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 Alter Echo - Platform: XBox

Alter Echo - Platform: XBox

Restore Time Dilation:
During gameplay, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left and then 
press and hold L3, (the button where you push the left analog stick down) 
and press Up.

Restore Life:
During Gameplay, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left and then press and 
hold L3, (The L3 button is the button where you push the left analog stick 
down) and press right.

Remove display:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, then hold Back and press Y during 
game play.

Beat the Final Boss:
When fighting Paavo for the final time, it can be a bit tricky. When he 
shoots at you, you need to push the white button according to the color 
he shot at you with. If its red, use stealth and disappear. If its purple, 
block with the sword form. If its blue, absorb with the gun form. When you 
see his little wing things fold in, you will see a time dialation marker 
around Paavo. Attack with time dialation. It will appear the same way when 
you interface with a node. When it appears you will strike the final blow, 
it will say interrupted. You will then fight Paavo hand to hand. Just beat 
him the way you beat him the first two times. Then, you both will float, and 
play Pong death match style. Just push "B" when the energy ball gets close 
enough. It gets really fast so be careful. One hit will kill you. After you 
finish that and Paavo falls, then sit back and watch the time dialation finish, 
and the ultimate butt kicking begin.

Highest hit chains:
During the first few levels after your forms are taken there are a number of 
spawn nodes that resease basic drone and gunners. these pose very little threat. 
when you find these you shouldn't destroy the node. you can continue to kill the 
drones with out being damaged. if you only use X you can get more than 150 hits 
in a chain before the node runs out of people and destrys itself. in the beginning 
of the game this is the best way to get alot of plasm early on.

Get More Plasm:
To get more "Plasm" points from each kill, get in as many consecutive hits as 
possible. The more consecutive hits you get, the more damage you do and the 
more plasm you get from each kill... which essentially means more powerups faster!

Get High Amount of Plasma:
The best way to get alot of plasma is to get combos right? well your best form 
to do that in is the lizard thing form and jus keep jumping on the enemies and 
get those lvls up the best level to do this in is when you first find some.



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