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 Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War - Platform: Playstation 1

Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War - Platform: Playstation 1

Free Mission:
Just like in Ace Combat 4, this game also gives you the option of the "Free Mission", 
when you have completed the game, go to the main screen and select Free Mission. 
You can now play any mission in the game, using any plane you have previously bought.

Hold L2 + R2 and the plane will go into auto pilot.

Even more difficulty settings...:
When you have completed the game, there are a few more difficulty settings that you 
can choose from. These are great if you completed the game with ease, and want more 
of a challenge!

Music Player:
After completing the game, just go back to the Title screen and go to options. 
The Music Player option will now be available. With this, you can listen to all 
every single track from within the game... This is probably the ONLY place you 
will be able to do this, without having to actually play the game.

SP paint:
Shoot down the indicated target or complete the listed task to unlock the paint 
for the corresponding aircraft. Note: All planes must be bought before the paint 
becomes available.

EA-18G   : ABELCAIN in Mission 16B
EA-6B    : DUNE in Mission 10
F-14D    : ZIPANG in Mission 3
F-22A    : Clear Arcade Mode
F-2A     : CYPHER in Mission 18
F-4G     : MINDRIPPER in Mission 4
Falken   : Complete Expert mode with all "S" ranks
FB-22    : PROTEUS in Mission 17
Hawk     : GIGANTOR in Mission 1
MIG-1.44 : REPLICATOR in Mission 27+
MIG-21-93: SWORDKILL in Mission 23
MIG-31M  : COSM in Mission 16A
MIR-2000D: ZAHARADA in Mission 6
Rafale B : DECODER in Mission 26
SU-37    : YELLOW in Mission 27
TND-ECR  : TWICE DEAD in Mission 18+
X-02     : Complete Hard mode with all "S" ranks
X-29A    : DAREDEVIL in Mission 15
YA-10B   : DISTANTTHUNDER in Mission 25

Acquire upgraded fighters:
You must fly the fighter that you want the upgrade for and acquire enough kills for 
the unlock. For example, if you want the Super F-14, you must take out the F-14B, 
fly several missions, and acquire enough kills to get the F-14A. Take out the F-14A 
and fly several missions with it until you get enough kills to acquire the Super F-14. 
This applies to all aircraft.

Use the enemy's own missiles against themselves:
Note: This is only effective against enemy ground units. This is difficult to do and 
requires many practice runs. If you find yourself with a missile being shot at you, 
try to boost to the nearest enemy ground unit. Then, slow down and make sure not to 
go past the ground unit. As soon as you see the missile closing in on the radar, 
quickly boost towards the ground unit, and time it so that the missile will go past 
you and into the enemy unit. This is possible to accomplish with a lot of practice, 
but is extremely difficult to time correctly. Try using it on enemy ships first, as 
they are much larger than tanks. Then, work your way down the size scale until you 
can use it against all enemy ground or sea units. This will save you missiles if 
your ammunition is low, or you need to conserve as much as possible as in missions 
16B, 12B, and 9.

Defeating submarines and battleships:
It is a lot easier to fight submarines and battleships if you fly very close to the 
water, as they cannot hit you as easily. This is very effective if you also fly very 
fast. Be careful not to crash into the water.

More accurate view:
If you switch into cockpit view in some planes, you can see the machine gun that you 
are firing and therefore be more accurate with it. The F5 has two guns side by side. 
The gun on the A 10 is very powerful and accurate.

Auto-target shift:
Hold Triangle when locked onto an enemy. Your view will automatically shift so that 
you are looking at the target that you are chasing. This is especially useful in dogfights.

Switch views:
You can switch views by pressing R3.

Campaign mode aircraft for Arcade Mode:
Finish all 16 stages in Arcade Mode. Afterwards, Mobius 1 will be able to pilot all 53 
aircraft unlocked (paint schemes included) and bought in Campaign Mode but, with limited 
ammunition (20 missiles, 4 special weapons).

Perfect Mid-Air Refueling:
All you have to do is slowy fly up to the KC-10 and when it says hold position keep the 
plane in that position. Don't change the plane's direction just push down the throwdel 
button (R1) lightly and pull up to the tanker slowly. Note: If you change the plane's 
direction it will be extreamly difficult to line up the plane to the target.

F-14A Colors And Planes:
The F-14A's colors are the following: OS(osean which is a grey color, RZ(Razgriz) 
which is black and YK(Yuke) which is like a desert camo. The F-14A's other planes 
are the F-14B and F-14D.

SU-27 Colors And Planes:
The SU-27's colors are the following: OS(osean) which is like a blue and whit camo 
put together, RZ(Razgriz) Which is a black color and YK(Yuke) which is like a light 
brown and dark brown put together in camo. The SU-27's planes are The SU- 32 , the 
SU-35 and the SU-37.

F/A-22 Colors And Plane:
The F/A-22 colors are the following: OS(osean) which is a dark grey color, RZ(Razgriz) 
which is a black color ,and SP(specail) which is the ISAF F/A-22 color.The other plane for the 
F/A-22 is the FB-22.

Song decision:
During one of the early stages of the campaign mode, Chopper will ask you about a song. 
Your next mission will depend on your answer ("Yes" or "No"). Also, at the end of the 
stage in which Edge gets rescued, Chopper will again ask you about the same song. Again, 
your "Yes" or "No" answer will decide which stage is next.

Get the missing parts from missions 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b, and 27a to unlock the Falken. 
You must destroy the hangar of each mission. For mission 12a, follow the river north, 
then go east at the fork in the river. You must be close for the hangar to show appear 
on radar. For mission 12b, after taking out the four radar sites, destroy enough targets 
and the hangar will show up near the smokestacks. The one in mission 16a is between the 
field HQ and the airfield. Mission 16b has it west of the river, between the airfield 
and oil refinery (south of the north-most river). The part on mission 27 is very close 
to the gun tower, in front of the tunnel.

Unlock F22A:
Successfully complete arcade mode.

Unlock X-02:
Get all the other aircraft except for the Falken to unlock the X-02.


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