The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge

The Order of the Thorne - The King's Challenge

Short Walktrough for a nice little game
Go to the Library
Upstairs pick up the book on the table to get the Map
Leave the library and go to the general shop to the left
Pick up the Empty Jar
Leave the village and go to the pond
Pick up Withered Flower
Go to the pixie tree and talk to the red pixie
Go to the lovers and pick up the watermelon
Go to the river bank
Go to the tree where the gnome hid his treasure
Go left one screen and pick up mushroom
Give the cold coin to the ferry man
Pick up cloak
Talk to the ferry man
Talk to him again
Play the Scythe Song
Go to the Fallen tree and play Bird Song
Use Cloak on Beehive
Go to the swamp entrance and pick up bamboo
Use bamboo with beehive
Talk to ted
Go to the bear
Use the combined beehive on the bear
Go to the tree where the gnome hid the treasure
Pick up the hole to get treasure
Give the treasure to the troll
Pick up a rose
Go to the potion shop and play the love song
Give the rose to the girl
Go to the swamp entrance
Talk to the turtle
Enter the swamp
Play turtle song
Walk towards the sloths
Go to the library, talk to the librarian and ask for help
Go to the general shop and pick up chicken soup
Give him the mushroom and pick up the empty jar
Use the chicken soup on the raptor
Walk left
Enter the Water
Go left and up
Use jar on spider webs
Use jar on spider
Go up and left
Go down and left
Pick up harp
Go right, up and up
Talk to seer
Use blue potion, yellow potion, red potion
Go into the hut and pick up the chest
Talk to the seer again
Go left
Give harp to red pixie
Use Spider on red pixie
Give watermelon and ueli juice to potion maker
Use the potion on crystals
Combine Restore Potion with Withered Flower
Use the restored flower on dirt beneath the juniper tree
Pick up the firienne berries
Give the berries to the seer
Talk to the monk and learn the Truth of the Mead song
Go to the bear and play this song
Play protection song


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