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 Alien 3 - Platform: Sega

Alien 3 - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Help Ripley really rip into those nasty aliens with
these power codes. 
RIP Codes 37 and 38 sometimes enable Ripley to jump through
walls and ceilings. Be careful, though, because she can stuck 
in ceilings or walls or get trapped forever if there's no room 
on the other side. If this happens, reset.


All Difficulty Modes
1 D2CT-CADY Game clock runs faster
2 SACT-CADY Game clock runs slower
3 8ACT-CADY Game clock runs much slower
4 AACT-CA6J Game clock frozen (no time limit)
5 AJBT-AAEY Start at stage 2 instead of stage 1
6 ANBT-AAEY Start at stage 3
7 ATBT-AAEY Start at guardian level after stage 3
8 AYBT-AAEY Start at stage 4
9 A2BT-AAEY Start at stage 5
10 A6BT-AAEY Start at stage 6 I
11 BABT-AAEY Start at guardian level after stage 6
12 BEBT-AAEY Start at stage 7
13 BJBT-AAEY Start at stage 8
14 BNBT-AAEY Start at stage 9
15 BTBT-AAEY Start at guardian level after stage 9
16 BYBT-AAEY Start at stage 10
17 B2BT-AAEY Start at stage 11
18 B6BT-AAEY Start at stage 12
19 CABT-AAEY Start at guardian level after stage 12
20 CEBT-AAEY Start at stage 13
21 CJBT-AAEY Start at stage 14
22 CNBT-AAEY Start at stage 15
23 CTBT-AAEY Start at guardian level after stage 15
24 AJNA-EA3R Infinite ammo for machine gun
25 AJMA-EA7C Infinite fuel for flame-thrower
26 AJJT-EA2J Infinite ammo for grenade launcher
27 AJKA-EA88 Infinite hand grenades
28 M42A-CAG0 Machine gun recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
29 NC2A-CAHY Flame-thrower recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
30 NL2T-CAAW Grenade launcher recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
31 NW2T-CABT Hand grenade recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
32 RG2T-C6W4 First-aid pick-up restores energy gauge to capacity
33 AMDA-CA4J Long falls do not reduce energy
34 ADEA-CAGJ Falls into turbine fans do not reduce energy
35 AJFT-AA66 Never lose radar
36 A2EA-AA8R Infinite lives
37 5DXA-D93N Ripley jumps higher
38 YDXA-D93N Ripley jumps much higher Hard Difficulty Mode:
39 LBRT-JAEJ Machine gun capacity is 50 instead of 99
40 GBRT-JAEL Flame-thrower capacity is 30 instead of 99
41 EBRT-JAEN Grenade launcher capacity is 20 instead of 99 E
42 GBRT-JAER Hand grenade capacity is 30 instead of 99 

Remember, you can pick 'n mix your codes! You can enter up to 
FIVE codes at a time (but some effects require more than one 


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