The Great Basement Escape Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Great Basement Escape

The Great Basement Escape

-get the hammer and the 1st nail from the chest.
-get the 2nd nail at the same screen, on the jar (left)
-get the chain, small rack and big rack from the bike.
-click the shelf above the chest.
-it will break. and right ski will come to your inventory.
-turn right.
-get the screwdriver on the floor.
-get the 3rd nail on the shelf.
-break the box at the bottom shelf at the right with the hammer.
-get the planks.
-click on the jars at the top shelf and get a carrot from the jar.
-get the left ski from left of the shelves.
-turn right.
-open the panel on the wall with the screwdriver.
-put the racks in it.
-turn right and get the 4th nail in front of the machine.
-get a tumbler from the machine.
-click on the sink and get the rope.
-there is the 5th nail on the machine at the sink screen.
-click on the shoe and get the shoe lace fom it.
-there is 6th nail at the shoe screen.
-click on the hole on the wall.
-get the mouse and the 7th nail.
-put the tumbler on the panel with rack.
-put the chain on the racks and the thumbler.
-tie the rope to the rope coming from the ceiling.
-combine the rope shoe lace and the carrot.
-put the carrot on the hook on the ceiling.
-put the right and left skies under the closet on the ceiling.
-get the 8th nail on the right box at the sink screen.
-click the planks on the skies.
-you will have a ladder to go out.

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