Yume Miru Kusuri - A Drug That Makes You Dream Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Yume Miru Kusuri - A Drug That Makes You Dream

Yume Miru Kusuri - A Drug That Makes You Dream

******* YUME MIRU KUSURI - A Drug That Makes You Dream *******

-------------------- ENGLISH WALKTHROUGH --------------------

Created by: Bondius ^.^

Greetings. This is my first ever walkthrough-like thingy. 
Recently after the English release, I played this game,
Yume Miru Kusuri. Surprisingly, I got the main paths 
pretty quick so I decided to share this information with 
everyone who wants to see the best ending of the 3 girls.

Note: I did not experiment with the game too much. 
      If you want to have al the CGs, simply find them by 
      choosing alternate paths every time. I'm just here 
      to guide you through the stories of the main 3 girls.

This will be the first and last version since 
I'm sure someone will come up with a better, more complete walkthrough
in the meantime. For those who can't wait that long:

****** PART 1 ******
This I consider the first part, where you get to "know" the girls.
Frankly, you can do this everytime you start a new story, 
I used it every time for the good ending.
Here is the correct path:

01) Tell Her
02) Give in and help out
03) Give her some food
04) Eat some bread on the roof
05) Go help Kirimya
06) Go shopping with Aeka

****** Mizuki & Nekoko Paths ******
Basically, this is where the Aeka path splits off, leaving Mizuki 
and Nekoko's paths merged for a bit. You can do this one without 
destroying neither Mizuki, neither Nekoko's endingns. 
Here is the correct path: 

07) Help at the Student Council
08) Better run away
09) Go to the Student Council room
10) Help her up
11) Feed her
12) Go to the Student Council room
13) Hide her

****** Mizuki's Path ******
This is where Mizuki's path splits from Nekoko's
Here is the correct path:

14) Look around here
15) Take the job
16) That's not true, I like you
17) Move yourself
18) All right, let's go!
19) Nod
20) Sleep
21) I wanted to see you.

From here it's on automatic. Enjoy the rest of the story.

****** Nekoko's Path ******
This is Nekoko's path and it starts just after splitting from Mizuki's. 
Not many choices left.
Here's the correct path:

14) Look around the station
15) Help
16) Read "All About Faries"
17) Talk to the dealer

Here on it's automatic. Enjoy the rest of the neko-fairy show.

****** Aeka's Path ******
Aeka's story starts where it turned, 
leaving Mizuki and Nekoko's paths to unfold. 
Basically one change.
Here's the correct path:

07) Spend my time in the house
08) Go to the roof
09) Help her up
10) Feed her
11) Go home
12) Go out with her
13) Kill time inside
14) Find a way in

And, as well, from here on it's just clicking until the story ends.

I hope my short, inexperienced walkthrough was enough to pull you guys 
out of a dillema or two. Enjoy the game, it's a very good hentai experience. 
Yours truly, Bondius.

Copyright and crap:
I do not hold any legal rights over the game whatsoever. 
I do not even hold rights over this walkthrough. 
Whatever legal stuff the company would like to throw at me, 
remember that it's just a guide and I get no benefit
from creating/posting this whatsoever. 
The contents can be modified by anyone but, 
if you plan to creat a full walkthrough from this one, at least give me
a bit of credit ^.^

NOTE: I do not support piracy nor do I encourage it. 
      I don't care if you play the game pirated or not. 
      It's a wonderful game and if you liked it, buy it. 
      The money supports the creation/distribution of future H-games.

Thank you very much. Bondius.

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