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l   Go to end of maze and pick up statue.
2.  Back to the tower - put down statue - tower turns.
3.  Enter second maze, pick up statue at the end.
4.  Back to the tower - put down statue - tower turns.
5.  Go through the maze. Turn right in the large room with the fountain.
6.  Defeat the monk, take key from him. Open doors to the room with the lion 
    (use the key).
7.  Go through the room with the lion in it.
8.  Defeat the monk in the next room and take the key to the lion's cage.
9.  Continue through the dining room down the corridor as far as the kitchen.
10. In the kitchen, take the flower. Then go on to the large corridor.
11. Go left in the corridor and take a rod out of a vase. The second vase has 
    no significance.
12. Then back, left along the corridor and first door to the left.
13. In the vestibule to the grill room, take key out of the apron and a knife 
    out of the middle drawer.
14. Open the door to the grill room with the key.
15. Cut off a piece of meat in the grill room.
16. Then back to the lion room. Throw meat into the empty cage. Flick the 
    switch on the cage. The lion goes away. Open the cage with the key and go inside.
17. Go to the rear wall in the cage and flick the switch.
18. Go through the maze. There are no puzzles in the armory behind the maze.
19. At the end of the corridor where the monks have their living rooms is a 
    door that you have to unbolt.
20. In the large corridor with water, you fight with a monk. Take a key from 
21. Go with the key from the vestibule to the grill room and open the second 
22  There is a pair of pliers in the drawer.
23. With the pliers, go to the grill room and take the first amulet out of 
    the grill.
24. Go out and you will meet a monk from whom you should take a second flower.
25. Place the flowers into two vases that are standing in the large corridor 
    next to the exit; you will get two red pearls.
26  Go outside with the pearls into the small maze and go right through an 
    obstacle to a door.
27. At the door, stick the two pearls into the eagle's legs. The door will 
    open. Go into the maze.
28. At the end of the maze is a bolted door. A key to the operations room is 
    hanging on the door.
29. Go into the operations room that is located at the end of the large 
    corridor (by the water basin).
30. There is a chest in the middle in which you find a key to the monks' 
    living room. There is a nut in the cabinet, on the right,.
31. Go out, turn left, then left again along the corridor, and at the end 
    left again in the direction of the living rooms.
32  The key fits the door at the right, behind the entrance.
33. In the living room is a small table. There is a nutcracker on the table. 
    The nut should be cracked open in order to obtain a white pearl.
34. Take a pot that is destined for the well in the kitchen out of the 
    cabinet in this room.
35. Go back into the kitchen, put the pot on the well and lower it. When it 
    returns, you get three teeth.
36. In the kitchen, there is a barrel that you have to open with the rod in 
    order to get a card. The card shows a combination of three pearls and a needle 
    that leads to the entrance to the last maze.
37. Go to the dining room and examine the card on the chimney.
38. In the next corridor, in which you defeated the monk and got the key to 
    the lion's cage, put the teeth on the monster heads.
39. You get a second amulet, a skeleton key and a key.
40. With the skeleton key, go to the remaining monks' living rooms.
41. In the first living room you get an axe; in the second nothing is to be 
    used or taken.
42. Go with the axe into the room with the fountain and then straight ahead. 
    You open the door with the key.
43. Go straight ahead and left, straight ahead through the door. Then right 
    and down the stairs.
44. In the basement, defeat the monk and take a ring from him.
45. In the basement there is a candle that you should take.
46. With the ring, go back up into the corridor and open the door at the end 
    of the corridor at right.
47. In the room (guard-room) use the ring to open a cabinet and take the key 
    to the cells in the basement.
48. Go back to the basement and open the prison doors.
49. There is a pile of hay in one cell. Burn it with the candle and get a 
50. Go back with the needle through the entire castle as far as the large 
    corridor, and then outside into the maze. In the maze, go right as far as the 
    wall with the lock. Place the pearls and the needle according to the diagram that 
    you have seen on the card, and go through the maze.
51. At the end of the maze, you get a third amulet out of a statue.
52. Go back out of the prison compound, turn left and go on to the room with 
    the fountain.
53. There you find a key to the door which leads outside from the fountain 
54. Open the door with the key and go out.
55. Go to the first gate and place the first amulet there.
56. Do the same with the other amulets until you have defeated all the 
57. At the end is a gate with a switch that you have to flick. END
Submitted by: Andrey Wolk


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