Elder Scrolls III - Tribunal Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Elder Scrolls III - Tribunal

Elder Scrolls III - Tribunal

How And Where FAQ 
By Basakboy                                
Ver. 1.81                                


This guide is more than 3 months late (in mid March 2003).  I was not able to
generate enough energy to overcome my inertia of laziness and was hoping that
somebody would beat me to it.  Since I did and nobody else did, I loaded up a
previous saved game and went through Tribunal again.

This guide will not tell you how to kill.  If you are an unexperienced player,
then you should level up your character and get the necessary tools so that 
you can kill with ease instead of having to reload again and again (or going
to the board and asking for help).  Your opponents in Tribunal are better at
dishing out damages to your character than the ones in Morrowind.  If you are
trying to prove something by going there with a low level character, then go
ahead and prove it.  This guide will not tell you how to kill Gaenor, for
example. My only assistance in this regard is to poke at F5 more often.

Of course, experienced players already know how to get or make the best tools
so that a low level character can stay healthy while fighting the ungodlies.

Contents Of This Guide

Tienius Delitian Quests Walkthrough
Main Quests Walkthrough
Miscellaneous Quests FAQ

How Do I Begin?

In the beginning some players don't know how to begin.  If you are new to Mor-
rowind with a level 1 character just out of the census office and want to play
Tribunal, you can sleep outside Seyda Neen.  You can also sleep in one of the
huts after you have evicted the occupant.  If you are tired with Morrowind, you
can open your saved game and just sleep anywhere.

Your sleep will be interrupted by an assassin.  If no assassin has attacked,
either be thankful or go to sleep again and again until you are attacked. Your
journal will be updated after you have dealt with the intruder.  Talk to a
guard and he will say that the attacker was likely a member of the Dark
Brotherhood and will suggest that you speak with Apelles Matius who had just
arrived in Ebonheart.  There will be 10 attacks in all for a total of 14
assassins.  If you want their equipment for sale or for use, then do not go to
Ebonheart yet.  Better still, do not report to the police.

If you want heavy hitting opponents, then go to Ebonheart and ask a guard who
will tell you to check the battlement for Apelles Matius.  Matius is the guy in
shining steel-like adamantium armor (without helm).  Tell him about the attack
and he will direct you to Asciene Rane who can transport you to Mournhold.
Your journal will then be updated.

Asciene Rane is in the Grand Council Chamber.  You will see her either standing
or coming from the right side of the hall as you enter.  Ask her about travel
to Mournhold.  Tell her that you fear you have been marked by the Dark Brother-
hood and wish to investigate.

Where To Find The Assassins

You will arrive in Mournhold, Royal Palace: Reception Area.  You will see an
Argonian. His name is Effe-Tei and he can teleport you back to the Grand 
Council Chamber. If you have marked your previous location (or favorite one 
like in front of Creeper) in Vvardenfell, you can just recall.  But you need to
ask Asciene Rane again to teleport you to Mournhold.

Talk to any Royal Guard (one in reddish armor).  Persuade him enough and he
will tell that the assassins live in the sewers beneath the Great Bazaar.  Your
journal will be updated.

Note:  You cannot use levitation in Mournhold (and in the last quest area) but
you can do so in the sewers.  You can also use interventions and mark and
recall (but also not in the last quest area).

Exit the reception area and go to The Plaza Brindisi Dorom.  From there, go to
the Great Bazaar.  The entrance to the sewer is in the South-West area of the
bazaar and is called Trap Door to Old Mourhold: Bazaar Sewers.  When you are
inside, follow the passage East and you will meet Ahnia.  Take note of her  
position if you want to do the pawnbroker's quest.

Go North and halfway there you can either go West or go further North. If you
go West, you will meet Marisa Adus who has a quest concerning the Black Dart
Gang.  Moving on, you will come to the Sewer Door to Manor District.

If you go further North, you will reach A Worn Cavern Door to the Manor Dis-
trict.  A few steps forward through either doors and your journal will be 
updated.  This is where the members of the brotherhood live. 

From here on, it is an endless battle against the assassins (they will respawn
after a while).  Good for you, but you will need high strength so that you can
carry their equipment.  Continue moving until you reach the Old Metal Door to
Moril Manor, North Building.  Move on until you reach an Old Metal Door. Open
it and you will find the leader, Dandras Vules.  Kill him and your journal will
be updated.  Get the contract from his body and your journal will again be
updated and will tell you to report your finding to a guard immediately. If by
chance your journal will not be updated the second time, just report the inci-
dent to any guard and he will tell you to report to Fedris Hler at the Temple
Reception Area.

But before you do so, it might be a good idea to do first the quests of the
captain of the Royal guards, Tienius Delitian, if you want to get a good sword,
the King's Oath Blade.


How To Investigate The Rumors On King Llethan's Death

Go to the Royal Palace Throne Room which is located through the doorway located
just left of Effe-Tei and up the stair. Talk to Tienius Delitian about
"official matter."  He will order you to find the source of the rumors that
King Llethan did not die a natural death.

Talk to the people about King Llethan's death and they will give different
answers.  Eventually, someone will tell you that "broadside sheet called The
Common Tongue says Helseth poisoned hundreds of people...."  Your journal will
update.  Go back to Delitian and he will ask you to get him a copy of this
broadsheet of which many are strewn around.

How To Make The Temple Informant Admit That She Is Discontented

Delitian will order you to help find a source of information inside Almalexia's
Temple.  You are to go to the temple and find someone who is discontented.

Talk to the people in the temple about discontent and you will find out that
only Galsa Andrano will give  different answers.

Do not immediately "ask about the Temple and King Helseth."  As suggested by
Delitian, "listen patiently and sympathetically" to her tale.  Then "ask if  
you can come speak again another time."  Then "ask about the Temple and King
Helseth."  Your journal will update and you can report to Delitian.

How To Find The Disloyal Guard

Talk to Delitian about possible "disloyalty among the Guards."  You will be
ordered to investigate.  You will pose as a candidate wanting to "join the
Guards."  Speak to all the guards in the room about joining.  When you come to
Ivulen Irano, your journal will update.

If you talk to him about your Hlaalu connection, Irano will tell you to talk
to Aleri Aren but not Delitian.  Your journal will update.  Go to the Guards'
Quarters and talk to Aren about joining.  Mention your Hlaalu connections and
she will be startled and will dismiss the matter as a misunderstanding.  But
your journal will update.  Returning to Delitian, he will order you to find
some evidence by taking a careful look at Irano's possessions in the Guards'
Quarters. He will warn you not to be caught stealing.

Go to the second floor of the quarters and you will find the room where the
guards sleep.  Inspect each bed and chest carefully.  Under a pillow you will
find Irano's copy of the Common Tongue and under a nearby chest is a hand-
written note.  Your journal will update.  Return to Delitian.

Where To Find The People Involved In The Plot To Kill King Helseth

After you have taken the letter that was on the desk in the Llethan Manor in
Godsreach, return to Delitian and he will give you writs of execution for the
three people involved in the plot.

If you ask Delitian where to find Forven Berano, he will suggest that you look
for him in or around the Temple.  Berano can be found in the Northern area.

Delitian will suggest that you look for Hloggar the Bloody in the sewers.  If
you ask someone, he will tell you to look in the west sewers which you can
reach through a grate in Godsreach.  See "Where To Find The Two Goblin 
Warchiefs And The Two Altmer Trainers" below.

Delitian does not know where to find Bedal Alen.  Asking around, you will
finally be told that Alen is a bookworm and for you to look in a bookseller.
There is one in the Great Bazaar and Alen is in the second floor.

You confront all three with the evidence and either kill them or let them

Where To Find And How To Stop The Common Tongue Author

Talk to Delitian and agree that you will find and stop the author of The
Common Tongue.  Talk to the people (raise their disposition if necessary) and
they will tell you to talk to someone involve in writing or in a pawnshop.  If
you talk to the bookseller, she will tell you the same thing.  If you talk to
the pawnbroker, he will tell you that Trels Varis is the author and that he, 
the pawnbroker, heard about Varis in the Craftsmen's Hall.

The people in the Hall will not tell you anything about Varis.  So you need to
do some investigations.  There is a locked door which you just have to open.
This will lead to a secret office.  Ask Varis to stop printing lies about King
Helseth.  There are three options to choose.  Option 1 or 2 will lead you to
kill him.  Your reward from Delitian will be 5000 gold but no sword.

If you had donated 3000 to the Orphan's fund, you will get a refund and the  
King's Oath Blade.  Just do not ask for reimbursement from Delitian.

How To Get Quests From Queen Barenziah

You cannot.  There is no quest from her.  You are told to go and talk to her by
Tienius Delitian for three reasons:

1)  So that you will know where to go next (talk with Fedris Hler, if you still
have not done so);

2)  So that you will know her better and will therefore think of her when the
time comes for you "to look to those you know and trust for guidance;" 

3)  She will tell you to talk to Plitinius Mero, another "know and trust"

By the way, to find Barenziah, you go through the door behind the throne, walk
through the imperial cult services area, through three more doors and you will
enter her bedroom.

                            MAIN QUESTS WALKTHROUGH

Where To Find The Two Goblin Warchiefs And The Two Altmer Trainers

Fedris Hler will ask you to kill the two Goblin warchiefs and the two Altmer
trainers.  The Goblins, after asking around, can be found in the Godsreach
sewers.  The trapdoor to the sewers is found in the North-West section and the
sewer is known as the Residential Sewers.  Once inside move East then South
until you come to a ladder going up to the Trap Door to the West Sewers.  Near
this ladder is an area where Dilborn is held hostage by three goons.  He is the
object of a quest given by Thrud who can be found in the center of Godsreach.
Climb up the ladder.  In an underground passage you will find Hlogar the
Bloody.  He is the object of a writ that you will get from Tienius Delitian,
Royal Guard Captain, if you do his quest on the conspiracy against the king.

Explore the West Sewer until you reach the Sewer Door to Battlefield.  Enter,
explore and you will reach a large area.  You can levitate to reach the Cavern
Door to Abandoned Passageway or walk to a Worn Cavern Door to City Gates.

Either way you will finally, after some exploring, reach Tears of Amun-Shae 
where the two Goblin warchiefs, Durgoc and Kurog are hiding and Teran Hall, 
East Building where the two Altmer trainers, Armion and Yarnar are staying. 

Notes:  You might need to open 100 points locks.  If you cannot, just go the 
other way. There is an adamantium spear and, near it, a pit trap in Teran Hall.
You will find an adamantium ax in Tears of Amun-Shae (near one of the falls)
but you need to levitate.

Your journal will be updated after you killed the warchiefs and after you
killed the trainers.  Return to Fedris Hler and you will receive 15,000 gold
and a journal update.

How To Do The Shrine Of The Dead Cleansing Quest

If you talk to him again about service to our lady, Fedris Hler will tell you
to report to Archcanon Gavas Drin.  Drin will order you to escort a priest, 
Urvel Dulni to the Shrine of the Dead found in the temple's sewers.  Dulni will
be the one to do the cleansing.  If you are brave enough, you can bring Dulni
with you while you explore the sewers.  If you are a coward like me, you will
leave him behind while you cleanse the areas of the ungodlies first.

You enter the sewers through the Trap Door to Temple Sewers in the temple base-
ment.  Go down and find the Sewer Door to Temple Sewers East.  Enter and kill
the black dart gang member just inside the door.  Explore until you reach the
Cavern Door to Temple Garden.  Open it and walk South until you will reach the
Shrine Door to Temple Shrine.  Open it and kill the Profane guarding the area.
Save at this point.  Open the Old Metal Door and kill the four Profanes guard-
ing the altar.  Your journal will be updated.  

Go back and escort Dulni to the shrine.  Walk him close to the first step of
the altar and he will climb up and cleanse it.  Your journal will be updated.
Approach him and he will tell you that he is ready to go back.  Escort him back
to Drin and you will be rewarded with the Blessed Spear.

How To Get Barilzar's Mazed Band

Offer your service to our lady to Drin and he will refer you to Hler.  Mention
service to our lady to Hler and he will give you a quest to retrieve the
Barilzar's Mazed Band.

Return to the temple sewers through the trap door in the temple basement.  This
time go North-West to the Abandoned Crypt.  The rocks that were there (if you
had explored this area in the previous quest) are now gone.  Barilzar stays
in the North of the crypt.  Get the ring (and a Daedric claymore) from his dead
body.  Return to Hler and he will send you to Drin who will send you to
Almalexia who is in the High Chapel.  As a reward, she will give you the power
to restore 25 points of all your attributes.  It's called Almalexia's Light.

Where To Go Next

Almalexia, Drin and Hler will have nothing to do with you anymore at this time,
the ingrates.  You can explore the city, seduce some girls, or you can just
simply rest.  After resting for 24 hours speak with anyone and he will tell you
about the attack on the Plaza Brindisi Dorom.  You will be forced to go there
because everybody will just say goodbye to you.

Go there and you can either help the police or just watch them fight and kill
the creatures coming out of the destroyed statue.  Once the creatures are dead
you will know that they are fabricants when you approach the remains.  The
Royal Guards will tell you to report the incident to Tienius Delitian while the
High Ordinators will tell you to report it to Fedris Hler.

Both will order you to investigate the disturbance.  Climb the ruined statue
and you will find a ladder within the hole.  Go down and walk through the tun-
nel to the edge and you will see a hall of the Bamz-Amschend ruins.  Down there
you will also see fabricants fighting dwemer machines.  Your journal will be
updated.  Return to either or both Delitian and Hler.

If you report to both, both will chide you for reporting to the other.  Hler 
will tell you to relay the information to Almalexia.  She will give you a new
quest which is to find out more about the cult called the End of Time and its
leader, Eno Romare.

Delitian will tell you to speak to King Helseth who will make some apologies
for your problem with the Dark Brotherhood.  He will then order you to look
into a possible assassination plot.

How To Learn About A Possible Assassination Plot And Protect Queen Barenziah

He will order you to meet an Orc in the Winged Guar, Godsreach.  The code that
you will use is about "uncle's farm."

The only Orc in the Winged Guar is Bakh gro-Sham.  If you talk to him about
"uncle's farm" he will tell you about a plot against Queen Barenziah.

After you returned to Helseth, you will learn a few things about the plot. He
will order you to stand guard behind a screen outside the Queen's chamber. The
chamber is located behind the throne room through the imperial cult area. You
should close both wooden doors.  Then you stand at the corner made by the post/
wall and the screen.  If you are in the correct position, it will trigger a 
journal entry.  The three assassins might not come for some time, so you will
have to wait (I waited for one hour and they came at midnight.  I became the
owner of three sets of Dark Brotherhood armor and three adamantium short-
swords). After you have killed them, your journal will be updated. Return to
Helseth and you will be rewarded with Helseth's Collar. 

How To Duel With Karrod

If you offer your service, Helseth will ask you to prove your manhood by duel-
ling  with Karrod the following day.  Either you return or just wait for one
day.  Talk to Helseth to arrange the duel.  Everybody will move to the sides
leaving only Karrod in the center.  Sometimes, Karrod will not do anything. He
will just stand there.  You cannot taunt him because he will not talk to you.

Just whack him with your weapon.  Even if you use a super one-hit-you-are-dead
weapon he will not die (at this time).  You might trigger the end-of-time
thread but he will just stand there.  The other guards might get angry because
you used your super weapon.

After Karrod has surrendered (or after "killing" him as mentioned above), talk
to Helseth and you will receive the Dagger of Symmachus (a museum artifact).

How To Get The Last Quest From King Helseth

Offer your service again to Helseth and he will order you to further investi-
gate the attacks in the plaza by speaking with Almalexia. This ends the quests
from the King.  He will get angry if you talk to him again before you have
finished all the main quests.

How To Do The End Of Times Quest

Talk to Almalexia and she will give you a task to perform.  The task is to
investigate the cult, End of Times, which is led by Eno Romari.  Exhaust all
possible conversation options, and you will be told to talk to Meralyn Othan
about possible leads.  You will also be told not to kill Romari.

Othan can be found at the east side of the Bazaar.  She will tell you about the
cult and that Romari can be found in Godsreach, outside the Winged Guar.

You will find Romari outside the Winged Guar.  He is wearing a white robe.  You
must talk to him about the "End of Times" and "Cleansing" in order to get two
updates to your journal.

Where To Find The Skybreak Gallery And Some Dwemer Satchel Packs

When you return to Almalexia after the End of Times quest, she will give you a
powered dwemer coherer which will activate a machine that will cause ashstorms
in Mournhold.

Go back to the ruined statue in the plaza and climb down the ladder.  You will
now begin your exploration of Bamz-Amschend ruins.  Walk through the tunnel and
jump down to the floor of Heartfire Hall.  Turn right and open the door to Hall
of Winds.  Go to the first room on the right.  Get one Dwemer Satchel Pack from
a locked and trapped Ornate Dwemer Chest (on the floor, under a shelf).

Go back out and walk straight to a door that will open to the Passage of Whis-
per.  Walk down the passage straight to a Heavy Dwemer Door.  Open it and walk
to a Heavy Door to Radac's Forge.  Explore it to find a Heavy Dwemer Door that
has a 100-lock level and is trapped.  The first Ornate Dwemer Chest on the 
right inside the room contains two Dwemer Satchel Packs.

Go out the door and explore further until you reach a pile of rock named, for
lack of imagination, Collapsed Rocks.  Click on it and place satchel charge,
and run backward.  Go back to the pile and crawl thrugh the Dark hole to Pas-
sage of the Walker.  Explore until you come to the Heavy Dwemer Door to King's
Walk.  Open it and walk straight to another Heavy Dwemer Door.  Open it and
walk down to a flooded floor to another Heavy Dwemer Door.  Open it and walk
through the flooded room to a Heavy Dwemer Door To Skybreak Gallery.

How To Activate Karstangz-Beharn (To Cause Ashstorms In Mournhold)

When Almalexia sends you on this mission, do not forget to get the Powered
Dwemer Coherer by asking her on the topic "Ashstorms in Mourhold."

Open the door and enter Skybreak Gallery.  In the middle is the machine called
Karstangz-Beharn.  Go near it and look for the Dwemer Junction Box.  Click on
it and place the Powered Dwemer Coherer in the box and click yes.  Your journal
is updated.

Go the three levers in front of the junction box.  The left lever will move the
pictures in front of you to the right.  The center lever will move them to the
left.  The right lever will halt the movement.  Pull the left lever and when 
you see a picture of a volcano spewing ashes, pull the right lever.  Your jour-
nal will be updated.  Return to Almalexia for the next quest.

Note:  Do not loss the two satchel packs.  You will still need one.

Where in Mournhold is Salas Valor

Talk to Almalexia and she will tell you about one of her Hands of Almalexia,
Salas Valor, is spreading lies about her.  Your mission, if you will accept, is
to find him and stop his activities.

He is not easy to find.  You have to talk to many people who do not know him
until, or if get lucky, talk to anyone in Godsreach about Hands of Almalexia 
and he will tell you of seeing one wandering around Godsreach, mutering and
acting strange.  Indeed you will find a high ordinator in shimmering armor on
a street in Godsreach.  When you speak to him, your journal is updated.  After
you killed him, your journal will be updated again.  Return to Almalexia and
she will reward you with one of the following:

Skin like iron (grant 5 points CE to your light, medium, heavy and unarmored)
Protected against paralysis (grant 20% CE paralysis resistance)
Warm, reflected Glory (grant 10 points CE fortify health)

Where To Find The Three Pieces Of The Blade

If you talk to Almalexia she will believe that you are the Nerevarine and she
will tell you to forge the blade Trueflame back after it was broken into three
pieces.  Exhaust all conversation topics with her so that she will give you one
Broken Dwemer Blade Piece.  You are then ordered to look for the other two
pieces and look for a craftsman to do the forging. 

If you ask her about pieces of the blade, she will tell you to look to those 
you know and trust for guidance.  Talking to her about forge the blade, she 
will tell you to seek out the finest among the craftsmen.

Looking for these people you know and trust, you will eventually talk to Baren-
ziah who will refer you to Karrod.  Ask Karrod about "pieces of the blade" and
he will give you an Odd Dwemer Weapon.  Your journal will be updated.

Consult Barenziah again and she will tell you to see Plitinius Mero who will
refer you to Torasa Aram, the Curator of the Museum.  If you talk to him about
craftsmen, he will say "if it's weaponsmithing, try Yagak Gro-Gluk at the
Craftsmen's Hall."

Talk to Aram about pieces of the blade and she will tell you that she has one
piece of Dwemer Construction from the same time and that she will give to you
in exchange for compensation - the donation of two artifacts.  If you have two
artifacts that are recognized on the right panel, click on them one at a time
and click "donate the item" on the left panel.  After the donation, click "one
piece" on the right panel and click "compensation" on the left panel.  Your 
journal is updated and the Dwemer Battle Shield is in your inventory.

How To Forge The Blade

With the three pieces in your inventory, go to the Craftsmen's Hall and
approach Yagak gro-Gluk.  Ask him about the Dwemer Battle Shield and he will
separate the third blade piece from the shield.  Talk about "forge the blade" 
and he will take the three pieces from your inventory and will tell you "come
come back after two days' time."  Your journal is updated.

After two days, talk to him again about "forge the blade"  and he will give you
an unenchanted Trueflame.  Your journal is updated.  Click on "talk to a
Dwemer" and he will tell you about "Radac Stungnthumz that lived in Bamz-
Amschend.  Maybe some of his writings still exist."

How To Enchant Trueflame

If you talk to Yagak again and click "talk to a Dwemer" he will tell you to go
to Bamz-Amschend and find Radac's Forge.  So off you go to the forge the loca-
tion of which you know already.

In Radac's Forge, locate the Heavy Dwemer Door on the right side.  Open it and
you will find Radac's ghost.  You will have to search the room because it is
constantly moving around.  Talk to it and click "talk to a Dwemer."  Then click
"add fire."  It will then tell you to get Pyroil Tar in the lower cavern of
Norenen-dur, in the Citadel of Myn Dhrur.  Your journal is updated.

Crawl through the Dark hole to Passage of the Walker.  Search the passage for
another Collapsed Rocks and place a satchel pack.  Crawl through the Dark hole
to Norenen-dur.  Explore the area until you reach the Door to The Teeth that
Gnash.  Open it and walk to the Door to Citadel of Myn Dhrur.  Open it and kill
Khash-Ti Dhrur.  He has a Pyroil Tar.  If you lost his remain in the water, do
not despair.  Levitate to the Wailingdelve in the same area and you can find
two pyroil tars at the bottom of the falls.  You will also find a daedric left
pauldron, a daedric cuirass, and others.

Return to Radac and click Pyroil Tar.  Voila, the enchanted Trueflame is in 
your inventory.  Your journal is updated.  Go back to Almalexia.

How To Do The Final Mission

Talk to Almalexia and about "forge the blade."  She will then mention of an
obstacle named Sotha Sil.  Click all options.  At the end she will send you to
Clockwork City.  If you are prepared, select "I am prepared to go."  She will
then teleport you there. 

Note:  If you use recall or interventions, you will be told that "teleportation
magic does not work here."  It is therefore advisable to save first before
talking to Almalexia.  Levitation magic does not also work.

Look for levers that will open some doors.  Beware of traps.

Move from Outer Flooded Halls, to Inner Flooded Halls, to Hall of Delirium, to
Central Gearworks, to Hall of Theuda, to Dome of Kasia.

How to Beat The Trap At The Dome of Kasia

If you are wearing the boots of blinding speed, just stand on the middle step,
wait for the rolling blade to pass, and run like hell behind it to the doorway.
If you do not have the boots, just drink some of the elixirs that you can get
from the dead fabricants to fortify your speed.

If you can fortify your acrobatic skill, you can also jump from the ground to
the doorway.

How To Operate The Switches At the Dome of Serlyn

When you enter the door, you will see a machine that spews out fabricants. 
The door to the next hall is inside the machine and you need to operate the
switches to enter the outside and inner doors.

Pull out the left lever first to open the outer door.  When your hear sounds or
when the flexible pipes above start wriggling, push the right lever to open the
nner door.  Runthrough both opened doors and through the Metal Door to Hall of

How To Continue To Where Sotha Sil Is

Walk through the Hall of Sallaemu and enter the Dome of Udok.  Operate the 
Rusted Lever and a bridge will be created.  Walk across the bridge, through the
Hall of Mileitho, through the Dome of the Imperfect and enter the Dome of Sotha
Sil.  In the dome you will find Sotha Sil, or what is left of him.  Your jour-
nal will be updated.

As you try to leave, Almalexia will appear and will tell a long story about the
birds and the bees (as if you did not know this already).  Listen to her tale
since you cannot do anything otherwise.

How To Go Home

After you have killed Almalexia, take Hopesfire and the Barilzar's Mazed Band
from her body.  Wear the band and you will be given four choices to teleport
to:  Vivic, Mournhold, Sotha Sil, or nowhere.  Choose any (except the last) and
you still will be teleported to Mournhold Temple:  High Chapel.

Walk a few paces outside the temple door and Azura will appear to give you her
blessing and to tell you that Alamalexia was lying.  The chicken comes before
the egg, after all. Your journal is updated.  After Azura disappears, you will
now be able to use the band to teleport to the other places.  Talk to Helseth
(if you have not killed him) and get a set of Royal Guard armor as your reward.
Bravo!  You have finished the main quests.

                           MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS FAQ

How To Get The Bipolar Blade

Go to the bazaar and talk to Sunel Hlas about (1) women and (2) foolishness. 
Your journal will be updated. Bid goodbye. Don't talk again because the con-
versation will twist in another direction and you will not get the sword.

Go to the other side of the bazaar and talk to Marena Gilneth about (1) meet 
someone new (2) please continue (3) go on.... Your journal will update.

Go back to Sunel and talk to him about (1) women (2) what about Marena Gilneth?
Bid Goodbye.

Go back to Marena and talk about (1) meet someone new (2) yes, i'm sure 
(3) Sunel Hlas.  Your journal will be updated.

Go back to Sunel and talk about (1) women (2) Marena Gilneth (3) Marena Gilneth
(again) (4) .......try and be optimistic....... (5) goodbye

Later, (I waited four days) you will find Marena in the bedroom (2nd floor). 
Don't go there to find out if she is already there or not before the required 
number of days or everything will be off (I did once one day at a time and the
romance ended in a fiasco). Talk to Sunel and choose Marena Gilneth and he will
give your the blade.

You can also start with Marena.  Just know when to end and when to persist in
your conversation with Sunel.

How To Avoid Mad Golena Sadri's Traps

After you have done the preliminaries in the Sadri manor, Godsreach, you will
find the door locked with 90 points.  Open it, go down and find an ordinator
dead on the floor of the bedroom.  This is the only time that you can get a
complete set of excellent heavy armor without much sweat.  A level 1 character
who can open the lock can do this.  It is advisable to strip the armor from 
the ordinator and, if you cannot carry it, drop them on the floor.

Open the trap door and your journal will update.  go down, walk toward the
Sewer Door To Forgotten Sewer.  Ahead you will see boxes on a shallow pool of
water.  Look around and you will see a crank attached to a pipe.  Turn the
crank and the area will be flooded.  The boxes will float.  Take a deep breath
and swim to where the boxes were.  You will see a trap door to Forgotten Sewer.
Open it and, once inside, swim to your left and turn the crank that will drain
the water.  Go to the ladder and climb up to the Forgotten Sewer.

This area of the sewer is full of traps. Mad Golena had set up the traps that
will damage you as you come near or walk over them.  If you have a high sneak
skill, you can avoid getting hurt.  If you have high hp, you can run, absorb 
the damage and just restore the lost hp. You can also use telekenisis to steal
the treasures from the chests in one room.

After you killed Golena Sadri, get her glass armor, Mace of Slurring (a museum
artifact) and an inexhaustible supply of PoisonGrip Arrow (as long as you do 
not dispose her corpse), imho, the best arrow in the game. 

How To Drown The Black Dart Gang

If you talk to Variner's ghost which is found near the center of the Temple 
sewers, it will inform you that the Black Dart Gang can be found in the Temple
Sewers West and that you can drown them by flooding the area with the use of a
lever shaped like a torch.  The location of this torch is on the post between
the two doors and not in the east area near the gang.

Since you can get adamantium cuirass and boots in the gang's hiding place plus
their excellent darts, it might not be a good idea to drown them unless you can
hold your breath very long.

If you got this quest from Narisa Adus (see "Where To Find The Assassins"
above), return to her and you will get the Variner's ring.

Where To Find Adamantium Ore

This ore which is used in forging adamantium armor (see Bols Indalen in Gods-
reach, Craftsman Hall) is found in Armory Ruins (Goblin Quest), Temple Cata-
combs and Temple Crypt (Cleansing of Shrine of the Dead Quest) and Norenen-dur
(Enchanting Trueflame Quest - Finding Pyroil Tar).

How To Get The Robe Of The Lich

To trigger this quest, you must enter Gedna Relvel's Tomb.  It is located by
taking the right tunnel just before reaching the Shrine Door to Temple Shrine
(Shrine of the Dead Cleansing Quest).  Open the locked door to Relvel's tomb,
walk a few steps inside and you will see on your screen this message " A rancid
stench nearly overwhelms you."

Talk to Mehra Halas who is just outside the Temple door about the latest rumors
and she will refer you to Nerile Andaren inside the Temple.  Your journal will
be updated.  Nerile will ask a small favor from you which is to deliver a cure
disease potion to Geon Auline who lives in Godsreach.  After delivering the
potion, return to Nerile and kill the seven infected rats that have infested 
the place.  Talk to Nerile and she will ask another favor from you which is to
take a cure disease potion to Athelyn Malas who is just outside the Temple
door.  Report back to Nerile and she will ask another favor which is for you to
learn more about the re-appearance of the crimson plague by checking the Temple
sewers.  Your journal will be updated.

Go to the basement and you will see an ordinator lying on the floor with one
Shunari Eye-Fly standing over him.  Talk to Shunari and she will ask for your
help and she will help you.  Your journal will be updated.  Go back to Nerile
and click "help Shunari" and you will be given a scroll of Chriditte's Panacea.
When you return to the basement you might find Shunari gone and the ordinator
standing up.

Probably it would have been better to just cast a cure common disease on others
spell on Shunari and not get the scroll from Nerile in the first place (I had
to reload and just casted the spell).

After curing Shunari, she will tell you about Gedna Relvel.  Get more informa-
tion especially on "how secret passage in tomb works."  Your journal will be

Go back to Gedna's tomb and enter it.  Walk through the tunnel until you see a
ladder in front of you.  Look to the left and you will see two pillars and bet-
ween them a roundish rock.  Stand on the rock and a door will open.  Go through
and find Gedna.  After you have killed the lich your journal will be updated.
Get the Robe of the Lich (a museum artifact) from the corpse.  

Where In The World Are The Clutter Items

Detritus Caria who is in the second floor of the Craftsmen's Hall will give you
the following quests:

First Quest:

a)  Bolt of Imperial rat hair fabric = Great Bazaar, Clothier (three bolts on
    the floor, under the bottom shelf and not for sale.  You have to steal it.)
b)  Brushed silver pitcher = Great Bazaar, Pawnbroker (buy the silverware

Second Quest:

a)  Redware pot, tall with lines going down the side = Great Bazaar, Trader
    (he has three, buy one)
b)  A full set of Imperial siverware = Godsreach, Velas Manor (12 sets in two
    small locked chests)
c)  Yellow metallic plate with a sun in the center = Balmora Council Club (has
    two) and Caldera, Trader (has four)

Third Quest:

A set of Dwemer tableware:  two goblets (one slightly larger than the other),
a pitcher, a tankard (mug), and a large bowl.  All these can be found in
Bamz-Amschend, Hall of Wails.

How To Free Delborn

In Godsreach, you will meet a Forrest Gump.  His name is Thrud.  He will ask
your help in searching for his friend Delborn who was last seen in the sewer.
If you want to help him, bring him with you.  He might be able to help if you
want to do something drastic.

Delborn is being held by three men in an area near the ladder going to the west
sewer (see "Where To Find The Two Goblin Warchiefs And The Two Altmer Trainers"
above). It seems that Delborn owes money to their leader, Drathas Nerus.  The
best tactic here is to pay (you can bargain).  If you want, kill them after.
Start with the right (your right) guy sandwiching Delborn.  Then the left guy
and last Nerus.  With Thrud's help, you might manage to do this while keeping
Delborn alive (the two goons will try to kill Delborn once you start attacking
them).  Thrud will reward you with a book.  Do not forget to loot Nerus' body.

How To Be A Good Actor

Go to the Great Bazaar and talk to Meryn Othrales who is standing just behind
the stage.  He will tell you about his troupe's "own drama" to worry about.

Further conversations with him will find you agreeing (read no further if you
will not agree) to help him by taking the sick actor's part in a play.  You
will be given a script to memorize.

Talk to him again.  He will take back the book and he will give you instruc-
tions on what to do.  When you step on the mat, the play will begin.  When you
speak the line "As, I hear, are all Telvanni," you will be attacked by an
assassin who wields a daedric wakizashi.  After you have killed him, talk to
Othrales again.

You will find out that you have been set up.  He will reward you with the
Amulet of Verbosity.  He will also pay you 2,000 gold less 200 for every mis-
take.  You can write down your script up to the trigger line if you want the
full payment.

Where To Find Museum Artifacts In Mournhold

1. Dagger of Symmachus = King Helseth will give you this after you won your
   duel with Karrod (see "How To Duel With Karrod" above)

2. Bipolar Blade = Sunel Hlas will give you this if you managed to pair him
   with Marena Gilneth (see "How To Get The Bipolar Blade" above)

3. Mace of Slurring = You will get this after you have killed Golena Sadri (see
   "How To Avoid Mad Golena Sadri's Traps" above)

4. Robe Of The Lich = You will get this after you have killed Gedna Relvel (see
   "How To Get The Robe Of The Lich" above)

How To Slay Four People Without Much Ado

Entering the vacant manor, you will find people who will not take kindly to
your trespassing.  Talk "business" to Dovor Oren and you will be told, in a
round-about way, to kill Sosecan.  Sosecan can be found downstair in the Winged
Guar wearing an enchanted ebony cuirass. Since he will not talk to you, you
cannot taunt him.  Either you just kill him outright, drop everything (as
insurance), report to any guard and pay the fine; or cast frenzy humanoid using
scroll/spell/enchanted item on him so that he will attack you.  Return to Oren
with the sword and ebony cuirass, and you will be rewarded with 5,000 gold.

My fine was only 40 gold since I was wearing items that were enchanted with a
total of 100% constant effect chameleon.  If the crime is not reported, you
will not get a bounty on your head.

Talk "assist" to Oren and he will refer you to Felvan Ienith who will tell you
to take Elanande's robe and axe.  She can be found at the North side of Gods-
reach near the trapdoor to the sewer.  Return to Ienith with the items and he
will reward you with 1,000 gold.  No bounty since the crime was not reported.

Talk "assist" to Oren and he will refer you to Olvyne Dobar who will tell you
to get Bels Uvenim's spear and helmet.  Uvenim can be found at the North side
of the Temple, walking back and forth near the canal.  Return to Dobar with the
items and you will be rewarded with 1,000 gold.  No bounty since the crime was
not reported.

Talk "assist" to Oren and he will give you your final quest which is to get
Suldreni Salandas' mace and amulet.  Salandas can be found at the West side of
the Great Bazaar.  Return to Oren and get 4,000 gold as reward.  My bounty was
1,000 gold.

If you feel that you have been shortchanged, you can kill all of them and get
the items for your own use or sale.

Other Miscellaneous Quests

There are other minor quests/encounters that the readers of this FAQ should do
by themselves without asking for help. 

1.  Talk to Drathas Reyas about latest rumors.  He is in the Great Bazaar.

2.  Talk to the pawnbroker in the Great Bazaar about why his wares are cheap.

3.  Talk to High-Pockets in Godsreach about his problem.

4.  Talk to Geon Auline about his search.  He is in his manor in Godsreach.

5.  Talk to Ignatius Faccus about robots.  He is in his manor in Godsreach.

6.  Talk to Deldrise Andoren about her husband.  She is in her manor in

7.  Talk to Bols Indalen about custom armor.  He is in the Craftsmen's Hall,

8.  Talk to Hession about work.  He is in the Winged Guar, Godsreach.Do this
    before you do No. 9.

9.  Gamble with Galms Seles who is in the Winged Guar.  Then talk to Hession.

10. Talk to Ilnori Faustus.  He is in the Craftsmen's Hall, Godsreach. Later,
    (very much later) talk to Bols Indalen.  Then go to Winged Guar.

11. Talk to Rerlas Mon about buying trained rats and scribs.  He is in the
    Great Bazaar.

12. Talk to Gaenor and, well, have the experience of your life next time you
    meet him.  He is just outside the gates leading to the Temple.  

13. Talk to the naked Nord, Forstaag the Sweltering, at Plaza Brindisi Dorom
    and get a laugh or two.

How To Resolve Video Problems

Some gamers reported video problems especially at the Dome of Serlyn.  Below is
an excerpt from a post by Stungthumbz in the Morrowind Tribunal Official Board.
(He acknowledged the assistance given by Chambon in this tip.)

Load up tribunal.esm in TESCS.  From the World menu, select Interior Cell.  A
dialog box will appear.  Click the drop-down under cell description and select
the cell "Sotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn."  Now, in the Fog section of the dialog
box, find where it says Density.  The value is 0.00.  Change this to 1.0. Click
OK.  Save as a new .esp plug in.  Activate this saved plug in the launcher.


I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the users of the Morrowind and
Tribunal Boards and the FAQs writers.  Although I did not refer to their works
when I wrote this guide, I might have incorporated some of their ideas and
insights and I could not remember anymore which belong to whom.  Thank you.

No Permission Required

Anybody can use this FAQ anyway he sees fit without getting prior permission
from me as long as he gives proper credit.



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