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 Tomb Raider FAQ

Tomb Raider FAQ

This is a TXT conversion of a FAQ originally written in HTML. 
For the HTML version (for which you are always guaranteed to have the 
newest version) please visit 
FAQ Index 

* Intro section *
     Introduction ................................ INT0000000000
     Lara's House ................................ INT0000000001
     What Lara doesn't cover in her tutorial ..... INT0000000002
     Using the compass ........................... INT0000000003
     Combat ...................................... INT0000000004
     A few jumping hints ......................... INT0000000005

* Characters *
     Lara Croft .................................. CHR0000000000
     Larson Conway ............................... CHR0000000001
     Jaqueline Natla ............................. CHR0000000002
     Pierre Dupont ............................... CHR0000000003
     Qualopec .................................... CHR0000000004
     Tihocan ..................................... CHR0000000005
     ??? ......................................... CHR0000000006

* Walkthrough - Peru *
     Overview .................................... PRU0000000000
     Level 1: Caves .............................. PRU0000000001
     Level 2: The city of Vilcabamba ............. PRU0000000002
     = The City of Vilcabamba - Part one ......... PRU0000000003
     = The City of Vilcabamba - Part two ......... PRU0000000004
     Level 3: The lost valley .................... PRU0000000005
     = To the valley ............................. PRU0000000006
     = The cog machine ........................... PRU0000000007
     Level 4: Tomb of Qualopec ................... PRU0000000008
     = Qualopec's Tomb - Task #1 ................. PRU0000000009
     = Qualopec's Tomb - Task #2 ................. PRU000000000A
     = Qualopec's Tomb - Task #3 ................. PRU000000000B
     = Qualopec's Tomb - Claim the Scion ......... PRU000000000C

* Walkthrough - Greece *
     Overview .................................... GRE0000000000
     Level 1: St. Francis' Folly ................. GRE0000000001
     = Prologue section .......................... GRE0000000002
     = The Tower - Explanation ................... GRE0000000003
     = Neptune's challenge ....................... GRE0000000004
     = Atlas' challenge .......................... GRE0000000005
     = Thor's challenge .......................... GRE0000000006
     = Damocles' challenge ....................... GRE0000000007
     Level 2: Coloseum ........................... GRE0000000008
     Level 3: Palace Midas ....................... GRE0000000009
     = To the room of the switches ............... GRE000000000A
     = The first two gold bars ................... GRE000000000B
     = Gold Bar #3 ............................... GRE000000000C
     = Time to visit Midas ....................... GRE000000000D
     = Let's finish this ......................... GRE000000000E
     Level 4: The Cistern ........................ GRE000000000F
     Start ....................................... GRE0000000010
     Sub-Section #1 .............................. GRE0000000011
     Sub-Section #2 .............................. GRE0000000012
     Sub-Section #3 .............................. GRE0000000013
     Sub-Section #4 .............................. GRE0000000014
     Final part .................................. GRE0000000015
     Level 5: Tomb of Tihocan .................... GRE0000000016
     = Take a swim for starters .................. GRE0000000017
     = Underwater speed tunnel ................... GRE0000000018
     = Monkey Business Platform .................. GRE0000000019
     = The four pushblock tiles .................. GRE000000001A
     = Subterranean lake ......................... GRE000000001B
     = Tomb of Tihocan ........................... GRE000000001C

* Walkthrough - Egypt *
     Overview .................................... EGY0000000000
     Level 1: The City of Khamoon ................ EGY0000000001
     Level 2: Obelisk of Khamoon ................. EGY0000000002
     = Pre-main task ............................. EGY0000000003
     = Main task ................................. EGY0000000004
     = Post-Main Task ............................ EGY0000000005
     Level 3: Sanctuary of the Scion ............. EGY0000000006
     = Part I: Entrance .......................... EGY0000000007
     = Part II: The gigantic sphynx .............. EGY0000000008
     = Part III: The submerged statues of Anubis a EGY0000000009
     = Part IV: The way back to the entrance ..... EGY000000000A
     = Part V: Larsson ........................... EGY000000000B

* Walkthrough - Atlantis *
     Overview .................................... ATL0000000000
     Level 1: Natla's mines ...................... ATL0000000001
     = Pistols ................................... ATL0000000002
     = Magnums ................................... ATL0000000003
     = Uzis ...................................... ATL0000000004
     = Shotgun ................................... ATL0000000005
     = To Atlantis ............................... ATL0000000006
     Level 2: Atlantis ........................... ATL0000000007
     = Atlantis, part I .......................... ATL0000000008
     = Atlantis, Part II ......................... ATL0000000009
     = Atlantis, Part III ........................ ATL000000000A
     = Atlantis, Part IV ......................... ATL000000000B
     = Atlantis, Part V .......................... ATL000000000C
     = Atlantis, Part VI ......................... ATL000000000D
     Level 3: The great pyramid .................. ATL000000000E
     = Find and destroy the Scion ................ ATL000000000F
     = Find and destroy the last ruler of Atlantis ATL0000000010
     = Escape from Atlantis ...................... ATL0000000011

* Boss fights *
     Tyrannosaurus Rex ........................... BOS0000000000
     Larsson ..................................... BOS0000000001
     Pierre Dupont ............................... BOS0000000002
     Larsson ..................................... BOS0000000003
     Cowboy ...................................... BOS0000000004
     Skateboard kid .............................. BOS0000000005
     Bald Man .................................... BOS0000000006
     Doppelgänger ........................... BOS0000000007
     Big Atlanthean .............................. BOS0000000008
     The last ruler of Atlantis .................. BOS0000000009

* Backgrounds *
     Enemies ..................................... BCK0000000000
     A few technical notes ....................... BCK0000000001

* Ending Stuff *
     Copyright and license ....................... END0000000000
     Contacting me ............................... END0000000001
Welcome to this FAQ.  
I always wanted to cover this game in one of my FAQs, so here goes.... 
A few notes: 
*:> This FAQ only covers the DOS version of the game. Anything that's 
    different in other versions is not covered, as I never played those 
    versions, I cannot cover them. 
*:> Most things are the same, but there are a few differences. For starters 
    I know the game console versions use save spots, but these are 
    non-existent in the version I played where you can save whereever you 
*:> If you have the demo version you can use this FAQ too, as that covers 
    the second part of "The City of Vilcabamba". I most note that in the 
    demo, you can use the savegame feature, but loading a savegame will in 
    the demo always reset the level entirely. In the full version of the 
    game, this is all properly covered. 
*:> When playing the full game in DOSBox you may find out that some 
    cutscenes have no audio. This is because the the original game uses 
    CD-Audio tracks and these are not supported by DOSBox by default. There 
    are ways to make this possible, but I had a hard time to do this and I 
    must say I failed in the end. If somebody knows how to cover this 
    properly let me know. 
When it comes to the way I wrote this FAQ: 
*:> Most levels have rooms, and I make the prefix you see here to denote a 
    new room 
    = And I prefix this way 
    = To name every action 
    = separately in order to give you a nice 
    = organized list of directions. 
Lara's House 
Before you actually start to play the game, I say you should first play 
Lara's house. Lara will explain the most important moves. Most of the 
"really hard jumps" can become very very easy if you mastered Lara's 
directions in this section. 
What Lara doesn't cover in her tutorial 
*:> First of all Lara does her tutorial unarmed so there's no combat 
    directions. I will cover that part in its own section. 
*:> When grabbing something to pull yourself up, if you press the shift 
    button before pressing up, Lara will make a nice way to do it. Please 
    note, never do this when Pierre is nearby as he'll take advantage of 
    that to shoot you and then there is no way to fight back until Lara 
    finished this pose. 
*:> When on a ramp to steep you'll slide, you can still jump, although 
    jumps are harder to time. There are a few secret passages you can find 
    this way and near the end of the game you even must do this in order to 
*:> Speaking of secret passages, I never found them all, but I will note 
    them as much as I can. Whenever you find a secret passage you'll hear a 
    short "ring". 
*:> Pressing shift while jumping will cause Lara to dive... Nice to make a 
    nice dive in the water. When diving on land she'll roll over at the 
    end, however if the platform she lands on is lower you might get her 
Using the compass 
In order to make clear which way I'm going I'll often refer to the compass. 
You can use use it at any point of the game (except in Lara's house). 
Just press Escape and select the compass in your inventory. 
Please note, the red arrow only points where the North is (taken from 
Lara's point of view, so the camera point doesn't matter). 
Also note, as this is a kind of a trap in compass usage. When Lara is 
facing East the compass will point West and vice versa. That is not a bug 
or error in the game, since a real compass shows the same behavior, so you 
should be aware of that. 
All Lara can do to fight is using firearms.  
She starts with a pair of pistols, which is also the only weapon providing 
unlimited ammo. The other weapons are the Shotgun, the Magnums and the 
Uzis. All those require Ammo. 
Lara can draw her weapons by pressing the spacebar, and if you press it 
again, Lara will put them away. When an enemy is in Lara's shooting reach 
she'll aim her guns automatically. With Ctrl she can shoot. 
Now a few combat tips: 
*:> When Lara auto-aims her gun and you keep Ctrl pressed Lara will keep 
    shooting as long as she can hit the enemy but automatically stop when 
    the enemy makes a run for it only to resume firing when it comes back 
    in her reach. Keeping this in mind can make things easier. 
*:> You cannot shoot while swimming, if you have your weapons drawn while 
    ending up in the water, Lara will always put her weapons away 
*:> In both Greece and Egypt you can find enemies in the water. You can 
    only try to outswim them while in the water, once on the shore you can 
    kill them from there. 
*:> Now it's a misconception it would be the act of a coward to position 
    Lara on a place where the enemy can't hurt her, and to shoot from 
    there. Especially once you reach the Greece levels, and all levels 
    coming after that you'll need to do this or you'll get hurt, and if you 
    use the pistols while the enemy is out of reach you can even save tons 
    of ammo, and you'll need that ammo bad. A lot of combat situations were 
    even designed for this combat technique. 
A few jumping hints 
Who has a keen eye for level development will see that all levels in Lara's 
world are composed from cubic tiles. This was done to mimic the two 
dimensional counterparts of this game genre. If you can count these tiles 
you can save yourself a lot of trouble. 
*:> A gap of 1 tile, of same high: walk to the edge and jump over 
*:> A gap of 2 tiles, same height: 
    = Walk to the edge and jump over and grap the other edge, or 
    = walk to the edge, one backjump and run and get over 
*:> A gap of 3 tiles same height: 
    = walk to the edge, one backjump and run and get over and grab the 
      other edge 
*:> A gap of 4 tiles or more same height: IMPOSSIBLE! 
I may add more procedures later. The level designers did a good job trying 
to hide this cubic set up, and although trying to detect the cubs does 
remove a bit of the game's magic, the game is only well-playable when you 
keep it in mind and look for this structure. 
Also very important, look well to the angle in which Lara is positioned. If 
you don't check this, Lara could easily miss the object you want to her 
land upon or to grab onto. Especially in Egypy and Atlantis this can haunt 
you and easily get you killed.  
Lara Croft 
Lara is the only PLAYABLE character in the game. She was born to be an 
aristocrat unless fate brought her in a situation where she had to use her 
insticts to surive, however during this incident she learned she was only 
truly alive when she had to live this way, and so she decided to become an 
Lara is not a girl to toy around with. She's quick and merciless, and also 
acrobatic. And also not the kind of woman you want to betray, as she can be 
very vicious in response. 
Larson Conway 
Larson is the man who establishes contact between Lara Croft and Jaqueline 
Natla. He likes to flirt with Lara (and she appears to be willing to return 
the favor), but how trustful is he really? 
Jaqueline Natla 
A businesswoman who hires Lara for the quest the game is about. To retreive 
the scion from the Tomb of Qualopec. Since Lara has a lust for adventure, 
Jaqueline's request, appears to her like a gift from heaven. 
Pierre Dupont 
Pierre is rival adventurer who'll annoy the crap out of you during the 
entire Greece section (except in Midas Palace where he never appears for 
some reason). The picture of a naked woman of his back reveal some ideas of 
his, I suppose. He always appears shooting Lara only to flee whenever she 
returns the favor. 
One of the three rulers of Atlantis. Since he died thousands of years ago, 
Lara never gets to meet him. It is believed he may have used his knowledge 
from Atlantis to guide the Inca people. 
One of the three rulers of Atlantis. Since he died thousands of years ago, 
Lara never gets to meet him. At the end of the Greece section Lara will 
find a scripture about him. 
One of the three rulers of Atlantis, and unlike the other two rulers this 
one is not only alive, but also the main antagonist of the story. In an 
early stage of the story the identity of this ruler may already be revealed 
and Lara will be pretty pissed about that, and get into some kind of 
personal revenge. When the full plans of this ruler are revealed Lara knows 
she has to stop it, not for her own sense of revenge, but for the sake of 
This is the easiest section, just complete one level to advance to the 
You know your task. Jacqueline Natla wants you to find an artifact called a 
"scion", which is hidden in the Tomb of Qualopec. 
You'll first need to pass through the caves, the city of Vilcabamba and the 
lost valley to reach that tomb. 
Once you got the scion, you get a boss fight. Winning that fight will end 
this section. 
Peru level 1: Caves                                            Game level 1 
This is the first and also the easiest level of Tomb Raider to compete. The 
level is very straight forward. 
If you've completed Lara's Home then basically all you've learned there 
comes by here in this level, although you won't swim, and this is the only 
level in which that will never happen. 
What the tutorial won't tell you is how to fight enemies, so I suggest you 
read the section in this FAQ about that to get the full hang of it. 
Basically any player who mastered the basic controls of Tomb Raider should 
be able to solve this level easily. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Bat 
    = Bear 
    = Wolf 
*:> Secrets I found: 2/3 
*:> = Move forward 
    = When you see some kind of half brick "arch" above you, beware, spear 
      traps are ahead. You may be able to get through unhurt (if you are 
      lucky), by "jumping through them". 
    = Continue forward 
    = Around the corner to the right 
    = Now Lara will eventually look left to reveal where you got to go 
    = In stead you may want to continue forward until the "dead end" of 
      this cave 
    = Now this is tricky (especially so early in the game, but climb the 
      ramp to the left on it's higest side) 
    = Lara will immediatly slide of, but while she does, jump and grab the 
      edge of the small passage and pull yourself up. 
    = The little jingle you'll hear indicates you found a secret area. Cool 
    = Take your prize, a small medikit 
    = Leave this room 
    = Go back to the place where Lara was watching the way up, so you can 
      continue the route as originally planned. 
*:> = Go to the spot where the wolf tracks end on the higher rocks and pull 
      yourself up 
    = Move forward but draw your guns, as some bats will be your first 
      enemies. Kill them. 
    = Continue forward and around the corner to the left at the end 
    = Go to the area covered in green 
    = Drop off into the hole there 
    = Hey, there's a corridor here. Enter it 
    = Flip the switch to open the door and pass through it. 
*:> = Kill the bat 
    = There's no way to open the gate to the right, so ignore it. (You'll 
      get on the other side eventually). 
    = There is a hole in the ceilig here, go to it and pull yourself up. 
    = Now follow the corridor until you reach a big hall with bridges 
*:> = Now it may be a good idea to draw your guns and kill the wolfs in the 
      area below. Now if everything goes well the can't get to you, but if 
      it goes wrong at least they can't bother you anymore. :P 
    = If the wolves don't come, just stay up and follow the platform until 
      you reach the first bridge and then they should activate so you can 
      kill them (if you show an not-activated enemy you just won't hurt 
    = Cross the bridge 
    = Follow the way to the other bridge 
    = And cross this one as well. 
    = Turn left and pass through the passage there 
*:> = Turn right 
    = Watch out, the bridge you'll find here is not complete and in the pit 
      below is a bear ready to kill you if you fall down. 
    = Don't bother killing the bear. It costs more than it gives you. 
    = Just seek out the most narrow spot in the gap and jump over it. Best 
      way to do it, WALK (don't run) to the edge, make a small back jump 
      and them run forward pressing the jump button (ALT by default) and 
      Lara will jump over just fine.   
    = Continue forward 
    = Down the stairs through the doorway 
*:> = Kill the wolves 
    = Cross the hall you just entered 
    = Pull yourself up onto the platform with the big stone door (yeah, 
      it's closed, I know, but you don't need that door for this). 
    = Turn left and run on until you hit the wall 
    = Turn left again and WALK to the edge 
    = Little backjump & run+jump to the green platform ahead 
    = Turn right to enter another secret area 
    = And your prize is a large medikit 
    = Go back to the big hall and resume in the lower area (if you catch my 
*:> = Pull yourself up to the platform with the switch 
*:> NOTE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING NOW! As soon as you pull the switch you 
    only have 20 seconds or so before the door closes, so you must be 
    quick. Now for a timed puzzle this is quite easy, but this is good 
    practise for later in the game when you may need to be more agile. :) 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Drop off to the left of the switch 
    = Quickly climb the small platform ahead 
    = Move to the edge quickly 
    = Jump over and grab the other platform 
    = Pass through the door 
    = If everything goes in one quick go, the door will close immediately 
      behind you. There are faster ways, but this is the easiest one to 
      explain and to execute as a beginning player. 
*:> = Continue the road 
    = Around the corner and beware the spear traps 
    = All the way upstairs 
    = Ignore the wolf and stand onto the weak plates in the center of the 
      room in the end and you'll eventually fall through 
*:> = Turn to the North (use your compass if you wanna know where North is) 
    = Run through the passageway there 
    = At the end turn left 
    = Walk to the gap and WALK to get to the true edge 
    = Jump over with the little backjump & run+jump method 
    = Draw your guns 
    = Follow the road and kill the wolf as soon as it shows itself. 
    = Get the medipack ONLY AFTER you killed the wolf 
    = Follow the road and flip the switch to open the door concealing the 
      exit of this level 
    = Drop off to the lower area 
    = Hit the door to complete this level 
(Please note, once complete you can never return to a level played before). 
Peru level 2: The city of Vilcabamba                           Game level 2 
The city of Vilcabamba is the first levels in which actual searching and a 
bit of logic thinking gets into play, but nothing really dangerous yet. 
This level will be a lot easier when you mastered all Lara's lessons in her 
home first, and that will basically go for the rest of the game now even 
more with each new level you'll enter. 
This level is basically divided into two main parts. If you have the free 
demo you can start to read from "PART 2" in the section about this level as 
the demo level is from that point exactly the same. 
In the first part you can optionally swim, in the second part there will be 
a part where you MUST swim. Now the enemies are placed in a way that it's 
harder to get out of their reach (if not impossible), so be viligent as you 
can very easily get Lara killed here if you don't take any enemies in mind. 
The second main part, is divided in 3 subsections. You first must do the 
outer two, and then you can do the center part where the exit is located. 
One note: As the idol you need to open the exit is located in the first 
main part, they moved it in the demo in order to make the demo still 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Bat 
    = Bear 
    = Wolf 
*:> Secrets I found: 2/3 
= The City of Vilcabamba - Part one 
*:> = Draw your guns (!!!) 
    = Move forward and kill the wolves attacking you (They can take you be 
      surprise so be alert!) 
     From here you'll need to rely on your compass a lot as I'll refer to 
    wind directions a lot from here 
    = Go south and enter the passage way on the right side of the wall 
    = Draw your guns and be ready to kill a wolf as soon as you get in the 
      open again 
    = Turn left and move on. You'll find a pool left of you. 
*:> OPTIONAL: At this point swimming is entirely optional, but doing it now 
    can reveal two secret passages, and it's good practise too, right? 
    (Please note, and if you stay underwater too long, Lara will drown. You 
    can refill her oxygen by sticking her head above the water and wait 
    until the oxygen bar is full again). 
    = Jump into the pool 
    = Swim West (the only way to go) 
    = In the "room" there's a switch to the North-East corner. Flip it and 
      the hatch will open above. 
    = Coming out of the water reveals a secret room and your prize is a 
      small medipack 
    = You can flip the switch to get back in the main section, but that's 
      only a shortcut, as there's another secret passage here. 
    = Jump back into the water from this room. 
    = In the far south-west of the room, a switch is hidden. Flip it. 
    = Go back to the earlier secret room, but don't climb out... Just wait 
      until your oxygen bar is fully refilled. 
    = Dive back and swim back through the tunnel at the south side and 
      ignore the sideway, but come out of the water at the far end of this 
      tunnel (this can really be the limit of your oxygen bar, so time it 
    = At the South wall there is now a passage in the corner. Pass through 
      it an another secret room will be credited. 
    = Claim your prizes: Large medipack and Magnum clips 
    = Go back into the pool and jump in (sorry, there's no other way out). 
    = Swim and follow the tunnel and take the sideway to the right 
    = Once there get out of the water and resume the main quest. 
*:> = When standing next to the pool, you can see a door and a switch when 
      facing South-South-East, go to it 
    = Flip the switch and (tadaaaa) the door opens (now THAT was 
      unexpected) :P 
    = Follow the way up the stairs 
    = At the top, you need the backjump&Run-Jump combination to get over. 
*:> Now getting the medipack can be kinda tricky, but if you fail there's 
    another way to get it, so doncha worry! 
    = Run (fall down in the process) and try to jump when reaching the edge 
      of the lose platforms to reach the medipack and grab it. Drop down 
      after that. 
    = If you fail, don't worry, the game introduces the movable blocks 
      here. If you failed to get the medipack pull it out to get up to the 
      platform and claim the prize and push it back afterward. 
    = Now push that movable block five times. 
    = You can hear you activated some bats. Kill them. 
    = Ignore the movable block for now and go to the higher area. 
    = In this room there are two alcoves. One of them containing a tumi 
      shaped idol. Take it. 
    = The other alcove has a silver key (with a skull at its head). Take 
    = Now go back to the movable block 
    = Climb it and from there go to the upper area 
    = Kill the two bats attacking ya 
    = Explore this area to find a medipack 
    = Now climb the "window" 
    = Kill the bat that'll get in your way 
    = And from here drop down into the main section of this part of the 
*:> Now we got the stuff we need to advance into the second part of this 
    = Turn North 
    = Move on until you reach the end 
    = Turn right 
    = Follow the wall left of you and keep your guns at the ready as some 
      bats will come to pester you 
    = Eventually you'll see a door with a lock beside it. Use the Silver 
      key to open it and pass through it to enter part two 
= The City of Vilcabamba - Part two 
If you have the free demo version of the game, this is the part to read on. 
There are only a few small differences between the demo and the real level, 
but I'll note those. 
*:> = Avoid the spear traps (they are NOT present in the demo) 
    = Draw your guns and kill the Wolves (there are 5 in total, 2 will 
      activate when you enter the room, and the other 3 will activate if 
      you move on a little) 
    = Go to the building ahead 
    = Well there are 3 doorways and only one is open, so that makes it 
      easy, eh. Enter that only open doorway 
    = Eventually you'll reach a room with a pool. Ignore that pool, as 
      there's nothing down there (it makes a smooth fall if you fail the 
      next puzzles. How nice. Of course you realize that only THIS time, 
      the game devs were this nice). 
    = Just follow the stairway  
    = At the higest point, turn right 
    = WALK to the edge (don't run) 
    = Jump and grab (Alt+Forward+Ctrl) and Lara will jump over and grab the 
      platform to pull herself up. 
    = Now go to the corner facing the door ahead 
    = Try to make a perfect 45 degree angle from the two edges of your 
      platform. It's tricky, but since you have a kind of margin, you'll be 
      forgiven if you are a bit off, but 45 degrees is best. 
    = One small backwards jump (press backwards once) 
    = Run and hold the jump button (alt by default) and Lara should easily 
      make it over. 
    = NOTE: If you fail you'll get a bath, but if that happens, just swim 
      and climb out of the water and try again. 
    = Go through the doorway and enter the corridor (draw you guns while 
      doing so). 
    = Kill the bat as soon as you can do so 
    = Well, this is the last time I'll say it like this, as you should know 
      by now how it works. Walk to the edge, once a backjump with the 
      backwards key then run and hold alt to get over. I'll just call this 
      the runjump from now. 
    = Follow the corridor until you reach the orange room 
    = Kill the bat 
    = DEMO ONLY: Pick up the idol (in the full version you should already 
      have it by now). 
    = You can pick up the medipack if you desire. 
    = Flip the switch and you see the door to the second section open 
    = Now move on (not the way you came) 
    = And carefully go down (use the backjump and grab combination to spare 
      yourself some trouble). 
    = Pick up the shotgun shells 
    = Drop off onto the red roof below 
    = Pick up the medipack 
    = Drop off to the ground from here 
*:> = Go trough the most right doorway 
    = Follow the corridor and HEY another pool you don't need :P 
    = Quickest way to go: Up the stairs 
    = Walk over the loose boards and diliberately fall into the pool 
    = Swim and climb out and go to the highest spot of the stairs again. 
    = Just the running jump and grab the platform above while jumping 
      (remember how this works, and you'll use this combo of moves a lot 
      later in the game, in say, nearly all levels at least once if not 
    = Move a bit forward and when you hear the floor ready to fall quick 
      make the smalljump backwards 
    = Now WALK to the edge and pull yourself up to the higher platform 
    = And again 
    = Now you can jump to the doorway with a running jump 
    = As soon as you jumped over cock your guns to kill the bat that will 
      attack you 
    = Enter the doorway and follow the corridor 
    = Once you reach the orange room, flip the switch 
    = In the next room you can move down onto the rocks and the roof to 
      gently go down 
    = ANd now enter the building through the middle door 
*:> = WATCH OUT: Hanging axe traps can kill you so be careful. If you get 
      to close to them they can already hurt you without even touching you. 
    = Flip the switch in the end, but be aware that the door won't open, 
      but that you'll fall down into the pool below in stead, as you are 
      standing on a trapdoor 
    = Now swim on, and go up to breathe if you want, but don't come out of 
      the water yet (and ignore the bear, it can't hurt you as long as you 
      are in the water). 
    = Dive and swim into the sideway 
    = Follow the corridor until you can come out of the water. 
    = Do so. 
    = Follow the stairway up 
    = Flip the switch 
    = From here you can go to the center room. 
    = You can try to kill the bear from here, but please note as it 
      responds to your position it may be below you a lot getting out of 
      shooting range. Patience is golden here, so I really recommend to 
      kill it before going down 
    = Safest way to go down is to aim for the pool and climb out as soon as 
      you are in the water. 
    = Climb out of the pool and go to the door 
    = Put the idol in the slot and the door will open 
    = Go through the door to complete this level. 
    = DEMO ONLY: And if you are playing the free demo, the game ends here. 
Peru level 3: The lost valley                                  Game level 3 
This level has been divided in 3 parts. The part up the waterfall (which is 
basically where you start), the lake (down the waterfall) and the actual 
valley itself. 
This valley is interesting as that is where the first "pseudo-boss" is 
located, and you won't meet any other pseudo-bosses until the Atlantis 
section (read bosses for more information).  
The valley is said to be taken out of the loop of time, and therefore 
species that were supposed to be extict live there. Velociraptors and the 
pseudo-boss a T-Rex, which will swallow you whole killing you in once, so 
be prepared. 
The object of this level is to find 3 cogs in the valley and to bring them 
up the waterfall to activate a mechanism there which opens the way to the 
NOTE: This is also the first level to present an additional weapon, the 
AND ANTOHER NOTE: I will not mention each climb and hop action any more. 
When I say north and you see a block in your way, it should be common sense 
you need to CLIMB OVER it by now, right? If very detailed description is 
needed, I will still provide it, of course. :P 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Wolf 
    = Velociraptor 
    = Tyrannosaurus Rex (Boss) 
*:> Secrets I found: 2 or 5 
= To the valley 
The valley itself is the most important focus point to start on. There the 
three cogs you need to complete the other crap can be found. 
Don't worry about the shotgun yet. You're not gonna need it yet, and 
shotguns shells are pretty rare, so you'll want to save that kind of ammo 
for later anyway. 
I'll lead you to the shotgun eventually. ;) 
*:> = Follow the corridor 
    = When you hear the water, go to it and jump in and allow yourself to 
      be thrown of the waterfall 
    = Once you arrived in the pond below, don't be too hasty to come out. A 
      pack of wolves you'll ever find in the game is down here, and as long 
      as you are in the water they can't hurt you. 
    = On the west side of the pond is a platform the wolves can't reach, 
      get out of the water there and kill two wolves from this position. 
    = Now make your way to the area where the two wolves you killed are. 
    = And enter the cave to the North, but draw your guns before doing so 
      because a wolf who likes a bite of Lara-meat is there. Kill it! 
    = Now this is a bit tricky to explain, but enter the way north by 
      getting over the rocks 
    = If you see a wall here, you can climb it... Do so 
    = You'll find a skeleton, who appears to have been carrying a medipack 
      before he died. Poor guy. Well he doesn't need that medipack anymore, 
      does he? So let's take it. ;) 
    = Move down and you'll reach the valley 
*:> = Now don't enter the valley right away. Draw your guns first. Now move 
      a tiny bit into the valley and kill the two velociraptors who'll 
      charge at you. 
    = Now run into the valley, and the pseudo-boss T-Rex is waiting for 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Tyrannosaurus RexThe Meteor didn't finish its job. Lara will do that in 
Difficulty: Easy, but you need a tiny bit of luck 
Run towards the broken bridge, ignore the bridge itself (you can't get onto 
it from here anyway, so that comes later), but just before it is a sideway 
to your right, quickly run into it and the T-Rex can't follow you anymore 
dure to its enormous size. Now follow the cave (and kill the raptor that is 
halfway) and eventually you can look into the valley from higher up, but 
the T-Rex, still can't get to you. Just use your pistols to kill it from 
here. This takes some time, but this is the easiest (and lest ammo 
demanding) way to do it.Trivia: This boss *can* be skipped, but keep in 
mind due to some searching you may have to do to find all passageways you 
need, this is not a very good idea. 
*:> = Put away your guns and go back down into the valley once the T-Rex is 
    = Please note that you cannot walk through or jump over the dead T-Rex 
      (like you can do with most dead animals), but as this area is big you 
      should be able to find your way around it, but note that there's NO 
      WAY in which I can tell where your T-Rex dropped dead, so I won't 
      mention this in this FAQ anymore. 
    = If you are not facing WEST now, make sure you do, and move on 
    = You'll find a temple like building here. Kill the two raptors who'll 
      appear as you arrive 
    = Enter the building and you'll find a pool 
    = Dive in and the area to the RIGHT (seen from the entrance) is where 
      the first cog is located. Grab it and get out of the water. 
*:> = Leave the temple 
    = While Lara still has the temple in her backside, turn to the right. 
      You see that corridor in the rocky wall there. That's your target, go 
      to it, and climb in. 
    = Follow the corridor and eventually you'll end up on top of the broken 
    = This bridge is very easy, but can be impossible to take, if you 
      didn't pay attention to the tutorials inside Lara's house, as Lara 
      explains literally how to do it, and the fact that you can not see 
      that well where the edge of the bridge is, is actually a minor issue. 
    = Hold SHIFT and WALK to the far edge of the Broken Bridge until Lara 
      stops walking (that means you are at the very end). 
    = Press back once (Lara will jump backwards). 
    = Now run and hold Alt (the jump button) and Lara will do the rest, 
      only remember to hold Control once she's in the air, and press up to 
      pull yourself up. Yeah, you've done it countless times before, and 
      you'd easily forget it here. REMEMBER IT! :P 
    = Now grab the 2nd cog at the end of the bridge 
    = And you can go back down into the valley (just jump back grab the 
      edge and release it and Lara should reach the ground without getting 
      hurt. If she did get hurt, take on Lara's house to practise some 
      more) :P 
*:> = Go North 
    = Eventually you'll see a passage on your right. Take it. (Look well, 
      as you'll easily miss it). 
    = It's not a dead end, just look well and you'll find your way through 
      the rocks 
    = Kill the raptor (and that should be the last one in THIS level, as 
      well as your last kill in this level). 
    = Move on until you see a pool and a waterfall. Ignore that pool for 
      now and climb your way up to find the 3rd and last cog 
    = Make your way down 
    = Shortest way out is the pool. Use it and you'll be back in the valley 
*:> = The exit of the valley is to the South, go there. 
    = It can be tricky to see how to do this, but there is a way to grab on 
      here, to climb your way out.  
    = From here you should easily reach the pond where you killed the 
      wolves before. Find it 
*:> = Once you reached to pond, turn east 
    = Move East 
    = From here you can climb all the way up to the start of this level do 
      so, and then we can take on the second part of this level. 
= The cog machine 
*:> Like I said, no more kills, but still this part can still be a bit 
    = From the start location (not counting the corridor from Vilcabamba) 
      go all the way south and turn West 
    = Go to the water and jump over it, and I hope that you know by now how 
      jumps over a two cube gap works, because if you fail you'll be taken 
      by the water of the waterfal into the pond down below and then you 
      need to climb all the way up again, and you don't wanna do that, do 
    = South 
    = At the end turn left and jump over the water again (and the price for 
      failure is the same). 
    = Up the ramp and another jump over the water (with the same price for 
      failing again). 
    = Jump to the southern side of this "room" 
    = Now you need to jump over the river again, but WATCH OUT! This is 
      only one cube and a running jump will always cause failure (dragging 
      you down the waterfall), so no runs, just jump and grab! 
    = Follow the corridor ahead 
    = Cross the bridge 
    = Put in the three cogs on their respective places in the machine and 
      pull the switch 
*:> OPTIONAL! Now for 2 secret passages + the SHOTGUN! 
    = From the switch 
    = Face West 
    = Jump backwards and as soon as Lara falls off, grab the edge 
    = While hanging there move to the left until you reach the end and 
      release there. 
    = Enter the cave a bit and grab the medikit 
*:> SHOTGUN   
    = Dive into the water (you'll no longer be dragged down the waterfall 
      anymore, as by activating the cog machine, you made it disappear) 
    = Swim to the "door" you see 
    = Turn left 
    = Swim on a little and get out of the water when you see a skeleton to 
      the right. Well that skeleton was the owner of the shotgun before he 
      died. Poor guy! He doesn't need that shotgun anymore, so I guess it's 
      yours now. 
    = Dive into the water from here, and swim through the underground 
    = At the very end is a room, where you can swim up and get out of the 
    = WARNING! THis can be hazardous on your oxygen, so TIME IT RIGHT, and 
      be as fast as you can! 
    = Once you're out of the water claim you prizes: 2 sets of Shotgun 
      shells and a small medipack 
    = Now be careful as this can hurt and even kill you: 
    = There is an exitway to the east. But if you go through there 
      mindlessly you'll fall down and get hurt badly (and if you are not 
      full HP, you'll even get killed). So keep jumping backwards and grab 
      the edge and release it as soon as you are "hanging" and Lara should 
      get down WITHOUT getting hurt. 
    = From here go North 
    = Try to jump over the ramp and you'll fall in the pond down below 
    = Now the waterfall has disappeared revealing a corridor. Hit that 
    = When a door opens before you run through it to end this level. 
Peru level 4: Tomb of Qualopec                                 Game level 4 
This is the final level of the Peru section. It's more set to a puzzle 
mind, rather than combat, so the number of enemies here is low, although 
this being the final level of a section, this level does end in a boss 
The task Jaqueline Natla gave you was to receive an artifact from this 
tomb, and that is a circular object called a "scion", however, before you 
can take that you need to do some tasks. 
The level begins in the main section, there are 3 subsections here (not 
counting the exit). Subsection 2 and 3 are connected and in 3 you'll find 
the scion. In subsection 1 there are three tasks you can do in random 
Once you obtained the scion you can leave the way you came, as the exit and 
the entrance are the same spot in this dungeon, however a part of the Lost 
Valley level has been copied into this level (which will happen in Egypt 
and in Atlantis too). You can only get into the lake section of that level 
though and there Larsson is waiting for you to kill you. Shoot back until 
he falls down, although you cannot kill him, making him fall down, so the 
object of this fight, and as soon as you've done that this level, and this 
entire section is complete. 
*:> Enemies 
    = Velociraptor 
    = Wolf 
    = Larsson 
*:> Secrets I found: 
*:> = Follow the corridor until you arrive in a big orange room 
    = Find the switch in this room 
    = Flip it and immediately draw your guns, as you'll be attacked by two 
      velociraptors. Kill them both! 
    = Enter the corridor NORTH 
    = Here you will see three doorways each leading to a task... You can 
      take them on in random order. I will start with the most left door, 
      then the middle and then the right. 
    = (Please note that after taking on the first task, another 
      velociraptor may pop up. Kill it, and by doing so, you killed the 
      last raptor of the game). 
= Qualopec's Tomb - Task #1 
*:> = Take the left doorway 
    = Ignore the switch and hit the doorway and just allow yourself to fall 
    = Hit the corridor south and follow it until the end 
    = At the end stand onto the bird symbol and turn right 
    = You'll see an upper way there. Jump to it, and follow the corridor 
      (and climb up whenever you need to). 
    = At the end is a pit. Just allow yourself to fall down in it. (While 
      falling down, you can hear a door opening. Ignore that for now, 
      you'll pass through it eventually, but that comes later). 
    = And fall down into the next pit 
    = Turn left 
    = Drop off and stand onto the bird symbol 
    = Turn to the right 
    = And jump onto the next upper corridor 
    = Move on and flip the switch 
    = Go back to the room again, and use the backjump+grabedge method to go 
      down if you don't wanna get hurt at all 
    = Go to the corridor south, but DO NOT ENTER IT! 
    = In stead jump you way up to the East 
    = Now you are back at the switch you had to ignore before. Flip it now. 
    = You may also see a doorway has opened at the switch. This was the 
      doorway I mentioned earlier. Hit it now. 
    = Climb and fall until the end of the corridor 
    = Get with a "running jump" onto the top of the huge peddestal with the 
      bird symbol on top of it. 
    = And now jump onto the other (this can be tricky as you need a running 
      jump and you need to turn Lara a little, and that *CAN* lead to her 
      falling off the peddestal meaning you'll have to start over, but if 
      that happens she wouldn't have made the jump succesfully from that 
      angle anyway, but still, it's nasty. You may wanna save here (unless 
      you're playing the console version)). 
    = Now the next jump is also a running jump, but the angle is a bit hard 
      to time, and if you mess up you'll fall onto the spikes and yeah, 
      that means death, so you only have one go, but you need to hit that 
      room beyond the spikes. 
    = Flip the switch 
    = That completes the task, now to go back to the main room 
    = Go to the edge above the spikes. Jump over them. Don't even try to 
      reach the peddestals, you'll only increase the chance you'll get 
    = Cross the room 
    = And climb up the room to the west (most southern one) 
    = Hit the west corridor and you'll be back in the room with the three 
= Qualopec's Tomb - Task #2 
*:> = Take the middle doorway 
    = In the room, go to the switch. The switch is a kind of a trap, but it 
      has to spring (alas). 
    = When you fall down by triggering the trap, you'll meet the final pack 
      of wolves in the game! KILL THEM ALL! 
    = Go up one of the ramps. Which one doesn't matter 
    = Pull the movable block up here 
    = Get beside of it. Quickest way is a good timed jump, but if that 
      fails just go up the ramp. 
    = Now push the block either left or right, it doesn't matter as long as 
      the passage in the wall is clear. 
    = Hit it! 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Fall in the pit and claim the small medipack 
    = Pull yourself up to the West and jump over to the East (sorry, not 
      shortcuts. Game developers are evil!) 
    = Pull up again 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Claim the medipack 
    = Fall into the pit to the south 
    = Move on to get into the "central" room again. 
= Qualopec's Tomb - Task #3 
*:> = And the right doorway (east) 
    = You'll find a movable block in the wall. Push it twice! 
    = This reveals a new movable block. Push it once 
    = Go to the switch and flip it, but please note you'll activate a trap 
      (that won't hurt you immediately) by doing so. 
    = Turn around and move to the edge 
    = Jump over (Due to the low ceiling this is the only way to do it) 
      grabbing the edge and pulling yourself up. 
    = And go back the way you came. 
= Qualopec's Tomb - Claim the Scion 
*:> Once you did all three tasks, go to the big main hall of this level. 
    = Enter the SOUTH corridor 
    = Follow the corridor and beware of the spear traps 
    = At the end you'll find a small peddestal with the Scion on it. Claim 
      it. Don't worry about the building giving signs of collapsing. 
    = OPTIONAL: You can kill the mummy left of the sitting skeleton, but I 
      don't know what good it will do, but maybe this is a leftover of a 
      boss enemy that was planned here, but scrapped in the final design. 
    = Now enter the east corridor, but remember, this is the trapped 
      corridor I warned you about. A boulder will come after you and kill 
      you if you are too slow, so keep running forward, straight through 
      the the central room into the corridor into the cave and run around 
      the corner. 
    = Now you are technically back at the start of the level, but don't 
      worry, that's exactly where you want to be 
    = The door to the Lost Valley is open and enter it. What you see now is 
      a copy of the lost valley level 
    = OPTIONAL: Underwater is a secret passage leading to a set of Magnum 
      clips and a large medipack. You'll need to go to the center of the 
      pond though and face the boss. 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Larsson                                        I want your attention, Lara! 
Difficulty: Can be nasty due to your surroundings 
Larsson will start shooting at you as soon as you arrive, but as you are in 
the water and cannot fight back, that gives you a disadvantage. Get onto 
the shore a.s.a.p. any place will do and shoot Larssson and try to jump a 
lot to dodge his shooting. Eventually you will be able to overpower him. 
That won't kill him, but that will cause some scenario to trigger, and that 
ends this level and the entire Peru section 
With 5 levels Greece has the highest number of levels (where Atlantis and 
Egypt have both 3 and Peru has 4), and they are all very cleverly set up, 
so thinking will be more of an issue from now on. 
The enemies will also be stronger so you will need to find hiding spots a 
lot or your shotgun if no hiding is possible. 
In Greece and in Egypt you can also find enemies underwater. Rats and 
crocodiles respectively. You cannot fire any gun underwater, so if you 
wanna kill them you must get onto the shore and kill them from there, or in 
some cases it's possible to remove the water and fight them head-on. 
Except for Midas Palace, you will in all levels be bothered by a French 
goon named Pierre Dupont. At some fixed locations he'll pop up trying to 
kill you only to run away when you hurt him. 
*:> And important notes on Pierre: 
    = You cannot kill Pierre until the final encounter with him at the end 
      of the Tomb of Tahocan (as that counts as the boss fight for this 
    = In stead Pierre will run away and "dispawn" (removed from the level) 
    = Pierre can only dispawn on spots where you can't see him. Based on 
      how you positioned Lara this may may he can never dispawn. If you 
      hurt him bad, just try to run away yourself to allow him to dispawn 
      (if you don't you'll only get yourself hurt needlessly). 
*:> The picture on the backside of Pierre's jacket depicts a naked woman, 
    although the picture is never sharp enough to truly go hubba hubba.  
Greece level 1: St. Francis' Folly                             Game level 5 
This level is already one of the most interesting levels of the game. 
The first part is a kind of "prologue", the second part is a large tower 
with 4 sideways each being connected to a god. You need to open these 
sideways and when entering the sideway you need to take on the holy test in 
the spirit of this god in order to obtain the keys. When you got all the 4 
keys you can open the door at the bottom of the tower to reach the exit. 
*:> Except for Atlas none of the gods, should belong here: 
    = Thor is not a Greek god, but a Scandinavian god 
    = Nepture was a Roman God and not a Greek one, although this can be 
      forgiven as Neptune (or Neptunus) and the Greek god Poseidon, would 
      eventually be seen as one and the same god. 
    = Damocles was not even a god at all, but a mortal human being, 
      although he is part of the Greek mythology. 
*:> Atlas' room is the only room where you can find one enemy, the others 
    are free of enemies 
*:> Damocles' test comes AFTER obtaining the key contrary to the others 
    where it comes prior to claiming the key 
*:> Thor has basically two tests of which the first can be taken on 
    multiple times if you desire (except for the two times you need to do 
    it, I can't think of a reason to do it more times). 
Pierre Dupont will spawn in the entrance hall where you start this level 
after throwing the switch in the "Gorilla room", and at the bottom of the 
gods tower after completing your first god test. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Pierre 
    = Lion 
    = Bat 
    = Crocodile 
    = Gorilla 
= Prologue section 
*:> = Immediately draw your guns and kill the lions approaching you. You 
      may be forced to use the shotgun for this as there is no way to run. 
    = Well that was a rocky start, I guess 
    = Go to the center of the room 
    = From here turn right and you'll see a movable block. 
    = Push it west once and a door will open to the west 
    = Go through it, but the door will close behind you. 
    = Leave all levers alone and seek out the gorillas and kill them. 
    = Flip the switch at the west side of the room (no appearent response, 
      but it does do something trust me). 
    = Then go up the higher area to the North and flip the other switch 
    = A third gorilla will spawm. Kill it. 
    = Leave this room and Pierre will await you in the first encounter. 
      Shoot him until he flees and dispawns. 
      YOU CONTINUE!!! 
    = Go to the push block and push it east twice and a door will open 
    = Now push it all the way west until you cannot move it further (should 
      be 3 times) 
    = Climb it and turn South 
    = Turn South and jump onto the higher pillar and to the other behind 
    = Claim the medipack 
    = If you look well you can see a kind of platform against the south 
      wall. Jump onto it. 
    = Make your way to the East (without falling down) 
    = And then of course a jump North to the platform with the door 
    = Hit the door 
    = Follow the corridor and take the slide down 
    = You'll fall into the water. Watch out as there is a crocodile down 
      there and you cannot shoot underwater 
    = OPTIONAL: There is a secret passage halfway the underwater corridor. 
      Your prize will be a set of shotgun shells 
    = Make your way to the west side of this underwater corridor and from 
      there you can climb up east to get out. 
    = If you have the chance to kill the crocodile from here, do so, but 
      you need luck and it's often a waste of time to try. 
    = Flip the switch and the water will drop 
    = Jump back down and kill the crocodile now 
    = Go to the other side of the corridor 
    = At the end hit the stairs and you'll get into the tower of the Gods, 
      and that is the main portion of this level. 
= The Tower - Explanation 
It's completely undoable to explain this tower per action as I did so far 
in this walkthrough, and which I will continue to do in the next levels. So 
you'll need to rely on what you've learned about the game so far. The tower 
is pretty large, so falling down will kill you. With clever jumping and 
climbing and dropping you should be able to make your way around. There are 
four doors. Be sure to NEVER go lower than the door named "DAMOCLES" unless 
you are sure nothing's alive down there. Initially there's nothing there, 
but that will change. 
There are four switches on the way down, and all are in the structure in 
the center of this tower. They will all open one of the doors. (The levers 
are from up to down tied to doors: THOR, DAMOCLES, NEPTUNE, ATLAS) 
The doors are labeled "NEPTUNE", "ATLAS", "THOR" and "DAMOCLES" from up to 
down respectively. All of them contain a challenge based on their role in 
mythology. All of the challenges are lethal when you fail, and will get you 
a key as a prize, if you succeed. At the bottom is a door with four locks, 
and using all the keys on these locks will get you to the exit of this 
Now beware. Once you completed the first challenge, Pierre will spawn at 
the bottom. If you shoot him he will once again flee and dispawn. Once you 
did two challenges, two lions will spawn. When you are on the platforms 
near the doors of DAMOCLES you can kill them easily without them being able 
to hurt you. 
You can take on the challenges in random order, but I will take them on in 
this walkthrough from up to down. Also take note of the bats that will 
attack you as you pass by. 
= Neptune's challenge 
*:> = It was to be expected this would revolve about swimming, but here's 
      the rub. The water pit is at least 100m deep and you'll be sucked to 
      the bottom as soon as you jump in. 
    = At the bottom turn south and go up to reach a switch that will turn 
      off the sucking mechanism and open a door. 
    = Swim through this door to claim the key and swim up as quickly as you 
    = The margin you have with your oxygen is pretty narrow, so I do 
      recommend to save before you dive in! 
= Atlas' challenge 
*:> = First of all kill the gorilla. This is the only challenge were an 
      enemy can be found, so don't worry about it. 
    = Go on and a gate will open 
    = Pass through it and the gate will close behind you. 
    = Turn your face south 
    = Now keep jumping backward until you hear a boulder roll down to you 
    = Now quickly run forward until you fall down 
    = And immediately make a small jump backwards and the boulder will miss 
      you as it falls down.  
    = Oh yeah, there's a small medipack here... Cool! 
    = Now climb up. (the gate is open again, but ignore that for now). 
    = Run forward and when you reach the ramp there is an edge to climb up 
      to your left. Climb it. 
    = Here you can claim the key. 
    = Now get outta here :P 
= Thor's challenge 
*:> = In the first room, there will be lighting all the time. It's hard to 
      dodge, jump through it and heal yourself afterward. 
    = NOW the real challenge begins, and it requires PERFECT TIMING! 
    = Stand on the omega plate and wait until the hammer falls down (you'll 
      hear a kind of click when that happens), and immediately run away. 
    = When the hammer has fallen a push block will fall down. (The hammer 
      can kill you when it hits your head on its fall, but the push block 
      cannot, don't worry). 
    = Push the block all the way North and climb it and climb to the 
      platform above. 
    = Climb over the pushblock east and push it all the way west 
    = Climb the pushblock and the platform above. 
    = Claim the medikit 
    = Turn South 
    = Jump to the platform there (this is a long jump with a grab. So 
      listen very carefully, as I shall say this only once. WALK to the 
      edge until Lara stops, then one back jump then run and jump and hit 
      ctrl while in the air to grab the platform further on, and pull 
      yourself up). 
    = Enter the alcove west to claim the key as your prize. Now don't go 
      back mindlessly or you'll get yourself killed. 
    = Take the long jump to the northern platform and use the backjump grab 
      method to go down the pushblocks. 
    = Now jump your way through the lightning room again and hopefully 
      you'll get back in the main tower unhurt. 
= Damocles' challenge 
*:> This is the most unique challenge as it does not trigger BEFORE you get 
    the key, but AFTER it. Still you may try to memorize the location of 
    all the swords hanging on the ceiling, as they are hanging quite 
    literally above you as a Sword of Damocles, you'll discover that soon 
    = Cross the room and hit the doorway at the end 
    = Climb the big peddestal and claim the key 
    = OPTIONAL: The platform above has a small medipack and some shotgun 
    = Now go to the door, but don't go through it too hastily as you'll 
*:> = If you look into the room with the swords you can see the shadows 
      turning. Cross the room SLOWLY and watch those shadows as the swords 
      they are linked to will fall down as you get closer and they are 
      "heath seeking" so their fall is adjusted based on your position. 
    = If you do this slowly without hurrying you can make it across unhurt. 
      If a sword scratches you, you'll get hurt. If you get the full blast, 
      you'll die. 
If you complete all the challenge make your way down and put the keys into 
their respective locks (from left to right: Neptune's key, Altas' key, 
Thor's key and Damocles' key), to open the door and complete this level. 
Greece level 2: Coloseum                                       Game level 6 
This level is actually a pretty good replica of a coloseum. There is an 
arena with some sideways. 
It's hard to divide this level into sections, so I hope you can keep up 
with me. 
Pierre Dupont will spawn twice on the same spot, which is the audience 
entrance to the arena. 
*:> You'll first meet him there when you enter the arena through this 
    entrance yourself 
*:> He'll spawn here again after complete the subsection that opens by 
    throwing the switch in the emperor's lounge. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Lion 
    = Gorilla 
    = Bat 
    = Pierre 
*:> Secrets I found: 1 of 3 
*:> = Walk on and you'll find a pond, but DO NOT DIVE IN YET 
    = Draw your guns and wait for the crocodile in the pond and kill it 
      when you can. 
    = Now dive and and swim around the corner to the other side 
    = Now be careful when coming out. There's a lion here... Whenever it's 
      too close, wait until it goes away, then come out and kill it and 
      jump back into the water when it comes to close again, and keep this 
      up until it's dead. 
*:> Now the building you see is the actual colloseum, and there's a true 
    arena inside, however, just entering through the door gets you nowhere. 
    The door's locked and there's a lion there too. 
    = In stead go North and take the path BESIDE the building and kill the 
      lion you'll meet 
    = At the end get onto the rocks on your LEFT side and from there you 
      can make it onto the platform of the building 
    = Now get onto the block and get onto the higher level from here 
    = Now walk on around the corner and keep going until you reach the 
      rocky wall (mind the gap on the way! Don't fall in) 
    = Try to jump towards the cave and jump in. 
*:> Now watch out. Down in the pit there are two crocodiles   
    = If you want kill them from up here and you can also claim a prize 
      (small medipack) below 
    = NOTE: You WON'T get to the other side through the pit. It's too large 
      to jump and the edge is too high on the other side, so don't even try 
    = In stead turn your face North 
    = Grab the small edge and move RIGHT while hanging 
    = OPTIONAL: When you are above the center of the pit (well, almost 
      center), you can pull yourself up into a secret passage. Take some 
      shotgun shells as your prize. 
    = When you reached the other side of the pit, release and turn your 
      face East 
    = Now follow the corridor 
    = When you reach a pit in the end, just fall in. 
*:> = OPTIONAL: You can open the door ahead if you want, but it's nothing 
      more but a shortcut back to the entrance, and openingit will also 
      activate a lion, so I'm not sure it's a good idea. 
    = In stead go east and you'll reach the arena 
    = Here you'll be ambused by Pierre... Shoot him. The dark side of this 
      place is that he has little places to hide and dispawn. Your best bet 
      is to run another way whenever he tries to escape you and HOPE he'll 
      dispawn. Whatever you do, don't jump down into the arena itself yet. 
    = There are one gorilla and two lions down there. Kill all three of 
      them from up here. Please note, they might initially be outside your 
      shooting range, and if they stay there to long, move a bit around the 
      edge. As long as you don't go down, everything's fine. 
    = When your enemies are dead, go down into the arena, by using the 
      backjump-grab-edge method (it's the only way to get down unhurt). 
    = Now go to the pit to the North but do NOT jump in. 
    = Turn east from here to see a doorway, hit it! 
    = When you are sliding down DRAW YOUR GUNS! 
    = Once down you'll be ambused by two lions... kill them both 
    = Pull both switches in random order 
    = Turn west 
    = Take the southern way out and you'll be in the Northern pit of the 
*:> = DO NOT BE TOO QUICK TO CLIMB OUT. There are three lions up there 
      ready to eat you. Kill them first, or only climb out when you are 
      sure you can handle them. There is no shame to drop back into the pit 
      when they get too close. The pit is NOT deep enough to kill or even 
      hurt you, and in the pit you are safe! 
    = When they are all dead, climb out, and move to the South-East section 
      of the arena. Beware, a lion is waiting for you there, kill it as 
      soon as it activates. Remember where it came from as it marks the way 
      to go next. 
    = Take the slide down 
*:> Now this room is VERY EXTREMELY TRICKY at best. Just pause the game and 
    read on as the time you have is pretty narrow, so reading and playing 
    won't work. The room looks a bit like this. 

X2    X    |   3X
X     X    XXXXXX
X     X    
!:> NOTE: The map above is not EXACT, but it shows the global picture well 
*:> = On 1 there is a tile that will set things in motion, once you stepped 
      onto it the cell doors will be open for only a few seconds. When you 
      are out of time they will close mercilessly meaning you failed. 
      Whenever that happens you can step onto the tile in the cell but only 
      to get out so you can start over. 
    = So step on tile #1 and run as fast as you can to point #2 on the map 
      and flip the switch,  
    = that will open the door, to the switch on point #3 but only for a few 
      seconds. Run there as fast as you can. 
    = Once you reached the switch at point #3 the time doesn't matter any 
      more, so BREATHE. 
*:> = Flip the Switch and you can go to the doorway marked "exit" on the 
      map above to get out. (You may need to step on the tile in the cell 
      to open the door) 
*:> = Go down towards the spikes (don't touch them) and go around the 
      corner there 
    = Follow the corridor and climb where you need and eventually you'll be 
      on top of a pile of rocks facing into the arena 
*:> = Go to the most northern part of these rocks 
    = From there jump to the rocks North-East of you (they are not as far 
      away as they may see, so don't worry, you can make it). 
    = From there go a bit east but do NOT go into the alcove... there 
      nothing in there. 
    = From here you can jump to the imperial lounge... Watch out, it's far, 
      so you need a running grabjump to get over there. 
    = Once in the lounge kill the two gorillas waiting for you there. 
    = Ignore the locked door you see. It's the way to the exit, but as you 
      don't have the key yet, that's quite useless now. 
    = Go to the back of the lounge. 
    = Pull out the moveable block twice 
    = Enter the passage you revealed 
    = And flip the switch 
    = Hey, psst, there's a medipack hidden in the dark here, take it! 
    = Now go back to the arena and go back down, the safest way to do that 
      is to jump to the rocks (don't do a running jump but a normal one and 
      to drop down from there). 
    = South of the spiked pit is a way to climb out of the arena back into 
      the audience area 
    = Climb south twice and hit the door way west of you 
    = Kill the bats and hit the open door 
*:> = Run and fall into the pit and wait until the boulder has passed you 
    = Turn North and climb out of the pit 
    = Jump to the higher part of this ramp and go all the way up 
    = When you get into a small room, MAKE SURE TO LOOK AROUND TO FIND THE 
    = Exit North 
    = And take the slide 
*:> = Now follow the way North, but beware, both Pierre and a lion have 
      spawned here. Make sure Pierre takes a run and to kill that lion. 
    = After that just all the way North 
    = There's another "building" just like the one you just came from. 
      Enter it. 
    = Hit the door North 
    = Well, this is easy, just climb and jump your way up all the platforms 
      and hit the switch at the top 
    = And go back down and leave this room 
    = Head East 
*:> = ATTENTION: It is possible Pierre didn't dispawn before and that you 
      can find him here. He has nowhere to run here, so he cannot dispawn, 
      so trying to fight him will only get you killed. If he's here ignore 
      him, and just run on to the next building. 
    = Jump up to hit the door here 
    = If you want you can flip the switch to open a door in the back of the 
      lounge, but that door only leads to a prize and is thus not 
    = Jump into the pool and swim through the tunnel and get out on the 
      other side 
    = Claim the small medipack 
    = Push the block twice 
    = Now stand aside it and PULL it once 
    = Now enter the passage you revealed to claim the key, and that key is 
      the ticket to the exit. 
*:> Right, I know you'll hate me for saying this, but, you need to get back 
    into the imperial lounge and the only way to get there is the same way 
    you got there before, so to go down in the arena and follow the same 
    route. At least you can skip the timed cell door puzzle this time. :P 
*:> = When you arrive in the lounge, if you opened the backdoor you can 
      claim your prize. A small medipack. 
    = Then open the locked door and jump into the water, and beware for the 
      crocodile as you cannot kill it. 
    = Get above the water halfway and flip the switch. Jump back into the 
      water and swim south to complete the level. 
Greece level 3: Palace Midas                                   Game level 7 
First of all you'll start this level in a water basin. Make sure you swim 
to the top first or Lara will drown. 
Due to a little bug she will always automatically dive under when you swim 
too close to the entrance gate. 
This is one of the most complicated levels of the game, due to main main 
sections and subsections. 
The object of the level is to get three gold bars, and they unlock the 
exit, however there are no gold bars in this level, only lead ones. 
Fortunately there's a statue of Midas here and its hand broke off. The hand 
of Midas turns everything it touches to gold, so you can turn the lead bars 
to gold bars here. Beware though, when Lara stands onto the hand she'll 
turn into a golden statue which counts as death and thus as a "Game Over". 
*:> There are a few main sections I'll mention. 
    = The Garden  
    = The Temple 
    = The Aquaduct (has 3 levels) 
    = The Switch room, which is basically the heart of your operations 
    = The entrance pool (the pool in which you start this level) 
Well, on the bright side, this is the only level in Greece where you'll 
never meet Pierre. 
The switch room is the first concern, and the rest comes later. 
Two lead bars have a really short puzzle, but the third takes about 90% of 
the level to find.  
I'll break down this level in a few parts: 
1:> Finding the room of the switches and getting to the switches themselves 
2:> The first two gold bars 
3:> The Gold bar that takes about 90% of the level to find 
4:> Finding Midas and turning the gold bars into gold 
5:> And the way to the exit 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Rat 
    = Bat 
    = Crocodile 
    = Gorilla 
    = Lion 
*:> Secrets I found: 3 of 3 
= To the room of the switches 
*:> = Well first thing to do is to get out of the water basin. Beware that 
      there's a crocodile here, so kill it as soon as you see it 
    = Now stand to the west side of the pool and head North from here (this 
      will very likely cause the crocodile to attack you if you didn't see 
      it before). 
    = Go around the corner in that corridor 
    = Go up the stairs at the end 
    = Once upstairs continue east 
    = You'll enter a great hall. This is the room of switches.  
*:> = You'll be attacked by gorillas as soon as you enter. Kill them. 
    = After killing those apes, go to the South-East corner of the room and 
      climb the blocks on the east wall ONCE! 
    = From here jump over to the pillar ahead, and so you need to hop over 
      with the correct jump kind (you should know by know how it works by 
      now) and eventually you can reach the platforms where the switches 
= The first two gold bars 
*:> = Flip the first switch from the north and leave the others the way 
      they are 
    = Go down the stairs in the middle of this platform. 
    = Flip the switch and you got a shortcut back up here, as you'll need 
      other combinations with these switches as well 
    = Go South and hit the door 
*:> Trust me, you're gonna hate this room with passion!!! 
    = First of all kill the rats in the water basin below. If you fail the 
      water is your only life saver, so you don't want any animals down 
      there. There's three of them, for your verification. 
    = And yeah, when you touch the line, the flames will go of for a very 
      short time. 12 seconds. No more, no less! And you will need that 
      short time to make your way to the other side and claim the lead bar 
      as your prize. Aside from cheating there is no easier to do this. 
      When you've taken notice no how jumping works, you should know the 
      routine, it's just the extremely short time that gets ya. 
    = Make a phone call to a good psychiatrist in order to forget the 
      trauma caused by this puzzle! 
    = Once you have the bar, just dive into the water to swim back (you 
      can't put off the fire from this side). 
    = Go back to the switch room and take the shortcut to get up. 
*:> = Now put the switches in the next combination: UP - UP - DOWN - UP - 
    = Now go to the North-West section of this room and hit the door west. 
*:> = You'll see spikes everywhere. They are not important now, just hit 
      the corridor North 
    = Don't go up the ramp just yet. Pull the block beside it twice in 
    = Flip the switch you just revealed 
    = Now you can go up the ramp and follow the corridor, but mind the pit 
      at the end as that is a death trap. 
    = Hop onto the pillar before you 
    = Turn South 
    = Hop to the block in the corner right (the left block is too far, but 
      it looks closer due to optical illusion. Dirty trick, eh?) 
    = And now you can hop over to the block East twice (and grabbig is 
    = Now hop over North twice 
    = When you jump into the room, a gorilla will attack you, make a 
      backflip (Jump+Backward buttons) to land on the pillar again, and 
      you'll be out of its reach. Kill the beast from here! 
    = And NOW you can safely claim the prize in the room, another lead bar. 
    = Jump onto the pillar from this room, and from there, jump to the door 
      and avoid the spikes 
    = Head back into the main room and go to the Switches 
= Gold Bar #3 
I said it before and I'll say it again. This part takes about 90% of the 
level, so in other words, getting the first two gold bars was just a 
warm-up, now the actual level truly begins. Don't worry, you will not get 
another fire-trap like that, but when you thought this was a short puzzle 
like the other two... YOU'RE WRONG! (Unfortunately). 
This part takes you into a short puzzle first, then over the aqueduct, and 
eventually ends up on the roof of the temple and that's where the bar is 
Well, what are we waiting for.... LET'S GO! 
*:> = Set the switches to: UP - UP - DOWN - DOWN - UP 
    = Enter the room at the South-West 
    = Just cross the room and enter the corridor ahead 
    = Turn right and follow the corridor 
    = At the end pull the wooden block and you'll hear a lot of noise and 
      even a little quake. What the hell did just happen? 
    = Well go back the way you came and you see the room you passed through 
      has collapsed. Just go back into this corridor and follow the entire 
      way up and you'll see the collapsed room from above. 
    = Now this is pretty tricky because you may not be fully able to see 
      what you are doing here. Nearly the entire sand hill will make you 
      slide down (making you have to start over again), but there are are 
      few spots on which you can land without that happening. Try to find 
      the closest spot and jump on there. 
    = From there jump to the pillar in the middle 
    = DON'T even think about trying to jump to the passage ahead from here. 
    = Turn South-East in stead and try to land onto the flat part of the 
      sand hill 
    = From here jump towards the South Wall onto the flat part (I hope I 
      made sense, but straight south will make you bump your head and bring 
      you the entire way down, making you have to start all over) 
    = Now walk to the edge and try to jump into the doorway from here. It's 
      tricky, but not that hard. 
*:> = Now climb you way up the rocks 
    = If you can kill any animal from where you are now, do so. 
    = Jump over to the aquaduct and kill the remainder 
    = There are two crocodiles in the aqueduct's water. If you see them in 
      one of the next steps, kill them. Don't dive until they are both 
    = Folow the "shores" of the aqueduct to the west 
    = When you are sure both crocodiles are dead swim through the aqueduct 
      and hit the cave. 
    = You can get out on the NORTH side of the pool here. 
    = Now you can climb up the rocks next to the water. 
    = Now time it right, hop over these rocks to the corner, but watch out, 
      because a wrong timed jump will slide you back into the water and 
      you'll have to start over then. 
    = When you reached the corner the hard work is done, turn left and get 
      over the rocks to get credit for the secret area and claim the prize: 
      Small medipack and magnum clips 
    = Now swim back into the aquaduct and return to the spot where you 
      originally landed on it. 
*:> Now this is something you HAVE to do, and it counts for a secret, cool, 
    = Hang on the Northern edge and move all the way West (right) and 
      release there. 
    = Release at the most western spot 
    = Claim the "secret" prizes: Uzi Clips, Shotgun Shells and a small 
    = Climb over the rock East to get out (you may need the jump button for 
      thise when you normally don't). 
    = Beware that some gorillas may be waiting for you here. Kill them! 
*:> = Go West, and you'll see you are on the center level of the aqueduct 
      now. DO NOT JUMP DOWN HERE! NOT EVER!!!!! 
    = You can see another platform beside the way down. Get onto that 
      platform and kill the apes awaiting you there! 
    = If you see gorillas and lions down, kill them, BUT DON'T EVER JUMP 
      DOWN HERE! NOT EVER!!!! 
    = Now go past the alcoves and when you reached the second last one turn 
    = You see that medipack. Make a running grab jump and claim it, and you 
      needed to be on this side of the gap, anyway. SAVE BEFORE YOU JUMP, 
    = And hang on the edge, and DON'T EVER RELEASE! NOT EVER! Move to the 
      left in stead! 
    = Once you reached the very end you may release, turn around and kill 
      the bat. 
    = Jump over the gap and make sure you will not END UP DOWN HERE! NOT 
    = Hit the corridor 
     Of course you wonder why I was so edgy about not going down here, not 
    ever... That is because you will then have to make your way back to the 
    level entrance and start this entire part all over, and that is quite a 
    long hike! 
*:> = Follow the way up and when you see a room with a medipack, watch out. 
      Next to the medipack are loose platforms and if you fall through 
      you'll end up back in the water of the aqueduct and that's exactly 
      where you DON'T want to be, now that you got this far. 
    = If you are not sure, just run over and ignore that pack 
    = Hit the corridor ahead and you'll slide down. 
    = Fall into the pit 
    = And again 
    = Hit the doorway ahead and you'll end up in the room where you started 
      this level, but on a higher up place. Immediately draw your guns as a 
      lion will come your way from the other side. Kill it! 
    = BEWARE: Some enemies may be below! Make sure the lion on the catwalks 
      takes priority over the enemies below as unlike the lion they can't 
      reach you. Once the lion is dead, kill everything you see below, 
      otherwise they will haunt you later in this level. 
    = Follow the catwalks and hit the cave ahead 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Once you are in a big room, beware or you'll fall down, and then 
      you'll have to start everything all over. 
    = Kill the gorillas and lions down there, if they lurk there. 
    = Turn to the West 
    = Jump to the platform ahead 
    = Hit the cave to reach a pool. 
    = Before you dive in, make sure you kill the crocodile swimming in 
    = Dive in swim through the tunnel and come out at the other side 
    = Follow the cave, but when you see the roof of the temple, WATCH OUT! 
      There's a gap between the roof and you and if you fall in all you did 
      so far has been for naught. 
    = If you hear any bats, kill them 
    = Jump over to the roof of the temple. 
    = Claim the lead bar on the other side of the roof. 
    = Well that takes care of that, but it's NOT over yet! Below there will 
      be at least two lions, kill them. (You may also see some gorillas 
      here, and sometimes they manage to get away through the east way, but 
      if that happens they'll either come back here sooner or later or 
      you'll encounter them later). 
    = When you are safe to go down, make your way down, and that concludes 
      the biggest part of this dungeon. 
= Time to visit Midas 
Well this part is rather short: 
*:> If you followed my FAQ so far, you should be in front of the temple. 
    And if you are not just go there. 
    = Walk to the door and it will open automatically 
    = (claim the medipack if you like) 
    = Enter the temple and flip the switch to open a gate in the garden and 
      get out 
    = Hit the east way and just move on until you reach the basin at the 
      start of the level (and kill everything that comes in your way). 
    = From the basin go South and enter the garden 
    = Kill the gorillas here 
    = Now behind a tree south of the entrance of this garden a switch is 
    = This opens the gate to the south, which is a secret passage. Beware, 
      there's a blade trap with loose platforms there, but your prizes 
      (Magums, Shotgun shells and a small medipack) may be worth it. 
    = Time your jump through the blade trap well on your way out. 
*:> = Climb upon the platform in the North-West section 
    = Turn south and jump onto the roof you see (jump+grab) 
    = Claim the medipack 
    = Enter the cave to the west 
*:> = Here you'll find Midas. Use the three lead bars on the hand to turn 
      them to gold (and DON'T step onto the hand yourself or you'll turn to 
      gold too. You do know the legend of the Hand of Midas, doncha?) 
    = Go all the way back to the water basin where you began this level. 
= Let's finish this 
*:> = From the water basin south 
    = Follow the corridor  
    = Up the stairs 
    = And go to the switches platform 
    = Switch combination: DOWN - UP - UP - UP - DOWN 
    = Go straight North and hit the door under the balcony 
    = Kill the lion and proceed 
    = Hit the room North 
    = Put a gold bar in each of the slots and hit the door to end this 
Greece level 4: The Cistern                                    Game level 8 
This is my favorite level in the game, but that is, of course, my personal 
This level has a small intro part, and after that the main hall, where a 
large pool in in the center. From here there are some subsections, and then 
the ending part of the level. 
This level has really been thought through, so you may easily get stuck 
here if you don't really know what you are doing. 
There are 2 rusty keys that lead to 2 subsections. 
In one subsection you can to silver keys, but both can only be found if the 
main water level, which you can change in this level is set to a certain 
The other subsection leads to the gold key, only obtainable when the water 
is high (strictly speaking you can also get it when the water is low, due 
to a bug in the game, but that'll cause you to be permanently stuck). 
Both silver keys and gold keys lead to the last part where the entrance to 
the Tomb of Tahocan is located. 
There are three spots on which Pierre can spawn here: 
*:> The entrance hall of the silverkey subsection 
*:> The pool room in this same subsection, but only when the main water 
    level is low (since Pierre cannot swim, apparently). 
*:> And the control room where you can actually switch the water level 
There is a little cheesy thing with Pierre here. Pierre can only spawn at 
one spot at the time, and as long as he's there he won't spawn elsewhere. 
If you ignore him in the entrance hall in the silverkey-subsection (and 
only use medipacks to heal the injuries he causes) he won't spawn on the 
other locations. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Crocodile 
    = Rat 
    = Gorilla 
    = Lion 
    = Pierre 
*:> WARNING: The cistern is pretty infamous for a bug in the level that can 
    render the game unfinishable. If you open a locked door with a spiked 
    a gold key down there, but the doorway out will NOT open when there is 
    no water here locking you up in this area. Be aware of that! 
*:> You start in an extremely small room with only a pit before you 
    = All you can do is jump down, but draw you guns as you fall down, as 
      there's a rat to kill down here 
    = The center block in the North wall can be push. Push it twice. 
    = Now push it to the east so it's located under the switch 
    = Climb the block and flip the switch 
    = Two rats will be released. Kill them. 
    = Go to the door they cam from to claim a medipack 
    = Now you can drop down in the trap door next to the pushblock to get 
      yourself into the main section 
    = If you go North you'll arrive in the main hall of this level 
*:> = Now before anything else, mind the two crocodiles in the pool below. 
      Kill them. If you need to go over all the catwalks to make that 
      happen than do so. Once they are both dead, go back to the entrance 
      spot of this hall 
    = Any rat down below you can kill is one who can't haunt you later, so 
      it never hurts to do so. 
    = From the entrance jump to the catwalk to the east and kill the rat 
      you'll activate in the process 
    = You can see a grab-edge here. Grab it and move all the way East (left 
      from Lara's point of view). 
    = When you are above a small platform with some shotgun shells on it, 
      release (and take the shells if you want to). 
    = Now grab the East wall and move North (which is from Lara's point of 
      view once again: Left) 
    = As soon as you can pull yourself up, do so! 
    = Turn South and pull yourself up 
    = And follow this platform/catwalk/whatever 
    = Claim the rusty key 
    = Drop off North and land onto the platform below and go back to the 
      position where you entered this room 
    = Hop over to the platform North of you and turn to the West 
    = Use the run-grab-jump to reach the door 
    = Use the key to open the lock and enter the room the door leads to. 
Sub-Section #1 
*:> This method can cost you two small medipacks and you cannot afford to 
    be slow when doing this... Pierre will appear here, and I prefer to 
    KEEP him here, to avoid them appearing on two other spots where he's 
    far more dangerous and as long as you don't fight him, he won't dispawn 
    and thus remain here, but he will still shoot you and kill you if you 
    don't heal in time. Are you up for the challenge? Let's go! 
    = Immediately turn around and pull yourself up 
    = Move as most south as you can 
    = Use long jumps (some with grabbing) to jump over to the next platform 
      about 3 times (and Pierre will spawn while you do so). 
    = On the third wall, "hug" the North wall and jump over and grab the 
      opening on the west and move North as quickly as you can and release 
      as soon as you are in the corridor and get yourself out of Pierre's 
      range. This took some HP, but when you do everything correctly you 
      never need to return here, and Pierre won't spawn elsewhere in the 
      level when you are succesful on this. 
*:> = Make your way down the ramps, but beware of the crocodiles waiting 
      for you below. Kill them... two will be there already a third one is 
      also hidden somewhere. 
    = Go to the NW corner of this room and pull yourself up the blocks 
      there. (Don't think you can out run the crocodiles by doing this... 
      In 95% of the cases that technique fails). 
    = From the highest block jump+grab to the closest platform to the East 
    = Run+jump+grab to the next 
    = Face South 
    = Run+jump to the next platform 
    = Run off south and you should land on the platforms below. 
    = From here you can hang on the east wall and go North and pull 
      yourself up there 
    = Flip the switch 
*:> = Enter the room SLOWLY!!! 
    = Kill the rat who's in the pit 
    = Now due to the low ceiling this easily goes wrong, so SAVE YOUR GAME 
    = Make a run+jump to get over 
    = Go to the most northern spot and drop into the pit here  
    = Kill the other rat 
    = North 
*:> = Drop off ONCE 
    = A rat may come, it can't attack you from here, but you can still kill 
      it, so do it! 
    = Drop off again! 
*:> = Enter the room East 
    = If you make Pierre dispawn before he'll appear here. Take care of 
      him. If you managed my Pierre outrun trick, he won't be here, and you 
      don't have to worry! 
    = DO NOT JUMP INTO THE POOL BEFORE I SAY SO!!! (If you are too hasty 
      and you did outrun Pierre, you'll have to outrun him again, as the 
      only way to get out of the pool is by starting over). 
    = Go up the stairway North of the pool 
    = Pull yourself up on the Eastern platform 
    = Pull yoruself up to the Southern platform 
    = Run to the South Wall 
    = Jump to the West platform 
    = Pull up West 
    = Turn North 
    = Run jump to the next platform and jump to the switch 
    = Flip it 
    = Now make your way down and claim the key 
    = ONCE YOU HAVE THE KEY, jump into the pool 
*:> = Swim into the western tunnel and stick your head above the water as 
      soon as you can. 
    = YOu can climb the western block if you get out of the water, from 
      here you may be able to kill the rat on the platform on the other 
      side of the room. Doing so won't do much good now, but saves trouble 
    = Jump back into the water and hit the tunnel South 
    = Follow this tunnel and eventually you'll end up in the pool in the 
      main room. 
*:> = OPTIONAL: On the west side of the pool is an underwater tunnel which 
      is a secret passage with magnum clips as your prize 
    = Swim to the spot between the two statues on the east side of the pool 
      and get out of the water there 
    = Go to the wall ahead by passing the ramp on the LEFT side 
    = Pull yourself up to the platform left of you 
    = Turn 90 degrees to the Left 
    = Pull yourself onto the block and turn around the full 180 degrees. 
    = Jump and grap to the higher platform. 
Sub-Section #2 
*:> = Hit the stairs in front of you, be careful NOT to fall into the water 
    = If you didn't stick Pierre in the other room like I did, he'll pop up 
    = Jump your way to the east section of the room 
    = Pull the switch 
    = If you want you can climb the blocks here for some extra stuff 
    = Now jump into the water, but be quick as there are two rats down here 
      that you can't fight now. 
*:> = Swim through the tunnel on the EAST side of the basin and follow it. 
    = As soon as you see the water level above, stay under water and go 
      South-West and pull yourself out at the bottom of the stairs 
    = If you want you can kill the rats in the water, but if you do well 
      you don't need to return here, so there's not much to gain from it. 
*:> = Up the stairs 
    = At the end turn North and jump to the platform there 
    = Hug the North wall 
    = Jump to the platform to the west from here 
    = Claim the key 
    = Just before the edge turn around backjump and grab the edge 
    = Move all the way west and release once you are above the ramp and 
      you'll slide down. 
    = You'll end up back in the main hall, but you'll notice that the water 
      level has increased. Also note a third crocodile now swims around in 
      the water as well, so if you see it get out of the water and kill it! 
*:> = Swim your way to the western part of the water and go to the most 
      northern locked door on the west side. 
    = Unlock it with the rusty key 
    = Jump in the water pit behind it. (DON'T JUMP IN IF THERE'S NO WATER, 
Sub-Section #3 
*:> = Follow the way 
    = A the end claim the small medipack and the key and a door will open 
    = Swim through it and you'll be in the main room again 
    = Get above the water to get some air 
Sub-Section #4 
*:> = Now you need to get back under water and you need to go to the lower 
      part and find the tunnel to the North, and swim through this. 
    = Follow the tunnel and go above the water as soon as you can. 
    = OPTIONAL: If you followed my advice so far the rat on the west 
      platform should be dead already. You can now easily get up there, and 
      kill the rat on the other platform and claim your prizes. 
    = Under the eastern platform is a switch, which you can only flip under 
      water. Flip it (no you cannot flip it when you are close to it and 
      your head is still above the water, you must be head underwater as 
      well, sorry) 
    = Stick your head above the water to make sure your oxygen bar is full 
    = Swim all the way to the bottom and hit the tunnel to the West 
    = Follow it and as soon as you can surface do so, to get some oxygen, 
      but don't leave the water 
    = Swim to the North-East section of this room 
    = Dive under and hit the door that's open now 
    = Grab the key and swim all the way back the way you came to get back 
      in the main section 
Final part 
*:> Now that you have to two silver keys and the gold key, we can make our 
    way outta here. 
    = Swim to the way where you can climb up to the balcony to the north of 
      this room 
    = Pull yourself out 
    = Go to the door and use your silver keys to open it. 
    = And again 
    = Enter the room 
    = Turn East 
    = Climb the block and jump over to the platform West 
    = Turn North, you can see the lock there, but watch out as a gorilla 
      will activate as soon as you jump over. Jump over and jump down, and 
      make your way back to the platform in face of the one with the lock. 
    = Kill the gorilla from here. 
    = Now jumpo back to the lock and open it.  
    = DOn't go down yet, two lions may enter the room. Try to kill them 
      from up here or the platform or block you used to get up here. 
    = Go to the next room 
*:> = Run straight to the switch but DO NOT FLIP IT! IT'S A TRAP! 
    = Pull out the block and you'll reveal the exit... Jump in to complete 
      this level. 
*:> OPTIONAL: You can if you like pull the block to the eastern pillar and 
    a bit south from there to reach the upper area to claim some nice 
    prizes (Medipack, magnum clips x2) but that is up to you. 
Greece level 5: Tomb of Tihocan                                Game level 9 
This is where you'll find the second scion, but unlike the Tomb of Qualopec 
where you had a small level with little fights, this is actually a fully 
set up level of which the tomb itself is only a small portion. 
In a basic way this level is basically a follow up of sections, and no real 
subsections, making it quite easy to navigate here. 
At the end of the level you'll find the actual tomb and there you must 
fight Pierre and to kill him at last. The level doesn't end with that, as 
you'll need to steal the scion and a key from his body in order to open the 
door to the exit. 
An important note is you begin this level underwater, and immediate action 
is required or Lara will drown at the start. 
Aside from being the boss at the end of the level, Pierre can also spawn in 
the first blade-trap corridor 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Lion 
    = Rat 
    = Gorilla 
    = Pierre (in the normal manner) 
    = Pierre (as a boss) 
= Take a swim for starters 
*:> If you are not sure were to go, the start position is until you solved 
    this part of the level the ONLY place where you can come out and 
    breathe. Make sure you oxygen bar is full as this will be a demanding 
    = Swim all the way to the bottom 
    = Hit the tunnel South (the only way to go actually 
    = At the very end go down (ignore the wider area... The water level is 
      heigher than the ceiling so you can't breathe here... At least not 
    = At the bottom go North and hit the switch 
    = Now swim back up and now you can come out of the water in the "wider 
    = Pull yourself out on the East side 
    = Hit the switch 
    = Pass through the door that opens, but beware, there's a crocodile 
      there waiting for you. Kill it! 
*:> = Go to the North of this room 
    = Pull yourself up on the blocks on the West 
    = At the end turn South, and yeah, another pull up round 
    = Turn your face to the East 
    = Jump to the LOWER part of the platforms you see there (going to the 
      upper part is rather painful, trust me) and DO NOT RUN for this 
      jump.... You'll get yourself killed if you do!!! 
    = Jump for the platform in the corner 
    = Jump to the platform North-East of ya 
    = Pull yourself into the alcove in the East Wall 
    = Flip the switch. (This will put the room behind you underwater). 
*:> = Leave the alcove and jump into the water 
    = OPTIONAL: Under the floating block a room with a small medipack has 
      been revealed 
    = Pull yourself onto the floating block and enter the corridor ahead. 
= Underwater speed tunnel 
*:> = Follow the corridor and jump in the pit 
    = Swim to the bottom 
    = Swim to the raster even deeper 
    = Flip the Switch 
    = I advice to swim all the way back now in order to make sure you 
      oxygen bar is at its maximum 
    = Before you dive under make sure you are facing South 
    = Now: Dive and swim all all the way through the tunnel ahead, and 
      yeah, you will go pretty fast as the stream pushes you too, but 
      despite that you need to swim. 
    = As soon as you reach the other side, stick your head out of the 
*:> = Pull yourself out of the water, but beware, there is a rat here. Kill 
      it as soon as you can. 
    = Stand next to the push block on the West side 
    = Pull it 
    = Get on the other side of the block and push it 
    = Use the block to get out of this pit 
*:> = North 
    = Take the way to the east up the blocks 
    = At the end: pull up South 
*:> OPTIONAL:   
    = Pull up West   
    = Directly North is a tunnel. Try to jump to it, but beware, Pierre 
      will appear to bother you! This is a very terrible place to fight 
      him, but rest assured, this is the very last time you'll encounter 
      him before he appears as a boss at the end of this level. 
    = Follow the corridor, but mind the blade trap, as it's pretty lethal 
    = Shortly after the blade trap is a pit. Jump down and kill the 
      crocodile down there. 
    = Well pick up the treasure 
    = There are 3 tiles here with grey stone edges. Step on all of them in 
      random order and a door will open 
    = Hit that door, it counts as a secret passage 
    = Now this is a challenge, go stand in North center of the room and 
      face West. 
    = Now jump onto the slide and jump again (Lara automatically backflips) 
      and jump again each time you land on a slide until you reach the 
      platform with your prizes (you need to grab that last platform, btw) 
    = CHEESY METHOD: Once you jump to the first slide, if you have 
      positioned Lara well, just hold Alt and Ctrl, and you can't fail, if 
      you do fail, then your were mispositioned and would have failed 
      anyway. :P 
    = Take the prizes: Medipack + Shotgun shells 
    = And now go all the way back you came until you are back in the room 
      where you came out of the water before. (and don't forget the blade 
*:> = You need to get to the SE platform (you can reach it from the 
      optional part by jumping and if you skipped it by pulling up) 
    = Jump over to the West platform 
    = Go to the edge to the North but beware the axe trap and quickly make 
      the back jump to do the running jump to the tunnel ahead.  
    = If you are not an expierenced player do expect to get hurt, as it's 
      impossible to escape that unless you are experienced enough to have a 
      proper feeling for timing in this game. 
    = Follow the corridor BUT WATCH OUT OR YOU'LL FALL DOWN GETTING 
*:> = Hang on the edge, and move all the way to the right and pull yourself 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Flip the Switch (the room below will fill with water) 
    = Go back and fall into the water 
    = Swim to the South section of the room and stick your head out of the 
      water there 
    = Pull up in the sideway and kill the rat (if it doesn't active rigth 
      away, move closer. You cannot kill unactivated enemies). 
    = Jump into the water ahead and follow the tunnel and come out as soon 
      as you can 
= Monkey Business Platform 
*:> = WATCH OUT! You may be greeted by a lion here. Kill it! 
    = Turn North 
    = You see two passages on each side of the room, right? Take one of 
      them, doesn't matter which one as they both end up at the same spot 
    = Flip the switch and go back to the room with the spikes 
    = Turn to the North wall 
    = Pull yourself up on the higher block in the center part 
    = Turn around and kill the two gorillas there. Don't hurry this, make 
      sure they are both dead before you move on!!!! 
    = Jump+grab+pull yourself up the gorilla platform 
    = Now DO NOT JUMP TO THE DOOR! You'll fall onto the spikes and get 
    = Jump and grab to the small gap in the wall LEFT OF IT. 
    = Hang and move right and pull up and NOW you hit the door! 
    = Claim the medipack and the gold key 
    = Leave the room and make sure you JUMP either ONTO or OVER the gorilla 
      platform (or meet your doom on the spikes). 
    = Go to the spot from where you shot the gorillas and move to the next 
      room from here 
*:> = Put the gold key in the lock, although you'll hear the secret passage 
      jingle this does NOT count as a secret passage. 
    = Hop your way over the water with the floating blocks 
    = And go to the next room 
= The four pushblock tiles 
*:> If you take a look around you see a door with two locks, well I guess 
    it's obvious that door is your target of this place. There is a push 
    block with four tiles with text on it. Pushing the block onto those 
    tiles will open one of the doors. I'll label those tiles NE, NW, SE, 
    and SW based on their directions of the wind directions. 
     Now, NW and SE will open doors with enemies as a kind of trap. NW will 
    open a door releasing a bunch of rats and SE will release a gorilla. 
    The other two tiles will lead to a key, but the road is trapped. 
*:> = With the block moved onto NE, the door to the east will open. Jump to 
      it and pull yourself up 
    = Enter the room, but beware of the blade trap at the beginning 
    = Claim the medipack and the key 
    = Go back to the main room, but beware of the blade trap 
    = Jump onto the push block 
*:> = While were were busy a gorilla was released into this room. Kill it 
      from up here, as long as you are on the block it can't hurt you. 
*:> = With the block on the SW tile, the door will open to North on the 
      west part of the North wall 
    = When you move on two boulders will roll, the only way to escape them 
      is a backflip or a quick jump forward to the keys. Be quick or be 
    = Claim the key 
*:> = Go to the two lock door and unlock both locks 
    = And take the slide behind the door (This is a point of no-return. You 
      can't go back once you continue). 
= Subterranean lake 
*:> = Swim forward and find the closest shore. There's a crocodile in the 
      water. Kill it as soon as you are out. 
    = You should be on a grey platform now, hit the Eastern Cave from here 
    = Turn South 
    = Climb the rocks ahead 
    = Move on and another climb up 
    = Move on and slide down 
*:> = Go up the ramp and WALK west till the end 
    = Back jump and make a running jump to the other side of the gap 
    = Climb up to the switch and flip it (you'll see an underwater door 
    = Jump into the water  
    = Swim into the tunnel to the South (Hard to spot if you don't know 
      where it is). 
    = Follow the tunnel until you arrive in a lake, and come above the 
      water here. 
    = You can see the entrance to the Tomb of Tihocan here to the west, but 
      as its locked you cannot enter it now. 
    = Swim to the North side of the tomb 
    = Now this is hard to describe, but under the tomb is the way to the 
      door you opened before, find it and swim through it 
    = Once there get out of the water and flip the switch and the entrance 
      to the tomb will open. 
    = Jump back into the water and go back to the front side of the tomb, 
      but wait before you get out of the water. 
= Tomb of Tihocan 
*:> = What you should know is that the statues next to the entrance can 
      come alive as soon as you approach and they can be very very nasty. I 
      say, INGORE them and hit the entrance, that's the way you can get 
      through with the least of wounds. 
    = Follow the corridor and meet Pierre for the final confrontation. 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Pierre Dupont                           Il est une petite baguette de merde 
Difficulty: Nasty 
He's not that hard, and basically the technique is the same as before with 
the big difference he won't run away to dispawn this time, so this time you 
can kill him. Jump around a lot to dodge and shoot like crazy. If you have 
the magnums, now is the time to use them. 
*:> = Once Pierre is dead steal his stuff, and you'll get a gold key, a 
      pair of magnums and the second part of the Scion. 
    = Turn to the North 
    = Climb up to one of the higher stones in one of the corners on the 
      North side of the "altar" 
    = From there climb to the higher platform North 
    = Use the key to open the lock 
    = Claim the medipack up here 
    = Cross the room and hit the door 
    = And that completes this level and the entire Greece section. 
In Egypt things will go a little bit different. The puzzles require more 
thinking and can be more deadly on failure, so save frequently as you'll 
die frequently. 
Furthermore, this section is filled with Atlantean Mutants, in the first 
two levels often disguised as mummies. There are real killers and some of 
them can even shoot at you making them more dangerous. When they die 
they'll explode and when you stand too close to them when that happens you 
will get hurt, or you may even get killed if your HP was too low. The hard 
part is about to begin, so to speak. 
In the third level, you will aside from the boss only meet Atlantean 
Mutants. On the bright side, from that level on, you also won't find 
enemies underwater anymore, but you will find crocodiles in the pools in 
the first two levels. 
Egypt level 1: The City of Khamoon                            Game level 10 
The lay-out is not that odd, aside from Egyptian drawings and hyroglyphs 
all over the place. There are only a few Atlanteans here, but they can be 
located on tricky places. 
Most of this level is pretty straight-forward, although it does contain a 
few puzzles that might cause you headaches. 
At least it's a good thing Pierre is dead now, and you won't get anybody 
here as his replacement to bug you, and be greatful about that, I tell ya! 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Black Panther 
    = Crocodile 
    = Atlanthean Soldier (Disguised as a mummy) 
*:> Secrets I found: 1 of 3 
*:> = Move forward, but watch out as there's a gap down ahead, and you 
      don't want to fall in (and don't even THINK you can make it to the 
      other side by jumping). 
    = As soon as you reached the pit, turn around 
    = Jump off backwards and grab the edge 
    = Release and immediately grab again, and you'll grab a smaller edge 
      down below (If you are unsure, SAVE before you try going down) 
    = While hanging go all the way to the right and release as soon as you 
      are just above the ground 
    = Flip the Switch 
    = Go back to the main room, and grab the edge (of the platform you're 
      on) in order to go down, in order to get down unhurt 
    = Go through the door and pull the block TWICE 
    = Climb it 
    = Now move the other block until it hits the wall with the hieroglyphs 
    = OPTIONAL: YOu can pull the block in the gap some more gain some extra 
      prizes: Small Medipack + Magnum clips 
    = Climb the block against the hieroglyph wall and climb that wall 
    = Grab the edge above, move a bit to the right and pull yourself up 
*:> = Draw your shotgun and kill the Black Panther 
    = OPTIONAL: If you climb the doorway you came from you can claim a 
      small medipack and a set of magnum clips 
    = Before you continue, don't go down to the area with the Sphinx just 
    = When you are facing the Sphinx from up here, mind the block to the 
      west and climb it 
    = Draw you PISTOLS from here and walk to the Edge but do NOT go down 
    = Wait awhile and an Atlanthean (disguised as a mummy) will appear. 
      Keep shooting it until it explodes 
    = NOW we can go down to the Sphinx. 
*:> = Go to the movable block between the legs of the Sphinx but do not 
      MOVE IT YET! 
    = Climb it 
    = Pull yourself up to the platform under the head of the Sphinx 
    = Turn to the left shoulder (left from the Sphinx' point of view). 
    = Now hang on the SIDE of the Sphinx from here, and move all the way 
    = and pull yourself up 
    = Pull yourself up to the area behind the head 
    = Claim the shotgun shells 
    = An alcove in the backside of the head hides a key. Take it. 
    = And make your way back to the ground 
    = Go back to the area between the Sphinx' legs 
    = Now pull the block and enter the area you reveal this way 
*:> = Use the key to open the door 
    = Pass through it 
*:> = Now go up anywhere you can as soon as you can and proceed North up 
      here. Kill the Black Panther from up here (requires patience as it 
      runs away a lot and it can take time before it comes back). 
    = Go West 
    = At the end go into the corridor North, but beware a panther awaits 
      you there. There's no shame from running away from it and killing it 
      from a SAFE spot 
    = Go around the corner and pass under the bridge to the next area 
*:> = Before you go down, beware of the crocodile. Kill it 
    = Move on to the pool 
    = One warning: There is a crocodile in there, but it won't come until 
      you are halfway, so it's no use to wait for it now. 
    = Jump in and hit the tunnel North 
    = Hit the switch (this will also release the crocodile) and swim on to 
      the next room 
*:> = Get out of the water a.s.a.p. 
    = If you want you can still kill the crocodile, but as you don't have 
      to go into that pool again, it's not needed. 
    = Go to the South-East portion of the lower center platform, and from 
      here pull yourself up to the next level of platforms 
    = Go to the movable block and move it to the East twice 
    = Climb it and turn North 
    = Jump and grab the upper platform and pull yourself up 
    = Enter the room 
*:> = Go to the highest spot and turn face-South 
    = Jump and pull up to the upper platform from here (you won't see it 
      unless you know how to play with the camera, but there's a platform 
      up there). 
    = Hit the switch and you'll hear some noise. 
    = Go back to the room with the pool 
*:> = Jump back to the movable block 
    = Jump off it to the West 
    = Push the block to the East TWICE 
    = Pull it South once and then push it South once 
    = Climb it and turn to the South 
    = Make a run-jump-grab to get onto the higher platform against the 
      South Wall 
    = Push the block that's up here TWICE 
    = First enter the room to the left of you 
*:> = Flip the Switch and go back to the push block 
*:> = Climb it 
    = Get onto the center platform (under the trapdoor) 
    = Pull yourself up through the trapdoor 
*:> = A block in the NW corner of this room has a switch flip it 
    = Now make sure you are full HP as you WILL get hurt a little 
    = Hang on the West edge and move under the white thing... whatever it 
    = Drop down from here (counts as a secret passage) 
*:> = Claim the Uzi-Clips 
    = Move a bit above the ramp that comes out here. 
    = Hang on the edge, but wait until the  boulder has passed (unless you 
      triggered that boulder to come down earlier that is) and release 
    = Go to to the cat statue 
    = Make your way down from here 
*:> = When you are all the way down, go South into the corridor 
    = Hit the pit 
    = When you get into a bigger room, kill the two black panthers in the 
      lower area. They can't reach you, so just use your pistols to do it. 
    = In the alcove beside the way you came is a switch. Flip it. This 
      opens a trapdoor above, providing light and a way out, well out of 
      your reach for now, but still. 
      MAKE IT. 
    = Go to the lower area and use your shotgun to kill the panthers that 
      will be released. No other way to do this, I'm sorry! 
    = The room from which the panters came has a medipack. Take it! You've 
      earned it! 
    = Go to the South, and climb the block 
    = Climb to the platform with the wooden bridge 
    = OPTIIONAL: You can, if you desire walk to the center platform an two 
      more panthers will appear to be killed (they can't reach you up here) 
      and the room they came from has a small medipack. 
*:> = Enter the corridor, but beware, you WILL be ambushed by an 
      Atlanthean, and there's no way to outrun it to a safe spot, you must 
      confront it directly. 
    = South west of the big room where the Atlantean was, is a corridor you 
      can climb into. Do so! 
    = Follow the entire way up 
*:> = You'll arrive in a room with a sand hill. Climb that sandhill 
    = And hit the passage up there 
    = Looking East you'll see a place you've been before, but now on a 
      higher level. Hop your way over it and hit the switch at the end 
    = And now hop all the way back 
    = CAREFUL NOW! When you walk back the way you came you'll see the sand 
      hill has disappeared and that a trapdoor opened below. JUMP OVER 
    = Climb the block a the North wall and claim the key 
    = Now go down the trapdoor 
*:> = Make your way to the highest point of the hill, but watch out, as 
      many spots can make you slide down forcing you to start over 
    = Hit the South door 
*:> = Open the doors with the keys 
    = Hit the door to complete this level 
Egypt level 2: Obelisk of Khamoon                             Game level 11 
The object here is to get 4 holy symbols, after that you'll get back in the 
Sphynx area you saw in the previous level where you can offer these symbols 
to open the gate to the next level. 
Although all symbols are in the same room, each require a different task to 
get unlocked. 
There is a pre-symbol area, and the main area, and the 'back to the sphynx' 
area... I'll basically handle this level like that, but the 2nd area in 
particular has many subsections. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Black Panther 
    = Crocodile 
    = Atlanthean Soldier (disguised as a mummy) 
*:> Secrets I found: 2 or 3 
= Pre-main task 
*:> = Move on and go around the corner 
    = Pull yourself up the soutern platform 
    = All the way West 
    = Hit the corridor South 
*:> A the end turn right and enter the room 
*:> = Face South 
    = Pull the Eastern (left) block from the south wall and move it to the 
      doorway in the North wall (the door is closed now, but that is a 
      later issue) 
    = The place where the block once stood is a passageway into a pool, 
      jump in, but beware of the crocodile 
    = Swim to the next room, and come out of the water so you can kill it 
      (there's nothing up there, but at least this allows you to kill the 
      crocodile, and that is worth something). 
*:> = Go to the South-East of this room and dive here 
    = Somewhere in the structure that holds up the middle platform is a 
      key. Take it! 
    = Swim back through the tunnel North to get back in the room of the 
      push blocks 
*:> = Go back to the corridor 
*:> = Unlock the door and go back to the push-block room 
= Main task 
*:> = The door you placed a block under earlier is now open. Hit it 
*:> = Go through the corridor to the next room 
    = But beware, an Atlanthean awaits you there. Kill it! 
    = Cross the room and you'll see two passages at each side of the North 
      wall. Step into the one on the left and flip the switch 
    = Now hit the other passage 
*:> = Cross the bridge to claim the first holy symbol: Eye of Horus 
    = Dive in the pool below 
    = Swim to the South-West corner 
    = Climb out South and hit the passage 
*:> = Before you enter the next room, kill the two panthers in there. They 
      cannot hurt you as long as you don't leave the corridor 
    = Now enter the room 
    = Go to the west and climb to the highest point to the "stage" that's 
    = Now this is tricky as you need to climb up the block south, but it's 
      hard to get Lara in the proper position. With turning her angle you 
      can "cheat" a little to get this right. 
    = Run-Jump to the block North 
    = Run-Jump-Grab to the higher platform South 
    = Pull up to the platform up in the corner 
    = Turn left and you'll see the next platform. Jump to it 
    = And jump to the next platform. 
    = Turn left (North), Jump to the next platform (high). 
    = Walk to the piece of furniture 
    = You need to jump to the South platform from here, but that furniture 
      is in the way, but it is doable. 
    = You can see it... Pull up to the next platform 
    = Jump over to the next platform to the South 
    = Walk over this platform and go to the platform above. Here too it can 
      be hard to position Lara properly. 
*:> = And as soon as you're up there an Atlanthean will activate. Kill it! 
    = Go up the stairs 
    = Enter the room above 
    = In the west part of the room is a pit. Fall into it. 
*:> = Slide down 
    = At the west side are upper alcoves. Climb up there. 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Before you go back down, kill the black panther below. 
    = The slide transformed into a stairway. Go up 
    = In the middle you can find shotgun shells. Jump to them, grab them 
      and jump back 
    = As soon as you can reach the platform jump onto it (I hope you get 
      me, as this is hard to explain). 
    = Hit the doorway under the stairway 
*:> = Ignore the up bridge and go upstairs 
    = Hit the switch 
    = Go to the platform on the opposite site of the switch 
    = Hit the north doorway 
*:> = Turn left 
    = Don't up at the far end, but go down in stead. As soon as you hit the 
      ground, pull yourself up as two Atlantheans will pop up, but you'll 
      be out of their reach. HAHA!  
    = Kill them. 
    = Go all the way up (you needed to kill these two to spare yourself a 
      lot of pain later). 
    = At the south wall, turn right and grab the upper edge, but do not 
      pull up, but move right in stead 
    = As soon as you can pull yourself up after moving right, do so 
    = If you can manage to pull yourself another level up, do so 
    = Hit the doorway West (this counts as a secret passage) 
    = Claim the Medipack and the magnum clips 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Once back in the hall jump over to the platform ahead 
    = OPTIONAL: You can go ahead over the platforms to get the shotgun 
      shells, but after you get the shells get back here. 
    = Turn the camera to see the area below against the wall with a passage 
      with it. Go to this platform, but IGNORE THE PASSAGE! 
    = Face North, and jump back to grab the edge 
    = Release and grab the lower edge 
    = Move right and as soon as you can pull up DON'T do so, but release in 
    = Face East 
    = Jump backward and grab the edge 
    = As soon as you are above the platform release 
    = Turn around to the West 
    = Run+Jump+Grab to the platform ahead 
    = Hit the doorway South 
*:> = Hit the switch 
    = Go back to the previous room 
*:> = Go down (grab the edge and release to do this without getting hurt). 
    = Well this was why you had to go down before to kill the Atlantheans 
      as they'd kill you now if you didn't kill them ebfore. 
    = To the west section 
    = Climb all the way up and go back to the room with the four bridges 
*:> = Cross the bridge and claim the next holy object: Scarab 
    = Go back to the switch in this room (DO NOT TOUCH IT) 
    = From there go South 
    = Hit the doorway to the left 
*:> = ALl the way up the stairs 
    = Turn right 
    = Jump to the edge and move all the way right and release when you 
      reached the end. 
    = Go around the wall and drop off on the East side of this platform 
      (you'll make it... it's not as deep as it looks). 
    = Hit the doorway west 
*:> = Flip the switch 
    = Go back to the previous room 
*:> = North upstairs 
    = There's a gap above you, but above is an Atlanthean. Safest way to 
      kill, jump from here and keep shooting. Looks ridiculous and takes 
      time, but it works 
    = Now pull yourself up 
*:> = Go West 
    = Flip the Switch 
    = Claim the small medipack behind the white object 
    = DO NOT TRY TO JUMP DOWN. It's too early for that, and besides, you'll 
      likely won't survive the fall anyway, unless you make a perfect aim 
      for the water. 
    = Hit the switch on the South Wall 
    = Hit the door 
*:> = Take the stairway down 
    = Head a tiny bit North 
    = Hit the Switch 
    = OPTIONAL: You can hit the balcony below and claim a few prizes, you 
      must pull up to the switch after that to get out. 
    = Go over the green platform past the three pillars 
    = Here is a litte extra platform to the North 
    = With a running jump you can reach the top of the pillar in the middle 
      (counts as secret) 
    = Take the small medipack and the uzi clips 
    = If you are not concerned about your HP bar you can drop of on the 
      south side, but I warn you, you will get hurt. If you are, then jump 
      into the water and you can go to the doorway in the push-block room 
      to get up to the four bridges. Your choice. 
    = You can jump over the bridges to claim the last two holy symbols: 
      Ankh & Seal of Anubis 
    = You'll see an underwater door open 
    = Dive 
    = Swim to the North side of the pillar in the pool 
    = Stick your head above the water to take a deep breath 
    = Dive and hit the door 
= Post-Main Task 
*:> = Swim through the tunnel, although the alcoves have prizes, you can 
      best ignore them if you are not an experienced player, as it can 
      cause you to drown to hunt for them (tunnel leads North) 
    = Around the corners and when you can stick your head out of the water, 
      do so before grabbing the prizes at the bottom here. Always best to 
      do this with full oxygen bars, eh? 
*:> = Now there is an Atlanthean here. Good news, it can't hurt you as long 
      as you are in the water. The bad news, neither can you hurt it, as 
      long as you are in the water. Try to get out of the water as far away 
      from your foe as you can and shoot it! (If it comes too close, jump 
      into the water, and look for another opening). 
    = Go to the North East corner of the room 
    = Pull up North 
*:> = (If you look through the fence left of you, you should see a familiar 
    = At the end of this "corridor" wait, and kill the Atlanthean. It can't 
      hurt you from here. 
    = Now enter the room, and head east and pull yourself up 
    = Continue North 
*:> Now you'll end up in the room where you also passed through in the 
    previous level. The room with the Sphinx. 
    = Go to the pool next to the Sphinx 
    = Put in the holy symbols on their rightful position in the pillar in 
      the middle of the pool (you don't have to swim) 
    = The door to the next level will open. Hit it! 
Egypt level 3: Sanctuary of the Scion                         Game level 12 
This level has really gottena lot of attention. 
1:> The first area is just the entrance, and not noteworthy 
2:> The second area is a giantic room in which a gigantic sphynx statue is 
    located. On the head of the sphynx are two locks requiring an ankh. 
    Getting those ankhs to open these locks will open the gate between the 
    sphynx' legs granting passage to area 3 
3:> The third area is a large pool in which two gigantic statues (of Anubis 
    and Horus respectively) are completely submerged. You need to watch 
    your oxygen meter well here, as you'll need to dive deep and if you are 
    not minding that meter you are sure to drown. The main object here is 
    to open the gate between Horus' legs to get through to the next part. 
4:> Part 4 is just a very large corridor leading up, at the end you'll find 
    a scarab, and then the doors to the entrance hall will open. Three 
    Atlanteans who weren't here before will await you here though. 
5:> Part 5 is the final part, here you'll meet Larsson again, and this time 
    you can kill him, although he's technically a pseudo boss. After 
    dealing with Larsson you can grab the Scion and complete this section. 
There are no more wild animals around. Only Atlantheans with the only 
exception for the boss. The number of enemies is also lower than you may be 
used to, as this is rather a puzzle level than a fighting level, however, 
the Atlantheans can be very very bothersome so the fights you'll have can 
be hard. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Atlanthean Soldier 
    = Atlanthean Flyer 
    = Atlanthean Centaur 
    = Larsson (Boss) 
*:> Secrets I found: 1 or 1 
= Part I: Entrance 
*:> = Just move forward 
    = As you move on, you'll meet two Atlantheans. Kill them! 
    = Move on 
    = At the very end climb you way all the way up until you end up on the 
      back of the giant sphynx 
= Part II: The gigantic sphynx 
*:> = Seek the SOUTH side of the sphynx and slide your way down 
    = Go to the front of the sphynx and kill the Atlanthean who comes to 
      bother you. (Watch out! It can shoot!) 
    = Go to the North side of the sphynx (when you look the sphynx in the 
      eye, that's to your left) 
    = Do not hit the passage beside the sphynx, but go to the corner where 
      the passage begins and turn North 
    = Climb the block close to the wall on your right 
     Okay, now the fun begins. Save frequently as you may DIE frequently 
    (or otherwise may frequently have to start over). 
     I'm not gonna explain every jump technique, as you could NEVER have 
    made it this far if you don't know how to do your jumps! 
    = Jump to the block at the North wall (you have to jump, the area 
      around it will make you slide down). 
    = Pull up West 
    = Jump onto the pillar West 
    = Turn South-East 
    = Jump to the pillar in front of ya 
    = Pull up West 
    = To the Wall 
    = North (and beware of the blade trap) 
    = Claim the small medipack 
    = All the way easy, but beware there is a gap just before the switch 
      you'll have to jump over! 
    = Flip the switch, but beware, a flying Atlanthean will spawn. Turn 
      South and shoot it as soon as you can. It's slow, so if you are lucky 
      it will explode before it can reach you, but ONLY if you are lucky. 
    = Now do exactly as I say if you wanna get down quickly and UNHURT 
    = Jump to the medipack. Not a run-jump. A normal jump (or else Lara 
      will jump over it and fall to her death). 
    = CLIMB down on the South side of the platform 
    = When you slide down hold the action button for grabbing. 
    = As soon as you stop moving, release 
     One door open, now for the other door and for getting the first Ankh.  
*:> = Now move to the front of the sphynx 
    = The sphynx itself is right now not important. The wall it's looking 
      to however is. Turn to that wall. 
    = Not far from the left leg of the Sphynx (seen from the sphyx' point 
      of view, so the one on the south side), is a climbing spot on that 
      wall. Go up here   
    = Now it's just hopping all the way to the North until you see a narrow 
      edge left of you, you can grab and hang on. 
    = Do so! 
    = Move right 
    = When you can go no furhter release 
    = Pull up North 
    = Pull up West 
    = And another hopping game all the way to the South (beware of the 
      slides, because hitting those = DEATH!) 
    = Flip the switch and kill the flying Atlanthean who'll spawn by doing 
    = South-East is a platform with shotgun shells, jump to it (and claim 
      the shells) 
    = Make a run-jump-grab to the east and climb up the platform. 
    = And again 
    = Now face North, and you may see some uzis IN THE AIR!!! SAVE BEFORE 
    = Make sure Lara is 100% straight and make a run-jump-grab to grab the 
      invisible platform. 
    = Claim the Uzis (counts as a secret. If you have a full-weapon cheat 
      active, and thus already own the uzis, a pair of uziclips will be 
      here. Claiming them will count as the secret). 
    = Kill the two flying Atlantheans that come your way. (DON'T MOVE. ONLY 
    = Now you need to make a run-jump-grab back the way you came. Make sure 
      you know where the edge is. Remember if you hold switch to walk, Lara 
      will NOT move when that will cause her to fall down. USE THAT 
    = If you fail your jump you may fall down on the platform below and get 
      hurt. Well getting hurt is bothersome, but the platform is not, as 
      that is where we needed to go anyway (you can climb down if you did 
      make the jump and then you won't get hurt). 
    = Now hopping over all the way East while "hugging" the South wall is 
      your next move 
    = In the end turn North and make your way up while hugging the East 
    = And some climbing too 
    = And once on the top, hit the door (at last) 
*:> = Enter the southern passage 
    = Push the block North 
    = Now go to the Northern part 
    = Climb up 
    = The key is in the next room but guarded by an Atlanthean Centaur. 
      Kill it. Beware it's dangerous and shoots fireballs. 
*:> = Once you killed the centaur claim the Ankh (and the small medipack) 
    = Leave this room 
*:> = Make your way down and hit the door 
*:> = Don't worry, there is a quicker way down. 
    = Step of North and have slide and claim the medipack 
    = Turn west and kill the Atlanthean 
    = Drop off west and you're back on the back of the sphynx. 
    = Nothing to do here, so slide off south and make your way to the front 
      of the Sphynx 
*:> = When you look the Spynx in the eye, go to the left side of its leg on 
      the left from Lara's point of view 
    = Follow that leg and NOW we hit the passage there we skipped before. 
    = Hit the door North  
*:> = Turn South and jump back to the take the slide BACKWARDS and grab the 
      edge of it 
    = Move a bit left and release to land onto the platform 
    = Go to the magnum clips (and claim them) 
    = Pull up South 
*:> = Follow the corridor 
    = Take the slide and fall in the water 
    = Claim the key on the bottom of the pool 
    = Find your way out of the water 
*:> = Climb all the way up back to the start of the slide 
    = Slide down and jump on the last moment possible and grab the platform 
      in the middle and pull yourself up. You're gonna hate this as this 
      requires A LOT of practise to do right! 
*:> = Go to the south side of the platform 
    = Use the key to unlock the door behind you 
    = The second Ankh is in the room the door behind you leads to but 
      beware, this one is guarded by an Atlanthean Centaur too, and trying 
      to dodge it fireballs can lead into having to do that slide jump 
      AGAIN, so be careful. 
    = Kill that $)($*)(*@$@*$)@$ 
    = Claim the Ankh 
    = And the small medipack 
    = And jump back into the water 
*:> = Climb out and go back to the previous pool 
    = Dive in 
    = Climb out at the other side 
    = And go back to the room of the sphinx 
*:> = First move to its front 
    = Now go to the SOUTH side of the South leg 
    = When you are near its shoulder you can climb the leg. Do so 
    = Then climb the shoulder 
    = Once you are on the back climb the small block on the north part of 
      the back (on the lowewst part you can just STEP onto it) 
    = Now from the HIGHEST part of the block you can jump to an opening on 
      the backside of the sphynx' head. Do so! 
    = Climb up West 
    = Hit the first Ankh slot and put one of you Ankhs into it 
    = Now go to the other side of the block the slot was in and you can see 
      the other slot on the front side. Hit it and put your other Ankh into 
    = Now don't even think about going back down on the front side of the 
      sphynx. The game won't let ya, and if you manage to do it, you'll 
    = Go back to the back side of the sphynx, and slide down its back on 
      the South side 
    = And make your way to the front of it 
    = Well the door between the legs is open now. Hit it 
= Part III: The submerged statues of Anubis and Horus 
*:> = You'll fall into a pit into the water with two gigantic submerged 
      status. Horus (the hawk head) and Anubis (the jackal head). 
    = If you are not sure go up to make sure you oxygen bar is full 
    = Then swim through the passage between the legs of Anubis (on the 
      right when facing the two status from the front) 
    = Pull the switch next to the door and you'll get sucked to the next 
*:> = Get out of the water here 
    = Climb onto the block with hieroglyhps 
    = Jump to the block North 
    = Jump to the platform East 
    = Follow the road until you slide down 
*:> = Kill the flying Atlanthean 
    = Drop off West 
    = You'll be on the head of Horus now 
    = Slide down North 
    = From here make youre way down and jump into the water 
    = Swim to Anubis (the OTHER statue). 
    = On of of its legs is a switch. Hit it   
    = Pass through the legs of Horus 
= Part IV: The way back to the entrance 
*:> = Get out of the water 
    = Follow the corridor (It's a long way, I tell ya!) 
    = Grab the Sarab at the end 
    = The door will open 
*:> = This will lead you back to the entrance of the level, but two 
      Atlanthean Soldiers and an Atlanthean Centaur will be here now. This 
      is gonna be quite a fight, but best is to kill them all. 
    = Hit the door at the other side of this room 
    = Put the scarab into the slot and the door opens 
    = Hit it 
= Part V: Larsson 
*:> = Claim the medipack + magnum clips 
    = Slide down 
    = There's a room up in the South. Climb to it 
*:> When you enter the room Larsson will attack 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Larsson                                     You don't get my attention now! 
Difficulty: Huh? 
*:> = Just ignore Larsson, fighting him is not worth the trouble and you 
      can complete this level without wasting your efforts (and bullets) on 
    = Hit the stairway west 
    = Take the Scion from the peddestal to complete this level and the 
      entire Egypt section. 
The Atlantis section are three levels, and each of them require attention 
on their own. 
First of all Lara begins this section unarmed, if you are not aware of 
that, it's easy to get killed. 
Each level ends in a cutscene showing some story line. At the end of the 
thrid level you'll meet Jacqueline Natla as the final boss of the game, 
after defeating here you still got to escape Atlantis, doing so will end 
the game. 
Atlantis level 1: Natla's mines                               Game level 13 
Strictly speaking these mines are not part of Atlantis itself, but rather 
the entrance to Atlantis. Oh well, who cares, I'll note this with Atlantis 
First of all, Lara is underwater when you start this level. Get her head 
above the water quickly or she'll drown. 
Second Lara is unarmed (unless you are playing with the unlimited ammo 
cheat) as Natla's goons confiscated her weapons after finishing the 
Egyptian levels.  
The only enemies you'll meet in this place are three pseudo bosses, all 
goons in Natla's service.  
You'll need to get at least your pistols back before facing the first one, 
and that will be the first task. The pistols lie in a portable cabin which 
has been kept up with a crane. You need 3 fuses to power this crane to be 
able to get your pistols back. 
After that you need to get past the first goon (the cowboy) and you can 
steal his magnums if you defeat him. After that a lot of jumping and 
running until you can reach the 2nd pseudo-boss, the skateboard guy, from 
whom you can steal the uzis. After that there is a little puzzling work 
until you reach the last goon from whom you can steal his shotgun. 
After the third good you'll reach a large pyramid and entering it will make 
you enter Atlantis. 
     There is a bug in this level that can force you to take on the entire 
    level unarmed, with the way the bosses are stationed, it's very likely 
    you will not reach Atlantis alive if this bug triggers, unless you use 
     The bug lies in the puzzle with the three fuses. If you save your game 
    when one or two fuses are at their proper positions, but the last one 
    is not, the cabin in which your pistols are located will get in a 
    position that it can never be entered any more. Since dying just causes 
    a "GAME OVER" and does not reset the level, it means you are pretty 
    much stuck, unless you have a savegame file made PRIOR to taking this 
    puzzle on. 
     In other words, once you found one of the three fuses, DON'T USE THEM 
     Although, *if* you magically manage to reach Atlantis unarmed your 
    pistols will be given back to you from the start. As the other weapons 
    Natla's goons confiscated can only be recovered by killing bosses in 
    this level, I guess you'll have to do without them from here on. Either 
    way, don't trigger this bug... ok? 
*:> NOTE: 
     If you have the unlimted weapons/ammo cheat activated, Lara will enter 
    the level fully armed, and that basically means you can skip the entire 
    fuse puzzle and head straight for the Cowboy boss.  
     Since this cheat is activated by immediately starting a new game after 
    finishing the game, you should know this level when you have this cheat 
    activated, unless you used (naughty-naughty) a save game editor. 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Comboy (boss) 
    = Skateboard kid (boss) 
    = Bald man (boss) 
= Pistols 
NOTE: Even if you still have your weapons thanks to your cheat, you'll have 
to do the start of this level for a large part anyway, but I *will* tell 
you when you can skip ahead. 
*:> = Stick your head out of the water if you don't wanna drown  
    = Go to the waterfall to the West 
    = Swim under it and come out of the water 
    = Hey, a secret passage (doesn't count as one, though) 
*:> = Follow the passage and a switch is hidden here. Flip it. 
    = Go back to the water you came from 
*:> = Swim to the boat. (Don't board it) 
    = Get onto the shore here. 
    = Hit the corridor South 
*:> = In the big hall there is a movable block hidden in the southern 
      section. Pull it and climb over it 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Back to the water, and the area behind the waterfall. 
*:> = Follow the corridor. 
    = The door that was closed before, is now open, hit it. 
*:> = Jump over to the platform with the two road barriers on it 
    = Hit the corridor and follow it 
*:> = When you get in the great all Lara will automatically look to the 
      cabin in the air (forcing the camera in that direction), similar to 
      the first important thing to see in the Caves level (you still 
      remember it, doncha. Long time ago we were there, I know). That cabin 
      is where your pistols are stored, but there's still a lot to do 
      before we can get to that, so let's ignore that cabin. There is a 
      medipack below, though. Take it! 
    = Enter the next room 
*:> = There are two cabins here and a push block 
    = Move that push block as close to the cabin North-West as possible 
    = Climb onto that pushblock and jump over to the roof of that cabin 
    = The tile in the corner is loose. Step onto it and fall down with it 
*:> = Follow the corridor and DO NOT FORGET TO FLIP THE SWITCH ON YOUR WAY! 
    = Climb down into the pit at the end (You WILL get hurt, but by 
      climbing down rather than jumping or falling by stepping in, the 
      damage is neglectable) 
    = Go through the room with the hanging cabin and make all the way back 
      to the pool where you started the level 
*:> = Jump into the pull and climb onto the boat 
    = Jump to the East short from the boat 
    = Climb the crate to the North-East 
    = Enter the passage behind it 
*:> You will get in a container room, with containers marked "NATLA" all 
    over the place. 
    = One of the containers is broken. Pull it once, and then push it into 
      the alcove beside it 
    = Another broken container is revealed Pull it twice and then pull it 
      aside to reveal a passage 
    = Enter this passage and flip the switch 
    = All the way back to the water and jump in 
*:> = Climb out on the East shore 
    = Hit the south corridor 
*:> = Hit the doorway where the drill machine's facing to 
    = Push the NATLA-container twice 
    = Hit the corridor ahead 
*:> WARNING! The cowboy's here! If you have the full weapons cheat 
    activated, you can skip the next of this section and read on at the 
    cowbow-boss-section, if you are playing fair, then DO NOT FACE OR EVEN 
    ACTIVATE THE COWBOY. After all you've no way to fight back... yet! 
    = Take the fuse and turn around and hit the corridor!!!!! (any other 
      move may activate the cowboy). 
    = Go back to the room with the NATLA container 
*:> = Climbb it 
    = Face West and climb up 
    = Hit the switch 
    = Don't hate me, but... You gotta go back to the starting pool again, 
      and dive into the water 
*:> = Hit the passage behind the waterfall 
    = Make your way, all the way, to the room with the two cabins 
*:> = Hit the corridor to the South 
    = Follow it until you find the end of a conveyor 
    = Hit the door left of it  
    = Flip the switch  
    = Go back to the end of the conveyor and claim the second fuse 
    = Back to the two cabins room 
*:> = Hit the door West (it will open when you approach it) 
    = Now go over the small gap in front of the barrier 
    = Grab the North edge, but DO NOT PULL UP (OR DIE!) 
    = Move left 
    = Once you are above the "pit" next to the barrier pull up 
    = Run North (mind the gap) and hit the passage West at the end 
      (normally the boulder should NOT begin to roll, but ocasionally it 
      does. Keep that in mind. If it does, it only saves time later, just 
      don't let it kill ya). 
    = Follow the corridor and claim the 3rd fuse 
    = When the corridor gets wider and goes up, beware... There are two 
      boulders ready to kill ya. Activate them and use the corridor you 
      came from to avoid them. 
    = Go all the way up and fall into the pit at the end 
    = Go back to the railway 
    = Pull yourself up the North edge from here and go East and hit the 
      corridor. If the boulder is still there, just grab the edge and move 
      around until it rolls away before pulling up. 
    = Hit the pit at the end and you'll be back in the two cabin room 
    = Go to the room with the hanging cabin 
*:> = Enter the control room 
    = Put in the three fuses (because of the bug, I recommend to save PRIOR 
      to putting in the first one) in their respective slots and the cabin 
      comes down 
    = Enter the cabin to claim your guns 
    = NOTE: You can't draw them the way you used to. Go to your inventory 
      and use your guns from there and Lara draws them. Now use the key to 
      put them away (space) and Lara puts them back in their holsters and 
      everything's back to normal. 
    = Leave the cabin and climb it. (Press jump and then grab and pull up. 
      Due to the strange nature of the cabin this doesn't work completely 
      the way it should. 
    = Hit the corridor behind it, and you'll have a shortcut back to the 
      starting pool 
    = Which you have to jump into for the last time in the game now. 
= Magnums 
*:> = Hit the SW shore and go to the room with the drill 
    = Enter the corridor with the drill and go all the way to the room 
      where you found the first fuse 
    = Move on and the Cowboy will attack you. 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Cowboy                                        Not taken personally, asshole 
Difficulty: Hard 
The cowboy can be hard for two reasons. The pistols are not the ideal 
weapon to find him, and he has quite some HP, and the room is entirely 
filled with firepits that kill you instantly when you step into them. They 
are not that easy to see, and having to jump and dodge his shooting a lot, 
the chance you'll step into them is close to 100%. Personally I always lure 
him all the way back to the NATLA block and take cover from there. Here 
rarely passes that block, but even if he does, fighing in the drill room is 
much easier that in a room filled with fire pits. 
*:> = Claim the magnums from his corpse once you killed him. 
    = Now let's example the room this cowboy was in, and take notice of the 
      gorge with the lava on the bottom. THAT is the next target.... 
= Uzis 
One note, except for the boss, all you did so far was easy.... Now comes 
the "rocky" part of this level :D 
*:> = Go to the South-West of this platform, and close to the firepit you 
      can climb into the gorge and land onto a platform (not onto the 
      black/grey ones. They are slides making you face death in the lava). 
    = Face East 
    = Jump to the next platform from here with a run-jump. It's not as far 
      as it looks. 
    = OPTIONAL: There is a grab-edge North. You can use it and go left to 
      claim a small medipack and come back here 
    = Go to the most northern point you can get by walking 
    = Running jump to the platform East 
    = From here a running jump to the edge East 
    = If you end up on the upper one (there are two), release and regrab so 
      you are now hanging on the lower one 
    = Move right 
    = Release at the end 
*:> Having fun yet? 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Take the slide at the end 
    = Follow the corridor until you reach the lava river 
    = Jump onto the platform in the center of the "lavafall" 
*:> = Face West 
    = WALK to the edge 
    = Run jump to the pillar right 
    = To the center one next 
    = To the right one next 
    = Center 
    = Left one 
    = And to the end 
     You THINK this is hard? Hah! You haven't seen Altantis and the Great 
    Pyramid yet! 
    = Hit the corridor 
*:> = Slide down and don't worry you will NOT fall into the Lava! 
    = Jump to the edge and grab (you only have one go. Failure = DEATH!) 
      and pull up 
    = Continue the way 
*:> You end up in a room packed with TNT crates... YEAH, WE'RE GONNA DO 
    KABOOM!!!!! =D 
    = One of them is broken, that one can be moved. Move it all the way 
      into the corridor to the East until you can push it no furhter 
    = Climb it 
    = Jump into the North corridor 
*:> = Go all the way up. (some platforms are slide and Lara will refuse to 
      climb them, so you gotta slalom a little). 
    = Pull up at the end 
    = Jump over the pit to one of the SIDE platforms. Beware of the slides, 
      as they are lethal 
    = A boulder will come down. If you wait patiently until it stops it, 
      there's no way it can kill you. 
    = Yeah, and now to get into the area the boulder came from. 
    = Follow the corridor ahead 
*:> = When you get in the next room, just follow the platform 
    = Flip the switch and the TNT will explode uncovering the road to the 
      next section, but first.... Yup all the way back you came over that 
      same fire pit you just passed. 
*:> = When you are back at the room where your TNT crate used to be, go 
      east into the corridor that was blocked earlier 
    = NOTE: Some jumping may be required due to some slide times, but it 
      *is* doable 
    = Follow the corridor into the next room, and there is where the next 
      boss can be found. 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Skateboard kid                 Did you replace your taxi with a skateboard? 
Difficulty: Can be hard 
Due to his skateboard he's fast, and he's armed with uzis. Not a good 
combination. The only stronger weapon you got should be the magnums, so use 
those, and jump away a lot and outrun him if he gets too close. Be mindful 
of this room's layout, as the large pit are all killers (filled with lava), 
but this room has a better layout than the one where you fought the cowbow, 
making it easier to void the lava). This is the easiest boss to skip, but 
beware, doing so will make you miss the uzis. 
*:> = Grab the uzis from his body once you killed him 
    = And go to the next room. 
= Shotgun 
*:> The ramp up is trapped with THREE boulders. Trying to void one will set 
    of another... Oh wait, I get it, THAT IS THE WAY TO DO IT! 
    = Hug one of the side walls. One a boulder falls, allow it to come a 
      little closer and jump side ways, and as soon as the other comes jump 
      sideways back, and that takes care of those two. If you are lucky the 
      center one came down too. 
    = Go all the way up, but as soon as you reach the top JUMP BACK 
    = Once that boulder is out of the way, the coast is clear and the hard 
      work is done (except for one more boss) as far as this level is 
    = Follow the corridor and climb up at the end 
    = (If you decided to skip the skateboard kid, this will the point where 
      he can't follow you anymore). 
*:> = From here you can jump onto a platform South (hard to spot due to the 
      textures used in this room). 
    = Jump onto the platform at the West side of the room 
    = Turn East 
    = Above is a platform, jump, grab and climb onto it 
    = Next platform is to the North 
    = Next West 
    = Pull up North 
*:> Now you are inside one of the buildings of Atlantis... You thought it 
    didn't exist, eh? 
    = Push the block South Twice 
    = West 
    = Pull up South 
    = Pull the block in the South wall 
    = Push it West (beside the pit you came from) 
    = Hit the revealed passage 
    = Ignore the door and jump into the pit here in stead 
    = Pull the block in the North wall 
    = Go back up to the previous room 
    = And take the northern pit to go to the room before that. 
    = Push the push block one more time 
    = Hit the switch 
    = And go back to the other door (you remember where it is, doncha?) 
    = Hit the corridor it hid 
    = Push the block 
    = Enter the corridor 
    = Ignore the door (it closes when you get near it) 
    = Hit the switch 
    = All the way back up and then to the door where the switch was 
*:> As soon as you enter the boss will activate.  
    = Say "Cheese"! 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Bald Man                                                        Shotgun guy 
Difficulty: Medium 
Finding a good position can be the hardest part. You can best move to the 
open part ahead and jump around a lot while you shoot with your uzis. His 
shotgun is slow, and that's your ticket to win 
= To Atlantis 
*:> = Take the shotgun from this guy's corpse 
     Time to take a look around. The big doors behind the boss' starting 
    point is the exit to this level and the entrance to Atlantis.  
    = All that's all crap now. Climb to get on top of the doors. 
    = On the left you can see points where you won't slide. Yup, yup, go 
      all the way to the highest non-slide point. 
    = Once there face North 
    = Jump onto the most northern tile and slide all the way down 
    = Enter the side way 
    = Flip the Switch 
    = Go back to the room where the boss was (or still is, even though he's 
    = Stand between the buildings West 
    = Enter the one North 
    = Take the medipack 
    = And the pyramid key 
    = Back to the big gates 
    = Put the key in the slot 
    = Enter Atlantis 
Atlantis level 2: Atlantis                                    Game level 14 
Now this is the most basic level in this section, although this place is 
filled with Atlantean Mutants who'll give you a hard time, and the puzzles 
are pretty lethal too, so SAVE FREQUENTLY! 
The level revolves around a giant shaft and all subsections end up there, 
getting you higher and higher. At the end you'll find the room where Natla 
put the scions to work. Just try to grab them and Natla will interfere 
ending the level. 
Each time you pass the shaft I'll deem it a new part of this level. 
Important to note about this level and the next (and final) level. When you 
see big ball-shaped things on the wall, with red wires connected to it. 
These are pods. In most cases they are harmless as long as the wires do not 
move. If they do, they'll most likely explode when you get close and an 
Atlanthean will break out. As they are all very nasty, you should be aware 
of that. 
Please note that when you are approaching the end, there is a boss fight 
against Doppelgänger, however, this boss is quite an unusual boss, as 
you cannot fight it the regular way, but you need to lure it into a trap in 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Atlanthean Soldier 
    = Atlanthean Flyer 
    = Atlanthean Centaur 
    = Doppelgänger (Boss) 
= Atlantis, part I 
*:> = Move forward 
*:> You'll get a room with six pods 
    = The ones with the moving wires will pop when you approach them. If 
      they do kill the Atlanthean that comes out. 
    = Go to the most southern section of this room 
    = Hit the west door (it opens as soon as you approach it) 
    = All the way upstairs 
*:> = Once up there, take note that the pods below may still explode and 
      release some flyers. Kill them if that happens. And some Atlantheans 
      who cannot fly are smart enough to use the stairway you just used to 
      reach you anyway. 
    = To the West a switch is hidden in the alcove. Flip it! 
    = East 
    = Flip the switch at the end 
    = All the way South 
    = Hit the door East 
*:> = Follow the stairs down 
    = And don't forget the switch on the way 
*:> = When you get back in the big pod hall hit the North Door 
*:> Welcome to the central shaft   
    = CLIMB down, release and grab the edge below 
    = Climb up and hit the corridor (counts as a secret passage) 
= Atlantis, Part II 
*:> = Claim your prizes: Magnum Clips, Uzi Clips and a medipack 
    = And move on 
    = Climb up 
    = Up the ramp 
    = Hit the pit at the end 
    = Turn West 
    = Enter the room ahead 
*:> = Ignore the upper corridor! 
    = Try to grab the edge beside it (on the west wall) 
    = Release and grab the edge of the corridor below 
    = Climb up 
*:> = Hit the corridor 
    = Follow it and make sure you don't miss the switch. (Flip it!) 
    = Claim the Uzi Clips at the end 
    = Jump back into the room, but aim well, or you'll have bath in the 
      magma below, and I'm sure you do not want that :P 
*:> Now listen very carefully! I shall say this only once! 
    = You must jump over to the door to the South, however during the jump 
      the pod below will pop. IGNORE THE ATLANTHEAN. IT'S NOT WORTH THE 
    = Just hit the door ASAP!!! And go around the corner and it can't reach 
      you anymore! 
*:> Now you'll see a timed puzzle. As soon as you flip the underwater 
    switch you only got a very short time to complete the rest of this 
    puzzle. That's why I recommend to do some preparations first to make 
    things a bit easier 
    = Jump into the water 
    = Climb out (there's only one place where you can) and face North 
    = Climb up 
     Now take a look down... You can see those spiked pits? They are meant 
    to assure your death when you fail this, so listen carefully to me. 
     The entire slope ahead is a slide, but you can see the places where 
    you can land. When the timer runs, you need to make your way over, but 
    here's the rub, there are two boulder traps, that will mostly trigger 
    near the spiked pits. As this is hard enough without those boulders, 
    let's let them off first, shall we? 
     Now there are quicker methods to do this, but if you dare to send me 
    hate mail pointing that one, I won't answer since I don't answer 
    hatemail anyway, plus if you are that good you can handle it that way, 
    you didn't need my walkthrough in the first place. I aim for those who 
    are not as good as you are, okay? (You don't wanna know how many posts 
    from arrogant idiots I've received who didn't realize I write these 
    guides for people who do not compare to their level in expertise in the 
    field the guide is about. They may be pretty smart in the field the 
    guide is about, but outside that scope they appear to know even less 
    than Jon Snow). 
    = Jump to the first open spot, and this will trigger the boulder. 
      Immediately jump sideways and you'll slide back into the water. 
      That's one boulder gone 
    = Make your way up again.    
    = Jump to the first open spot again, and as the boulder is gone, no 
      more of those, haha! 
    = Turn to the East 
    = Make a running jump to the east, you'll land on the slide and come 
      down on the openspot triggering boulder #2, quickly make a jump 
      forward again and end up in the water. 
*:> Right, now the preparational work is done. Now for the timed part 
    = Go into the water and the switch is on the South wall 
    = Flip it and swim asap to the platform and climb out 
    = Climb North 
    = To the closest opening in the slide slope. 
    = Run+jump to the East 2x (ends with sliding). 
    = Hit the door 
When this is your first run through the game, do NOT expect this to go well 
in one run. This will require some practise, and saving once the timer has 
begun is pretty senseless. 
Once you reached the door, it will remain open for the rest of your time in 
this level, and should it be closing but you just made it in time, it will 
automatically re-open. This is good to know as you may have to go through 
this door again when you mess up in the next sections. 
*:> = Drop down in the lower area 
    = Climb the middle platforms 
    = Flip the switch on the East Wall 
    = Go back to the platform you begin this room with 
    = And hit the Southern door to the West 
*:> Now beware, if you mess this up you'll fall into the water, and then 
    you'll have to take on the slide puzzle again (this time without a 
    timer) in order to start over, and best is to avoid that. 
    = Hop your way over the platforms. When it comes to jumping you should 
      have the experience by now to know how to do it. 
    = Enter the small corridor and hit the switch 
    = And hop your way back. If you fall into the water, you need to take 
      on the slide puzzle again, but either way is fine as the previous 
      room is now where you must be. 
*:> You'll see that the room is filled with lava and some platforms have 
    = Hop your way over, but beware that failure = death 
    = Hit the doorway at the end 
*:> = Follow the corridor 
    = At the end clumb up! 
    = Hit the water 
*:> = Swim to the next room 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Hit the door 
*:> = Swim up 
    = Get out of the water 
*:> = Walk on and you'll reach the shaft again. (The blade trap will not 
      activate until you are past it. It's to make killing flying 
      Atlantheans harder, but I recommend to ignore them if you can). 
    = I recommend to leave the Uzi Clips be (picking them up can be 
    = Turn west 
    = Jump over to the next platform over there 
    = And it the corridor 
= Atlantis, Part III 
*:> = Hit the water 
    = Swim to the next room 
    = Let's draw this out a little, as this can be a hard one. 

N   X 1 X   X 2 X
^   X           X     
|   X    POOL   X
    X 3 X 4 X 5 X
*:> Please note this map is NOT exact, it's rather a global image. Also 
    note the pods around this room. They can activate on the wrong switch, 
    and when you've come this far, you want to avoid combat as much as 
    = Flip Switch #1 (North-West) 
    = Flip Switch #4 (South-Center) 
    = Flip Switch #5 (South-East) 
    = WARNING! Some pods have activated now and are read to pop, ignore 
    = Jump into the water 
    = Hit the tunnel North and keep swimming North until that is no longer 
*:> = Get out of the water on the North side 
    = Follow the corridor until you reach a flesh colored part 
*:> = Hit the road to the RIGHT 
    = Flip the switch 
*:> There are TWO WAYS to do this. 
*:> CHEAT WAY:  
    = Don't enter the room, but make a back jump and a run+Jump and hold 
      shift and Lara will come in with a roll-over. 
    = Run to the corridor ahead, and you should make it just before the 
      boulder can kill you. (This will block the way back, but you didn't 
      need to go back anymore, anyway). 
    = Move forward and a boulder will come down and block your path. 
    = A push block is there just beside the road the boulder came from. 
      Pull it South once and push it west once 
    = Use the side way 
    = As soon as the flesh walls stop in the corridor go left 
    = Hit the switch to open the door 
    = Cross the room. The boulder is reset and will come down again, but be 
      blocked by the push-block. 
*:> = Follow the corridor to reach the shaft again. 
    = Hit the South West platform and enter the corridor 
= Atlantis, Part IV 
*:> The next room contains two pods. You can be sure at least one of them 
    will pop, and combat cannot be avoided this time.... 
    = Position Lara for the slide just to make sure she'll land on the 
      flesh parts on the other sides when you take the slide 
    = When you are sure, slide down jump over 
    = Hit the corridor ahead 
*:> The flesh bridge 
    = Don't even think about crossing this bridge. That's not possible and 
      not even what you are supposed to do. 
    = Jump into the Northern alcove in stead. Be aware that you may be 
      attacked by an Atlanthean. Kill it! 
    = If you look well you see a platform next to the pod on the North 
      wall, that's your target, but as you can see the wires are moving so 
      it will pop once you jump. Kill the Atlanthean. Finding a good spot 
      to do so can be a challenge. Also note that putting Lara in the right 
      angle is very very hard, and when your angle is wrong => DEATH! 
    = Hit the corridor until you get back in the fleshbridge room 
    = Ignore the monster cries you hear once the flyer in the pod is dead. 
      Those are Atlantheans who cannot hurt you.... YET. 
    = You may see a little edge on the flesh bridge. You can jump onto it. 
      Do so. 
    = It may be possible to fight the Atlantheans there (or at least one of 
      them). Your position is terrible, but that will only get worse, and 
      sooner or later you need to kill them anyway. 
    = You can see a little "sideway" North. Use it to jump onto the South 
    = Hit the Switch to the West 
    = Make your way East (beware of the slides. JUMP OVER THEM!) 
    = Pull the block 
    = Hit the door behind it. 
    = Follow the corridor and beware of the blade trap 
    = Once past it you need to hit the way North. If there are still 
      Atlantheans there KILL THEM! 
     (There is a little "road" to make your jump shorter. Use it, or you'll 
    never make it). 
*:> = North 
    = Around the corner 
    = Climb up 
    = At the end North and there is that shaft again 
*:> = Hit the platform North-East 
    = Hit the corridor East 
= Atlantis, Part V 
*:> = Follow the corridor (the door opens as you approach) 
*:> You'll end up in a room filled with lava and some platforms 
    = Hop to the platform in the North-West corner 
    = Hit the corridor 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Go back to the lava room 
    = Jump back to the entrance of this room 
    = Jump to the East platform against the South wall 
    = To the platform in the center 
    = And well the next platform is obvious. Hit it 
    = Don't JUMP to the corridor North. You'll likely get yourself killed 
    = Drop to the lower platform 
    = Hit the corridor North now 
    = Flip the switch and come back 
    = Jump to the platform left from this corridor (seen from Lara's point 
      of view). 
    = The way should be obvious now, make your way over the platforms to 
      the corridor East and pass through it. 
*:> = When you arrive in a flesh tunnel kill all your foes (sometimes if 
      you are lucky they messed up their position, making you able to hit 
      them, but them unable to hit you. But that is a stroke of luck). 
    = All the way up 
    = Hit the door 
    = Once the door is closed go to the door and climb up to the South 
    = And you'll reach the shaft... Again.... 
    = Hit the platform South-West 
    = Hit the corridor West 
= Atlantis, Part VI 
*:> = Follow the corridor and kill the Atlanthean  
    = When you reach the ramp, BEWARE! It's a trap! So read on. 
    = Tocuh the ramp and a boulder comes down, jump off it when that 
    = Go up the ramp again the blade trap stopped when the boulder came 
*:> Room of the three big thrones.  
     Is this the room from which Qualopec, Tihocan and Natla used to rule? 
    = The big chairs have push blocks, but only the Northern one is really 
      pushable. Push it twice. 
    = Walk on and you'll find a door with two switches. BOTH OF THEM ARE 
      DEATH TRAPS!!!! 
    = Save your game 
    = When you face the door, hit the switch LEFT of the door, the trapdoor 
      will open, fall through, and keep the jump button pressed to make a 
      backflip as soon as you are down below. (This may go a bit clumsy, 
      and go in multiple jumps, but don't release the jump button until you 
      are on safe ground). 
    = Go East 
    = Follow the corridor 
    = Climb up (ignore the sound of arrow traps. They are out of your 
    = Flip the switch 
    = Go on and you'll be back in the throne room again. 
    = The door is open now. Hit it 
*:> Now the pods in the next room will pop as soon as you do anything. You 
    can find, but you can also (heal in time) just hit the switch to move 
    on. The latter open is harder, but will very likely save medipacks 
    = Hit the switch 
    = Hit the slide to the East 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Doppelgänger                                                Bacon Lara 
Difficulty: Easy, if you got the trick 
Before you do anything kill the Atlantheans down here first, but do NOT hit 
the boss, as that will only backfire on you. When only the boss remains, 
put down your weapons and 'she' will do the same. Take a look around the 
room. The boss won't attack you... In fact, she'll just mirror your moves 
exactly the way you do, so don't worry about that. In the South-West on the 
upper platform there's a switch. It opens a fire pit for a short time. The 
trick is to lure the boss into that trap, and if you manage to do so, you 
win this fight. 

Climb onto the center south block
Jump to the South-West 
Now jump to the platform with the Switch, but going Straight North. 
this is a run-jump-grab-pull!
Okay, flip the switch and now you must be 
quick or the trapdoor will close (and beware you don't fall in 
Go to the door and from here jump to the block East with a 
And onto the block North-East
Straight to the platform 
by going North with a run-jump-grab-pull
Stand on the tile where on the 
other side the trapdoor is, and the boss should fall in, opening the door 
to the next section in the process
IMPORTANT NOTE! The boss hasa few bugs and when you trigger them the boss 
won't move anymore. The most important one triggers when you save the game 
once the boss fight has officially begun and load that savegame afterward. 
This bug is not a total catastrophe as you can try to leave the room by the 
side you can in with. Of course Lara will slide back down but it will also 
reset the boss, and that's the ticket to get this done. 
*:> = Go to the platform with the door 
    = Hit it (beware the that trapdoor won't close anymore now) 
*:> = Follow the tunnel but two Atlantheans will await you! Kill them (and 
      with that you won the last combat of this level). 
    = You will see a lava pool with a door. That door is your ticket to 
      exit this level but time is extremely short. 
    = Hit the North side and hit the switch (opens the door), the run to 
      the South side and hit the switch (bridge) 
    = Now run through the door and hopefully you made it it time. 
*:> = Claim the Scion and the level will end. 
Atlantis level 3: The great pyramid                           Game level 15 
This level can be really frustrating. First of all this is the only level 
in the game starting with a boss, and a strong boss at that. He's not as 
hard as you initially may believe, but he can kill you instantly if you let 
your guard down at the wrong moment. 
After this boss is dead, the 'fun' has only just begun. You will then need 
to move through the level through harsh puzzles. 
After that you'll get back in the scion room (basically copying a part of 
the "Atlantis" level") where you must destroy the scion, to end Natla's 
wicked ambitions, but it doesn't end there, after that there is still a 
long way to go with many traps and puzzles and enemies, and randomly you'll 
get earthquakes now for the rest of the game, which is pretty annoying. 
At the end you'll face Natla and once you killed her, you have one last 
jumping task to complete to make your escape and finish the game. 
I warn ya, this level is worthy of a final level! 
*:> Enemies: 
    = Big Atlanthean (Boss) 
    = Atlanthean Soldier 
    = Atlanthean Centaur 
    = Atlanthean Flyer 
    = Jacqueline Natla (Boss) 
*:> Bugs: 
    = Loading a savegame at the beginning of the level will still show the 
      pod the boss came from unpopped, while it did pop when the boss came 
    = If you reach the upper area where the Scion is you will see that the 
      pop did take place.... But when? 
    = When you save after the fire jump has been initiated, and load the 
      savegame the flames will be off and if you don't go back they'll stay 
      that way, making the puzzle even easier. 
= Find and destroy the Scion 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Big Atlanthean                                              Legless Lunatic 
Difficulty: Can be hard unless you know what to do 
This fella is serious business, and you really need to go for this in a 
good manner. Since it can kill you instantly, cheating ain't gonna work 
here. First of all, mind the gap behind you. It is above the shaft the 
previous level revolved around, and you should remember the bottom is 
covered in magma/lava, so if the depth doesn't kill you, the fire will. So 
you must not only watch where you are going as a mistake can make you kill 
yourself, but also beware of the fact that the boss can push you, straight 
into this gap. He can also grab you and 'hug' you to death. Every touch 
with it hurts. Many FAQs note that you can grab the edge of the gap and 
that the boss can't attack you, if you do. That's true, but still this is 
pretty useless as in 95% of the cases it will push you back in the gap as 
soon as you try to climb up (which you eventually must) without chances to 
grab, killing you anyway. As for a strategy, use the Shotgun, and run to 
any opening where the boss is not. Shoot and run away. Keep this up, and 
after approx 20 shots it should die. Please note, this is an Atlanthean 
after all, meaning it will explode upon defeat and this exposion is by far 
more powerful, so make sure you keep a distrance when you see it's about to 
*:> = Claim the Uzi Clips after the boss is dead 
    = Hit the west door and go around the corner 
    = Hit the slide 
*:> Don't be alarmed by the sound of the blade trap. You'll see them once 
    they become an issue, and that will take a tiny bit of time. 
    = Move on down the ramp 
    = Push the block until a ramp up is revealed 
    = Go up this ramp 
    = Around the corner 
    = Push the block 
    = Climb it 
    = Turn South 
    = Jump and climb up to the higher platform 
*:> = Now you can see the blade trap. WALK to it until you reach the loose 
      tile before the blade trap (don't the plate to fall, it might be next 
      to impossible to get over if it does). 
    = Now time it right to run through. (Save before you do) 
*:> = North 
    = At the intersection take the way right and around the corner 
    = Push the block and go back to the intersection 
    = North down the ramp and drop off 
*:> = Climb onto the push block and drop off on the other side 
    = Push the block twice from here 
    = Get get on top of the push block use the side way and take the short 
      walk around 
    = Flip the Switch 
    = North until you reach the lava 
*:> = Turn right 
    = Jump onto the slide to land on the open spot just before the lava 
    = Be as close to the lava as you can and walk to East unitl the slide 
    = Jump over that slide and land on the spot behind it 
    = Another jump like that but this time with a little run 
    = Now jump over the lava to the other side 
    = Enter the corridor but do NOT BE TOO QUICK TO GO AROUND THE CORNER! 
      IT'S A TRAP! 
*:> = Turn you back on the ramp 
    = Make small backjumps until you hear the boulder come down, as soon as 
      that happens run and get out of its way. 
    = NOW you can get up the ramp 
    = Soon you'll find another ramp you need to take on the same way, with 
      the same trap! 
    = Follow the corridor and make the lose tiles at the end fall down 
    = Make sure you are full HP as you WILL get hurt (and can even get 
    = CLIMB down 
*:> = Shoot the Scion to destroy it for once and for all. 
= Find and destroy the last ruler of Atlantis 
Beware of the earthquakes that will now come every now and then. They are 
not lethal. In fact the quakes themselves are harmless, but they can shake 
up the camera and that can sometimes shake up your grip on the game as a 
Not to mention that the more dangerous puzzles also come now. 
*:> Hit the door 
*:> = Ignore the Atlatheans, and drop off the bridge on the South side 
    = Find the sinkhole and allow yourself to fall into it 
*:> = Hang on the East wall and go all the way South while hanging. You 
      WILL get hurt by the arrow traps, as the timing you need to prevent 
      that is absurd, so don't even try. 
    = Release and keep the jump button pressed and Lara will immediately 
      make a backflip to land to "safety". 
    = Hit the passage South 
*:> = Approach the axe swing, and immediately move aside as a boulder will 
      come down then approach it again. 
    = Now the best place to stand is at the wall corner close to that axe 
      (I hope I made sense) 
    = Back jump 
    = Run and jump and if you time it right, you'll get over unhurt. Don't 
      jump when you reach the end, jump sooner or else you'll end up onto 
      the spikes. 
    = Now the best thing to do is to walk slowly through this corridor, as 
      that makes it easier to void the spikes. 
    = Now go as close to the edge as you can on the most Northern spot of 
      the gorge. 
    = Jump onto the loose tiles and immediately jump SIDEWAYS to the right 
      and jump forward. This is the ONLY way to get over. Save first as 
      failure will kill you (or render the game unfinishable). 
    = Walk to the gap ahead 
*:> = The pillars are slides and yeah, haha, you need to get over. Only the 
      lowest one is NOT a slide (the treasure you see ahead is nice, but 
      not worth going for). 
    = You can best use the edge ahead to reach the corridor South 
*:> Yeah, that looks like trouble and yeah to goes like you'll fear. 
    Perfect timing is vital if you wanna be unhurt. 
    = Run on and hit the way with the axe and the boulder DOES come down, 
      and you are on lose tiles so no chance to linger anyway 
    = On the other side, run on South and another boulder comes after you. 
    = You'll now end up on a slide. As soon as you slide down the boulder 
      will roll, but that's no concern at all, make sure you time it right 
      with the axe trap and to jump in time to reach the higher platform 
      ahead (you should not hang, as making sure you'll face capital 
      punishment if you do, is what the boulder is for. You must land on 
      the platform with your feet). 
    = Enter the room West 
*:> = Run (and jump) as fast as you can, and ignore all treasures as lava 
      will flow in and kill you when you didn't make it in time. 
    = Hit the switch to open the door 
    = Enter the corridor behind and walk on until you hear the door close 
*:> = You can the the clips if you want. 
    = Go to the firepit and make sure the boulder above "flies" over you, 
      which will happen if you are close enough to the pit. 
    = Jump over and grab the edge, but DO NOT PULL UP UNTIL THE BOULDER HAS 
      PASSED! Once it has, pull up. (And no runs prior to the jump or 
      you'll make it to the other side in time to get killed). 
    = West 
*:> This fire jump puzzle is not even HALF as hard the one in Midas Palace. 
    If you do get on fire, jump down into the water and swim back to start 
    = Walk to the edge 
    = backjump+run+jump+grab+pull and you won't even get hurt by the fire 
      (at least I didn't). 
    = Normal jump forward and Lara jumps OVER the fire 
    = Walk to the edge 
    = backjump+run+jump+grab+pull and you won't even get hurt by the fire 
      (at least I didn't). 
    = Walk to the next room 
*:> Now you may see a secret passage ahead. Not worth the trouble. 
    = A well timed and aimed run+jump will make you land on the loose tile 
      near the axe. Just allow yourself to fall down, and if you landed 
      well on that tile you'll fall into the water below. 
    = This is the last time you need to swim in the game, swim through this 
    = Get out of the water 
*:> = Take the ammo you find in this alcove, as soon as you leave it, Natla 
      will await you. 
================================== BOSS =================================== 
Jacqueline Natla                                                       
Psychotic bitch 
Difficulty: Medium 
Not that much harder than a regular Atlanthean, and the best part, she 
doesn't explode once killed. This fight has two stages.Stage #1:In this 
stage Natla can fly and throws fireballs. Comparable to a flying Atlanthean 
with a fireball cannon, although she is a bit faster and often opts to fly 
higher making it harder to hit her. Jump to avoid her fireballs and use 
your uzis whenever you can. Eventually she'll fall down and stay lying for 
awhile.Stage #2:After awhile she'll stand up and you know when that is as 
you can hear her voice taunting you one last time. She can then run fast, 
and fire small projectiles at you at a fast rate. You've seen normal 
Atlanteans do the same, so you should know the drill. If you shoot her down 
this time, she'll be killed.NOTE: It *is* possible to move on to the next 
part without killing her, and thus finishing this level and the game 
without killing the final boss. There is still a lot of climbing work, set 
up in a way you'll always get in Natla's reach, and especially when she can 
still fly it is likely she can already have killed you before you can 
finish that, so unless you are seeking a challenge, I recommend against it. 
= Escape from Atlantis 
*:> = Go to the East of the room 
    = A passage is hidden behind some blocks try to reach it and enter it 
    = Follow the passage 
    = At the end jump onto the pillar (from the edge jump+grab) 
    = Turn South 
    = Hop over the pillars to reach the alcove and climb up in there to get 
      into another passage 
    = Follow the passage and climb a few times up on the way 
    = Drop off in the pit at the end (it's not deep, so you won't get hurt) 
    = Look a bit left-straight of you (from Lara's point of view) and 
      you'll see the pillars to hop over to the next alcove. Make your way 
      over and hit that alcolve to climb up. 
    = Follow the passage 
    = Drop off into the pit at the end 
    = Jump to the pillar ahead 
    = Turn east 
    = Jump to the lower platform there 
    = Climb up into the upper passage 
*:> All the hard work has been done now. 
    = Walk ahead 
    = Take the slide to end this level and the entire game! 
Let's cut this section up in two. The regular and the boss enemies. 
Please note, that some bosses can technically be skipped... No matter... 
The only two enemies that can swim are the crocodile and the rat. You 
cannot use your weapons while you are in the water, so if you encounter 
them underwater, all you can do is outswim them and get out of the water 
A.S.A.P and (if needed) kill them from the shore. Good part, if they are in 
the water and you are not, they can't hurt you. 
*:> Atlanthean Centaur 
    = Appears in: Tomb of Tihocan, Sanctuary of the Scion, Atlantis, The 
      Great Pyramid 
    = Not agile, but they can run fast nonetheless and they are very quick 
      to fire fireballs, and they have the most HP of all Anthanthean 
      (non-boss) enemies. Very important to note is that they'll explode 
      when killed and these explosions can hurt and even kill you. 
*:> Atlanthean Flyer 
    = Appears in: Sanctuary of the Scion, Atlantis 
    = They mostly are in the same league as the Soldiers with the extra 
      trait that they can fly. They are by far not as agile in the air as 
      they are on the ground, so use that in your advantage. Very important 
      to note is that they'll explode when killed and these explosions can 
      hurt and even kill you. 
*:> Atlanthean Soldier 
    = Appears in: City of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, Sanctuary of the 
      Scion, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid 
    = They are fast, have a hard bite and are hard to kill. Some of them 
      are even able to shoot small projectiles or fireballs at ya. In the 
      City and Obelisk of Khamoon some of them are disguised as mummies. 
      Very important to note is that they'll explode when killed and these 
      explosions can hurt and even kill you. 
*:> Bat 
    = Appears in: Caves, City of Vilcabamba, St. Francis Folly 
    = The weakest enemies in both attack and defense. They biggest trouble 
      is that they can fly and that they are hard to see. Since they make a 
      lot of squeaking noise, their presense never goes unnoticed, but 
*:> Bear 
    = Appears in: Caves, City of Vilcabamba 
    = They are pretty strong, as you normally only have your pistols at 
      this point, this can really get you. But I personally encountered 
      only three of them in the entire game, but still.... 
*:> Black Panther 
    = Appears in: City of Khamoon, Obelist of Khamoon 
    = Similar to lions 
*:> Crocodile 
    = Appears in: St. Francis Folly, Colloseum, Palace Midas, The Cistern, 
      Tomb of Tihocan, City of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon 
    = Their bite is strong, but their defense is not. They are one of the 
      only two enemies who can swim and as you can't fight underwater, you 
      should be aware of that.    
*:> Gorilla 
    = Appears in: St. Francis Folly, Colloseum, Palace Midas, The Cistern, 
      Tomb of Tihocan (In short, all levels in Greece). 
    = They can take quite a blow, but move pretty slowly and waste a lot of 
      time trying to impress you. They can however make a high jump and 
      that makes that you need bigger heights to get out of their range. 
*:> Lion 
    = Appears in: St. Francis Folly, Colloseum, Palace Midas, The Cistern, 
      Tomb of Tihocan (In short all levels in Greece) 
    = Due to their poor modelling it's hard to tell that these are lions, 
      but they are. Both the male and female variants have been put in, but 
      I never noticed much difference in strength between them. They are 
      fast, vicious and hard to kill. Always try to shoot them from a point 
      where they can't reach you if possible, and if not possible, use your 
*:> Pierre Dupont 
    = Appears in: St. Francis Folly, Colloseum, The Cistern, Tomb of 
    = Strictly speaking a boss, but he runs around in all Greece levels 
      (except Palace Midas) to bother you. When you shoot him a few times 
      he will run to a spot where you can't see him and dispawn. He will be 
      annoying the crap out of you until you meet him as a boss at the end 
      of the Tomb of Tihocan   
*:> Rat 
    = Appears in: Palace Midas, The Cistern, Tomb of Tihocan 
    = Attack and defense is weak, but they are also pretty fast, and you 
      need to take that into account when swimming in areas where they can 
      be found. 
*:> Velociraptor 
    = Appears in: Lost valley, Tomb of Qualopec 
    = Attack and defense strong and they mostly appear in spots where you 
      cannot get out of their reach. Use the pistols if you have enough 
      space to dodge, and the shotgun if you don't. 
*:> Wolf 
    = Appears in: All Peru levels except the tomb itself (Caves, City of 
      Vilcambamba, Lost valley) 
    = These fellows can be bothersome but have little HP, so you can kill 
      them quickly with your pistols. Never use the more advanced weapons 
      like the shotgun, magnums or Uzis on them (unless you have the 
      unlimited weapons cheat on). They are not worth it. You need to be 
      alert though, as when they take you by surprise you are in for a 
      rough ride. 
Please note, some bosses can techincally be skipped. You will still 
encounter them, but if you know what you are doing it can be possible to 
win the game without killing them.... IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! These 
bosses are marked with an asterisk. 
*:> Tyrannosaurus Rex * 
    = Appears in: Lost Valley 
    = It only has one kind of attack, and that attack makes Lara end up as 
      a tasty meal. In other words all attacks are lethal. It is however 
      kinda slow and big and every step causes a little quake effect, so 
      it's hard to miss it. There are many sidecaves in the valley where 
      you can find it, so run in there so it can't follow. Most of them can 
      lead out to places where you can meet it from higher up but where it 
      can't attack you. Use use your pistols to kill it from there. 
*:> Larsson 
    = Appears in: Tomb of Qualopec 
    = The trouble is that you are underwater when he's activated, and 
      (against all laws of physics) he can shoot you while you are still 
      underwater, so that's where you have a kind of a disadvantage. Find a 
      good spot to fight a.s.a.p and get out of the water as quickly as you 
      can and confront him. Jump a lot sideways to dodge his shooting. He 
      won't last long. Please note, you won't kill him, but you can force 
      him to surrender by shooting a lot. Doing so will immediately end 
      this level. 
*:> Pierre Dupont 
    = Appears in: Tomb of Tihocan 
    = "A little late for the prize giving, no? Still, it is the taking part 
      which counts." 
    = This fight is not so different from the fight against Larsson, 
      although he's a little bit quicker than Larsson. Since you already 
      met him countless times during your travels in Greece, you should 
      know what he can do, as this fight mimicks those, except that he 
      won't run away any more. When killed he'll drop the Magnums and the 
      Scion (take them before saving as a bug is there rendering the game 
      unfinisable if you save first and take the Scion later). He also 
      drops the key to the end of the level. 
*:> Larsson * 
    = Appears in: Sanctuary of the Scion 
    = "I still got a pain in my brain from ya. And it gives me some funny 
      ideas, like to shoot you to HELL!" 
    = Same as always, shoot and jump. You can also easily ignore him and 
      run to the Scion... Taking it ends the level immediately. 
*:> Cowboy * 
    = Appears in: Natla's mines 
    = "Ain't nothin' personal." 
    = Technically the fight is the same as against Larson and Pierre, but a 
      few things need to be taken into account. First of all, if you meet 
      him too early, you'll be unarmed and thus be unable to fight back. 
      Also note that the area he's in is swamped with fire pits killing you 
      instantly if you fall in. You can recover your magnums once he's 
      dead, but also take note where he dies (as it did happen to me once, 
      he died on a spot where I could not take the magnums back). I 
      preferred to lure him to the place where I had to push the Natla cube 
      before due to the absense of firepits there. 
*:> Skateboard Guy * 
    = Appears in: Natla's mines 
    = "Are you shooting at me, are you shooting at me! Ain't noone else, so 
      you must be shooting at me!" (A clear pun to Taxi Driver's: "Are you 
      talking to me! Ain't noone else so you must be talking to me!") 
    = Due to his skateboard he's fast and agile and with the uzis he's got 
      the fastest weapons too. You can easily outrun him, but please note 
      that he'll follow you and the rolling boulder trap in the next room 
      won't kill him, although once you are past that trap, you can pull 
      yourself out of the fight and he can't follow there. If you choose to 
      fight him (which can be recommandable when you want your uzis back), 
      try to make good use of the pillars here and keep track of the fact 
      that most of this room is giant lava pit. 
*:> Bald Man * 
    = Appears in: Natla's mines 
    = "Say: Cheese!" 
    = The final boss in Natla's mines, and also the easiest one. No 
      firepits that can kill you instantly and his weapon may be the 
      strongest but is also the slowest, so you can get pretty far by 
      driving him crazy with sideway jumping and shooting him with your 
      uzis or any weapon. Killing him allows you to recover your shotgun. 
*:> Giant Atlanthean 
    = Appears in: The grand pyramid 
    = The level begins with this fight and can be impossible to win if you 
      are not minding well what you are doing. Every time you touch him, 
      you'll get hurt, but the biggest treat lies in the fact he can hug 
      you to death or push you off the edge killing you instantly. Now when 
      being pushed off you may be lucky if you can grab the edge and pull 
      yourself up, but please note that it may easily kill you anyway in 
      the process if you do that. It is however the slowest enemy in the 
      game (including non-bosses) and that's where you have to get your 
      advantage. Run around a lot and try to use your shotgun as much as 
      possible. Since you spend too much time running, the other weapons 
      don't do enough damage and the shotgun might me slow, but as you need 
      to run after every shot you should not care about that. Be carefull 
      once you beat it, as it will, like all other Atlanthean mutants 
      explode once killed and if you are standing close to it when that 
      happens you will get killed in that explosion, and this explosion has 
      a wider range and more power than that of regular Atlantheans. 
*:> Jacqueline Natla * 
    = Appears in: The Grand Pyramid 
    = Stage One: In this stage she's just like a Flying Athlanthean, only 
      faster and harder to outrun. Uzis work best here.  
    = Stage Two: Once defeated in Stage One some seconds will pass and 
      she'll stand up again (saying "You won't get rid of me and my brood 
      so easily, Lara!"). Now she will more act like a Larsson and Pierre 
      did but this time too she's faster, but as she can't fly anymore, 
      easier to outrun and with a lot of jumping work you can defeat her. 
    = Trivia: Now the road to the exit of this level is already open before 
      you can fired ONE SHOT at Natla, however as you do need to do a lot 
      of jumping work over the boss area, the chance is pretty big Natla 
      will already have managed to kill you before you reach that exit 
      (especially when she can still fly), so I don't recommend to try 
      this. I guess for the really "tough guys" it could be a nice 
      challenge to try to reach the exit without killing Natla, as purely 
      technically speaking its possible. 
A few technical notes 
*:> When playing on Mac through DOSBox I recommend to play the game 
    full-screen only. Some key combinations with CTRL you'll easily make 
    are also quick-key-combinations in MacOS, and that can easily lead to 
    constraints in which MacOS takes priority over the game, UNLESS you 
    play in full screen. 
*:> If you insist on playing Windowed on Mac with DOSBox, you can get 
    around this by holding the command key when you press CTRL, however 
    this gives you a severe handicap in situations where you need to be 
    quick, unless of course you reconfigure the keyboard setup. 
*:> In the default settings of DOSBox the game can be too slow. I recommend 
    to pitch up the CPU speed twice (Ctrl-F12) and the FrameSkip twice 
    (Ctrl-F8) and that should do the trick. 
*:> The music tracks and the tracks of ingame story events (FMVs not 
    counted) are in audio tracks on the CD-ROM. Now the music track can be 
    missed but the audio in stories is a bit annoying, isn't it? Just a 
    regular mount as CD-ROm won't help here. Now loads of documentation has 
    been written on how to cover up CD-Audio tracks in DOSBox and one is 
    even more unclear as the other. You'll save yourself a lot of stress by 
    not bothering this issue as the game itself works fine. If somebody can 
    write a good documentation on how to tackle this issue in Windows, Mac 
    AND Linux, specifically set up for this game, I'm all ears ;) 
*:> The bad rendering you may see is not a DOSBox issue. You'll see the 
    same on a real DOS machine (trust me, I used to play this game on a 
    real DOS machine). Back in the day we did not have the 3D graphics 
    cards with its own 3D co-processors that we have today, so the game 
    developers had to improvise. Tomb Raider is one of the first 3rd person 
    3D games, and also one of the first with fully 3D rendered actors, and 
    thus it was kind of expected it wouldn't happen quite flawlessly. 
    Lara's braid being removed in game, while it is present in the FMVs was 
    also the result of the limitations given back in the time, as since 
    that braid was solely cosmetic, it was more trouble than it's worth 
    putting it in. In Tomb Raider II most of these issues disappeared as 
    the required hardware had been invented back then, already. 
Copyright and license 
This entire FAQ has been written by Jeroen P. Broks, a.k.a. Tricky. 
It has been licensed under a Creative Commons - NoDerivatives 4.0 
International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) 
*:> You are free to: 
    = Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format 
*:> Under the following terms: 
    = Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to 
      the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any 
      reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor 
      endorses you or your use. 
    = NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial 
    = NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the 
      material, you may not distribute the modified material. 
    = No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or 
      technological measures that legally restrict others from doing 
      anything the license permits. 
*:> The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the 
    license terms. 
*:> Read the full actual license here: 
Contacting me 
Any e-mail addresses you may find of me anywhere on the web are either 
false, or no longer in use, and for security reasons I will also never give 
it out. 
I am also not available through the GameFAQs internal message system, 
simply because I hardly visit the site anymore, only when uploading or 
updating a FAQ, which is not something I do every day. 
You can reach me through the next channels: 
*:> Game Jolt: 
*:> Github: https://github/tricky1975 
*:> TBBS FAQs:  
And now some things I will NOT reply to as I already did so below: 
*:> Your English is beyond terrible 
    = Teachers told me a different story, and language gurus never made 
      this world a better place. 
    = My guides are meant to be INSTRUCTIVE. Not to be kind of literature! 
      (and even there language gurus are rather a curse than a blessing!) 
*:> You know NOTHING about this game 
    = If you can tell, apparently you didn't need my FAQ in the first 
      place, so why even read it? 
*:> You suck in leveling up! (This one of course only applies to RPG games) 
    = Apparently you suck in RPG, requiring you to cheat like that. 
*:> Hey idiot, fix your FAQ! 
    = Hey idiot, fix your vocabulary! 
*:> Your FAQs are the best! 
    = Thank you! 
*:> Why choose a CC license? Most other people are very selective in the 
    sites which may publish 
    = I've gone beyond being overprotective of my work. I know people will 
      quote from it, anyway or even copy the entire FAQ to their websites. 
    = At least in the CC I can prevent real commercial abuse, but also 
      grant people full access to it. Information wants to be free. 
    = And if I want to "rise into fame", being overprotective will only 
      backfire on me. The more people can use my FAQs the better. 
    = I'm also a coder who believes in the open-source. A very protective 
      license would therefore go against my own principals. I did not allow 
      alterations because I want to make sure people have the FAQ the way I 
      intended it to be and not to get complaints about stuff I never 
      wrote, but which was added by somebody else later. 
*:> Some stuff you said to be hard is actually easy. 
    = Every player has his or her own perspectives on hard and easy. 
    = Also note, I take newbies in mind when writing my FAQ. Like Scotty 
      said in Star Trek TNG, on paper you must always be more careful than 
      you would be for real.  
*:> You missed some optional/bonus/secret stuff 
    = I am not a completionist, so this kind of thing can easily happen, 
      the mandadory stuff always takes priority. 
    = It is possible later versions of the FAQs *will* cover it 
    = Unless you are willing to guide me to the stuff I obviously missed, 
      notices like these are pretty fruitless.  
*:> When will you do a new FAQ? 
    = Whenever I got the time and energy to do so. 
*:> Why are you being so rude? 
    = I always treat people with the same respect as they treat me. No 
      exceptions. Be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you. Be rude to me and 
      expect to be treated rudely. It's as simple as that! 

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