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 The Unforgiven Room

The Unforgiven Room

1. Lights:
You begin facing the PC. Click the right side of the screen once, you should be facing a
door. Click the small blue square to turn the lights on. If the gray goggles-looking
inventory panel gets in your way at any point, it can be clicked-held and dragged around.

2. Toxic Waste:
Click the left side of the screen to go back to the PC area. Click the upper-left corner
of the nifty dancing-silhouettes painting. It will tip. Now click the upper-right corner.
It will tip some more. Now click around near the bottom; if you zoom in near the trash
can, it's OK, just keep clicking around the bottom of the painting. Eventually it will
fall down. Click the bottom of the screen to zoom back out (if necessary), and grab the

3. Blender Blade:
Now click the top of the screen. It should scroll up to show the ceiling and a ledge
running along the top of the wall. Click the upper-left corner of this "ledge area" until
it zooms in and shows what looks like a rotary yard sprinkler. This is actually the

4. You now have a choice. You can exploit the game's glitchiness to circumvent several
steps, or go through the motions as "intended". I will write the guide as if we're playing
along, but if you want to jump closer to the end:

Click around frustratedly until you get back to the PC screen. Click the trash can to zoom
in on it. Keep clicking around like crazy on the trash can's foot pedal (some
clicking-and-dragging may be necessary) until the game's brain explodes and a severed foot
appears on the trash can barrel. Take the REMOTE CONTROL from inside the trash can.

*Skip this step if you "cheated" in Step 4*
5. Lighter:
Click around until you get back to the normal PC-and-trash-can screen. Click the bottom of
the screen. It will scroll down to reveal a red carpet. Click the lower-left corner of the
carpet; it will peel up to reveal a hidden compartment. Take the LIGHTER. Click the top of
the carpet to scroll back up.

6. Key Card Half #1:
Click the right side of the screen. You should be on the grandfather clock screen (where
we turned the lights on). Click the pink cabinet to zoom in on it. Click the right round
handle to open the right cabinet door, and then click the DIARY. Keep clicking it until
you get the KEY CARD HALF. Click the diary to close it.

7. Battery #1:
While you're in the cabinet, open the left door. Click the back of the cabinet, just above
the lower shelf. A hidden compartment will slide open with a BATTERY in it. Take it. Click
the bottom of the screen to zoom back out.

*Steps 8-15 are optional (and highly annoying) and should only be completed if you must
know what to do with the CD-ROM.*

8. Click the base of the grandfather clock to get a CD-ROM.

9. Click the left side of the screen to go back to the PC area. Click on the computer case
to zoom in on it. Click the big light-gray circle near the bottom of the computer case;
the panel will flip up. Click the orange corner to get the NOTE. If you want to look at
the note again in the future, frantically click on its icon in your inventory until the
glitchy system triggers and its picture reappears.

10. Click the power button for the computer. It's the tiny gray circle in the upper-left
of the computer case, across from the long gray line (the CD tray).

11. Move the mouse on the desk (click and drag) to move the cursor on the PC screen. Click
through to the second screen, with the Windows desktop.

12. Click the little black eject button below the CD tray on the computer case. Drag the
CD-ROM into the open CD tray, then click the eject button again. The tray will close.

13. Now use the mouse to manoeuvre the PC-screen cursor onto the black rectangle in the
lower-right corner. Click (your actual cursor) on the upper-left portion of the mouse. You
should receive a password prompt. This part is very glitchy so if it doesn't work, don't
feel heartbroken: you're not missing much.

14. The password is based on the note you found inside the computer cover.

It's the first letter of each word.

Upon entering the password you are treated to a semi-loud song (the kind people buy on
CDs, with vocals and all, not a little MIDI ditty) which goes on for a LONG TIME and
CANNOT BE STOPPED. The lyrics scroll on the screen and certain letters are highlighted
pink; this unfathomably boring experience will, if sat through, give you a hint to the
location of the DYNAMITE.

15. There is no need to do this, but now you know.

16. Key Card Half #2:
Click the right side of the screen; you should be looking at a bed with pink (yay!) sheets
and a stereo system. Click the bed to zoom in on it; click the left side of the sheets to
life them up and get another KEY CARD HALF.

17. Power Cord:
Click under the bed, in the shadow near the right bedpost, to get the POWER CORD. Click
the bottom of the screen to zoom back out.

18. Battery #2:
Click the stereo system to zoom in on it. Get the other BATTERY from the ashtray on the
left. Click the bottom of the screen to zoom back out.

*Skip this step if you "cheated" in Step 4*
19. Dynamite:
Click the purple curtains to draw them open. Move your cursor to the lower-right corner of
the opened curtains, just above the window ledge. You need to click the very edge of the
curtains here, otherwise they will just be drawn closed again. You are almost guaranteed
to be very irritated by this. Eventually you will hit the right pixel and the curtains
will open a little more; grab the DYNAMITE.

Gold Key:
Click the left side of the screen to go back to the grandfather clock area. Open your
inventory and drag the POWER CORD onto the lime-green rectangle behind the pink cabinet.
The blender will now be plugged in.

Now drag the BLENDER BLADE onto the dark slot inside the blender glass. The blade will now
be equipped on the blender.

Drag the TOXIC WASTE onto the very top of the blender (don't just drag it onto the blender
anywhere, such as the glass body). The blender will fill with green goo.

Press the big pink button on the base of the blender. Take the GOLD KEY from inside the
grandfather clock.

*Skip this if you "cheated" in Step 4*
Click right two screens. You should be facing a TV and a big blue armchair. Drag the
DYNAMITE on to the armchair.

Click-and-hold on the upper-right corner of the LIGHTER in your inventory until you hear a
click and the flame comes on (this step is annoying). Keep your cursor held down as you
move off the lighter, so it stays lit. You can release your mouse button as long as the
little dancing flame on the lighter stays on. Drag the LIGHTER onto the DYNAMITE; the fuse
on the dynamite will ignite.

Take the SAW from inside the chair. You can also turn off the LIGHTER now if the dancing
flame is slowing things down for you.

27. Brick:
Click the lime-green drawers under the TV screen to zoom in on them. Drag the GOLD KEY
onto the lock of the lower drawer. You won't get any visual or audio indications that it
unlocked, but the key will disappear. Click the handle of the lower drawer to open it;
take the BRICK.

Tape Dispenser:
Drag the BRICK onto the TV screen. Take the TAPE DISPENSER. Wince.

Click and hold the right side of the TAPE DISPENSER icon in your inventory. Keep your
cursor held down for at least 10 seconds, to be safe. Then release your cursor without
moving it off the TAPE DISPENSER. It should unroll a length of tape. This step is very,
very irritating; if it doesn't work, just try again until it does. The TAPE DISPENSER does
not need to be outside your inventory, nor does it need to be in any special location.
It's all about the awkward click/hold timing.

30. Pass Card:
Drag the two KEY CARD HALVES together in your inventory so it looks like a "whole" card.
Then drag the EXTENDED TAPE DISPENSER on top of the two KEY CARD HALVES; it will all
amalgamate together into a single PASS CARD. Click the right side of the screen to go back
to the PC area.

*Skip steps 31 and 32 if you "cheated" in Step 4*
31. Foot:
Stop eating if you're squeamish. Click the SAW in your inventory screen, then the garbled
yellow "USE ITEM" text that appears underneath it. Click on the SEVERED FOOT.

32. Remote Control:
Click on the trash can to zoom in on it. Drag the SEVERED FOOT onto the trash can pedal to
prop the lid open. Click on the trash can opening to look inside. Get the REMOTE CONTROL.

Gray Key:
Click the REMOTE CONTROL in your inventory screen; it will enlarge slightly. Click the
yellow screen on its left side; it will flip over. Click the gray rectangle to slide the
battery cover open. Drag both BATTERIES inside the REMOTE CONTROL.

Click the left side of the screen to go back to the TV and chair area. Click the REMOTE
CONTROL inside your inventory (no dragging necessary). A semi-hidden panel will open on
the wall in front of you.

Click the ... metal technology thing ... to zoom in on it. Drag the PASS CARD onto it.
Click the green button. Take the GRAY KEY.

36. Conclusion:
Click the right side of the screen twice to arrive back at the grandfather clock area.
Click the yellow door to zoom in on it. Drag the GRAY KEY onto the lock; it will evaporate
like the gold key did. Click the lock to reward your efforts with a credits sequence.

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