Tarutaru Room Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tarutaru Room

Tarutaru Room

* You begin facing the door and the mysterious force field. 
* Turn right.
* How cozy, a little eating nook. Look, in the corner is a trash can. 
* Click on the trash can for a close up and click on it again.
* Wait for the cut scene and you will have a piece of paper. 
* Okay, adding fire to the blue thing gets you a red gem. 
* Adding water gets you...?
* Back up and turn right.
* You are now facing a nice hutch, a dresser, and a mysterious black pedestal
* Click on the dresser for a close up.
* Open the drawers. 
* The only thing you can take is a green bag in the bottom drawer. 
* Take it.
* Wait for the cut scene and back up.
* Now click on the black pedestal thing for a close up.
* Click on it again and enjoy the cut scene. 
* Back up.
* Click on the hutch for a close up.
* Open the bottom cabinets and take the bowl. 
* Back up.
* Turn right.
* Look, water! Let's get some, shall we?
* Use the bowl on the water.
* Turn right. 
* You are now facing a bed nook with a low dresser that has dolls on the top.
* Click underneath the bed to retrieve the hammer.
* Now click on the low dresser for a close up.
* You can open the drawers, but there's nothing in them you can take.
* Click on a doll.
* After the cut scene plays click on a doll again (any doll) and you will notice
  you can change their hair with each click. 
* Back up.
* Turn right.
* You are now facing a bookshelf and a totem pole.
* What has that totem pole got on its head?
* Click on the top of the totem pole for a close up and again to take the item.
* Great, you now have a bucket of some sort.
* Back up.
* Click on the bookshelf for a close up.
* You can click on the top and bottom cupboards to open them, but the only one 
  that matters is the top cupboard.
* Open the top cupboard and you will see three books lying in there. 
* Click on the book on the far right.
* Okay, you now have a blue book. 
* Click on the upper left corner to open it.
* Don't worry about the text, all you need to worry about are the last characters, 
  written underneath the numbers.
* Notice that they are in color?
  The first character (on the right) is pink.
  The next character (on the left) is a dingy yellow.
  Click on the upper left corner to turn the page.
  The character on the right is blue, the character on the left is white.
  Click on the upper left corner to turn the page.
  The character on the right is red, the character on the left is green.
  Click on the upper left corner to turn the page about four times. 
  Okay, a page is torn out. Maybe the note you found?
  Did you notice the pictures? 
  Our character (amongst other things) grew a flower and used the hammer to 
  smash something.
* Close the book and back up.
* Turn right.
* Okay, we're back to the door. Turn right twice.
* Let's smash something, shall we?
* How about the mysterious pedestal thingy with the glowing green bottom?
* Use the hammer on the black pedestal.
* Yay, a key! Does it work on the door? No? Bummer.
* Hmmm, remember the book?
* There were six pages with colored symbols, and there are six dolls on a dresser 
  that you can change the hair color.
* Turn left until you are back at the bed nook.
* Click on the dresser with the dolls for a close up.
* Now, what were those colors?
  On the dolls, from left to right, use the colors from the book.
  Turn the first doll's hair pink, the next one yellow, then blue, white, red, 
  and green.
  For the color blind: Click the first doll on the left six times, the second 
  doll three, the third doll five times, 
  the fourth doll once, the fifth doll    twice, and the sixth doll four times.
* If you put in the colors correctly the dolls will glow, and you will get a cut 
* Cool, the totem pole now has laser eyes.
* Back up and turn right three times until you are facing the eating nook.

=End Game=-
* Let's grow a flower, shall we?
* Notice on the dresser behind the table is a little plate, sort of like the 
  ceramic plates you put underneath flower pots.
* Maybe that little bucket thing we got from the totem pole is a flower pot?
* Place the bucket on the ceramic plate. 
  Note: you can only do this from the view of the table.
* Cool, it's not a plate at all, but a plant stand.
* Let's add the green bag to the pot.
* Okay, we've added seeds.
* Can we water them? No? Okay, how about magic water.
* Use the key on the blue box on the left.
* Okay, it's open.
* Remember the note in the trash can?
* Let's add water to the blue box and see what happens.
* Neato, a blue gem! Magic water?
* Add the blue gem to the pot and wait for several cut scenes to play out.
* Cool, a glowing flower!
* Click on the flower for a close up.
* Wait for the cut scenes to end. Cool, the light from the flower and the light 
  from the totem pole made a pink key!
* Turn left and use the pink key on the door. 
* You're out!
* You've earned a tea break.

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