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 Advent Rising - Platform: XBox

Advent Rising - Platform: XBox

Submitted by: steve hughes

Cheat Menu:
Pause the game, then use the D-pad to enter Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, 
Left, Right, White, Black, X. This must be done again to enable multiple cheats 
at once.

All levels and FMV sequences:
At the main menu, choose the "Play Game" selection. Choose the slot you wish to 
play, then press Black, White, Black, White, X on the next screen to unlock all 
levels and FMV sequences.

Bonus Boss battle:
Wait until the credits end to face another Boss in a bonus battle.

Defeating Ethan:
When facing Ethan in the bonus battle (if you took Oliva), he will start charging 
the black ball above his head. Equip the Surge power. When he tosses it, you can 
knock it back. He will catch it and throw it back three more times. After the third 
time, it will hit him. He will then fall to the ground and three gold colored rocks 
will fall from the ceiling. Use Lift to pick them up and throw them. Repeat this 
about four or five times to kill him. You and Ethan will then get sucked into a warp 
hole and get dumped in a snowstorm. Your health will drop very quickly. Walk to the 
top left and a strange figure will find you.

Escape pod choice:
After you return to the escape pod bay with Olivia, Ethan tells you to take Olivia and 
run to the escape pod while Olivia tells you to take Ethan. At this point, you may 
choose either one depending on who you walk towards. If you walk towards Ethan, you 
take him to the pod and see Olivia get scanned. If you walk towards Olivia, you take 
her to the pod and see Ethan get scanned. Additionally, at the end of the first chapter, 
you will choose who gets to come with you on the escape pod. This choice only affects the 
banter between your character and the one you save. After the credits end, you will play 
the epilogue, and the person you left behind in the first chapter is who becomes the final 
Boss in the game.

Secret Super Mario Bros. pipe in Chapter 1:
After Ethan and Gideon are at the escape pods, Ethan will instruct you to find Olivia. 
You will eventually reach a large room where you can see ships flying in space when you 
look up, and people running below. Normally, you would go to the right and follow the 
balcony to get through this area. Instead, go left, and look at the slanted wall behind you. 
Jump over it. Behind it is a walkway. Walk to the end of the walkway, then look towards the 
ledge that looks like it can support you that is in front of you. Jump out towards it, 
then use Time Shift in mid-air. You should fly and either grab the ledge or land on it. 
Note: You must enable the "Cheat mode" code to get Time Shift in this part of the game. 
Once on the other side you can find a pipe that resembles those from Super Mario Bros. 
Climb into it to warp to a Mario-style cave, where the music also changes to match that 
of a classic game. Jump across the platforms and reach the end of the cave. Once there 
you will find three more pipes. Each one of them will warp you ahead to a farther point 
in the game. The pipe on the left advances to the intermission sequence showing Marin, 
Giddeon, and Olivia taking off from the planet in Chapter 4. The middle pipe warps you 
to the top of a building in New Bahn. The pipe on the right warps you to the escape pod 
intermission sequence. Note: To reach the secret Super Mario Bros. pipe without cheating, 
you must first find and use six hidden buttons in this level. To find the first button, 
repeatedly hit the locker in the first room until it disappears. To find the second button, 
look behind the pillars to the left of where you start in the first room. To find the third
button, exit the first room in the direction you entered this level. The button is located 
near the door with the fire in front of it. To find the fourth button, look behind the left 
locker in the second escape pod room. The fifth button is found behind the pillars in the 
second escape pod. The final button is located on a door on the first section of walkway 
overlooking the large room with people running below and ships flying in space above, as 
described above. Once the final button is pushed, simply turn around and follow the now 
open path to the secret pipe.

Secret Super Mario Bros. pipe in Chapter 4:
Find and use the six hidden buttons in level B of this chapter to get to the secret Super 
Mario Bros. pipe. To find the first button, when you first start destroy the black object 
in the wall in front of you. After you pass under a large gun and you will walk into an 
open area with three more black objects. Destroy the black object in the corner opposite 
the entrance to the area to find the second button. Then, go up the small ramp and wait 
until two bridges appear, on one side of another large gun. Use a charged jump from the 
bridge to reach a platform above the large gun to access a hidden room with the third button. 
Proceed through the level until reaching an area with three doors that enemies are appearing 
from. There should be two small doors to the right and a large door under a turret farther 
back (which leads to a tunnel that contains the fourth button). To find the fifth and sixth 
button, get to where you must use a switch to create a bridge. Do so and start crossing it. 
While walking across the bridge, look to the right to find an alcove with two large explosive 
objects in it. Destroy both of them to find the last two buttons. Note: Use the button closer 
to the start of the bridge first or the secret pipe will remain locked. After all six buttons 
are used in order, the locked door at the end of the bridge can be opened, leading to the 
secret Super Mario Bros. pipe.

opened, leading to the secret Super Mario Bros. pipe.


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