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            UUUUUUU           TERRARIA  (Walkthrough by: the64dude)
            UUUUUUU       OOOOO
            UUUUUUU      OOOOOO
            UUUUUUU      OOOOOO
            UUUUUUU      OOOOOO

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Intro                                                          ||

    As of May 16, 2011, we have had a wonderful 2D Action RPG available to us
   for $9.99. The original version of this walkthrough was started on 9/4/11 on
   Terraria v. The current version is 1.1.2. Every time Terraria is
   updated, I will start expanding the walkthrough, and fill it with the new
   information. If you have a question or suggestion send me an e-mail at -

   Or PM me on GameFAQs.

   In the first section of the guide, I list the crafting recipes, but I didn't
   find it necessary for the later section where I am "guiding".

   Now, let's get started, shall we?

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Version History                                                ||

   (1-11-12)V. 0.1 - First sections done. Many things left out on the table of

   (1-13-12)v. 0.2 - Added things in Table of Contents, fixed some typos/
   unknown info, some more sections finished, and added Version History.

   (6-25-13)v. 0.3 - Man this is a lost project, but I've decided to continue
   it anyway. Added a few sections to the walkthrough and revised others I
   wasn't satisfied with.

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Table of Contents                                              ||

   -(Use the convenient Ctrl+F option on Windows to skip to a specific spot in
   the guide.)(If you know the combination for Macs, then inform me, please.)
   Default Controls and Settings........................................- T:000

   Terraria Night Survival Overview.....................................- T:001
    -Step 1: Getting Wood...............................................- T:002
    -Step 2: Shelter Building Overview..................................- T:003
    -Step 3: Things to Avoid Right Now and Night Overview...............- T:004
    -Step 4: How to Get Started After the First Night...................- T:005

   Terraria Biome Guide.................................................- T:006

   Ores and Other Nonsense..............................................- T:007

   The Smart Way on How to Go About Things..............................- T:008

   Random Events........................................................- T:009
    -Meteor Crashes.....................................................- T:010
    -Bloodmoon..........................................................- T:011
    -Random Boss Spawns.................................................- T:012

   Crafting Recipes.....................................................- T:013

   Armor Set Bonuses....................................................- T:014

   Buffs and Debuffs....................................................- T:015

   Enemy Field Guide....................................................- T:016
    -Above Ground.......................................................- T:017
    -Underground........................................................- T:018
    -Other Various Areas of Interest....................................- T:019

   Boss Strategies......................................................- T;020
    -King Slime.........................................................- T:021
    -Eye of Cthulhu.....................................................- T:022
    -Eater of Worlds....................................................- T:023
    -Goblin Army........................................................- T:024
    -Skeletron..........................................................- T:025
    -Wall of Flesh......................................................- T:026
    -Frost Legion.......................................................- T:027
    -The Twins (Spazmatism and Retinazer)...............................- T:028
    -The Destroyer......................................................- T:029
    -Skeletron Prime....................................................- T:030

   NPC List.............................................................- T:031
   NPC Quote and Names.................................................._ T:032

   Item List............................................................- T:033
    -Tier 1 (White).....................................................- T:034
    -Tier 2 (Blue)......................................................- T:035
    -Tier 3 (Green).....................................................- T:036
    -Tier 4 (Orange)....................................................- T:037
    -Tier 5 (Red).......................................................- T:038
    -Tier 6 (Magenta)...................................................- T:039
    -Item Prefixes/Reforging............................................- T:040

   Multiplayer Effects on Gameplay......................................- T:041
   Frequently Asked Questions...........................................- T:042

   Thank Yous and Legal Crap............................................- T:043
   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Default Controls and Settings                            T:000 ||

   -If you visit the "Settings" section on the title screen, you can, obviously
   change the game's performance.

    -Go Fullscreen/Go Windowed = Changes the game from Fullscreen to Windowed 
    -Resolution = Changes the resolution of the game at Fullscreen.
    -Parallax = Controls how much the background moves relative to the
    foreground. Default is 0.
    -Frame Skip On/Off = If off, it makes the game run at its intended 
    framerate; if on, it skips frames to reduce slowdown (On is recommended for
    computers that are equal or near to the recommended specifications for the 
    game (Can be found on the Steam store page)

    -If you want to change the in-game cursor, come here. I won't go into to 
    much detail,
    because I always have all the colors on 85. This will change it to black.

    -If you don't know what this does, then you shouldn't be reading this.

    -If on, the world is automatically saved every 10 minutes.

    -If on, it will freeze the game when you enter the inventory screen.

    -If on, it will show what item you picked up and how much it picked up when
    you pick up an item.

    W = Up (When using Gravitation Potion, this makes you go up)
    S = Down (For the opposite effect of up and to jump down Wooden Platforms)
    A = Left (Moves character to the left)
    D = Right (Moves character to the right)
    Space = Jump (Makes the character jump)
    Q = Throw (Throws the item in your hand out of the hotbar)
    Esc. = Inventory (Let's you view inventory)
    H = Quick Heal (Uses the first Health-healing item, starting from the far 
    M = Quick Mana (Uses the first Mana healing item, starting from the far 
    B = Quick Buff (Uses one of all Buffing items in your inventory at once)
    E = Quick Grapple (Uses your Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip in your inventory)
    LeftShift = Auto Select (See Game Interface in next section for details)
    Scroll Wheel = Cycle between items in hotbar
    1-0 = Same as Scroll Wheel

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Terraria Night Survival Overview                         T:001 ||

   -Before you start, you will notice that there are options for your character
   and world:

    -Hair (As of now, there are 35 hair shape options; the hair color works the
    same as the Cursor Color option, and as such, I won't go into detail on how
    it works)
    -Eyes (Color works the same as Cursor Color)
    -Skin (Color works the same as Cursor Color)
    -Clothes (Is broken into 4 sub-categories; all colors work the same as
    Cursor Color)
    -Gender (Males and females get different outfits and sound effects)
    -Difficulty (There are 3 options)
     -Softcore (Characters only drop half (rounded up if odd) of their money
     upon death)
     -Mediumcore (Characters drop half of their money and all items upon death)
     -Hardcore (Characters stay dead for good upon death)

    -Small (4300 Blocks wide and 1200 Blocks high)
    -Medium (6300 Blocks wide and 1800 Blocks high)
    -Large (8400 Blocks wide and 2400 Blocks high)

   -Important things to note
    -Weapons have damage counters. Before 1.0.6, it used to be the exact damage
     calculated with the enemy's defense (NOT SHOWN). Now, the damage is in the
     same range as the listed damage.
    -Speed, when increased, is barely noticeable, unless you have all the
     accessory slots are filled. Even if they are, I believe only 4 of them 
    -Fall damage starts appearing at 25 blocks high. Then it will do 1 damage.
     At 26 blocks, it increases to 7 damage. Any block higher will increase the
     damage by 10. (I did test this myself)
    -Most items under Tier 2 (Blue) will burn in lava.
    -During the holiday season, mobs will sometimes drop presents. These
     presents can contain candy canes or a boss summoning item.
    -When pressing Shift, the game will switch to an item in your inventory
     that corresponds to whatever you are highlighting over. (Ex. Highlighting
     over a dirt block pulls out your pick in your hand until you move the
     cursor to someplace else, then it will pull out whatever you need to
     interact with that object.)
    -When you die, you (since 1.1) drop a Tombstone that, when read, shows how
     you died and is displayed on the screen when you actually die.

    Now that that's over let's start with the guide, shall we?

  -Terraria~"                                                                -
 ||          Getting Wood                                              T:002 ||

   When you start the game, you are given a Copper Shortsword, a Copper 
  Pickaxe, and a Copper Axe. Before 1.0.5, they never gave you a Copper 
  Shortsword. It wouldn't matter anyway, since the easiest sword to make is
  better than the Copper Shortsword. It's also impossible to spawn in a desert
  ever since 1.0.2, so you should be able to find trees easily. To collect
  all of the wood from a tree, hold a left click at the bottom block of the 
  tree. Any block higher will only make it and the blocks higher than it drop,
  and since you can't mine blocks under a tree, it would be best to mine the
  bottom block.
   Also, you start with one NPC known as the Guide. He will tell you what
  items you can make with an item if you present him an item (by inserting it
  into the empty block at the bottom left portion of the screen once you talk
  to him and select "Crafting"). He also gives useful tips (useful for
  beginners at least). He tells you how to attract an NPC to a house and the
  requirements to attract a specific NPC to a house. Many people hate him,
  and you can kill him (Not until halfway into the game, though).
   After you have 40-50 or so wood, your next best interest would be to make
  a workbench. To make a workbench, you need 10 Wood.

  Type: Utility
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 10 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Workbench
  Utility needed: None
  Use: Used for basic crafting recipes, but
  is mostly used for wood recipes.

   I should also mention that there are mushrooms to be found in the game.
  Type: Food/Material
  Tier: White
  Found: Surface
  Heals: 15 HP
  Use: Early game healing and to make 

   If you plan on making a house right now, skip to the next section. If not,
  keep reading.
   Now, place down the Workbench and open your menu next to it. If you have
  extra wood (like I told you to get) you should see a LOT of new crafting
  Type: Wall
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Wood
  Amount output: 4 Wood Walls
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used to prevent mobs from spawning
  in your house.
  Type: Block (somewhat)
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wood Platform
  Utility needed: None
  Use: Can be jumped onto from underneath.
  Great for navigating out of mineshafts.
  Type: Interactant
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 6 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Door
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: To have a way outside of a house,
  while keeping (most) mobs out.
  Type: Comfort (Type 1)
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 4 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Chair
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used as an item to attract NPCs into
  a house.

  Type: Message Board
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 6 Wood 
  Amount output: 1 Sign
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Type messages on them, and view them
  Type: Comfort (Type 2)
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 8 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Table
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used as an item to attract NPCs into
  a house.
  Type: Melee Weapon
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 7 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Sword
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used to kill enemies.
  Type: Hammer
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 8 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Hammer
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Anything you can't break with a
  pickaxe or axe, most likely, you can
  break it with a hammer.
  Type: Ranged Weapon
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 10 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Wooden Bow
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used to kill enemies from range;
  uses arrows as ammo.

   With those items in hand, you should be ready to build a house now (Also,
  the Wooden Sword is an upgrade to the Copper Shortsword. Use it). Also, 
  if you venture out farther, you can find some stone blocks. These aren't
  too aesthetically appealing, in my opinion. However, you can turn them
  into something better in a little bit.

  -Terraria~"                                                                -
 ||          Shelter Building Overview                                  T:003||

   All items you need to build a house is listed above in the last section.
   To start off, there are 2 main categories of houses in this game. One is 
  where you build one house and stack the NPC's houses on top. The other is 
  where you build a tower and have the NPC's live in rooms connected to the
  tower. I personally prefer the second option because of practicality and
  because I like the way I build them. Also, for the second option, there is
  no definitive shape that it has to be, but I like building it as a tower.

   For the first option, the first thing you need to do is to build a base
  20-25 blocks long. You can use wood or stone, but I find it more efficient
  to use wood because stone has more uses outside of building than wood. You
  may be thinking "Hey, wait, can't I make stone tools like in Minecraft?" No,
  you can't. After all, this isn't a 2D Minecraft. After the base, make the 
  walls and build them up about 6 blocks high. If you haaven't already done 
  so, go ahead and move your workbench over into your future house. Now, 
  again, if you haven't already done so, go ahead and make 2 doors (look in
  last section for details). Now break the bottom 3 spaces of your wall and
  replace them with the doors. Afterwards, build the roof on the level of the
  6th block on the walls. Now, for the background walls. If you built a house
  at my recommended size, you should need 100-150 wood/stone walls. Fill the
  spaces in the house with the walls.

  Type: Wall
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Dirt
  Amount output: 4 Dirt Walls
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used to prevent mobs from spawning
  in your house.
   Just a note, if you destroy dirt walls that are naturally spawned, it won't 
  drop anything. Plus, the crafted dirt walls look slightly different from 
  natural ones, and the natural ones don't count toward a house's wall.

  Type: Wall
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Stone
  Amount output: 4 Stone Walls
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: Used to prevent mobs from spawning
  in your house.

   When that's done you'll need one more thing. Torches. Coal? No, gel. Go 
  outside and kill some Slimes to collect Gel. There are also friendly 
  creatures to be found.
  Species: Slime
  HP: 14
  Attack: 6
  Defense: 2
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: Gel (1-2)

  Species: Slime
  HP: 25
  Attack: 7
  Defense: 2
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: Gel (1-2)
  Species: Slime
  HP: 40
  Attack: 12
  Defense: 6
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: Gel (1-2)

  Species: Slime
  HP: 150
  Attack: 5
  Defense: 5
  Special Attributes: Soar back when hit,
  can be a problem fighting because of so.
  Drops: 1 Gold Coin/RARE: 1 Platinum Coin
  Species: Friendly
  HP: 5
  Attack: 0
  Defense: 0
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: None

  Species: Friendly
  HP: 5
  Attack: 0
  Defense: 0
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: Goldfish (1)
  Species: Freindly
  HP: 5
  Attack: 0
  Defense: 0
  Special Attributes: None
  Drops: None

  Type: Material
  Tier: White
  Drop: Various Slimes, Gastropods
  Use: Torches and making things sticky

   After you've collected some gel, open up your inventory.

  Type: Light Source
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Wood, 1 Gel
  Amount output: 3 Torches
  Utility needed: None
  Use: To light up the place.
   Right now, you can make another type of torch. It's purely for aesthetic 
  appeal and is more resource-draining than regular torches.

  Type: Light Source
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 1 Torch, 3 Wood
  Amount output: 1 Tiki Torch
  Utility needed: Workbench
  Use: To light up the place.

   So, one last thing you MAY get is a Furnace.

  Type: Utility
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 20 Stone, 4 Wood, 3 Torches
  Amount output: 1 Furnace
  Utility Needed: Workbench
  Use: To mold things into bricks and forge
  ores into bars.

   It's most likely gotten on the second day and isn't too useful on the first
  day. If you have the materials, go ahead and make it. If not, wait until the
  second day.

   Now, for the second option, I recommend doing the same as the first type, 
  but half as wide. You can build up floors later.
   If you want to put the Guide in your first house, do this in the original
  room/house. If not, then build another room or house and do this in the new
  room/house. Take a Chair and a Table (Listed in the last section) and place
  it on the floor. The requirements for something to qualify as an official 
  "house" in Terraria are:

  -Must be a minimum of 8x4 or 7x5 blocks. (Width x Height).
  -Have a Type 1 comfort item (Chair, Bench, Toilet, Bed, or Throne).
  -Have a Type 2 comfort item (Workbench, Table, Dresser, Bathtub, Piano, 
   or Bookcase).
  -Have a light source (Torch, Tiki Torch, Candle, Candelabra, Chandelier,
  Chain Lantern, Skull Lantern, Chinese Lantern, or Demon Torch).
  -Have all wall spaces filled.
  -Have a Wooden Door or Wooden Platforms on the floor or roof.
  -One solid block on the floor (Known as an NPC block) for the NPC to stand
  -Don't have any corruption near the house.
   Right now, you can't make a lot of the things that are options for making
  a house. Don't bother with them.

  -Terraria~"                                                                -
 ||          Things to Avoid Right Now and Night Overview               T:004||

   Right now, if you see the sky turn orange, TURN BACK NOW! You will most
  likely die due to insufficient gear levels to deal with the mobs in these
  biomes. Just in case you would like to know, these biomes you should avoid
  are the Jungle and the Corruption. The Jungle is made out of mud and has a
  lighter tint of green as grass. The Corruption is made of dirt and has purple
  grass. Also, if you see a Zelda II style dungeon entrance, don't go into the
  dungeon, or a giant, spinning skull will samsh into you and deal over 9000

   ....I'm not joking. Also, if you're exploring at night, don't talk to the
  Old Man in front of the dungeon. He will give some warnings about you being
  underpowered, so you know to stay away.

   So when nighfall comes, the music will change, as it will when you enter the
  Corruption or Jungle. Two more enemies will now appear, and any Slimes left
  alive will become aggressive.

  Species: Undead
  HP: 45
  Attack: 14
  Defense: 6
  Special Attributes: Has a chance of being
  scalped, which is only for appearance.
  Drops: Shackle (Uncommon)

  Species: Eyeball
  HP: 60
  Attack: 18
  Defense: 2
  Special Attributes: Flies like all
  Drops: Lens (Common)

  Type: Accessory
  Tier: Blue
  Dropped: Zombie
  Use: +1 Defense

   Since not many accessories are available right now, this thing is a good
  thing to equip.
  Type: Mateerial
  Tier: White
  Dropped: Demon Eye
  Use: Craft things with it

   If you get 2 lenses, put a chair next to a Workbench, and make some
  Type: Headgear/Vanity
  Tier: Blue
  Items needed: 2 Lenses
  Amount output: 1 Goggles
  Utility needed: Workbecnh and Chair
  Use: +1 Defense

   They are useful for early game.

   Also, randomly during the night, stars will fall out of the sky. If they hit
  an enemy, it will do massive damage. It won't happen often, however.

  Type: Material
  Tier: Blue
  Found: Surface (Night)
  Use: To make many Mana related things

   If you get 10 of these things, you can combine them into an item that will
  increase your Mana cap by 20. Mana maxes out at 200, but can be increased
  further through equipment and a buff. I won't list the entry for the item
  because it's highly unlikely you will get one on the first night.

   So, the basics for actually surviving the night. If you feel ballsy, go
  and fight the Demon Eyes. The Zombies shouldn't be a problem because they
  only walk to your direction and occassionally jump. The only thing bad about
  them is their high (early game) Defense stat. Demon Eyes have awful Defense,
  but good HP and some nasty early game Attack. It would work out either way,
  but don't go headfirst into them. That would be a bad idea. If you don't want
  to fight, then just wait it out. It will eventually turn daytime again.

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          How to Get Started After the First Night                 T:005 ||

   When that relieving daytime music starts playing again, the Zombies and 
  Demon Eyes will run away. Your first priority shoud be to get a Furnace if
  you haven't already. Then, you should go find an entrance to a cave on the
  surface. Most of the time, there will be a chest near the entrance. Most
  times, it will contain one of two treasures.
  Type: Ranged Weapon
  Tier: White
  Found: Higher cave chests
  Ammo: Seeds
  Use: Allows seeds to be collected from

   This may be good. If you haven't made a Wooden Bow. The thing is way too
  slow and isn't powerful enough to be more useful for it.

  Type: Melee Weapon
  Tier: White
  Found: Higher cave chests
  Use: Longer range than any sword at this

   Whoa, does this Spear have great attack and range for a melee weapon. It
  also goes in any direction, unlike the Wooden Sword. If you get this, then
  prepare for the next 2 gear levels to turn out easy.

   Deeper in the cave you may have found, you will probably find brown,
  gray-brownish, and possibly silver rocks. These are Copper, Iron, and Silver.
  These are the basic ores in the game. If you do find some, you can make them
  into bars for the respective ores.

  Type: Material
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 3 Copper Ore
  Amount output: 1 Copper Bar
  Utility needed: Furnace
  Use: Copper and other things
  Type: Material
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 3 Iron Ore
  Amount output: 1 Iron Bar
  Utility needed: Furnace
  Use: Iron and other things
  Type: Material
  Tier: White
  Items needed: 4 Silver Ore
  Amount output: 1 Silver Bar
  Utility needed: Furnace
  Use: Silver and other things

   There IS gold in the game. However, it is usually in the Rock Layer of the 
  Underground. At the Rock Layer (Gray wall and rock background), many harder
  enemies will appear, which you are probably not ready for. There are also
  3 types of traps underground. There is the Dart Trap, the Boulder Trap, and
  the Explosives Trap. The Dart Trap poisons you, but is the least damaging
  trap. The Boulder Trap is mostly easily avoided, but does heavy damage. The
  Explosives Trap is the most deadly, being silent and is gaureenteed for an
  OHKO. You can also find items that increase your life underground.

  Type: Consumable
  Tier: Green
  Found: Middle and lower Underground
  Use: Increases life by 20

   You will want to collect all of these you see until your HP caps at 400.
   And after that, you can pretty much decide how you want to do things.
  I still have a recommended way to go. Now for the info dex.

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Terraria Biome Guide                                     T:005 ||

    There are many different regoins to be explored in the world of Terraria.
   These are them and what's in them.
    (There are some minor area and enemy spoliers if you are new to the game)

Surface (Day)
   Enemies: Green Slime, Blue Slime, Purple Slime, Pinky, King Slime, Goblin

   Main resources: Dirt, Stone, Wood, Acorns

   Music Track: Overworld Day

   Description: The starting point of the game. Thanks to the structure of the
   game, you will most likely make this biome your base of operations because
   you will 100% of the time originally spawn in this biome. It has the basic
   resources to sustain life in this game, but won't last very long. You will
   find some useful weapons in the chests that spawn in this area, but again,
   they won't last that long. That is the case with most gear levels in this
   game, though.

Surface (Night)
   Enemies: Zombie, Demon Eye, The Groom, Doctor Bones, Eye of Cthulhu

   Enemies (Hardmode): Possessed Armor, Wraith, Wandering Eye, Werewolf, Clown,
   The Twins, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime

   Main resources: Fallen Star

   Music Track: Overworld Night

   Description: And you have made it through the day to face the dangers of
   the night. First time players might get slaughtered when they first reach
   the night, but that shoudn't be an excuse to not take use of this place.
   Most of the bosses in this game can only be fought at night, so you will
   have to be patient waiting for it. Once you hit hardmode, this place
   becomes a living nightmare. There's a 1/7 chance that the bloodmoon will
   rise, causing tougher enemies to spawn (damn those Clowns), and Zombies
   can open your doors. Be wary of this, as I recommend staying by your house
   when the blood moon hits.

Desert (Normal/Light/Dark)
   Enemies: Vulture, Antlion, Cactus

   Enemies (Hardmode): Mummy (Normal), Light Mummy (Light), Dark Mummy (Dark)

   Main resources: Sand, Cactus

   Music Track: Overworld Day/Night

   Description: Dull. Boring. Bright brown. But any new players better be
   grateful that they didn't have to deal with the crap that 1.0.5 players had
   deal with. The crap? Cacti. Back in the day, cacti did damage and caused
   knockback. In 1.0.6, they were nerfed to no knockback, and in 1.1, they were
   nerfed to no damage or knockback. You lucky.... new.... players....
   *shakefist* Another note to mention is that in Hardmode, Corruption and 
   Hallow will spread to deserts and not just dirt. Hallow makes Light Deserts
   and Corruption makes Dark Deserts. Light Mummies spawn in Light Deserts and
   vice versa. Items to make the best flail will require uncommon drops from
   these mummies.

Underground (Dirt Layer)
   Enemies: Red Slime, Yellow Slime, Blue Slime

   Enemies (Hardmode): Mimic

   Main resources: Clay, Mud, Copper, Iron

   Music Track: Underground
   Description: This is basic underground. Next.

Underground (Rock Layer)
   Enemies: Red Slime, Yellow Slime, Black Slime, Mother Slime, Baby Slime,
   Cave Bat, Giant Worm, Blue Jellyfish, Piranha, Skeleton, Undead Miner, Tim

   Enemies (Hardmode): Giant Bat, Digger, Armored Skeleton, Heavy Skeleton,
   Skeleton Archer, Green Jellyfish, Angler Fish, Toxic Sludge, Mimic

   Main resources: Stone, Mud, Silt, Dart Traps, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold,
   Demonite, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst, Chests, Statues

   Music: Underground
   Description: You will be spending a LOT of time rummaging through these rock
   infested caves of many a death. Much of your gear-upgrading materials come
   from this place, so you'll be visiting your favorite cave you dug all by
   yourself an almost nauseating amount of times. Also worth noting that there
   are traps to be found under here, that come in 3 varieties: Dart, Boulder,
   and Explosives. The Dart trap doesn't do that much damage, but can be
   triggered infinitely and poisons you. Boulder traps do loads of damage but
   are generally easy to avoid. Explosives traps are silent and are guaranteed
   to OHKO you. I haven't personally encountered any Explosives traps, but they
   are deadly. You'll also find some wooden house-like structures which will
   99% of the time have a gold chest with something good stored within, and a
   statue. Better get used to that Underground music.

Glowing Mushroom Forest
   Enemies: Same as Rock Layer

   Main Resources: Glowing Mushrooms, Mushroom Grass Seeds

   Music: Underground (Any type)

   Description: These come in small packs in the Rock Layer. The Glowing
   Mushrooms are the only way to craft Healing Potions. You can find them in
   really deep chests, but the best way is to do it here.

   Enemies: Eater of Souls, Little Eater, Big Eater, Devourer, Eater of Worlds

   Enemies (Hardmode): Wraith, World Feeder, Corruptor, Slimer, Corrupt Slime

   Main Resources: Vile Mushroom, Ebonstone, Demon Altar, Shadow Orb

   Music: Corruption

   Description: The most dreaded place in all of Terraria, the Corruption. This
   place is mostly made of different types of purple. Demon Altars are also
   most likely to spawn here. Demon Altars, of course, being pretty helpful for
   beating the game. The enemies here can also be more of a nuisance than the
   enemies in the Rock Layer. Especially some of the worm enemies. In the
   Corruption Chasms (As they are referred to) have Shadow Orbs in them. These
   can summon Meteors, the Eater of Worlds, some pretty good midgame items,
   and is probably where you'll get your first gun.

Meteorite Zone
   Enemies: Meteor Head

   Main Resources: Meteorite Ore
   Music: Eerie

   Description: If you break a Shadow Orb in the Corruption, a message will
   appear some time afterward saying a meteorite landed. It's random where it
   will appear, so look around your entire world for it. When you find it, the
   music will change, and you will see a bunch of burning rocks. It is
   recommended you have an Obsidian Skull, Shield, or Horseshoe. Meteor Heads
   will repeatedly assault you until all of the Meteorite Ore is gone. Also
   worth noting is that if you move 50 Meteorite Ore somewhere else, it will
   create a Meteorite Zone biome. This is particularly useful when trying to
   farm Souls of Light and Night.

Above-Ground Jungle
   Enemies: Jungle Slime, Jungle Bat, Snatcher, Piranha, Angler Fish (Hardmode)

   Main Resources: Mud, Jungle Grass Seeds, Moonglow, Moonglow Seeds

   Music: Jungle

   Description: This biome can possibly be worse than the Corruption early
   game. You have Jungle Slimes, which are pretty resilient for slimes this
   early and Snatchers, which take a random item if you get killed by one.
   Don't be too intimidated, though, as an Iron Broadsword will suffice for a
   good weapon for this place. However...

Underground Jungle
   Enemies: Hornet, Big Stinger, Little Stinger, Man-Eater, Piranha, Angler
   Fish (Hardmode)

   Main Resources: Jungle Rose, Jungle Spore, Vine, Stinger

   Music: Jungle

   Description: This is quite possibly the most annoying area in the entire 
   game. The Hornet enemies can shoot stingers which poison you, and they're
   pretty fast and accurate. Especially in the dark because the stingers
   are dark brown. Man-Eaters are the most damaging enemy pre Wall of Flesh.
   They extend so far and move so fast. Luckily though, their range is very
   limited. Despite the annoying enemies, the loot here is awesome. You can
   make the Ivy Whip, the Thorn Chakrum, and the Blade of Grass. All of these
   are extremely useful tools, and help immensely in the upcoming...

   Enemies: Cursed Skull, Dark Caster, Dungeon Slime, Angry Bones, Big Bones,
   Tiny Bones

   Main Resources: Dungeon Bricks, Spikes, Golden Keys

   Music: Eerie

   Description: This place was given a complete love-or-hate overhaul in 1.0.6.
   The overhaul included making all Golden Chests locked, requiring you to get
   a key from a Dungeon Slime or (rarely) other enemies, and putting two
   invincible enemies to hinder progress. However, the rewards of this place
   are some of the most useful in the game. The Cobalt Shield, which exists to
   prevent knockback, the Handgun, which can be turned into the best cost-
   effective gun pre-Hardmode, the Muramasa, which is an awesome weapon by
   itself, and can be turned into the Night's Edge, one of the most powerful
   swords in the game, and the Shadow Key, which grabs you loot in the next
   biome. If you try coming here before you beat Skeletron, a giant skull will
   fly into you and do over 9000 damage, as mentioned earlier in the guide.

   Enemies: Fire Imp, Lava Slime, Hellbat, Bone Serpent, Demon, Voodoo Demon,
   Wall of Flesh, Hungry, Leech

   Main Resources: Ash, Hellstone, Guide Voodoo Dolls

   Music: Eerie

   Description: If the BS of the Underground Jungle didn't get you, then the
   madness of the Underworld will. Go down low enough past the Rock Layer, and
   you'll end up here. If you were able to get a Shadow Key from the dungeon,
   then enjoy the Shadow Chest loot, which includes, the Sunfury, Flamelash,
   Flower of Fire, Dark Lance, and the almighty Whoopie Cushion. Unfortunately
   for the players though, mining Hellstone can become almost a chore. First,
   you need to find a Hellforge in one of the obsidian towers scattered
   throughout the place. Then you need loads of Obisidian, as that's part of
   the recipe for Hellstone Bars. And the worst part of it, when Hellstone is
   mined, it drops lava, which can be very annoying in some places. And for
   the finale in the underworld, one must find a Voodoo Demon, which drops
   the Guide Voodoo Doll. Once dropped in the lava, the Guide Voodoo Doll
   summons the terrifying Wall of Flesh. The boss section will cover that

The Hallow (Hardmode)
   Enemies: Pixie, Unicorn, Gastropod (Night)

   Main Resources: Pixie Dust, Unicorn Horn, Pearlstone, Hallow Seeds

   Music: Hallow

   Description: As part of the 1.1 update, a new biome was added to add more
   challenge to Hardmode. Once one releases the spirits of Light and Dark,
   the Hallow is born, and people will either love it, or hate it because
   their friends spam Holy Waters right on spawn. The Hallow gives a new feel
   to Terraria, and I appreciate it, but the aforementioned situation has
   happened frequently, and the swarm of Gastropods outside our house is
   never fun.

Underground Corruption
   Enemies: Clinger, World Feeder, Corruptor, Giant Bat, Cursed Hammer

   Main Resources: Cursed Flames, Ebonstone, Souls of Night

   Music: Underground corruption

   Description: This place probably has some of the most annoying enemies
   you can possibly face. Those enemies won't show up until after Hardmode
   is activated, but they still pack a punch and have some of more annoying
   AI patterns in the game. The only real use this biome has is to farm
   Souls of Night for some Hardmode gear. Other than that, this place only
   serves to spread and get annoying when trying to find Adamantite.

Underground Hallow
   Enemies: Chaos Elemental, Illuminant Bat, Illuminant Slime, Enchanted

   Main Resources: Crystal Shards, Pearlstone, Souls of Light

   Music: Underground Hallow

   Description: Magic user paradise! So many different materials that are
   needed for magic tomes and staves are only found here. Other than that,
   the only other need it can feed is Souls of Light for making Angel Wings,
   and is less frustrating to farm than Underground Corruption. You'll most
   likely see enemies spawning from the Underground hardmode in here (mainly
   the skeletons).

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          Ores and Other Nonsense                                  T:007 ||

    Most of your gear upgrades will come from mining ore while exploring caves.
   This section explains how to obtain these useful materials.

  -Copper - More commonly found on the surface than other ores, and is still
   littered throughout the underground layers

   Can be used to make: Copper Helmet, Copper Chainmail, Copper Greaves, Copper
    Sword, Copper Hammer, Copper Bow, Copper Chandelier

  -Iron - Slightly less common than Copper, but still common enough and is
   required to make a lot of basic tools

   Can be used to make: Iron Helmet, Iron Chainmail, Iron Greaves, Iron Sword,
    Iron Pickaxe, Iron Axe, Iron Hammer, Iron Bow, Chain, Iron Anvil, Sawmill,
    Toilet, Bathtub, Iron Chandelier, Lamp Post

  -Silver - Generally found on the surface below Floating Islands, but is more
   common underground in the rock layer

   Can be used to make: Silver Helmet, Silver Chainmail, Silver Greaves, Silver
    Sword, Silver Pickaxe, Silver Axe, Silver Hammer, silver Bow, Silver

  -Gold - Least common of the basic ores, but most common in the Underground

   Can be used to make: Gold Helmet, Gold Chainmail, Gold Greaves, Gold Sword,
    Gold Pickaxe, Gold Axe, Gold Hammer, Gold Bow Gold Chandelier, Candle,
    Candlabra, Crown

  -Demonite - Uncommon, but more common in the Corruption. Most easily obtained
   from the Eye of Cthulhu or Eater of Worlds

   Can be used to make: Shadow Helmet, Shadow Scalemail, Shadow Greaves,
    Nightmare Pickaxe, Lightbane, War Axe of the Night, The Breaker, Demon Bow

  -Meteorite - Only found in a meteor crash site

   Can be used to make: Meteor Helmet, Meteor Suit, Meteor Leggings, Meteor
    Hamaxe, Space Gun

  -Hellstone - Only found in the Underworld, drops lava upon destruction

   Can be used to make: Molten Helmet, Molten Breastplate, Molten Greaves,
    Molten Pickaxe, Molten Hamaxe, Fiery Greatsword, Flamarang, Phoenix
    Blaster, Molten Fury 

  -Cobalt - After destroying a Demon Altar with the Pwnhammer; becomes as
   common and disposable as Copper eventually

   Can be used to make: Cobalt Helmet, Cobalt Mask, Cobalt Hat, Cobalt
    Breastplate, Cobalt Greaves, Cobalt Sword, Cobalt Naginata, Cobalt
    Drill, Cobalt Chainsaw, Cobalt Repeater

  -Mythril - After destroying 2nd Demon Altar with the Pwnhammer; becomes as
   common as Iron/Silver eventually

   Can be used to make: Mythril Anvil, Mythril Helmet, Mythril Hat, Mythril
    Hood, Mythril Chainmail, Mythril Greaves, Mythril Sword, Mythril Halberd,
    Mythril Drill, Mythril Chainsaw, Mythril Repeater

  -Adamantite - After destroying 3rd Demon Altar with the Pwnhammer; as rare
   as Unobtanium

   Can be used to make: Adamantite Forge, Adamantite Helmet, Adamantite Mask,
    Adamantite Headgear, Adamantite Sword, Adamantite Spear, Adamantite Drill,
    Adamantite Chainsaw, Adamantite Repeater

   -Terraria~"                                                               -
  ||          The Smart Way on How to Go About Things                  T:007 ||
    And we now begin the most conjecture filled section of all. In my personal
   experiences with the game I have found the most efficient way of getting to
   Hardmode. After then, you can pretty much do whatever and fight the bosses
   at your own leisure.

    After you make a Furnace, you should explore your surface a bit until you
   find a natural cave entrance. Go down there and try to find chests and iron.
   You should grab any silver and gold too (copper is pretty much worthless),
   but iron is the top prioririty to get the basic stuff to craft with. Iron
   also makes for a pretty strong sword at that point in the game. If you are
   playing Ranger, you can pretty much replace any occurance of the word sword
   with the word bow until I say otherwise. Gathering stone is also more
   important for the Ranger to keep a supply of arrows.

    Casters are going to have a bit of difficulty kickstarting a playthrough,
   as the game does not intend for you to get any magic items until you start
   dungeon crawling. If you are lucky enough, you can get a Water Bolt to
   spawn among the books of the first floor of the dungeon, where you won't
   be slaughtered by spinning skulls. To get Fallen Stars for mana, gather up
   some wood and create wooden platform bridges across gaps and water sources.
   If you are lucky enough, you can get 15+ fallen stars in one night with
   one trek across your world. Water Bolt is the only magic weapon you have a
   chance of getting at this point, so I recommend having some swords or
   boomerangs for backup.

    After playing through a bit of the game and getting some more advanced
   gear, and some basic accessories, such as the Cloud in a Bottle or an
   Aglet, you might think to yourself: "I need some real action now!" Get
   your stockpile of Shurikens, Knives, and Lenses ready, because you just
   might be ready to have your first boss encounter with the Eye of Cthulhu.
   Spamming skurikens and flaming arrows (melee is not recommended) tend to
   work, but I'll go into more detail in the Boss Strategies section. After
   beating the Eye, you'll get a fair supply of Demonite Ore. Using this,
   I highly recommend making a Demon Bow for an upcoming boss, but not the
   next one.

    Shortly after beating the Eye of Cthulhu, you might already have the
   Demolitionist moved in, or some Bombs of your own. At this point you
   should go to the corruption and start bombing ebonstone to reach the
   elusive (not really) Shadow Orbs. You'll get some advanced stuff by
   breaking these, such as an Orb of Light, Musket (first gun to attract
   the Arms Dealer!), or Band of Regeneration. A while after breaking one,
   you'll see a message pop up that a meteorite has landed. Ignore this for
   now, but it will be important later. Once you're ready and have plenty of
   Jester Arrows/Gold Broadswords, break your 3rd Shadow Orb, and the 2nd
   boss, the Eater of worlds, will spawn. I can't really simplify a strategy
   here, so just spam your most powerful speedy things to take out its
   segments quickly. The Eater will drop a healthy supply of Demonite Ore,
   along with Shadow Scales. If you are a Warrior, you should make the Shadow
   Armor with these scales (after making the Nightmare Pickaxe obviously).
   If you are a Ranger, your higher tier armor will have to wait. However...

    If you are a Caster, you can fix yourself up some Meteor Armor! By
   scouring your world for the meteor crash site, and mining up all the ore,
   you can make not only Meteor armor, but the Meteor Hamaxe, and the Space
   Gun from the base Handgun. And if you are insane enough to have enough
   money to buy the Minishark, you can also make the Star Cannon with loads
   of Fallen stars. It's powerful, but extremely cost ineffective, and the 
   Minishark's other upgrade is more powerful and worth it. Have fun with
   your field day Rangers and Casters.

    Now at this point, you are probably ready for the next boss encounter to
   gain passage into the dreaded dungeon. Though, if you haven't already,
   start farming some skeletons for a Hook to use to make a Grappling Hook.
   I'd recommend making this as soon as you can, but if you haven't made one
   by the time you're ready for the dungeon, you really need to make one.
   Other than that, I'd say make a Cooking Pot and use it to make some Bowls
   of Soup. Also, having Ironskin, Swiftness, and whatever potions increase
   your combat capabilities. Once you're ready, talk to the old man outside
   of the dungeon, and buff up. Select Curse, and the 3rd boss, Skeletron
   will appear. Usually on my normal playthroughs, I use a Demon Bow with
   Flaming Arrows with a arena of wooden platforms built on the roof of the
   dungeon. If you are a caster, using the Water Bolt in a box of dirt. This
   will cause the Water Bolt to ricochet racking up tons of hits, but leaves
   your evasive capabilites rather limited.

    Dungeon crawling is one hell of a process, and requires lots of patience.
   There are 2 different obstacles that are unkillable, and only serve to be a
   nuisance. Nearly every chest in this place is locked, and can only be
   opened with a Golden Key. Golden Keys will rarely drop from the normal mobs
   and will always drop from a Dungeon Slime. You can also find them in the
   rare occasion of a Wooden Chest. Around this time is when Casters start
   finding much better gear to fight with, but the Water Bolt is still
   probably the best thing you can find in the dungeon. You will also find the
   Shadow Key, which you should keep for later. Once you're done with the
   dungeon crawl, you're going to want to have some leftover Golden Keys. As
   of 1.0.6, every Floating Island chest is locked. If you've found some
   Gravitation Potions, you can fly around your map searching for the Islands
   to find some more loot. Also, if you're playing Ranger, you can use the

    Now at this point, if you haven't fought the Goblin Army, you're just going
   to want to wait it out (assuming you have the prereqs for them to spawn) to
   fight them. They are a nuisance to fight but the rewards are more than worth
   it. Once you defeat them, a new NPC will spawn in the underground. He will
   take some time to find, but you most likely will find him. The Goblin
   Tinkerer is probably the most important/useful NPC in the game. You can use
   him to alter your weapons' and accessories' prefixes, which in turn will
   make them better (or worse). This can be quite a wallet emptier, but it is
   more than worth it for fighting the Hardmode bosses. When doing this to your
   accessories, I usually only go for the 'Warding' prefix as it gives you +4
   Defense, which is huge in this game. He also sells a crafting utility named
   the Tinkerer's Workbench, which is used to combine accessories. This is very
   useful as it frees up more space for more accessories.

    Now, you could have done this before even the dungeon, but I like to save
   exploring the jungle for after because of the enemy known as the Man Eater.
   These assholes do the most damage of any generic mob in pre-hardmode, and
   have an erratic movement pattern that makes them harder to avoid than most
   other enemies at this point in the game. The Hornets don't help either,
   being able to hit from range, and poison you. The most important thing here
   is the Man Eater's uncommon drop, the Vine. Once you get 3 of these, (along
   with some Jungle Spores), you can upgrade your Grappling Hook to an Ivy
   Whip, which can have 3 hooks out at once, and has a longer range. Most of
   the other things here are just standard weapon upgrades. Though, if you are
   a Caster, you can get your best pre-hardmode armor set here.

    After you're done with the Jungle, Goblin Army, and Dungeon, your next
   step will also be the last one before getting to hardmode: The Underworld.
   To get to the Underworld, you're just going to have to dig deeper and
   deeper until you reach it. Before you do so however, you're going to want to
   set up an Obsidian farm. Find a decent sized pool of lava, and try to carry
   a pool of water from higher up underground to this pool of lava. If you can
   pull it off, you should get all the Obsidian you'll ever need from it. I
   highly recommend making an Obsidian skull so you won't get hurt by the ore
   in the Underworld. If you want to abuse a certain boss strategy, I'd say
   against combining the Skull with your Cobalt Shield (from the dungeon) and
   instead combine it with your Lucky Horseshoe. Be sure to have a large supply
   of Obsidian before you head to the Underworld. You'll need it to make
   Hellstone bars.

    Your first priority after entering the Underworld is to find a Hellforge,
   which can be found in the Obsidian Brick towers. Also found in the towers
   are Shadow Chests, which can only be unlocked with the Shadow Key found in
   the dungeon. Useful treasures found in these chests include the Dark Lance,
   the Sunfury, and the all-powerful, godly Whoopie Cushion. Once you've gotten
   the first slew of loot in the place you should be ready for mining the
   Hellstone. I would highly recommend getting a decent supply of Obsidian Skin
   Potions, as those make you immune to lava damage, but it's certainly not
   impossible to get the ore without them. You can also get rid of your Furnace
   once you get the Hellforge, since the Hellforge can do everything the
   Furnace can, and more. Also worth noting is that you can combine the 4
   swords: Lightbane, Blade of Grass, Muramasa, and Fiery Greatsword to make
   the most powerful weapon in pre-Hardmode, the Night's Edge. I highly suggest
   having this weapon for the next boss fight. Once you've gotten every piece
   of gear you care to make out of Hellstone, you're going to want to make a 
   gigantic stretch of flat land somewhere in the Underworld. Once you've done
   that you can start waiting patiently in the Underworld until you encounter
   a Voodoo Demon. These things will always drop a Guide Voodoo Doll. By
   throwing this into lava in the Underworld you can summon the final pre-
   Hardmode boss...

    The Wall of Flesh. I recommend starting this fight off by using the Water
   Bolt or Night's Edge to kill all the Hungries. After you've done that just
   start wailing on it with a Flamarang, Phoenix Blaster, or Demon Scythe.
   Eventually it will fall, and the spirits of light and dark will be released
   into the world! Congratulations you have activated hardmode. The Wall of
   Flesh is guaranteed to drop the best Hammer in the game, the Pwnhammer. It
   also has a chance of dropping one of 6 other items, which are very useful.
   These items are the Clockwork Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle, Warrior Emblem,
   Ranger Emblem, Sorceror Emblem, or the Breaker Blade. Now, the world really
   opens up, and you can pretty much do things in whatever order you want.
   However, the top priority is to destroy however many Demon Altars you can
   to spawn the higher level ores: Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite. Good luck
   in Hardmode!

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