Hotel:
Iím at the hotel, now what do I do?

1: Maybe you should try doing something before you start looking for hints.  
2: If you're not familiar with this kind of game, here's a quick rundown: 
   try looking at everything. Pick up anything you possibly can. If it opens,
   closes or moves, do those things to it. If you see a character, talk to 
   him or her. Between these few basic actions, you might get an idea of 
   what to do next.  

Why did the desk clerk call me "Mr. Thornton"?
1: He's probably confusing you with someone else. 
2: This isn't important to finish the game - it's just one of many throwaway 
   references designed to make you giggle. In this case, it's a reference to 
   Ed's uncanny resemblance to Academy Award winning actor Billy Bob Thornton.
The desk clerk won't let me deliver my package!
1: He's a snotty little creep, isn't he? The hotel rules say you can't go beyond
   the lobby unless you're a guest, and he won't let you make a reservation.  
2: There has to be some other way to get a reservation...  
3: the computer he keeps pecking away at. 
4: If only you could get the desk clerk to leave long enough to use it. 
5: Go back outside and use the courtesy phone. Convince the desk clerk that 
   there's an emergency and he'll adjourn to go fix it. Then you can use his 

Okay, I got the desk clerk to leave, now what?:
1: You could explore the hotel, but that's not really why you're here. 
2: Anyway, the elevator operator still won't let you upstairs till you have 
   a reservation.  
3: Make yourself a reservation using the desk clerk's computer. 

Is there any significance to the weird things that happen when I exit the elevator?:
1: Not really. That crazy elevator operator just likes messing with people. 
   Especially you, for some reason. 

What am I supposed to do with this package?:
1: You're from Stuff Bringers. So... bring stuff! 
2: The package is addressed to The Botsmith, room 616, Brain Hotel. 
   You're at the Brain Hotel, so head up to room 616 and give Mr. 
   Botsmith his package! 

Well, my package is delivered, so what do I do now?:
1: Well, you did get yourself a room. Might as well check it out. 
2: That adjoining door looks interesting... and look at that, it's unlocked!

What's with the little sparks every time I walk across that creepy rug in my room?:
1: That's static electricity. All materials contain millions of tiny particles, 
   called protons and electrons, that have electric charges. Protons have positive 
   charges, and electrons negative ones. Usually, they balance each other, but 
   sometimes when two surfaces rub together, some of the electrons rub off one 
   surface onto the other and we can have static electricity. Materials with like 
   charges (all positive or all negative) move away from each other; those with 
   opposite charges attract each other.  
2: See? This game is like a science lesson! 

Where is the lava lamp in the Brain Hotel?:
1: There's no lava lamp in this game! 
2: You're probably thinking of that Beastie Boys song, "Shake Your Rump." 
3: Great, now I'll never get that song out of my head. 

I overheard an evil scheme, what should I do?:
1: I suppose you could try to prevent it, but Ed doesn't really seem like 
   that kind of guy.  
2: Then again, that robot sure is making a lot of racket. Maybe you should 
   go see what all the hubbub is.  

The robot gave me a huge speech and a big list. How do I find all of this stuff?:
1: This is the whole point of the game. You figure it out! 
2: Specific hints are below. But try to work out as much as you can on your 
   own... it's no fun if we tell you everything! 

Where is the plutonium?:
1: With a supervillain convention coming up, chances are you'll find all sorts 
   of unusual things in the most unlikely of places. 
2: While plutonium isn't quite available at "any corner drug store," it is 
   someplace pretty accessible in the hotel.  
3: There's a bottle of liquid plutonium sitting on the bar downstairs. 

How do I get the bartender to give me the plutonium?:
1: He says you're not authorized for it.  
2: What sort of person would be authorized to consume plutonium? 
3: Probably someone who's highly radioactive. 
4: Show him the "DANGER: RADIOACTIVE" label from The Botsmith's room. 

Does the bartender have anything else useful to me?:
1: You mean aside from stimulating conversation? 
2: The bar does offer a drink that you're actually allowed to consume... 
   but it's horrible.  
3: Ask the bartender what's good here. What he gives you isn't good, 
   but it will help you elsewhere in the game. 

Where is the rubber vessel?:
1: his is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in paper and twine. 
2: You should be able to find something that smells like rubber. 
3: Check the back of your truck. The undeliverable package apparently has 
   something rubber in it... but you really don't want to open it and find out. 

I have the undeliverable package, but I can't (don't want to) open it.:
1: There are two problems with this. First, it's stuck shut. You're not 
   strong enough to open it. Second, you're not sure you really want to 
   see what's inside anyway.  
2: Who can you give the package to that would have the strength and the 
   desire to open it?  
3: Give the package to Robot 6.  

That thing that came out of the undeliverable package... is that...?:
1: No. It just coincidentally resembles what you're thinking.  
2: Quiet, do you want to get us sued?  

Where is the Quad-C computer chip?:
1: With the big convention coming up tomorrow, there's bound to be someone 
   with an assortment of technological wares someplace.  
2: The chip is at Judge Mental's table, at the easternmost point of the 
   hotel downstairs.  

Judge Mental won't let me walk away with the gas mask!:
1: Did you think he'd allow you to take his things right in front of him?  
2: Fortunately, you don't need the gas mask elsewhere in the game.  

Man, Judge Mental is really annoying!:
1: He sure is. 
2: If only you had some way of shutting him up...  

How do I get Judge Mental to give me the chip?:
1: He's a supervillain. And a capitalist. Why would you think he'd just 
   give you anything?  
2: Obviously, you're going to have to get him out of the way if you plan 
   to take that thing.  
3: There are two items in the hotel that would be very dangerous to a 
   person if he were to mix them.  
4: Get the ammonia from the maid cart upstairs, and a bucket full of water 
   from the pool downstairs. Mix them in front of Judge Mental.  
5: Oh, and don't forget to grab that gas mask first. 

Where is the cell phone?:
1: Do you really want to know? 
2: Seriously, are you sure? 
3: Okay, but you're not going to like it... 
4: The cell phone is in Impo the Elevator Operator's pants. Seriously. 
5: Good luck trying to get it. 

What's the deal with Impo?:
1: He's cuckoo for Coco Puffs. 
2: Seriously, he's mentally ill. 

How do I make Impo laugh?:
1: He's an odd one, isn't he? 
2: He doesn't seem to like any of the jokes you come up with. Maybe he's 
   more into physical comedy.  
3: Physical comedy is, at its essence, watching someone else suffer. 
   What are you carrying that will allow you to suffer in front of him? 
4: Try the Chocolate Smoothie. 

I made Impo laugh and he still won't give me the cell phone!:
1: They don't call him Magic Pants for nothing. 
2: So if they don't call him that for nothing, maybe you have to give him 
   something. Some sort of payment.  
3: He doesn't like pennies any more than you do. Try the Canadian coin. You 
   should always tip the help anyway. And it's not like you'll be able to spend 
   that weird foreign money anywhere else.

I give up! Where is that $#@! 9-volt battery?!
1: This is the twenty-first century. How many devices actually use a 9-volt 
   battery anymore? 
2: Okay, there are a few. But their primary use is in smoke detectors. 
3: How would one go about setting off a smoke detector? My guess is with some fire. 
4: If only you had something flammable... and some way to ignite it. 
5: Get the deodorant from the downstairs supply closet. Open it, and walk across 
   the bear rug. The sparks will create a very pretty Frut candle. 

How do I get into the supplies closet? The maintenance clone is in the way!:
1: He's a maintenance clone. It's his job to maintain the hotel.  
2: You need to distract him with something more important than stocking those 
   shelves. If something were broken, that would do the trick.  
3: Get the stuck-together pennies from the fountain in front of the hotel, and 
   put them in the MUNG machine near the bar. This will cause the clone to finally 
   come out of the closet.  

There's a blinking light in my room. What's that all about?:
1: The reason you didn't notice it before is because it was turned off. Now that 
   you've set off the smoke detector, you can see where it is. 
2: But it's still behind the plant. 
3: Move the plant. The smoke detector is there. 
4: Open the smoke detector and there's your battery! 

What am I supposed to do with all this high tech junk in the Botsmith's room?:
1: Nothing. It's there for ambience. Seriously. Look at it, but don't get too 
   carried away. There's no real purpose to any of it... at least not for you. 

I have all the items. What am I supposed to do with them?.
1: Don't tell me, tell Robot 6! 
2: When you have all the items on your list, talk to Robot 6. He'll take it 
   from there.  

For your amusement, Have you tried.:
1: ...examining all the drinks behind the bar?  
2: ...calling the desk clerk and claiming you've been kidnapped by an 
      evil tentacle? 
3: ...pushing the maid cart? 
4: ...examining the various gadgets in the Botsmith's room? 
5: ...looking at the pink bear rug?  
6: ...exiting the elevator on the sixth floor enough times to see all the 
      alternate exits? (There are five.)
7: ...looking at the battery?

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