The Great Attic Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Great Attic Escape

The Great Attic Escape

* Click on the green book case in front of you. There’s a screwdriver 
  off to the right lying on some boxes. Click it to pick it up.
* Click on the middle shelf with the car on it, then click on the car 
  again to take it. Click down to get the expanded view of the book case.
* Click on the top shelf to zoom in then click on the red wheel to take 
  it and then zoom all the way out to the main view.
* Go left.
* Click on the baby carriage to zoom in. Click on it again to make it 
  collapse. Now go ahead and click on all three wheels to complete your
  four wheel set. * * Also, there’s a blue triangle on the carriage, 
  click it to get the frame. Zoom out to the main view.
* Go left.
* Click on the garbage can once. Notice there’s a screw lying on the 
  ground, go ahead and click to pick it up then click on the garbage 
  can lid to see what’s inside.
* Click the blue disc and the three remaining screws to collect them all. 
* Zoom all the way out.
* Go left.
* Click on the basket that is lying on the trap door with all the locks 
  on it. There’s a crank in the basket, pick it up and zoom out.
* Go left twice or right twice to get back to the view with the baby 
* Now click on the old record player. Place the vinyl record on the player,
  then place the crank on the player.
* Use the crank, then click on the arm with the needle on it to play the
  record player.
* The three bats will swoop down to get their groove on. Click on all 
  three then zoom out to the normal view.
* Click on the rope that the bats were perched on.
* Go left once to get the view with the safe, trashcan and box. 
* Click on the blue safe.
* Use the green bat (grand master of stealth) on the safe. 
  He will post himself on the top dial but will automatically switch 
  to whichever dial you click on. 
* To open the safe, slowly turn each knob by clicking on it until the bat
  gives you the thumbs up. Once you have gotten all three thumbs up, click
  on the propeller to open the safe. NOTE: It’s very easy to get the thumbs
  up and keep turning, so be careful. If you thought you got it right but 
  the safe won’t 
* open, you probably clicked once after the thumbs up. With the safe open get 
  the small key. Zoom all the way out.
* Click on the wooden box.
* Use the following items on the box in the following order: screws, wheels, 
  frame. Then use the car on the part of the frame that is visible, then use 
  the small key on the car.
* Now click on the car to get it to tow the box over by the trap door.
* Combine the blue bat (grand master of flight) with the rope. Use the blue 
  bat with the rope on the wooden beam overhead.
* Use the red bat (grand master of strength) with the rope and you are FREE!

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