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 Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare - Platform: Gameboy Color

Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare - Platform: Gameboy Color

Walkthrough for Nintendo Game Boy Color.
This document Copyright 2001 Ali Bloomer.
If you wish to you any part of this guide, you must email me and have me
approve first.

  This is a guide for the GBC version of Infogrames new addition to the
survival horror genre, 'Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare'.
The GBC game is similar to the Playstation/Dreamcast/PC CD-ROM versions of the
game, but has a
different layout in terms of rooms, characters and plot.
This is the first game of its kind on the GBC, using pre-rendered backgrounds
to bring in the feeling of suspense, and being alone.


Started 3-6-01 at around 16:30, finished 3-6-01 at 20:4.


Because I enjoyed the game, and wanted to write another guide to boost my total
up to...erm...two (the other being Mission Impossible, also for GBC).
1. Health Guide
2. Walkthrough (divided into sections).
3. FAQ
4. Acknowledgements.
1. Health Guide

  This is just a little section to explain the way the health potions work.
They come in three different forms, as a blue potion, a green potion, or an
orange potion.
Each one gives you health back in certain amounts:

BLUE - 25
GREEN - 20

  I've noticed that the green health seems to be the most common, followed by
the orange, then the blue.
Use it wisely.
2. Walkthrough


  After starting a new game and choosing a save slot to play with, the game
will begin with an introduction to the characters and plot.  Once this is over,
walk straight forward to the next screen, then again to the health item on the
ground.  Pick this up then carry on walking forwards.  Walk to the right, then
down into the next screen, and again, pick up the item ahead of you.  Walk
straight down into the next screen.  Here you'll see your radio icon flash
(providing you have it selected), so press 'A' to get some information off of
  After this little intermission, walk diagonally down to the left and into the
next screen, where you'll be attacked by some spiders in your first battle. 
Follow the information from the monsters section as to how they should be taken
out.  Once over, walk up towards the doorway in the stone.  Walk towards your
left, and up into the other doorway.  You'll now see a gate ahead of you.  Go
through the gate and into what appears to be a graveyard of sorts, then walk to
the left into the next screen.  A cut scene will play, and you'll arrive in the
grounds of the mansion.  From here, walk to Edward's right and pick up the key
lying on the floor.  Go back to the previous screen now, and walk in the
opposite direction into the next screen, then left into the screen after that. 
You should now be in front of part of the mansion with four windows (look
carefully and you'll see a silhouette pass across it as you walk by).  Walk
towards the bottom window on the left, then go left into the next screen, where
Aline will contact you on the radio again.
  Walk up the stairs and you'll come to a locked storage shed.  Use the key you
picked up to open the shed and find a crowbar and some gardening gloves.  You
can choose to carry on past the shed now, where although I wouldn't recommend
it as you'll be faced with a battle, only to find a dead-end and some health
(which you probably won't need otherwise).  Still, from the shed, walk back the
way you came until you arrive at the gate you entered the grounds from.  Walk
down into the screen from here, and use the crowbar on the door in front of
you.  You are now in the mansion.


  Once inside the mansion, walk up towards the door in the background, and
you'll go up some stairs.  Walk down towards the flashing object ahead of you. 
You now have a golden key.  You can walk to the right of the screen to get a
lovely view of the floor below you, but it's not important.  Go back down the
stairs and walk to Edward's left.  Walk down towards the stairs you see, and
carry on towards the flashing object on the left of the screen.  The flashing
object is actually a mirror, so walk up to it and press 'B'.  A cut-scene with
Fiske will send you in search of his amulet.  Go back a screen, and walk up the
stairs to face a battle and find some ammo.  Once found, walk towards the door
at the top of the screen, then go to the right to find some more ammo in the
form of shotgun shells.
  Go back down the stairs now, then walk up to the top of the screen, then down
from the next one.  You should now be in front of some double-doors.  Use the
golden key to unlock the doors and go through them.  Walk up and into the first
door you see.  Once in this room, walk to Edward's right and pick up the
shotgun from the cupboard.  Walk down a screen from here and pick up a page
from Morton's journal from the desk.  Leave the room.  Walk down back towards
the double-doors, and carry on down into the next screen.  Go through the door
on the left, walk down into the next screen, and then go through the
double-doors next to you.  Now you should be in the library.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  One thing I've discovered whilst playing is that a lot of
random battles seem to pop up when inside the library, so be careful not to
walk into the center of all the shelves if you want to save yourself from

  Walk to the left and pick up another page from Morton's journal, then go back
to the right, and right again.  Get the health to your left, and carry on
forwards.  Pick up the ammo in front of you, then walk towards the stairs up
ahead.  At the top of the stairs, walk to the far right of the screen, into the
next one, and then continue to the right.  You should see a bowl of water next
to the shelves.  If you haven't already done so, read the page of Morton's
journal that tells of a switch hidden in a bookshelf. Once read, the switch
will flash, so press it.  Now walk down, and then to right, and you should see
a box-type switch just ahead of you.  Once pressed after having pressed the
previous switch, a hidden door behind you will open up.  A battle may or may
not pop up here, so be ready.  Walk through the door.
  Once inside, walk straight down, and then pick up the flashing object to your
right.  This is the key that will allow you to access the floor above you. 
Before you leave, walk up again, and pick up the last page of Morton's journal
from the shelf in front of you.  Now exit the room, and exit the library.
  Head back towards the room you where you found the shotgun, but ignore it and
carry on up into the next screen.  Walk up the stairs in front and use the key
you picked up on the door.  You are now on the second floor.  Walk down into
the next screen and press 'A' when you see your radio flash to get another
cut-scene with trying to contact you.  After viewing the cut-scene, enter the
room to your right.  Walk left towards the bed, and press 'B' near the wall to
switch the fuse box on.  Unless you want to fight a pointless battle, leave the
room without continuing a search.
  Walk straight forwards to the passage on the left, then continue down into
the next screen.  Get the ammo from the table, then carry on down, and down
again until you see something flashing to your right.
Well done, you now have Fiske's amulet.  In order to progress further, you'll
need to make your way back to the mirror where you first made contact with
Fiske, so make sure you do so.  Once at the mirror, select the amulet from your
inventory and press 'A' by the mirror.  You'll receive a short cut-scene, in
which Fiske will inform you about the whereabouts of the parts you need to make
your shotgun work.
  Head back up to where you found the amulet, go through the door to the right,
and pick up the next flashing object you see, a brass key.  As with the other
room, unless you want a pointless battle, leave now.  Head back to where you
picked up the ammo from the table, and take a right just in front of it.  You
have a fight here, so be prepared (this is also a good opportunity to run about
and collect ammo as you shoot the monsters).  Pick up the health item to your
left and enter the room straight ahead by using the brass key.
  You'll find yourself in the attic.  Walk straight down, then down and to the
right.  Enter the door you see.  Walk to the right and then down past the beam,
into the next screen.  Go up past the red shelf, then straight down when you
enter the next screen.  Go down again, then again past the large box on the
left, and pick up the flashing object on the shelf to the right.  It's the
mechanism you need to be able to use the shotgun you found earlier.  Upon
picking this up, a battle will commence.  Defeat the monsters, and a cut-scene
will take place in which Fiske tells you to go through the door to the cellar.
However, the door to the cellar has no handle, so you'll need to find one.  As
you make your way to the entrance to the attic, you'll see something flash. 
Pick it up, it's a door-knob.
  Leave the attic and head back to the large staircase that welcomed you as you
first entered the mansion.  Walk around to the back of this, via the right, and
pick up the ammo from the table.  Head up past the table, to the left, where
you'll encounter another battle.  Again, this is a good chance to be strategic
and pick up any ammo you see whilst you fight.  After the battle, use the
door-knob you found on the door in front of you, and go down into the cellar.


  Pick up the shotgun shells ahead of you, then head down to the right.  Go
down again, then forwards, fight the battle, and continue on.  At the end of
the screen, go right, into the next one.  Pick up the dust-bag from the
cupboard, and walk back two screens to where you can see a passage heading
Go through the passage, then up into the next screen.  Sprinkle the dust on the
gold statue in front of you, and pick up the silver key it reveals.  Return
back through the passage, then up a screen to where you entered the cellar. 
Walk towards the light in the corner.  Now you have a choice.  You can either
use the key on the door in front of you and leave this area immediately, or you
can walk to the left, then up into the next screen, and risk a battle to get
the shotgun shells ahead of you.  If you grab the shells fast enough, you can
leave without having to fight.  However, if you're not fast enough, you'll have
to fight another battle that won't reward you.


You're now in the sewer tunnels.  Walk straight down, then make your way past
the spikes ahead of you.
The next screen is tricky.  The tube-like thing you see in the water is
actually a huge monster, so be careful not to touch it.  If you do, it's game
over.  Make your way past it, and the spikes.  Once in the next screen, head
straight for the black tunnel ahead.  Go down and to the left, again, avoiding
the spikes, then straight forward.  Another cut-scene involving Fiske will take
place.  After he's warned you about Morton, leave the sewer tunnels and head
up.  Collect the ammo in front of you, and leave through the archway.  Head
straight down, and pick up the health in front of you.  After a short battle
(grab as much ammo as you can), follow the path to the left, and again up into
the next screen.  Walk straight up and you'll find yourself by a circle of
small pillars.  Walk up to the one in front of you, and Morton will attack.

DEFEATING MORTON: Try to walk in diagonals when he appears to attack you, as
this tends to slow him down a little.  Once you're a fair distance away, turn
around and fire a few shots from your shotgun.  After a short while, he'll


  Ignore the pillars in front of you and leave the screen via the top.  Follow
the path upwards, and to the right.  You should now be in front of another
archway.  Go through, and you'll see another door in front.  To the screen on
the left there are some bullets, but this is another case of being quick to
pick them up, otherwise a pointless battle will ensue.
  Next to the door you'll see a large vine.  To Edward's disappointment, the
vine is covered with thorns.  However, if you use the gardening gloves on the
vine, you'll be able to climb it with ease.
  Walk straight down, down again and to Edward's right.  Follow the path across
into the next screen, and head down the stairs.  Walk down to the next screen,
then to the left, then up.  Now head for the tunnel ahead of you.  Collect the
health once through the tunnel, then prepare for a battle in the screen ahead. 
Walk to the left of the screen next to the 'gap', then left again and pick up
the skeleton key from the tree hole.  Go back, through the 'gap' from before,
then straight through the door in front of you.  Head down, following the path
around, until you see a crossbow on the floor.  Pick this up, you may need it
later on.  Use the skeleton key on the door to the left, and go through it.
  Once inside, walk down and carry on going until you come to a room with an
operating table on the left.  Walk to the far left into the next screen, and
then head straight down.  You should find yourself at a table with a generator
on it.  Use the gardening gloves to switch it off, then head left.  Look in the
cupboard in front of you and you'll find a small explosive device.  The screen
to the left has a door with electricity blocking anyone from using it, so go
back two screens and then walk to the left.  If you search the table in front
you'll find a fuse box.  Use the explosive device on this, and you'll now be
able to access the door that was being 'guarded'.  Go throught the door and
you'll automatically cross a bridge.  Walk down now, where you'll face a battle
upon entering the next screen.  After the battle, go right until you see a
large cave entrance.  Go through it.  From here, go straight down then cross
the bridge.  From the end of the bridge go left and head for the door in front.
 You'll have to fight a battle.  Once over, use the crowbar on the flashing
rock to the right, then go through the door.
  Follow this new path until you reach a clearing.  From here, walk straight
down and through the door in front.  Again, head straight down then head for
the arch ahead of you.  Enter through the arch, and keep going until you reach
a room full of pillars.  Use the crowbar on the pillar to the left of you, then
cross over it.  Walk up and you'll enter a room with a mystical portal.  Fight
the battle that occurs as you enter, then go through the portal.


  Once through the portal, go down, then right, through the large doorway. 
Pick the dynamite up that's flashing on the right, and head up.
  Now you'll experience what seems to be a little trial and error.  As Edwards
says something about getting lost, you'll notice what seems to be a large gold
statue or shrine to your left.  As far as I'm aware, you need to get to a
screen that looks similar, but isn't the same one.  Once there, go left past
the gold statue/shrine, and you should see a blue gem on the floor.  Pick it
up.  Once again, from here it's trial and error as you walk through the tunnels
looking for a screen you haven't seen before.  Once found, continue to the
right.  Before you can get the health ahead of you, you must fight another
battle.  Once over, collect the health and walk towards Edward's left.  From
here, walk to the doorway to the left and go through it.  Follow the path
(there'll be another battle soon), and climb down the rope that you should
eventually come to.  Collect the health on the ground, and leave this room via
the passage on the right.  Walk down to the left, and fight the monsters you
encounter (now's a good time to try out the crossbow you found).
  After the battle, continuing in the direction you were headed will bring you
to another large clearing.  From here, head straight up into the large cave
entrance ahead of you.  Go left and you should see an 'evil looking totem pole'
in the middle of the screen.  Use the dynamite with this, then use the lighter
you have to blow it up.  Go back to the clearing and you'll hear an explosion. 
Now head back to the bottom of the rope you climbed down, but on the way, walk
to the cave on the far upper-left of the clearing, and pick up the health from
the ground.
  At the bottom of the rope, go through the passage on the left, and pick up
the statuette on the rock.
You'll now be teleported back to the mansion.


  Now you're back in the mansion, take the time to search for health in the
room you're in, before heading forwards from where you appeared towards the
door.  Use the skeleton key you have to unlock it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once used on this door, the skeleton key disappears from your
inventory.  This means, as far as I'm aware, that the locked doors in the
mansion (the ones that sound like a doorbell when you try to go through them)
are likely to be rooms from the Playstation/Dreamcast/PC CD-ROM versions that
didn't make it into the GBC game.

  Once you leave the room, you'll face another battle.  Use this opportunity to
pick up the ammo that's lying about as you fight.
  From here you should be able to make your way back to the entrance to the
mansion, so do just that (you'll get another cut-scene with Fiske on your way).
 Exit the mansion and leave the grounds via the gate in the screen ahead of

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You have to fight a tough battle soon, so make sure your
health is as high as it can possibly be at this stage.

  Start making your way back to the very start of the game.  On your way,
Morton will attack you again, and this time he's much tougher to defeat.  By
now you should have a decent collection of ammo to take him on with, so switch
to the shotgun and use the same tactic as before - diagonal movement.  Try not
to let him hit you as he does a lot of too many hits and it'll be
  After killing Morton, he'll fall down and you'll get another cut-scene with
Fiske thanking you for your efforts.
  Head throught the archway on the right, then go straight back to the gate you
were in front of at the start of the game.  Aline will contact you on the radio
again, so press 'A' when you see your icon flash.
  Once at the gate, go through it, then sit back and enjoy the ending.

                                              THE END

3. FAQ

  This section will be for any FAQs I receive that I feel should be known.
4. Acknowledgements

  Erm, none really that I can think of, lol.  Okay, maybe a couple...
Infogrames for giving us the game first in the UK, Pocket Studios for making
such a great game, and finally GameFaqs for putting this up on their site. 

If you've got any comments you'd like to make (no insults thanks...I get enough
of them from my family :P) or questions to ask, then feel free to email me at:


Please, if you do contact me, subject your email 'Alone in the Dark'.



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