The Dona Room 4 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Dona Room 4

The Dona Room 4

Enter the room. At the left of the aquarium there is a calendar, click on
it once. There is a red circle, count on which number that circle is on, 
that will be your empty circle number so write it down on a piece of paper. 

Still at this view (in the calendar with the first page lifted) make sure 
your item tap is closed, you'll see a couple of thigs in the upper part 
of the screen. Take it, it's a pair of glasses. 

Zoom out  on the aquarium. If you click on the star at the turtle's back
you'll see it is angry but nothing else will happen yet. 

Still at this zoomed view, there is a small blue spot on the bottom right 
of your screen. Click on it, and then you'll see roman numbers. 

Put the glasses on the marked spot, and look at the numbers. Notice the full 
triangle on the left lense, and the empty square on the other. Read what 
number you see (red roman number) on your blue lens, this will be your empty 
square number. Read the blue roman number through your red lens, that will 
be your full triangle number. write them down too. 

Zoom out to see the whole room. Click under the sofa, you'll get a zoomed 
view, and will see an empty star and a number. This will be your empty 
star number.Take note. 

Still in this zoomed view if your item tab is closed, yuo can see a small 
key between sofa cushions. If it is open, close it, and get the key. 

Zoom out, zoom on smoking table, notice the paper on it, and the signs. 
Zoom out. Click on the pink bucket in left bottom corner, zoom into it 
and get red cylinder from behind it (it's a stamp). Zoom out. 
Zoom on the closets under the aquarium. Use the small key on the closet, 
open the doors and get the stuff in it (remote, book, pen). Zoom out. 

Look at the book. Notice that turtle is unhappy, when TV is on. You will 
see that on the first page in last column there are 2 numbers, and on the
2nd page the second number is covered with a full square. See from the 
first page which is the number, which is covered, that will be your full
square number, and take note.

Turn right. Zoom on picture, notice numbers and click on it once only. 
Notice, that it tilts. Don't do anything, zoom out. 

Turn back left twice, facing the tv. Click on the remote once.TV shows a
colour chart. Turn off lights (switch next to the door), and turn back 
to tilted picture. Zoom on it, and note down numbers and colours. 

Turn lights back on. Turn until you are facing the door. Behind TV on the
right there is a grey thing. Take it, it is a disc. 

Face the TV. Click on closet below it, notice it is locked with a bicycle 
lock. Zoom on lock. Set the right number according to the colour code of 
TV and picture, and when you finish, click the arrow and the lock will 
open. Zoom on lock in your inventory. Notice the triangle on the lock. 
Imagine the lock locked, so the number to which the tongue belongs will
be your empty triangle number. 

Open the cabinet, get the plant. 

Put the disc in to dvd player. Zoom out. 
Turn until you see the tv. Click on the remote until you are at chanel 4,
and see a video clip. 

Turn to the aquarium, zoom in. The turtle should be scared, lift it up, 
there is a number on its belly. This will be your full star number.

Take note. 

While lifting up and holding up turtle, notice the round shadow on the 
right, in the water if you click on it, you get a a key. Zoom out. 
Zoom on table. Look at paper, there are two circles on it. Put stamps with 
the stamp on the circles and sign next to bottom stamp with the pen. Zoom out. 
Turn until you see the table from one side, put the plant in the round spot 
on table shelf. Zoom on paper, move the paper sheet and notice plant top 
points on empty stuff. Note the order accordong to the plant order and the
arrow (empty round, empty triangle, empty square). Zoom out. 

Turn facing tilted picture, click on it, take down picture, you will find 
a safe under it. There is a hint on it: saying 3 signs plus the plant order.
You have now all numbers you need (8). Take the topnumber add the bottom 
number, that will be the safe code. 

Place the key in the safe, enter the number, and click safe handle. 

Read the note. 
Click on the cushion for a while, get it to brake and get a lighter inside 
of it. Burn the paper sheet on the table. 
Click on the door, and you are out.

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