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 Totem Tribe Guide

Totem Tribe Guide

Level 1 - Tetala Island.
-Build 3 huts 
-Build scout lodge 
-Find tear of heaven

Put the eye flag to make your scout go north. And klik on the purple
crystal to finish this level. There is nothing else to do (for now) 
in this island except reading all the obelisks. Come back here after
your scouts can swim and find jewels in the island top right corner. 

List of obelisk in the game:
-Words of widom are inscripted on these old guide stones 
-Train more workers to finsih building faster 
-Up to three workers can dwell in a single hut 
-Scouts have good sight range and are very agile 
-Most buildings can not be build far from others 
-Try not to miss strange items. It could be something important. 
-You have to contruct a scout lodge in order to train scouts 
-Use the exploration flag to mark the territory that you want your 
 scouts to explore:

Level 2 - Mushroom Island.
-Build Barracks
-Build 1 hut and 1 scout lodge then build 2 or more barracks. 
-Deffend your settlement
-Fight the mushrooms 
-Clear the forest from mushrooms
-The fight is pretty easy using only 2 barracks 
-Explore deeper jungles
-Go south. Use the attack flag to open the area. 
-Destroy fungus lair
-When done, Guro will join Aruku. 
-Explore the rest of the island and collect the jewels. 

List of obelisk in the game:
-Each barracks provide you with 6 fighters 
-Fighters are your basic defenders: They are strong and tough. 
-The more barracks you build, the more fighters you will have. 
-Place an attack flag to send your warriors to battle. 
-There are plenty of jewels scattered through the islands. 
 Try to find them all. 
-Select an attack flag and press the cancel button above it if 
 you want your troops to retreat. 

Level 3 - Dolphin Island:
-Send Scouts To Explore Island
-Build 2 or more huts, and 1 scout lodge. Send scout to explore the 
-Collect jewels and shells when you found them. 
-Build Towers Near Guide Stones
-Build a tower near every guide stone you found. Complete shell list
 can be found bellow. 
-Collect 8 shells to open chest at the left side of the island to get
 Diadem Of Courage. 
-Build a tower at the top right shore and collect Totem Of Dolphin:

List of guide stones in the game:
-If you build a tower on the edge of the land you can sometimes see 
 the other coasts. 
-Find and read other stones to get clues that will help you in your quest.
-Try to build a tower near each guide stone on the island 
-Towers can be built in any suitable place. They do not need to be close 
 to other buildings for construction. 
-Towers are reliable defense. 
-They bombard approaching enemies with stones and help to observe distant

Level 4 - Monkey Island.
-Protect Your Village
-Build 2 huts, 1 scout lodge, 1 barracks, 2 towers, 1 hunter camp 
-Defend Yourself 
-Find The Monkey Tribe Village
-Use the attack flag to send your troops to explore the island. Go south 
 and fight more mushrooms. Collect chestnuts. Itís the green ball thingy 
 that shows up after you defeated a green plant. There is one chestnut for
 each pair of plants. 

-Collect one ancient coin 
-Defend Yourself
-Win the war and receive totem of Monkey 
-Open the chest far top right to get Pendant Of Nature Force. 
 By having this pendant, something your building is build right after 
 you click on an area. 

Once you have Sphere Of Clarity From Witch Island, click on the statue 
at the bottom left to open a new area and get jewels. 

Level 5 - Seagull Island:
-Explore the Island
-Build your defense. Explore the Island. 
-Return Pebbles To The Poor Hermit
-On the top left island, you will find a little house and the hermit will
 ask a favor.
-To do this task, you need the workshop.
-Receive machinery part from the hermit.
-New building available archery range.
-Find 5 machinery part and activate the work shop on the top right of the island.
-Build workshop.
-Build build archery range.

-Click on the ashes 3 times and get rusty key.
-Use the key to open chest top middle of the island to get Heart Of Bull.
-Fight the crows and collect the pebbles.
-Give 12 pebbles to the hermit and receive totem of Seagull. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-Archers are weak in close battle but do great damage from a distance and to 
 also to those who fly. 
-You can greatly improve the weapons and armor of your hunters and archers 
 using a workshop. 
-On some islands you can meet local dwellers. They may ask you for some service. 
-Under the faded out flames, the seekers finds the key to the lock. 
-You have to own a workshop and barracks before you can build an archery range. 

Level 6 - Red Rock Isand:
-Build 10 Huts
-Actually you only need to build 8 huts since there are already 2 of 
 them at the begining.
-After completed, start building your defense.
-Make towers at surrounding your village.
-Upgrade towers to arrow tower.
-Upgrade weapons and armor using workshop.
-Go south and set the light to the correct collor. 
-Prepare Defenses (Land)
-Make barracks, tower, hunter camp and archery range. Upgrade them. 
-Defend Yourself. 
-Prepare Defenses (Air)
-Make more archery range and tower and upgrade. 
-Defend Yourself. 
-Prepare Defenses (Land and Air)
-Build more towers. 
-Defend Yourself.
-Deactivate the attack flag so your troops can go everywhere.
-Use the idol of flame on the ice block at the top right and get Hunterís 
 Lucky Stone.
-Destroy the wooden lair at the top of the island to get Ancient Coin.
-Explore the rest of the island to collect jewels. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-In the middle is violet. 
-Green and red are alongside. 
-Yellow is between violet and blue. 
-Red is to the right of yellow. 
-Sometimes you will come across the ancient idols - the sources of powerful magic. 
 Click on the idol to know what is needed to activate it. 
-Ice can be melted with fire. 

Level 7 - Witch Island:
-Find Witchís Hut 
-Collect Roots For Witch 
-Give 10 roots to the witch
-Destroy The Source Of Infection 
-New building available in the game: Witch Doctor Shack
-Build witch doctor shack in your village
-Build workshop (upgrade it) , and 2 archery range.
-Fight the shade at the top right of the island 
-Go back here after you get fire tower later in the game (frozen vale island) 
 or after your scouts can swim:
 Build smithy, wisemanís house, labortory and build fire tower near the ice block
 on the top right. 
-Click on the rock in right order to open the chest and get Sphere Of Clarity 
-Use it on monkey island  to open a new area and get jewels 
-Open the chest to the left to get Ancient Coins 
-Chest on the right has jewels

List of guide stones in the game:
-One of roots is behind the wooden log. 
-One of roots is in the green swamp mud. 
-One of the roots is behind the mountain. 

Level 8 - Skull Island:
-Destroy Enemies To Find Totem
-Smithy building now available
-Build your defense and buildings for attack
-Build a tower near the first guide stone
-Build 3 arrow tower at the bottom of your village so you can go exploring to 
 the east
-Explore and keep building on your way
-Collect bones and jewels as you progress, bones position are not exact, 
 sometimes they appear after you defeated skeletons.
-Once you have enough bones, activate the idol on the far top left island and 
 the one at the top middle.
-When you get the tower design, bring it to the wise man to get Wiseman House
-Do the 3 research on wiseman house
-Use 25 bones to open the chest on the right shore of the island to get 
 Travellerís Boots.
-Destroy the mud tower at the bottom left of the island and get the Totem Of 
-Protect Your Village
-Enemies are attacking from the far right, send your troops there. 
-Explore Hidden Valley
-Enter the hidden valley to the right and fight the shadows.
-Build a tower and get ancient coin. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-Once there was a tower here, maybe we should rebuild it? 
-You are entering the forest of the dead. 

Level 9 - Frozen Vale Island:
-Find a Way To Pass Through the Ice
-Build your village, do all the research and start exploring.
-Collect shells on your way.
-Collect things to build a fish pole, see maps below. 
-Gather 5 Pieces Of Coal For Isoko
-Give the coals to Isoko and laboratory is now available 
-Use Fire Tower To Pass Through The Ice
-Build laboratory
-Build towers near all the ice blocks, upgrade it to fire tower, the ice 
 will melted
-Free all of the penguins including the ones at the far top right, and 
 receive Healerís Globe 
-Collect Shells To Satisfy The Idol
-Give the shells to activate the idol 
-Use The Idol To Find Totem
-Use the idol to open the area at the upper left corner to get fishing line
-collect all the things needed to build a fishing pole,
-When your pole is ready, find circles in the water and go fishing there..,
-give the fish to the penguin man, he will give you the map to the Lonely 
-Use the idol to open area at the edge of the screen, middle right and find
 Totem Of Bear
-Use the idol to open the rest of the black area to find shells
-Use the shells to open chest at the top left of the island to get ancient coins 

Now that you have fire tower you need to:
-Go back to Witch Island to open area to the right

List of guide stones in the game:
-Black Bird Stole Black Stone 
-Look For a piece of coal where the fire has burned 
-Circles on the water are the sign of fish abundance 

Lonely Iceberg:
-Locate Alchemistsí Village
-Itís in the top right of the island. But before you go there, go right and 
 get the first Ice Shard.
-To find the jewels, use the exploration flag, more wider area will show. 
-Create Twilight Mixture
-Put the ice shard on the big ice top north to break it.
-Go to the right, open the chest to get Vitriol.
-Go north then left, fight the dragon.
-Open the chest to the right to get Ammonium, and the chest on the left to 
 get permanganate
-Find the ice shard at the north.
-Break the ice block on the top middle.
-Open the chest to get Quicksilver
-Go down south, find ice shard behind the mountain.
-Use the ice shard on the middle left ice block to break it and go there.
-Enter and fight.
-Go south, open chest to get Magnesium
-Go north, open chest to get Aurum
-Find the iceshard just below the guide stone (see images down below)
-Use the ice shard at the bottom left ice block
-Open left chest to get Charcoal
-Open right chest to get Alkali
-In the lab, mix magnesium and permangante to get salamander dust
-Mix Ammonium + alkali = restoration liquid
-Mix Vitriol + charcoal = midnight salts
-Mix Midnight salts + restoration liquid = new moon elixir
-Mix Aurum + quicksilver = amalgam
-Mix amalgam salamander dust = phoenix oil
-Mix new moon elixir + phoenix oil to get Twilight Mixture 
-Give Twilight Mixture To Wiseman and get new building Frost Tower

Send Aruku to the far top to activate sphere of clarity to open new area 
and get jewels. You need sphere of clarity found on Witch Island.

List of guide stones in the game:
Salamander dust          = phoenix oil 
Magnesium + permanganate = salamander dust 
Aurum + quicksilver      = amalgam 
Midnight salts + Ö.      = new moon elixir 
Ammonium + alkali        = restoration liquid 
Vitriol + charcoal        = midnight salts 

Level 10 - Yeti Island:
-Track Down The Totem Beast
-Enemies will come from the left, make towers there.
-Build at least 2 witch doctor shack to help cure your troops from being frozen.
-Collect jewels and jewel powers as you go.
-Go to the left into the forest and catch the yellow circles (lights), you need 
 4 of them.
-Once you have 4, go south of your village, use the lights to light up fire in 
 the black circle and open the chest to get Bracelet of Hawk.
-Collect all 12 jewel power and activate the idol on the right of the island.
-Build a fire tower near the ice block. The tower will fight and melt the ice block.
-Defeat the totem beast and get Totem Of Whale.
-There is a secret passage right behind the guide stone that say Ď secret passageí.
-Build a tower at the very south east of this area.
-Build another tower on the island.
-Collect the ancient coin.
-Congratulation now you have all the 7 coins.
-Click on the house with green roof to get new building Market Place. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-Beware!! Wild Ruthless Yeti!! 
-Enchanted Forest. 
-You can catch wandering lights. 
-Secret Passage. 

Level 11 - Cradle Of The North:
-Find The World Seal
-Build your village.
-Collect ice crystals and jewels while exploring the island in this game.
-Go to the west and fight the sharks, make sure you have archers.
-After all sharks are gone, Montol will give you Shaman Mask and new building 
 Shaman Tent will be available.
-Build shaman tents.
-Build fire tower near the ice block in the middle of the island to break it. 
 If you have Shamans, they can also break the ice blocks. 
-Put Totems On The Correct Pedestals
-Once you have 25 crystals, activate the idol in the south west corner of the 
-Find other crystals and activate the idol in the top right of the island.
-Place the dolphin totem in the small island on the left, you need to build a 
 tower to see it.
-Put flag in the right to see small island and put Whale totem there. 
-Explore the small island below by placing flag to guide your people to go there, 
 and get Pendant Of Power.
-Put the Lizard Totem at the top right pedestal.
-Build a tower at the top of the map to see hidden pedestal and put Monkey Totem 
-Put the Polar Totem at the middle bottom pedestal.
-Put the Seagull Totem at the top left pedestal near the seagulls. 
-Activate The World Seal
-Build towers around the world seal (the statue at the middle)
-Put attack flag there too
-Click the world seal
-Fight the shadows, donít forget to use the idols 

List of guide stones in the game:
Totem Wisdom: Dolphine lives in a water. 
Totem Wisdom: Lizards lives among rocks. 
Totem Wisdom: Monkey is smart, try hard to find it. 
Totem Wisdom: Bigger water creatures require more water. 
Totem Wisdom: Ice will not scare polar bear. 

Level 12 - Mist Island:
-Find and Read All Obelisks
-Obelisks are taller stone with some yellow lights on it.
-To get around just place the flag here and there, inch by inch, until she canít 
 get no where and move on to the next area.
-Find sphere of lights and put on the mysterius device to make some mists dissapear.
-Find pearl in the water, if itís not in the right spot as the image above, just 
 try clicking on this water area.
-Give the pearl to the man in the tower, you will see new area, get jewels and 
 Amulet Of Wisdom. 
-Put the rhune of lightning at the gate to the north. 
-You now have to find 4 thunderbolts for the old wiseman.
-Find the 4 thunderbolts in the game, see maps below.
-Give them to old wiseman.
-Now you have new building Sky Hall to upgrade your towers to thunderbolt towers. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-The island is covered in clouds. Lights of the ancient powers will guide you 
 through the mist. 
-Turn on four lights on and light will be granted for you 
-Sometimes you can find something even you canít see it at all 

List of all obelisks in the game: 
-Totems grants immense power to their wielders 
-The cradle of the north has the world seal that protect this world 
-Twelve totems exist in harmony. Six totems are lights and represent creation 
 and life. The other six are dark and represent destruction and death. 
-Place twelve totems around the world seal to protect this world. 
-Place six totems around the world seal to break the harmony and destroy the seal. 

Level 13 - Scorched Island:
-Find and Defeat The Wolf Tribe
-Build your village, make sure you will have plenty of troops.
-Place the attack and exploration flag in your village so they donít go near the 
 enemies while youíre building your defense.
-There are two FIery Lair in your village, build tower near them because they will 
 attack your village.
-Build fire tower, frost tower and thunder tower to be able to open the chest at the 
 south east of your village and get Crown Of Defender, with this, towers will be 
 constructed much quicker. 
-Defeat the Red Dragons
-Put your attack flag in the top right of the island to get prepared.
-Buid 2 towers, first the one on the right, then the left, and you will be asked to 
 defeat red dragons.
-Defeat red dragons that appear on the top left of the island.
-You will get ice crystal.
-Use it on the idol on the top left of the island.
-Explore the island, fight the wolf tribe.
-Collect jewels and Rune Of Fire as you go.
-Build frost tower near any fire that is blocking your way.
-Use the rune of fire to open gate in the middle of the island.
-You will find Shaman Mask after destroying one of the enemieís building.
-After the you defeat the tribe, youíll get Totem Of Wolf. 

Level 14 - Volcano Island:
-Find the Totem Of Snake
-Build your vllage.
-Explore the island, collect Obsidian pieces as you go.
-DO NOT go to the middle right of the island before you have completed the 
 other walkthrough.
-Build frost tower near every fire thatís blocking your way.
-Build witch shack, towers, shaman tent and hunter camp along the way.
-Fight 3 enchanted skeleton, to get rusty sword that appear after you defeated
 the skeletons.
-Solve the 3 mini light puzzle to get Ice Scroll.
-Give it to the old man to get Shaman Mask and new building Hall of Mysteries.
-Do both research in the hall of mysteries.
-Now that your Shamans can use frost, use it on the flame just bellow the hall.
-Fight the skeletons and get Blessed Ring.
-Collect 6 lava stones. See maps bellow. and give it to the old man.
-Click on the stones bellow it, to see new area in the middle of the island that
 has Obsidians. You have to have sphere of clarity that you found in Witch Island.
-Once you have enough obsidian, activate the idols.
-There are 3 idols, top right, bottom left and bottom right.
-Now that you have 3 rusty swords from killing Enchanted Skeleton, give it to the 
 battle master south of your village to get new building Training Grounds.
-Do the 3 research.
-Make sure you have buildings near the middle right of the island, and fight the 
-Defeat the Shades and Their King
-And get Totem Of Snake. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-One is good, two are better. 
-United we stand divided we fall. 
-One is essential, two are too much. 

Level 15 - Beetle Island:
-Crush the Bugs and Take the Totem
-Build your village, and do all the research.
-Go to the right using the small path to a nearby island.
-Shamans will make the flame gone.

To solve the flame puzzle, take a look at how I numbered the small flames above.
I havenít found an easier way yet, hereís what I got..

You need to follow the sequences below (row by row) until there are 3 unlighted 
flames like the images above. When you reach that formation, just click on the 
single unlighted flame. Your formation may not look like image above.

Here are the sequences:
4, 6, 1, 2, 7
5, 7, 2, 3, 1
6, 1, 3, 4, 2
7, 2, 4, 5, 3
1, 3, 5, 6, 4
2, 4, 6, 7, 5
3, 5, 7, 1, 6

-When all the little flames lighted, you will get Rune Of Earth 
-Explore to the north of your village, the beetles will attack.
-Build towers around the beetleís nest and upgrade them.
-Repair the towers after each attack.
-After you defeated the beetle king, you get Totem Of Beetle.
-Explore the north west find a wise woman that will give you Seed.
-Use the rune of earth to open gate in the north west.

-Build 2 towers to see a fertile area.
-Put the seed in the area marked X1.
-Take the empty bowl in area marked X2.
-Use the bowl to take water in the pond above it, and pour the water on 
 the seed.
-You have to do this three times, the 2 other area of the ponds.
-Pick up 3 fruits and give it to the woman at the north east.
-New building available Herb Garden. 
-Come back here after your scouts can swim to open chest in the island south east 
 to get jewels and Neklace Of Spirits. 

Level 16 - Shark Archipelago:
-Find Totem Of Shark
-Explore using exploration flag.
-Collect turtle shells as you go. 
-Find Valve, youíll need it later
-Put the stone in the travel device.
-To use the device, bring your scout near it and click on the device.
-You will be transported to a second island.
-Clean all the dirts by clicking them. Dirt is a stone like thing that wiggle.
 After all dirts are gone, youíll get yellow travel stone.
-The idea is to move the balls to the bottom left container in this order: 
 yellow, white, red.
-So first you need to put yellow there, then white, then red.
-If you just start the puzzle where the balls are in the top container, 
 use this steps: 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1
-When you complete this puzzle, you get Energy Sphere.
-Put the yellow travel stone in the bottom travel device.
-Hereís how the travel devices work.
-When the pink stone is on, and you click on the white stone while your scout 
 near them, youíll be travelled back to first island.
-When the yellow stone is on, youíll be travelling to third island, do that now.
-Get the second valve.
-Finish the 3rd puzzle so the red white lights look like image above to get 
 blue travel stone.
-Travel back to 2nd island, put the blue stone on the remaining device.
-Travel to 4th island.
-Put the valves in their places (left and right).
-And put the energy sphere in the middle device.
-Now open the chest and get Aqualung, now your scouts can swim!
-Now explore the rest of the island to collect turtle shells, beware of the shark!
-When your scout get killed, the scout lodge at the 3rd island will train new scouts.
-Find Energy Sphere at the island below 1st island.
-When you have 29 blue shells go to central island.
-Give 24 green shells to the man on the tower.
-The tower will fight the shark.
-When the sharks had been defeated, go to the island bottom right corner.
-Put the Energy Sphere on the device.
-Click on the device so the light facing to the right direction.
-Do the rest following steps on image above.
-And get Rune of Water from the chest.
-Use it to open gate on 2nd island.
-Get Shaman Mask. 
-Collect Blue Turtle Shells 
-Open the Chest In Central Island.
-And get Totem Of Shark. 

Now that your scouts can swim:
-Go back to Tetala Island to find jewels. 
-Go back to Beetle Island to open chest bottom right corner.

List of guide stones in the game:
-There is too much dirt on this island. 
-Theese Flowers know the truth. 
-Do not feed the sharks. 

Level 17 - Island of Worship:
-Find The Main Temple
-Build your village and upgrade.
-Put the flags in your village.
-Click on the main temple only AFTER youíre ready to fight.
-Claim 5 Idols.
-Explore the island and collect hidden fruits and jewels.
-When you have 12 oranges, activate Idol of Divination use it on the 
 bottom middle area.
-Use the click to open the path to left / right area, see image above.
-Open the chest at the right and get Masking Cloak and the other one 
 will give you Shaman Mask. 

Solve the puzzle at the middle where it has 4 pilars like image above and 
get scroll of thunder magic.

1st pilar: sun, moon, star, thunder
2nd: moon, star, thunder, sun
3rd: star, thunder, sun, moon
4th: thunder, sun, moon, star

There are 4 location where red bubbles coming out from the ground. You 
have to place people in 4 of this area at the same time, use exploration
flag, attack flag, build a tower, and drag a person to the 4th area, you
have to do this quick, when itís done, open the chest that appear, to get
Map To Pirate Island (Lost Temple). You need to have all Shaman Masks to 
open this chest. Once you have enough fruits, and ready to fight, put your
attack flag at the middle of the island, and activate the idols.
Fight and get Totem Of Lion. 

Level 17a - Lost Temple:
-Find A Path To The Temple
-Build your village. Build tower at the left side of your village, enemies 
 will come from the woods. 
-Open First Gate

-In this game, there are devices when you click will show a series of color.
-Go to the middle lake , click the color in the right order, a map will 
 show, get the rune where the map tell you to.
-You can find maps to all the runes below.
-To find jewels, use this color sequence: red, blue, yellow, pink, green 
 (it is the color from the small temple at the worship island) 
-Once you have all 5 runes, open the gate up north and pass the trial (fight). 
-Open Second Gate 
-Open Third Gate 
-Open Fourth Gate 
-Open Fifth Gate 
-Visit The Temple
-Now you get new building Templte 

List of guide stones in the game:
-Five gates guard the path to the temple. Five trials await the one who 
 dares to pass through them. 
-There is a special reward for devoted pilgrims from the island of worship. 

Level 18 - Ruins Of Dreamshore
-Find King Shadeís Hideout
-Use the teleport to travel.
-Fight the shades and collect Dark Essence.
-Put the exploration flag at the bottom middle of the map, thereís an island 
 there and your scouts will be teleported to other islands as well.
-When all 8 stones activated, you can open chest north of your village and 
 get Tribal Amulet.
-Put 4 of the dark essence at the light in the center of your village. 
-Use The Portal To Get To King Shade
-Put the attack flag in the middle to get to King Shade.
-Fight and get Totem Of Crow. 

Level 19 - Comet Crash Site:
-Find A Way To Approach The Comet
-Explore the island. Collect colored crystal as you go. Thurisaz crystal
 (green), Ur crystal (blue), Fehu crystal (orange).
-Destroy All Crystal Pedestals
-Put the totem on crystal pedestals to destroy them.

-At the middle bottom area, there is an arrow with 4 panels around it and 
 red green lights below it.
-The bottom 2 panel is to lit the green lights, the upper 2 panels are for 
 directing the arrows.
-Direct the arrow to north west with 2 green lights, click the arrows 3 
 times to get jewels.
-Direct the arrow to north east with 3 green lights, click 3 times to get 
-Direct the arrow to north with 5 green lights and click 3 times to get 
-Activate the right idol with 9 thurisaz crystal, use the idol to break 
 the green formation crystals.
-The 2nd puzzle is easy, just click on matching panels.
-For the 3rd puzzle, you need to move the black to the right and the whites 
 to the left, letís number the light 1-7 from left to right, and use this 
 sequence: 5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3, 4
-Activate the middle idol using 7 Ur crystal.
-Use frost on the blue crystal formation to break it.
-Before entering this new area, charge your idol, use it on the enemies.
-There are total of 5 purple stones in this island, you need to activate 
 all of them to get this big crystal.
-You have to be quick!
-Activate the left idol using Fehu Crystal and use it on the orange crystal
-In this last puzzle first you use the secong well to get even Tin coins, 
 then use the first well to get all copper coins, then use third and fourth
 well, repeat the steps to get rid of all the coins. 
-Find An Entrance To The Comet
-Use the idols to break the crystal thatís blocking your way to the top area. 

List of guide stones in the game:
-Only a strike of lightning can shatter Thurisaz Crystal 
-You can destroy Fehu Crystal with fiery meteors 
-Ur crystal formation are vulnerable to frost 

Level 19a - Guardian Moon:
This is a bonus level in the game, you can access it when you complete 100%
of the rainbow road, to complete 100% you have to find all jewels in the 

Explore Guardian MoonThere is one puzzle in this island, but iím sorry i 
havenít found an easy way to explain the solution. When completed, the 
chest will give you Relic Of Prosperity. Try clicking in a set of four that 
will form a square.

 x2 x3

When you have 4 off lights in the corner, click in the order of 1, 2, 3, 4 
where number 4 is the corner one.

 02 x3

When you have 2 off lights in the corner (marked x) click the off ones, number
1 and 2. Then you will have 4 off lights in the opposite corner, follow the 
instruction above.

 x2 x3
 x4 x5

When you have 6 off lights in the corner, click 1, 3, 4, 2, then you will have
2 off lights in the corner, follow instruction above. Dip Tear Of Heaven To 
WaterPut it in the water and get Purified Tear Of Heaven. 

Level 20 - Inside Comet:
-Explore The Interior Of The Comet
-Build your village and upgrade.
-You need to build a lot of arrow or thunder towers at the middle top, top 
 right and middle bottom, about 6 towers at each location.
-Build buildings that trains people at the north east, and the other building
 at south west.
-Build a tower at the south east so you can see a purple stone, letís call this
 stone number 1.
-You have to fill the area with buildings until you canít build anymore!
-While youíre building, enemies will attack, repair damaged buildings after each
-When youíre ready to fight, put your attack flag at the north east. 
-Battle The Master Of The Comet
-Fight the Mysterious Statue.
-Just put your attack flag at it.
-You need to take care of your village, repairing damaged buildings.
-Charge your temple to help your troops.
-Use battle fury, purification or spell shield. 
-When the mysterious statue defeated, click on stone number 1.
-Remember there is an easy way to fight the squid, you donít have to fight it.
-You can now access stone number 2, break it.
-Now you can access teeth number 1, put your attack flag on it.
-Your troops will die there, but itís ok, the teeth will eventually blow purple smoke.
-Then you can move on and do the same with the other teeth.
-While waiting, explore and break stone number 3.
-And stone number 4.
-And stone number 5.
-And stone number 6.
-Now put attack flag on teeth number 2.
-Then on teeth number 3.
-Then on teeth number 4.

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