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 Aladdin - Platform: Super Nintendo

Aladdin - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by: andresb-24

Level Select:
Go to options and press L, R, Start, Select, X, Y, A, B on controller 2, exit, then 
hold L+R and use the D-Pad on Controller 1.

Extra Lives In The Bonus Stages:
When playing the bonus stage, where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine sit on the magical 
carpet for a ride, press the B button when the genie blinks for an easy 1-Up or 2-Up.

See the Special Ending:
Finish the game with at least 70 red gems, and you'll get to see the Special Ending.

-Pro Action Replay

Infinite Apple

Continue Infinite

Infinite Lives

Select Level

- At the title screen, hold R and press, up or down to select level, and back or forward 
to select a section.

Level select
Highlight the "Options" selection at the title screen and press
Start. Press L, R, Start, Select, X, Y, A, B on controller two. A
chime will confirm correct code entry. A level select option will
appear above the start option on the title screen. Hold L + R and
press Up or Down to select the level, and Left or Right to select
the section.

Bonus lives
Press B when the Genie blinks during the bonus levels for one or
two extra lives.

Bonus round
To always reach the bonus round, stand on the open treasure chest
and leap for the fluttering Scarab. Once the bonus round is
accessed, wait until the Genie blinks while the wheel is spinning
and tap any of the buttons. This will result in an extra life
almost every time.

Flatulent Boss
Hold R and press Select, A, B, Y to make the Boss in the market

Bonus ending
Successfully complete the game with over 70 Red Gems to view a
special ending.

Password Level
(none) The Market Place
GMAS The Cave of Wonders
JMPG Escape from the Cave of Wonders
GJAM Inside the Genie's Lamp
MAGP The Pyramid
PJSP "A Whole New World"
JPAJ Jafar's Palace
APMS Final Battle

A - Aladdin
P - Princess Jasmine
G - Genie
M - Monkey (Abu)
S - Sultan
J - Jafar

Red Gem locations
Level 1-1
1. On top of one of the first sections there is a knob. Swing on
   its and go up. Bounce off the bottle to get the first Red Gem.
2. On another section there is a platform on top of it. Jump on it
   and go right. Get the rug and hold R to the right.
3. There is a doorknob near the end of the level. Swing up onto a
   platform, then on another knob onto another platform.
4. On the last set of barrels, bounce off the top man and use your
   rug to the right.

Level 1-2
5. After the third barrel man, jump to the left.
6. To the left of the last platform.

Level 1-3
7. Above the two archers on the boards.
8. On top of one of the roofs, in plain sight.
9. On the three moving things, grab onto the left side of the
   second one. It will move you to the gem.
10. Under the last rug on string

Level 2-1
11-14. In plain sight.
15. Swing on the first one of those things. Do not press R and
    swing off when you have waited about five seconds.

Level 2-2
16-19. In plain sight.
20. When The boulders are falling, go into the first hole and use
    your rug to float down.

Level 3-1
All in plain sight.
Level 4-1
All in plain sight

Level 5-1
41. To the left or right of the first or second snake.
42. To the right of the first archer.
43. On the part where there are all those moving things, it is on
    the far left.
44. On the far right.
45. On the end. It is in between the third and fourth snakes.

Level 5-2
46. In plain sight at the beginning.
47. When you reach the dead end, step on the platform. When you
    get the gem, jump back up.
48. On the spiky parts. It is in plain sight.
49. On the hole part.

Level 5-3
50. Well hidden. On the end, when there are three pillars you can
    go through, it is invisible at the bottom of the first pillar. If
    you do not hear the sound that confirms getting a gem, you are on
    the wrong pillar.

Level 6-1
61. At the beginning, bounce off the swordsman's sword.
62. Half hidden at the top of the pillar.
63. Hard to get, but in the hole part.
64. On one of the dropping heads.

Level 6-2
65. Use Iago to bounce off to get it.
66. When there is a swordsman in an open space, there is a gem to
    left of him and up.
67. Same place, but right and up.

Level 6-3
68. In the fire.
69. Before the fire.
70. Run and jump. Use your rug to get it. If you miss it, you will
    never be able to get it.


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