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 Three Weeks in Paradise

Three Weeks in Paradise


Another Wally Week game, following  on from Automania, Pyjamarama, Everyone's a
Wally, and Herberts Dummy Run...

This time Wally's really done it...  Deciding to go on holiday, he takes  Wilma
and Herbert to a deserted isle, as advertised by Costa Del Cheapo holiday firm.
It  seemed  nice  and  cheap,  and  the  literature  said that the natives were
friendly, and in fact it was  such  a  nice  place, nobody had ever bothered to
come back...

Well.  Wilma kidnapped by the Chief Tribesman, hanging by her feet, and Herbert
the main course at a celebratory dinner.  Wally's got his work cut out for  him
this time, and no mistake...

Do you need a handbag to crocodile rock?  That priest may be hot stuff, but how
do  you get his attention?  Is it co-incidence that corkscrew, coconut & cookie
all begin with the same  letter,  and  yet  blunt axe doesn't?  Are the bellows
more than just a load of hot air?  Am I giving the game away?  Yes.

  Hints & Cheats:

To  gain  infitite  lives  on Three Weeks in Paradise wait until Wally has been
knocked down.  When the  stars  start  revolving  round  his head quickly press
Symbol Shift, D and P.


  To rescue Wilma:

First of all get the Mint from the sign  outside  the  Trading  Post  then  get
Wilma's  Handbag  from the beach, to get to the beach go through the picture in
the room that contains the  table.   As  long  as  you have the Handbag in your
possession the crocodile will not harm you.  Go to the screen with the Ice Cube
in it and press the Action key.  Now pick up the Hole and go  right  until  you
are just past the crocodile, now drop the Handbag.  Take the Gold Fish Bowl and
the  Hole  to  the Wishing well screen, stand at the far left of the screen and
press the Action key.  Go left into  the  new screen and take the Skeleton key,
the spider will not move as long as you have the Bowl.  Go through the  picture
again  and into the sea, pass over the locker and the door will open.  Take the
Spinach and drop it  in  a  convenient  place.   Go  back  to the room with the
picture in it and get the stuffing from underneath the  table,go  to  the  room
with  the  big  bird in it.  Take the Egg but don't drop the stuffing while you
are in the same room as the big  bird.  With the Egg and the Spinach proceed to
the room that contains the sign 'Old Faithful', now pull the rope  and  run  to
the  water.   Jump  up the geyser.  Jump into the nest and swap the Spinach for
the Bow and Arrows.  Now drop  down  and  drop  the  Egg. Go to the screen that
contains Wilma and shoot the native with the  Bow  and  Arrows.Proceed  to  the
screen  with  the  well  in it and jump down.  Go to the centre of the well and
press the Action key.  Take the bottle and  climb out of the screen by going to
the right of the screen and keeping the Action key depressed.  With the  Bottle
and  the  Corkscrew  return  to  the  crocodile  screen.Get  the Bottle and the
Corkscrew past the crocodile one at a time by using the Handbag.  Standing over
the Coconut with both of the objects  press the Action key.  Take the Bottle of
Oil and the Blunt axe to the screen with the hut and the car.   Pass  over  the
front  wheel  of  the car and press the Action key.With the Sharp axe return to
the screen with Wilma and cut her down by pressing the Action key.

  To reseue Herbert:

First of all get the Deux Sticks  from the crocodile room using the Action key,
light the fire in the anvil room.  Take the bellows from the top of  the  well,
then  pass  over the fire and press the Action key.  Get the Hot Ashes and take
them to the room with the Totem  pole  in  it.  Now pass over the white man and
press the Action key.Should you have the bellows the cloud will move away  from
you,  so make sure you are standing to the right of it.  When the cloud reaches
the hut collect the Shell.   Now  take  the  Shell  down the well and press the
Action just as the drip touches.  Once that has been done take the Billy Can to
the Geyser, pull the rope, and run to the water to fill the can.  Go  and  find
the  Flipflops  and take them along with the full Billy Can to the beach.  Just
as you pass the crab press the Actionkey.   Now collect the Claw and take it to
the right hand side of the room that  contains  Herbert.   Whilst  keeping  the
Action  key  depressed  walk into the lion.  Take the Thorn, with this and full
Sea Shell walk to the middle of the cauldron and press the Action key.

  To Escape:

Just go back to the beach via the  picture, in the room with the table, and you
will have finished the game with 100%.


When Wally frees Wilma and Herbert and goes to beach you  se  the  island  with
congratulations flashing above it.  You then see a small raft floating away.
  The  secret passage:  the picture in the screen with the snail and table is a
secret passage to the beach.

  Freeing Wilma:

 Get  the  mint  - it's behind the trading post - and Wilma handbag.  Go to the
crocodile screen.  The croc will be sad,  go  past him.  Go to the ice cube and
use the mint.  Pick up the hole and leave the bag front of the crocodile.   Get
the  goldfish  bowl.   Go to the well screen.  Go to the far left of the screen
and use the hole.  Go into the new  doorway and get the key.  Go under the sea,
via the beach, and in to the locker.  Get the spinach.  Go to the  screen  with
large bird - next to Wlma's screen andget the egg.
 Take  the  spinach and the egg to the geyser screen.  Go to the far right-hand
side, just right of the creeper and face left. jump and run until you are under
the geyser.  You will be carried up.   When youreach the top jump into the nest
exchange the egg for the bow and arrows.
 Jump down. go to Wilma screen and leave the bows and arrows there.
 Go to the well screen and jump uptill you get the rope.  Press the use key and
you should fall down the well. get the bottle and go  to  the  right-hand  side
wall  and,  when  there  are  no bubbles above you press the use key.  You will
clinb up to the top.  Get the  corkscrew  and go to the crocodile screen.  Swap
the corkscrew for the bag and walk past the croc, leaving  the  bottle  by  the
coconut.  do  the  same for the corkscrew. make sure you have the corkscrew and
the bottle.  Use these over the nut. pick up the bagandgo past the croc.  Leave
the bag there - you wont't need it  again.  Get the blunt axe and the bottle of
oil and go to the screen with the car.  Position yourself at  the  front  wheel
and  press the use key. take the sharp axe and go to the wilma screen.  Pick up
the bow and arrows and face the  native.   Press the use key, you will fire and
arrow which willkill him.  Go to the hope tying Wilma and use the axe.
 Wilma is now free!

  Freeing Herbert:

 Get the flip-flops from the trading post and  the  billy  can  from  the  frog
screen.  Go to the geyser screen and do the same as did when freeing Wilma, but
instead of being sucked up the billy can will be filled in.  Goto the screen on
the  right  og  the geyser and onto the quicksand, the flip-flops stop you from
sinking.  Stand in front of the creb and use the billy can.  Pick up the crab's
pincer andgo to the Herbert  screen  on  the  right  hand side.  Stand over the
thorn and use the crab's pincer to pull it out.  You can now get  through  that
 Get the deux sticks and the belows.  Go to the anvil screen and stand over the
wood  pile.  Press use to light the fire then press use again tp get the ashes.
Take the ashes to the screen  with  the  little whitw native and use them under
his feet.  The clound will now atart shoting bolts of lighting.
 Go to the right of the clound and blow it along with the bellows until  it  is
over  the hut.  The hut will disintegrate revealing a shell.  Take the shell to
well and go down the well again.   Move underthe dirp of water.  This will fill
the shell.  Take it to the Herbert screen and place it under the pot.  Use  the
 Herbert is free!

 Now go to the beach and you have finished the game.



  General Facts:

3 Weeks in Paradise was written by David Perry, in 1986 by Mikro_Gen,  and  has
some  interesting text buried right at the end of the code, with mention of the
1986 Penthouse calendar, not being paid  for  his  work, and a greeting to Your
Sinclair Hacker Chris Wood.


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