Tomb Raider - The last Revelation Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tomb Raider - The last Revelation

Tomb Raider - The last Revelation

 M2aaaaaaaaaa2M; .MM@0aaaaaaa8BMM0    0WaaaZZ@M   0MZaaaaWM   
.MMMBZ2222ZBMMMiiM0a22ZBMMM@8a2aZMM   M8222a2ZM   MZaaa2aZM   aWaaaaW  
 i  i8SSSS8;    Wa22Sa@7   i0BS2S2WW  M222222SB0 2@SS22222Mr  2W22228  ,Z2aa@M
    :BSSSS0r   Z0SSSX0r      BSSSS2M XBSSSaXaSa@ MaSa2aSSS8W  20SSS20@MBaS22r
    iZ7777Z7   78X77720     :WXX77SZ 8X777B X27XXX722 ZSXXXW  Xa77XX2   SSXXZMi
    iarrrr2r    a27rr7S08080ZXrrrX8  Z7rr78  Z7rrr7Z  aXrrrar X2rrr7S   ;X7rrS7
    iX;;;;Xr     727;;;;rrr;;;;rX2, ;X;;;rS  r7;;;X7  77;;;72 r7;;;;Xa0ZXr;;r2,
    iXrrr;7r       iX7r;;i;;rr77i   2r;;r7X   X;rrX   7Xrrrr2 ;7rrrr;;;r;rrXX,

 Ma2aBMMBaaaM2    SMaa0X828M    MS22M  @SS2@   W822BM Ma22Z       MaaaB@MWZZ0M
 M22aW  B222Ma    MZSZZ @220M   MSSSM  @S22M    8SS2@ M2S2a0BBM2  MaaaM  BZaaM.
 @22aW  W228M;   aW2S8  0S22WX  BXXXW  0XXX0   2aXXSB @22S28BBM@ .M222@  8Z22Wi
 WSXS8W@ZSZ@:    M2XXaZZZXXX2M  ZrrrZ  arrrSZW0a77Xar WXXX2: .X8  MS228MMB222@,
 BSSSSSSSXa     2arr72Z0Z2XXXZB Sr77Z ,aXXXX7777XXX   B7rrXr:     MS22S2222Z0M
 0XXXSS2XXZ@.   Zrr72.   iZS77i:                      Wa2XSXS2a@  @SSS2SaX2a,
 Z77XS.ZX77SW7 r2XXX;                                     :iXXX2  WXXXZ ZXXZ.
 .   :             ;MMZMMMMZMM@  MMMM7     MMMM    MMMMS              ,     ,i
                       MMMM      MMMMMMMMMMMMMM    MMMMMMMMM
                       MMMM      MMMMM.22,0MMMM    MMMM@   7
                       MMMM      MMMMB    ;MMMM    MMMMM,SSWr
                       MSSM      SBSBS    i@S8B    MSS20@MMM2

            MMMMMM           MMMMMMM          BMMMMMMMM  XMMMMMMMMMMMM
            MMMMMM          MMMM :MMM7     MMMMMM            MMMMMZ
            MMMMMM         MMMMM SMMMM     MMMMMMMMMMMi      MMMMMB
            MMMMMW        MMMMM   MMMMM       MMMMMMMMMM     MMMMMM
            MMMMM2       ZMMMMM@@aMMMMMM           MMMMMM    MMMMMM

7MMMMM   MMW B   MM8MMM   MMa @  MM7    MMM MMM   MM   MMM MMM    aMM MM@ 

            TOMB RAIDER: THE LAST REVELATION The FAQ/Walkthrough for
        one of the best made games ever, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
           Contributed to GAMEFAQS and written by: paffka (Pidgeotto)
                 Suggestions, Questions, Corrections, Comments?
                      Contact me at:
                       Version: 0.4 (Loads to complete)
                       Started: somewhere back in 2001
                          Last updated: 20/02/2004

                   COPYRIGHT PAFFKA (Pidgeotto) 2001-2004.

This FAQ can >only< be viewed from:

If you're viewing this from any other location
consider this having been illegaly stolen and
quick action must be begunimmediately. I will
not grant permission to any more sites, only
the two listed above. Sites
having stolen and published my work  will be
unscrupulously forced to remove my work, either
manually or with the co-operation of their server. Beware.

'Nuff said here.

CONTENTS                                                           CTRL + F

-->Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AAA
-->FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . QQQ
-->What's New . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NNN
-->Controls*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CCC
       -Necessary Actions*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CC1
       -Button Combination Actions* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CC2
       -Vehicle Controls* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
-->Inventory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VVV
       -Save Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV1
       -Load Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV2
       -Flares. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV3
       -Pistols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV4
       -Small Med Packs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV5
       -Large Med Packs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV6
       -Shotgun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV7
       -Normal Shotgun Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV8
       -Wideshot Shotgun Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VV9
       -Uzis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V10
       -Uzi Clips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V11
       -Revolver. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V12
       -Revolver Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V13
       -Grenadegun  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V14
       -Normal Grenadegun Ammo  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V15
       -Flash Grenadegun Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V16
       -Super Grenadegun Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V17
       -Crossbow  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V18
       -Normal Crossbow Ammo  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V19
       -Poison Crossbow Ammo  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V20
       -Explosive Crossbow Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V21
       -LaserSight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V22
       -Binoculars. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V23
       -Key Items (not full list) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V24
       -Compass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . V25
-->Walkthrough* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WWU
       -Angkor Wat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW1
       -Race for the Iris*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW2
       -The Tomb of Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW3
       -Burial Chambers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW4
       -Valley of the Kings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW5
       -KV5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW6
       -Temple of Karnak (1st time) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW7
       -The Great Hypostyle Hall (1st time) . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW8
       -Sacred Lake (1st time). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WW9
       -Temple of Karnak (2nd time) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W10
       -The Great Hypostyle Hall (2nd time) . . . . . . . . . . . . . W11
       -Sacred Lake (2nd time). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W12
       -Tomb of Semerkhet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W13
       -Guardian of Semerkhet*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Desert Railroad*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Alexandria* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Coastal Ruins (1st time)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Catacombs*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Temple of Poseidon* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Lost Library* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Hall of Demetrius*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Coastal Ruins (2nd time)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Pharos, Temple of Isis* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Cleopatra's Palaces*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -City of the Dead* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Chambers of Tulun (1st time)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Citadel Gate (1st time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Chambers of Tulun (2nd time)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Trenches (1st time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Chambers of Tulun (3rd time)* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Trenches (2nd time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Street Bazaar*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Trenches (3rd time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Ciradel Gate (2nd time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Citadel*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Sphinx Complex (2nd time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Underneath the Sphinx*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Menkaure's Pyramid* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Inside Menkaure's Pyramid*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Sphinx Complex (2nd time)*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Mastabas* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Great Pyramid*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Khufu's Queens Pyramids*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Inside the Great Pyramid* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Temple of Horus*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Times Exclusive (Downloadable) Level. . . . . . . . . . . W46
-->Artifacts and Key Items* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . III
       -Golden Skull(s) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II1
       -Iris Artifact . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II2
       -Eye Piece(s). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II3
       -Eye of Horus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II4
       -Timeless Sands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II5
       -Hand of Orion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II6
       -Amulet of Horus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II7
       -Golden Serpent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II8
       -Hand of Sirius. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . II9
       -Scarab Talisman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I10
       -Ignition Key. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I11
       -Canopic Jar(s). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I12
       -Hypostyle Key*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Sun Goddess*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Sun Disk* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Sun Talisman* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -The Rest of the Artifacts and Key Items*. . . . . . . . . . . ---
-->Dialogues & FMVs*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DDD
       -Angkor Wat Tutorial Dialogues . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -Race for the Iris Conversations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ---
       -KV5 Enlightment with Jean-Yves  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DD3
       -Hypostyle Briefing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DD4
-->Miscellaneous* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LLL
       -The Times Level . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LL1
       -Senet Game Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LL2
-->History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HHH
-->Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TTT
-->Copyrights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZYZ

*Data is not fully complete or is not available, yet.

Viewers are kindly requested to correct me or send
information I have not included. After all, this is a
FAQ/Walkthrough under massive construction. Thank you.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                  INTRODUCTION                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
This is a FAQ/Walkthrough concerning one of my favourite games ever made,
The Last Revelation in the cherished Tomb Raider series. I have invested a
large portion of my life in its making and this is one of the reasons it
should not be copied or distributed electronically without my consent. My
consent is not available here.

OK, sorry about the harsh start but lately I've been infuriated by loads of
such illegal copying of my work. I treasure my work and websites which do
not respect it and myself should not host it. Legally, only
is currently hosting this and other sites which wish to do so, may contact me
for consent.

The REAL introduction, now. =)

The daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure
world of aristocracy. Wanting for nothing, she was surrounded by servants,
social events and hight society.

Lara attended Wimbledon High School for Girls from the age of eleven. Now
that she was sixteen, her parents decided that Lara should broaden her
education by studying for her A levels at one of England's most prominent
boarding schools. An adventurous soul, Lara found the idea of being sent
away from home an exciting prospect.

By chance one day Lara came across a copy of National Geographic on the
hall table. The front cover featured a familiar name - Professor Werner Von
Croy. A respected archaeologist, Von Croy had once lectured at Lara's school
to pupils and parents alike. The experience had a profound effect on Lara,
triggering a desire for travel to remote locations in search of adventure.
In some ways Von Croy had become an inspirational figure for Lara.

As Lara read further, she learned that Von Croy was currently preparing for
an archaeological tour across Asia, culminating in a potential new discovery
to be made in Cambodia. Unable to contain herself, Lara burst into the room,
thrust the article in front of her parents and without hesitation demanded
she accompany Von Croy on his expedition. Lord Croft could hardly disagree
that travel was an education in itself.

As Lara argued the case further, he found himself walking over to the desk
and penning a letter to Von Croy, introducing himself as an influential
society figure and offering financial assistance in exchange for his
daughter's place on the expedition.

Von Croy's reply assured the Henishingly Crofts that the terrirtories were
friendly and that he had ample experience to look after both his and Lara's
well being. Lara's company as an assistant would be welcome, as was the offer
of such a generous check. He remembered Lara from his lecture - her incessant
yet insightful questions had made quite an impression upon him.

And so it was agreed by all that Lara would accompany Von Croy for the
duration of the tour...

                                      -Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Manual

Yes, quite an 'aristocratic' beginning. The game itself takes shape in the
aftermath of what was to become. The two primary levels deal with the
sixteen-year-old Lara exploring with and learning from Professor Werner Von
Croy, himself. It proceeds and delves further into Lara's life of exploration
where she is now fully mature as we know her. She strikes gold in Egypt by
discovering the God of Evil's, Set's, Tomb and actually releasing the terrible
ancient Ruler. Seems like it was not all hocus-pocus as was thought in the
first place...  <_<
In the act of doing so, Von Croy, now aged himself, reappears in the storyline
and becomes possessed by Set. Set, now making a terrible comeback forces chaos
onto the world once more. Von Croy and his cronies at his heels as well as
murderous monsters previously dead appear in a quest for destroying all good
along with Lara who is now desperately scouring the ancient tombs in search
of the Amulet of Horus, an artifact used as the seal upon Set's broken tomb.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                       FAQS                        ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Here, I have compiled a selection of commonly asked questions (FAQs) which
relate to the game and answering them helps users in need. Mail me your
questions and if they do not already appear to be answered somewhere here,
I'll put them up to gether with their reply.

>How can I quickly sift and search through the text?<
~In order to shorten the time needed by you when searching for a precise
 subject, I have included the Ctrl + F feature available in your browser.
 Simply, press the two buttons ('Ctrl' and 'F') together to initiate the
 search. Type in the string of letters I have included beside each topic
 or chapter (see Contents) and hit 'Enter.' The finder stops at the
 topic or chapter's position in the Contents, and if you continue the
 search, it will land precisely where the corresponding data is located.~

>Your Walkthrough looks coarse. Did you copy it from someone else?<
~Firstly, I despise plagiarism along with those that work by it. The text
 and data that appears on this FAQ/Walkthrough have wholly been written by
 me unless clearly indicated. My Walkthrough may looks coarse to you because
 originally it was not meant to be hosted on a company's website. It was
 written for a separate site (my very own Tomb Raider site) which is still
 in the making and what appears here is some of the content of what I have
 for it.

 Data that is not my work will possibly appear after I receive your comments,
 questions and suggestions. I will not claim them as my own and I will
 include the rightful persons behind them. I think this is cleared up, lets

 Over time, this guide will lose its 'coarseness' and become more acceptable
 for a page with ASCII text. =D ~

>How complete is your FAQ/Walkthrough?<
~At the moment, I have to say only about 30%.
 It is still not complete but will be soon, hopefully. Here is a list of
 things which may appear over time, as I have planned:

- Pre-level information ranging from the level's object to details about
  enemies, weapons and items encountered along the way.
- Word-to-word scripts of conversations among characters in FMVs along
  with other descriptions of what is seen.
- An enemy guide
- A weapons guide
- An items guide
- Cheats, codes and bugs
- Links~

>My game crashes when I fire weapons and enter water. Why's that?<
~That's due to a lack of a common graphics/video card when the computer
 is forced to play on the resources it can muster. This is what happened
 to my old computer and to some other users without video cards that I've
 talked to.

 Very annoying. Do not take the CD back for a refund, as I originally did
 with my first Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation disk, because the fault is
 totally not in the game.

 A main fix, is to purchase and install a valid video card that meets all the
 requirements. However, if there's a gaping hole in your pocket, open the
 Setup menu and adjust your game to 'Software Mode.' This'll make the game
 look crappy, dotty and lacking 3D but if that's the only possible solution for
 you, play like that. It'll take care of surfacing from water, targetless shots
 sparking into solid walls and some FMV sequences. I first completed the game
 in Software Mode, and so can you.~

>Why is there no Lara's Mansion training level?<
~Well, seeing as the game itself is so vast and bulky, it's only probable
 that there was no need for an extra side-level, brought from the TR, TR2 and
 TR3 past.

 Even Lara, herself, goes through age changes throughout the game, affecting
 the storyline and therefore causing unease if Lara's Home was given. Anyway,
 the first two levels, where Lara accompanies Werner Von Croy, should be
 comprehensive enough to act as 'training levels.'~

>How do I kill those living skeleton/mummy enemies?<
~Perhaps the outright winner for this is the Crossbow, when equipped with
 Explosive arrows. Second best, but a slight fraction more infrequent, are the
 infamous Explosive grenades. This should tell you something: if normal
 bullets do not work, an explosion will finish off.

 However, emptying rounds of regular, directly-offensive ammunition will
 prove some sligh effect on the living bones. Their limbs and heads can be
 detached with a few lucky shots. More powerful blasts, such as those from
 the Shotgun can make them stumble.

 So, whenever you encounter a pile of bones resembling a dead skeleton, try
 to strike it before it awakens. This is usually done with a weapon equipped
 with the always-accurate LaserSight tool. If you cheat, (or rather trick the
 game) with the usage of a weapon not meant to be equipped with the LaserSight,
 you can save mounds of precious ammunition.~

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                    WHAT'S NEW                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
There was a gap between the breathtaking Tomb Raider 3 and The Last Revelation.
During that gap, the designers accepted the critisims that the whole simple
raiding as present in the first three was getting, dusty. For this very
reason, The Last Revelation displays some news in the series. While some may
be extravagantly conspicous, others can be an unnecessary extra worry. See for
yourself. The following changes are the ones from the latest in the series, The
Lost Artifact (or Tomb Raider 3 Gold.) They might prove as SPOILERS to you, so
be cautioned and select what you want to read, at your own peril.

-Lara's Mansion has been removed, along with Jeeves the butler.

-To substitute the above, the first two game levels have been modified to guide
 you through the basics.

-Nathan McCree and his amazing musical work have been ousted.

-The Main Screen has been altered to accomodate the same options but in a
 different style, along with a moving background.

-Passport has been booted and replaced by an ordinary starting selection.

-The Harpoon Gun, Desert Eagle, Rocket Launcher and MP5 have been removed.

-To substitute the above, a Revolver and a Crossbow are available.

-Ammunition for some weapons may be in differently acting species.

-There is now a tool called the LaserSight which can be adjusted to some
 weapons and assist precise shots.

-Lara can now grab hold onto ropes and stiff, straight poles, and move along
 them, with other minor actions.

-Lara can change her targetting modes: automatic targetting as opposed to
 no targetting.

-The Inventory screen ring has been modified; something not as sightly as in
 TR3, if you ask me.

-You can now combine pieces of artifacts and key items to create one single
 item in their place.

-Binoculars have been introduced to aid visual exploring.

-Some enemies now require more intricate methods of killing and precise
 shots; some cannot be killed with some weapons.

-Puzzles are solved in a variety of brain-whizzing ways.

-Some levels are now intertwined into a dumbfounding maze of spaghetti. That
 means, levels will be re-encountered as you progress.

-Along with the switches and levers, there are niches which can be used to
 trigger actions. These'll be holes inside stone which Lara can reach
 her arm into.

-A wooden torch is now available, and can be lit to illuminate or to solve

-Lara can now push or pull items or block of stone continuously, without
 needing to rest or pause in between each moved square.

-You can pause the game, instead of entering the Inventory, and there, you
 can view your level's accomplished statistics.

-Green Health Crystals are gone for good.

-When poisoned, Lara will suffer some interesting visual effects, which become
 terse as her ailment progresses.

-Generally, items such as ammunition, flares and health packs have been
 redrawn, and do not look as appeasing as they did before.

-Whenever Lara perishes, you're returned to the Load Game option in the Main
 Title Screen. It is only from there that you can reload.

-Some interesting modifications are available in the external Setup screen.

-The Compass inside the Inventory is back and as accurately pointing North as

-Types of ammunition from older weapons have been renamed, somewhat
 incorrectly (eg. Crossbow Poison Ammo, Shotgun Normal Ammo) I am listing
 and using the more correctly spoken ones.

-Whenever Lara takes a closer peek at something, with the help of the 'Look'
 button, she becomes transparent to not obstruct your vision.

-Saved Games gain a recorded timing, to help you in deciding which stance
 you are thinking about reloading.

-You are given the idea of how many Secrets per level there are, no more.
 Instead, in your Statistics screen, you are allowed to see the total amount
 of Secrets within the game, not detailing each level's. Very, very annoying
 if you're searching for them all and are lacking a helpful walkthrough.

-Ammunition is no longer counted on-screen as the corresponding weapon's

-Items picked-up will flash across the bottom-right corner of the screen to
 clearly indicate the variety up-close without the necessity of looking in
 the Inventory.

These are the ones, out of memory, that I can list. Perhaps I have missed
something. In this case, I will try to update as soon as possible.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                    CONTROLS                       ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
To move and carry out her own diverse abilities and put them to the test in
solving puzzles, navigating tombs and the like- Lara requires our controlling
of her.

This section deals with listing them. Some may not be apparent, even in the
accompanying booklet, and these I will all list here. These are ones for the
PC system- I'm saddened to say to the unfortunate PS players.

REMEMBER: these are only the Default (keys that were initially sorted by the
game makers) set of keys. You can always alter or change them according to
your liking from the Main Screen.

ACTION                                     = Ctrl
JUMP                                       = Alt
DRAW/WITHDRAW WEAPONS                      = Space Bar
TURN LEFT                                  = Left Cursor <-
TURN RIGHT                                 = Right Cursor ->
FORWARD                                    = Up Cursor
BACKWARD                                   = Down Cursor
SPRINT (+FORWARD)/SWING (ROPE)             = Forward Slash /
DUCK                                       = Full Stop .
LIGHT/THROW FLARE SHORTCUT                 = Comma ,
OPEN/CLOSE INVENTORY                       = Esc or Escape
WALK SLOWLY                                = Shift + Directions
ROLL                                       = End
PISTOLS SHORTCUT                           = 1
SHOTGUN SHORTCUT                           = 2
UZIS SHORTCUT                              = 3
REVOLVER SHORTCUT                          = 4	
GRENADEGUN SHORTCUT                        = 5
CROSSBOW SHORTCUT                          = 6
SMALL MEDI PACK SHORTCUT                   = 0
LARGE MEDI PACK SHORTCUT                   = 9
SAVE GAME SHORTCUT                         = F5
LOAD GAME SHORTCUT                         = F6
SELECT IN MENU                             = Alt or Enter

Here are some moves you need to learn to be able to understand some that are
mentioned within the walkthrough. Of course, they are moves where two buttons
must be pressed in conjunction. Where I say 'Long', you must press that button
long enough for the move to work.
RUNNING JUMP                               = Long Up Cursor + Alt
STANDING/SHORT JUMP                        = Up Cursor + Alt
ROLL IN MIDDAIR                            = Up Cursor + End
ROLL WHILE RUNNING/SPRINTING               = Up Cursor + Down Cursor (or End)
CRAWL                                      = Duck + Directions
JUMP AND GRAB HOLD                         = Alt + Up Cursor + Ctrl
WINDOW/NON-WINDOW MODE                     = Alt + Enter

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                    INVENTORY                      ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
This is the special section that carefully deals with your in-game inventory,
which is also called the Inventory ring screen. It is accessed by tapping the
'Escape' button once. To scroll sideways through it, use your cursor buttons,
and finally, to select a feature, press 'Enter' or the 'Action' button.

Exitting is as simple: just press 'Escape' again, and you'll be returned to
gameplay. Remember that entering the Inventory automatically pauses your game.

Save Game                                                                  VV1
The game is thirty-something puzzle/danger-rich levels long which instantly
speaks for itself. You won't be able to finish the game in twenty four hours,
even if you've played it through before. So, what do you do to not lose your
game? Save, of course!

You can save your game at any point, once you've started upon the adventure.
But, the Save Game option is found in your Inventory ring and to access it,
you'll have to press 'Escape' as is the case for viewing all the below

To save the game at the point where you have to leave (or are taking extra
precautions against tricky mishaps) select and open the Save Game option,
resembling a floppy disk.

Choose any of the states and then, save it. There, you're done! To Load
your save, read the chapter below.

Note that to quickly save your game anywhere, without having to first
open the Inventory ring screen and the scroll to the correct place, you
can momentarily tap the 'F5' key above your keyboard to bring up the Save
Screen menu and make your quick save.

Load Game                                                                  VV2
Aha! Since you cannot sit the entire length of the game through (unless
you're a dangerously lifeless maniac) you'll have to load your ealier saves
states and continue from whence you stopped.

In-game, open your Inventory ring screen and scroll sideways till you reach
the Load Game option, resembled by another grey diskette. Select and open
it to find the previously saved states listed in a table. Select the one
you want to recontinue playing.

This'll often happen when Lara dies, and you're brought back to the Main
Title screen.

The shortcut key for the quick Load Game access, is 'F6' at the top of your
keyboard. In this way, you do not need to go through the whole Inventory
ring screen ordeal.

Flares                                                                     VV3
The handy and always reliable little illuminants are accompanying Lara into
this adventure as well! They're all over the place, in nooks and crannies, and
once again serve the humble service of lighting up dark areas where Lara
cannot peek. Thankfully, these are plentiful.

Each pick-up consists of eight(8) singular flares, contained in a striking
green box. To activate one, strike the ',' (comma) key and Lara'll do so.

Remember, these are only used for lighting purposes and shouldn't be tried
when combatting  foes. They are no means of defense or offense.

Sometimes, you'll need to light up not your surroundings, but the inside of
a nearby pit or ledge. Without risking Lara's precious life, tap the ',' key
once again, while holding a burning flare, to fling it some distance in the
direction of Lara's sight.

Lara can do many, many actions while clutching onto flares, once of them being
diving and swimming. But, and this is a big but, Lara lacks a third hand and
thus will drop a held flare when our heroine arms any of the weapons. While
we are on the subject of weapons, gunshots can be used to briefly illuminate
Lara's surroundings, conserving flares in the meantime. Use pistols only for
that, as you'll regret aimlessly firing limited-ammunition guns.

Pistols                                                                    VV4
The classic double-pistols are back for more Tomb Raiding action and are as
shiny and useful as ever. As you'll recall, they're virtually unlimited in
their actions as the bullet ammunition has no end.

You can practically use them on all enemies, causing some damage but remember
that they are no match for the more sophisticated weapons which kill at a
faster rate. Having this in mind, you shouldn't confront any of the larger
foes with the pistols. Why? Giving the opponent more time means more time
allocated for damaging Lara in return, and closing in. OK.

Obviously, you cannot use these terrestrial guns underwater but you can
fire from the dry shore to kill swimming enemies that cannot land and are
only actively dangerous in water. Sometimes, when solving puzzles needing
the pull of a trigger, you should use these to conserve the hits of the rest.

As indicated in the Flares section, these can also be used to briefly light
up your surroundings, without the need to waste a whole flare. To quickly
draw them out from their pockets, tap the 'Space' bar or, if Lara's armed
another weapon, press '1' to revert.

Small Med Packs                                                            VV5
These dirty brown rolls with a healthy + sign knitted into them are your
lifesavers. You'll constantly be requiring and using them. What is more,
they're all over the place and provide a bulk of your total pick-ups.
However, have your limits and try to conserve as much of them as possible
as you'll regret it once you're standing lone in a musty tomb with a limb
backpack and a flashing health bar.

These valuables will replenish approximately one half of a full health bar.
They're very useful when all you need is a bit more health to finish the level,
thus conserving Large Med Packs in the process.

Another interesting point you ought to know, is to use these (and not their
larger cousins) when stricken with poison by one of the game's many
producers. Venom inflicted will turn Lara's health bar a sickly yellow that
gradually laps at her sanity and life. If you don't treat such an ailment,
Lara's vision'll spin and blur. Immediately use a Small Med Pack from the
Inventory ring or by striking the '0' shortcut button.

Large Med Packs                                                            VV6
These cuboid-shaped brown leather packs are all over the place, but are
considerably rarer and more infrequent than their semi-relatives, the Small
Med Packs are.

These, when opened by either selecing them from the Inventory ring or using
the shortcut button '9' on the keyboard, will fully replenish Lara's health
bar, or, if you prefer it, life meter or gauge. It's a good idea to collect
these and store them, without common usage, in your inventory, for there to
be some when you need them most in the final levels.

Use only when the red pigment inside the health bar is dangerously low or
when Lara's health needs to be at a maximum.

Shotgun                                                                    VV7
Deja vu? Yet, another characteristic of the Tomb Raiding saga. This once
again appears as the quickly-acquired, heavy duty weapon that works alongside
the pistols when they just cannot finish their work in time. You'll meet up
with it in the first serious level and encounter it further into your travels.

You MUST acquire it as early as possible for it'll mightily help the pistols,
as I said above and therefore save some health.

For a change, this useful weapon acquires more shots per cartridge pick-up.
Previously, you were limited to two shells every scarce pick up. Now,
availability of ammunition is tremednously common and the shotgun receives a
wealthy six(6) shells each pick-up. Enjoy! Something you should note from
early on, is the availability of two types of Shotgun shells. More on them
in their respective chapters.

This fine gun'll be at your side at all times. It does its duty heavily on
enemies, close-by but sadly, loses power with an increase of range and
distance. Another con is that it's reload is considerably slower than quicker
weapons such as the swift Uzis and Pistols. This shouldn't discourage you, at

The shortcut key to load the Shotgun (providing, Lara is currently accessing
another) is '2' on the keyboard.

Normal Shotgun Ammo                                                        VV8
These are infamous regular Shotgun shells. Their occurence is, for a change,
immensely frequent and each pick-up of the white-and-red cartridge boxes
award you with six(6) heavy shots at enemies. Splendaciously vile.

Obviously, this kind of ammunition feeds the Shotgun and the shells will only
be used once the gun is in your possession. (No, you cannot throw or burn
them, silly.) In my humble opinion, this'll be the kind of limited ammunition
that'll be used most throughout the game.

As I said, the pick-ups are very common but you should nevertheless conserve
your ammunition.

Wideshot Shotgun Ammo                                                      VV9
Meh... What can I say here? For a start, lets just say they also feed the
barrel of the Shotgun along with the Normal shells (but note, not interminged
together) as a second type of ammunition. These, resembled as white-and-blue
cartridge boxes, are somewhat rarer than their brothers and have no obvious
advantages over them that really matter.

Actually, it took me some time to realize the differences, apart from the
rarity issue. Now, these here will not cause as much destruction as the
rhino-hunter's Normal shells in close quarters but will instead be more
effective (than it's brothers) when shooting long-range. I'm pretty
indifferent about this one and tend to avoid using in tricky situations.

To top it all, I'd convert to totally using the Normal shells due to their
availability and power.

Uzis                                                                       V10
W00t! There's hardly a person not enthralled by the rapidity of the pair's
firing. Yep, the Uzis are quick to kill and cause so much destruction, the
opponents have no time to respond.

Amazing! You can also collect them early on, along with the Shotgun, to
build up your arsenal. And you won't regret it. They will come in handy
sometime when the rest are just too slow.

They are fed by Uzi Clips (described below) and their frequency makes them
a well-used guns. However, and this is the only main disadvantage, the
emptying of the clips, by the rapid fire, will quickly steal at the remaining
ammunition. This should teach you to not overuse as abuse of ammuniton'll be
felt afterwards.

To quickly return to the loading of the Uzis, tap the '3' shortcut key unless
Lara's already holding onto them, in which case you ought to bring them up
with the 'Space' bar.

Uzi Clips                                                                  V11
Slightly commoner than those that appeared in the previous Tomb Raiders,
these still resemble the distinctive grey clips. They are NOT too overly
frequent, so conserve them.

They are quickly wasted, the ammunition, that is. For this reason, you're
awarded thirty(30) shots per pick-up. When you DO have to use this sort of
rapidly firing ammunition, empty as much as you have to, to kill, for the
quickness is what gives the clips and the guns their advantage over the

Revolver                                                                   V12
This is a truly marvellous and plain-looking weapon. Yet it is as deadly as
the hound of the Baskervilles during dinner-time. Supposedly, this replaced
the single-shot Desert Eagle from Tomb Raider 3- one which I enjoyed as much
as firing this one.

You won't stumble upon it until the midpoint of the game, where the action and
storyline boil down into a frightening mess. There, it is much required
for handling the tough enemies which pose danger to Lara.

This is the second weapon in The Last Revelation that can legally be equipped
with the eagle-eyed LaserSight, forming a stupendously accurate shot that
does not weaken with distance.

Ammunition for it, as you read below, is rare, though getting commoner further
on. The first availability for this weapon occurs in the Cairo's City of the
Dead level. Look out for it, as it is extremely valuable.

Revolver Ammo                                                              V13
Lara doesn't meet up with these new, uniform ammunition boxes until the Tomb of
Semerkhet level, by which time she should have plenty of other sorts of
ammunition. It gets commoner and commoner as you near the ending tough levels.

The power of each bullet is comparable to that of the Desert Eagle from Tomb
Raider 3. It does not lose power over distance and brings truckloads of
damage to the striken enemy.

As with all kinds of ammunition, you should take pains to conserve the
ammunition, and only use it when absolutely necessary. Three shots per
pick-up sums it all up.

Grenadegun                                                                 V14
Another escapee from Tomb Raider 3, but with more versatile functions
than its previous form. This short, clusmy-looking, yet heavy, hand gun is
fed grenades- but these are now consisting a myriad of unique funtions.

Like all powerful weapons, you won't encounter this until the hardcore
levels, where its usage will again be limited. Grenades are very infrequent.

It's a good idea to activate the weapon in close-quarter combat where
massive enemies become too dangerous to handle otherwise. The grenade will
detonate instantly whenever it hits a target close-by, but, if fired a long
range aimlessly, it will just bounce and flop onto the ground, exploding only
after a brief pause.

Useless when firing upwards, and you'll find yourself using the Crossbow
instead. Interestingly, when the shelss are fired and they land in a pool of
water- they will float before exploding and sending a jet of water upwards.
Commendable, game designers.

Normal Grenadegun Ammo                                                    V15
This is the most frequently encountered species of grenade. Depicted by
red-rimmed shells which are three per pick-up and a slight improvement
from Tomb Raider 3.

The grenade is fired from the weapon and explodes, though not as
groundshakingly as one of its fellow brothers.

Flash Grenadegun Ammo                                                      V16
Utterly, utterly useless- that is, in my humble opinion. Here's ammunition
which will surprise both you, and the enemy, for it was never made to damage-
only to produce a blinding flash. Fireworks, I tell you! Three per pick-up.

Super Grenadegun Ammo                                                      V17
The grenades you will treasure most. Just spying shells rimmed with
leaf-green develops eagerness to collect and use them, for they are
undisputably the most powerful ammunition Lara can store in her backpack
during the duration of The Last Revelation.

Use this sparingly on tough, and difficult enemies. Substitute for the
Crossbow's Explosive arrows whenever the Grenadegun reaches its firing limits.
Once again, three explosions per pick-up.
Crossbow                                                                   V18
At first, when I bought the game, this intricate new feature did not please me
in the bit. I viewed it as another annoying detail the designers made an error
in including.

I was wrong, for this is one of the funnest tools I have come across in my
Tomb Raiding career. As its name implies, it's a tool of archery, requiring
arrows. These are not very common as you will later find out but their
usage, since they're three completely different kinds bearing different
functions, give you an exciting experience.

As is the case with the Revolver, the Crossbow can also be attached to the
helpful LaserSight. Actually, you wouldn't find much enjoyment in using the
Crossbow without it. Equip it with the LaserSight as soon as possible and
stick to using that combo.

The Crossbow is useful in itself when it comes to targetting and completely
obliterating foes at a great distance from Lara. Sometimes, when she spots
a mess of human bones forming a skeleton, she can target at that and send
an explosive kiss that will just as simple remove an extra obstruction later

Normal Crossbow Ammo                                                       V19
This is the first, and by far, the most frequent selection of arrows you'll
encounter, for the usage of the Crossbow. Ten of them are found in each
vertically-standing quiver.

The feathered ends of the pick-up are coloured a normal brown, to give
distinction from the other types. The damage itself, caused by these is
moderately strong, but not too overpowering or having any special effects.

Poison Crossbow Ammo                                                       V20
Sadly, there isn't much you can do with these. The reason: rarity. Yep, they
could've been so useful and entertaining if they weren't so sparsely
populating the levels.

However, don't let this discourage you. They are an awesome type of ammunition,
feeding the Crossbow with infamously advertized arrows (Indiana Jones and the
frog-poison tipped darts. *shudder*)

Their usage is the same with all other arrows. However, when an opponent is
stricken, he will get poisoned, and then, gradually wither and die. Therefore,
it is a good idea to strike one, without him/it having realized Lara's
position. That means, LaserSight for you.

The ten arrows-per-pick-up are bearing green coloured featherlets to help

Explosive Crossbow Ammo                                                    V21
As you'll soon find out, these are EXTREMELY useful to you during the
game when encountering otherwise immortal enemies. These kinds of arrows
are relatively commoner than their Poison counterparts and more usable.

What makes them so powerfully useful, is the great explosion they cause,
wreaking havoc on anything they strike, equally comparable to the Grenadegun
Explosive Ammo.

The living skeletons you'll encounter which cannot be harmed with standard
bullet firing are utterly obliterated when this hits them. The LaserSight
capability for long-range targetting further contributes in destroying
the dastardly skulls-n-bones before they even awaken.

The ten arrows given to you per every pick-up of the distinctive quivers
should be cherished and not blindly wasted on smaller enemies. Very, very

LaserSight                                                                 V22
Another highly enjoyable factor distinguishing The Last Revelation from
other games, is the addition of the LaserSight.

It really does not resemble much. You'll discover the shining chrome-plated
items later in the game where it can be combined with either the Revolver or
Crossbow. When it is attached to any of those, it transforms from a useless
Inventory item into a weapon of mass destruction. Even Bush would have been

This tool gives the listed weapons' accuracy a remarkable boost. To equip
it when already attached to the weapon, draw out the weapon and hold down
the 'Look' button. You can zoom in and out using the '.' and '/' keys to
get precise shots at anything not expecting to be instantly hit. This is
the item that boosts the Crossbow's enjoyability.

A trick, or bug (do not read if you do not want to spoil your natural game)
which can be used to prevent the depletion of ammunition from weapons
using the LaserSight is this: you can load another unofficial weapon from
the LaserSight aiming screen, after having loaded either the Crossbow or
Revolver, by tapping the corresponding shortcut key (1-6) on your
keyboard. For example, I have loaded the Crossbow and have initiated the
aim. I press '1' and I can hear Lara disposing of the Crossbow and mounting
the trusty Pistols. I then commence shooting bullets with the same accuracy
of a LaserSight Crossbow.

Binoculars                                                                 V23
A new attachment to the series and one that is not necessarily required for
the completion og the adventure. I don't regard it as highly as others do.
But, I find almost no use for it, since there already are other features
which cover its own.

When you goggle into them, you can see your surroundings and zoom in and
out. You can also shift them some distance to view other nearby attractions.

To zoom in and out, use the '.' (dot) and '/' (forward dash) from your
keyboard. To light up what you cannot make out or see, press the 'Action'

Do dispose of them, you cannot do so, by reselecting their icon from the
Invenotory ring screen. Instead, you have to tap the 'Space' bar (or 'Draw
Guns' button.)

Key Items                                                                  V24
These are the sometimes elaborate artifacts that Lara picks up, or is
given, throughout her journey. These range, from the powerful 'Amulet of
Horus' to some measly keys. There are so many and they provide so many
unwanted spoilers in this section, that I will not list them. Instead, I
will, in another section of this guide.

Some will need a twin piece to form a single usable one, and these, can be
combined when the requirements are available.

Compass                                                                    V25
This is not a necessary feature item in the Invenotry ring screen but is
nevertheless positioned for your convenient viewing. As you know, it
functions by a magnetized arrow that always points North precisely.

This is a tool to aid navigation in case you get lost. However, I have not
found a profound use for it and deem it unnecessary and useless. You might
actually get good at using it, but in my honest opinion, you wouldn't have
the time to use it, even while lost.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                   WALKTHROUGH                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
This is the big chunk of the document and lurks over a large portion of
scrolling distance. I advise you to use your

Ctrl + F

feature (or any other text searching feature on your system) to search for
the level's title, instead of looking desperately among the lenghty text.

**                               ANGKOR WAT                                 **
Level Number: 1

16-year-old Lara and Werner Von Croy break into the ancient structures of
Angkor Wat seeking adventure and the priceless Iris artifact.

ROOM WITH A RAY OF BRIGHT LIGHT This is basically a level to train for the
upcoming far more difficult levels. Lara starts off gunless. Let Von Croy
guide you along and you'll come to no harm.
You will see a small Golden Skull lying on a ledge near you. Pick this up
since this and the remaining 7 skulls are Secrets. Head down the wide
passage, listening to Von Croy's comments. Further down, you'll end the huge
passage but beware, there are spiked floors at the end which need to be
deactivated by Von Croy himself. Wait for him to do so and continue on your

TALL ROOM WITH WATER-COVERED FLOOR Head down the steps located to reach the
wadeable water and collect the secong Golden Skull. Go back up the steps
and jump over the gap. Head either passage and you'll be met with a
bloodthirsty warthog. Since you've got no guns nor weapons, let Von Croy
deal with this and the upcoming warthogs. Exit this area by the doorway.
Jump onto the ledge and enter a new, sunlit area.

LARGE COURTYARD WITH SPRINGS Firstly, jump off the ledge and onto the
ground below. Head over to the the opposite side of this area and to your
right, you'll find a Golden Skull. Head back to the topmost area
surrounding the lower area using the ramp. Jump over the first gap. The
second requires you to jump from the edge and grab the opposite ledge.
Head towards the end of this surrounding area. Climb onto the small ledge
and as Von Croy will show you, jump, grab and shimmy to the right. Shimmy
further and climb onto the ledge leading to a long corridor. Follow Von
Croy and listen to his instructions as to how you can fall safely. You will
kill yourself one day if you don't learn when to do this. :P

TALL ROOM WITH DEEP POOL OF WATER Von Croy instructs you to go to the other
side of this room by swimming in the water. Firstly, though, dive deep and
find a Golden Skull lying in wait for you. Grab this and find the squared
opening in the wall near you. Swim inside and follow the passage until you
come across a Large Medipack and a Small Medipack. Return back to the deep
part of the pool and climb up onto the ledge Von Croy is standing on. You'll
find a lever. To activate this, make Lara face the direction of the lever
and use Action. This will lower the drawbridge behind you, allowing Von Croy
to pass. Follow him until he comes to a dead end. He'll use his knife to
force a switch as he did with the spikes, earlier in the level. The big stone
slab, appearing as one of the dead end's walls will open up, letting you
access another corner of the TALL ROOM WITH DEEP POOL OF WATER. Von Croy will
again order you to climb the ladder situated on the wall and pull the level
found on the ledge on top. Follow his orders. When you pull down the lever,
head back down the ladder and follow Von Croy across the drawbridge and up a
set of steps. On top you'll find yourself facing the ceiling of the TALL
ROOM WITH DEEP POOL OF WATER. Notice the monkey-swing above you. Jump and
press Action to grab hold on to it, and with Forward, move as Von Croy shows
you towards the far ledge at the opposite side of this room. Follow the
corridor to exit.

COURTYARD WITH WARTHOGS There is nothing to explore here. Doing so will cost
you some health due to the wild pigs. Before you leave through the small
passage, pick up the fifth Golden Skull situated in one of the corners
opposite the exit. Proceed into the opening. Nothing to pick up as you go so
swiftly whizz out of this corridor.

CHAMBER WITH SPIKE-HOLES AND COLUMNS Enter the following opening with some
ornaments surrounding it.

This small chamber has spike-holes in it's centre. However, these are empty.
The only danger to your health are the protruding spikes. Collect the sixth
Golden Skull to your left as you enter this chamber. Exit into the sunlight
and crawl into the small opening into the opposite wall.

turn to the left and pick up the seventh Golden Skull. Return and continue
down the narrow passage until you enter a dimly lit chamber. Proceed to the
skeleton- once an explorer. His backpack is what needs to be obtained, not
his bones. Heh. After the cut scene find the lever and pull it down. This
will trigger a giant wheel to slide down into the chamber, revealing the
exit outside into the sunny area where Von Croy is waiting for you to do
his dirty work. Return to him and enter the new area, previously obstructed
by the giant wheel.

LONG, WIDE, DIMLY LIT CORRIDOR Now, this is a place where you practice your
skills while sprinting from perils. The first part of this tunnel, the one
slowly descending, is safe.

However, as you enter the second part, poison darts will start shooting out
of the walls. This requires careful running, rolling and diving. If you do
get hit, your health bar will turn a sickly yellow indicating you're badly
poisoned and in need of a health pack to return back to normal.

Tip: An easy way to overcome the poison darts is to crawl below the openings
in the walls from where they emerge. Personally, I do not often roll or dive
and I recommend this tip if you're a bit awkward with the keys. :P
At the end of the corridor you'll see a solid block of stone sliding over the
exit, quite slowly. Do not panic, the exit won't get blocked.

MEDIUM-SIZED SQUARE COURTYARD Nothing interesting here except the last
(#8) Golden Skull nesting in one of the corners behind you as you enter from
the dart-corridor.

Exit this place via the set of steps going upwards into a dimly lit room
where Werner's waiting for you.

Golden Skulls: The reason you collected the Golden Skulls was to find out
which way you'd have to enter next. If you managed only 7 or less you'll find
yourself into a room with a shallow pool of water, a dangling rope and a
lever. If you want to find all the secrets in the game or have obtained the
eight skulls purposelessly you'll have to follow Von Croy into an identical
room except for the shallow pit which will be dry. The Golden Skulls have
no further effect whatsoever.

followed you'll find your self into a corridor leading into this place.
Notice a level above you, a dangling rope and (if visible) a lever. Then,
find a small crawlspace situated in the left corner nearest to you as you

Tip: Unlike previous Tomb Raider games, this can be a bit problematic if
you're unaccustomed. Grab onto the ledge. To pull up and enter the small
space, now you'll have to press and the Crawl button. This allows you to pull

Crawl through and follow the corridor until you find yourself on the top
level. Follow the catwalk around the walls of the room leading. Stop before
you fall off.^_^ Notice the rope dangling before you. Now, if your pool was
filled with water and you jumped to grab the rope, but missed, this acts as
a savior. If not, you'll lose health so I recommend saving before doing the
jump. If you incidently fall, return via the path you took. When you manage
to grab onto the rope for dear life (it could take a few tries due to the
awkward positioning before jumping), use the Sprint button to cause the rope
to swing. The best place to swing is at the bottom part of the rope. Position
yourself to face the opposite ledge with the lever and start swinging. When
you've gathered enough speed and momentum let go off the rope when it's at
it's highest possible point. This shouldn't be much of a prob. Pull down the
lever and drop down safely to the ground floor. You're doing Von Croy's
dirty work yet again. The lever causes the massive wheel to grind out of
place, thus revealing the exit from this level.

ROUND, WIDE PASSAGE Enter and reach the pitch black darkness to exit and
enter the next level.

**                            RACE FOR THE IRIS                             **
Level Number: 2
less) LATER]

Glitch: For some unknown reason you start this level with the Golden Skulls.
The name used in the inventory for this is "8x Load" if you finished with the
8 Golden Skulls the previous level. So far, I have found no bugs resulting
from this glitch.

LARGE COURTYARD Lara comes sliding down a steep ramp and at the bottom Von
Croy meets you. Suddenly, the famed archaeologist has turned mad, egoistic
and "evil." Lara has no choice but to accept his challenge and then you're
off. If you want to beat him to the finish, you'll have to be really quick
and knowledgeable of the whole level. I recommend exploring it a few times
before taking on Von Croy's challenge. When you've done so, go forward and
right and into the opening in the wall. Basically, follow Von Croy around
until he gives you an opportunity to overtake him.

NARROW, LONG AREA WITH PITS As soon as you exit the small corridor, jump
over the pit. This and the following one have been planted with Spikes
meaning sudden death if fallen into. The next jump is a long one, so prepare
yourself by running the whole length of the small landing area. As soon as
you jump run down the short corridor and make a very precision-requiring
jump over to the edge on the other side of the pit. If you don't make it to
the top, you can always climb up with the help of the climbable wall. Head
over to the stony structure to your right and enter.

Note: There are two doors on either side of the inside of this building. As
you enter, the one on the left will be open if Von Croy is well ahead of
you. The one on your right will be the one Von Croy takes. If you are right
behind him you will manage to make it through. Basically, the one on your
right is a way to gain on, and overtake, Von Croy if you're well behind
since it's shorter. I am going to cover firstly the shorter one.
Quickly, head into the entrance Von Croy took (the one on your right.)

DARKENED ROOM WITH POOL OF WATER Von Croy will be examining writings on the
wall as you enter (this seals the entrance), completely ignoring your
presence. Without hesitation, dive into the pool and find the golden switch
located underneath a stone slab. Pull it down and dive deeper into the
narrow sunken corridor. Swim through and exit. Swim and then wade up to the
dry areas. Walk to your right and exit this area by entering the corridor to
the right. This is where the two optional routes meet

shorter way, if you found yourself way behind Von Croy and the opening to
the right in the building you exitted shut. Make your way onto the bridge.
Do not hesitate, since the bridge is made up of planks which collapse when
you walk over them. Slide down the first short ramp and jump before you
fall into the spiked pit. Repeat for the second pit and exit this area
through the long, narrow corridor. Jump over the large, grey rocks along
your way and enter the corridor in the wall to your right. This is where the
two optional routes meet. Head into the darkened tunnel.

DEEP PIT WITH PLANK BRIDGE You will come across the pit. Cross over to the
other side via the bridge and enter either opening in the wall. If bridge is
missing when you arrive, jump over to the opposite side and try to hang onto
the wall, which is climbable. Exit this room again, through the openings in
the wall.

Note: At this point you'll determine whether you're ahead or behind Von
Croy. If Werner arrived here before you, he would have hastily unroped the
flimsy bridge, thus vaporizing your hopes of beating him to the Iris.

HUGE AREA WITH TALL STATUE OF HEAD Now, if Von Croy's ahead of you, the door
to the right when you first view this area will be closed. This means you
won't finish the level ahead of him but you can still reach the end of the
level. Drop down into the large yard below the figure of a human head. 2
warthogs will come charging in attack. Avoid these and head over to the other
side of the mound on top of which's resting the huge head. Before a newly
charging warthog comes to sniff around, jump and climb onto the greenish wall.
This is climbable which allows you to reach the human head. Enter its mouth
and drop down. If you finished ahead of him, enter the passageway to the
right. Follow the corridor until you reach the giant head. Again, enter its
mouth and drop down. Follow the winding sets of corridors until you reach the
end of the level.

An FMV comes up and wraps the beginning of the game's
storyline around our dear Lara.

**                              THE TOMB OF SET                             **
Level Number: 3

Full-grown Lara, as we all too well know her, in all her might is once again
on the trail of secrets and danger in the sizzling Egyptian sands. What's
missing? Yep, you guessed it, action. Suddenly, the Saharan sands part to
reveal a tube tumbling down into another adventure...
As soon as the level loads check your backpack. Something familiar: those
trusty old Guns with unlimited ammo. Yay!

Note: I won't go into as much deatail as I did in the previous levels'
walkthroughs since you're expected to know basic movements and relatively
basic skills.

DIMLY LIT CHAMBER AND PASSAGE Pick up the two boxes of Flares You'll need
them here due to the poor-lighting. Firing your Pistols will also produce
free light. Head down the passage, following the Egyptian guide. For now,
he's a good guy, so don't expect unexpected attacks. ^_^ Pick up the Shotgun.
A weapon needed to eliminate enemies quicker than the Pistols but is a bit
slow to reload. Proceed further, after the guide who stops next to a wall
that's actually a ramp. First, jump forward and hang onto the ledge of the
ramp, then pull forward and follow the ramp upwards to find a box of Normal
Shotgun Ammo. Drop down carefully, find the shallow cravace with the item
sitting there for you. Beware, a Red Scorpion emerge from the sands as you
try and get the Large Med Pack. Kill him and follow the passage that goes
deeper and deeper. There's another small crevace with a Red Scorpion lying in
wait a little further. Kill this too with the pistols. Move forward.

FMV: An FMV will play, displaying a narrow passage with walls covered in
hieroglyphics which lays a little ahead.

After the short FMV a Black Dog will punce upon you. These red-eyed canines
are relatively dangerous so do finish them off with the newly acquired
Shotgun in cold blood. This is a tall, dome shaped room with a rocky pillar
in its centre. Take the right side and jump over the shallow pit that blocks
your way. A Red Scorpion's there so do take notice. There's a Secret #9
here, the screenshot to your right shows the place marked with a red X. Climb
the small ledge and jump forawrd to the opposite opening in the rock face.
Inside you'll find a Small Med Pack.
Go back down and find the ramp with an obeject resting on top of it. Go get
it, for it's a Large Med Pack. Jump from the ramp safely down into a
pitch-black corner. Light a Flare to see a Small Med Pack. Do try and collect
all the Med Packs since you'll need them later on in the game where they
become more difficult to obtain.

NARROW PASSAGE WITH BLUISH HIEROGLYPHS Exit the rocky area via this passage
which you saw a little earlier before the Black Dog attacked.

CHAMBER WITH THREE NICHES AND THREE EXITS Look at the screenshot to the left.
Your guide will enter and stand in front of the golden rungs waiting for
you. On the wall to your left there are two niches (one blocked by the
greenish block which you can see.) Two Red Scorpions will emerge. Firstly,
do not reach into the niches but go down the steeply sloping ramp of the
exit to your right (in the screenshot) until you reach a new room.

ROOM WITH PIT AND TWO PEDESTALS You cannot reach the two pedestals on the
other side of the pit for now so just drop down onto the sandy surface. Pick
up the Small Med Pack from the small ledge in the pit with a scarab
decoration. Find the small opening in one of the pit's walls. Grab the Normal
Shotgun Ammo box which is actually Secret #10. Climb back on top before the
newly arrived Red Scorpions get to you and return back to the CHAMBER WITH
THREE NICHES AND THREE EXITS via the sloped, slanting passageway.

ROOM WITH THREE NICHES AND THREE EXITS Reach into the niche to your right to
find a Large Med Pack. The first niche to your left holds nothing, so avoid
it. Your Egyptian guide is needed for triggering the solid, greenish stone.
Be patient, he needs to read the inscriptions causing the block to slide down
allowing you access to the third niche. Reach in which will trigger a
mechanism that drops several tons of sand into the pit of the adjacent ROOM
WITH PIT AND TWO PEDESTALS which will cover it all up.

FMV: A view of the chamber with the pit filling up with sand.
If you did this before you found the secret, all the items and secret'll be

ROOM WITH PIT AND TWO PEDESTALS Return back to this room but as you'll
notice the gaping hole is covered up with the sand which means that the
two previously unaccessible pedestals are now accessible. Gather the Eye
Piece, a key item and the Small Med Pack. Return back to the ROOM WITH THREE
NICHES AND THREE EXITS which should open up. Exit this room via another
thin corridor with blue hieroglyphics.

the centre of this area, the massive, circluar stony wheel with an item
receptacle at its base in one of the room's ends and the entrance to a
rectangular, stepped, room with blades hanging above it.
Firstly, climb onto the solid rock in the room's centre. Grab hold onto the
dangling rope by standing right below it, jumping and pressing "Action." Do
not climb up but hold on to it at its very base.

Position yourself to face the otherwise unaccessible opening in the wall
opposite the massive wheel with the receptacle. Start swinging by holding
down the "Run" button. Let go off "Action" while in flight with an arched
rope and you're just above the landing area. It might take some tries but
it's worth it for while entering the small passage, you'll find yourself a
Secret #11. Instead of returning to the rope area, proceed forward until you
reach a small opening in the top.

REVOLUTION OF SPIKED ROLLER (SECRET AREA) Before climbing up, look up above
the opening and notice the crystalline roller revolving around a central
rocky area in a clockwise motion. Look at the rough diagram to your right:
the red line is the path you should follow. As you stand in the opening make
sure you see the spiky roller pass overhead, then pull-up over the right-hand
side ledge and swiftly make your way towards the small sliding ramp. Jump
over it so. that you're standing in the small, squared flat area. Pull up to
another square space with a set of steps carved into the adjacent pillar of
rock. At this point the roller can't physically get to you, which means
you're free to pick up the valuable Small Med Pack sitting on that ledge and
then climb up the pillar's face. Before you pull over the ledge, wait for
the roller to pass again. As soon as it does, pull up, make Lara stand
against the right wall and quickly run across and jump over to the rocky
centre which the spiked roller circulates around. If you've done well, you'll
be on a slightly sloping ground with a box of Flares in your view. However,
if the roller's passing again, simply duck down and you'll be safe. After
this pick-up wait for the roller to pass over you once more then save the
game in your "Save" file.

Drop down safely, without jumping. If you did the fall correctly, you'll be
standing on a small ledge. If you didn't "Load" the game from where you
saved it. Once you're on the small ledge, jump into the opening in the
opposite wall. A larger jump tends to cause Lara to hit the ceiling,
preventing her from entering the lit passage. Do not put too much power in
your jump.

Once you do this correctly and are standing in the brightly lit tunnel,
proceed forward, shotgun ready to use since as you turn the corner a Black
Dog will lurch towards you, very soon followed by its mates, another two
Black Dogs. Three shots will finish them all off.

Proceed down the passage but stop before the small, steep ramp. Turn
around and slide down backwards. Grab hold onto the ledge as you drop off
and notice the hole with the two Red Scorpions below you. Instead dropping
into their hole, shimmy to the spot from where you can safely drop down
onto the ledge below upon which two Uzi guns are waiting for you already
loaded with 30 bullets. Return back to the room with the rope by sliding
down through the exit. You'll find yourself in the first passage with the
blueish hieroglyphics. From here make your way back to the ROOM WITH BLOCK

Note: This whole area which I have covered above is optional, unless you're
going for all the pick-ups and all the adventure and kills.

the room opposite the blockof stone in the centre of the room. Your guide
will be waiting for you. Do not proceed further but wait for him to show you
a possible peril. He'll cause the deadly blades on the ceiling of the room
to come slashing down, thus disabling their future use which mean you can
walk over to the other side to the pedestal and harvest the second Eye Piece.
Open your Inventory and select either of these two items you've collected
and choose to Combine them. Exit this room and head to the massive grey wheel
which will be unlocked once you place the combined Eye of Horus. The new
rocky passage ahead will reveal an attack of two Black Dogs which can be
taken down by the trusty pistols, shotgun or newly acquired uzis. Proceed
further down the narrow passage with blueish hieroglyphics. Reach its end.

FMV: A diplay of the whole new area with the giant sphinx's head partially
covered by sand and with Lara standing in the doorway.

your guns and shoot down the two attacking <>. Drop down to your right and
collect the Uzi Clips. Go back upstairs and drop down to the left where
you'll find a Small Med Pack. Proceed further downwards to reach a doorway
entering a small stepped passage. Before netering the next room notice the
other opening next to it meshed up.

liquid lapping at the centre part. Wait for the Egyptian dude to come in and
watch him light the liquid, which is actually oil, thus triggering the grate
at the other end of this room to rise, letting you exit.

FMV: Cut scene showing the grate lifting up allowing an exit from this room.

Follow the winding passage with golden figures carved into the walls until
you reach a fork. Your guide will take the left fork while you have to pass
from the right fork. The reason the guide went the other passage is that
he'll reach another grate at its end which will be opened once you take the
right path.
Reach the drop down in the small area with greenish walls and collect the
Small Med Pack. Go back up and head into the new room.

this chamber note your guide waiting for you to open the grate in the wall
to your left. Head right, past the pool and into the exit. Follow the
ramping passage up to a point with three(3) forks, two of which are
blocked by grates. Follow the ramp upwards through the open one.

SMALL ROOM WITH CHAIN AND TILED FLOOR First of all as you enter, pull the

FMV: The grate in the previous room lifts giving access to your Egyptian
guide to the pool which he sets ablaze which then causes the inscripted
tiles that make up the current room's room floor light up and stand out.

Now, this is a puzzle room which means that you'll have to solve this ancient
teaser to be able to proceed further into the game. There are all in all
forty-nine(49) squares with a hieroglyphic inscription carved into it
arranged into seven rows and seven lines. The square you stand on as you
enter is the one with the chain. Place Lara in a position that if she jumps
will land exactly onto the square in front, without having touched the
dividing grey borders. Once you've done this jump on to the square on the
diagonal of the square you're standing on. The third square you must
jump upon is the second square forward. The fourth is to the third's second
right. From this now, you jump towards the grate which will open, letting
you pick up the prize, the Timeless Sands.

Tips: If you misfoot your jump and land upon one of the wrong squares or
your land on the grey borders, the previous square you've been upon (this
doesn't include the square with the chain) will light up in flames meaning
that you'll need to reset the puzzle. To reset the puzzle exit via the
entrance and through the now open grate which was previously closed. Follow
the long, dark passage until you enter a lit room which contains a reseting
chain and a Shotgun or a box of Shotgun Hormal Ammo if you've already picked
up the weapon. Pull the chain to reset the puzzle and exit via the other
passage, leading away from this room. At the end will be the third grate
now opened but the other two, closed. Now you're ready to restart the puzzle.
If you've done a jump to another square successfully, a torch above the
grate leading to the Timeless Sands will light up. If you do all the jumps
correctly, all the torches will light up.

GIANT SPHINX'S HEAD BASE The side to your right is pointless which means
that you'll be wasting your time there, searching for anything. Head over
to the leftmost side. Find the doorway cut into the red rock but notice the
climbable ladder just up front.

Forget the ladder for now and head into the passage. Enter a room with a
grate just opposite Lara. Wait a few seconds, for the guide to arrive.

FMV: Egyptian guide comes, stares at the reddish hieroglyphics above the
grate and then runs off in fright.

Head into the newly oppened passage, previously blocked by the grate. Note
that the guide won't be following you around any more: you'll have to do
all the puzzle solving. As you enter, drap your pistols as two Red
Scorpions scurry towards you. Head over to the end of this small passage to
emerge in a room with a high ceiling.

TALL ROOM WITH STATUE AND SANDY BASE Notice the hole-ridden ceiling. There's
a purpose to this but for now pick up the Normal Shotgun Ammo from the
centre and then head over to the North wall of this room. Climb up to face
the god's statue. Press "Action" to place the Timless Sands in his
outstretched hands.

FMV: Sand starts seeping from the holes in the ceiling to form a mound in
the room behind Lara. The sand has come from above, which is the GIANT
SPHINX'S HEAD BASE area, ridding it from the sand and uncovering the entrance
to the next level.

Before you drop down into the sandpit, draw your pistols and shoot down the
Red Scorpion from a safe distance. Afterwards, drop down and make your way
across to the other side by jumping over the uneven sand. Leave this room,
exit the others and return back to the giant sphinx.

GIANT SPHINX'S HEAD BASE Now that the sand has dropped down to the room
below, the exit from this level has been uncovered. Unless you want all the
secrets and items, you're free to exit.
For the first secret find the climbable rock face adjacent to the entrance
of the chambers you just left from. After the long climb up, pull upwards
to find yourself on a balcony just above the giant head. Pull the lever. This
will trigger the grate next to the climbable rock's face to lift up. For now
ignore this and jump to the small, striped square next to the balcony's
left corner. When you've done so, you can save the game since the following
series of jumps are rather awkward to perform. Walk over to the edge
(overlooking the sphinx's forehead) of this small square and jump forward but
instead of dropping down into the chasm, perform a sudden left turn while
in middair to land onto the sphinx's forehead. Walk to the other side of the
sphinx's forehead placing Lara, yet again right onto the edge. Turn to face
a second balcony. Find the second small, striped square which will serve as
your landing area if you jump from your current position. Landing into the
balcony is also possible by doing a running jump from the forehead's edge
but doing this will make your life harder and will probably also cost you
several loads. The balcony is a actually Secret #11, holding a box of Normal
Shotgun Ammo and a Large Med Pack as your prize for the troubles you've gone
through. Once collected, you can do the complicated sets of jumps involving
the sphinx's forehead or drop down safely, sliding onto the sphinx's side
and stopping yourself wherever necessary. The second method is easier so once
you get to the bottom, find your way around the giant head to the climbable
rock face from where you climbed and pulled down the lever. You'll find the
grate is out of the way, giving you access to the Secret #12. Collect the
box of Normal Shotgun Ammo and the Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. The latter being
a new, more damaging form of ammunition for the shotgun.

Return back to the main area, right in front of the sphinx. Jump up and
grab onto the small alcove. Pull up and crawl forward. Follow the golden
striped passage to the end of this level.

Side Notes: Now that you've done the first level, you must be fine with
almost all the movements and you should have in your inventory the Shotgun
and the Uzis with a realtive amount of ammunition.

There were five(5) secrets on this level. If you've collected them all,
you'll have 12 secrets all in all in your Statistics window which can be
reached if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                               BURIAL CHAMBERS                            **
Level Number: 4

Now that you've completed the first serious level it's time for a more
complicated one.

Tip: Right when the level loads, save the game into a new slot. This way your
reload will be faster if you fail your attempts to attain the secret below.

While you're still sliding notice the break in the ceiling. Right below it,
jump upwards and grab onto the small ledge. This might take several tries to
complete but the reward is Secret #13 which's a Large Med Pack for your
effort. Fall back, and complete the slide down which empties into a room.

WELL LIT ROOM WITH BULL STATUETTES AND LEVER Stand in front of the lever and
pull it down. This will cause the grate at the opposite end of the room to
lift up.

this trap notice the hands on the walls in front. When you step onto the
small square in the centre, the hands activate. Once they meet each other,
at the same stop, deadly spikes spring out of the starry perforations in the
walls all over the place. This means that as soon as you step onto the small
square, pick up the Hand of Orion item. To exit, jump into the corner at
Lara's left, not the right one. Jumping into the left corner will trigger
Secret #14. Pick up the Normal Shotgun Ammo. The right corner will award you

CORRIDOR WITH STATUES,POTS AND SPIKES Follow this passageway, past the two
overlooking statues and past the spikes which suddenly spring out before
walking into them. The decorated pots can be shattered by firing straight
at them. One will uncover a Small Med Pack while the other nothing. The
second set of spikes which whoosh just in front of Lara are just ahead. Jump
over them and into the hole. Slide down to a flat space with a receptacle in
its left wall. Place the Hand of Orion in it.

spikes have been cleared, notice the rotating blades. They are quite lethal
so don't waste valuable health trying to pick up the Shotgun and Normal
Shotgun Ammo lying enchantingly on the ledges. To cross this area with minimal
damage, jump onto the ledge just opposite, having waited for blades to pass.
You can drop down, to hang onto the ledge and shimmy around the pillar to the
other end from where you can pull up and jump into the exit. Alternatively,
you can jump onto the ledge and wait for the blades to rotate in behind and
in front of you so as to complete the sets of jumps unharmed. If you fall
below, you can always find the ledge with the Hand of Orion receptacle and
pull up from where you can restart.

Tip: To obtain the items with least possible damage, jump from the exit back
onto one of the ledges and move forward clockwise , in the direction of the
rotation, while avoiding them razor blades.

Proceed into the tunnel exitting from this chamber.

FMV: A view of a statue in a chamber a little further ahead followed by
another one of a sarcophagus in a dimly-lit room.

a flare and check out the corners of this room. You'll find a Small Med Pack
and a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Do not move close to the sarcophagus just
now but exit the room via the small doorway and follow the passage into a
new one with three Mummy cases lined against the wall. Find the Small Med
Pack and drop into one of the incomplete corners to access a small,
low-ceilinged room which contains a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo and is
actually Secret #15. Notice the channels cut into the floor and the little
base the statue in the middle is standing upon.
Return back to the room with the sarcophagus. Place Lara at the sarcophagus's
side (the one with the little steps.)

FMV: Lara jumps on top of the tomb and pulls out a queer, characteristic
ancient Egyptian object (Amulet of Horus) from the belly of the body lying
on top of the sarcophagus. Having nothing else to do, Lara does a jump to
the floor.

Notice the blood flowing into the previously empty channels. Proceed into
the room with the mummy cases lined up against the wall.

The statue's base will have sunk therefore allowing the statue which is
pushable to be slided over to the near square with the red blob mark in
one of the corners. Push the statue to the square immediately as soon as
you enter since your presence won't go unnoticed and a duo of Mummies will
surround you.

FMV: A view of the room with the three mummy cases. As you'll see, one of
them is an exit to another area.
Mummies: Don't waste time and ammo trying to kill these fellas. They're
currently immortal meaning they can stay alive no matter how many barrels
you empty into them. Further into the game though, these can be crippled
by blasting their limbs off or even better: detaching their heads. XD No
fun for you now, all you can currently do is make them lose their footing
with the shotgun.

Leave this room via one of the open sarcohpagus once it's empty.

LARGE CAVE SYSTEM Don't wait for the mummies to follow you out but drop
down from the ledge onto the distant floor below. Follow the passage into a
cavelike area but have your shotgun drawn out and ready for action.
Follow the irregular passage into a cavern. Two Black Dogs come lumbering
out. Shotgun will do nicely.
The wall and doorway built in the rock opposite at the moment is something
you must take notice off. However, do not enter but instead find the ramp
going upwards. Let the lit torches guide you if you suddenly get lost. Before
reading further, there's something you should pick up.Secret #16 it is and
the reward is a Large Med Pack. To reach this secret find the drop off in the
ramp's floor next to the right wall. Once you've found it, return back
upwards by climbing up the ledges.

From here, the path forks into two different directions. Taking either one
and then returning to the other one is what you must do. As long as you
cover both, you're fine. This walkthrough is going to cover first the one
with the bridge (the one one the left side of the ramp going upwards.)

Take the shaky path towards the hanging bridge. Cross it and enter a wide

COLOURFUL, STEPPED PASSAGE Proceed, with your shotgun drawn to take out the
two Black Dogs which pounce upon Lara.

Find the small, exitting passage, turn Lara around just before the ledge and
do a safe drop down to the bottom below. Do another safe jump at the next
sharp drop off to find yourself dwarfed by a massive room.

GIANT ROOM WITH SPIKES AND SLOPING WALLS Take a breath then jump onto the
ledge on the slope to Lara's left as you're facing the room from the
entrance. Notice the opening in the wall above the slope, from the ledge.
Jump in, might take a few jumps, but your reward is Secret #16, a box of
Normal Shotgun Ammo.

First of all, explore this room and notice all the grates, openings, spike
areas and other obvious characteristics. It's also important to memorize
their whereabouts.

Jump from ledge to ledge, above the spikes to finally land on a ledge.
Notice the item receptacle which you canno't take advantage of at the moment
but instead jump up and grab onto the ledge above the receptacle. Find the
lever which you must pull down.

FMV: The grate in the wall below the entrance unlocks.

Afterwards, find your path down to the base, enter the newly opened passage.
Follow it into a new, smaller room.

ROOM (ROTATABLE) WITH TWO LEVERS This room can rotate aroundwards, (:P) only
once the lever in front of you is activated. Pull it down.

FMV: A pedestal , heavily guarded by a clump of spikes, rotating, together
with the rest of the previous room which now displays a different layout.

The lever which could be seen earlier oddly sticking out of the 3 o'clock
position has now moved in place of the lever you had just pulled meaning that
this room had also rotated together with the other during the cut scene. Pull
this one down too and exit to find the same, yet different room with spikes
and slopes.

GIANT ROOM WITH SPIKES AND SLOPING WALLS Now that the whereabouts of this
room have altered, some new areas are accessible. First of all, drop down
safely through the gaping hole in the middle of the room (next to the flames.)

walls have nothing to do with the adventure but instead, pick up the Hand of
Sirius key item. This triggers the grate at the exit of the passage you now
need to take to find yourself back in the main room, to open up.

GIANT ROOM WITH SPIKES AND SLOPING WALLS Now that you've returned, there's
another previously closed grate which is now open. That's in the wall
opposite, a bit to the left, as you enter. Make your way by jumping across
the gap from ledge to ledge to the ledge with the spikes just touching its
base. Once you're onto that ledge, you'll have to crawl down below the razor
tips to avoid deadly abrasion. Once clear of the spikes, stand up and place
Lara at a suitable place for her to jump and safely land to the gap in the
wall's gradient. The jump is often quite inaccurate, so you can save the
game before doing it. Once safley there, proceed until you see the dropoff.

opposite climbable wall note that, firstly: the dropoff is not one you can
simply safe drop, but one that'll leave Lara very dead and secondly: the
opposite wall is climbable only to the point where the rungs in the wall
can be seen which means that if you just jump forward against the opposite
wall will cause Lara to not grab a hold of anything.
Once you've successfully clambered down to the bottom, you'll find yourself
in a room with a chain and a sandy floor. Before pulling on the chain notice
the two skeletons. Then, pull the chain down.

FMV: Anither view of the main room. This time the spikes guarding the
pedestals drop down and the room once again rotates, back to its original

As soon as you cross the room to the exit, the two Mummies awaken. Leave
these guys to each other and quickly head out, climb the wall and enter the
main chamber.

GIANT ROOM WITH SPIKES AND SLOPING WALLS Now that you're back, you can access
the pedestal with an item. Climb up to the ledge with the star-shaped
receptacle which you couldn't place anything in before. Place the Hand of
Sirius in the slot. This triggers a rope to drop from the ceiling.

From the ledge with the receptacle take a running jump towards the rope.
Grab onto it and position Lara to face the balcony that leads up to the
pedestal. Once the jump is completed, pick up the Scarab Talisman. Continue
forward down the passage past the pedestal once you've drawn out the shotgun
for two Black Dogs come bounding up from behind the corner. Take them down
then proceed. A little further another Black Dog comes up unexpectedly. After
that, continue down the sloping floor and out of th exit which closes up
with a grate as soon as you drop out.

LARGE CAVE SYSTEM Now that you've completed the bridge quest, it's time to
proceed to the path adjacent to that.

the climb upwards. Pull up at the top, shoot the large vase to access a
Small Med Pack and wals around the pit to find a bof of Normal Shotgun Ammo.

ROOM WITH TORCH, 2 SKELETONS AND PEDESTAL Note the skeletons sleeping on the
floor. Pick up The Golden Serpent and quickly make your way to the opening,
with its grate now opened just above one of the sleeping skeletons. Do this
very quickly, since once you take a few steps the two skeletons awaken into
loathesome mummies.

at which point you must save you game. Once saved, slide down to a room. As
soon as you drop down, run to the left corner of the other side of this
room, i.e. as soon as you drop down, turn 90 degrees to the left and
immediately start running to the side Lara's facing (left corner, not right
one.) The reason: a trap is triggered once you drop onto the sand which
immediately rises upwards to a low ceiling consisting of a sea od deadly
spikes. If done correctly, Lara'll escape with no health lost.

LARGE CAVE SYSTEM Hah! Now you're back in the cave system with having done
only a shorter test. Proceed through the dark passage until you reach a
pit. Instead of dropping down, walk around it to find a Large Med Pack.
Before dropping down now though, look from the top to notice the deadly
dropoff meaning that you'll have to safety drop down to the ledge with the
torch. Again, drop safely to the bottom to find yourself at the path fork.
Follow the ramp down to the LARGE CAVE SYSTEM's base and procced into the
entrance which I told you earlier to ignore.

the Scarab Talisman and The Golden Serpent in the receptacles cut into the
walls respectively. Suddenly, the chamber starts filling up with sand,
while simultaneously awakening the mummy. The chamber filling up with sand
takes the form of an elevator which takes you to a higher level from where
you can find th exit.

Meanwhile though, you'll have to amuse the dead guy either by running around
him or, on the other hand, cause him to stumble by firing your pistols at him.

Once the chamber can't fill up any more, find the cut in the ceiling to cimb
up. Follow the passage to the end of this level.

Side Notes: The main pick-up you found on this level was the Amulet of Horus
which will last till the end. From here on, it will change owners constantly
meaning that Lara will have to constantly fight either to keep it or to get
it back into her backpack.
From here on, levels become much more harder to solve and complete together
with becoming much more darker and mysterious. Learn to know how to solve a
puzzle automatically when you see one.

There were five(5) secrets lying in wait for you in this level. Together with
the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 18, that is, if
you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can be
seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                            VALLEY OF THE KINGS                           **
Level Number: 5

After a thrilling FMV, take out your shotgun. Note that you must have plenty
of ammo by now for you'll now use it to kill people. -_-;

FMV: The guide, now turned against Lara, walks across the dunes to a hiding

Bug: Now, you might start this level with Lara's left arm stretched out
queerly forward. Right now, I haven't discovered what causes this but it seems
to happen to older PCs. However, if you want to terminate this draw a flare
and her arm'll heal. Guns however, won't help.

ROCKY CANYON WITH SANDY BASE With your shotgun, take out each of seven(7)
Snipers that come one after one from behind their hiding places in this area.
Two shells will take down one each.

FMV: As soon as you kill 'em all, the Egyptian co-adventurer walks out of his
burrow and heads towards one of the parked 4-wheel drives nearby.

Since that the area's cleared, you can pick up all the various items
scattered around this area, dropped from the snipers.

Bug: Even if you killed all the marksmen, the vital Ignition Keys might not
be accessible, i.e. invisible. Just reload an earlier save and see if the
same bug happens again. Note that the items dropped at cerain places vary in
locations since they are dropped only once the moving snipers are shot dead.

FYI: The last (seventh) sniper is the one holding the keys. He appears last
and hops down from the ledge close to the entrance.

Mmmm, so there was a point to you emptying 14+ shells into the snipers.
Now that you've picked up all the goodies, find the little, darkened crevice
in the barren red rock close to the entrance of this level. Inside'll be
Secret #19: two boxes of Normal Shotgun Ammo stacked upon a Shotgun which you
most probably already have giving you six(6) free normal shotgun shells

Exit and head over to the opposite side of the canyon where the little ledge
made of rock stands above the sand. Hop onto it and force Lara to walk
backwards to the edge of its edge noting the other ledge up in the wall above.

(If correct, to her right will be the level's entrance.) Jump up to grab the
ledge you saw, having turned sharply in order to be able to grab hold onto
it, and pull up. Pull up again to find yourself in a gravelly flat area. This
is Secret #20 cosisting of 2 boxes of Normal Shotgun Ammo, a Small Med Pack
and Uzi Clips.

ALONG THE CANYON WITH THE JEEP Woohoo, now is the time to jump into the
Jeep. Be sure to learn and remember its controls and handling. I remind you,
this is neither GTA nor Carmageddon. No crashes, no pwnage, no gore: just
some stunts and the standard off-road drive.

Jeep: You'll have to manually shift the gears in order to drive forward and
reverse. Although the bodywork of the vehicle does not visibly damage, Lara
will absorb health loss if you hit recklessly a solid wall, drive
perpendicular to the shape of the wall (i.e. you drive exactly along the
walls) or if you accelerate down the irregular dirt-road and stumble across
a ditch.

The jeep is not a means to soften your fall from a high spot such as from the
top of a pit and do remember: there are no airbags. XD
If you want to see the controls, consult the small reference book that came
with the legally bought CD-ROM or the controls reference on this site.

Hop in by standing next to one of the doors of the jeep and pressing
"Action" to draw out the keys to start it from Lara's pack. Accelerate after
the former guide's jeep. If you stop in a certain spot and get out to
explore, he'll wait for you to continue the journey after him. Note the
shells he's spewing from the back of his jeep. Bad grenade throwing boy!

There are some passageways that i won't cover in this walkthrough since they
are just walkable shortcuts to areas you've already accessed, meaning that
you won't get trapped endlessly between two unwalkable slopes and the jeep.

Now that you're ready for the tour, follow the jeep up the steep slope to a
clearing. Here there'll be 2 Snipers waiting for you. The first one'll be
easy to run over but the second one's standing on the rocky ledges, out of
run-overable reach. To kill him with minimal damage, drive against one of
the opposite rocks and stop the jeep. Climb out, so that the vehicle covers
you up. Meanwhile, load either the uzi guns or shotgun and serve the dude

Jump back into the jeep and head down the steep slope. Don't speed over this
rough area or you'll lose health.

area and notice the Sniper standing on the short walkable flat area on top
of a gaping pit. You can drive over, to roadkill him. This I do not recommend
since he'll damage you first. Instead, jump out of the jeep which you should
park just after the sloping area, take out the uzis or shotgun and sprint up
the ramp leading to him. Assassinate him quickly then return back down and
stand above the pit. Observe the spikes and climbable walls. From one of the
ledges, not the protruding one, drop backward and grab onto the climbable
wall. Follow it downwards and sideways to the right, where the low opening
can be seen. In order to climb into that, you'll have to make Lara to hang
freely, not cling to the rock face by reaching the top and letting go, while
almost immediately grabbing to the ledge. Before she has the time to make
herself cling to th wall, press "Crouch" together with "Up" and "Action" to
pull into the crevice. Hurrah, Secret #21's been uncovered. Pick up the
Grenadegun Super Ammo and the Small Med Pack.

Return back to the main area and climb back onto the jeep. Gather speed and
accelerate towards the small ramp on the edge of the dropoff to the pit
below. Drive on it to jump over the gaping hole. The other jeep will now
continue up the rocky road in a cavern after waiting for you briefly to do
your business. Run over the Sniper at the end of the cavern. Find the small
winding path adjacent to the rock face to follow the jeep. When you reach the
second cross over (second change of walls), stop in the middle and note the
Sniper. From here take out your pistols and kill him. Funny guy, he doesn't
even notice he's losing health. Note that some of the shots will miss and
that an alternative is simply to run him over with the jeep, but remember he
can damage Lara from that position.

At the end, continue into another cavern, down a steep slope. Continue uphill
to the end of this rather short level.

Side Notes: You should have picked up the Grenadegun Super Ammo which is
very useful: the most damaging grenadegun shells.
From here on you'll be often dealing with human enemies targeting at you.
They damage at a distance so you'll have to kill them as soon as you see
them, unlike earlier animals.

There were three(3) secrets lying in wait for you in this level. Together
with the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 21, that is,
if you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can
be seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                                   KV5                                    **
Level Number: 6

This starts from the previous level's end: the long dimly lit cavern, together
with the jeep. Climb out and walk around the new room, picking up the 2 boxes
of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and the Large Med Pack.

exit through the corridor and into a sandy duned area with a temple's
entrance. Leave the jeep here, find the exit and take out the shotgun which
you'll use to take down a Sniper standing upon several planks atop a shaky
structure. Alternatively, force him down by running over the supporting
poles and soon after, running the dude over too.

Find the small crawlspace in the red rock adjacent to the exit of this area.
That's Secret #22: a Large Med Pack. Hop back onto the jeep and exit this
area to find yourself in an even bigger area with two buildings, surrounded
by scaffolding.

TWO OPPOSITE BUILDINGS WITH SCAFFOLDING First of all, there's a Sniper doing
his job from a low scaffold. Kill him and then proceed to the barely visible
opening in the brick wall nearby. There's a Large Med Pack there so make
sure you find it. Now, head over to the opposite building and find the
opening in the second scaffold floor's fenced sides.

Once found, jump, grab and pull up. Head to the left to find a box of Normal
Shotgun Ammo. Return and now head down the opposite side. Whence you jump up
onto the white block further, behind the corner, a Sniper will shockingly
appear. Man, that fella never ceases to make me jump up! -_-; Kill the dude
and finally jump onto the block. Notice the third floor scaffolds. However,
instead of leaping towards them continue beyond the block and into a drop
down to the base. Follow that to uncover Secret #23 which gives you a Large
Med Pack and a Small Med Pack. Return to the second floor scaffolding and
either jump from the white block to the ledge to the walls side or jump up
ad from below, grab it.

Look at the opposite building and most importantly observe the dangling
rope. On your side now, find the small opening in the wall. That's from
where you'll make a jump to the rope.

Make sure Lara's standing on the first square (as in adjacent screenshot) so
that she can see the rope. Backing the wall will hide your view of the
opposite rope thus forcing you to do a "blind" jump which is fairly

Grab the rope after the jump and swing to the opposite building. Find the
lever situated high up in the wall as you'll see in this screenshot. Jump
up towards it, grab it and pull down to lift the gates to another area, below.

Tip: This lever is not often easy to activate due probably to programming
problems. Often it'll take several tries, even from the right spot, for
Lara to grab it but it's worth the effort. Just make sure Lara's standing
firmly against the wall.

Drop down to the base and climb up into the jeep to exit through the gateway.

LITTLE SANDY AREA WITH PILLARS AND TUNNEL Past the gates you enter a little
shady area. Note the ledges in the wall next to the pillars. Two of these
contain a Large Med Pack and Uzi Clips. Enter the greyish tunnel most
preferably without the jeep since three(3) spiked balls drop down from the
low ceiling and roll towards you. Walking gives you more time to react
unlike the quicker jeep. Avoid the shells dropping and exploding from the
jeep driven by the Egyptian dude.

After the tunnel has been cleared, notice the holds from which the spiked
balls fell from. The third (topmost) has a climbable side upwards. Jump up,
grab onto it and find the midway upwards after which you have to do a
backward jump to find yourself on a ledge with your first box of Normal
Grenadegun Ammo which is Secret #24.

Drop back down, find your jeep and drive up the tunnel to enter a canyon.

CANYON WITH DEEP PITS Follow the dusty road around a bend and around your
first pit. Avoid this and drive to the sunlit area where you must leave your

The second pit has a set of carves scratches upon one of its sides. Climb
down them to a crevace in the rock, above the spiky bottom. Stand below it
and force Lara to suddenly lose hold at which point she even more suddenly
has to grab back onto the same ledge. At this very moment you should crawl
in to find Secret #25: a box of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and your first quiver
of Normal Crossbow Ammo. Make your way back up to the canyon, jump into the
vehicle and continue the rocky journey where you'll meet up with your
enemy's jeep. Exit the canyon.

DESERT WITH LARGE DUNES From here on to the end you can just follow the
jeep spewing shells or explore. On the way though you can encounter a
Sniper mounted on a planky structure and do avoid the sudden drop-offs
and deep pits scattered across the area.

The exit is a pitch black cave which you should drive through.

Challenge: An extra challenge that makes no difference to the ending
whatsoever but is nevertheless exciting is to reach the exit before the
harsh jeep of the Egyptian fellow. A spoiler that might help you is to
take shortcuts over the dunes, which he doesn't take.

Side Notes: This is the last of the jeep meaning what you did was what you
got. However, later in the game another vehicle is accessible with very
similar controls.

There were four(4) secrets lying in wait for you in this level. Together
with the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 25, that is,
if you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can
be seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

A vivid FMV follows.

**                        TEMPLE OF KARNAK (1st time)                       **
Level Number: 7

FMV: Lara speeds over the dunes, finally arriving at the ruins of an ancient
temple. The jeep unfortunately crashes into a protruding rock when Lara swerves
to stop.

Our heroine observes the lone towers, before proceeding upon her journey.

The jeep has suffered heavily from the crash and is unable to serve you any
more purposes. Head over to the wall, between the towers. Jump from ledge to
ledge until you reach the top from where you can draw out your pistols and
fall safely down.

SANDY COURTYARD WITH CENTRAL PILLAR Kill the two Black Scorpions that come to
attack and pick up the Small Med Pack lying in front of the pillar.

Black Scorpions: These are a dark, black variation of the earlier species.
They act pretty much the same but their fangs now secrete a toxin when in
contact, meaning that Lara'll get poisoned. The poison only wears off once a
Med Pack's been used to completely fill her health bar. The poison slowly laps
up her health, causing a nasty visual condition, until it empties and she dies.

From here, several interconnected levels begin, in each direction. Navigating
around might be a tad confuzzling but it's nevertheless enjoyable.

First of all, head towards the three entrances in the wall to the left of
your starting point. Enter the middle one only. Climb the ledges up to the
top, roof parts to find and collect a Small Med Pack, Uzi Clips and a box
of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo scattered all over the place. The dropoff between
the ledge with the uzi clips and the wideshot shells is where you should go
down to. From there, drop down the hole in its floor. Crawl to enter a room
which is Secret #26 and as soon as you stand up, draw out your pistols to
kill a Black Scorpion. Proceed further into the room and shoot down a large
pot mounted on one of the corners to find a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo in
its place. Pick that up and enter another room through the nearby doorway.
Three Black Scorpions come out to greet you. Quickly shoot them down to
avoid the situation getting nasty. Four out of the six pots mounted on the
blocks adjacent to the walls of the room are breakable. Once shot down
they'll reward you with Flares, Uzi Clips, a Large Med Pack anda box of
Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. A real treasure room! From here, return back to the
area with the central pillar and continue to the opposite side (the one
with walls of rock and a small interconnecting ledge.) Jump onto the ledge
and from that place you can jump up, grab and pull up to a ledge above.
From that walkway jump onto the sandy side of this new roofless area and
walk around it until you reach the walkways above the base are below. Pick up
the Small Med Pack on one of the rocks nearby, a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo
and Uzi Clips. Drop down safely to the sandy area below.

Challenge: Make Lara run atop the interconnecting ledge and from its right
corner perform a jump that will land her on the higher, sandy side of the
room and not on the sloping sides that will slide her down.

Proceed from one of the entrances below to enter a vast room.

LARGE ROOM WITH 2 PITS AND COLUMNS This is quite a large room. It consists of
two wide pits with swingable bars above them. Between the two pits are a set
of stairs going down to a ceremonial pot. First of all though you can make
several easy pick-ups. One of the pits has a Small Med Pack lying at its
base, together with a Black Scorpion. The other has another Black Scorpion
but no item. Anyhow, close to the pit without a pick-up, there's a small
crawlspace in the wall (see screenshot.) Climb inside and crawl
to Secret #27 which awards you with two sets of Uzi Clips and Flares. Boy,
the beginning of this level's been quite rewarding...

After all these pick-ups find the swingable bars above the pits to traverse
across. After landing from the bars above the pit with the med pack, a Black
Scorpion pops out of nowhere so do make sure Lara drops onto the greyish
ledge from where she can aim at it safely.

Either side you took, press the grey, slab-like button on the wall. This
triggers a previously closed door right behind Lara's current position to
unlock and open. Traverse back across the pits to the now opened door. Walk
inside and reach into the niche.

FMV: The ceremonial pot at the bottom of the set of stairs drops down to
reveal a drop below. This also causes a Black Scorpion to emerge.

Exit this room via the route you entered.

I suggest if you haven't already done so to drop down into the subground
short passage with a bluish low (next to the secret) from where you can
access a box of Flares and a Black Scorpion. Once back into the sandy
area, return back to the courtyard with the pillar.

SANDY COURTYARD WITH CENTRAL PILLAR As in the image to the left, you can
jump from ledge to ledge to the top of the roof part of one of the
entrances you haven't explored yet. Atop is a box of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo:
humble but sweet.

with columns. As you walk past note the bluish tile built into the wall
close to two unbrealable pots. Further up the ramp ahead of this tile, Lara's
head will tilt to face the top of this new room. This gives you a clue that
she has to go up which is what you make her do. Pull up to the room above.
Here, there are three parts, separated by a dropoff below. The one you're
standing on as you have climbed to this area leads to two pedestals, blocked
by closed gates. Across are two oppositely built niches which Lara can reach
in to trigger the opening of each of the closed gates respectively. Across
from the two niches lie Uzi Clips and a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Jump
back to the now opened gateways. One contains a Small Med Pack and a Shotgun
or Normal Shotgun Ammo while the other one awards you with the First Canopic

FMV: A detailed view of the LARGE ROOM WITH 2 PITS AND COLUMNS and of its
characteristics, which you have already gone through.

passage once you have descended from the above level and dive into the pool
of water. Swim deeper and deeper but before you enter a passage from it,
find the box of Flares on the very bottom. Enter the underwater passage until
you reach a carved plate blocking your way.
Note: These plate-like tiles are actually underwater doors which Lara can
manually open using "Action" right in front of them. This is the first of
several more such doors which you'll encounter further into the game.

Open the underwater door and swim forward until you see an open square in the
ceiling. This can act as a breathing hole for Lara to regain her oxygen.
Also, if from the surface you pull up onto the ledge you'll have uncovered
Secret #28 which gives you Uzi Clips and Normal Crossbow Ammo. Dive back
into the water and continue into the irregularly built passage until you
reach a straight section with current which forces you back. You can't
proceed any further from here but you can attain Secret #29 which you can
reach by swimming into the wedge shaped opening in one of the walls.

This entry's difficult so try to enter by swimming close to the ceiling and
into the opening without wasting precious time. Inside you'll find lots of
goodies: a Lagre Med Pack, Uzi Clips, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a quiver of
Poison Crossbow Ammo. If you've done all this in good time, you'll have
enough air to swim out of this secret chamber and to the opening in the
ceiling from where you can replenish your air. This was the maximun you could
do so far so return back to the main passage, past the area with the pillar,
over the interconnecting ledge and into the LARGE ROOM WITH 2 PITS AND
COLUMNS from where you can now drop down from where the ceremonial pot once

CEREMONIAL CHAMBER WITH CHANNELS OF WATER The fall, when even done safely,
cuts a bit off Lara's health.

Observation: Observe the items and statues inf ront of you. There's the
ceremonial pot. The tubes that look as if the bowl's got a bull's horns are
actually there to empty a liquid into the pot itself from the statues' mouths
when a mechanism is triggered only once two Canopic Jars have been placed in
the receptacles behind the sitting statues.

Place the First Canopic Jar in one of the receptacles.

FMV: The bluish tile in the wall you observed earlier in the passage with
the deep pool of water now opens up

Pick up the Large Med Pack placed on a ledge nearby. You can swim in the
watery parts of this room but remember that for now, you can't reach parts
you see in the distance since there's a very strong underwater current to
prevent you from skipping several levels. However, there are two underwater
boxes of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Exit this room via the crawlspace high up in
one of the walls close to the receptacles (see screenshot.) It'll lead you
to the little sandy area before the LARGE ROOM WITH 2 PITS AND COLUMNS amd
you can also pick up Flares on the way, found in a darkened corner that
anyone's likely to miss out.

Cross all the rooms and passages until you end up facing the now opened,
bluish tile. Enter and exit this level.

Side Notes: This was the first of several interconnected levels. This means
that you'll be returning to this level once again. This ancient complex can
be very confusing but rewarding...
As you might have noticed, this level was a very item rewarding one for one
reason only: you'll be wasting huge amounts of ammunition from now on.

There were three(4) secrets lying in wait for you in this level. Together
with the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 29, that is, if
you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can be
seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                    THE GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL (1st time)                   **
Level Number: 8

Lara starts this level sliding down the steep slope on one side of this room
from the previous level which you exitted via the bluish tile. Exit.

Ammo on one of the ledges. Sadly, there's no other pick-up here but there is
a box of Flares and a Small Med Pack in the darker part, the one with the
pillars, to the side of this larger area along with two Balck Scorpions.

now, into the opening at the opposite wall of the pick-ups' side. Explore,
to find two Black Scorpions at your heels. Find the three near ledges at one
side of this area which you should climb upon to reach the above floor.

A Black Scorpion comes up. Pick up the Uzi Clips and soon after, another
Black Scorpion appears. Close to that is a free box of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo.
Find the lighter side of this above room to the place that overlooks the
bottom area. Above, you'll see traversable bars. Follow them to their end
and drop down to one of the two landing ledges. Opposite each of these ledges
are two balconies which can reward you with a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo and
the pitch-black dark one with Flares. Return back to the two ledges and jump
towards the one facing a more brighter, sandy ledge which, if followed, will
lead you to Uzi Clips and a Small Med Pack. Once you drop down to the passage
below, or you've followed that same passage from the base of the darkened
room you were before in, you'll end up in the same place from where you ought
to continue.

FMV: Two jeeps come to the sandy dunes where Lara first arrives and inspect
the crashed vehicle. Von Croy soon follows in his chrome-plated limo, steps
out, and gruffly orders his men in the jeeps "After her!"

Glitch: If you jumped towards the gaping pit before the FMV, Lara'll
miraculously appear back on the sandy area, from where the cut scene starts,

Although it looks impossible, this pit is actually small enough for Lara to
jump over and grab. That is, if she's at full speed and jumps right off the
edge of the little pronounced snady ledge over the pit itself. A grab in
necessary. You may have to save the game before trying to cross this.

Once the jump's been accomplished follow the route to a small area with
another set of irregular blocks upon the sandy floor. Exit and enter a now
closed tunnel. From the entrance, jump to Lara's left to find a Small Med
Pack and Uzi Clips. After that, exit the level down the sliding ramp a
little further into this passage.

Side Notes: This was the second of several interconnected levels. This means
that you'll be returning to this level once again. This ancient complex can
be very confusing but rewarding...

There were no secrets to be found in this particular part of the level which
means that by now, if you took time to collect them all, they'll be
twenty-nine(29). To view them, open the Statistics section one you've pressed
the button "P" on your keyboard.

**                          SACRED LAKE (1st time)                          **
Level Number: 9

The adventurous Lara Croft is met with the ancient sound of the abandoned
ruins... -_-;;

IMMENSE SACRED LAKE AREA WITH CROCODILES Proceed out of this room and into
the open. Rest Lara for a couple of seconds in front of the square bloack
with a Small Med Pack lying on top of it. Take out a weapon for a Crocodile
lumbers towards Lara quite soon.

Crocodiles: These amphibious creatures are relatively quick attackers and are
very dangerous. Be sure to spot one from a distance to have enough time to
load a gun in order to take them down fast. They cannot climb higher areas.

Once the croc's being taken care of turn in the opposite direction, towards
the dark corner. Two Bats flutter from the shadows. Take them out with the
pistols since they have unbeliebably good evade to arms. Proceed into their
dark corner for fun since there's nothing there.

Reach the water-filled areas.

Tip: Now, the water's infested with Nile crocs so before venturing in, try
and shoot down some of them from high, dry areas. Alternatively, to lure
them to come closer to you, briefly dive into the water. Wait for some to
come your way and swiftly climb ashore from where the shotgun comes in action.

There are three Crocodiles in and around the water which will come to attack,
at this point of the game. When the coast is clear, dive into the water,
after having noticed the crawlspace high up int he rock closeby (above land,
not water), and continue to a sandy bank. Get out of the water at that point
and follow it to an entrance surrounded byt greenish-brown blocks.

you've entered the room a Bat flutters. Another Bat appears if you walk to
the left side of the room. This room has three(3) openings into the floor.
Two of these (the long, rectangle shaped) are once that lead to death. The
one at the back of the room is the one you should drop down into a safe,
dark area with steps.

This area overlooks the huge area before you. The two blocks at either sides
of the walls while you're overlooking the vastness are once that'll slide
Lara to her doom. So, this leads us to the conclusion that she should
continue by sliding in between the two blocks. Save before attempting.
Lara'll slide for a few moments then, at the point where you can't see any
more steepness, that is where there's a sharp dropoff, you have to jump
forward and grab the climbable pole. Phew! Alternatively, let her slide from
the dropoff and onto the ledge where the pole starts from. Save again. You
can now clamber upwards. While doing so, notice the ledge to one of Lara's
sides from which another pole has grown out of. To access that ledge from
the pole you're climbing, position Lara's back to face the ledge and jump
backwards. This means that you should be looking in the opposite direction
of the ledge you have to land on.

Once on the ledge, climb the second pole to the point where it ends in an
overhead block. There's a landing ledge here so once again position Lara to
face the opposite direction of the opening and jump backwards. In order to
avoid hitting the block at the top of the pole and misdirecting the fall, let
Lara slide a few metres below that.

Continue into the crwalspace. At the end crawl backwards to fall out of the
crawlspace and walk into another room. Pull the chain down.

FMV: A gate in the large pool of water in which you previously swam in opens
up. A crocodile's seen.

Exit this room and continue back through the crawlspace. Drop down to the
ledge above the massive room and you might as well save the game. Now, look
over to the empty space behind the block bearing the starting point of the
first pole. Position and aim Lara towards it since she'll have to jump into
that in order to exit this area alive. A running jump is well neede for that
and you must make sure that on take off, she doesn't bang her head onto the
ending block of the second pole above and lose her momentum.

Challenge: A challenge that is quite worth it is to dive from the ledge into
the hole accurately. This doesn't mean the standard jump and fall through but
an actual dive from what you might picture if you knew the meaning. No
offense, but the real dive in TR is one that uses "Shift" to be pressed as
soon as Lara jumps forward. Look at the screenshot to the right which
displays a perfect looking one.

At the bottom of the hole is the surface of the water covering a part of the
room. At the bottom is a Small Med Pack. Follow this small passage into the
pool that is emptied into from the steep slides above. Pick up the Flares
and exit via the small entrance to a long tunnel upwards which leads into
the main sacred lake.

Glitch: Dunno whether this is a glitch or not but it does interfere wrongly
with laws of physics which I must not go into detail at the moment. What I
mean is the irregular displacement of the water from the main, sacred lake
into the pool of water below all the steep surfaces in the VAST ROOM WITH
then the water level should have been several leagues higher than it is since
the two bodies of water are connected. *sees many brows rising* XD I was
never good in physics, honestly!

IMMENSE SACRED LAKE AREA WITH CROCODILES Once again back at the sacred lake,
two Crocodiles appear since you released them from their lair in the middle
of the lake when you opened the gate. Kill them and proceed into the now
opened gate. Climb up onto the dry banks of this room to find a Small Med
Pack and two boxes of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Jump back into the water and
notice the two exits in the pool's bottom. One leads to an undrwater gate,
locked up. The other is blocked by a stone cover which opens up once you
pull the underwater lever situated beneath a block. Look around and you'll
easily see it. Follow the now opened underwater passage to a carved plate
which you can open up. Return back up to the surface, take deep breath and
dive back into the tunnel. It's quite long and must be swam through
speedily. At one point you'll reach a fork. Take the right route into a
small, narrow passage which empties into a small chamber with a Large Med
Pack and a pocket of air above water. Use this to replenish Lara's oxygen

Return back to the fork and now take the passage going upwards.

UNDERWATER ROOM WITH MIRROR Swim boldly into this room only to be met with
your own reflection in the opposite wall which is actually a large glass
mirror. In the ceiling there's a cleverly diguised breathing hole which also
leads into a passage. However, to locate it is not an easy task. Just probe
all the ceiling spaces for one Lara can come out of.

Tip: If you have trouble finding it, look at the wall of mirror. The mirror
displays the whereabouts of the opening quite clearly.
If you still can't locate it, switch to Software mode in the Options Menu
before loading the game. As in the screenshot, the graphics in software
mode, which display the opening sufficiently, aren't as good as those in
the harware mode.

Otherwise, have a good look in the mirror where the exact location of the
breathing hole is seen undisguised.

Pull up onto the landing ledge and walk into a small room with a pedestal.
Claim the Second Canopic Jar from it and pick up the two sets of Uzi Clips
in the corners of the room.

FMV: The gate blocking the underwater passage in the room from where you
entered this passage lifts to allow access.

Jump back into the water of the room with the mirror and return all the way
back to the central room in the sacred lake with the underwater switch. Head
into the other opening into the pool's bottom, past the now opened gate. Let
the current carry you into the next level.

Side Notes: This was the third of several interconnected levels. This means
that you'll be returning to this level once again. This ancient complex can
be very confusing but rewarding...

There were no secrets lying in wait for you in this level meaning that you
should still have twenty-nine(29) out of seventy(70).

**                        TEMPLE OF KARNAK (2nd time)                       **
Level Number: 7 (second time)

You start off underwater, contnuing down the long passage from the previous
level, the current carrying Lara along. Find the opening in the ceiling where
you should pull up.

Jump up and grab the next two ledges after which you can fall freely to the
base of a room you've been to before.

CEREMONIAL CHAMBER WITH CHANNELS OF WATER Yep, that old room. Now that you've
got the second Canopic Jar, you've got an artifact to place in the second
receptacle. Do so.

FMV: A green liquid pours from the two tubes into the ceremonial pot which
tilts over to spill the liquid into a sleeve of water.

Go to the waterfilled parts of the room. Jump into the water only to...
what!? the water is solid and walkable!

Amazing, but true. Walk around and climb onto the small pronounced area with
a statue of a god. There's Uzi Clips behind his back. Pick them up.

Bug: Placing the second Canopic Jar into its receptacle for the first time
might prove unsuccessful. Try placing it again and it'll do so. This bug has
no apparent effect further into the game whatsoever.

Follow the passage to its end where you have to pull up. Notice the
electrical bolts above, into the air. These come from two pillars in the
next area.

from one of the openings in the wall. Immediately take out a weapon for
three Crocodiles lurk dangerously around the area. Once the coast is clear
dive into the pool of aquamarine water and pick up a box of Normal Shotgun
Ammo on the bottom. Pick up another box of Normal Shotgun Ammo on one of
the water's edges after which dive back in again and head for the small, low
passage just below the above pillars. Swim into it and keep stroking until
you can pull up into a new, small room. Press the button in the opposite wall.

FMV: A view of the previous area, with the electrified pillars. Suddenly,
the blkack mesh surrounding the little space between the two solid structures
drops down to reveal a pedestal.

Drop back into the water and follow the channel back to the room with the
two pillars.

Climb out of the water and pick up, firstly, the Hypostyle Key and the
statuette of the Sun Goddess. Exit through one of the passages you entered
this area from (the one that has a block below it.) Follow the passage
back into the CEREMONIAL CHAMBER WITH CHANNELS OF WATER and exit via the
small crawlable ledge in one of the sides of the room (close to where you
placed the first Canopic Jar). Follow the route which you have already taken.
At the end is a just-arrived Sniper coming from the ROOM WITH TWO PITS AND
COLUMNS If you like killing as much as possible, finish off another Sniper
in that same large room. Exit that room to the snady area to be met with
another two Snipers. Pheww! Jump into the interconnecting passage to the
SANDY COURTYARD WITH CENTRAL PILLAR: the beginning of these interlaced
levels. Here you'll be met with yet another Sniper performing his antics
in the passage with columns. Kill him and enter it. Exit this level by
again entering the opened bluish tile that you opened a while ago.

Side Notes: Now that you've accomplished several of these interlaced levels
you must be starting to get the hang of it. You must finish this level with
the Sun Goddess and the Hypostyle Key in order to avoid huge backtracking.

There were no secrets lying in wait for you in this level meaning that you
should still have twenty-nine(29) out of seventy(70).

**                    THE GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL (2nd time)                   **
Level Number: 8 (second time)

You find yourself back at the beginning of the old hypostyle level. Climb
into the exitting passgae and into the sandy area.

These Robed Fighters are quite common around here so be on your guard at all

Robed Fighters: These species of Von Croy's mercenary warriors are black with
red stripes and represent what people call, a samurai. =P They do not possess
any arms but what they can do is charge at Lara, often damaging them with
their long, razor-sharp blades which they otherwise use as an attacking or
defensive means. A few moments after you fire at them, they'll start swishing
them in a circular motions, deflecting any ammunition. For this very reason,
an easy way to take care of them is to start firing at them with any weapon
at a distance. Once defending themselves, roll backwards and roll again to
face the guy. He'll be now prone to attacks. Repeat until his rather long
life expectancy ends. I tend to use only pistols when taking care of a lone
one. The reason: you'll lose vital ammo otherwise and anyway, although slow,
you will kill them without them harming you. Note that once they swish their
blades, they won't move. Also, they might carry uzis with which they shoot
from a distance.

Once you kill him, pick up the Uzi Clips he dropped. Exit through the small
entrance in the wall. Another Robed Fighter'll attack. Kill him and exit,
following the sandy passage. Around the next corner two Robed Fighters
charge. This might be a little difficult. After all the commotion, you might
need some healing.

Jump over the large pit to find yourself in a small, open area with irregular
blocks. Find the newly opened crawlspace in one of the corners. (This was
not there the time you first passed through this.) Crawl through and follow
the passage until you reach a closed door. The small square object on the
wall to the right is a lock where the Hypostyle Key goes. This unlocks the
closed door.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (one third) Enter and two Robed Fighters attack. One
charges from a doorway nearby while the other is positioned on several
blocks. Kill them as quickly as possible for if you don't, they'll pick up
some items that orginally lied on the ground such as a Small Med Pack on
one of the irregular blocks and and Uzis (or Uzi Clips if you already have
it) and use them for their own purposes.

Tip: I tend to kill the one coming from the opening in the wall (doorway)
first since he'll be the first to pick up the small med pack and then I
finish off the second, holding the uzi guns. He drops them wherever he falls

Once everything's cleared, note the openings in the walls and the swingable
bars overhead, leading to a passageway accessible only from there. However,
for now, just go through ether of the passageways in the base of the room.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (two thirds) This is as area roughly the same size
as the previous part of this Hypostyle Hall. However, it's got giant pillars,
holding up yet another elevated set of traversable bars. Again, note that
the bars start from a passage in the wall that separates this second part
from the first part of this area. There's a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo on a
crooked ledge below the network of monkey swings. A Robed Fighter attacks.
Find an almost hidden opening in the wall behind where the assassin was),
reached by jumping over a small, steep edge in the wall (not the one
separating this and the previous room), to find a Large Med Pack lying
innocently in the floor. Jump back out from that space and exit through
another passage, leading out of this area, to the third part after noting a
vertical , self standing pillar, not supporting the above network, with a
large stone ball resting atop it.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (three thirds) This is the final part of the
Hypostyle Hall. As soon as you enter it, a Robed Fighter attacks. Take
care of him and proceed into the room, noting the last set of monkey
swings high above. Pick up the Flares and return back to the first third
of this area.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (one third) Look above to see three elevated,
narrow parts just below the monkey swings held with columns on them. Find
the rigid blocks which if climbed upon, lead to a small square landing.
From here you can jump up and grab onto the bars. Traverse across to the
passage in the wall which you had previously noted of. Drop once into it
and cross it.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (two thirds) This place overlooks the whole area
except the above level which can be accessed via the network of traverseable
bars. Find the small square ledge just to the left of the opening into this
room where Lara's standing. Carefully jump to that and back Lara against the
wall so that she's facing the opposite side of the room. Run to the edge
and jump right off to land onto another square ledge. From here, jump up and
grab the bars. Cross the room monkey swinging, taking note of the panel that
blocks your going to another swingable bars. Traverse all the way into
another high passage leading out of this room.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (three thirds) Cross the interconnecting passage to
overlook the third part of the Hall. Jump up to grab onto the final set of
monkey swings. As quickly as possible, traverse across to the long ledge on
one of the small sides of this room, where you can let go off the bars.
Immediately as you drop, take out a weapon, turn around to face the monkey
swing you just crossed and fire at the traversing Robed Fighter that comes
up. As his hands are in business, he won't harm you until he drops down to
where Lara's standing. He's very prone to gunshots then but do take care to
kill him swiftly since you don't want any mess once he drops down. If he
meets you on the bars, he'll push you off.

Jump up and press "Action" to pull the lever on the wall.

FMV: A familiar tune plays and the brown panel blocking a part in the
traverseable bars rises upwards, allowing access to further swinging.

Start monkey swinging yet again, back into the middle area.

THE MAIN HYPOSTYLE AREA (two thrids) Cross that bars all the way to the
black, lifted panel. Swing below that too and drop down to a greyish ledge.
Take out a weapon, swiftly turn around and shoot down a traversing Robed
Fighter that comes up. Note where he falls. Pick up the Uzi Clips close by
and climb onto the opposite block. From there jump onto the ledges, which
are actually the walkable upper side of the monker swings below.

Follow the paths to the stone ball which you saw earlier, sitting atop a
column. Take out your pistols and shoot squarely at it. This will amazingly
cause it to fall off the column and miraculously break the stone floor down

Make your way back from where you can safely drop down to the base without
damaging your health. Pick up the Wideshot Shotgun Ammo dropped by the dead
assassin that came traversing across. Drop safely through the hole in the
floor the ball created to find yourself in a room with it.

from the room with the ball which leads into a low, crawlspace. Inside
there'll be Uzi Clips so pick them up. Return back to the room with the ball
and exit through the other passage, up several climbs until you find yourself
in a small, passage with two openings leading into one room to the left.
Enter through either opening into a room with a small pillar in its centre,
its top being a fluorescent aquamarine pyramid. Notice the chain close by
which Lara refuses to pull. Before reading further, save the game and look
at the diagram to the left.

From this central room, three others, at about the same size, are to be
reached through three openings in this chamber's walls. Now, enter the one
in the wall to Lara's right first (as you enter this central room) by
climbing the short set of climbable rungs to reach the opening to the room.
Inside, you'll see a giant pin-like structure, elevated into the air by a
support in the ceiling. Notice that one end, this pin has red bands and is
pointy while the other is totally blunt. The whole pin should be rotated so
that the pointy end points towards the aquamarine pyramid in the main room's
centre. However, the tip ain't in that position which means that you'll have
to find a way to rotate it.

Drop down into the room to find Uzi Clips onto one of the darkened ledges.
Exit back to the central room and enter the middle room with a pin (the one
opposite to the chain.) There you'll find Flares as well as a box of Normal
Shotgun Ammo. Exit. The remaining room with the third pin awards you with
nothing so head out of the room altogether and continue down the passage
behind the central room. Follow it to its end and jump up to grab the
climbable rungs in the wall above the ceiling which you'll observe at first
sight. Climb all the way up. Pull up and you'll find yourself in a room with
the first rotating lever which is needed to place the pin in the first of
the three rooms down below which you explored. If you remembered the
positions of all three pins you'll have an easy time.

Tip: The stick which allows the rotating levers to move clockwise or
anticlockwise is always pointing into the direction into which the tapering,
red-banded point of the pin below also points to.

Now, position Lara against the rotating stick and turn it clockwise to one
position meaning that Lara pushes it only once. -_-;

Proceed out of this chamber and into the next through the small, stepped
passage. This second rotatable lever you should push in any direction, for
two places meaning that the final, and correct result would be the stick
facing exactly the opposite direction than before you rotated it.

The third, and final, rotating lever can be a little more confusing.
However, push it anticlockwise one position and you'll have done wisely.

Return back to the first room with the rotating lever and safely climb down
the climbable wall. Return back to the central room with the aquamarine
pyramid and pull the chain. If you did everything correctly, that is if
you solved the puzzle according to what's written here, she'll happily pull
it down. Nevertheless, if she again refuses, consult with the pins and their
positions which you should record and try again.

Tip: Another helpful tip with the sticks protruding out of the rotatable
levers is to let them point to each other, while in the rooms. The rooms,
as you might have noticed are right above the chambers with the pins. If
you have a good sense of direction, you'll notice that the sticks can be
used instantly to determine whether the puzzle is correct. They, as the
pins down below, should be pointing in the same direction. Trust me,
although it sounds confusing, you'll be amazed at how easy it is when you
try it out.

FMV: Each of the correctly positioned pins are locked and a current is
passed through them. This shoots out as electric bolts from their tippets
which meet at the aquamarine pyramid and shatter it to pieces.

Now that the pyramid's gone pick up the Sun Disk on top of the pillar where
the glassy structure stood. Picking it up causes a trapdoor to openjust
below the base of the entrance to the centremost room with the pin. Drop
down through it to the end of the Hypstyle level.

Side Notes: Ending this level means that you got the Sun Disk. You're nearly
through this whole Karnak temple so keep up the good work. :P

There were no secrets lying in wait for you in this level meaning that you
should still have twenty-nine(29) out of seventy(70).

**                         SACRED LAKE (2nd time)                           **
Level Number: 9 (second time)

Follow the passage until you reach a distinctive area.

Note: This area was also accessible from your previous visit to the Sacred
Lake area but which I suggested you ignore. (Remember the crawlspace high up
in the wall that you noticed earlier?) But, previously, there was nothing of
interest you could have done.

and three Black Scorpions attack one by one. Kill 'em all. Before going to
the two pillars for inspection, find the hole in the gravelly floor nearby
and crawl down through it to a small room with a Black Scorpion which you
might have already gone to. Return back to the area with the pillars and dive
into the deep moat surrounding them. Around the bottom, you'll find a box of
Normal Shotgun Ammo and a Small Med Pack hidden in a small underwater
crevasse. Surface and go forward to the little golden artifact standing lone
between the two tall pillars. In your Inventory, combine the Sun Disk
together with the Sun Goddess to form the Sun Talisman. This you should place
onto the little golden artifact.

FMV: Electric bolts fly out of the pillars' tips and the yellow beads in the
walls to join. The Sun Talisman rises high above to the point where the
currents are exchanged. Meanwhile, passages in each side of this area are

Proceed into the doorway to the right of the doorway through which you
entered this level (the one closest to the openign in the ground.) Inside'll
be a crawlspace with a Small Med Pack.

TALL ROOM WITH WATER-COVERED BASE AND POLE Enter the one opposite the one
with the med pack to reach a tall room with water at the base and a pole in
the middle of it. Do not drop down into the water below because its too
shallow and will cut down on Lara's health. Instead jump and grab onto the
pole. From the pole, position her to be able to jump backwards and onto the
visible ledge with the Flares. Return back to the pole and slide down to its
base. Now, in the water you 'll find Uzi Clips, Normal Shotgun Ammo,
Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Small Med Pack. In one of the two underwater
tunnels, there'll be a carved plate blocking your way. Open it and swim
further down the tunnel to Secret #30 which awards you with a Large Med
Pack, a box of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a quiver of Explosive Crossbow
Ammo sitting on three pedestals in a room a little ahead. Go all the
underwater way back to the pole which you should climb onto to reach the top
of the tall room. You can backflip onto the ledge with the flares and jump
from there into the passage to the COURTYARD WITH TWO PILLARS AND
SURROUNDING MOAT or, alternatively backflip a precise jump from the pole to
the exit itself.

Enter the only left unexplored doorway, opposite the one from the Great
Hypostyle Hall.

LARGE AREA WITH MASSIVE COLUMNS These columns make this place somewhat
reminding of the Hypostyle but are twice as large. Explore. Note the
traversable monkey swing high above, and where it leads to. You can jump up
and gran onto it if you climb atop the several clustered blocks in the
centre but before that, find the short cave-like crevasse in the left wall
(as you enter the room) which contains a Small Med Pack, Uzi Clips and a
box of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Now grab onto the monkey swing. Two Bats
mischievously attack while halfway across. Ignore them and continue to a wide
crawlspace. At that point, next to the wall and hanging, you should let go
off the monkey swing and immediately grab onto the edge of the crawlspace a
little below. Repeat if unsuccessful. Once inside the crawlspace, draw out
the pistols and take out the annoying bats. Follow the crawlspace into a
sloping area which epmties into two crawlspaces. The left one holds Uzi
Clips at its end. Pick them up and enter the right crawlspace. Follow it to
its end to find yourslef onto a ledge above the small sloping area where you
just were. Opoosite from that, at a running jump's length, is anothe ledge.
Jump onto that and drop onto a ledge overlooking the first floor of this
large area.

Tip: If you're having trouble with this running jump, try to press the
"Action" key just before Lara's out of reach of the edge to grab onto. If
you press "Action" as soon as she leaps off, she'll lost distance and not
reach that length at all. That is a reminder that the distance shortens once
Lara is made to try and grab hold onto something while in middair.

A Bat attacks. Prevent it from pestering you any further and examine this
area. The rest of the ledges lead to nowhere which might lead to a
question: "Is there any exit to this place?" As highly unlikely as it
seems a nearby ledge isn't too steep to cross over. Jump onto it from the
side or grab hold of it after a long running jump. Pull up and two Bats
attack. Drop down carefully below to find yourself on a ledge surrounding
the edges of this room but exposing the drop down to a darker room below.
Find the place from which you can drop down safely to without eating up

into the opening find the doorway leading to a smaller room with pedestals.
Upon these you'll find Flares and Uzis which you almost certainly already

Exit into the open, sandy area. Ruined columns line the way to a locked
door and the end of this level...

Side Notes: This was the last of all the confusing, interconnected levels.
Eager to proceed?

This second Sacred Lake level prepared you with the arms and packs needed
ahead where you'll be battling with hardy enemies.

You must have the Uzis, the Shotgun and , of course, the Pistols by now.
If you didn't... well, maybe Tomb Raider's not the game for you. >:P

There was one(1) secret lying in wait for you in this level. Together
with the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 30, that is,
if you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can
be seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                             TOMB OF SEMERKHET                            **
Level Number: 10

Now that Lara's been locked up in this ancient tomb, there's no other way to
follow than through the tomb itself. *shudders* You won't see many dead things
but you will encounter many challenges and puzzles here.

SMALL ROOM WITH TWO POTS Shoot down the two breakable pots. Underneath them'll
be Uzi Clips and a Large Med Pack. Slide down, deeper into the area.

FMV: As our heroine slides down, we are taken to the floor of a new room
where a horde of Scarabs materialize.

Scarabs: These little brown beetles that thrive especially in Egypt were
used to take care of accidental thieves inside sealed tombs as you might
have seen in recent movies. These fellas though, do not appear alone but
always travel in numerous amounts to any fresh meat available. They always
follow you around and when they do make contact, they're devastating. No
matter how much ammo you dump into them, they won't die. They can climb
atop small blocks.

LONG ROOM WITH MONKEY SWING AND SCARABS Swiftly avoid this army of bugs and
find the bars build into the centre part of the ceiling in this room.
Without conceding too much damage, grab hold onto them and traverse the room
up to a safe ledge in an opening in the far wall. Drop down to a steep slide
which ends into a room with a hole through which a pole stands upright.

ONE ABOVE THE OTHER ROOMS CONNECTED BY POLE Slide down the pole and backflip
onto the floor below. Shoot down two pots standing close together on one side
of the room. The left one holds a Small Med Pack. Note the large, grey door
in the wall between the two formerly standing pots. Find your way to the
opposite side of the room where a flame burns from a small pedestal. Pick up
the Torch and light it by standing Lara next to the flame and pressing

Torch: This is something new to the Tomb Raider series. It is not an Inventory
item since it can be used only temporarily and its main purpose is to carry
fire from place to place although it can be used to replace flares. Often
when you find one, there'll be a source of fire nearby for you to set it
alight. To dispose off it, just press the button to draw a gun and Lara'll
hurl it at a distance. It is reusable but remember that Lara can't use many
of her actions while holding this.

Drop down through the surrounding gap in the floor to the base area below.
Hordes of Scarabs attack. Although the torch can be used to light your way,
it does little to ward of these insects. This means that here it's much
better to just throw it away and get on quickly with evading the enemies.
There are three niches in the sides of this room. No matter how much you
try, the beetles will cut a bit of Lara's health but you'll suffer much
less if you try and gain a little bit of a distance from them when attempting
to reach into each of the three niches.

Once ready, jump and grab onto the central pole to leave those beetles to
themselves. Climb up to the upper level. The grey door that was once closed
has slid upwards which allows you to pass through. It slides back down as
soon as she passes which locks her in a small room.

At first sight there seems to be no exit from this but look more closely and
you'll see that the leftmost red painted square on the wall are actually two
doors which open up when Lara uses "Action."

passage and drop safely down the hole. Before Lara now is a massive room
with a giant board for playing senet.

Once you've dropped down, head over to the left, where there are ledges over
the board game below which lead to a ladder. Find and climb that to
find Secret #31: Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Small Med Pack. (Because the
ladder doesn't lead directly to that ledge, you can make Lara cross to the
right, while on the ladder. When she can't move right any more, release to
drop down onto the Secret ledge.) Drop back down and off you go to the base

Explore. You'll discover that there's a passage around the sides off this
room, behind the reddish walls. One side opens up from below the massive
carved head in a balcony above to the right. The other is below the balcony
to the left which has nothing characteristic about it except a set of
conspicious black and white rolls on a golden structure on one of its walls.

For now, head into the opening below the carved face to be met by a set of
rusty rungs in the wall leading to an opening in the above ceiling. Climb onto
them and prroceed through, through a narrow passageway which empties into a
large area.

take out any gun and shoot down two Black Dogs that chrage out of the
darkness. Make sure you're standing on the raised structure below the opening
to this room to avoid these predators from harming you.

Head over to the other side of the room, while taking notice of the passage,
steeply leading to a room downwards, and the central, raised area in the
midst of this, the main area.

Her, there are three flaming niches close together. Firstly, the two
niches (1 and 3 on the screenshot) are timed, meaning that they have a
short period of being inactive. Thus, Lara can in that short time proceed
to them. The middle one is currently, permanently alive.

Wait for the flame to subside and reach into the niche, number 1, to pull
out a Small Med Pack. I wonder who'd put it there... Then, reach into
niche number 3 to make the flame instantly subside in niche 2. Reach into
niche 2 as it is now inactive to trigger a small earthquake. This
earthquake is actually caused by a solid block shifting and revealing a
newly opened passage. (Look to the left of the niches and you'll spot it.)

Enter to be met with a room with a pool of water at its base. The solid
block slides back into place, locking you.

submerged room carefully. In the middle of it, you'll be safe. Anywhere
else, you're grilled kebabs.

Consult the diagram to the right for the identification of each of the
niches. Carefully walk past the flames and reach into niche 3 (the one
that's inactive) to find a box of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Behind that, wait
for the flames to subside ad reach into niche 6 which contains a Small Med
Pack. Coolly stand back and wait for the flames to pass yet again. Then,
in the same niche (number 6), pull yet again.

FMV: A set of golden, foldable, runged walls rises upwards to form a tall
standing rectangular cuboid in the main room behind.

By now, niches 3 and 6 must be flaming no more and permanently inactive.
Head over to niche 1. Pull in to trigger niche 5 to stop it flaming too.

When niche five is no longer active, reach in and trigger niche 4 to also
permanently cut smoking. Now the whole right wall (niches 4-6) must be
dark since none are active.

No other choice left, so reach into niche 4.

FMV: A second set of golden, foldable, runged walls rises upwards.

Note: Note that the first golden, foldable and runged cage-like cuboid
was optional and does not contribute in any way to solving this niche puzzle
in any way. However, it is needed to reach a secret later on. The second
one, which you just triggered, is a must if you intend to proceed into the

Finally, reach into the partly flaming niche 2 to trigger a small tremor.
This is an indication that somewhere a solid block had again moved.

Since this hot puzzle's been solved. Climb up onto the ledge overlooking
a deep pit below. Find the monkey swing above and traverse above the deadly
drop. This leads to a landing and out into the LARGE ROOM WITH TWO

POOLS OF WATER AND FLAMING NICHES. A solid block had been, before niche 2
was triggered, obstructing this exit.

golden cage-like structure to Lara's right as she enters. From a little,
raised ledge, jump up and grab the cuboid's edge. Pull up. From above,
you'll notice that the central part of this, the main area, has an accessible
ledge only after a running jump. Do so even though its a bit tough since
you're jumping from an angle that hides the landing ledge. At last, go to a
flaming niche. Wait for it to stop burning and reach in.

FMV: Two flames stop burning in a room (which is actually led to by the
depression in the floor below) while a third also cuts out to reveal an
artifact on a pedestal.

If you took time to trigger the other golden cage to slide up, drop down
safely to the base floor below and climb onto it. At the top, look at the
opposite wall (the one in the central part of the room) to see a set of
ladders. Run, jump and grab hold onto them. Cross to the right, past the
corners until Lara can pull up into a ledge. Thus, Secret #32 is attained.
It consists of Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Med Pack. Drop back down
carefully after having gone to the bottom of the rungs.

Head into the depression. Pass the openings in the walls from where a pair
of flames made access impossible. Pick up The Rules of Senet inscripted
in a grey plate.

FMV: Two ceiling doors open down. These two are the ones that once stood
closed below one of the two balconies in the room with the giant board game.

This whole room had been completely dealt with so exit through the passage
leading from the giant senet room.

triggered two ceiling doors to fall open, head to the passage below the
other, opposite balcony. Climb up this second set of rusty bars to the
balcony overlooking the board.

THE SENET GAME If you make nothing of the rules on the tile you found a
while ago or if you play it, and still don't get the hang of it, I suggest
you read my guide. [will come later]

FMV: The giant face of Semerkhet on the wall above the opposite balcony
seems to awaken and protrudes queerly. It subsides.

Now is your turn to play the game. Spin the bars on the golden tool on the
left wall. The number of white sides showing is the number of spaces your
pieces, chosen by the colured pads on the floor, will move.

Challenge: As impossible and time consuming as it might seem, a worthy
challenge is to beat him without having any of his pieces ended the game.

Depending on whether you won or lost, you'll have to take two different
paths to the end of the level. The first part is dealing with the path if
you won.

WINNING THE SENET GAME Five(5) golden cage-like structures which you saw
earlier rise from the former senet board spaces with the ankh characters.
Exit the gaming balcony and go towards the beginning of this room (from
where you first entered). From one of those raised ledges, you can jump
onto a cage and cross the room by hopping over each one of them to the
other side. These jumps must be taken while Lara's running and can be
quite tricky. Don't worry, she won't hit her head on any of the obstructions
on the ceiling.

Glitch: The bars and the rollers you used to play senet from the balcony
have magically disappeared. This might not really be a glitch and doesn't
contribute to the game any further effects.

Enter through the passage and follow each of the large corridors to
depressions at their ends. Drop down into them.

kind of grave. This indicates that there might be dangers ahead. Take out
a weapon for as soon as you near two large, whitish plates in this
corridor, they burst open and two Black Dogs appear in a bloody frenzy.
Head into the newly opened room and into the passage leading down from it.
This leads into another small room with two pots standing on a ledge over
the room. Shoot them down to find only one pick-up: Uzi Clips. The arks on
either side of the room have no purpose, so continue down the passage.

Follow the passage leadin even more vertically downwards. There's a pot
here which gives you Normal Shotgun Ammo when shot at. Take out a weapon
and proceed further down carefully for a Black Dog charges. You might see
it from a distance, but Lara can't and won't target.

Proceed. The place where the doggy was standing has no purpose so head
into a doorway heading out of this room. Another Black Dog appears. Kill
it and proceed further still. Drop down throught he gap in the darkened
floor. From the ground overlooking a little bit submerged corridor, you
might as well save your game. Drop down into the passage with irregular rock
outcroppings and sprint past them for Scarabs fall from the ceiling and
claw at Lara's health as she passes by. There's no need to count them. At
the other end of the room is a slidable slope which you must jump over, to
reach a pole which will hang Lara safely out of the beetles' reach.

ROOM WITH MIRRIRS AND LIGHT RAYS Backflip from the pole to land safely in an
area above the beetles below. Examine the mirrors and the beams of light
reflected towards a glowing, golden object on top of a coffin in the middle
of the room. This spells only one more ancient puzzle to solve. The spolier
as to how to solve it is to deflect all the beams of light so that the item
on the coffin is not lit up.

There's nothing you can do here now so head into the exit in one of the
room's corners. There'll be a climbable pole there. Start climbing and two
Bats flit by. Drop down, draw the weapons and shoot them down. Continue
climbing on the pole until you reach two openings in two of the above
surrounding walls. Position Lara correctly and backflip into any one of
them. One is a small room with two arks in it and nothing else. Jump back
into the other wall opening which leads into another puzzle room. The
solid stone gate which lifted upon your arrival drops back down as soon as
you enter the room.

ROOM WITH THREE COLOURED PIECES AND PADS These figures look similar to the
ones you played senet with. One is red and the two are green. However, do
note that the two greens are of different shades. Next, find the pads
coloured correspondingly to the colour of each of the pieces. If you're
troubled look at the rough diagram above. Firstly, move the red piece onto
the red squared pad. (The nearest to it.)

FMV: One of the three rays gets deflected from the coffin.

Then, push one of the two greens at a time through the pushing path to the
other side of the puzzle. You might save the game if you mix up the pads
with their respective pieces. Push one of them onto its pad.

FMV: The second of the three rays gets deflected from the coffin.

And lastly, finish off with the third piece in the last remaining slot.

FMV: The last of the three rays gets deflected from the coffin. The coffin
itself moves to reveal a gap in the floor and the two guarding dogs a little
above awaken.

Meanwhile, the stone gate has lifted allowing access to the previous room.
Guided by the hugry howls of the dogs, enter the exitting passage. Jump back
up onto the pole and slide down. Let go and draw out a weapon to kill the
two Black Dogs.

ROOM WITH MIRRIRS AND LIGHT RAYS Find the gap that now lays open and drop
through. Crawl into the low passage and at its end, turn around and drop
down. At the end, head into a room to end the level.

LOSING THE SENET GAME Having lost to Semerkhet, head back down to the base
area where the playing board lies. In the floor around it will have opened
four(4) trapdoors each leading into a different direction, or so it seems.
Find all four. The ones around the base of the board (the thinner end where
the pieces vanished) join up below the floor. The other two at the wide
part of the senet board lead into another underground separate passage.

I advise you took any of the two openings at the base of the giant board
since those two lead to a secret and therefore, goodies. But, the outcome
of either of the two paths you take is the same although the one I suggest
seems to be easier in its own respects.

UNDERGROUND NETWORK OF SLIDING PASSAGES Drop down through any opening in
the floor. Step forward, onto the clearly slideable floor, which at its end,
empties onto another slide. Continue sliding but do not jump forward at its
end as the misleading ledge above is quite out of reach and the cost is
health. Now you should be sliding down on the third slide so far. If you
took either of the two openings I indicated earlier, at the end of this
steep ramp should be a wall opening. If you failed to listen to me, this
opening won't exist and you'll continue sliding.

Jump into the safe opening to reach Secret #33. Instead of sliding down the
pole you can speedily safety jump to the room below. Shoot down the pots to
unveil Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Small Med Pack. Do not miss the Uzi Clips
lying discreetly on the floor. Head back up the pole and exit this secretive
area back onto the slides.
Eitherway, you'll be sliding towards the same thing: a pole erected at the
very bottom of these slides. Make sure Lara grabs onto it (might be easier
if you position her to slide down in the center of the ramp) or you might
risk a large, sometimes lethal, drop.

Slide down the pole and backflip whence Lara's back faces any of the ledges
overlooking the fall where the pole stands for there'll be Uzi Clips and a
Small Med Pack. If you took the other path, without the secret, you'll be
met with Poison Crossbow Ammo and Normal Shotgun Ammo.

After having picked up the items respectively, continue sliding down the pole
and enter a large area.

Note: From here on, the puzzles to be met will be described in the order of
entering the giant room.

arrive, a Bat attacks. Now, whether you're on either side of this room, you
can still access the other side and its pick ups, together with another Bat
which only flutters in that area. The outcome of you doing anything in the
wrong order here is irrelevant. However, the order in which I list the
things you've got to do here is the one if you followed the slides with
the secret room.

Enter the passage in the wall opposite the pole, past a small room with a
blazing torch mounted on the wall and into a new, smaller room.

the room and you might as well pull the lever to see what it does. The two
raised mallet-like structures collide above the nearby floor. Hmmm. Run past
them, don't be afraid: they won't crash down, and find the pullable playing
piece at the end of a narrow corridor. Drag it across the floor backwards
until it rests on the spot where the two mallets collide. Leave it there and
pull the lever again.

FMV: The two mallets drop and collide, completely shattering the playing

Pick up the artifact that now lays where the piece stood. That is the
Kartouche Piece 1 as you'll see in your Inventory. It is broken in half and
that should suggest something.

Exit the room and return back to the previous area

you'll have to do is find the corresponding piece to the one you found. So,
it'll then most probably be hidden somewhere on the other side of this room.
To do so, jump and grab onto the nearest rope. Something else you can obtain
around here is Secret #34.To access it, you'll have to land on that flat area
surrounded by slippery limestone ramps in the opposite wall of the room. To
do so, either use the rope to swing across or take a running jump from either
of the pole bases. Force the two red doors open and enter. Collect the
Crossbow Explosive Ammo and nearby Small Med Pack. Exit and drop safely to
the cobbled base below.

The next step is finding the second Cartouche Piece. If you're following this
guide, you'll have to look for it in the opposite side of the room (the one
with the ladder leading to the ground floor.) So, from the cobbled base,
climb up the ladder to the very top where a Bat stirrs from its quarters.
Shoot it down and if you haven't accessed this part yet, climb up the pole to
claim the goodies from the alternative non-Secret path. These are a box of
Normal Shotgun Ammo and a quiver of Crossbow Poison Ammo. Drop back down to
the pole's base.

Drop down to the rectangular grey balcony below (or climb down the ladder
and shift across the left corner if you didn't bother to reach the pole) and
find the narrow slit in the wall nearby. Climb in and crawl down the long
passage. At the end, a greenish-blue light greets you in a new puzzle chamber.

simplistic, as long as you don't explore beneath the walkway. Don't glance
down and instead, jump onto the walkway and drag the golden playing piece
across the raised structure to where it is directly in the way of the
stationary mallets. When this is accomplished, jump out of the way
(preferably backwards) as the stone mallets come crashing down. The piece
shatters, as before, and reveals the Kartouche Piece 2.

Now, if you have the time you can explore below to find out what those
inhuman howls and metallic grindings are. There are actually two Black Dogs
down there which can easily be gunned down. As it turns out, there are no
metallic traps nearby. Instead, there's a small side-room containing two
funerary urns. Shoot down the brittle artwork and claim the Small Med Pack
and box of Normal Shotgun Shells. Nothing more to do, so return via the long
crawling passage to the main giant room.

Clamber onto the stone ladder and traverse around the corner to the right.
Descend to the cobbled base. In your Inventory, you have the chance to
combine the two cartouche pieces to form the Ba Cartouche. Place it in the
slot with the golden rays next to the stone gate guarded by those grey
blocks. Doing so, opens the near gate and releases two hungry Black Dogs.

remember you'll need stealth. The area, upon discovering, clearly outlines
another puzzle. This time, blazing fires have been lit to obstruct your
raiding. Avoid the area with the fires for now, just inspect the moveable
playing piece far beyond. Cover the walkway to the other side and stop
when you reach the end. Find the lever mounted on the opposite wall and
take a running jump to force Lara to grab hold and pull it down with her
weight. Then, Lara will lose hold and fall back down onto a slippery ramp.
On flat ground roll, and off you go. Run around the pillar and sprint
towards any of the two poles at the other end of the passage. These are
respectively in two pools of water (which can be used as extinguishers if
Lara finds herself burning later on.) Speedily climb up, backflip and grab
hold onto the golden playing piece. Pull the heavy load across the
walkway (whose flames have temporarily stopped since you pulled down the
lever.) You'll have to place it yet again in between the two stone
mallets. If you did the aforementioned ordeal quickly, you shouldn't
worry about the flames suddenly coming to light and ambushing your
attempt. If you missed the lever, forget returning to the above quarters
via the flame track. Instead, crawl into the dark passage nearby. Doing
so, unlocks a trapdoor. Climb the ladder and emerge in the cobbled central

Tip: If, for some reason, you did not manage to reach the playing piece
fast enough do not lose hope. Drag it as much as you can across the tiled
walkway before the flames re-emerge. Then, restart the timed puzzle by
pulling down the hoisted lever again. You will know when the flames are
about to alight when a little time about fifteen(15) seconds after the
mysterious tune ends. Second time around though, there is no tune.

Placing the playing piece in the midst of the two mallets releases them.
Backflip from the piece to avoid the stone mallets and the possibility
of the fire beneath Lara's feet lighting up. Safely collect the Ra Cartouche.

Return to the cobbled main room. Place the gold-decorated artifact in the
other receptacle across the room. The second pair of gates open up.

LONG, ELABORATE STAIRCASE Walk through the massive doorway. Thankfully, no
dogs arrive this time around... You can put back your weapons for now.

the gliding Fiery Spirit come nearer as you enter (drop) into the room.

Fiery Spirits: To cut the rounds of echoing gunfire- it can't be killed by
physical forces. Instead, it'll follow you around, lapping at your health
every so often if you get too close. Or, it can inflammate you if you remain
stationary in one place for too long. Tool of bugginess, indeed. Don't
explore for now- you'll lose health to him. Follow this guide for a direct
way to outrace and kill it- before finally getting a chance to explore.

From the raised entrance through which you came, perform a running jump and
aim for that dark grey ramp to the right of the central fire and dangling
ropes. Run and climb onto the balcony overlooking the chamber.

Speedily head into the tunnel and drop down at the end. At the bottom,
sprint towards that rusty lever in the middle of the new room you're facing.
Come up next to it and trigger it.

The square block which stood up front turns out to be a hollow box, as an
Icy Spirit flies out, attacks its fiery cousin and both destroy each other.
Take a second to wipe the sweat off your forehead and beging exploring!

Find each of the two Small Med Packs found in the spaces between the columns
in opposite sides of the room. There's nothing else to do, so leave. Return
to the main area and climb onto the staircase tunnel through which you came.
Once up, turn around and aim a running jump for the first rope there is up
ahead. Jump and grab it. Slide down to the lowest point, swing and grab
onto the next rope. The third dangling rope isn't any different so grab hold
onto that as well.

Now, you should be dangling at the bottom-most quarter of the third rope.
You'll have to aim for that columned balcony ahead or the empty passageway
in the wall to the right (very near the tunnel which you went down to
extinguish the spirit) for there's Secret #35 which awards you the first
box of Revolver Ammo, Normal Grenadegun Ammo and some Uzi Clips.

To delve further into the adventure, return back to the staircase's end and
repeat the rope ordeal again (or grab directly onto the third rope from the
secret region). However, at the third rope, make Lara face the second level
of the room, instead of the secret area with the balcony. Swing, leap and
land. Walk across the rafters and encounter the two pesky bats. Finally,
light up your path as the next part is dark. Jump onto the block with the
pole and make your way up. When you can backflip on a protruding flat edge
high above, do so. Observe the inaccessible niche and jump your way to the
other side of the room. Another pair of bats stir from their miserable
homes. Enter the poorly lit corridor and walk until you reach the opening
in the ceiling. At that point, pull up.

From here, you can quickly finish the level by embarking on the path
starting from the passage in between the granite stones ahead or, find
another mysterious secret.

Find the wall-mounted lever above the opening in the floor through which you
emerged, jump and pull it down. A golden cage like the ones you meddled with
before sprouts out of the ground. Climb atop. Then, walk to any of the
exposed edges, jump up and grab onto any ledge of the 'attic.' Up there,
you'll find an Uzi (or clips if you already possess this), a Large Med Pack
and a quiver of Explosive Crossbow Ammo: Secret #36.

There's still some work to do down there, so if you aren't depressed about
missing some pick-ups and a couple of secrets, follow the exitting route as
mentioned above.

Return to the room with the pole. Again, follow the walkways around the
room (and jump over the gaps) to the flat, protruding landing. Avoid the
pole for now and find the wall lever mounted on the rock adjacent (left,
if you're facing the pole.) Pull that to pry the moveable ledge off the
block's side illustrating the niche you noted earlier.
Jump onto that, to access whatever may be inside. Reach in, to dislodge a

Spoilers: The torch is needed to light two fixed ones in the wide corridor,
at the very base which in turn force a trapdoor open nearby.

Because it is needed downstairs, rather than up here in the rafters,
discard the torch and let it fall to the ground far below, without
shattering. Remember where you released it, in order to find it easily again.
That's because you cannot safety drop or descend down a pole with one busy
limb. Get a hold onto the pole in the center of the room and gradually find a
way to the bottom floor.

Search for the fallen torch. When at last you've picked it up, head back to
the main compartment of the area and light it using the already burning fire
on the pedestal. Return to the unlit torches mounted on the wall and light up
both of them. A trapdoor behind Lara drops open.

Drop down into the newly opened hole. Follow the dim, long and narrow tunnel.
Welcome to the whereabouts of Secret #37. At one point, a Passage Blocker
Trap greets you. The snapping blades which it consists of only eager to tear
at Lara's tender flesh.

Jump through them, taking as little damage as possible and enter into the
open tomb. Add up to your arsenal the box of Wideshot Shotgun Shells and
your first Flash Grenadegun Ammo. Leave the distant Large Med Pack till
last as Scarabs emerge the moment Lara touches the item. Run from them of
course. Sprint back to the tunnel and discover trapdoors having opened up
inside it. Drop down the first and run to its end where you can pull up.
Climb onto the next high ledge from where you cankiss goodbye to the beetle
infestation. Thankfully, you missed the blockade as well.

Bug: If you were quick enough, the scarabs would have remained back in the
tomb and would have not followed you. No bad effects.

All that remains to be done is star clambering all the way back up and
exitting the level, as indicated earlier.

Side Notes:  Quite a tough nut of a level, eh? Good luck from now on, and be
ready for more. >;)

There was eight(8) secret lying in wait for you in this level. Together with
the secrets found on previous levels, you must now have 38, that is, if
you've collected them all. View them in your Statistics window which can be
seen if you press "P" on your keyboard.

**                            The Times Exclusive                           **
Level Number: X

Now that you have downloaded the level, (check links available) you'll be
treated to another helping of raiding the Egyptian tombs. After the short FMV
introductory sequence, Lara is whisked off to the tomb where the adventure

FMV: A quick examination of the room, followed by Lara entering via a set of
long, slippery ramps. An exciting tune plays.

landed onto flat land, look around. Don't head down the passage yet, but
instead enter the darkened side-route. You'll reach a dead end, but look
upwards. Climb up onto the overhead ledge and proceed by crawling. Emerge
back in the main chamber and jump up and grab the top edge of the pillar.

Repeat several times, to finally arrive in a new external passage. This is
Secret #1 which awards you with a Shotgun and a box of Wideshot Shotgun
Ammo. Return back to the base and head into the narrow, and steep passage
guarded by the two decorated statues.

out of the shadows emerge Red Scorpions and a handful at it too. Clear the
coast before exitting through the passage at the far end.

addition to the overall design of the level. Don't miss the Flares and Small
Med Pack at the bottom of the depression crossing the floor. Exit through the
tunnel guarded by the two satues.

steep staircase, a spiked ball descends from behind. Lethal, so remember to
jump clear away from that. On the sides, between the golden coffins, you'll
find some very usable Wideshot Shogtun Ammo and Uzi Clips. You can access
these by grabbing the ledge and traversing to where you can pull up.

Lara's life is now safely stationed up ahead. Examine the off-coloured square
on the tiled floor. Head into the open doorway to the right.

TREASURE CHAMBER As you near the end of the long tunnel, notice the two dog
statues facing each other at the entrance. They spell danger. For now, head
upwards along the staircase to where the treasure is littered onto the
ground. Pity you cannot collect the pieces of gold. Around the walls of the
staircase, you'll find a free suply of Normal Crossbow Ammo, a Small Med Pack
and a Large Med Pack, and lastly, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo.

Find the solid gold urn situated just ahead of the passage bearing the shells
and large health pack. This can be pulled and pushed two squares where it
should be made to rest above an inscription etched into the floor.

time, including a distinctive block. The FMV continues to Lara's position,
where she is attacked by reincarnated dogs (which were actually the statues.)

As soon as you're given the chance, select a weapon, preferably the shotgun,
to deal with the two Black Dogs. Have no mercy. When the ordeal is over, jump
up onto the raised walls forming those of the staircase. Shoot the brittle
lion heads mounted on the walls. Doing so, opens up a side-passage just below
the great golden statue at the other end of the chamber.

Find it and drop through. Climb the ladder to emerge in a room, overlooking
the treasure below. This is Secret #2 and it contains the infamous Crosssbow
and a quiver of Poison Crossbow Ammo. Now, you can return to the ROOM WITH
STATIONARY SPIKED BALL AND DOORWAYS and gather what moving the urn caused.

three Black Dogs attacks. Find the raised block and jump atop it. Here,
you'll both be safe from their attacks and have easy targets to exploit. Find
the narrow gap somewhere in the higher parts of the walls (opposite the
passage leading to the TREASURE CHAMBER and grab onto that. Pull in, and
crawl into the ensuing darkness.

DARK TUNNEL WITH COLLAPSED MUMMIES Horrible scenes occur here, in the
side-passages. Shrgu them off as best as you can and reach the point at which
the passage continues right.

FMV: A Mummy some distance off into the tunnel wakes up and begins stumbling
towards Lara.

You won't be able to destroy the creature, or its two Mummy friends behind,
in the darkness, so simply evade by leaping over it and escaping into the room
from where light filters in.

from your Invenotry as soon as you escape the clutches of the staggering
undeads. Approach the water's edge.

FMV: A pair of Nile Crocodiles activates in the crystal-clear depths.

Get rid of the pair as soon as possible, and avoid hesitation, as the
beasties will eventually slither onto the solid floor and snap at Lara's
ankles. The two brittle urns nearby can be shot, to shatter and reveal
nothing but air, and a Revolver!

Make double sure none are in the water, after finishing off another couple
of Nile Crocodiles which arrive from the far shore. Then, dive into the
cool waters and find the metallic lever protruding from the underwater
ceiling (which is actually below the solid ground you tackled the crocs
from.) This lifts a barred grate from the opening of a passage on the
opposite shore. Swim in that direction, and ascend from the water. Proceed
into the now open tunnel and down the winding stairs.

Floor Grates: As the narow passageway emerges into a brightly-lit room,
notice the grate embedded into the floor. There's space below it- enough to
trap any horde of miniature nasties that may follow Lara. These'll reappear
futher into the level and are invaluable to the survivor, as you will soon

you'll be immediately struck by the abundance of breakable pots. There are
so many, that it's a sheer difficulty to describe their locations in text.
But, I will list what they contain. On the first level, one contains
nothing, another some Revolver Ammo, a third holds the invaluable LaserSight
and the remaining two, populations of Scarabs. Deal with the scarabs in the
usual manner, as described above.

Note: You must obtain the LaserSight now, for it is the only solution to a
puzzle up ahead.

In the rafters forming the second level above, you'll find more fanciful
pots. To access them, grab hold onto the ledge not reached by the flames of
either of the flaming burners. The two shattered pots will unveil a small,
rolled-up Small Med Pack and Revolver Ammo. Descend onto the base floor,

Pull the moveable urn backwards to unblock the exitting passage ahead. When
it's clear, escape through it and up the narrow staircase.

three pots, which can of course be shattered by humble shots. You'll find
a box of Revolver Ammo in the first one, and a tin on Flares in the second.
The third, releases a lowly Red Scorpion.

TOMB WITH LARGE PITFUL OF SAND As you observe the far away ledge, you'll
soon conclude the gap cannot be jumped across. This is no Indian Jones leap
of faith either... The base is barren and holds nothing but thick sand and
a raised block to help you back out of the depression.

If you definitively picked up the LaserSight tool earlier and equipped it to
either the crossbow or revolver, you'd have a blessworthy tool by now. You'll
have to aim carefully and destroy both lion heads mounted high up on both
walls. These will make way for streams of sand issuing from the walls,
gradually filling up the entire sandpit in seconds.

This will also re-awaken the three Mummies on the other side. As you cross the
sand-bridge, initiate sprinting mode, for you don't want Lara to get too
entangled in discussion with the monsters. Run past them, and into the
passage. Upping the staircase will force a spiked ball to roll from the
ceiling but you can avoid this, by slinking into the depression to Lara's
left. (Or, remaining in the company of the mummies.)

FYI: If you did not bother to look behind when the spiked ball rolled down
the staircase, you wouldn't see it passing through any of the beasts
staggering in its path. They're impenetrable and feel no damage.

A second spiked ball rolls soon after re-entering the narrow corridor. Avoid
that as well. Lastly, head up the steep ramps, past a gate hovering open.

ANOTHER, EQUALLY-RICH, TREASURE CHAMBER The gate closes behind Lara's turned
back. But there's no reason to return, so don't grieve. On a pedestal
surrounded by more littered gold, is The Gold Mask. This may or may not be
picked up, as is bears no function. meanwhile, a gate nearby lifts, to reveal
an exit. 'Tis difficult to leave such treasures behind...

LONG SET OF PASSAGEWAYS AND CORRIDORS Exit into the dimly-lit passage. This
leads to a more glamorous corridor, decorated with columns. Head up the sheer
staircase and further still, until hordes of Scarabs invade from the ceiling.
Without hesitating, run into any of the depressions situated opposite each
other in the corridor's walls, past the grates set up into the floor. Return,
only when the coast is fully clear, and none of the insects remain to lap at
Lara's health.

Nearby, the low ceiling bears a trapdoor panel which can be opened, by
grabbing the provided holder and letting out heroine's welath force it open.
When it is, jump up to grab onto the free ledge and pull up. Shrug off, or
inspect the elaborately-decorated tunnel, for it is the end of the level.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++               ARTIFACTS & KEY ITEMS               ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Here is a useful list of all the artifacts and key items Lara will stumble
upon throughout the game. They're lised in order of appearance and bear a
short description of their functions.

Some titles may exist as a number of items with the same name and thus, will
have an (s) for plural added to them. Often, some items will combine to form
one whole item, with an entirely different name.


Golden Skull(s)                                                            II1
These distinctive skulls are scattered all over the first level. All in all,
they're a total of eight(8) and lie in obvious and not-too-diifcult-to-access
places. In the level, they're representatives of the eight(8) Secrets also
found and picking one up will play the familiar enchanting tune.

They are not to be used in any lock or receptacle but will determine the path
Von Croy follows Lara into close to the end of the level. Going through the
trek and picking up all Golden Skulls and Secrets will open up a slightly more
challenging ending path than the one if you failed to hit the eight.

Found in: Angkor Wat
Used in: Angkor Wat

Iris Artifact                                                              II2
Maybe I shouldn't have depicted this but it might matter to you, in case
you're interested. This is the spinning-shells artifact Lara and the greedy
Von Croy encounter in the Race for the Iris end-of-level FMV.

In the video, we don't see our heroine collecting it, and there is no function
for it at all in the game but it is something of curious interest, for it is
on display in Lara's secret Trophy Room back in Tomb Raider 3.

Found in: Race for the Iris
Used in: N/A

Eye Piece(s)                                                               II3
This will be the first halved or partitioned artifact you'll encounter. It
consists of two parts which combine to form the Eye of Horus key artifact. You
won't meet any pains in uncovering both pieces and you should combined them
in your Inventory ring screen.

Found in: The Tomb of Set
Used in: The Tomb of Set

Eye of Horus                                                               II4
A key artifact formed after combining the two Eye Pieces (see above) in your
Inventory. It is used only once in the given slot, residing in the center of
a massive granite block. When used, the block gives way for further
exploration into the cave system.

Found in: The Tomb of Set
Used in: The Tomb of Set

Timeless Sands                                                             II5
The Timeless Sands are a reward for completing the puzzle in the chamber with
the light filtering through the scarlet floor. They resemble a small
hourglass filled with sand, of course.

This item is to be used in another chamber, some way off, where you're
required to place it between the hands of a statue. This will then open up
your level's exit by dropping tons of sand in the same chamber.

Found in: The Tomb of Set
Used in: The Tomb of Set

Hand of Orion                                                              II6
You acquire this in a tricky trap of a spot in the beginning of the Burial
Chambers level and it is used, some distance off, to conceal a layer of deadly
spikes onto a walkway you'll need to cross.

While the spikes are dropped, a razor blade commences circling, ironically.

Found in: Burial Chambers
Used in: Burial Chambers

Amulet of Horus                                                            II7
Before we begin, lets just say this is THE primary artifact within the game
that conducts the entire storyline.

When you obtain it, during that cut scene when Lara mounts Set's sarcophagus,
you're actually releasing the evil god. Bad and unsightly stuff begins to
happen from now on, until it all boiles down to the end, where this measly
item (and seal for Set's entombment) continues to play a functioning role.

During the game, the item will shift owners and thus, it will not remain in
Lara's inventory for ever. It has no key slot but is active during cut scenes
and FMV sequences.

Found in: Burial Chambers
Used in: Many places, across the lengths of the game

Golden Serpent                                                             II8
This item is found after entering one of the exits from the cavernous
area. It is used in conjuction with the Scarab Talisman in a nearby
area where you'll have to then make Lara fight for her life, after
using the two separate items together.

When picking up the Golden Serpent, you'll have to fight back some
enemies, or make a quick exit, so take extreme care.

Found in: Burial Chambers
Used in: Burial Chambers

Hand of Sirius                                                             II9
Yet another asterial-shaped artifact which is used. It is found in the
round, circulating room and is part of the puzzle to obtain the Scarab
Talisman artifact.

Found in: Burial Chambers
Used in: Burial Chambers

Scarab Talisman                                                            I10
To acquire this artifact, know that it is somewhere in the cave system,
close-by to the Golden Serpent item, with which this is used, but NOT

It is the end-product, or rather reward, for completing the circular, and
manually revolving room with ledges and spikes and, as I said, is used
with the Golden Serpent in another area when Lara will have to make a
quick escape.

Found in: Burial Chambers
Used in: Burial Chambers

Ignition Key                                                               I11
Now that you're in the canyon level of the Valley of the Kings, you'll need
something to start one of those four-wheel-drives. This is the key.

It is obtained by picking up from beside where the carcass of one of the
robed murderers fell. There are many and you'll have to look around for it, in
case you're worried it is not found in one place only.

It is then used by Lara, when standing beside any of the two doors of the
roofless jeep.

Found in : Valley of the Kings
Used in: Valley of the Kings, KV5

Canopic Jar(s)                                                             I12
These two items are to be found in the Karnak area levels. I will not locate
their precise locations here as to not spoil your fun. Remember- you won't find
them in one lone level but you'll need to skip.

In the end, when both are inserted into their slots, the water which covers a
section of the room's surface, will solidify- giving you access to the area
on the other side. Magic.

Found in: Temple of Karnak (1st time), Temple of Karnak (2nd time)
Used in: Temple of Karnak (1st time), Temple of Karnak (2nd time)

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                 DIALOGUES & FMVS                  ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Here, I am listing the scripted dialogues that appear randomly throughout the
levels, each playing after the completion of a level or act. There are many
more cut scenes, short views and other minor extras that I will not describe
because they lack the necessary dialogue or speech, useful to the raider in
determining the storyline and titbits which may come in handy when solving

KV5 Enlightment with Jean-Yves                                             DD3
Lara exits the tunnel in a flash of speed, the Saharan sands billowing
behind her only to be seen by a group of awaiting snipers who empty
several rounds of gunfire into the jeep but miraculously none into Lara.
Realizing the gunfire won't affect the speeding Lara, they brandish out a
heavy duty rocket launcher loaded and ready for use.

Seeing a potential danger, she fires at the aiming assassin, throwing him
off his feet and dropping the launcher which explodes in the impact before
being fired, clearing her road to the riverboat moored and about to set off
which gives her the unique chance to perform an extraordinary leap to her

Having failed to stop Lara the snipers are met with the upcoming Von Croy
in his chromed limo.

WERNER VON CROY: Fools! The Croft woman has outsmarted you, yah!? And now
                 she escapes...
FORMER GUIDE: The Amulet, Von Croy, it talks of the priest Semerkhet!
DISTANT: Semerkhet...

Lara pulls up in front of her friend, Jean-Yves's, workplace.

JEAN-YVES: Ah, bonjour Lara!
LARA CROFT: Jean-Yves, my faithful friend!
JEAN-YVES: I see it is not a social visit?
LARA CROFT: Only if you want Von Croy gatecrashing the party...
JEAN-YVES: Von Croy...!
LARA CROFT: I think he was looking for this.

Lara brandishes the Amulet of Horus for Jean-Yves to examine.

JEAN-YVES: The Amulet of Horus: an almost legendary artifact. So, you've
           found and opened the tomb of Set... This doesn't bold well.
           Translating from the Hebrew: "He... who... removes the Amulet
           shall once more release the dark power of Set. And Set
           sayeth. "I am the shadow across the Sun, I am the bringer of
           plagues, my wrath will consume all lands and shall be ceaseless."

Jean-Yves's voice cuts only to be continued by the distant deep voice,
probably of Semerkhet, the high priest.

DISTANT VOICE: The power to summon the Sun God, Horus, stolen by the evil
               Set, shall once only be revealed to the bearer of the Amulet
               within the temple of Semerkhet at Karnak...

We return to eavesdropping the conversation.

JEAN-YVES: The ceremony is complete as the Armour of Horus summons the Sun
           God. The Armour of Horus... At a dig site in Alexandria, my men
           talk fearfully of this.
LARA CROFT: The armour must also be Von Croy's goal.
JEAN-YVES: Only one so ignorant of the prophecies would double with such a
           prehistoric evil. Ah, yes! Releasing Set. But how could you have
           known, my dear?
LARA CROFT: Time to put things right, and remove the thorn in my thigh.

Lara, ready to continue her journeys farewells with Jean-Yves.

Hypostyle Briefing                                                         DD4
Two jeeps come to the sandy dunes where Lara first arrives and inspect the
crashed vehicle. Von Croy soon follows in his chrome-plated limo, steps out,
and gruffly orders his men in the jeeps.


   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                  MISCELLANEOUS                    ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
If you're concerned with all the various tidbits around The Last Revelation and
cannot find them anywhere in the guide, you may find them here. The data
included cannot fit anywhere else.

The Times Exclusive Level                                                  LL1
Remember the tons of treasures and riches screen whenever you Load a new
Saved Game? Yep, it's situated here, if you were confused as to why it
was not included in the full The Last Revelation. Almost like Solomon's
Mine chamber, devoid of all the diamonds and that Gagool.

Soon after the release of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, the producers
arranged with the London Times newspaper to make a joint Tomb Raider level.
The result, is this: The Times Exclusive Level. It's bascially the same
gameplay, since the engine is borrowed from The Last Revelation. It is not
a separate game but rather an extra collector's piece for those TR fans who
wanted to see more.

No, it does not cost a penny to acquire, as an extra add-on. If you're
looking for a free and legal running game, this is for you. You can
doewnload it from the Internet. Here, I am adding one such source, though
there could be more. This should work, and if it does not, patiently wait
for updates.

Thanks of enormity go to the Polish Tomb Raiders, without who's hosting,
I wouldn't be playing the level and you wouldn't be directly linked.

The storyline we get introduced to in the pre-New Game FMV is one of
returnings to the Tombs of Egypt. As if we didn't see enough. ^_^ We
see what looks like the director of The Times chatting with Lara in
his office. He informs us that something escaped wide attention when
Carter and his team uncovered Tutankhamen's Tomb almost a century ago
leaving a set of chambers unexplored.

Lara ventures into a mysteriously serene archive room of The Times
where texts and manuscripts of old are stored. It seems no one's been in
there for a long, long time. She whisks open a great hardback onto a
dusty table and begins reading.

After having been a tad more enlightened, Lara is taken back to the tombs
where hers, and our edventure begins.

I will try and add more information, such as a walkthrough perhaps later,
and in a different section. I'll keep you updated.

Senet Game Manual                                                          LL2
To look at the rules inscripted on the plate which you picked up, enter the
Inventory menu and select The Rules of Senet. Choose examine. Here are the

          "To win the game, get all your pieces off the
             board by landing them on the first ankh
           square. On your turn spin the sticks. Your
           throw is the number of white sides showing."

          "If now white sides show, your throw is a six.
           If you throw a six and land on an ankh square
             you get an extra turn. If you land on an
           opponent's piece, it is returned to the start."

Basically, you get four rollers (sticks) on a tool used for the game. On your
turn, you have to press "Action" right in front of them to make Lara activate
it. These four rollers are all black on one side, and white on the other.
Outside, examine the board. There are nineteen(19) white boxes. However, each
player can move on only sixteen(16) of them. Your pieces are the coloured
ones (blue, green, red) and the opponent's are the plain ones. On five of
these white boxes, there is a sign draw into them. This is an ankh. The last
one (the lone-looking one at the very end) is actually "home" for your pieces
which means that the object of the game is to get all your pieces there.

However, that is the target for your opponent too, by some amazing reason.
Heh. So, whoever gets all their pieces there first, wins. Simple? Quite.

After you roll the black-and-white sticks they'll come in a particular
arrangement. You'll be moving one of your pieces at a time depending on the
number of whites you got. One white equals to one move and so on. The least
blacks you get the better. But, and this is a big but, if you hit four(4)
blacks in a roll. Your chosen piece gets to move six, yes six, spaces.

Another important factor concerning the ankh shapes is that if you land on
either one during play (of course without the very last, ending, one) you get
a free turn. For this reason, if you have more than one piece into the area,
decide which one's better off. If there are any ankhs, go for them.

You might be wondering."OK, I turned the rollers and I got three whites. The
piece I want to move doesn't even budge!" You get to choose which piece you
intend to move by placing Lara on each of the coloured pads close by the
rollers. Each one corresponds to the same colour piece. So after that fellow
rolled three whites and wants to move the green one to safety, he'd better
run around the other pads and only step onto the green one. Elementary.

So, you have your pieces in action and so does your opponent. You're on the
before-last one and only need one white to beat the game and Semerkhet. But,
he scores a three and moves dangerously towards your very own piece. At first
it seems that they might fit together on the small spot but poof! your red
piece disappears in a dazzling flash and reappears back in its starting place.
All those spins for nothing! Without this edge to the game, there wouldn't be
competition. He has a right to pull your pieces off the game as much as you
do. If you get a chance to eliminate him, do so at once or you might be sorry...

It's a natural feeling that you have to win at all times, at all costs.
Everyone has it. And, so does your opponent, the mighty Semerkhet and his
"psychic" powers. If you understood the mechanics of the game, you might get
ahead of him quite early. But, he always has his luck to help him out to stop
you from getting that last little nudge to push your last piece into victory.
This might be very frustrating. The game seems to work out better for him than
for you and you are obliged to play it. However, you can always turn the tables
around and kick him at his own little game.

As good as it seems that you won, there's a nasty twist to winning here.
After battling with him, two paths through the level are opened depending
on whether you won or lost to him. If you won, you'll miss Secrets and their
valuable gifts. So, if you're collecting them all, you'd better let him win.
He even builds his tombs in such a way that you give up the game to him and
let him win. Bad boy! Nevertheless, this battle's entertaining.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                      HISTORY                      ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
If interested, you might be surprised to know that this piece of text was
begun somewhere in Spring 2001. Yes, I have bided my time with actually
posting and completing it but was in the meantime busy and in need of money
to actually buy my own domain and host my walkthroughs as I personally view
them in HTML format with full-colour images and all extravagant accessories
about the text to make it more easily readable and printer-friendly.

However, I was unable to and so I finally decided to host what I already have
onto GameFAQs (and IT CAN ONLY BE VIEWED FROM GAMEFAQS!!! otherwise, it's
illegally viewed) as a chance for my work to finally see the light of day and
help out fellow Raiders in need. I have not dropped my vow to one day upload
all my Tomb Raider data- but that will come with money, and therefore, time.

December 2003- I Copy + Pasted as carefully as I could all my written Tomb
Raider: The Last Revelation data onto Notepad format. Nothing much.

24/01/2004- I have made as many corrections as possible to make the text look
as if it never was accompanied by screenshots, hyperlinks and tables. Also,
I've formatted my 79 characters per line for CJayC's convenience. (146KBs)

27/01/2004- Over the past couple of days, I have added fixes here and there,
corrected typos and organized the Contents section, to list all the
necessary subheadings viewers mayb ne interested in reading. I'm personally
proud of myself. The Key Items & Artifacts area has just begun to grow and is
progressing at a fascinating pace. This guide has a great future. (166KBs)

30/01/2004- A vast update, according to my FAQing standards. I have begun
many sections and everything seems to be progressing. (183 KBs)

31/01/2004- I have worked my sweat off on the task of making a nice ASCII
banner. I personaly think it looks marvellous. (186KBs)

03/02/2004- Not much but a contribution to the general good looking and
layout of the guide. (190KBs)

14/02/2004- For Valentine's Day, I have completed The Times Level Exclusive
walkthrough and have corrected, as well as editted, some parts. (202KBs)
Oh, and I've broken the 2K mark.

16/02/2004- A great update- one bearing full listing corrections. (No more
false data in the Contents section) and the Ctrl + F feature available.

18/02/2004- Not much, but still, I am content with finalising the Inventory
chapter. (223KBs)

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                      THANKS                       ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Here I would like to thank those that have contributed to this document to
being available to you in its best state.

CJayC for maintaining a vast happy empire of a site along with his wife, the
moderators, maybe a bit of CNET, and the servers behind GAMEFAQS.COM

All of you who contribute to the improvement of this guide.

Notepad+, Micrsoft for Windows98 and Internet Explorer.

Core Design and Eidos Interactive for still surviving and continuing Lara
Croft's Tomb Raider quest.

Oh, and my Arowana speakers and headphones system as well.

   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
  ++++++++++++                    COPYRIGHTS                     ++++++++++++
   ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation & Lara Croft (©)
& TM 1999 Core Design Limited.
(©) & Published 1999 by Eidos Interactive Limited. All Rights Reserved.

This GameFAQs FAQ/Walkthrough is
Copyright (©) Pavel 'paffka' Nedelev (Pidgeotto) 1998-2004.
All rights reserved.

No part of this FAQ can be copied, reproduced, or dispersed via electronic
means without my written consent. I would like to remind you that I love my
work along with the time I spend on it so, please, if you want this published
on your site, kindly email me for my possible consent at

This can ONLY be viewed from GameFAQs ( and
( and any other appearances on other guide-hosting sites are
simply ILLEGAL, unless I have given them permission, in which case I will
include their URL on this publication. Report immediately if the site you're
viewing this from does not have my authorization.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.


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