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 Yukon Trail

Yukon Trail

by  Casey "Falcon"
Operating System: Dos/Windows
My name: Casey "Falcon"

Go to town.  Then, go to the boat station.  Pick a partner (unless you want a 
challenge, avoid Midas Golden).  Choose a destination (whichever you want) and 
buy the expensive boat tickets to it.  That will take $80. Go to the Outfitters.  
Get the an extra sled, a whipsaw, and the 2,400 pound outfit. Now go to the 
dock.  Talk to the man with the junk.  He will always have a good item and a bad 
one. The good items are: caviar, eggs, and kittens.  Bad items are: canvas boat, 
gophers, and trail bicycle.  (The bike will get thrown overboard if you buy it.)  
Buy the good item.  Sell the caviar or eggs at the outfitters at the small towns 
along the trail (before you get to the Canadian border).  You won't be able to 
unload the kittens until Dawson, then you sell them for $50.

As for the two destinations:
Immediately talk to the old man flashing the gold (Gold Dust Charley).  All you 
must ask him for is advice (which you can get from just about anyone, but 
Charley is the most entertaining).  After you say goodbye, talk to the lady 
selling the newspapers.  For a day's wait, you get $20 in gold. You can go to 
the saloon or arcade if you want.  I'll discuss the specifics of them later. 
Then, head down the trail.  It's shorter than the other, but harder and slower.

Talk to the man with the table.  He operates a scam called "Find the Gold."  
Betting more than $1 makes him cheat.  After you play at $1 for a while, he'll 
insist that you bet $5 or $10.  Quit then. You can visit the saloon or the 
arcade if you want. Head down the trail.  It's easier, but longer.

The trail towns:
Sheep Camp (On Dyea trail):
You can bet on the dog races.  You have less of a chance of winning with the $10 
and $25 marks. There will be two races.  One team will win the first, and lose 
the second.  Usually, the red team wins first, then the blue team.  I would bet 
on the blue team both times. The man in the front runs a tram.  For a hundred 
bucks, you can get your supplies up the hill (or so he says).  But he almost 
always has such a load that you have to wait two or three weeks to get your 
supplies. Before you leave, make sure you have at least 2,200 pounds of food and 
100 dollars.

White Pass (On Skagway trail):
Nothing special about this town.  The only thing is that you can do is buy supplies.

Lake Bennett:
You better have gotten a whipsaw! Click the sign with boat plans and lumber on 
it.  Choose the leftmost boat to build.  It is the only fast and manueverable 

On the way to Dawson from Lake Bennett:
If you crash the boat, build a new one.  Having Jake the Carpenter as a partner 
cuts the time needed in half.

Talk to anyone except the lady with the newspaper.  Ask for their advice and bid 
farewell.  Then, sell you journal entries to the lady again. Now save your game. 
Look at the claim map. Save your game again, but under a different name. Choose 
a plot.

Testing a plot:
Dig three holes in random locations.  Any more than that will take another day. 
When you find a place with 2 or 3 holes with gold, stake the claim.  The earlier 
you arrive, the more time you have to mine the claim.

Special features:
For $5 you get 25 shots.  If you get 1000 points, the lady who owns the place 
will give you a tip on where the gold is.  The tip is usually a fake.  She 
basically says to go to Cheechako Hill.

Before playing a card game with One-Eyed Jack, save the game.  Then, don't ask 
him "How do I know that you won't cheat?".  Then, bet ten cents a point.  Next 
game, bet fifty cents a point.  If you're feeling lucky, you can play a third, 
fourth, and fifth game.

Copyright (c) 2000 by Casey "Falcon", and  All rights reserved.  
This document may not be duplicated or modified without prior permission.

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