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 Vindictus - Sword Lann Guide

Vindictus - Sword Lann Guide

Title: Vindictus - Sword Lann Guide
Date: January 23, 2011
System: PC
Author: Adenosine
Version: 1.01

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January 23, 2011
V 1.01 - Updated During Shadowed By Darkness V 1.17 Patch.
       - Added strategies for new Blood Lord missions.
       - Added missing Critical Hit skill information.

January 17, 2011
V 1.00 - Guide Written During Episode 4: The Gnoll King Patch.

Table of Contents:

Part 1
I. 	Introduction
II. 	Preparation
III.    Sword Lann Combos
IV.	Sword Lann Strategies
V.	Sword Lann Priority Skills
VI.	Sword Lann Secondary Skills

Part 2
VII.	Recommended Armor Sets
VIII.	Recommended Weapons
VIX.	Recommended Accessories

Part 3
X0.	Sword Lann VS Bosses
X1.	Perilous Ruins
X2.	Hoarfrost Hollow
X3.	Ainle
X4.	Prairie Entrance - Ruins of Sanctity

Part 4
- Copyright Information

                               Part 1

I. Introduction:

Welcome to the world of Vindictus! Set in a world where monsters of 
legendary origins regularly kill people, you are just one person caught
in this chaos involving gods, strange creatures, and fragile souls.

In this guide, we will be focusing on the Lann type of character who 
specializes in swords. He is more popularly known as a Sword Lann. The
best traits of a Sword Lann is his ability to get out of harm's way
fast as well as being able to use his evasion to lead into a counter
attack. In essence, playing a Sword Lann is about hitting but not getting
hit, which is very similar to the sport of boxing.

II. Preparation:

The first thing that you have to do is to set-up your controls properly.
As a Sword Lann, being able to control your movements accurately is the
key to surviving and accomplishing missions, no matter how hard they 
are. To check out and modify the controls, just click Options at the
main screen.

Here is my recommended set-up:

- Mouse Mode

The reason why we will use Mouse Mode as our control is that it's a lot
easier and more accurate to move the view around using your mouse than
using your keyboard. As a Sword Lann, you have to be able to look around
you while in the heat of battle so that you'll know which way to evade or

Next, click Advanced Settings. You'll see more choices. You can change the
controls on the box on the left side to whatever key you feel most 
comfortable with. 

For a quick review, here are the default controls:
W - Move Forward
S - Move Back
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
E - Grab
R - Kick
Shift - Run
Left Click - Normal Attack
Right Click - Smash Attack
Space Bar - Evade/Dash

Find the following settings and make sure you have a check mark on the
box beside them:

- Control Perspective with mouse. *IMPORTANT*
- Auto-aim at enemies (when throwing).
- Press Smash to kick downed enemies.
- Grab when Attack+Smash are pressed.
- Attack in the direction of the camera. *IMPORTANT*
- Display boss names.
- Always auto-aim secondary weapons. *IMPORTANT*

III. Sword Lann Combos:

As a Sword Lann, you don't have many skills that will deal huge amounts of
damage individually. You will have to rely on combos in order to deal
respectable damage.

Keep in mind that you can CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF A COMBO ANYTIME because
we control the direction of the view using our mouse. This is very useful
because it gives you the opportunity to move somewhere else while you're
still dealing damage.

Also, remember that these combos are not just used for dealing damage,
they are also useful for escaping. For example, if you are surrounded
by enemies, there is one spinning combo that you can do where the monsters
around you will get hit as you spin around to a certain direction. When
monsters are hit, they won't be able to move or hit you back, and since
you are able to move away, you have a better chance at finding a better
fighting position.

L = Left Click
R = Right Click
(NumberX) = number of times to press

1. L(2x) - a basic horizontal two hit combo from both swords.

2. L(3x) - continuation of the two hit combo, ends with a wide swipe.

3. L(4x) - continuation of the three hit combo, ends with a diagonal

4. R - just a stab, not really a combo. It's almost useless unless you 
hit the monster with this resulting in a critical hit.

5. L, R - a combo ending with a double diagonal upward slash. You are left
momentarily vulnerable at the end because you are forced to stand in place
for a while. 

When you hit monsters with this combo, they usually stay in place at the
end if they aren't knocked away. This can be useful if you want monsters
to stay in place for a bit, but it's very dangerous if you are surrounded.

6. L(2x), R - a combo ending with a charging body rush. This is very 
useful if you want to knock away monsters in front of you.

7. L(3x), R - the spinning combo. This is the most useful combo for now.
This combo ends with you holding out your swords and spinning around to
wherever you want. Not only do you damage the monsters around you while
spinning, but the movement from your spinning creates a chance for you to
escape and go to a better location if needed.

8. L(4x), R - a combo ending with a huge horizontal swipe in front
of you. This deals a good amount of damage as well as a wide range. One
more good thing about this is that you can cancel the final horizontal
swipe by dodging/evading to another direction quickly.

9. L(Repeatedly) - this combo ends up with you stabbing in front of you 
as long as you have stamina left. This move is only possible to do if
you have learned the Thousand Needles skill. I don't recommend this move
because it leaves you at a stationary position, and whether you are 
surrounded or you're only facing one monster, there's a good chance that
you'll get hit somehow.

10. L(Repeatedly), R - while you're still stabbing and you have stamina
left, pressing R will lead to a huge horizontal slash attack in front of
you. This is not recommended, especially for boss fights because you are
left wide open for attacks.

11. L(4x OR Repeatedly), R, L - the final attack is an area of effect
ground smash from your two swords. All surrounding enemies within range
are killed or knocked away. Very useful in extremely crowded situations.

IV. Sword Lann Strategy:

Having some basic strategies in mind before going to battle can help you
survive because you'll have ideas that you can rely on. As a Sword Lann,
you can't just run in slashing at everything in front of you, especially
in the more advanced dungeons, and most definitely not against bosses.
You will need full control of your ability to dodge, understand patterns,
and get timings right in order to become a good Sword Lann player. 

1. Never stand in one place for too long.

This is the most important rule of all, not just for Lann, but every 
other character. Staying put means monsters will have the chance to 
surround you and kill you. It gets worse when you face bosses who actually
deal huge amounts of damage to you, no matter what level you are.

2. Circle your opponents.

Move in a circular path, either to the left or to the right when engaging
enemies. The reason for this is that most normal monsters don't have
combos and only attack once. This means that while they're trying to attack
you, you're already on their side or behind them, ready to kill.

Bosses are not that much of a different case. There are fewer opportunities
for you to attack them, but circling them gives you a higher chance of 
avoiding their attacks. 

3. Don't attack bosses directly from the front.

Bosses are unlike the normal monsters. Bosses will not stop moving or
attacking as long as you have not hurt them enough. The best way is to
keep circling them and let them finish their attacks, then go near them
and deal some damage of your own.

4. Know your sword's range.

Another important thing that you need to know is your sword's attack
range. Each sword has different range. Just try comparing the beginner's
Twin Shortswords with the Blade of Ykesha or another sword. Their length
is not just graphical, the longer the sword looks, the longer its reach is.
The reason why you have to know how far your sword can reach is it lets
you hit monsters from a farther position, which could mean the difference
between getting hit and not.

5. Study monster's attack patterns.

Majority of the normal monsters have very predictable moves. As long as
you keep circling them, they won't hit you. The bosses on the other hand
are much more complicated. This is where studying their attack patterns
come in very handy. Bosses have all sorts of attacks, from spinning 
hammers to jumping exploding arrows. Most of them also have combo moves
where if you get caught, you'll most likely die. Observe their moves for
a while first and when you have a clear idea of how they move and attack,
you'll be able to figure out their vulnerabilities.

6. Know your combo's weaknesses and strengths.

You can't rely on just one type of combo all the time and expect to not
get hurt. Knowing the perfect situation to use each combo will enable you
to have a better freedom of movement along with the ability to damage
enemies. For example, the charging body rush combo which is done by pressing
L(2x), R, isn't a very good combo to use when you are surrouned by 
aggressive enemies because even if you clear the path directly in front
of you, the others from the sides and behind you are able to hit you 
freely. In a situation where you are surrounded, a combo that can hit
all around you is the best choice.

7. Use your environment to your advantage.

There are many ways by which you can use your environment to help you 
defeat the monsters. Aside from grabbing the nearest log or vase and 
smashing it on your opponent's head, you can also use the area for
strategic purposes.

For example, there are lots of tough enemies trying to surround and kill
you. In this situation, if there aren't a lot of enemies who can shoot 
projectiles at you, one solution is to go into a tight and narrow area, 
such as an alley, and lead the monsters there. Since the alley is narrow,
they won't be able to surround you. They'll only be coming in front of you
where you can freely attack them as well. You have the advantage here
because whenever you hit them, they stop attacking and you won't have to
worry about getting hit from behind or the sides.

Another example is by using traps to your advantage. In one of the early
dungeons in Hoarfrost, you will encounter a trap with a spiked ceiling.
To your left is a lever, and in front of you are angry goblins. As they
rush towards you, you can kick the lever and crush them all with the
falling ceiling spikes! 

When it comes to boss battles, majority of them occur in areas where there
are lots of destructible stuff, such as pillars. If you manage to get a
boss near one of those destructible pillars, if they hit it (or if you 
attack the pillar), the falling debris will actually stun them for a bit,
giving you a chance to attack them all out!

8. Be aware of the environment.

Just because we can use the environment to our advantage doesn't mean it
can't harm us. For example, in the first raid that becomes available, 
which is against a giant polar bear in an ice cave, there are many ice
crystal formations around the area. These things aren't there just to 
be pretty. These are there to hinder your movements! Most of the time 
people get killed by a boss is when they somehow get trapped and couldn't
move. In a situation like this, it is best to destroy these obstacles
first because later on, they might block your way while trying to escape,
which then leads to your death.

V. Sword Lann Priority Skills:

In this section, we'll talk about which skills a Sword Lann should give
priority to before the others. Although it is actually possible to max
out all of your skills because you can earn the AP to upgrade them by
doing missions, you will eventually have to settle with getting 10 AP per
mission after you have completed all quests and finished that mission
a number of times. By knowing which skills to give priority to, you will
become a more efficient Sword Lann.

Each skill has a description as well as information on how to use them.
Some skills are listed here in the high priority section just because you
need to get them to a certain rank in order to activate a more important

When ranking up skills, those with "As Soon As Possible!" can be ranked
up in any order unless specified. Those with "Not Often" will have to wait
until you have ranked up the "As Soon As Possible!" skills to a recommended
level. Skills with "Only When Necessary" means that you can save AP by
just ranking them up to the required level by whatever you're trying to
use, such as swords and armor.

Most of the time, the recommended rank to stop ranking a skill is Rank A.
If you have to rank up multiple skills, then at least get the most 
important one to Rank A before proceeding to the next skill.

You can buy the skill books from the Mercenary Outpost, but some skills
require you to finish stories or challenges first.

1. Slip Dash
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible! 
AP Requirement - Moderate

* Becomes more useful at Rank 9 and higher. Leave it at this rank if 
you still need to rank up other important skills. Just remember that the
moment it becomes possible to rank this up, then do so because it will
save your life more than once and let you kill even the toughest of 

This is one of Sword Lann's starting skills, which also happens to be
the most important way for you to evade enemy attacks. With this move,
Lann lowers his stance and then dashes forward quickly. This move has
"invincibility frames", which are moments in the animation where you 
won't get hurt even if the attack passes through you. For example, at
lower ranks, it will be hard to use Slip Dash to duck under a spinning
hammer unless you time it extremely accurately. When you reach a higher
rank, like R7 Slip Dash, you'll see that you don't need to be that
accurate anymore to dash under the spinning hammer!

Another function of Slip Dash is to act as a set-up move for Double 
Crescent, another one of Sword Lann's most useful skills.

There's also a strange way that you can put Slip Dash into good and
practical use. Whenever you're near the edge of something where you can
fall off from, if you move forward and then use Slip Dash, you'll zoom
to the other side of the area, much like a "super leap" if you will. This
is very useful if you want to jump from one place to another without 
falling down and getting hurt, especially if you're on a bridge and you see
monsters trying to chop it down on the other end.

2. Nimble Dash 
When to Learn - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - NONE

How to Learn:
- Rank up Slip Dash to Rank D.
- Reach level 4 and do the "Nimble Dash" story.

This is simply a second dash that you can do right after Slip Dash. As of
now, the only rank available to it is F. Learn this as soon as you can!

3. Strength Mastery
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
- Get to level 14 and buy the skill book.

* Leave this at Rank D if you still have other important skills to rank
up, such as Smash Mastery.

Strength Mastery simply increases your strength. The more strength you 
have, the more damage you can do to monsters. Another good effect of 
having high strength is that you'll be able to carry heavy objects such as
oversized pots which you can throw or smash at enemies.

The reason why we can leave this at Rank D is just so you can activate
the Weight Endurance skill, which will increase your ability to carry
armor and weapons. Although having lots of strength also increases your
damage, it is more important to have different offensive skills at a 
higher level than just one passive skill such as Strength Mastery. Having
different attack skills means you have a better way of dealing with
different situations than being stuck with just one attack skill.

4. Standing Endurance
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Light

How to Learn:
- Finish "Standing Endurance" story by bringing Light Battle Mail Greaves
  or Northern Pike Greaves to Marrec.

* Get this skill to Rank 9 as soon as possible to gain the ability to roll
away from danger the moment you get knocked down. This is the second most
useful evasive/defensive maneuver next to Slip Dash.

Standing Endurance helps you stay on your feet whenever you're hit. It
also lets you get up a lot faster whenever you've been knocked down or
when you're wearing heavy stuff.

Another extra feature to this skill is if you get it to Rank 9, when you
get knocked down, you can press the Spacebar to roll out of harm's 
way almost instantly. This is very good for escaping combos from bosses 
or additional hits. Just beware that the only direction you can roll is
backwards, so make sure that if you do roll, you won't be trapped against
a wall. This is still a lot better than waiting for around 5 seconds just
to get up after being knocked down.

This skill also requires very little AP, you might as well try to rank it
up to Rank 9 to gain the advantage of rolling away.

5. Combat Mastery
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Moderate

* Get this skill to Rank D right away just so you can activate Smash
Mastery, then leave it alone for a while and just rank it up if you have
no other important skills left.

The only reason why it's up here in the high priority list is so you can
get it to Rank D quickly, which in turn lets you learn Smash Mastery
later on. Combat Mastery only increases the power of your normal attacks,
but even at high ranks, normal attacks still won't do much against bosses.
You will be relying more on your smash attacks for real damage.

6. Smash Mastery
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
- Get Combat Mastery to Rank D.
- Get to level 22 and buy the skill book.

* Always give priority to Smash Mastery before any other offensive skill.
Offensive skills are all smashes, meaning if you have low Smash Mastery,
they won't reach their full damaging potential. Just be sure to learn the
offensive skills, and then get back to ranking up Smash Mastery. 

Smash Mastery is one of your most important offensive passive skills. It
increases the damage of your smash attacks, those moves that you do when
you right click. This is where your real damage comes from. It is very
important to rank this up as soon as you can.

7. Double Crescent
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
Reach level 24 and buy the skill book.

Double Crescent is used after dashing in any direction. This is a jumping
upward slash that is best used after evading an enemy's attack. This also
has a good chance of damaging monsters critically, which can then lead to
a chance to use another strong skill called Gliding Fury.

Not only is Double Crescent very useful as a counter attack, it's also 
useful in breaking off parts of a boss. The first example of a boss where
you can break something off is the Gnoll Chieftain in Decisive Battle. If
you avoid his spinning hammer attack or the smashing hammer attack, he will
leave his head lowered near the ground. Use your Double Crescent to hit 
his helmet and it will eventually break off after a few times!

8. Gliding Fury
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
Get to Level 24 and finish the "Gliding Fury" story.

* Get this to the highest rank as soon as possible! The AP cost is very
heavy, but this is your most powerful attack, it's worth it! If you still
have other important skills to rank up, at least leave this at Rank 9 just
so you can activate Lighting Fury, which is essentially a second Gliding
Fury done right after the first critical hitting Gliding Fury.

Gliding Fury is your first real heavy damage dealing smash attack. In order
to use Gliding Fury, you need to hit a monster with a smash attack 
(anything done with a right click) that does a critical hit. You know that
your smash attack was a critical hit when you see a bright flash of light
and hear a satisfying high pitched "shhwiing" sound. Once you have done a
critical hit, right click and you'll do the Gliding Fury. Lann will rush
forward with intense speed with one extremely powerful slash, knocking 
down any normal monsters around, usually killing them all in one hit, 
while dealing massive damage to bosses.

Another way to use Gliding Fury is right after you get up using the Windmill
move. If you have learned Windmill, then right after you do the spinning
move to get up, press Spacebar to dash somewhere and then right click, you
will then use Gliding Fury.

There are two moves that gives the highest chance of a critical hit, which
is needed to initiate Gliding Fury:

a. L(3x), R - this is the spinning combo. The spinning move itself hits
for around 3 slashes or so, greatly increasing the chance for a critical 

b. Double Crescent - from my experience, Double Crescent also yeilds a
good critical hit rate.

9. Lightning Fury
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Light

Hot to Learn:
Reach level 40 and finish the Gliding Fury challenge.

Lightning Fury is the second Gliding Fury. To use this, the first Gliding
Fury must be a critical hit. When the first one is a critical hit, right
click again and you will do the Lightning Fury. It doesn't look any 
different to Gliding Fury.

Take note that the AP requirement for this skill is very light, you might
as well max it out right away because it definitely enhances your damage
dealing ability! 

Just to give you an idea of how great having both maxed Gliding Fury and
Lightning Fury, if you happen to land those two moves on a boss, even if
it is the same or higher level than you, you will take away almost an 
entire life bar! On bosses whom you have out leveled already, you are 
going to take away more than one bar, or kill them instantly as if they
were normal monsters!

10. Critical Hit
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
Finish the "Chase" quest to access the "Critical Hit" story then finish

* Critical Hit is what you need in order to initiate Gliding Fury and
Lightning Fury!

Offensively, this is the other most important passive skill for a Sword
Lann. The first main use of Critical Hit is to let you use the Gliding and
Lightning Fury attacks. The higher your Critical Hit rank, the higher the
chance that your smash attacks will become Critical Hits and the damage
caused by a critical hit will also be magnified. This is a very important
skill that you have to max if you want to take full advantage of Gliding
and Lightning Fury.

11. Windmill
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Moderate

Hot to Learn:
Finish the "Windmill" story when you have unlocked Dethrone the White
Tyrant mission.

* This is used to get back up after being knocked down, which can lead to
a Gliding Fury if you dash when you get up. Just leave this at Rank F until
you have finished ranking up other more important skills.

Windmill isn't really that great, except for one feature. When you get
knocked down, right click and you'll spin as you get up. Monsters near you
will get hit but won't really get hurt. Once you're done spinning, dash
to any direction and right click, you'll instantly do a Gliding Fury.

12. Battle Respiration
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
Reach level 26 and buy the skill book.

Battle Respiration is what lets you recover your stamina a lot faster 
when you are not attacking. This is very easy to notice once you've reached
higher ranks for this. Right at the beginning of the game, if you keep
using smash attacks, it will take a long time before you can recover your
stamina, even if you're not doing anything. With high ranking Battle
Respiration, it would take only a few seconds to completely refill your
stamina, even if you're moving!

This is one of the most essential skills of a Sword Lann because we rely
on dashing in and out of danger, as well as using smash attacks. Slip Dash
uses up a considerable amount of stamina when not ranked up well, so it's
a good idea to rank it up along with Battle Respiration. 

Battle Respiration is also very important because it lets us run and dash
during boss battles without getting tired quickly. Bosses at later dungeons
will be doing more and more combos, they'll be faster, and they'll even
jump and dodge out of the way! If you don't have high Battle Respiration,
you'll run out of stamina and you won't be able to move well. 

13. Willpower Mastery
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
Get to level 22 and buy the skill book.

Willpower increases your chances of landing a critical hit on enemies. This
is very important for Sword Lanns because the most powerful moves, Gliding
Fury and Lightning Fury, both rely on a critical hit to happen before they
can be used. Willpower also increases the maximum health.

14. Weight Endurance
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible!
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Raise Strength Mastery to Rank D.
- Get to level 34 and buy the skill book.

* Rank A is enough to let you wear Heavy and Plate armor sets at level
44. Just rank up more when necessary.

Weight Endurance increases your weight carrying capacity. This is very
useful when you're going to wear heavy and plate armor types. Only rank
this up when you are at the point where armor sets are made up of heavy
and plate already, which is around level 20-32. 

15. Heavy Armor Proficiency
When to Rank Up - Only When Necessary
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Get to level 10 and buy the skill book.

This is one of the important things that Lann needs to put AP on. This 
lessens the weight of any heavy type of armor that you wear. Later on in
the game, Lann's armor will be made up of both heavy and plate types. This
is only considered a priority skill just because heavy and plate armor is
Lann's most useful armor types.

You don't have to rank this up right away. Before you decide to rank it
up, go check the Heavy Armor Proficiency requirement of the armor set 
you want to wear first so that you won't waste AP that you could put in
other more useful skills.

16. Plate Armor Proficiency
When to Rank Up - Only When Necessary
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Get to level 30 and buy the skill book.

The next armor type that Lann wears is plate armor, which is a lot heavier
than heavy armor. Just rank it up according to what is required by the
armor set you want to wear.

*About Armor Proficiency***************************************************

Also, another thing to note is that you can pretty much make progress in
the game up to at least Boat 3 (Ainle) while just wearing your Premium
Newbie Clothes. The reason for this is that as a Sword Lann, your focus is
on evading hits and counter attacking. Also, you can join parties and 
finish those dungeons that you find harder to finish alone.  You don't
really need to waste AP on Light and Cloth Armor Proficiency.


16. Twin Sword Mastery
When to Rank Up - Only When Necessary
AP Requirement - Light

How to Learn:
- Get to level 5 and buy the skill book.

Just like before, check the sword's requirement and just rank it up to 
there to save AP.

17. Smash: Thousand Needles
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Finish the "Thousand Needles" story near the start of the game.

* Raise this to Rank 9 just so you can use the ground smash area of effect

This is one of the first offensive skills that you learn in the game. The
"Thousand Needles" points out the stabs that you do when performing the
move. To use this, simply don't stop left clicking and you'll go into the
stabbing animation.

Each stab uses 10 stamina, so in other words, the move doesn't exactly let
you perform a thousand stabs! Not only that, but although you can change
directions while you're stabbing, it doesn't really let you move far. You're
still open to attacks from the sides and from behind.

The only saving grace of Thousand Needles is when you get it to Rank 9. It
lets you perform a ground smash area of effect attack. When you reach rank
9, just press L(4), R, L. You will then end the combo by twirling and
raising your two swords, and then driving them into the ground, causing
a massive shockwave and explosion, hurting all the enemies around you. This
is very good for clearing crowds of monsters, especially when you're alone
and it also does great damage.

Another way to use it is to perform Slashing High first, and then use
Thousand Needles to stab something to death. With Slashing High, you 
virtually have infinite stamina, allowing you to stab until the effect
is over. Not only that, but you also won't be knocked down by boss attacks,
which can be both good and bad. Still, you are a sitting duck as you 
perform this move, and the negative overshadows the positive.

VI. Sword Lann Secondary Skills:

These skills are simply support skills. You don't need to level them up
right away. You can even wait until all of the priority skills have been
ranked up to Rank A before you start working on these. It's still up to
you whether you want to rank them up now or not, since some are actually

1. Life Flare
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Get Willpower Mastery up to Rank D.
- Finish the "Life Flare" story.

Life Flare is a passive skill that lets you survive huge amount of damages,
usually coming from bosses. If you are hit by an attack that is supposed
to kill you, such as a giant hammer smacking you right in the head, and
suddenly you see a red sparkly cloud-like thing around you, that means
you've just been saved by Life Flare. 

This isn't really something that we should rely on 100% because as Sword
Lanns, our focus must be to evade those massive hits. It only shows it's
true use during laggy moments in the game when you really have no control
over your character. 

At lower ranks, this will barely save you, but once you get it higher,
you'll even be able to survive 4 direct hits from the red spider raid

2. Stamina Mastery
When to Rank Up - When Possible
AP Requirement - Heavy

This skill increases the total amount of your stamina. Although at Rank A
you'll only have 138 stamina, the 18 point increase is actually worth it
for Sword Lanns. The reason is that since we rely on Slip Dash, if we rank
up that skill to Rank 7, the Slip Dash will only consume 8 stamina. The
18 point increase means that we have an additional two Slip Dashes that
we can use to evade attacks, and some more extra stamina to actually run

This is probably the most important secondary skill for the Sword Lann.

3. HP Potion Proficiency
When to Rank Up - When Possible
AP Requirement - Light

How to Learn:
- Get to level 42 and buy the skill book.

* Get this up to Rank A for good effects.

This skill gives you the chance to gain a certain extra amount of health
while drinking hp potions. In order to make this work, hold the key that 
you assigned as your health potion key, then wait until your character
brings down the potion in his hand and release the key. When timed right,
you will have a red circular glow for a while saying that you successfully
got the hp bonus.

4. Agility Mastery
When to Rank Up - When Possible
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Reach level 22 and buy the skill book.

Agility reduces the time you are knocked down, which is a very good thing.
It also enhances the effect of Battle Respiration, meaning you'll recover
stamina a lot faster. This also increases your defense. 

5. Health Mastery
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
- Get to level 30 and buy the skill book.

This increases your health by 20 for each rank. It's not that important
but it's good to rank up if you have nothing else to spend AP on.

6. Stone Skin
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Light

How to Learn:
- Get to level 26 and buy the skill book.

When your armor breaks or when a certain body part doesn't have armor on,
Stone Skin activates for that specific section. Instead of completely being
defenseless for that part, Stone Skin activates and gives it some extra

At lower ranks, it's hard to see it's effectiveness, but the higher it
gets, the better it gets. It may not save you from bosses completely, but
any extra defense for low AP cost is always welcome.

7. Berserk
When to Rank Up - As Soon As Possible
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Get Combat Mastery to Rank C
- Get to level 36 and finish "Berserk" story.

Berserk is one of the most reliable attack enhancing skills for a Sword
Lann. It only takes one SP Bar to use and it lasts for a minute at Rank
A. The damage increase is also respectable, making it one of the best
secondary skills Lann can have.

8. Defense Mastery
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Heavy

How to Learn:
- Get to level 18 and buy the skill book.

* Only rank this up when you're actually able to use full heavy or plate
armor sets. It will be useless if you don't.

This is another skill where at lower ranks, it's very hard to appreciate.
Only rank this up when you have raised the other more useful skills. Even
at Rank 9, your defense will only be increased by 420. It's still a lot
better to have a full heavy or plate set than having Rank A Defense 

9. Campfire
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Light

How to Learn:
- Get to Level 12.
- Finish the "Nemesis" story.

* Learn at least Rank F Campfire, just so you can repair your broken
stuff while in a dungeon.

When you use a campfire, you can sit near it and get healed as well as get
buffs like increased damage.

This isn't really a necessary skill to rank up, especially since you can
always rely on Berserk for damage increase. If you have the spare AP, then
go ahead and rank it up for the extra damage increase that you can stack
up with Berserk's damage enhancement.

10. Slashing High
When to Rank Up - Not Often
AP Requirement - Moderate

How to Learn:
- Get to level 38 and buy the skill book.

This skill isn't useful offensively at all. What this skill does is it only
makes you take damage from monsters but not get moved. Offensively, one
might think that this is the perfect partner skill for Thousand Needles, 
but this is actually the worst! First of all, Thousand Needles requires you
to stay in place to continue stabbing. Although you won't get knocked 
away even if you get hit, you still take damage. If the monster decided
to do a combo on you and you can't be knocked away, then you'll take the
hits a lot faster! You'll die soon. Another horrible aspect to this skill
is that it takes 3 SP Bars to activate it! That's a lot! This skill only 
lasts for a very short amount of time as well.

Although this is probably the most useless skill when viewed from an 
offensive manner, it's quite good if you wish to evade attacks or revive
dead party members. Even if you get hit once while running away, you'll
only take damage and you're still on the move. That's better than being
caught in a combo without the chance to actually move at all.

                               Part 2

VII. Recommended Armor Sets:

Here are some recommended armor sets for Sword Lann to wear. It is a good
idea to know what the requirements are so that you won't be wasting AP
ranking up the heavy and plate armor masteries.

These sets were chosen while factoring in how fast one can level up to the
first useful set, the ease of obtaining the set either from the market
or by collecting materials and cash, and how good they are.

Before we begin, I didn't include any of the armor sets lower than level
20. Why is that? The reason is, levelling up in the game currently is
very easy, especially if you understand and know the attack patterns of
your enemies and bosses. You can practically solo majority of the missions
as long as you are ranking up the "priority" skills regularly. You actually
don't need to wear armor for any of the missions in the beginning boat
"Perilous Ruins" because all of the monsters and bosses are slow and
easy to predict.

1. Blood Prince Set
Type: Heavy
Levels: 20-32
Weight: 330 Stones
Heavy Armor Proficiency: D

The Blood Prince set is the first real functional set that you can buy
or craft. It is actually good that you can still use it up to level 44.
The materials are also very easy to collect from Ainle (Boat 3). If there
ever was a default armor for Sword Lann, this would be it.

It gives a respectable amount of everything, especially when considering
that you finished Boat 1 and Boat 2 (Hoarfrost Hollow) practically naked or
just wearing whatever quests gave you.

Another reason why we want to use this is because starting from Ainle
(Boat 3), bosses will start becoming more active and hit harder than 
those Hoarfrost Hollow (Boat 2). Although we are supposed to not get hit,
it's very hard to guarantee, especially due to lag or human error. Having
an easy to make and dependable armor such as Blood Prince will increase
our survivability and attack power.

2. Elite Commander Set
Type: Heavy
Levels: 32
Weight: 345 Stones
Heavy Armor Proficiency: F

The Elite Commander set is a "free" heavy armor set that you earn by
doing the "Elite Commander" story. The quest comes from Ferghus later on
when you already have access to Prairie Entrance/Ruins of Sanctity (Boat
4). You get one part of the set for each part of the quest that you 

Unlike the Blood Prince set, this one only needs Heavy Armor Proficiency
at Rank F to use, which is strange. Another big difference between this
set and the Blood Prince is that there is a huge drop in strength. Although
it lacks strength, it offers great will, which increases your chances of
doing critical hits.

Still, if you haven't ranked up Critical Hit to 9 and Willpower Mastery to
A, the will this set offers seem to be useless.

In terms of attack power, it's around 160 lower than Blood Prince. 

Defense is just 132 lower than Blood Prince, which isn't really a lot.

For a free heavy armor set, the only real problem is that it's 15 stones
heavier than Blood Prince in total, so you might need to rank up your
Weight Endurance earlier.

Anyway, if for some reason you have no time to complete the Blood Prince
set, this is a good alternative. It might be a tiny bit weaker, but it's
almost as good as the Blood Prince with a tiny boost to your critical hit 
due to it's will bonus.

3. Spider Lord Set
Type: Heavy
Levels: 38-40
Weight: 392 Stones
Heavy Armor Proficiency: C

The Spider Lord set is the first worthy set to go to raids for. You can
get the materials for this by doing the "Hidden" raid mission in Boat 4,
which leads to the Prairie Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity dungeons.

The stat boost that this set gives over Blood Prince and Elite Commander is
huge enough to give it an effort to collect materials for. Another reason
to create this set is that you need the entire Spider Lord set in order
to create the next great armor, the Laghodessa Slayer set, which is 
actually an upgraded version of the Spider Lord.

4. Laghodessa Slayer Set
Type: Heavy and Plate
Levels: 44
Weight: 410 Stones
Heavy Armor Proficiency: B
Plate Armor Proficiency: B

This is the upgraded version of the Spider Lord set. In order to craft this
set, you first need to make the Spider Lord set. After that, you'll collect
the materials from the raid mission called "Nightmare at the Ruins" from
the giant green spider.

This Laghodessa Slayer set actually gives a great boost in improvement from
the Spider Lord set. Everything's been amplified considerably, and the 
materials needed aren't that hard to get. The only problem you might 
encounter is finding 34 green spider shells from the boss. Fortunately, the
market seems to be overflowing with green spider shells since a lot of 
people have already reached this raid mission. It shouldn't be too hard or
expensive to obtain so go ahead and try to make this set.

VIII. Recommended Weapons:

There will be many swords available for you to use in this game, but
getting them all will be too expensive. In this section, we will pick out
which ones are worth getting.

1. Skyfrost Twin Swords
Level: 1
Weight: 85 Stones
Twin Sword Mastery: None

This is the first good sword that you can craft that is worth it. Your
starter sword just doesn't do good enough damage, that's why we need to
replace it as fast as possible with this one. The usefulness of this 
sword can actually last you up to the end of Hoarfrost Hollow (Boat 2).

In order to craft Skyfrost, you need to finish the Decisive Battle mission
in Perilous Ruins (Boat 1) first.

2. Aodhan's Twin Swords
Level: 16
Weight: 99 Stones
Twin Sword Mastery: F

This is a quest reward that you get when you finish the "Aodhan's Sword"
story. In order to get the quest, you need to finish the Decisive Battle
related quests, and then finish the two "Objects of War" quests.

Aodhan's Twin Swords are a lot better than Skyfrost Twin Swords and it's
free. You might as well get this if you have the chance since the extra
damage it provides will help you clear Hoarfrost Hollow better.

3. Blade of Ykesha
Level: 32
Weight: 115 Stones
Twin Sword Mastery: D

The Blade of Ykesha is where you first feel powerful as a Sword Lann. The 
damage and stat bonuses it provides far exceeds what the previous two
can offer.

The materials for this weapon are very easy to obtain from Ainle (Boat 3)
and don't require much. The only material that you might have a bit of 
trouble finding is the single Frost Stone it requires, which you can get
from Hoarfrost Hollow.

The reach of this sword is also a lot longer than the beginner swords! This
means that you can stay away from monsters and still hit them! This is 
very important, especially if you tend to solo dungeons a lot.

4. Soul Slasher
Level: 38
Weight: 121 Stones
Twin Sword Mastery: C

This weapon also provides a respectable boost from the Blade of Ykesha,
especially when it comes to the additional critical hit stat. With this
sword, you'll have better chances pulling off Gliding Furies and Lightning
Furies in a short amount of time! Another plus to this sword is the +58 
Strength it gives, which contributes to the great damage you can inflict
on monsters!

The only problem with this weapon is that in order to create it, you'll
need eight Solidified Blood pieces, which come from the jelly monsters
in Ainle. Unfortunately, these materials are very rare, but if you happen
to find them or see them cheap on the market, then get them and build
this weapon.

This sword becomes available to craft after you finish the "Hidden" raid

IX. Recommended Accessories:

Aside from the Hero Belt that you get from the gift box that you started
with, there are other accessories in the game that are useful for Sword
Lanns. Just because some are lower level than others doesn't mean they
aren't more useful. It's all about what stats they offer.

1. Friendship Ring
Level: 6
Stats: STR+4, AGI+4, INT+6, WILL+4
The Friendship Ring is the first useful ring that you can have from all
the rings available during the low levels. As a Sword Lann, you'll need
all the STR, AGI, and WILL that you can get. Fortunately, this ring can
be obtained for free by finishing the "Friendship Sword" quest near the
beginning of the game. It is recommended to have two of these. Just buy
another one from the market to get another.

2. Old Cat's Eye Ring
Level: 24
Stats: STR+23, WILL+23

This one gives a lot of bonus to STR and WILL. Unfortunately, it is quite
a hard item to get because it drops from the giant jelly monster called
Greed, which you can find as a mini-boss in the mission called Ulcha's
Relic in Ainle (Boat 3). Fortunately, these don't seem to be that rare
in the marketplace so just buy it from other people if you can. 

3. Emptiness Ring
Level: 32
Stats: STR+17, AGI+17, WILL+17

This is part of the Blood Prince set. Although the stats are a bit lower
than Old Cat's Eye Ring, having the extra AGI instead of just STR and WILL
can help a bit with recovering from being knocked down. You can craft
this ring during the time when you can craft the Blood Prince set.

4. Rampage Earrings
Level: 34
Stats: STR+25, AGI+18, WILL+20

The first pair of useful earrings that you can have. You need to beat
the boss named Rampage to get this. He is in the mission called Ruins of
Sanctity on Boat 4.

                               Part 3

X0. Sword Lann VS Bosses:

Sword Lann is very effective against majority of the bosses, especially
the big slow ones. The only time that Sword Lann will really have any
problem is when there's more than one boss or if the boss moves very 
fast. Fortunately, a high ranking Slip Dash can let you dash under most
of their big attacks, giving you the chance to either get close to them
and use Double Crescent for some quick damage, or run away to safety.

When a Sword Lann is playing in a party, one has to consider the probabilty
of others dying. As a Sword Lann, Slip Dash will let you survive and
evade bosses a lot easier than other character types. This means that you're
most likely to be one of the few left standing during a boss battle. Use
this to your party's advantage and revive any fallen members that you can.
You never know when lag will affect your ability to use Slip Dash 
effectively, so having more living members than dead ones works to 
everybody's advantage.

X1. Perilous Ruins (Boat 1):

This is where the beginning boat (Boat 1) leads to. All the missions here
are easy because they're just meant to introduce you to concepts about the
game as well as to get a feel of how your specific type of character plays.
The only trouble a newly created Sword Lann will have is in the mission 
called Revenge because there are two bosses there, and at that point, your
killing ability isn't that great yet. The other mission Sword Lann will have
trouble with upon introduction is called Trampled Plains, where you 
might have to beat two werewolf mini-bosses who are very fast, and three
bosses at the end, one big and strong werewolf with the two smaller ones.

Perilous Ruins also has a few traps that you'll have to overcome, but 
nothing really hard. There's a giant rolling pin that you can easily avoid
by hiding in one of the openings near a wall, and then there's the usual
swinging logs that you can easily break by hitting it with the stab attack
by right clicking, kicking, or slashing at it.

1. Mercenary Training Site
Level: 1
Rating: Very Easy
Boss: Wood Man Guard

- Solo
- Hard Mode 
- Kill an enemy using a smash attack.
- Use a grab smash to kill an enemy and discover a title.
- Grab a nearby object and kill an enemy to discover a title.
- The wooden enemies are actually considered as "Gnolls".

This is your very first mission. This is a tutorial level where enemies are
animated wooden enemies. Just use one of your combos that ends with a 
right click (smash) to kill them and finish the bonus mission requirement.

Wood Man Guard:

He is the giant wooden enemy at the end of the level. There's also a few
of those smaller wooden enemies around. Take them out first, especially the
archers so that nobody will be bothering you as you fight the boss. The
boss is pretty one dimensional. He attacks in a slow manner doing a swipe.
Just keep circling him going left while keeping him in your camera's
view. This will make him miss you. At this point, use an L(2x), R combo or
use an L(3x), R combo to give a good amount of damage to him. As soon
as you're done with the combo, move a little away from him and start 
circling him going to the left and repeat the process until he's dead.

2. Fomorian Emblem
Level: 2
Rating: Very Easy
Boss: Shadow Fang

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick or stomp the spiders in order to discover a title.
- Oath: Win with 2 or fewer players.

This is your first real mission where you actually fight monsters and not
wooden enemies. Your enemies here are the wolf looking monsters called
Gnolls. Some use clubs to hit you, while others use bows. They're all
very easy to beat. There are also worms that bust out of the ground and
just stay there doing nothing unless you stick to them too close, then 
they'll actually swing their wormy bodies to hit you. There are also tiny
spiders that you can kick or stomp on.

Shadow Fang:

Shadow Fang is very similar to the Wood Man Guard. The first thing you 
need to do is kill his little underling Gnolls so that you won't be hit
by a surprise attack. When you're done, concentrate on Shadow Fang. Treat
him the way you fought Wood Man Guard, which is to circle to the left, 
wait for him to miss his swing, then attack with the L(2x), R or L(3x), R
combos. Repeat until he's dead.

3. Gold Leather
Level: 2
Rating: Very Easy
Boss: Embermain

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Break items in the environment to get ruin erg crystals.
- Oath: Win within 15 minutes.


He is the orange Gnoll boss with a spiked weapon. The only difference he
has with the others is that he has a forward moving spin attack which
can easily be avoided by just staying away. Get near him at first and
wait for him to crouch, that's the sign that he's about to start his two
hit combo, which is an attack going down, followed by the spin attack. 
Dont' stay in front of him as he's doing this, go to the left or right
side. When he's done spinning, use an L(2x), R or L(3x), R combo to hurt
him. Repeat until he's dead.

An alternative and FUN way to kill him is to lead him back to the rolling
pins trap. He'll get caught in them and take damage. It'll take a while, 
but just have fun watching him get crushed over and over again as he kneels
defenseless. He'll die soon enough.

4. Gwynn's Request
Level: 5
Rating: Very Easy
Boss: Foul Snowpaw

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Break items to get ice spirit remnant.
- Get the drops from archers to get broken arrow.
- Oath: Incapacitated < 10 times.

Foul Snowpaw:

The boss this time is an archer type with white fur. Just like before, take
out the other weaklings first before dealing with the boss. Foul Snowpaw
will usually shoot arrows that will miss, as long as you keep on circling
going to the left. His special attack is just him jumping in the air to 
shoot an arrow down towards you. Hit him with an L(2x), R or L(3x), R 
combo and get away. He also has another attack when you're near him, which
is just a simple stomp.

5. Wind Through the Ruins
Level: 6
Rating: Very Easy
Boss: Mad Grizzlepaw

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Break items to get 5 rare ergs.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Mad Grizzlepaw:

Another white furred Gnoll, he is more offensive than the previous bosses
you have killed. When you first fight him, you might find that his health
is a bit high, but that's fine because he has a limited attack set anyway
that you can easily evade. Just keep circling to the left and you'll 
avoid his normal attacks. He has two attacks the you have to watch out
for. The first one is when he attacks normally, then suddenly he spins
around. The second is when you're far from him and he suddenly runs and
jumps towards you. This is why you should never stay in front of him, you
have to be always on the move.

One more tactic that you can employ to stun him is to lead him to one
of the pillars around so that his spin attack will hit the pillar. Wait
for him to get ready to attack then get out of the way! He will hit the
pillar, which will then crumble and fall on him! When he gets hit by the
debris, he'll kneel down, stunned, and you can attack him with all the
moves you've got.

6. Decisive Battle
Level: 8
Rating: Easy
Boss: Gnoll Chieftain

- Hard Mode
- Party with other people on your first attempt to see the Gnoll Chieftain
  and then study how he moves and attacks.
- Bring spears, the secondary weapons. You can throw spears at his helmet
  and it'll break off, it gives you the Crimson Rage Helmet.
- Oath: Season of Macha for the first time.
- Oath: Warrior's Challenge when you are ready to solo the mission as it
  cuts down the entire mission to just 2 levels instead of 3.
- Use a spear to kill Bryalne, the big glowing wisp boss.


This is just the random mini-boss that you may or may not fight in this
mission. It is a giant wisp that just flies around and rams you. There's
really nothing special about this one. Just wait for it to fly up in the
air, move around a bit, and then charge towards you. Just keep circling 
to either left or right and it'll miss you. As soon as it passes by, chase
after it and then hit it with a quick L(2x), R or L(3x), R combo. It'll
die soon.

There's also a chance that you'll fight this wisp just after passing the
rolling pins trap. If that is so, then an alternative way to kill it is
to lure it back there and let it get crushed by the rolling pins over and
over again.

Gnoll Chieftain:

He is big, red, and he has a giant hammer to squash you into human paste.
This is your first real challenge as he is a huge jump in difficulty when
compared to the other bosses. Despite his size, he still moves considerably
fast and his attack range is very far due to his long and huge hammer.

After killing the Gnoll Veterans, the chief will finally stand up and 
decide to go after you himself. Unfortunately, there's a lot of underlings
who suddenly appear to join him in killing you. The first thing to do is
to clear the smaller Gnolls. There's a lot of them, but don't worry, you 
can use the chief's attack to kill them by accident! Just lure the chief
towards a group of little Gnolls and wait for him to wind up his hammer
and raise his leg. This means he's going to do his massive spin attack!
The little Gnolls will get hit and die in one hit from the hammer.

When the other Gnolls are dead, it's time to take on the chief himself.
The chief has two main attacks, a spinning attack and a downward hammer

Spinning Attack - the chief will bring his hammer to his back and raise 
his leg. After about 2 seconds, the chief will spin his hammer around
towards you. In order to avoid getting hit at the lower levels, just run
to his side and then run away so that he will spin to where you were once
before. As soon as his spinning attack passes by, run towards him and 
from a medium distance, use an L(3x), R combo. You don't need to hit him
with the L, L, L part of the combo, the real damaging part of the combo
is the R smash, which is your own spinning attack. After hitting him with
this, run away again and wait for him to do the next move.

Downward Hammer Smash - the chief will raise his hammer high above his 
head and then after about 2 seconds, bring it down to the ground, 
smashing everything caught under it. This is his easiest move to avoid.
Simply circle him to the left, wait for him to bring his smash down, and
then quickly hit him with an L(3x), R combo and get away quickly.

Finally, when you're near the boss, he might try to kick you, so just
simply dodge to the left and you'll be fine.

Breaking Off Gnoll Chieftain's Helmet:

To break off the chief's helmet, you can bring down his health to around
2 or 3 bars. If you're playing hard mode, you'll know his health is low
when he starts getting tired trying to attack you and just huffs and puffs
in place. During this moment, his head will be lowered, exposing his 
helmet clearly. Throw a spear to hit it. Wait until he recovers and then
wait for him to get tired again and hit it once more to finally break it 

Another way to break his helmet off is when you learn Double Crescent or
Gliding Fury and you hit his helmet with one of those moves. The easiest
to use is Double Crescent in this case. What you have to do is lure him to
use his spinning hammer attack. Instead of circling to the left, run away
from him instead so that he's still following you while he's spinning.
When he finishes spinning, run in and use the Double Crescent on his
lowered head. 

You can also throw debris on his head, such as broken parts of pillars that
you can find around the area. Doing this is a lot harder and risker to 
do though, as throwing and carrying things around make you move slow.

7. Friends?
Level: 8
Rating: Easy
Boss: Veteran Centurial Captain

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Win without potions.

Veteran Centurial Captain:

This is the first boss where you'll be made to wait and fight off wave
after wave of opponents. You won't fight the captain yet as you'll have
to kill around 75 of his underlings first, who are made up of Veteran
Gnolls and archers.

The best strategy for this level when you first encounter it is to rely on
your L(3x), R spin attack. You will be surrounded by 10 or more Gnolls
at any given time, so being able to move and attack at the same time is
very important. If you're having difficulty dealing with enemies from all
sides, then lure them back to the staircase where you started from. This
area is a lot narrower then the open field, meaning that the monsters are
easier to keep in front of you or just to one side. Just be careful not
to be caught in a combo and you'll be fine.

As soon as you see the archers pop up, kill them as fast as you can. It 
just takes one arrow to hit you to mess up your combo, make you stop in
place, and give the entire group of Veteran Gnolls a chance to attack you.

One of the most important things to remember about this battle is you will
rely on your stamina for the entire encounter! Never let your stamina fall
below half or reach 25% of your total, because that's dangerous. You'll
need the extra stamina to run away or dash if needed.

After killing around 75 Veteran Gnolls, the Veteran Centurial Captain will
appear. There will still be other Veteran Gnolls so take care of them 
first, just run away and ignore the captain for now.

When you're done killing all the archers and the 100 Veteran Gnolls, it's
time to kill the captain. He is actually nothing special. Just keep 
circling to the left, make him miss his slow attack, use L(3x), R on
him and then move away. Simply repeat until he's dead.

8. Revenge
Level: 8
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Jagged Tooth and Wolf Tail

- Party with other people if you still don't have the Double Crescent move
  or if it is your first attempt on this mission.
- Kill 10 Gnolls with objects.
- Kill 3 wisps with spears.
- Break items to get 3 rare ergs.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Jagged Tooth and Wolf Tail:

This is your first boss fight where you'll have to deal with two bosses
at once. Jagged Tooth is the one who uses bow and arrows, while Wolf Tail
is the one who uses a mace.

There is a strategy to use that will let you solo these two even at low 
levels. Although it is good to usually take out the archer first in this
case, we can use him to hurt his friend! Jagged Tooth will charge up his
attack from time to time. You know that this is happening when his arrow
is suddenly glowing brightly. While this is all happening, put Wolf Tail
between you and Jagged Tooth so that when Jagged Tooth shoots the big
arrow attack, it will hit Wolf Tail and stun him! At this point, just
use a quick L(3x), R combo on Wolf Tail, and if possible, a simple
L, R combo as he gets up. Get away and repeat the process until Wolf Tail
is dead.

When Jagged Tooth is all that's left, simply cirle him to the left, make
him miss a normal shot or his glowing shot, and then pound him with an
L(3x), R combo. If he starts moving backwards, follow him and keep doing
the combo until he starts attacking again. Repeat until he's finally

9. Trampled Plains
Level: 30
Rating: Hard
Bosses: Black Breeze and two werewolves.

- Party with people the first few times you do this mission. When you first
  gain access to this mission, it will be near impossible to solo. The
  mini-bosses are very fast and the boss is accompanied by the same two
  fast mini-bosses.
- Bring spears and save it for the boss battle. It usually takes one or
  two spears to bring down Black Breeze and the two werewolves, giving you
  a chance to actually land a combo in.
- By this level, you should have both Gliding Fury and Double Crescent, 
  even if you haven't maxed them out yet. They'll still be very useful.

Two Werewolves:

You return to Perilous Ruins at around level 30 to take on this mission.
Unlike the other missions in Perilous Ruins, this actually requires 
tokens for you to go in. 

There is a possibility that you will have to fight two werewolves as
mini-bosses in this mission. These two are very fast and they'll jump
around to confuse you. Fortunately, the environment this fight happens in
can be advantageous to you. There are pillars that you can break or lead
the werewolves to accidentally jump into. If they jump into the pillars, 
they'll break it and get stunned for a short amount of time. Land a quick
L(3x), R combo to deal some damage. There's a good chance you'll land
a critical hit, so use your Gliding Fury when it happens to deal great

Another way to deal with these two is to get yourself near a wall. This
removes any possibility for them to get behind you, so you'll just have
to worry about your front and two sides. Wait for one to get near you
and use your Double Crescent to get in a hit. If it's a critical hit, 
follow it up with Gliding Fury. If one of them gets stunned, then use 
the L(3x), R combo to hit it for another chance at Gliding Fury.

Black Breeze and Two Werewolves:

This time, you have two werewolves with a big one named Black Breeze. They
will all jump around and jump at you, even Black Breeze is surprisingly 

The first thing to do when you get to the boss battle area (it's the
same one where you fought the Gnoll Chieftain) is to slowly go down the
stairs. When you're near the bottom, you might be lucky enough to just
lure Black Breeze alone or just the two werewolves without Black Breeze.
In the case you are successful with just luring the main boss or the 
two together, just go back up the stairs and fight them there. 

Anyway, if you still have to fight all three at the same time, try to 
focus on one of the weaker werewolves first. Run to the otherside across
from the stairs and you'll be under the roof of the structure with 
massive pillars. You can use the pillars to run around  in order to 
avoid being attacked. This will also prevent them from surrounding you 
all the time. 

While there are still three monsters left, do not use the Gliding Fury
yet. It's too risky because there's a slight delay at the end of Gliding
Fury that leaves you open to attacks, and these monsters are very fast.
Your best move for now is the Double Crescent because it allows you to
attack while being moved somewhere else.

After taking out one werewolf, go for the other. Just continue using the
massive pillars as a shield against the boss and the werewolf. Use 
Double Crescent and if ever the boss is on the other side of the pillar, 
you can use the Gliding Fury on the werewolf when the chance occurs.

Finally, when it's just Black Breeze who's left, hit him with a spear to
stun him, then use the L(3x), R combo to deal good damage with the
chance for a critical hit, which you can then follow up with Gliding
Fury. Just keep hitting him with a spear whenever he stands up and give
him that spinning combo with Gliding Fury. After a long and challenging
battle, you should emerge victorious.

X2. Hoarfrost Hollow (Boat 2):

Hoarfrost Hollow is an ice cave where Kobolds stay in. There are also
bridges in the cave that you have to cross to the other side, but 
usually, naughty Kobolds will chop the bridge down to make you fall! The
way to deal with this is to look for a safe landing spot somewhere, for
example, to the right of a bridge where the ice is going up. Instead of
crossing the bridge, run towards the safe landing spot. When you're near
the edge and about the fall off, use Slip Dash! You'll amazingly zoom
towards the safe landing zone and won't take damage.

Aside from naughty Kobolds chopping your bridge down, there are other
traps that you have to be careful of. One is a falling spiked ceiling trap
that kills instantly. You can lure the Kobolds under it and then kick the
lever to kill them if you want. Another trap is where a rolling pin travels
over and under a passage that you have to take. Another trap is something
that resembles a scene from Indiana Jones, except that this time, it's 
massive ice boulders that come chasing you down!

1. Hoarfrost Hollow
Level: 10
Rating: Easy
Boss: Cunning Etunoch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill Cunning Etunoch with objects.
- Oath: Win without potions.

When you first begin this mission, you'll be surprised by the giant polar
bear who happens to pass by an opening and look at you for a while, as if
to say you're going to be his next meal. You'll also be introduced to your
first interactive trap after that scene. Simply wait for some Kobolds to
get under the spiked ceiling, then kick or hit the lever to crush them. Be
careful, this trap can kill you in one hit as well!

Cunning Etunoch:

This guy has an ugly name. Fortunately, he's very easy to kill as well.
Kill the other Kobolds first and then deal with him. He's the green guy
with the massive head. Simply circle him to the left and then unleash 
the L(3x), R combo after he misses. He'll die soon enough.

2. Southern Rock Cliff
Level: 11
Rating: Easy
Boss: Loud Etunoch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to disable Speedy Ekuloch.
- Oath: Incapacitated < 3 times.

Speedy Ekuloch:

This one's a mini-boss who likes running away. Just like the other Kobold
bosses so far, he's still predictable. Just avoid his attack while you
circle to the left, and then give him an L(3x), R combo. When you hurt
him enough, you'll see the message on the screen that he's trying to
run away! At this point, face him and throw a spear! If the spear hits,
he'll kneel down and his escape will be stopped. Continue with the same
tactic and he'll die.

Loud Etunoch:

He's not too different from the previous ones as well. He can do a 2 hit
combo, but that's all he can do. He'll throw a normal hit, then swing his
axe going back. That's it. Just circle to the left and then hit him with
the L(3x), R combo.

3. Western Ice Passage
Level: 11
Rating: Easy
Boss: Jolly Ebeloch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to hit Eflame with.
- Oath: Win without using feathers.


This is another wisp mini-boss. He is no different to Bryialne in terms
of fighting style. He just has one extra move where flames shoot out 
from the sides, but that rarely happens and it rarely hits. Just make him
charge towards you, dodge him to either direction, and then lay the
L(3x), R combo on it. If you want, use a spear to knock it down for a 
while so that you can damage it more.

Jolly Ebeloch:

This one is a Kobold that uses a slingshot to fire from far away. He is
nothing to worry about. Just circle to the left, make him fire off a shot,
and then use the L(3x), R combo. Be careful when you're close to him, 
he might throw up at you and you won't be able to run for a set amount
of time!

3. Meet the Cave Spider
Level: 12
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Two Red Soldier Spiders

- Solo
- Hard Mode

Two Red Soldier Spiders:

The fight happens in a place with lots of huts. Be careful not to get
blocked by the huts or else you might get killed. Sometimes, if one of the
boss spiders try to squeeze in through the huts, he'll die!

Anyway, the only real attack you have to watch out for from these two is 
the jump attack. You'll know they're ready to jump when they change their
body position to a crouching one. Simply run or dash to the left, keep
circling them and they won't hit you. Try to get the two of them in just
one direction, and then use the L(3x), R combo to hit them at the same
time while moving away. 

4. Another Slingshot
Level: 13
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Brother Ebeloch and Jolly Ebeloch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to kill Eflame with.
- Oath: Season of Macha


This mini-boss is back in this mission, simply treat it the same way you
did the last time. When it's near death, use a spear to kill it to get the
bonus mission points.

Brother Ebeloch and Jolly Ebeloch:

Now you have to fight two long range bosses. Nothing to worry about. Just
focus on one target at a time and keep circling him. If you can, try to
line up your target with the other one so that your target gets hit with
the bullets from the other boss! Be careful because Brother Ebeloch will
run away and his legs might hit you in the process.

As always, use the L(3x), R combo when one of them gets stunned. This time
though, try to use the L(2x), R charging body rush combo when you think
there's not enough time for the L(3x), R combo to finish. Simply focus
on one boss at a time, then move on to the next and the mission will be

5. Final Slingshot
Level: 15
Rating: Normal
Bosses: Big Brother Ebeloch, Brother Ebeloch, and Jolly Ebeloch

- Party with others when you're just starting this mission because you will
  have to fight three bosses at the end, which can be hard when you still
  don't have moves like the Double Crescent and Gliding Fury. 
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Season of Macha

Big Brother Ebeloch, Brother Ebeloch, and Jolly Ebeloch:

This is your first time to fight three bosses at once. You've fought the
two before, the new one is Big Brother Ebeloch. Big Brother's specialty is
to fire off three consecutive bullets. Although fighting the slingshot 
brothers sounds pretty easy in theory, having to deal with Big Brother's
three bullets, Borther's escape attack, and Jolly's normal bullets can
be troublesome when combined.

It is recommended to take out Jolly first, who is the boss in yellow
clothing. The reason for this is that he doesn't have an escape attack
and he can't fire off consecutive bullets at you. He's the easiest target,
and in a battle where you're overwhelmed, being able to take out at least
one enemy at a time greatly improves your chances of surviving.

When dealing with Jolly, what you have to watch out for is the Big 
Brother's 3 bullets. Try to line up Jolly with those shots so that he 
gets stunned. Don't worry much about the Brother Ebeloch because his real
power comes from his escape attack. Don't get too offensive with Jolly
because he might vomit on you.

When Jolly is dead, the next to take out is Big Brother Ebeloch. He is a 
lot easier to deal with than Brother Ebeloch. Just wait for him to fire
off three rounds while you circle to the left, and then make him eat the
L(3x), R combo. Brother Ebeloch is nothing to worry about.

After killing Big Brother Ebeloch, it's time to deal with Brother. Just
wait for him to miss, then give him the L(3x), R combo. When he starts
running away, move back and let him do so to avoid being damaged. Repeat
and he'll die soon.

6. Fomorian Order
Level: 15
Rating: Easy
Boss: Speedy Ekuloch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to foil the escape of Fake Ekuloch.
- Oath: Win with 2 or fewer players.

Speedy Ekuloch:

You have fought this guy before as a mini-boss in other missions. This time
you will have to fight his "fake" versions twice before facing the real
one. The two fakes will try to escape, so whenever they try to, throw a
spear at them to stun them and then go in for the kill with the L(3x), R

When you reach the third one, he's the real deal! This guy fights just like
the two fakes, except that as an additional attack, he can go crazy and
run after you while trying to chop you down repeatedly. When he starts
running, you better start running and circling him to the left again!

After he misses, deal with him using the L(3x), R combo until he dies.

7. Frost Stones
Level: 17
Rating: Moderate
Boss: Quiremigal

- Party during your first time because the three giant worms called the
King Icedredge might give you trouble on your first encounter, then just
solo next time.
- Hard Mode
- Bring Spears to knockdown King Icedredge worms.
- Oath: Win without repairing armor.

King Icedredge:

There's a chance that you'll have to fight three giant blue worms called
the King Icedredge. They practically attack the same way as the normal
blue worms, meaning they'll try to hit the ground you're standing on
by bashing their "mouths" with it or if you stay too close for a while,
they'll start to swing twice from left to right. The only additional
attack that they have is that they can spit green slime at you.

Although the three giant worms are easy to deal with due to the nature of
their slow and predictable attacks, the problem comes when they spawn
grouped together. Not all of them will do the same attacks at once, and
that means you might get hit with an attack you weren't expecting from 
the worm you are targetting.

The best way to deal with this problem is to find and target the worm that
is away from the others. By doing this, you'll have a better chance of 
attacking and not getting interrupted. Anyway, the technique is to move
left or right and wait for the worm to spit the green slime. As soon as
it spits, quickly run towards it and then perform a Double Crescent to
hit it with. Use Gliding Fury when possible then run away. Repeat the
process until it's dead.

Now that you have taken care of one, the problem comes in dealing with
two giant worms who are close to each other. Look at the area around you
and you'll notice that there are huts and other objects lying around. Grab
a heavy object or destroy a hut to get a large chunk of wood, and then 
throw or use it to hit one of the worms. The objects have a good chance of
knocking down the worms and you'll be able attack without being bothered
for a while. Just be careful of the other worm as you attack the one that
just got knocked down. As always, try to use Gliding Fury when you can.

Another way to knockdown these worms is to throw spears at them. Only use
long combos such as the L(3), R spinning combo and the L(4), R combo when
the worm is down. These combos will give the worm time to attack you while
you're in the middle of performing them so stick to using Double Crescent
while they're still active.


Quiremigal is a lot easier to deal with that those three giant worms. When
you first see Quiremigal, it will be inside what seems to be a strange
bud or egg. It's just bizarre and disgusting. Surrounding it are normal
little worms. The very first thing to do is take out the surrounding worms
and be careful not to hit Quiremigal. As long as you don't damage it,
the thing won't attack you, giving you a better chance to clear all of the
normal worms.

After you have removed the worms, you can try to destroy the nearby huts
so that you'll have wood and other stuff that you can use as weapons just
in case you want to.

When you're ready, go ahead and start attacking Quiremigal. Suddenly, it
will get mad and burst out of its bud/egg casing. It's really a huge red
worm! Don't panic, it's very easy though. Just like with King Icedredge,
you just need to be careful with staying too close to it because that's the
only real way it can attack you with its body swing attack or mouth to 
ground smash. The other attack it has is its ability to dig into the ground,
grab a giant chunk of ice, and then throw it at you! As always, you can 
easily avoid getting hit by circling around this giant worm.

As for your attack, you can actually rush in a bit and perform a spinning
combo to hit it and then use Gliding Fury to damage it more. Run away 
after doing this because it will attack soon. You can also try to hit it
with the long reach of your L(4), R combo, just start it from a safe 

When Quiremigal digs and grabs a huge chunk of ice, run to the left or 
right, and when it throws the ice chunk, rush in and perform a quick 
combo or Double Crescent, use Gliding Fury when possible. Repeat these
simple steps and it'll die soon enough, just don't get impatient.

8. Brynn's Research
Level: 18
Rating: Easy
Boss: Robust Echeloch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring small bombs to blow up wisps with.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Robust Echeloch:

This guy looks like a football player. Anyway, this guy is very easy to
beat because he is very predictable. He has three main form of actions.
All of these actions are preceeded by him drinking a potion, and the color
of the bubbles from the potion tells what action he will do. If the bubbles
are red, it doesn't seem to really do anything for him or to us, so feel
free to attack with a spinning combo or an L(4), R one from afar. If the
bubbles are orange, simply continue circling him in either direction and
then attack him with a spinning combo or L(4), R because he will just 
throw something towards us. If the bubbles are green, quickly get behind
him or to either side, as long as you keep away from his front because he
will spit out green stuff. That's it, he's really nothing compared to
other bosses and should be extremely easy to deal with.

9. Source of the Rumor
Level: 18
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Feeble Ebeloch, Constipated Older Brother and Hemorrhoidal Older 

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Season of Macha

Feeble Ebeloch, Constipated Older Brother and Hemorrhoidal Older Brother:

This is more like a comedy mission. The story in this mission is that
the three Kobold Brothers from before tried to eat the "Candy of Life" 
which is supposed to make them immortal, unfortunately, it gave them tummy
troubles instead! This is why their names were changed to reflect the
ailment that they each have.

Anyway, this time, only the Hemorrhoidal Older Brother has a slingshot 
while the other two use axes. What makes the mission easy is that these
guys are sick and they get stunned from time to time because they aren't
feeling well. You can easily perform a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo
on any of them without much worrying at all.

Feeble Ebeloch uses just one axe. He swings it forward, then swings it
backwards. That's it. The Constipated Older Brother uses two battle axes
and just tries to charge forward and hit you twice. The Hemorrhoidal Older
Brother still uses his slingshot to shoot you three times. The only sound
advice here is to avoid getting surrounded by them. They'll mostly be
stunned most of the time due to their sickness anyway so you can take out
any of them easily. As long as they're in front of you, you'll have no
real problem.

10. Kobold Chief
Level: 19
Rating: Easy
Boss: Sturdy Emuloch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to break Sturdy Emuloch's shield.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Sturdy Emuloch:

First of all, take out the underlings when the battle begins. There's only
a few of them and avoid Sturdy Emuloch as long as you haven't gotten rid
of the little ones.

When you're done with the normal monsters, it's time to take the big guy
on. Sturdy Emuloch is huge and slow. He has a few slow attacks, but the
danger here is that each of these attacks and easily break your armor, even
if it is a Laghodessa Slayer set!

The most important thing to do is to circle him to the left. He has an 
attack where he will punch the ground twice while moving, so make sure you
keep circling him. When he is in the middle of throwing the second punch,
begin the spinning combo or an L(4), R combo and hit him from behind. If
you get the chance to use Gliding Fury, then use it in a way that it will
hit him while you slide going to his side or away from him.

Another thing to watch out for is when he crouches down. Don't get near him
while he is crouching because he will suddenly swing his arms both ways.
What you can do is if you have a sword like the Blade of Ykesha or a Soul
Slasher that has long range, then use the L(4), R combo from afar while
he is crouching to hit him. Just to be safe, simply wait for him to get
up again and then bait him into doing his two ground punches.

There is also a very quick and easy way to kill him. In the area where you
fight him, there's a hut near the left wall. It's the wall where you can
hide behind to take a break from fighting. Destroy the hut in front and
leave the hut to the side of this wall. Lead Sturdy Emuloch between the
wall and the hut and since he is wide, he'll get stuck to the hut. The
strange thing is, while he's stuck, he also takes damage from the hut! You
can easily take away 3 or 4 bars of life from him this way before he 
manages to push the hut aside or destroy it himself.

Breaking Off Sturdy Emuloch's Shield:

Study Emuloch's shield is on his left arm, which is on our right. Simply
throw a spear there and hopefully it will hit. If you somehow don't break
it off and you're already out of spears, then find some blocks of ice and
throw it towards his shield. It will break after around 3 or 4 hits.

11. Dethrone the White Tyrant - RAID
Level: 20
Rating: Easy
Boss: Giant Polar Bear

- Party during the first few times, solo afterwards.
- Hard Mode
- Brings spears to break off the bear's red eye.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Giant Polar Bear:

Finally, you are ready to face your first raid boss! Raid bosses are a lot
more challenging that the normal bosses. Raid bosses are typically gigantic
in size, and they can normally kill everyone in just 1 or 2 hits! The first
time you see this boss might intimidate you, but don't worry because as 
long as you understand how it attacks, you will beat it.

First of all, when you get to the battle area, you will be greeted by 
a bunch of Kobolds. Get rid of them quickly and move forward. The entire
Kobold group will suddenly get destroyed by the angry bear. Now that the
real battle has begun, keep in mind that you must not stay too close to 
the bear because it is too big and its attacks can reach you from far away.
Simply keep a moderate distance between you and the bear and you should
be able to effectively circle him to the left.

The Giant Polar Bear actually has a number of attacks that you have to
watch out for. The first one is his left paw attack. When he stomps his
two front legs, it means he's going to use his left paw attack. At this
point, you can easily circle him to the left or right. You can also hit
him with a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo if you're able to read this
move fast enough that you can quickly run to his left or right and perform
the combos before he finishes doing the left paw attack. Only use the
Gliding Fury to move away from the bear as you hit him.

The second attack is his right paw attack. This move is a lot faster and
more dangerous than the left paw attack. You'll know that he'll use the
right paw attack when he raises his right shoulder and arm. Be sure you 
are circling him to the left so that you won't get hit. Use a spinning
combo when you know he's going to do this and then get away quickly. He 
will also recover fast after this right paw attack, only try to use
Gliding Fury going away from the bear.

The third attack is a two hit right paw, left paw combo. The bear will
raise its body and its right arm then swing the right arm first and then
the left while the bear's moving forward. This attack is very dangerous
and can kill you instantly. The best way to counter this attack is when
you know that the bear's going to use this move, quickly run a bit to the
left. The bear will then swing his right paw as he moves forward. At this
point, the bear should be on your right side (because it didn't hit you!),
so now perform a spinning combo while keeping the bear in front of you. He
won't hit you anymore but you can still hit him from behind! Use the 
Gliding Fury if you can then run away. 

Another way to counter his two hit combo is by running to the left a bit
as he swings his right arm, and then performing a Double Crescent after
the bear swings it's right arm.

The fourth attack that the bear has is a three hit swinging right paw
combo. You'll know that the bear is going to use this when he stands up
and roars in anger. After roaring, he will then swing his right arm
forward, then somehow move in a curved manner with his second attack, 
and then he finishes off the combo with another curved movement for the
third attack. His movement seems to travel in a triangular way, so if you 
are facing him and he is going to do this, move to his right or get behind
him quickly to avoid getting hit.

There is a way to take advantage of the fourth attack. When the bear roars,
quickly run towards it and perform a Double Crescent in such a way that 
you will land behind him. There's a good chance that you'll get the chance
to use Gliding Fury, so use it and hit its butt! Whether you were able to
use the Gliding Fury or not, quickly perform a spinning combo from 
behind and then use another Gliding Fury if the chance comes. After that,
let him finish his three hit combo.

Other attacks to watch out for comes when you are behind him. He will 
sometimes quickly swing towards you. If you ever find yourself in this
situation, if you have a Rank 9 or higher Slip Dash, you can easily wait
for his swing to nearly hit you, then quickly use Slip Dash going towards
it. There's a good chance that you will not get hit. You can follow this
up with a Double Crescent right after he misses you, and if you can use
Gliding Fury, use it to hit him while getting away.

The Giant Polar Bear is really a challenging boss the first few times you
fight him but as long as you keep a safe distance from him and remember
what to do in each situation, you should be able to solo him even while
wearing just Premium Rookie Clothes.

Breaking Off Giant Polar Bear's Red Eye:

Breaking off the bear's eye is quite easy. Just wait for him to use his
left paw attack (the one where he stomps twice) and move to his left. As
soon as he gets up, from mid-range, throw a spear towards his eye. He'll
hop backwards while whining if you successfully hit his eye. Make every
spear count because Double Crescent doesn't seem to be capable of 
taking out its eye.

12. Prepare for Counterattack
Level: 21
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Jolly Ebeloch, Shrewd Ekuloch, Cunning Etunoch, Robust Echeloch and
Sturdy Emuloch

- Party the first few times, solo when you are higher level and can deal
more damage.
- Bring spears to kill 4 commanders with to get money bonus and battle 
points in Normal Mode.
- Bring a campfire kit to use behind the wall of ice to repair armor or
gain some buffs.
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Season of Macha 

Jolly Ebeloch, Shrewd Ekuloch, Cunning Etunoch, Robust Echeloch, and Sturdy

This battle is more of a "gauntlet" type of fight. You have fought each of
these bosses before, but now there's a timer counting down and each time
the counter reaches 0, the next boss arrives. Since there's a countdown, 
the best way to deal with this is to bring a party with you if you're not
yet strong enough to kill each boss within the time limit. However, if 
you are already strong enough, just deal with each one as you have dealt
with them before.

As always, the first thing to do is remove the little monsters from the
battlefield then take on the main boss.

Although this mission seems boring, if you set it to normal mode and kill 
at least 4 bosses using your spears, you'll get money bonus! You can earn
around 20K each time you complete the mission as long as you do this. The
downside is you'll have to wait for a long time for each boss to arrive.

13. Culprit Behind the Disturbance
Level: 27
Rating: Easy
Boss: Strong Ekelch

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill 10 enemies with objects.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Strong Ekelch:

Strong Ekelch is just a better version of Robust Echeloch. They even look
the same! The only difference is that Strong Ekelch can power up and 
become faster in battle. You know that he has powered up when his weapon
glows green.

For attacks, he has the green slime attack where he spits when you're
nearby. Another attack is just his normal one hit attack where he moves
forward while slashing once. He also has a 2 hit combo where he spins
forward with a slash, and then he slashes backwards. His last combo is
a 4 hit combo where is will slash  while moving towards you every second.

Strong Ekelch is a fairly easy boss to beat. Simply circle him going to the 
left and wait for him to spit out the green slime. When he does that, you
have three choices on how to attack. You can perform your spinning combo,
the L(4), R combo for long reach, or you can use Double Crescent on him.
Use Gliding Fury if you can, but make sure that you're moving away from 
him as you hit him.

His attacks are pretty strong but easily avoidable. When he crouches down
and starts shaking, that means he's powering up. His weapon will glow green
and all of his moves are faster. There's a risk in using the L(4), R combo
here because he's become faster. Stick to the spinning combo from afar
or Double Crescent after making him miss.

When he performs his 2 hit combo, you can actually use the L(4), R combo
or spinning combo as long as you hit him from afar after you let him finish
swinging his weapon back. Just make sure you watch for his forward spinning
attack so that you'll know he's going to do the 2 hit combo.

For the 4 hit combo, simply stay away and circle him going to the left. 
Start the spinning combo or L(4), R combo when you are on his side or
behind him as he's throwing the third of fourth attack of his combo, and
then face him to make the last hit reach him. You'll have a good chance
to use Gliding Fury at this point.

14. Spider Overload
Level: 33
Rating: Moderate
Bosses: Gloomy Echapelch and Mini-boss Spiders

- Party at first because you'll be fighting multiple bosses at the same
time with an army of spiders. You can solo this later after you've gained
the ability to kill and stun monsters quickly with high ranking attacks.
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Season of Macha

Gloomy Echapelch and Mini-boss Spiders:

This fight is going to be hard if you don't have Rank A offensive skills 
and the proper armor and weapons. At around level 33, you should have at
least the Blood Prince set or an Elite Commander set and have the Blade of
Ykesha as your weapon. Having two Old Cat's Eye rings also help increase
your damage dealing ability.

Gloomy Echapelch is a strange boss. It's actually a Kobold that seems to
be mind controlled by a spider attached to its head. The worst part of the
battle is that there's a lot of spiders trying to kill you, and then there
are also at least 4 mini-boss spiders who will hunt you down. This is 
literally an overload of spiders!

Although this might seem like an impossible task, you can actually solo
this fight. This is where your spinning combo, L(3), R, shines the most.
You will always be surrounded by spiders, but the spinning combo will
allow you to move to any direction while spinning your swords. The little
spiders die, and your chances of being able to use Gliding Fury increases.

Never stay in one location for too long, always run around and keep relying
on your spinning combo to take out anything near you. Although you can
use Double Crescent, it's not as effective because the moment you land, 
something mind be already behind you ready to attack.

Whenever you get the chance to use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury, use
them hitting the bosses. Although it would be good to be able to target 
one boss at a time, being constantly surrounded is not exactly the best
time to do this. Still, if you can manage to just pick one boss at a time
and successfully hit him with the Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury attacks,
then do so. If not, that's fine and just make sure you land the hits on

As for dealing with Gloomy Echapelch himself, be careful because he is
very fast. Fortunately, his attacks are very predictable. He will just 
attack from the front with either a 1 hit attack or a 2 hit combo. Just
keep circling to the left and you won't get hit.

For the rest of the battle, just be patient and don't get surrounded
and let the spinning combo and the Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury do the
damage until the mini-bosses die. Eventually, only Gloomy Echapelch will
remain and you'll have no problems left.

15. White Tyrant's Challenge - RAID
Level: 36
Rating: Moderate
Boss: Giant Polar Bear

- Party the first few times, then solo it.
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Win with 4 or fewer players. This actually gives more exp in this 
mission than Season of Macha for some strange reason.

Giant Polar Bear:

The bear is back and angrier than ever! His fur is bloody and it wants to
kill you because you beat it earlier, not to mention you poked its eye
out as well! This bear has become more powerful, faster, and has a new set
of moves to obliterate you with! 

Before you jump into battle, the very first thing you need to do is to
destroy the ice formations around the perimeter of the main cave. The
reason for this is that these ice formations can block your way when you
need to get out of the bear's way. The most popular reason why people die
fighting this bear is that they "got trapped". When people weren't trapped
they just did fine, but the moment their way got blocked, the bear caught 
them and killed them in a few seconds, mostly with belly smash attacks.
When you're done clearing the area of ice formations while avoiding the
bear, return to the center of the cave and start the fight.

The first attack he has is a quick right paw jump attack. This is very
similar to the right paw attack that he used in the "Dehtrone the White
Tyrant" mission.

The second new attack is the belly smash move. What the bear does is stand
on its two hind legs, walk towards you for about 2 or 3 seconds, then try
to squish you with its belly. Make sure you are not too close to him when
he stands because his standing animation will hurt you. When he starts 
walking towards you, run towards his right leg (which is on our left). As
you are getting close to the leg, try move the mouse so that the view will
show that the bear is more on our right side now and we are looking on its
left side. At this point, which is around 2 or 3 seconds, he will start to
belly smash the ground. Use Slip Dash going the opposite direction of the
bear while avoiding its right leg. When done properly, you will slide just
far enough to not get hit. After this escape, you can actually completely
face the bear and use Double Crescent to hurt it. If you do manage to 
get the chance for a Gliding Fury, make sure you are using it to hit the
bear while moving away from it.

Mastering how to escape the bear's belly smash move is the key to winning
this battle, because it is the move that the bear can spam and kill you
with the moment it catches you with one. The main idea is making the 
bear's right leg the center of your view as you run towards it and not
the bear's body itself. If the bear's main body is at the center of your
view, then you haven't moved the view with the mouse enough. If you 
remember this and time the Slip Dash just as the bear tries to belly smash
you, you'll be safe. At first this method of escape can be hard, but once
you get the feel for it, you can make a fool of the bear whenever he
tries this belly smash move.

The third new attack is the roaring ground shockwave move. The bear stands
and roars just like before, but this time, his rage causes shockwaves on
the ground to travel far and actually hurt you! This is why it is never
a good idea to keep close to the bear for long periods of time. When the
bear does this roaring ground shockwave move, don't face the bear directly
and then start the L(4), R combo. When you do the L(4) part, the bear must
not be in front of your view. The reason is you don't want to move towards
the shockwave. When you are going to click the R part of the combo, quickly
face the bear. By this time, the shockwaves have disappeared and the range
from your sword will be able to hit the bear. Make sure you're using the
Blade of Ykesha or the Soul Slasher sword for this counterattack to 
reach the bear.

The fourth attack is a simple jump attack in place. The bear just gets mad
and jumps high and then drops at the same location. Nothing dangerous here,
just make sure you dash away if you're near him to avoid damage. You can
quickly hit him with a spinning combo move or the L(4), R combo is you start
it just before he lands back on the ground. As always, use Gliding Fury to
hit him while going away.

The fifth attack is the same 2 hit combo that he used before. It's a right
swipe and a left swipe while moving forward. Use the same counterattack 
that you used before, which is to run to the left and then as soon as he
begins using the combo, use the spinning combo and face him as soon as his
first right swipe attack passes by, or use the Double Crescent after he
passes by you. You can safely use the Gliding Fury towards him afterwards.

Other attacks that you have to be careful with are its turnaround swipe
whenever you're behind it and its "butt attack" that it does as it jumps

This bear is actually easy, the only danger is that it can kill you in
1 or 2 hits and completely break your armor if you ever get caught. It
also has a long lifebar, so it's more a test of patience and concentration
than anything else. Avoid using Lightning Fury because the bear recovers
fast. Only use Lightning Fury when it's knocked down or when you're sure
that you can use Lightning Fury to get away from it in time.

X3. Ainle (Boat 3):

Ainle is a town that's been attacked by fomors who seem to have been
controlled by vampires. The town still features some vegetation, a sign
of a once prosperous time that had the ability to grow all sorts of

Now that the town is burning, most of the area is inaccessible. Trees have
been left without leaves while the cemetery has crumbled and lost all forms
of beauty it once had to pay respect to the departed inhabitants of the
town. Around the town, tools that were used to raise crops or clean the
streets such as brooms and pitchforks could be easily taken to use as
weapons of death. Flames blocking the way could be put out by tossing a
huge jar of water towards it. A building's entrance blocked by burning
debris could also be cleared by destroying a nearby supporting wood.

The enemies in this town are the zombie-like goblins. They are grey and
mostly harmless. They usually attack from the front with wooden clubs.
Red spiders also litter the area for some inexplicable reason. There are
also "blood jellies", little red blobs that can only try to reach out
for you but still cause damage anyway. Of course, the main enemies, the
vampires are present as well. These vampires are not your typical handsome
looking types. These guys are literally skullheads who will claw, stab,
or even cast fireballs to kill you. They have no intention of converting
you into one of them, they just want you dead.

1. A Town Engulfed
Level: 22
Rating: Easy
Boss: Servant of Twilight

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 7 monsters to death.
- Oath: With without wearing armor.

Servant of Twilight:

This oversized goblin is pretty easy to beat. He just does a 2 hit combo
attack where he pounds the ground in front of him with his weapon, and
then moves forward with a second swing. He is very slow and useless. Simply
circle him to the left and perform either the spinning combo or the L(4), R
combo. Use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury when possible. As long as you
don't stay in front of him, you won't be hurt at all.

2. Hell Beyond the Door
Level: 23
Rating: Easy
Boss: Information Chief Kalis

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 5 spiders to death.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Servant of Hell:

This goblin is a mini-boss that carries a pickaxe. He only has a few
moves available and he's slow as well. Keep circling him to the left
and you'll be safe. When he roars, he will do a jump attack. Most of the
time, it's a 3 hit combo jump attack, so wait until he finishes his combo.
From a safe distance, perform a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo and
use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury since he's slow. He'll die eventually.

Information Chief Kalis:

This guy is another big but slow monster. His attacks are easily read. His
first attack is a simple downward slash from his sword. His second attack
is a running upward slash, which he does after letting out a roar. His
last attack is a forward spinning slash. Just circle to his left while
maintaining a medium distance between you and him and you won't get hurt.

To attack him, you can freely use the spinning combo anytime one of his 
attacks end, or even use the L(4), R combo from afar. Alternatively, you
can use Double Crescent when his first or second attack eneds, but when he
does his spinning move, make sure he's finished before doing it or you 
might get hit.

3. Ellis' Trust
Level: 23
Rating: Easy
Boss: Servant of Hell

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring small bombs to kill Servant of Hell with.
- Oath: Equipment destroyed < 5 times.

Servant of Twilight:

You've fought this boss before on the very first mission in Ainle. He only
has a 2 hit combo that moves forward, and you can abuse him with the 
spinning combo or L(4), R combo. He's so easy that's probably why he got
demoted to mini-boss status.

Servant of Hell:

This is the green guy with the pickaxe who uses jump attacks. Simply wait
for him to stop jumping around and use the spinning combo or L(4), R combo
on him. Use Gliding and Lightning Fury to dispose of him quickly.

4. Wake Up Call
Level: 24
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Information Chief Kalis and Servant of Hell

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Bring small bombs to kill Kalis with.
- Kill 10 goblins with objects.
- Oath: With with 2 or fewer players.

Information Chief Kalis and Servant of Hell:

This is probably one of the most shocking and brutal missions ever just for
the introduction scene before the actual boss battle! Anyway, this time you
will have to defeat both Kalis and the Servant of Hell at the same time.
Fortunately, they are both slow.

The easiest thing to do is focus on Kalis. He's more of a threat than the
Servant of Hell who simply loves to jump around with his pickaxe. Deal with
Kalis the same way you did before, just be sure that the Servant of Hell is
busy jumping around somewhere else before doing the spinning combo or the
L(4), R combo on Kalis.

For a quick review, Kalis only has three attacks. A downward slash, a 
running upward slash, and a spinning slash that moves forward. As for the
Servant of Hell, he just jumps around a lot. Just focus all of your effort
on Kalis and keep circling him to the left. Once you kill him, you can
now easily take out the Servant of Hell. 

5. Friend or Foe
Level: 25
Rating: Easy
Boss: The Ashen

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill 5 vampires with objects.
- Oath: Win while playing solo.

The Ashen:

Finally, you get to face a real skullheaded vampire boss. This boss called
the Ashen is pretty creepy at first because it looks so malnourished and
it moves so slow. For a vampire boss, he's pretty easy. He can only attack
you with his claws when you are in front of him. As always, circle him to
the left or right to avoid the hits. 

The only thing you really have to be careful of is his flaming ground smash 
attack. What happens is he raises both hands and charges up some fire, then 
moves forward, smashing both hands to the ground, causing an explosion. You
just have to circle him and get behind him as he charges up the fire in 
his hands. As soon as he creates the explosion on the ground, immediately
perform a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo to deal damage to him. Use
Gliding Fury to get away from him quickly because he might attempt another
flaming ground smash.

6. Piercing the Crescent Moon
Level: 26
Rating: Moderate
Boss: The Red Bearer

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill 2 jellies with small bombs.
- Oath: Season of Macha

The Ashen:

This time, Ashen has become a simple mini-boss. Just like before, he can
only claw at you when you're directly in front of him and he can use the
flaming ground smash attack. Just wait for him to do the flaming ground
smash and then attack him from behind with the spinning combo or L(4), R
combo and use Gliding Fury when possible. He's very easy and should give
you no trouble.

The Red Bearer:

This is the first "normal" boss (not a raid boss) that actually gives some
challenge the first time you meet him. The Red Bearer's fighting style is
similar to fencing. He has a long needle like sword similar to an epee. His
attacks specialize in stabbing, but he can also do a swipe from time to 

This time, it is recommended to circle him going to the right since
he mostly does stab attacks from his right hand (when facing him, it's on
our left), which leaves his left side (our right) open to attacks. If
you have the Blade of Ykesha or Soul Slasher, wait for him to perform a
2 hit combo, that's when we'll attack.  Circle him to the right, then let
him stab or swipe on the first part of his combo, and then perform the L(4),
R combo from a safe distance to hit him. This is the safest way to hit him
without getting stabbed. Also, don't stay directly behind him for too
long because he can suddenly face you and hit you.

7. Ulcha's Relic
Level: 27
Rating: Easy
Boss: The Blood Drinker

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick Greed to death.
- Oath: Season of Macha


Greed, a giant red jelly, is the mini-boss of this mission. It is just
as slow as the normal jellies, but its size gives it the advantage of long
range attacks and area of effect damage!

When fighting this monster, it is best to not rush in. Keep circling it
to either direction from mid-range. Its attacks are comprised mostly of
it trying to reach you by stretching or jumping towards you. After it 
misses, you can perform a spinning combo or L(4), R combo to deal damage
to it. Use Gliding Fury to hit it while getting away.

The only thing you have to watch out for is when it tries it's aoe attack.
What it does is it will vibrate a bit in place and then suddenly expand
it's body to reach out all around it! Whenever you see it jiggle in place,
run away quickly. Study the safe distance whenever it does this, and then
next time, wait for it to expand once again. After it expands, hit it with
the spinning combo or L(4), R combo and it should die soon.

The Blood Drinker:

This vampire boss called the Blood Drinker is very easy. His main attacks
are all about shooting fireballs and he rarely claws at you. He'll raise his
hand and form a fireball. As he does this, circle him to the left or right
and then as soon as he throws the fireball, run towards him and use Double
Crescent for quick damage.

Alternatively, you can also hit him with the spinning combo or L(4), R
combo when he is about to throw the fireball. What you have to do is as
soon as he raises his hands to form a fireball, face right or left so that
he isn't in front of your view and start the spinning combo or L(4), R
combo. When you are about to press the R part of the combo, face him so 
that it will hit. 

The other attack that you have to watch out for is his flaming ground
smash move, similar to the other vampire boss' attack. He'll raise both
hands, gather fire power, and then smash it in front of him. While he's
doing this, simply get behind him, wait for him to finish the attack, and
then pound him with the spinning combo or L(4), R move. He's not a real
challenge, very easy.

8. Dead End Street
Level: 28
Rating: Moderate
Boss: The Reaper

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Brings spears to kill Kalis with.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Information Chief Kalis:

Kalis appears once again but this time as a mini-boss! His attacks are 
still the same, a downward slash, a running upward slash, and a forward
spinning slash. Simply circle him, wait for him to miss, and use the 
spinning combo or L(4), R combo on him. Use spears to kill him for extra

The Reaper:

This vampire is a real challenge when you first meet him. He fights 
similar to one of the vampire bosses with the epee, but he is a lot 
faster, stronger, and the reach of his sword can be misleadingly far! Just
to give you an idea of how far it can reach, if he is in the center of
a medium sized room and you are against the wall, his stab attack will
still reach you!

This guy also has a few formidable combos of his own. His first attack is
a swipe and then stab combo. The second attack is a simple uppercut with
his left claw that he rarely uses. The other one is a 2 hit combo with his
left claw followed by a downward slash from his sword. His final attack
is a powered up stab attack which you can see that he is charging first
as he stands still. This final attack has the longest range and will 
damage you greatly.

To fight this guy, we need to stay at mid-range. At close range, he has
the advantage because he's too fast. The first thing to do is to circle
him going to the right. We circle to the right because his stabs come from
our left. Whenever he stabs, he leaves himself open on our right side.

The best thing to do is to wait for him to use the powered up stab. The
moment you see him charging his stab, quickly look to the right so that
he will be on our left, and start doing the L(4), R combo. Quickly put him
at the center of your view when you're about the press the R part of the
combo. The huge swipe should hit him. Of course, having the Blade of
Ykesha or a Soul Slasher is recommended.

We can also use the same tactic when he does his two hit combos. Using the
Doule Crescent is quite risky  because it requires us to get close to 
him and he can easily disrupt our attacks due to his speed. It's best to
stay and attack him from mid-range with our L(4), R combo.

9. Being from the Other World
Level: 29
Rating: Easy
Boss: The Knight

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill Ashen and Gravedirt with objects.
- Break off The Knight's Steel Blade.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Ashen and Gravedirt:

These two are just mini-bosses. They are similar to the very first vampire
boss. They're extremely slow and they'll just claw at you when you get
too near. The only other dangerous attack they have is a flaming ground
smash move where they charge fire above their head and smash it to the
ground. Just get behind them when they do this and use Double Crescent, the
spinning combo, or an L(4), R combo and then follow it up with a quick
Gliding Fury. They're easy.

The Knight:

The Knight is actually a lot easier than the Reaper just because he doesn't
move as much and he predictably casts fireballs when you are far away from
him. His attacks are similar to what The Reaper has, but he doesn't have
the long range capability of Reaper and the powered up stab attack. The
only other move Knight has is when you get too close, he'll put fire on
his sword and swipe at you. He also has a flaming ground smash which can
be easily avoided by continually moving left or right.

To beat Knight, circle him to the right. Wait for him to perform a stab
attack and then use Double Crescent on him, and use Gliding Fury to get
away when possible. When you see him put fire on his sword, move away a 
bit so that you won't get hit and then perform a spinning combo or the
L(4), R combo and make the final hit reach him. When he prepares a fireball,
just continue circling him to the right, and as soon as he throws it, run
to him and use Double Crescent. If he does the flaming ground smash attack,
get out of his way and then use the spinning combo or L(4), R combo.

Breaking Off The Knight's Steel Blade:

It is very easy to break his steel blade. Simply stay far away from him
and he will charge up a fireball. At this moment, just run to the left. As
soon as he throws the fireball, quickly aim your spear at his sword on his
right hand (our left) and throw it. He'll react if you successfully hit it.
Do this a few times until it breaks.

10. Blood Prince
Level: 31
Rating: Hard
Boss: Blood Prince

- Party the first few times, then solo later on.
- Hard Mode
- Kill 3 wisps with spears.
- Oath: Season of Macha

The Red Bearer:

In this mission, we'll have to beat three former bosses. The first one is
the Red Bearer. Just beat him the same way you did before. Just avoid the
extra little vampire that appears from time to time.

The Reaper:

This one is the hardest of the three bosses. As always, remain circling to 
the right and wait until it uses it's powered up stab or the 2 hit combo
and then hit him with your own L(4), R combo. Remember to always stay at
mid-range so his shorter hits won't hit you.

The Blood Drinker:

The easiest of the bosses. He just throws fireballs and uses a flaming
ground smash. Just circle him to either left or right and then attack him
with a spinning combo or L(4), R combo right after he throws the fireball.
If he does the flaming ground smash attack, get behind him and pound him
with the spinning or L(4), R combo.

The Blood Prince:

The Blood Prince is the boss of all these vampires. He is big and has a
long sword as well. You can think of him as the combination of the best
traits of the previous vampire bosses with a few extra moves of his own.

His normal attacks are very similar to Reaper's attacks. He stabs and then
spins around to swipe at you for a 2 hit combo. Sometimes, he can add a 
third attack at the end with another extra swipe. These can easily be
negated by circling him to the right where he is more exposed to attacks
from us after right at the end of his combos. When you see him doing a 2
or 3 hit combo, put him on your left view and start doing the L(4), R combo
but as soon as you get to the R part, look at him again to make the R hit

When he decides to throw fireballs, get away quickly! He will raise his hand
and flames will twirl around his body. These flames will burn you! This 
time around, circle him going to the left where it's easier to dodge the
fireball. As soon as you see him releasing the fireball, you have two 
choices. You can run towrads him and attack with a Double Crescent or just
as he releases the fireball, begin the L(4), R combo while he's on your 
right side and then face him to hit with the R part after he shoots the

One of his attacks can be easily taken advantage of. When he does a weird
pose as he leans back, he will move forward to attack and then suddenly
jump backwards with another attack! Simply move to the left or right and
as he jumps and misses you, perform a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo.

Only use Gliding Fury to get away from him. Lightning Fury is not that 
recommended because he usually recovers fast from attacking. Only use
Lightning Fury when he's been knocked down.

Breaking Off Blood Prince's Weapon:

It's tricky trying to break his weapon because he moves too fast. The only
good chance you have is when he tries to create a fireball above his head.
At this point, hit his right arm with a spear. You can also use Gliding
Fury or Double Crescent to break his weapon, but it's hard to pull off, so
just try to use spears instead. It takes around 5 spears to break it off. 

11. The Unveiling Truth
Level: 41
Rating: Hard
Bosses: Ashen, Gravedirt, Servant of Hell, Information Chief Kalis, The Red 
Bearer, Greed, The Knight

- Party if at level 44 you still aren't strong enough to kill the Ainle 
bosses in under 3 minutes each. Solo if you meet the requirements below.
- Normal Mode
- Kick Ashen and Gravedirt to death.
- Bring spears to kill Greed with.
- Oath: Any
- Armor and Weapon: At least a Laghodessa Slayer Set with Soul Slasher.
- Skills: Combat Skills at least Rank 9, Training Skills at least Rank A, 
Restoration Skills at least Rank A, SP Skills at least Rank A.
- Level: At least 44.
- Use Attack Boost potions if you're not strong enough to deal massive 

* This is the beginning where missions in the game become a lot tougher and
lack of properly ranked skills will kill you! This mission is still 
possible to complete solo, but only if you have the above recommended ranks 
for your skills. Remember that you have to kill all groups before the group 
of Knight and Greed shows up in under 3 minutes each or they'll gang up on 

Ashen and Gravedirt:

This one's another gauntlet type of fight where you have to destroy a few 
familiar Ainle bosses. The first team that you have to fight is Ashen and 
Gravedirt accompanied by little vampires. Kill the vampires first so you 
won't get distracted.

Their attacks only consist of a few claw swipes if you stay in front of them
and a flaming ground smash which you could easily avoid by circling them to
the left or right.

Group the two of them together and use the spinning combo to get the chance
to use Gliding and Lightning Fury attacks on them. They shouldn't be a 
problem even if they hit you since they're too weak.

Use Berserk when possible!

Servant of Hell, Information Chief Kalis and The Red Bearer:

This is a very interesting mix of bosses that you have to fight at the same 
time. Servant of Hell and Information Chief Kalis are slow bosses, while the 
Red Bearer is the only fast one.

By this point in the game if you meet the minimum requirements stated in the 
mission information above, these monsters won't hurt you that much even if 
you get hit, but you still have to be careful. Anyway, you can actually 
group them together or at least Kalis and Red Bearer and just let Servant of
Hell jump around as he pleases. Circle them to the left after making them 
miss and then use the spinning combo and then Gliding and Lightning Fury 
attacks if possible. Don't worry, this fight is really messy.

If you get hurt badly, run away and use a few HP potions to heal up. Try to 
get the extra hp HP bonus with at least Rank A HP Potion Proficiency. When 
you're ready, group Kalis and Red Bearer together again and continue the 
punishment. They'll get stunned a lot especially if you use Gliding Fury on 

There should still be a little time left to deal with Servant of Hell after 
beating the other two. Just keep circling to the left and chase this 
monster. Right after his third jump, pummel him with the spinning combo and 
Gliding Fury as well as Lightning Fury to keep him down for good.

Use Berserk when possible!

Greed and The Knight:

Get rid of the little Jellies and others first. This time you have to beat 
the giant Greed as well as Knight. The first target should be Greed because 
he's easier to kill, just be careful because Knight will be throwing 
fireballs at you. 

As for Greed, the usual tactics apply, but since we also have to deal with 
Knight at the same time, it's preferable to use the spinning combo to hit 
Greed with instead of L(4), R combo from afar. The reason is the spinning 
combo will at least move you to some other direction, making Knight's 
fireball miss. Use Gliding and Lightning Fury to take out Greed. Don't 
worry about getting hit by Greed since he's weak.

After you destroy Greed, Knight should be a lot easier to deal with. 
Circle him to the left or right and make him miss his combo and then use 
the spinning combo or L(4), R combo. Use Gliding and Lightning Fury attacks. 
He won't hurt you as much as the first time when you fought because you 
have better equipment and skills this time around. He'll die soon enough.

12. Regrets...Too Late
Level: 42
Rating: Hard
Bosses: Monchopper and The Spark

- Party with people for now. Solo if you can bring enough Palala bombs and 
have at least met the minimum requirements from the previous mission.
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to kill The Spark with.
- Use small bombs to kill Moonchopper.
- Kick 15 monsters to death.
- Use Attack Boost potions if your damage dealing capabilities aren't 

Moonchopper and The Spark:

Moonchopper looks like a highly upgraded version of The Reaper. He wears an 
all black costume with massive white horns. His attacks also resemble what 
Reaper can do, but much more complex.

Moonchopper is best dealt with from mid-range. Although all of his attacks 
can reach really far, especially the stab attacks, we need to still be 
within mid-range so that if we use the spinning or L(4), R combos, we can 
still hit him in the end.

His first attack is a 2 hit combo started off with a stab from his right 
hand, followed by a claw swipe from the left (our right), and then followed 
by a spinning upside down jumping combo! This is the most dangerous attack 
that you have to watch out for coming from him. This combo has a very high 
chance of not only breaking your armor, but killing you at the end as well!

To counter this combo, just lure him into doing it while circling him to 
the right. Once you see him stab and then do the claw swipe, it's almost 
guaranteed he's going to use the spinning combo as well. At this point, 
put him in the left view and then start doing the L(4), R combo. Make the 
R part hit him and then use Gliding Fury to pass by him. Don't use the 
Lightning Fury because it's risky since he recovers quickly.

His second attack is a normal 2 hit combo where he swipes with his right 
hand and then stabs forward. The third attack is another 2 hit combo, it's 
just two consecutive charged up stabs.

The Spark is just an upgraded version of The Blood Drinker. He wears 
the blue robe, but unlike other vampires, this is the first one that uses 
lightning instead of fire as his elemental attack.

Spark's most powerful attack is  one could be described as a 
"lightning rain" attack. He raises his arms to gather lightning and then 
numerous lightning bolts shoot down from the air in a straight light all 
going towards his target. This can be avoided by simply circling him to the
left. Just be careful because this attack has a somewhat wide range. To 
counter this, make him shoot out the lightning rain first and then from 
his side, perform a spinning combo and follow it up with Gliding Fury if 

His second attack is the lightning ground smash, which looks similar to a 
flaming ground smash. He gathers lightning above his head and then smashes 
the ground in front of him, causing a mini lightning shockwave. Very easy 
to avoid by staying from mid to far range. To damage him, just perform a 
spinning combo or L(4), R combo right after he does the attack.

His third attack is a simple lightningball attack. It's similar to how a 
fireball attack works, except that it's made of lightning. To fight back, 
just don't stay directly on the lightningball's path and use Double 
Crescent or a spinning combo when you're near him.

Fighting both of them at the same time is harder. Both of them are fast 
and all of their attacks can reach far. Use the nearby trees and run 
around them to separate the two temporarily. The only chance to beat them 
if you only meet the previous equipment and skill rank requirements is by 
killing one of them with the help of Palala bombs. Get them together and 
use a Palala bomb. We need them to be near each other so that the Palala 
bomb will stun both of them at the same time. 

With them stunned, choose Spark as your first target. Use the spinning 
combo all the time and use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury when possible. 
Activate Berserk and use Attack Boost potions if possible. After around 5 
to 10 seconds, the stunning effects of the Palala bomb should wear off. 
Just as the two are standing up, throw another Palala bomb. The moment the 
Palala bomb explodes, the two should have been running towards you again 
already. They'll be stunned again and simply repeat the process of 
concentrating all of your attacks on Spark. When you get rid of him, 
Moonchopper shouldn't be an issue at all.

13. Shadowed by Darkness - RAID
Level: 43
Rating: Hard
Boss: Blood Lord

- Party for now unless you already have the ability to deal massive damage 
to him.
- Normal or Hard Mode.
- Kick Blood Lord to death.
- All party members must have at least Rank A or 9 in the skills that they 
use to be effective, especially skills that cause damage.
- All party members must bring Palala bombs.
- At least Slip Dash Rank 7!

* Currently, it is extremly hard to solo Blood Lord as a Sword Lann not 
because of how hard he is, but just simply because of how little damage we 
cause him even if our skills are mostly rank 9 or 7. We have no trouble of 
avoiding his attacks, but the time limit for the battle is a little less 
than 1 hour, and in order to really beat him alone, we'll have to 
consistently use Gliding Fury almost once every opportunity, which is very 
few and isn't always consistent.

Blood Lord:

Before heading out into the center of the place, clear out the nearby 
obstacles to your right and to your left. Destroy the fences and the graves
and then head to the center with an L(4), R combo to hit the monument in 
the middle and hopefully topple it.

The Blood Lord will appear and so will his little vampires. Kill the vampire
s first. Lure all the vampires together and then use a quick spinning combo
to take out majority of them. Just avoid the Blood Lord for now. There's 
also a good chance that the Blood Lord will accidentally hit his own 
minions, killing them. This is very true when he floats up in the air and 
causes a meteor shower to fall, which covers a wide area, killing the 
nearby enemies and anyone who gets caught under it.

Once you have taken out the vampires, it's time to battle the Blood Lord! He 
is the most powerful raid boss for now. Not only can he kill you in 3 to 4 
hits even if you have rank 9 to 7 skills with the recommended equipment, 
but he is also extremely fast and has the ability to teleport! You can 
think of the Blood Lord as a "Super Lann" because just like us, he relies 
on speed to kill.

The very first important thing to remember when fighting the Blood Lord is 
that whenever he teleports, he SHALL reappear right behind you! Remember 
this fact! No matter what you do, whether you're running, attacking, or 
doing nothing, he SHALL reappear behind you unless your back is against a 
wall. Always make your camera look behind you.

If you are against a wall, he will just reappear near your front or sides, 
which is very bad because he is big and will block your way if you try to 
escape or disorient you. Always stay away from the wall and stick to the 
center of the battle area.

The second most important thing to do while fighting him is to wait for him 
to appear behind you, and then that's when you move going away from him to 
your right. Just position yourself in the middle of the battle area. Do not 
move at all. When he reappears behind you, that's when you move. In other 
words, make your character run towards the lower right corner of your 
screen while keeping him in the center of your view! Most of his attacks 
come from his right hand and travel in a straight line, just be careful of 
the massive wide swipes that he can also do. When you move to away from him
going right, you'll always have a good view of what he's doing so that you 
can counter what he's going to do, you'll be able to Slip Dash without 
much risk, and it can allow you to run away from him and recover for a bit.

The last important idea that you have to remember is that we are fighting a 
counterattack type of battle. In other words, we let him attack us first, 
then based on his attack, we move or hit him with something that works. The
reason is he is very fast and only has a few vulnerabilities. Even at times 
when he seems open, he can quickly attack us once again, that's why we 
choose carefully when to attack him. This means even sacrificing an open 
hit that we should have taken for the sake of not getting hit ourselves.

Blood Lord has a lot of attacks that he can use!

Flaming Ground Smash - just like other vampires, he can collect fire energy 
with his hands and then smash the ground in front of him. To counter this, 
simply use Slip Dash at the moment of impact to avoid getting hurt (this 
should make you go backwards a bit), and then use Double Crescent to hit 
back. Using Gliding Fury is risky after he does this attack. From a Flaming
Ground Smash, he could attack right away with any of his other moves! The 
best course of action is to stop after Double Crescent and start moving to 
the lower right away from him again and watch what he does.

2 Hit Claw Swipe Uppercut Combo - he uses his right arm to do a claw swipe
(our left) and then follows it up with a left uppercut (our right). In order
to counter this, simply use Slip Dash on the first swipe, and then move 
forward towards him and use Slip Dash on the uppercut to avoid it. Use 
Double Crescent. If you get the chance to use Gliding Fury, hit him with it
while going to the right for a good chance to avoid whatever attack he may 
try. This is the move where we can use Gliding Fury the best, just be 
careful not to get stuck in front of him while doing Gliding Fury, which 
sometimes happens.

5 Hit Crazy Combo - first he will lower his head and then suddenly he will 
claw all around him 5 times. If he does it in front of you, simply move away
 from him (go towards your camera) maybe around 3 to 5 steps and stop if you
're still in good health. Right after he stops attacking, use the stab 
attack R(1)! Yes! Finally the stab attack has a use! This is better than 
doing a risky spinning combo or L(4), R combo because he might decide to 
continue his attack with another combo or move! The stab attack also has a 
chance to become a critical hit, which can then lead to Gliding Fury! Be 
careful, only use Gliding Fury the moment you see him try to teleport away. 
Otherwise just move to the lower right of the screen away from him.

Clawing Fury - we just call it "Clawing Fury" because it's very similar to 
our Gliding Fury. He slides forward with great speed with a single powerful 
slash from his claws. Simply avoid this be using Slip Dash going to the 
right. If you somehow Slip Dash in a way that he's still within reach right 
after he does it, hit him with a stab attack and watch what he does next.

Furious Claw 5 - this is similar to the yet unreleased "Furious 7" special 
move for Sword Lanns. In this version, Blood Lord will use Clawing Fury 
five times going left and right, changing directions all the time. If he 
starts this in front of you, simply move away or go towards your camera for
about 3 to 5 steps and then stop if you're in good health. If you need to 
use an HP potion, now is the time, you can drink one before he finishes the 
attack! If you want to fight aggressively, right after he ends his attack, 
he will stop for a bit and then roar. Run towards him and hit him with a 
stab or Double Crescent because there's a good chance he will just teleport 

Meteor Shower - Blood Lord suddenly floats up in the air. After stretching 
his hands and body, a meteor falls down in the surrounding area.There are 
two ways to deal with the Meteor Shower. 

Meteor Shower Strategy 1:When you see this happen, simply run far away and 
dont' risk getting hit just to hit him a few times. Those things will burn 
you, and that can bring your health down to very low soon! Simply stay away 
and use this as a chance to use 2 HP potions if needed.

Meteor Shower Strategy 2:
If you are near him and he starts the animation for Meteor Shower, move away 
a bit. Wait for him to float up in the air. As soon as he's up there, go 
directly under him! The meteors will not hit you under him and you'll be 
free to stab him a few times for a chance to get a critical hit. If you 
ever hit him with a critical, only use Gliding Fury going behind him! 
There seems to be less meteors falling behind him than to his sides and 

Flaming Breath - the Blood Lord stands still for a bit and then suddenly a 
long stream of fire escapes from his mouth! He blows this for a few seconds. 
The only way to avoid this is to run as far away as possible because it can 
reach you from half the area away! No use running to the left or right 
because he'll just follow you around as he blows fire from his mouth. Use 
this instead to take 1 HP potion. 

Upside Down Claw Attack - when he teleports behind you, there's a chance 
he'll reappear upside down and then swipe at you with his claws. Simply move
away from him going to the right corner of your screen while keeping him in 
view. The safest attack after you avoid his claw attack is to stab him. The 
reason is the stab won't leave you open to attacks for a long time and 
you'll have the option of reacting right away depending on what he does. 
If he is just going to teleport, then use Gliding Fury when you can. 
Otherwise, just observe what he does and counterattack accordingly.

Claw Swipe - a simple 1 hit claw swipe attack. Simply Slip Dash to the lower
right of your screen as you keep him in view. Don't use Double Crescent or 
any attack yet because there's a good chance his attack will become a 
Double Claw Dash.

Double Claw Dash - this is a 2 hit combo where he will move forward as if 
using the Clawing Fury, except it's just a normal wide claw swipe. The 
first swipe comes out slow, but the second one comes out faster, so that's 
what you have to be careful of. Use Slip Dash going to the lower right of 
your screen to avoid the first and second claw swipes, and then stab him. 
Use Gliding Fury going away from him if he doesn't continue into another 

When fighting as a party, it is recommended that everyone brings Palala 
bombs. The most useful method is to have the first name at the top of the 
party member list to throw the bombs as needed to stun the Blood Lord until 
he runs out. When he runs out of Palala bombs, he'll tell the entire group 
and the name below him will be the new Palala bomber. This goes on until 
everyone has used up their Palala bombs. The Blood Lord remains stunned 
for around 5 seconds after a Palala bomb goes off. The Palala bomber is 
advised to not attack when it's his turn to throw Palala bombs and simply 
throw them every 5 seconds.

As soon as everyone gets in the boss room, quickly make a campfire if 
possible with the highest rank available. After everyone's been buffed, 
take out the obstacles to the left and right, and then use L(4), R combo 
to take out the monument at the middle.

The boss fight will begin soon and have the group take out all the little 
vampires as fast as possible.

When the Blood Lord's all alone, the leader must use a Palala bomb to stun 
the Blood Lord. Everyone should rush in and use their strongest moves or 
combos to deal massive damage to the Blood Lord. When he's about to move 
again, the assigned Palala bomber must throw another one and keep the Blood 
Lord stunned. 

Simply repeat this simple process until the Blood Lord is dead. The only 
thing that is required is everyone's participation with the Palala bombing 
to keep the Blood Lord stunned.

If for some reason everyone runs out of Palala bombs and the Blood Lord is 
still alive, don't panic! Sword Lanns can act as the bait and avoid the 
attacks while others can deal damage to the Blood Lord. Always watch the 
status of your members and try to revive anyone who's dead, especially 
those with party feathers.

Another good tactic is for everyone to stay together while facing one 
direction. The reason is that the Blood Lord will surely reappear behind 
one of you, and since you're together, you'll be able to react quickly and 
know which direction to attack. Most of the time when parties get wiped out 
is when the Blood Lord kills everyone one at a time because everybody is 
too separated. Even if somebody dies, as long as you're close, someone 
will be able to revive the dead people.

Breaking Off the Blood Lord's Mask:

Breaking off his mask is actually quite easy! Simply wait for him to do the 
Meteor Shower move. As soon as he lands back to the ground, throw a spear 
right to his face and he'll react! 

You can also throw a spear to make it hit behind his head (where you'll see 
his hair and bald spot) as he's spinning in the air. Position yourself just 
outside of the Meteor Shower's affected area. Just wait for him to spin 
around in the air and just before you can see his hair and bald spot 
directly in front of you, throw your spear. The time the spear travels 
going up is enough to put his bald spot and hair right at the center.

Another opportunity to hit his face with a spear is right as he uses the 
Flaming Breath move. As long as you're in a safe area, throw a spear right 
to his face!

One more chance to hit his face with a spear is when he's chasing you. He 
usually goes after you right after he does the 5 Hit Crazy Combo move and 
the Furious Claw 5 attack.

X4. Prairie Entrance - Ruins of Sanctity (Boat 4):

This place is comprised of two places. The first is the Prairie Entrance
which is located in a place surrounded by mountains and other forms of
rock formations while having the benefit of clear skies and a bright sun.
There are camps here created by the Gnolls, most of which have been 
outfitted with traps of different kinds such as spinning spike machines
and spikes that shoot up from the ground. There are even trapholes that
are covered by wood which you can easily spot. In the camps, there are
huts that you can destroy as well as various objects such as shields and 
pots which you can use to kill enemies with.

Speaking of enemies, the Gnolls return to battle you once again. Previously
you have battled the weaker Gnolls in the first few beginner missions. 
This time, the real tough Gnolls appear because they are the main soldiers
of the Gnoll King called Black Scar. There are now warriors and sentinels
in the ranks that will battle you, and some even carry giant hammers to
smash you with. Toads also join the battle for some reason.

The other place is called the Ruins of Sanctity. It is the complete 
opposite of the Perilous Ruins. Now, the area is dark and moody. The 
structures are crumbling due to deterioration. Because of this, you will
often find natural traps where structures crumble around you and you have
to run as fast as possible to avoid being killed. Some traps though are
more planned, such as walls trying to crush you and the giant rolling
pins intending to turn you into a mercenary pancake.

The Gnolls are still in charge of the Ruins of Sanctity, but you will find
more spiders and toads here this time, because hidden in the ruins are
three giant creatures. A giant toad and two giant spiders.

1. Prairie Entrance
Level: 32
Rating: Easy
Boss: Nine Fingers

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 5 Gnolls to death.
- Oath: Equipment destroyed < 10 times.

Nine Fingers:

Nine Fingers is a Gnoll in yellow outfit who uses a mace to smash you with.
He normally jumps from side to side quickly to confuse you, so there is
no point trying to chase him. Whenever he jumps from side to side, he'll
definitely jump towards you with a spinning mace attack after around three
jumps. Just circle him to the left to make him miss, then as soon as he's
still in mid-air after missing you, perform an L(4), R combo and then run
away. Just watch out because he might decide to jump at you again once
more. One good way to catch him if you can't hit him is to lure him near
a wall and make him jump towards you. He'll hit the wall and wouldn't be
able to run away quickly, giving you a chance to land a combo.

His other attacks are nothing to worry about. It's just a simple 1 hit
mace attack, and then the other is a 2 hit downward mace attack followed
by an upward attack. Circling to the left negates the effectivity of
these attacks and you can use the spinning combo or L(4), R combo as soon
as he misses you. Feel free to use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury.

2. Red Archer
Level: 32
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Four Red Sentinels

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 5 toads to death.
- Oath: Win without repairing armor.

Four Red Sentinels:

This is another battle where you have to fight multiple bosses at the same
time. Fortunately for you, these archers are easy to deal with because
all they can do is shoot you with arrows and try to hit bash you with 
their bow whenever you get too near.

As long as you are moving around, they won't hit you at all. They are easy
enough to fight all at the same time, so when you fight them, lure them
to a narrow hallway. They'll still try to jump and shoot arrows at you
but you can easily hit all of them with the spinning combo or the L(4), R
combo. Use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury whenever you can because they
are prone to getting stunned. Just keep doing the spinning combo for 
critical hits and the Fury attacks to take them out quickly.

3. Prairie Gnoll
Level: 33
Rating: Easy
Boss: Dim Gray

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Brings spears to kill Argontel with.
- Oath: Season of Macha


This one's another wisp type of boss. It doesn't really do much except to
fly towards you hoping to hit you and sometimes setting the ground on fire.
What it's good at is flying away. Use a spear or two to knock it down and
then hit it with some combos of your choice. It only has a short life.

Dim Gray:

Dim Gray is a huge Gnoll who carries a giant flaming hammer. He only has
a few attacks which are the same as what the Gnoll Chieftain from the first
boat has. He has an overhead hammer smash and a spinning hammer attack. The
only new attack here is his sliding kick attack where he runs towards you
and performs what looks like a baseball slide kick. You can easily dodge
this by circling him to the left or right.

Simply beat him the same way you beat the Gnoll Chieftain. When he tries
to perform an overhead hammer smash, run to the left or right and then 
when he smashes the ground, hit him with a spinning combo and then Gliding
Fury if possible. If he tries to use the spinning hammer attack, just move
away to a safe distance and then as soon as he spins, perform the L(4), R
combo and make the R part hit him.

4. Hunter at the Ruins
Level: 34
Rating: Easy
Boss: Slingshot

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kill a Red Sentinel with a small bomb.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Four Red Sentinels:

These are the same four archers you fought earlier. Simply lead them back
to the narrow hallway and then perform the spinning combo and use Gliding
Fury and Lightning Fury whenever you can. They'll get stunned most of the
time and die soon enough.


He's another Gnoll who wears yellow. The weapon of this boss this time is
the bow. He has three main ways of attacking. The first is the normal 
arrow shots which you can easily avoid by moving around. The second is
a jumping flaming arrow attack, you can easily avoid this by circling him
to either left or right. The third attack is his omni-directional arrow
attack, where he gets mad and then starts shooting arrows like a machine
gun in every direction. Keep moving and stay far away from him to avoid
getting hit.

To attack him, when he shoots a normal arrow, you can just run in and
use the Double Crescent and then a Gliding Fury if possible. To easily 
damage him when he does his jumping flaming arrow attack, lure him near a
wall or somewhere with a roof. He'll become temporarily trapped after firing
the arrow and you can land a spinning combo or L(4), R combo on him. The 
only real threat is his omni-directional arrow attack, the rest is easy.

5. Ruins of Sanctity
Level: 35
Rating: Easy
Boss: Rampage

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 10 giant jaw spiders to death.
- Oath: Season of Macha


Everwhite is a mini-boss that you might fight. He is a giant Gnoll wearing
all white and has a flaming hammer. He is actually a lot harder than the
previous Gnoll bosses. His overhead hammer smash is performed twice
consecutively. He also has the spinning hammer attack. His best attaack is
his raging hammer smash, where he screams out of anger and then pounds
the ground with his hammer just once, but a huge explosion occurs that can
damage you even if you're in mid-range! It's best to stay very far from
him at this point.

To fight him, when he does the 2 hit overhead hammer combo attack, simple
circle him to either right or left. After avoiding the first hammer smash,
use the Double Crescent on him then move away then start circling him 
again in order to avoid the second hammer smash. Perform a spinning combo
after the second hammer smash and then use Gliding Fury to get away from 
him. The safe way is to simply let him complete his 2 hit overhead hammer
smash combo before attacking.

As for his spinning hammer attack, it's just the same as what the other 
Gnoll bosses have. Just move away and let him spin, then perform an L(4), R
combo to reach him from afar.

There's no way to fight back against his raging hammer smash, so simply
run as far away as possible. This means, you have to avoid being trapped 
near the walls because it will make it harder for you to escape if he
ever decides to do this.


Rampage uses two battle axes as weapons. He'll normally run towards you and
try to do a 2 hit combo on you using his axes. You can easily avoid this by
circling him to the left. His next attack is an angry shoulder charge move,
similar to what football players do. Simply run to the left or right and
as he passes by, perform a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo and then 
follow it up with a Gliding Fury. Lightning Fury is a bit risky because
Rampage is still a fast boss. 

6. The Five Spider Brothers
Level: 36
Rating: Easy
Bosses: Soldier, Red Soldier, Stiped Soldier, White Soldier Black Soldier

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick Black Soldier Spider to death.
- Use small bomb to kill White Soldier Spider
- Oath: Season of Macha

Soldier, Red Soldier, Stiped Soldier, White Soldier Black Soldier Spiders:

It's just a group of big spiders. There's nothing to really worry about.
The easiest way to deal with them is to group them together and then
use the spinning combo, follow it up with Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury.
They will mostly be stunned throughout the fight, so it shouldn't take long
until they're all dead.

7. Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins
Level: 37
Rating: Moderate
Boss: Black Scar

- Party at first, solo when you can kill Everwhite and Dim Gray fast enough.
- Hard Mode
- Bring small bombs to kill Everwhite with.
- Bring spears to break Black Scar's mask with.
- Kill Black Scar with normal attacks.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Dim Gray:

There's a chance in this mission where you'll have to fight both Dim Gray
and Everwhite, both only separated by a few minutes before the join up to
beat you. This is why it's important that you can kill them both quickly.

Nothing's changed, Dim Gray is still easy to deal with. Simply circle him
to the left, make him miss his overhead hammer smash, and then pound him
with a spinning combo. Avoid his spinning attack and his sliding kicks and
punish him some more.


The same goes for Everwhite. He's still the hardest Gnoll boss you've fought
so far, and the small space that you are fighting in works to his advantage
because it'll be harder to get away from.

Just circle him to the left or right, make him miss his 2 hit overhead
hammer smash combo and then attack him with the spinning combo. When he
spins, get out of the way and try to reach him with the L(4), R combo. When
he roars in anger and tries the raging hammer smash move, run as far away
as possible to avoid the massive ground explosion.

Black Scar:

You finally meet the Gnoll King! He only has a couple of attacks and
he shouldn't be a problem. The first attack is just a simple swipe at
you with his battle axe. His other attack is to throw an axe at you when
you're far away. His last attack is to simply charge at you like a 
football player. 

To beat him, simply circle him to the left and wait for him to miss an
attack, then use Double Crescent and then Gliding Fury to get away. If he
decides to start throwing axes at you, simply keep moving and circling him
to the left until you're close enough to use the Double Crescent to hit
him. Use Gliding Fury to get away. His last attack is the charging attack,
which we can take advantage of. As you are circling him and he misses you
as he's charging, quickly perform the L(4), R combo and make R hit him. 
He's not a big problem yet.

Breaking Off Black Scar's Mask:

There are two opportunities to break his mask off with spears. The first
is when he throws axes at you. Simply get near him where he still throws
axes, and then avoid one. As soon as you see that the axe won't hit you,
stop moving and then quickly throw a spear right to his face!

The second chance you have to hit his mask is right after he does his
charge attack. Run away and make him miss his charge. Try to get in front
of him before he recovers and as soon as he stands, throw a spear to his

Hit him around 3 times in the face and the mask will break off.

8. Goliath
Level: 38
Rating: Easy
Boss: Goliath

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick 10 toads to death.
- Use a small bomb to kill a giant toad.
- Oath: Win with 2 or fewer players.

Giant Toads:

These two are mini-bosses. All they can do is stick their tongue out to 
hit you or spit at you. Just circle them to the left and then perform a 
spinning combo and then use Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury when possible.
They're easy and nothing special.


This is the biggest toad of all, it even has colorful warts! Just like the
giant toads, it can stick its tongue out and spit at you. It can also jump
at you in an attempt to crush you with its bloated body. It can also try
to hit you twice if you're directly in front of it.

Beating this boss is just the same as how you treated the others. Just keep
circling him to the left and when he misses an attack, use a spinning
combo and then Gliding Fury. When he jumps forward, you can easily hit him
with any combo you want as long as you make him miss hitting  you.

Breaking Off Goliath's Tendon:

Breaking off this toad's tendon is a lot harder than killing it because it
always faces you. You have to somehow get behind it just to have a chance
to throw a spear at the right spot.

The best way to get its tendon is by waiting for it to jump. As soon as it
lands, you should already be behind it and facing its right leg. The right
leg of the toad is red. Throw the spear and hit it and the frog will react.
Do this around 5 times and you're done.

9. The Fleeing Gnoll King
Level: 39
Rating: Easy
Boss: Black Scar

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Kick Black Scar to death.
- Oath: Season of Macha

Black Scar:

It's time to fight the king once more, but this time, he has upgraded his
attack set! The first most obvious change is that when he tries to hit you
with his axes when he's near, he'll jump backwards and then throw an axe!
The other new move he has is his furious axe combo attack where he'll roar
out of anger and then follow you arround while trying to chop you up.

To beat him, whenever he gets near, just circle him to the left to avoid
his axe combo. Don't stop circling him because for sure he'll throw an axe
towards you! Get near him as he throws axes and use Double Crescent to hit
him when you're in distance. It would be good to lure him near a wall so
that he won't be able to escape easily when you get near.

When he roars and uses the furious axe combo, the best way to deal with this
is to actually run towards him, but at the last minute, use Slip Dash going
diagonally forward and to the right. This should put you behind him as he
tries to helplessly follow you around while chopping the ground. At this
point, he won't make it and he'll tire out. As soon as you're behind him,
unleash the spinning combo and or even an L(4), R combo and follow it up
with Gliding Fury. He'll die soon enough. 

Just don't get trapped in a corner with him or you're going to die, most
especially if he does the furious axe combo.

Breaking Off Black Scar's Mask:

This time it's a lot easier to do! The first chance you get is just like 
before, right after he throws an axe. Simply move to the left and when 
you're sure the axe won't hit you, throw a spear right to his face!

The second new chance you get is right after he does the furious axe combo.
At the end of that attack, he'll get tired and he won't be able to move. Get
in front of him and stick a spear right to his face!

10. Hidden - RAID
Level: 41
Rating: Easy
Boss: Giant Spider

- Solo
- Hard Mode
- Oath: Win with 3 or fewer players.

Giant Spider:

Although intimidating in size, the giant spider is actually very easy to
defeat. It only has a long life, but its patterns are very easy to read.
The only other problem the you will encounter is the small space where you
will have to fight this thing.

The very first thing you have to do when you get inside the room is to break
the two nearby pillars to your right and the eggs as well. These things are
so out of place and will block your way sooner or later and get you killed.
As soon as you're done dealing with the nearby pillars and the eggs, it's
time to fight the giant spider.

Always stay in the middle of the room where you won't get trapped. The giant
spider only has a few attacks. The best distance to fight him is from mid-
range. His first attack is a simple claw attack from the right (our left).
The next attack is a 2 hit combo where he raises his right leg for a second
before bringing it down, followed by a swipe from his left leg. His third
attack is a jump attack.

To beat this spider, you have to keep circling it going to the right, where
most of his attacks won't hit. When he does his right claw attack, answer 
it by giving him an L(2) combo. Yes, just a simple 1-2 attack from your 
swords. You can also use Double Crescent but it's risky because it might
recover fast and hit you. The simple L(2) combo lets us deal small damage
while being able to gain control of our character right away.

When he does the 2 hit combo, here is what you have to do. Continue circling
to the right to avoid the right claw's smash, then immediately use Slip
Dash going to the right to avoid the left claw swipe. At this point in the
game, you should have at least Rank 9 Slip Dash. As soon as you dodge the
left swipe, use Double Crescent and then follow it up with a Gliding Fury
as you get away from the spider.

When the spider crouches, it's going to jump towards you. Just keep circling
to the right and make it miss. As soon as it lands, you can hit it with a
Double Crescent and then Gliding Fury to get away. If you time it right, as
soon as it's still in the air and you know you're not going to get hit, use
a spinning combo or an L(4), R combo to hit it.

Those are the only things to do with this spider. The real danger is getting
trapped near the walls or pillars with eggs. Just stay in the middle of
the room and you'll be fine.

11. Nightmare at the Ruins - RAID
Level: 43
Rating: Hard
Bosses: Giant Spider and Thorn Laghodessa Spider

- Party for now.
- Hard Mode
- Bring spears to break off Laghodessa's Sharp Claw.
- Oath: Win without repairing armor.

Giant Spider and Thorn Laghodessa Spider:

For now, it's hard to solo these two as a Sword Lann so you'll have to work
with a team. The most recommended team is one with at least 3 or 4 Spear
Lanns while the rest can be any types. It's also important to bring some
Lights of Palala because these bombs can stun the spiders. Although Golems
can help, they can actually harm the team by blocking the path of the
Spear Lanns, so Golems aren't recommended when the team is going to rely on
Spear Lanns to keep the spiders "stun locked".

The first thing to do when you get in the boss room is have someone to throw
a Palala bomb to stun the two spiders. While this is happening, the Spear
Lanns should start using their spin attack to push the two spiders close
together. Have another Palala bomb thrown to keep the spiders stunned until
they are pushed against the wall.

When the spiders are already against the wall, have the Spear Lanns go to
either side and push the two spiders towards another direction. Have a few
more Palalas thrown to ensure that the spiders remain stunned. The spiders
will remain stun locked by the Spear Lanns as they keep spinning, while
the rest can attack with them and do their roles such as heal damaged

So what is the role of a Sword Lann in this battle? The most important role
for a Sword Lann is contributing to the damage dealt by the Spear Lanns by
relying on the spinning combo to get a chance to use Gliding and Lightning
Fury on the spiders. Although the spinning attack from Spear Lanns can keep 
the spiders stun locked for a long time while dealing damage, they don't
have the chance to use Gliding Fury often because they have to keep spinning
or the spiders will get free. A Sword Lann who can use Gliding Fury and
Lightning Fury in quick succession can keep up with the damage dealing
ability of the Spear Lanns who just keep spinning.

The second role of a Sword Lann is to throw Palala bombs as assigned or
when the assigned Palala bombers have run out of stock. The worst thing
that can happen is to run out of Palala bombs and suddenly the spiders
get free from being stun locked.

The third role of a Sword Lann is to help fight the Giant Spider if ever
it gets separated from the Thorn Laghodessa. Why? The reason is that as a
Sword Lann, you have a good chance of soloing the Giant Spider while the 
rest concentrate on the Thorn Laghodessa. You don't even need to damage
the Giant Spider that much, just distract it enough so that the others 
can revive fallen members without being attacked. Optionally, you can also
help fight the Thorn Laghodessa, or whichever spider is free and is 
causing trouble to the healer and reviver.

The last role of a Sword Lann is to revive other party members. For example,
if the assigned "Evie" reviver dies during an important part of the battle
and everybody's busy keeping the spiders stun locked, you can quickly run
to the dead reviver and help him/her get up to continue reviving and 
healing the team. Another reason why a Sword Lann is good for reviving is
that even if a spider boss decides to go after you, you can turn your
rescue mission into a distraction mission by simply avoiding the boss' 
attacks while someone else completes the rescue mission.

Breaking Off Thorn Laghodessa's Sharp Claw:

This one's a bit tricky and requires sacrifice from one of your party
members. Right at the beginning of the fight, have someone run to the
far right corner of the room to lure both spiders away from the team. No
one else should move or it'll attract the spiders and the whole plan will

As soon as the sacrificial member is in the corner and the spiders are near
him, everyone should go to the left corner of the room nearest to the 
entrance. You might have to clear some eggs and pillars quickly to get

When you're in position, the sacrificial member should have died already
or at least near death. Anyway, when the sacrificial member has died, the
spiders will be in the far corner opposite from your location and they
won't attack you. This is the time to target the claw!

Just go forward a little bit but don't reach the middle of the room. Prepare
to launch a spear and target the Thorn Laghodessa's right claw (it's on our
left). The best time to throw the spear is during the time that it roars
because you can be sure it won't move. If you hit it correctly it will
react. Just hit the claw a few times and it'll eventually break.

                               Part 4

Copyright Information:

I wrote this guide so that people can use it for FREE. You can post this
FAQ in any website as long as people can access it for FREE. 

                      Copyright 2011 - 9999 Adenosine

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